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Second Edition

First Edition

            I wrote this post on Easter weekend (2018).  The first part I wrote on Saturday morning, the second on Easter morning.  After writing the first section I was watching a recording of Watter’s World with Jessie Watters.  There was an interview segment where Jessie went out on the street to ask people questions about Easter.  He asked a man what happened on Easter.  He said that Jesus resurrected a second time.  Of course, everybody who saw the segment probably laughed at this man’s response, but it got me to thinking.  Did Jesus need to resurrect a second time?  And it came to me, “Why, yes, he did.  Jesus was resurrected, and possibly ascended as well, two times in human history.”  And I believe that the Illustration seen above could possibly represent Jesus’ second resurrection/ascension.

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Watter’s World on Easter

     On March 24, 2016 on The O’Reiley Factor there was a segment of Watter’s World on the topic of Easter.  Jesse Watters asked some folks what Easter was all about.  There was a black woman who came close to the right answer, but even she did not explain the whole story.  She said that Easter had to do with the opening of a mother’s womb (fertility).  Today it is of more importance that Christian’s celebrate Easter as the opening of the tomb (resurrection).

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