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Month: August, 2015

Joined or United?

            In Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas there are two illustrations that I have been trying to differentiate between for quite some time – the fact that one presents the idea of being JOINED with CHRIST and one presents the idea of being UNITED with CHRIST. Just what is the difference? These two illustrations are the second illustration CHRIST HEALING and the ninth illustration CHRISTIAN UNITY (as seen below). Perhaps my answer lies in the seventh illustration SUFFER THE CHILDREN (also seen below) where the nymph is reading Science and Health Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy? Perhaps the answer lies here because the seventh illustration is located on Sharon’s Rose Matrix in the position of the Word as Christianity?

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The Woman’s Rights

     Today women are still unsatisfied about their rights, even though they are way better than they were a century ago. There seems to be the urge for politicians to use women’s inequality to campaign on, or to gain political notoriety. Yet, is it really important to have women’s (plural) rights or is it important to have woman’s (singular) rights? In reality there is only one woman, and to have many women is to run into the satanic belief in many minds (especially a particular hemisphere of these many minds [many brains]). Women will never believe, or think, that they have equal rights with men until they comprehend who the one woman really is and why it is she who has the “rights”! It is a type of woman, a “noble type of womanhood.” It is the MARY consciousness mentioned in the poem below, written by Mary Baker Eddy (Lynn, Mass., May 6, 1876 – the year of the United States’ Centennial, the year after Science and Health was published).

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