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Are There Sixteen Commandments?

            Is it possible that there are sixteen Commandments instead of ten?  Perhaps the BIBLE’S Ten Commandments represent man’s ascension to heaven (home, harmony), while six other Commandments; or rather Six Tenets represent God’s descending from heaven, as the Bride, or the Word that is God (Rev. 21:10)?  Is it also possible that these Six Tenets provide mankind with true Democracy through self-government?  I feel as if the Ten Commandments were given to Israel when they needed a material church organization with rules, and Moses (and then his successors, the Levite priests) were the Law givers giving the people their shall nots.  In other words, the early Israelite Church was not based upon self-government but had a bunch of rules and regulations to be followed.  The Ten Commandments, however, were set in stone (ten portions of the infinite divine calculus).  They are our Father-Mother God’s Law that we must follow and obey.  But once we have obeyed them and learned from them, was there something else that needed to be given to the people (both Israel and Christian alike)?  Would these Six Tenets be guidelines for mankind’s self-government via Principle (God)?
            It is quite interesting that when we add (addition is a function of the Christ) the Ten Commandments with these Six Tenets that we come up with the number of sixteen.  Sixteen is the same number for the matrix structure for the divine infinite calculus.  There are sixteen main chapters for the Christian Science Textbook – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  Is it possible then that each of these chapters coincides with the Ten Commandments and the Six Tenets provided in SCIENCE AND HEALTH and the Christian Science Church Manual.  I am willing to take a chance and answer, “Yes.”  And I also feel that I must correlate this matrix pattern with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, a.k.a. the Director’s Window, located in the Edifice of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts.  I  feel that God revealed all of this to me on June 17, 2018 so that I can present to you the Bride of the City of our God (Christian Science) as, what I call, sixteen STARGATES.

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REVELATION – The Holy City is Open to All

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Egypt’s Great Pyramid and Sphinx and God’s Two Witnesses


     The reason why I am going to speak about these three topics in this one article is because I just received a copy of The Individual Christian Scientist – Volume XXXVII – Number 4 for April 2013 (its abbreviation is T.I.C.S.).  These three topics are spoken about in this pamphlet.  I will quote from the pamphlet and also comment upon it.  I am not sure that all things spoken of about the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are actually correct in Doris Grekel’s articles.  I am not concerned with the correctness (according to history); I am actually concerned about the symbolism of it all.  The fact that God is divine Mind, the only Mind that there is or ever has been, does mean that God is behind everything good that has been created.  Man only believes himself to be a creator of things.  So I feel that the symbolism behind these great creations are directly from Mind (God) via His-Her angel thoughts and it is the angel thoughts that come to man who created the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

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Stargate: The Ark of Truth (A Spiritual Interpretation)

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Code to the Scriptures – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Revelation’s Introduction

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