Stargate: The Ark of Truth (A Spiritual Interpretation)

by MJSmith

Stargate:  The Ark of Truth (A Spiritual Interpretation) – Rests upon the Pyramid’s Capstone

     “Study thoroughly the letter [the Ark of Truth] and imbibe the spirit [the Arch of Truth as Love]” (S&H 596:27).

ARK-ARCH**Note:  To all who have read this post in the past (before February 18, 2016).  I had a mistake in the above illustration.  I had CHRISTMAS EVE when it should have read CHRISTMAS MORN.

     While writing this manuscript on Stargate I began to gain a new understanding of the fifth and seventh illustrations in Christ and Christmas[1] to which the story Stargate:  The Ark of Truth applies (in part).  But more importantly this movie applies to the sixth illustration (the capstone) called CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.  This sixth (Truth) illustration is the only one within the book that has two sides to it.  The first side is the Side of Life as Truth and the second is the Side of Light (Love) as Truth.  The Side of Life as Truth represents the Ark of Truth Covenant between God and man (marriage via the Torah, as well as, the Ten Commandments).  The Side of Light as Truth represents the Arch of Truth as Love Covenant between God and man (marriage of Principle and its idea).  And it is the two main stories of The Ark of Truth that represent these two sides of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING (as well as, its two differing illustrations).  The healing of the old man (in the first illustration of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING) is for the Ark – the Letter of the Law, while the healing of the old man (in the second illustration of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING) is for the Arch – the Spirit of the Law.

     “In the resurrection [from the belief of life in matter] they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. – Jesus.”  Daniel Jackson fulfills the Ark of the Covenant of Truth (for the Letter of the Law as Life)[2] while Cameron Mitchell fulfills the Arch of the Covenant of Truth (for the Spirit of the Law as Love).[3]  The two Covenants of the Ark and the Arch must be married.  “What therefore God hath joined[4] together, let not man put asunder.”
     March 11, 2008 was the release date for the DVD – Stargate:  The Ark of Truth.  Around this time I also received an issue of STARGATE SG-1 + ATLANTIS The Official Magazine, which was about this DVD movie and the main heading of the magazine was OPENING THE ARK.
     It is on purpose that God has these things coincide, because that is how God works.  And so, I will proceed with the spiritual interpretation and what God wants me to bring out about the Ark of Truth, a.k.a., the Ark of the Covenant.  And I will show you how it relates to the fifth, sixth, and seventh illustrations of Christ and Christmas.
     Robert (bright prophet[5]) Cooper (barrel maker) is the author and director of the movie.  Barrel can mean:  “the part of a fountain pen or of a pencil containing the ink or lead; a cylindrical or tapering housing containing the optical components of a photographic-lens system and the iris[6] diaphragm.”  Both definitions seem to apply to his job(s).  So, it is the prophet writer and filmmaker who opened up the Ark of Truth, while it is the Stargate angels of CHRISTMAS MORN,[7] who represent the Star of Boston, Mary Baker Eddy.  Her Womanhood [Gabriel] fulfilled the Ark of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law) and her manhood [Michael] fulfilled the Arch of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law) between God and man.  It is the girl (I call her Martha Jones-Smith [she is married]) who sits on the seat of the Ancient’s home mountain in “SUFFER [PERMIT] THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME” who will open up the Ark and Arch of the Covenant for you.  [P.S. – Since writing this piece I have come to think that the two angels represent the second advent of Truth (Michael) and the third advent of Love (Gabriel).  Mary Baker Eddy is Michael and generic man is Gabriel.  Gabriel is the one with the little book.]

CHRISTMAS MORN (on the Side of Life)


     In the movie it is the combined efforts of Stargate’s First Unit (Mind) that accomplishes unsealing the Ark of Truth and saves the universe, via Daniel Jackson, and Mitchell (the Arch of Truth) – for they are both the leg columns for angel with the little open book.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

     Genesis, chapter one up to chapter two verse three, is about the creation, or revelation of Spirit.  It is Mind (Light) that reveals all God is – as God, man, and the universe.  God reveals All-in-all for Six Days as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, and Truth.  Genesis’s first chapter is all about the revelation of spiritual Life.  During the Seventh Day of Love, the Sabbath (written about in Genesis 2:1-3), God (Mind) rests in perfect action (Love).  This perfect action is spiritual Light.
     In Christ and Christmas we have the three (Holy Trinity) illustrations of Life CHRISTMAS MORN, Truth CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING, and Love “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN… .”  In the head corner (capstone) of Mother’s Room in The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, there are the stained glass bay windows (another Holy Trinity).  These windows are THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM-BOSTON – Life, “T’IS THE SAME HAND THAT WRITES THE PAGE” (my title) – Truth (which is a variation of illustration 3, SEEKING AND FINDING, from Christ and Christmas), and “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN…” – Love.  There can be no doubt that these Holy Trinities relate to each other.  The star seen in STAR OF BETHLEHEM-BOSTON is actually a Star-Flower – representing the two angels known as “Madonna (flower) and Child (son-star).”  This Star-Flower prefigures the two angels of CHRISTMAS MORN not as “two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.”[8]  This seven-pointed Star-Flower is also the morning star, a.k.a., Venus.  [P.S.  The shape inside the clouds, that the Star-Flower is in, is thought to resemble a holly leaf.]  The Star-Flower is also seen in the other two windows in Mother’s Room and in the Big Dipper Keystone in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.


T’ IS THE SAME HAND THAT WRITES THE PAGE (Truth – The window is backwards because it was taken from outside the church.)

SUFFER [PERMIT] THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME [Love]  Does the word little apply to those who read a little book open?

     Getting back to Stargate SG-1, I feel that the Ancients are true followers of the Word of God (Elohim-Shaddai = Father-Mother God).  Their Word is the Bride of the Christ Lamb, which is white light – the combination or wholeness of red (Mind), orange (Spirit), yellow (Soul), green (Principle), blue (Life), indigo (Truth), and violet (Love).  This is the Iris (the sacred feminine) of rainbow colors that when whole (not fractured) make up white light (Principled Science).  It is the bow of the angel in Revelation 10.

     Season’s 9 and 10 and the two movies of Stargate SG-1 have as Stargate Command’s commander, General “ruler” Hank “ruler of the household” Landry “ruler” (performed by Mr. Beau [Bow?] “handsome” Bridges).  So with General Hank Landry we have ruler cubed (to the third power).  This would be God as ruler (General), God rules over man (God’s household), and God rules the universe (the land).  I can also say that these three aspects of God as ruler follow the tones of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity.
     The Beau Bridges of Genesis 2:4, 5:  “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God [Jehovah][9] made the earth and the heavens, and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew:  for the Lord God [Jehovah] had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.”

“Growth is from Mind

     “Here is the emphatic declaration that God creates all through Mind, not through matter, – that the plant grows, not because of seed or soil, but because growth is the eternal mandate of Mind.  Mortal thought drops into the ground, but the immortal creating thought is from above, not from beneath.  Because Mind makes all, there is nothing left to be made by a lower power.  Spirit acts through the Science of Mind,[10] never causing man to till the ground, but making him superior to the soil.  Knowledge of this lifts man above the sod, above earth and its environments, to conscious spiritual harmony and eternal being.

“Spiritual narrative

     “Here the inspired record closes its narrative of being that is without beginning or end.  All that is made is the work of God, and all is good.  We leave this brief, glorious history of spiritual creation (as stated in the first chapter of Genesis) in the hands of God, not of man, in the keeping of Spirit, not matter, – Joyfully acknowledging now and forever God’s supremacy, omnipotence, and omnipresence.
     “The harmony and immortality of man are intact.  We should look away from the opposite supposition that man is created materially, and turn our gaze to the spiritual record of creation, to that which should be engraved on the understanding and heart ‘with the point of a diamond’ and the pen of an angel.”[11]
     [P.S.  Notice that Mary Baker Eddy writes “pen of an angel” not “pin of an angel” for “T’is the same hand that writes the page.”  Also, “God’s supremacy, omnipotence, and omnipresence are three generals.]  The second chapter of Genesis, beginning with verse six, is about a falsely conceived god, the Lord God Jehovah.  This Lord God Jehovah is a system Lord, a Goa’uld.  He has this garden, a material body, and he creates this man from the mist (mystification) and the red clay (Adamah clay) and winds up with mud (unclear thinking).  Physical scientists say that this primordial soup was given its spark of life by a bolt of lighting (electricity or fire = the Ori).  From all of these material elements Adam (a dam or an obstruction) is made.  He is then put under a deep sleep (a hypnotic sleep) from which he never wakes up.  While under this trance state he believes that his divinity (his higher self which is his womanhood) is taken out by a surgical (also electricity) procedure.  This rib is a symbol for the Covenant between Father-Mother God and man (image and likeness of God) mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis.  It is right here, at the beginning of corporeal man, that the covenant is broken, or seems to be broken.  I say “seems” because Adam is asleep during the surgery and the BIBLE never tells us that Adam ever woke up from the dream.
     The copper[12] headed serpent is animal magnetism (Goa’uld snakes need electrical currents to survive and they wrap themselves around the host’s neck bone.).  It is Adam’s nervous system that belongs to the system Lord.  This nervous system is wrapped around the trunk (spinal column) of the tree of knowledge of good (Spirit) and evil (matter), which is in the center of the Garden of Eden (man’s body).  One of the serpent’s tricks is to get man to believe that Spirit (good) resides (and is prisoner) in a material body.  It communicates via electrical impulses with the big giant head, the brain.  Adam finds that he is naked (clothed in matter) after he eats the forbidden fruit of physical science (which is based upon the five material senses), scholastic theology, and materia medica.
     It takes the God-crowned woman (Revelation 12) who is clothed with the sun (Spirit) to restore the holy Covenant, via the Ark of Truth (and the Arch of Truth).  It is through womanhood that it is done because in the Garden of Eden the woman[13] does not blame God for her failure.  She calls it as she sees it; it is animal magnetism that is the cause for Adam’s nakedness (her nakedness).
     The Ori, are fire (the word) gods, they punish their disobedient congregation through fire and brimstone.  The name Ori is short for Origin.  Genesis means origin.  Genesis is the first book in the Bible.  As mentioned before, Genesis 1-2:3 is the true creation (revelation) story.  The only thing that is ever really revealed in Genesis and Revelation (the last book of the Bible) is divine Science (Truth).
     The Ori are known for giving people deadly plagues if these people are unwilling to worship them.  “Origin of pain – You say a boil is painful; but that is impossible, for matter without mind is not painful.  The boil simply manifests, through inflammation and swelling, a belief in pain, and this belief is called a boil.  Now administer mentally to your patient a high attenuation of truth, and it will soon cure the boil.  The fact that pain cannot exist where there is no mortal mind to feel it is a proof that this so-called mind makes its own pain – that is, its own belief in pain.
     Source of contagion – We weep because others weep, we yawn because they yawn, and we have smallpox because others have it; but mortal mind, not matter, contains and carries the infection.  When this mental contagion is understood, we shall be more careful of our mental conditions, and we shall avoid loquacious tattling about disease, as we would avoid advocating crime.  Neither sympathy nor society should ever tempt us to cherish error in any form, and certainly we should not be error’s advocate.
     “Disease arises, like other mental conditions, from association.  Since it is a law of mortal mind that certain diseases should be regarded as contagious, this law obtains credit through association, – calling up the fear that creates the image of disease and its consequent manifestation in the body.” (S&H 153:5 – 154:8)
     The above quote is from the sixth chapter of SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES – “Science, Theology, Medicine.”  The Kabalah tree of life matrix actually has three pillars (columns).  The middle pillar (often invisible) is called the Pillar of Mildness (Meal).  Could the three pillars be equivalent to the three measures of meal?  Mary Baker Eddy is the woman who placed the leaven in the three measures of meal – that of Science, Theology, and Medicine.  They are capitalized because they are God’s Science knowing the Theology of God, and this is true Medicine.  It has come to my attention that Mary Baker Eddy also considered the three measures of meal to be the three main groups of Christianity who followed the idea of materially organized Church:  Roman Catholic (the world), Protestant (the flesh), and Christian Science (the devil).  She applied devil to Christian Scientists because she considered material organized Christian Scientists to hold the most relentless war against the woman God-crowned.  This, I believe, is why I saw a devil in the vision dream “Grandmother’s High Chair.”
     The following is a table for the angel’s two legs.  It is important to present it to you, as it will help you understand the relationship between the angle’s two legs and the movie’s two stories.  It presents the two outer columns (legs) of the angel of Revelation 10 = the two God-crown missions.  Noah’s Ark was lifted up by water unto the capstone mountain with the Arch cloud.  It could be said then, that Noah’s first church was the Ark, while his second church was his [Concord] Grapevine that was grown after the Arch of the Covenant was perceived in heaven’s sky.  [P.S. – The only change I would make below is for the right foot upon the sea being for divine Science.  Also, by stating “first & second Branch Church of Concord, New Hampshire” I do not mean two separate churches.  I mean two different structures upon the same plot of land.]

Ark of Truth columnsThe Left Foot upon the earth

     (Ben is a short form of Benjamin.  Jacob’s twelfth son is Benjamin “Son of my right hand; Son of the South [Christianity]”.  However, Ben’s real name is not Benjamin and his real name means “blessed.”)  Ben’s first name means “prophet star.”  Browder means – eyebrows; forehead.  Ben Browder[15] plays Cameron “crooked nose” Mitchell “Michael.”    The French word cambrer means “curve, arch.”  I feel that Cameron Mitchell has to do with the fulfillment of the Arch of the Covenant, especially the angel of Revelation 10 (while Daniel is the fulfillment of the Ark of the Covenant).  Cameron replaced Jack (Jonah = “dove:  divine Science”) O’Neill  (son of the champion).  This is very interesting because in my 2002 Stargate interpretation I have Colonel (column, leg) Jack O’Neill (played by Richard Dean Anderson) being the left leg of the angel with the little open book and Daniel Jackson (son of Jack) being the right leg of the angel.[16]  Cameron Mitchell does seem to represent this angel, as the angel’s brow is bowed with the seven hues of color (the seven synonymous terms for God in their Word order).  One’s nose leads to their brow.  Perhaps a circular (crooked) nose is what leads (follow your nose) you into the matrix circle of CHRISTIAN UNITY[17]?  Notice that we see Jesus’ left toes and the left foot of Mary Baker Eddy in this Illustration.

CHRISTIAN UNITY (colorized by me)

The Right Foot upon the sea

     My third STARGATE is Michael Shanks.  Michael (Who is like God?) Garrett (brave spearman) Shanks (legs, a right leg and left leg) as Daniel (rightful judgment) Jackson (son of Jack, son of Jonah, or son of divine Science) is also symbolic of the angel with the little book (Revelation 10).  Michael (the angel with the little book) is the one who unseals the seven seals (seven buttons) to the Ark of Truth Covenant between God and man.  It is most symbolic that in Stargate Continuum Daniel Jackson (temporarily?) looses his left[18] leg (Womanhood’s Christian Science)!
     I had a dream about Michael and Ben in May 2010.  I could not interpret it correctly until April 2013 after having another dream about a side view of THE CHARIOT Tarot card.  I then understood that Ben was the white sphinx while Daniel was the black sphinx.  These represented the fact that they are both Archers.  I also could say that, as above, Jesus would be the black sphinx and Mary Baker Eddy the white sphinx – as also seen in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  (As seen below.)



     Could the two sphinxes represent the two front legs and paws of the Great Sphinx?  Below are the two Betyl stones, the two columns of Severity and Mercy – or the two advents of Mary and Martha.

     This two-section dream vision took place in December 2006.  In the first section I am in a school with my husband and son.  A female art teacher gives me this big M&M cookie.  It falls to the floor and another woman steps on it, crumbling it.
     Next I see a poster (a sign) upon a wall.  It is being held there by two dino-birds.  It was supposed to have been placed there by actor Mel Gibson.
     I have a coffee pot and the coffee is bitter to the taste.  I return it to the art room.  There is a teacher in the room and he is very grumpy.  I explain that I am returning the coffee pot.
     In the second section I am no longer with my husband and son, they seem to have been replaced by Michael Shanks and his daughter.  The house is like a cabin and seems dark, yet I can see.  To my left, against the wall, are bookshelves.  There is a wooden round table and Michael and his daughter are standing around the table (it is not a huge table).  He is pulling porcupine quills from her hand.  I held her hand and prayed, but it did not seem to help.  I kissed her hand and loved it.  Then I used big tweezers to remove a quill.
     Next Michael was going to leave.  I wanted him to stay but he had to go.  He wanted me to take care of his daughter.  Her name was never mentioned in the dream but she had dark hair, was beautiful, and was around eight years old.  I wanted to love her, as a mother would love her child, but I felt I must wait until after Michael left.   He had trouble getting out the door.
     After I woke up I thought the girl was Michael’s daughter Mia, but I realized she was too old to be Mia.  Then I remembered that Michael had another daughter.  Her mother, Vaitare Bandera (“strong banner,” was even on Stargate SG-1).  I realized that the girl in the dream was their daughter, who would have been eight in December 2006.
     The second section of the vision dream did not make much sense to me until six months later when I received my STARGATE SG-1 + ATLANTIS magazine.
     A school is a place for learning lessons.  Also, to me, art represents Science, and an artist is a Scientist.  My main lessons are always with Christian Science.  My husband’s name and son’s name both relate to Christian Science in certain ways (my husband’s name especially has to do with the Extension Crown in Boston).  A crown is also a circle symbol, like the cookie and table are.
     The circles, the cookie and table, may have to do with the circular Stargate, but I think they have to do with my work on WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK as the Stargate Matrix.  (I refer to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK as Sharon’s Rose Window when I correlate it with Christ and Christmas.)  However, I refer to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK as a Stargate (because of its twelve stars that are gates to the Holy City).  In April 2013 I would also come to realize that I would have a crown of twelve STARGATES – for I would have met twelve STARS from Stargate SG-1 before April 2013 was over, and my twelfth STARGATE would be Ben Browder.  All twelve STARGATES are open as of April 20, 2013.  Since then I have met four more actors from the show.  In the order of meeting them, they are – Amanda Tapping (2014), and in 2015:  Armin Shimerman, Richard Dean Anderson, and Michael Welch.  These for actors gave me the hub of the Stargate, or the hub of Science as the Word (Michael), Science as the Christ (Amanda), Science as Christianity (Richard), and Science as Science (Armin).
     In Roman numerals MM (for the m&m cookie) means 2000.  This is the time period we presently live in.  There are two women in the first section of the vision dream.  One gives me the cookie to eat the other breaks it up with her foot (spiritual understanding).  I do not get a chance to physically eat the cookie, mentally digest it (a systematic compilation of legal rules, statutes, or decisions; to distribute or arrange systematically; to assimilate[19] mentally), but it is broken up into segments, perhaps for dissection (to analyze and interpret minutely).  This is certainly what I have seemed to do with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, also known as the DIRECTOR’S WINDOW.
     On the other hand, the crumbling of the cookie could have something to do with the saying, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”  A cookie can be an attractive woman, and crumble means to disintegrate.  The cookie’s shape could have to do with a moon cake too.  Could it mean then that the way an attractive woman disintegrates is by falling asleep into the Adam dream; that the celebrations of material ceremonies (as in Churches) and material sensual enjoyments disintegrates Womanhood’s beauty?  THE WAY is the title for the eleventh illustration in Christ and Christmas.  And it is the woman God-crowned who has her feet upon the moon (has dominion over it).  The woman that stepped upon the cookie certainly had dominion over it because it crumbled beneath her feet.  I think that both are appropriate, as celebrations are found in two different illustrations of Christ and Christmas.  Both women certainly have to do with the two missions of Womanhood.  Eating the cookie represents reading “a little open book” and the woman who steps upon the moon-cake is God-crowned.
     As of resent (January 2014) I have come to understand that the moon (which is under the woman’s feet) represents the evenings of Genesis 1 while the sun (which is what the woman is clothed with) represents the mornings of Genesis 1.  It is also of significance that the planet Venus, which symbolizes the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12), is also called the evening star and the morning star.  Because the moon goes through phases, I feel that the moon symbolizes dissection that a matrix table presents while the sun and its rays symbolizes the wholeness of  God and man, or “Principle and its idea is one.” (S&H 465:17)
     The bitter coffee probably has to do with “eating” the “little open book” (since I did not get to eat the cookie, but I did get to taste the coffee).  Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “Then will a voice from harmony cry: ‘Go and take the little book. … Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in they mouth sweet as honey.’  Mortals, obey the heavenly evangel.  Take divine Science.  Read this book from beginning to end.  Study it, ponder it.  It will be indeed sweet at its first taste, when it heals you; but murmur not [do not be a grumpy man] over Truth, if you find its digestion bitter.  When you approach nearer and nearer to this divine Principle, when you eat the divine body of this Principle, – thus partaking of the nature, or primal elements, of Truth and Love, – do not be surprised nor discontented because you must share the hemlock cup and eat the bitter herbs [coffee]; for the Israelites of old at the Paschal meal thus prefigured this perilous passage out of bondage into the El Dorado of faith and hope.” (S&H 559:14)
     “The sooner we let go the old [human mind – reflected moon light] for the new [divine Mind – Source of sunlight which is projected], the sooner we begin to live this divine revelation [found in SCIENCE AND HEALTH].  As long as we respond to the suggestion that the human mind is digesting or assimilating what is being said, the digestion will be bitter.”[20]
     Coffee is also a symbol of spiritual action, distillation, or purification via the Christ Mind.
     Gibson means “son of Gilbert” and Asa Gilbert Eddy (Mary Baker’s third husband) could be significant here.  The “Son of Gilbert” would have to be the Harsesis manchild.  Of importance to this vision dream is that the name of the actress who later portrays Oma Desala (Mother Nature) is Mel Harris.  Mel also means “armored chief; mill friend.”  This points me to Annie McMillan Knott, one of Mary Baker Eddy’s students.  Annie’s friend could be Stanley[21] Larkin (her student), the man who began Denver’s Christian Science Standard.  The poster, or banner, could also point to The Banner.  Both newsletter publications protect Mary Baker Eddy and the Cause of Christian Science.  The Banner is published in Ohio.  Could the two newsletters be symbolic of two women Sentinels or two dino-birds[22]?
     The poster “banner” sign “symbol” upon the wall “protection” was held in place (its place in Bible prophecy?) by two dino-birds.  I do not know why I used the term “dino-birds” when I originally interpreted the dream, it could have something to do with the Dino Thunder title for the Power Rangers.  The word dinoflagellate is interesting.  Dinos is a derivative of Greek which means “rotation, eddy” (remember the round cookie and table).[23]  Dinoflaggellate has to do with the red tide.[24]  Thus, we have the sign, which is the woman of the Apocalypse, put in its place (of Bible prophecy) via the Mill friend (Standard).[25]  She “symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea.”[26]
     Eddy’s rotation[27] (dinos) would be Ezekiel’s Wheel (the divine calculus) as found in the Textbook and WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  This Window Matrix gives to us the city foursquare, the New Jerusalem, Mount Zion, the shrine celestial, and the city of our God, the Eldorado of faith and hope (two Second Degree attributes).  Dinos also seems to relate to THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE card[28] in the Rider Tarot deck (which also has a sphinx sitting on top of it).  However, I translate this card to be THE WHEEL OF PROPHECY card.  Also on this card are two Goa’uld characters from Stargate SG-1 (Anubis and Apophis).  If you understand what the divine calculus is you will spot the symbols for it on the card.  A lion symbolizes the Word, the ox or bull symbolizes the Christ, the angel symbolizes Christianity (face of a man), and the flying eagle symbolizes Science.  All four living creatures have wings and each have a book.  The four books in the four corners are the four Gospels – Matthew (Word), Mark (Christ), Luke (Christianity), and John (Science).  These four tones for the divine infinite calculus explain why the four Gospel books tell the story of Jesus in four different ways.  The zodiac would have the four living creatures as – Leo (the Word), Taurus (the Christ), Aquarius (the face of a [wo]man for Christianity), and the (originally) Libra-Scorpio (Science).

     In the vision dream Michael Shanks entrusts me to take care of his Harsesis child (Mother’s son of living knowledge or Science).  Yes, it was Michael Shanks in the dream, but I feel that he represented Daniel Jackson’s role in the television episodes with the child.  It is important that in the dream it is not a boy (son) but a girl, or Michael’s real life daughter the fairy queen or the goddess queen.  Fairy is rooted to “fair – just; woman; goddess of fate.”  Of course, there is also the obvious pun, that both fairy and queen have to do with “homosexual,” and the girl was said to be a boy in the television show.
     As stated in the Stargate magazine Michael’s oldest daughter played the Harsesis baby in one of the Stargate SG-1 episodes.  The baby’s real life mother actress, Vaitarre Bandera (remember means “strong banner”) played Daniel’s wife Sha’re.  Therefore, she probably has a significant meaning in relationship to the banner on the wall.  Sha’re means Sarah “princess.” Sarah[29] is the great grandmother of the twelve tribes of Israel.  These twelve tribes are like the twelve stars of the woman’s crown (Rev. 12).  Sha’re could also be rooted to Sharon “desert plain.”  In the book of Zachariah reference is made to a “great mountiain.”  The question is asked:  “who art thou, o great mountain?  before Zerabbabel thou shalt become a plain:  and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, grace unto it.”  To me this “great mountian” is my Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (which corresponds to Christ and Christmas) that is made into a circular “plain” as Sharon’s Rose Window (Stargate) Matrix!  Its “headstone” (capstone) is found in the Window’s hub – “a little book open” by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy.  Zerubbabel means:  the evaporation or vanishing of illusions; the separation of  light into colors by refraction of diffraction with formation of a spectrum.  “This spiritual thought activity becomes a leading factor in putting away error illusions and restoring the worship of God, with its resultant good.” ( The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary; p. 697)  Is this not what Mary Baker Eddy did when she gave us the rainbow colors of white light (translated, she gave us the seven synonymous names of God)?   Sharon’s Rose has a lot of meaning in regard to Venus,[30] and the sacred feminine (see The Da Vinci Code).  Sharon’s Rose is the name I have given to a circular illustration of Christ and Christmas.  (When younger I use to pretend my name was Sharon [the Parent Trap twin from Boston].  Also, when I was in the third grade, my father[32] nicknamed me “Princess.”)
     While Sha’re gestated the child the Goa’uld within her slept.  After the child’s birth it woke up, so Daniel took Sha’re’s son away from her and gave him to a midwife.
     In a later episode called Maternal Instinct from 2000 the midwife had gone to Keb (earth) with Sha’re’s son.  SG-1 travels to Keb to find the boy.  While watching the episode, after reading the article, I realized that the temple (body) was dark, as the house in the dream was dark (the wood especially).  The dream’s bookshelf may have been symbolic of the writing on the temple walls.  Daniel undergoes spiritual training by a monk in hopes of meeting the goddess who is taking care of Sha’re’s child.  Daniel thinks that he is being mentally prepared to take care of the boy.  After meeting Oma Desala he realizes, “I can of mine own self do nothing.”  We humanly can do nothing, but through the Christ Mind all things are possible.  He understands that the child is better off with her, the Christ ideal.  I feel like I have the same responsibility in the dream as Oma Desala had in the show.  I also feel that this dream means that I am to make others aware of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and take care of Mary Baker Eddy’s Harsesis child of divine Science by explaining it to the world through my spiritual interpretations.

     On February 15, 2011 I had a dream in which I was called “Mother Hood.”  I saw a stairway with two columns.  Then there was a teenage girl who was my follower and she was dressed somewhat like a nun.  I felt as if I was a Reverend Mother.  Even though I could not see how I was dressed I feel like I may have been dressed like a Reverend Mother, or something like it.  After seeing Maternal Instinct again, on February 27, 2011, I feel very strongly that I am Mother Nature (Mother Hood), or Oma Desala as she was dressed somewhat like a Reverend Mother, but she was all in white, in fact she was like a woman clothed with the sun.  I feel that Mother Hood means Love as Mind in the tone of Christianity.  Mother Hood is my “new” name, or my spiritual name, like how Jacob became Israel.  The nun’s full message to me was, “Mother Hood, we are out of time, we must go.”  We presently live in the endtime mentioned in the BIBLE.  It is in the endtime that the spiritual idea must be active in Science (must go).
     The Textbook’s fifth chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” has to do with Motherhood.  The Egyptian (Abydos) bondwoman gives birth to Abraham’s first son via the Letter of the Law (the Ark), while Sarah gives birth to Abraham’s second son via the Spirit of the Law (the Arch).  There is the bondwoman (under Goa’uld control – the red dragon) and there is the Mother Sarah “princess” Mother of Isaac.  Sarah (symbolized by Oma) represents true Motherhood (Womanhood).  We must see that we give birth to spiritual understanding instead of knowledge of good and evil (which becomes mixed up – adulterated).
     Today we must come to realize that the present wars have to do with what happened all those years ago with the bond woman and the Princess.  The Muslim Brotherhood religion is based upon the bondwoman of Egypt and is jealous of his brother Isaac (Israel/America) being given the “blessing.”
     In the dream, the round table is like the one (accept I am not sure about its legs) seen in Stargate:  The Ark of Truth.  A round table can be symbolic of King Arthur’s twelve knights, the zodiac, the twelve tribes of Israel, or even the twelve stars to the woman’s crown.  The round table also symbolizes the center, the hub of the wheel, which is where the woman’s Open Book is located in Window of the Open Book.  A circle symbolizes Life without beginning or ending (if humans believe their life had a beginning in matter [bondage] then they must also believe that same life has an ending or death). The circle is also a symbol of unity and perfection.  It is also a feminine symbol.
     The quills in the girl’s hand may have to do with the writing hand, or it could have to do with trauma (a hard or painful struggle, as in childbirth, travail).  It was mental quackery for Michael (or Daniel) and myself to perform Red Cross procedures when I was attempting to practice Christian Science or give Christian Science treatment to the girl.  I knew that the best medicine was to Love her unconditionally, but I felt restricted in doing what I needed to do while her father was present.  This may have something to do with my own feelings concerning my son when his father is around or when his grandparents are around.
     Yet, what if I was not really even attempting the use of material medical practice with the use of the tweezers?  I am beginning to think that I was not, that the tweezers were symbolic.  The tweezers represented something that I am writing to you about – what the Ark of Truth is all about.  Tweezers are “two legs joined at one end”[33]!  The tweezers I used were the two legs of the angel of Revelation 10, the table I have placed before you (seen above) as two columns for the Ark and the Arch.
     When I first saw this particular episode of Stargate SG-1 I remembered feeling that I did not want Daniel to leave the child behind.  That he had gone through all the learning just to leave the baby behind.  Yet, I understood why he did leave.  This was the same feeling I had in the dream; I did not want him to leave his daughter.
     Why was it hard for Michael to get out of the door?  Well, perhaps that too had to do with the episode, as Daniel was trying to leave the temple he had to go back in because he had forgotten his shoes!
     I have no doubts that the dream of May 2010 had to do with helping me understand the placement of my twelve STARGATES in regard to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  (Editor’s note:  I have posted this piece if you wish to read it.)
     It is also of importance that General Landry’s daughter is Carolyn Lam (although she was not in The Ark of Truth).  Carolyn Lam is portrayed by Lexa Doig – Michael Shank’s current wife.  In the show Mitchell and Lam have some sort of relationship going on, even though they never really showed it having any developments.  This is interesting in that I feel Carolyn (little woman) Lam[b] was in the 2010 dream with Michael as Lexa.  In it Lexa wore a white sweater (like the wool of a lamb), hence she represents the lamb found in the Lord and Lamb window (as the Lord would represent Michael Shanks, her husband).  The following really happened to me.  One morning I had a dream that Lexa Doig was on Stargate SG-1.  That same day I was on the Internet (at the library, as we did not have Internet at the time) and I read that Lexa Doig was going to be on the up and coming season of SG-1.  I had told my mother-in-law about the dream before we went to the library, then I showed her what was on line.  She said, “Oh you already knew about it.”  But I did not.  God reveals these things to me.

The Cast (continued)
     My eleventh STARGATE (in order of meeting them) is Christopher Judge[34] “Christian Judge”.  Christopher Judge plays Teal’c.  I suppose the ‘c’ could stand for Christian.  Teal is the color of green-blue (Life as Truth).  The two Days of Life and Truth in Genesis 1 are the fifth and sixth days with the two comings of Christ as Christ Jesus (in the Fifth Day) and Mary Baker Eddy (in the Sixth Day).  Teal’c was a slave to a Goa’uld serpent and a Jaffa[35] soldier for a very long time.  That all changed, however, when he met up with SG-1.
     Teal’c had no choice when he gave up his symbiote.  However, in place of this symbiote he was given a medicine to take.  He has to regularly take the medicine.  Even though Teal’c became free of the serpent in his belly he still remains a slave to materia medica.
     Mythology and materia medica – It is recorded that the profession of medicine originated in idolatry with pagan priests, who besought the gods to heal the sick and designated Apollo as ‘the god of medicine.’  He was supposed to have dictated the first prescription, according to the ‘History of Four Thousand Years of Medicine.’  It is here noticeable that Apollo was also regarded as the sender of disease, ‘the god of pestilence.’[36]  Hippocrates turned from image-gods [a serpent in one’s belly] to vegetable and mineral drugs [material medicine] for healing.  This was deemed progress in medicine; but what we need is the truth which heals both mind and body.  The future history of material medicine may correspond with that of its material god, Apollo, who was banished from heaven and endured great sufferings upon earth.”[37]  Let me rephrase this last sentence:  “The future history of material medicine may correspond with that of its material god, Adam, who was banished from the Garden of Eden and endured great sufferings upon earth.”
     It is a fact that the use of medicine goes back to ancient Egypt.  They had written medical scrolls.

     My thirteenth STARGATE (in order of meeting them) is Amanda (lovely) Tapping (drumming; one who taps caskets; innkeeper) portrays Samantha “listener; told by God” Carter “cart driver.”  This means that Major Samantha Carter listens to God and does what she is told to do.  She is obedient; she is not like Adam at all.  She is a cart driver, so she represents the divine infinite calculus of the wheel, or the Stargate.  She is a Scientist.  Carter could also be interpreted to be like THE CHARIOT Tarot card, however, Amanda Tapping is rooted to THE HERMIT card.
     Amanda is a Virgo (THE HERMIT), the sixth (Truth) sign of the zodiac.  The virgin is pure of Mind, she is Spirit which is pure, she has no material ego, for she is the Holy Ghost, she is based upon Principle, she is Life without spots or imperfections, she is reality, Truth, and she lives in Love, the Seventh Day (Genesis 2:1-3).
     Virgo is a wise attendant to the Bride (the Word) who carries enough oil so that she can keep her lamp lit to see through the night of chaos.  Virgo says, “I analyze.”
     Amanda Tapping uses analysis in her study of the science within her scripts.  She investigates what it all means, this helps her sound convincing as Carter.  Carter also uses analysis in her work.  Mary Baker Eddy analyzed God and the Word of God (even though she was under the sign of Cancer, she had a virgin consciousness).
     Virgo is the only zodiac woman constellation.[38]  She is the goddess of the harvest, the endtime.[39]  She carries an ear of wheat (the meal) and the palm leaves of Salvation (SCIENCE AND HEALTH).  Sometimes she carries the scales of Libra (JUSTICE).  Justice is also the name of a Greek goddess.

     My seventh STARGATE (in order of meeting them) is Gary (“mighty spear man”) Jones (“Jonah,” divine Science), who plays Walter (“army ruler; general; woodsman”) Harriman (“hero” man or “conquering” man).  He is in control of dialing the Stargate.  Wood has a symbolic relation to womanhood.  I see Walter as a man who follows Mary Baker Eddy.

     Claudia “lame”[40] Black[41] plays Vala “singled out” Mal “Magdalene” Doran “gift.”[42]  Vala at one time was a Goa’uld.  But the Tok’ra[43] removed her serpent parasite.  For the definition of Claudia, which could also have to do with the foursquare city, I feel that it is appropriate to compare her to the angel clothed with a black cloud (Binah – Understanding, the third sphere from the Kabalah tree of life matrix).  This could be compared to the pillar of smoke that led the Israelites during the day through the wilderness.  (Although, I also feel that the angel clothed with a cloud is full of rainbow colors, which would fit in with the coat of many colors given to virgin women in the BIBLE.)
     It is Joseph’s Womanhood (virgin or pure thought) that receives the coat of many colors from Israel (Jacob).  And it is Joseph’s second son (The Second Degree) who is given Israel’s blessing.
     Vala does have a virgin conception of the Ori child, Adria “dark.”

     Morena “dark; also a form of Mary” Baccarin plays Adria.  I see Adria as the Virgin Mary (the white Madonna) persona being idolized by the Catholic (Ori) congregation.  I believe that the Catholic Church makes the claim (as do some others) that Mary’s mother conceived her the same way that Mary conceived Jesus.  This may have paved the way so that Romanism could declare Mary to be the mother of God.  God is Mother and has no mother.
     Romanism declared Jesus to be God so that there could be mortal successors of Jesus (as he is the head of Christianity).  Another reason to declare Jesus to be God is that the red dragon (ecclesiastical despotism) could destroy true Christianity if the congregation deified the human man called Jesus.  Jesus (the human) is not God, however, Principle (God) and its idea (Christ) is one, and this is why Christ Jesus could say, “I [Christ] and my Father are one.”  The Roman Church made the claim that Jesus is God.  Jesus is not God; Jesus is the Son of God.  From all that I have read and heard, the Council declared Jesus to be God[44] so that they could have a flesh and blood successor within the Church and this successor would be called “Pope – Papa.”  The first Pope was a Roman Emperor.
     “Science reveals Spirit, Soul, as not in the body, and God as not in man but as reflected by man.  The greater cannot be in the lesser.  The belief that the greater can be in the lesser is an error that works ill.  This is a leading point in the Science of Soul, that Principle is not in its idea.  Spirit, Soul, is not confined in man, and is never in matter.  We reason imperfectly from effect to cause, when we conclude that matter is the effect of Spirit; but a priori reasoning shows material existence to be enigmatical.  Spirit gives the true mental idea.  We cannot interpret Spirit, Mind, through matter.  Matter neither sees, hears, nor feels.
     “Reasoning from cause to effect in the Science of Mind, we begin with Mind, which must be understood through the idea which expresses it and cannot be learned from its opposite, matter.  Thus we arrive at Truth, or intelligence, which evolves its own unerring idea and never can be coordinate with human illusions.  If Soul sinned, it would be mortal, for sin is mortality’s self, because it kills itself.  If Truth is immortal, error must be mortal, because error is unlike Truth.  Because Soul is immortal, Soul cannot sin, for sin is not the eternal verity of being.”[45]

     Julian Sands plays the Doci (easily lead or managed, obedient).  Julian is a reference to Julius Caesar and Sands is a reference to Alexander the Great.  Both were emperors.  Julius was Roman while Alexander was Greek.  Alexander actually came to believe that he was an Egyptian King, or a god.  Later on Julius Caesar (who had married and procreated with the Greek Egyptian Queen Cleopatra) also came to accept his role as a king-god.  It was because he had allied himself with the powerful nation of Egypt that he was assassinated.  Oddly enough, or perhaps not so odd, the Catholic Church split up into two sects, the Roman and the Greek.
     The Doci governs all the Ori Priors.   Prior – “the superior ranking next to the abbot of a monastery; the superior of a house or group of houses of any of various religious communities.”[46]  I see the Ori as representatives of the original material organized Church that was based upon the Roman Emperor and those who have mixed up the two creations in Genesis into one creation story.

     In this movie there are a total of six actors who play the Priors and the one Doci.  I see them as the symbolization that Genesis 1-2:3 is misunderstood by the majority of Christians.

     Tomin “twin” is played by Tim “honoring God” Guinee “guardian.”  He is Vala’s husband and was once a loyal soldier to the Ori.  His uniform is similar to the Roman soldiers in Jesus’ day.
     Tomin, thanks to Vala, is beginning to think for himself instead of blindly following ecclesiastical despotism.  He does not question the Word of the book of Origin; he only questions how the Priors are interpreting it!  In this respect I am like Tomin.  I do not question Genesis’ two accounts of creation, I question the way most religious leaders have interpreted them.

     Currie “enclosed” Graham “grand home” plays the man from the I.O.A.,[47] James (Jacob) Marrick “ruler of the sea.”  Jacob, who was a Tomin (twin), means “supplanter; substitute.”  The name of Currie is of great interest in regards to his role in this movie.  Being that it means enclosed makes me think of the Garden of Eden (Adam’s material body).  However, it also makes me think of the fact that The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston has become “enclosed” via its ecclesiastical despotic rulers (the illegal five Board of Directors).  They literally closed the STARGATES to the Field and the world.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us that Jacob means:  “A corporeal mortal embracing duplicity, repentance, sensualism.” (S&H 587:4)  This is its negative meaning.  She then goes on to give us its spiritual translation:  “Inspiration; the revelation of Science, in which the so-called material senses yield to the spiritual sense of Life and Love.”  This Life and Love is God’s Motherhood (Jacob’s Womanhood as Leah – Life and Rachel – Love), this is the level in The Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth for The First Church of Christ, Scientist’s Mother’s Room with its Seven-pointed Stargate of Boston Window, and “Suffer the Little Children” Window (belonging to the Bow Window), and the fifth and seventh illustrations from Christ and Christmas.  Alice Orgain in Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas explains that Leah is the Letter of the Law [Leah is considered to be the Letter of the Law because the law of that Day insisted that the oldest daughter had to be married off first.  This is why Jacob’s first wife was Leah and not his beloved Rachel] while Rachel is the Spirit of the Law, thus, I see them as the two Covenants – the Ark (Life) and the Arch (Love).  The two join at the capstone of Truth.

     Noah is a feminine name.  Noah takes place in the second Day of Spirit and Jesus compares the second coming of Christ to the Day of Noah.  On John W. Doorly’s Golden Candlestick Matrix and my Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle Spirit and Truth are the same branch and on the same level (the Christ level).  We must consider the Second Day to the second coming of Christ that takes place in the Sixth Day of Truth.  In the Noah story we have the Ark of the Covenant symbolized as the ship-church.  This ship lands upon the pyramid’s capstone (like Goa’uld ships in Stargate do, however, the Goa’uld symbolize evil reversing Truth – which is really impossible).  The Letter of the Law is fulfilled and kept.  Then a second Covenant (of the Arch) comes months after the rain has stopped.  It is seen in the sky (heaven).  It is said: “a bow shall be in the cloud”.  This bow is the Arch of the Covenant that has direct reference to the angel of Revelation 10 for the rainbow is upon his head and he is clothed with a cloud.  It is also a fact that angel messengers always ascend and descend with clouds.  And this is why Jesus said to his disciples when he ascended (on a cloud) that Christ’s second coming would be in the same manner (with a cloud).
     The Ancients are ascended beings; even the location upon the mountaintop symbolizes the Ancients as higher representations of God (Womanhood).  They are scientific beings (I translate this to mean that they are beings of Science).  The Ancients remind me of the Christian Science Branch Churches (the Field).  They sort of represent the second beast of the earth from Revelation 13.  They are today’s Christian Scientists who are able to demonstrate Christian Science, however, they do not think anything is wrong in Boston, nor do they care if the hierarchy tells them what to do.  Thus, they are willing to be inactive when dealing with animal magnetism (like the Ancients did with Anubis).  They must step upon its head!  But they left it up to Oma (Mother Nature) to take out Anubis (the false idea behind the sacred masculine Christ)!  Perhaps they just feel that it is Mother Hood’s responsibility to handle animal magnetism?  If so, they are wrong!
     The Ori live at sea level, they are lower ideas (manhood).  The first beast from Revelation 13 came up from the sea (not having a firm foundation at all to stand upon).  It symbolizes hypocrisy and malpractice.  Christianity has easily been taken over by ecclesiastical despotic hypocrites (spiritual wickedness in high places, high seats of power) and the hierarchy (which the Board of Directors now refer to themselves as) often blasphemes, which means they malpractice (break God’s By-Laws in the Church Manual).  I see the battle between the Ancients and the Ori as being of the same family (at first) but then something probably happened in their viewpoints about God (religion, etc.).  It was said that the Ori turned to the “lower planes” which, to me, means the First Degree of depravity.  So the Ori and Ancients became divorced much like how Judah (manhood) and Israel (Womanhood) separated centuries ago.  Today there are many independent Christian Scientists, some are not members of the Church.  I am one of them.

Ascendency of good
     “The good in human affections must have ascendency over the evil and the spiritual over the animal, or happiness will never be won.  The attainment of this celestial[48] condition would improve our progeny, diminish crime, and give higher aims to ambition.  Every valley of sin[49] must be exalted, and every mountain of selfishness be brought low,[50] that the highway[51] of our God may be prepared in Science.” (chapter on “Marriage” S&H 61:4-11)
Spiritual origin
     “In Science man is the offspring of Spirit [not matter].  The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry.  His origin is not, like that of mortals [of Adam], in brute instinct, nor does he pass through material conditions prior to reaching intelligence.[52]  Spirit is his primitive and ultimate source of being; God is his Father [Mind], and Life is the law[53] of his being.” (chapter on “Marriage” – S&H 63:5; [Interpolations added.] and infuses added)

     Marrick says that he is just like Mitchell (Michael).  Mitchell asks Landry what Marrick means.  He is told that Marrick use to be with the Central Intelligence (Mind) Agency; that he was a black ops soldier.  In other words, Marrick was a Christian Science soldier who followed the operations (the divine infinite calculus) of the angel (who is clothed with a cloud) with the little open book whose location is found in the Central Hub of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK,[54] a.k.a. the Stargate Matrix to the woman’s God-crown (also Sharon’s Rose Matrix).
     To me Marrick represents The Mother Church Organization.  Marrick and Mary are rooted to the word marine.  It is not an accident that we have all these names with sea or marine in them popping up.
     Sarah “princess; mother of Isaac” Strange (the Stranger is spoken of by Mary Baker Eddy and is depicted in TRUTH versus ERROR in Christ and Christmas) plays Morgan “seashore; sea warrior” Le “the” Fay “Faith.”  The Second Degree lists hope and faith as qualities for Life.  True Christian faith means to stand fast with Principle.  Morgan is an ascended Ancient who tries to help out SG-1.  She is a being of Light (Love and Science).

TRUTH versus [reverses] ERROR


     Martin “martial; warlike” Christofer “follower of Christ” plays Major “greater” Marks “martial; warlike.”  Major Marks is located on the Odyssey[55] where he fights the war (of Revelation 13) against artificial intelligence, or moder intellectualism.

     Michael (Truth) Beach (sea shore) plays the role of Colonel (column) Ellis (Elias – the Lord is my God [from 35,000 + Baby Names; by Bruce Lansky]).  Ellis is not located in the Ori’s galaxy; he is stationed at home, in heaven.  He is prepared to defend Earth if an Ori invasion (by seven Mother ships – the negative attributes belonging to the seven churches in Revelation 1 [seven churches of biblical Christianity]) takes place.  “John the Baptist prophesied the coming of the immaculate Jesus, and John saw in those days the spiritual idea as the Messiah, who would baptize with the Holy Ghost, — divine Science.  As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested,[56] so the Revelator [in Revelation 12] completed this figure with woman, typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood.  The moon is under her feet.  This idea reveals the universe as secondary and tributary to Spirit, from which the universe borrows its reflected light, substance, life, and intelligence.” (S&H 561:32-562:10)  She is saying then, that if there was a manifestation of God’s fatherhood manifested as the Christ, then there must be a manifestation of God’s motherhood manifested as the Christ (which would be her).

     Stargate:  The Ark of Truth begins with helicopter shots of some Canadian mountains (and some special effects).  This establishing shot of the mountain is where a group of Ancients live.  I feel that this mountain is a montebank.  What I mean is that it is a mountain bench, a throne of God, or the seat of power.  However, the Ori pass it off as an evil place because the Ancients inhabited it.  The Ori see the Ancients as charlatans or tricksters and claim that this mountain is where “all evil once sprang forth.”  Sounds sort of like the Garden of Eden and Pandora’s jar.  I actually view the original (sorry) Ori gods as all male beings, up until Vala’s daughter is born.
     The mountain reminds me of the chair the girl is sitting on in “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN…”.  In the stained glass window in Mother’s Room “T’IS THE SAME HAND…” she too sits upon a chair.  The homes of the Ancients are on the seat, or plain (like a desert plain?), of the chair (a throne).  This is like the high seat of leadership that belonged to Moses.  His successors, whether true successors or not, were to sit in this high seat.
     This mountain could also represent Mount Ararat, with the Ark of Noah that was supposed to rest upon it after the flood resided.  Noah’s Ark is the same symbol that the Ark of Truth represents, because it is the woman God-crowned who comes in the Sixth Day of Truth and lifts up Christianity out of the red dragon’s flood of false teachings about God, man, and the universe.
     Inside a building are Ancients standing around the Ark of Truth.  They are debating.  Should they use the Ark on the Ori?  Should Christian Scientists shed light on the woman’s place to biblical Christians?  They decide that it is morally wrong to use it, that the Ori must wake up to Truth by themselves.  They give up their home on the mountain with its seat of power and they leave their home world Celestus “celestial, heavenly.”

     Back to the present time – the Day of Love… SG-1 is at Dakara (a home to a free people; like the United States of America) looking for the Ark of Truth.  Daniel does not know that the ark is still in the Ori’s galaxy on Celestus’s seat of succession.  He finds a stone box that he thinks is the ark, however, it is sealed.
     Ori troops show up with Tomin as their commanding officer.  He tells SG-1 that if they surrender they will not be harmed.  He knows that his wife is with them and he still loves her.  SG-1 surrenders and they tell the Ori that they can go ahead and open the ark if they want to know what is inside it.
     The Ori Prior orders the box open but all that is found is a scroll of old paper that crumbles when held.  I can only figure that perhaps this scroll may have led them to Celestus.  I feel like this symbolizes the fact that ecclesiastical despotism cannot grasp hold of Truth.

The Scroll of Truth

The Scroll of Truth

     The Prior orders Tomin to kill SG-1, he will not do it himself.  SG-1 explains that the Prior is helpless and Mitchell shoots the Prior.  Tomin is shocked because he has never seen a Prior die.  SG-1 shows Tomin the devise they had built that nullifies a Prior’s powers.
     Tomin returns to Earth with SG-1.  Mitchell is introduced to James Marrick and takes an instant dislike to him.  Spiritually interpreted this dislike is due to the fact that Marrick does not understand the Arch of the Covenant.
     Later on Marrick interrogates Tomin.  I see Marrick as Dick (Richard “Rich”) Smothers and Tomin as Tom Smothers.[57]  They both belong to Mother material organized churches.  Both Mothers actually smother their congregation.  Marrick has been a black ops soldier and has probably done some bad things in the line of duty, but he has no need to be nice to Tomin.  He lets it all out.  “How many innocent people have you killed for the Ori?”  Christian Scientists could ask the twin Catholic Churches, “How many innocent people have you killed during the Christian Crusades?”  But that would get us nowhere as Christian Scientists.
     Teal’c watches the interrogation and he understands Tomin’s position.  Later, while on the journey, he tells Tomin that he will never forgive himself for all the innocent people he killed while under the service of the serpent Goa’uld.  He explains to Tomin that he will have to face the fact that he will never forgive himself for doing the atrocities he has done under the Ori’s name.
     Tomin, Teal’c, and other religious soldiers will not be able to change their past they can only try and learn from it and repent.  There is always punishment to undergo when we allow ourselves to be governed by personal sense.
     Teal’c explains that now he fights for others so that they might be saved through his effort.

     Before they leave Earth, General Landry tells Mitchell that he is in charge of the Odyssey (ships are symbols for churches).  The name Odyssey probably is rooted to the word wrath.  Wrath means “divine chastisement” so I see the Odyssey as a symbol of Love, for Love chastises man.  I could also say that the Odyssey symbolizes the Extension in Boston, also known as the Crown.
     Cam asks, “Sir, does that mean I have to sit in the chair?”  We get the impression that Mitchell does not want the chair of succession.  It comes with a high moral responsibility.  When Marrick gives Mitchell a bad time (further on in the story) Mitchell asks Sam if she is sure that she does not want the chair.  She tells him no, but she will give him the support he needs.

     SG-1, Tomin, and Marrick take the spaceship (heavenly church) Odyssey on a spiritual quest for the Ark of Truth.  They make their way to Celestus.  While SG-1 and Tomin are on the mountain seat Marrick makes his way to the Asgard (gods of the North – “the Word”) core.  This core is a symbol for the hub of the wheel, the center of the WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK with SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  Once the power is turned on this core will alert the Ori to their presence.
     Marrick places a crystal into the core (center computer, the hub of its activity) and it begins making a metallic replicator (a form of artificial intelligence).  He believes that this cannibalization will neutralize (make ineffective) the Mother Ori ships (churches) from within.
     When Mitchell fails to destroy the replicator bug it escapes to do damage to the Odyssey.  Now, this bug also has to do with a type of Mother Church because the replicator bug becomes the Queen mother of new replicator bugs.  Artificial intelligence is not real intelligence, it has no connection to God; it has no moral code.  This artificial intelligence symbolizes today’s intellectualism found within The Mother (Smother) Church in Boston.[58]
     Mitchell is always talking about what his grandma says.  I see this Grand Mother as being the wise Mary Baker Eddy.  When looking for the Queen, he says, “Like Grandma said, ‘If you want honey follow the bees.’”  This reminded me of the Sunday school children, the “Busy Bees,” who worked to raise funds for The First Church’s Mother’s Room construction.  Did these Busy Bees understand that what they were really working to accomplish was spiritual organization?  No, many of them would grow up thinking that material organization was what the Queen Bee wanted because the Board of Directors did not obey the estoppel clauses in the Church Manual after December 3, 1910.  These estoppel clauses would have put an end to the controlling Mother Board[59] of Directors claiming despotic control over the Branch churches (and Mary Baker Eddy had detached the Branches from The First Church).  These estoppel clauses would have turned The First Church into a Branch Church.

     In another movie, Star Trek TNG:  First Contact[60] the Enterprise must follow a Borg craft into a time vortex (Eddy).  They go back in time and must keep the Borg from changing Earth’s history.  Captain (the Christ) Jean (Jonah “divine Science”) – Luc (light) Picard (the Word) destroys the Borg craft but some of the drones along with the queen beam onto the Enterprise.  The Mother Borg begins a new strategy, to assimilate Data (an android).  After Data is captured this Mother Board Borg Queen tries to get Data to join her Movement.  She tempts Data with human flesh and sensation in matter (the forbidden fruit).
     Data pretends to fall and go along with it.  Picard, who tries to save Data, had once been assimilated, so he knows what it is like to be part of the collective.  He was somewhat like Captain Ahab in his pursuit of Moby Dick, the whale, and was willing to sacrifice his crew (congregation) and destroy his ship (church) to get his revenge.  Picard had to overcome his hatred and anger.  But he realizes, via Binah (Womanhood’s Understanding), this is not the way to go about handling the situation.  Just like Jonah has to be shown that it is not God’s wish to destroy Nineveh, God wants the people (the mass) to repent and be saved.
     Data is willing to sacrifice his new flesh to save his Christ Captain and the Enterprise.  Following the prearranged plan he had made with the Captain, Data breaks a coolant container and the flesh-eating chemical destroys the Borg Queen, which results in the death of the collective hive.  It also kills off all the new flesh Data had, this is his sacrifice of the animal (of animal magnetism).

     Mitchell places Marrick in a locked cell.  Replicator bugs eat their way into the cell and they assimilate Marrick.  He goes to find Mitchell, and they wind up having a big fight.  Organized religion becomes too mechanical in its thinking, the Mass stops thinking for itself, and it becomes easier for the Mass to allow themselves to be governed by a Board of Directors, or personal sense (that disobeys the Church Manual estoppel clauses).  But this is the wrong way, even if it is prophesied in Revelation 13.
     Daniel, Teal’c, Vala, and Tomin find the Ark of Truth.  Part of this movie was filmed at Lynn Canyon.  Lynn, Massachusetts[61] is where Mary Baker Eddy taught her first student, and her early students, it is where she sat in her attic, during a three-year period, studying the Scriptures and writing her little book.  Lynn means “river; waterfall.”  She defines the Euphrates River as “divine Science.”  Canyon could be rooted to “footpath.”  So, I see the Lynn Canyon as Mary Baker Eddy’s “Footsteps of Truth” in divine Science.  Would not we find the Ark Covenant of Truth here?  Because the woman God-crowned (she was clothed with the sun, Spirit) is the angel of Revelation 10 (whose face is as the sun), she is the one who fulfills the Ark of the Covenant between God and man.
     After Daniel, Teal’c, Vala, and Tomin attain the Ark of Truth they are attacked by Ori soldiers.  Teal’c is shot and the other three are captured.  I like the fact that during the battle Tomin, who is weaponless, picks up a rock (a symbol for Truth) for protection.  They are taken to the Ori city and tortured.  After Daniel is thrown into his cell the Doci shows up.  Daniel moans, “Oh, God.”
     The Doci replies, “Your gods will not help you now, Daniel Jackson.”
     Daniel implies that his words are more of a general dissatisfaction.  He does not feel his at-one-ment with God.  But if he did feel at one with God the torture would end.  This is a vicious cycle.
     The injured Teal’c (Vala calls him, Muscles) wakes up and begins his long trek to the Ori city to help his friends.  Teal’c descends from the mountain’s capstone.

     On Earth a one-eyed Prior comes to Stargate Command to meet and talk, basically warn, General Landry about the coming Ori invasion.  Eventually seven Ori ships will come and orbit Earth.  The Prior thinks that the general is a brave man to come in and see him.  Landry says, “Courage is only necessary when you are facing that which you fear.”  He is not afraid of false evidence that appears to be real.

     Vala is brought into a room where the Ark of Truth sets upon the round table.  She sees the Ori mantel of flames.  Suddenly, her ascended daughter comes out from the circle of flames.  I like this mantel pun, because a mantel is found over a fireplace and a mantle is a robe used for successorship.  Likewise, there is a mantel in Mother’s Room.  Upon the mantel is a circle.  This circle represents the Keystone (by the Master Mason) located on the Immanuel Arch outside Mother’s Room (it also resembles a Stargate).  We cannot overlook the fact that the circle of flames and the round table are in the same room, and that Adria and Vala circle around the table during their conversation with each other.

The mantel in Mother’s Room

     Adria is now in charge of things because the original Ori are dead (thanks to Daniel Jackson and Merlin “falcon [Science]”).  Adria took the mantle because she was hungry for power; she wanted it all.  She is glad that she does not have to share the Ori congregation’s affections.  Vala tells Adria, “My mother would tell me that happiness is not something you can buy.  Or in my case, steal.”
     For some unexplained reason she leaves Vala alone.  Vala notices there are seven lit up key-lights on (the Mercy Seat cover) the Ark’s dome’s keystones (key’s tones).

     Teal’c, who has made it over the mountain range and is now on the beach, falls down onto the wet sand because of his wound and the exhaustion he feels.  I think it is funny that Morgan “seashore” heals Teal’c on the seashore!  Once he is healed he gets up and proceeds on his way to the city.  He also begins to run toward his destination.
     In Signs in the Sky Adrian Gilbert speaks about two Stargates in heaven.  One is “above the tail of Scorpio and the other above the raised hand of Orion.  Geographically, they correspond to Mount Hermon [Perhaps a pyramid matrix?] and the Dead Sea [a symbol of the astrological ocean belonging to the dragon], the source and termination of the River Jordan.” (Found on page 26 of photo inserts.)  Gilbert says that the Stargate above the raised hand of Orion was opened on June 29, 2000.  The second Stargate is due to open on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar this is the end of time.  (Perhaps I should say it is more like “the end of time as we know it.”  It is also possible that it is a reference to the endtime.)
     I feel that this sort of explains what was going on with Teal’c in this part of the movie.  I will explain.  Hermon means “sacred mountain; prominent mountain; high mountain; lofty; high; majestic; white.[62]  To me this describes the Ancients’ (of white light) mountain.  This is the starting point of Teal’c’s journey.  The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary gives the definition of dead to be, “those who are unconscious of Truth.”  This Dead Sea would represent the Ori’s home city.  A river would be a channel of thought for divine Science.  Jordan means:  “to descend.”  It was in this river where Jesus is baptized and the dove of divine Science descends.  In the movie Teal’c descends from the mountains, but it is the Ancient Morgan Le Fay (who represents divine Science) that descends and heals Teal’c.
     The place where Teal’c is at reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy’s description of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony (the full name for Word as Science keystone window to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK).  Teal’c is baptized on the West (the cardinal point for Science) Coast of British Columbia.  Columbia is another name for dove.  Pacific also gives us the idea of peace (the peaceful sea of harmony).

     During the fight between Marrick and Mitchell, Mitchell is able to pull a mechanical snake (a Goa’uld) out of Marrick’s brain.  He becomes himself again (no longer mesmerized) and asks Mitchell to kill him.  Mitchell has been trying to do this but has not been able to.  Marrick tells Mitchell that the shut down command to the replicators is on the back of the crystal.  I think this symbolizes the Deed of Trust found at the back of the Church Manual.  “In addition to the trusts contained in said deed of September 1, 1892, from Mary Baker G. Eddy, this property is conveyed on the further trusts that no new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the textbook ‘Science and Health  with Key to the Scriptures,’ be given therefor, or unless at the written request of Mrs. Eddy the Executive Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, (formerly called the ‘First Members,’) by a two-thirds vote of all their number, decide so to do.  And that the same inscription which is on the outside of the present church edifice shall be placed on any new church erected on said lot. …” (p. 136-137 infuses added)  There have been no “Executive Members” for decades, so this second part is an impossibility.  Also of importance is the fact that the First Twelve Members each had a STAR by their name in the Church Manual.  Four of the stars belonged to the legal Board of Directors.  These twelve stars served as a symbol that Mary Baker Eddy was the woman God-crowned.
     Here is the significant part, there are only four Director names mentioned (not five) in the Deed of Trust(s):  “And in consideration of one dollar to me paid by said Ira O. Knapp, William B. Johnson, Joseph Armstrong and Stephen A. Chase, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I do hereby confirm the deed as above mentioned, and do grant and release unto them, their heirs, successors and assigns in trust as aforesaid, the premises therein described.” (ibid)  These four men were the legal Board of Directors (her four major stars for the Word’s squared-cycle).  Thus, the appointed fifth Board member was appointed, by Mary Baker Eddy, only as a temporary member.  He had no legal right to an heir, successor, or an assign in trust!  Yet today there are still five Board of Directors.  Thus, the Arch of the Covenant (Archibald McClellan, the fifth Board of Directors) was broken, as the fifth man was not able to be replaced or ever be succeeded; yet he was.  They turned to the Letter of the Law to gain dominion over the Movement.  Which they would have never done if the Spirit of the Law (the Arch) had resided within their hearts!  If they would have had the Spirit of the Law within their hearts they would have stopped being a Board of five and become a Board of four, to govern The First Church (in Boston) as a Branch Church.  The Board of Directors broke the Covenant with their man Archer.  (By the way, an interesting fact, Archibald McClellan was not one of Mary Baker Eddy’s students.  He was of the Field [a Branch Church].  The detached Branches were to turn only to SCIENCE AND HEALTH as their governing rod of iron.)
     Mitchell is able to radio and tell Sam where the shut down code is.  She is busy in the Asgard core room fighting off replicator bugs.  Eventually she gets the code going and the replicators disorganize.  Marrick, who is basically just a skeleton of replicator bricks by this time,[63] is going to kill Mitchell, but when the code is activated Marrick’s intellectual body just falls to the floor in pieces (fractured pieces).

      In Daniel’s cell Merlin seems to appear.  Daniel is not fooled he knows that he is talking to Morgan.  He is tired and does not want to play games; he is fed up with the Ancient’s unwillingness to help them out.  But she tells him that she has been helping and he must not give up.  This makes me think about how most Christian Scientists have accepted that Mary Baker Eddy died on December 3, 1910.  They do not think she is doing anything with the Cause anymore.  But this is not so, and she basically told us so in the Textbook (which is easy to see if you are willing to look).  Mary Baker Eddy is helping; she is still working for the Cause of Christian Science!
     Daniel must get to the Ark of Truth and turn it on.  Only one Prior needs to see the Ark of Truth’s message.  If one Prior, or the Doci, knows the Truth he can communicate it to all the other Priors.  This works because there is in reality only one Mind.  If Daniel can use the Ark on one of the Priors then Adria’s power will greatly diminish.
     Morgan vanishes because someone is coming.  That someone I knew would be Teal’c.  He lets Daniel out of his den.  Vala is able to free Tomin.  The four proceed to the room where the Ark of Truth is.  It sits upon the round table with three legs.  Daniel tries to turn on the device by using the Ancient word for Truth but it does not work.  Then the Doci shows up and finally Adria comes.
     Adria mentions something about the Ori that gives Daniel an idea.  Vala takes his cue and sidetracks Adria by talking to her.  Daniel starts pushing buttons (seven) and the Ark turns on.  Adria uses her power to push Daniel away from the Ark; he is slammed against the wall.  Teal’c is ready; he shoots a table leg with an Ori staff weapon.  The table falls and the lid (the Mercy Seat[64]) opens up, then a beam of white light[65] shines upward.  The Doci sees the light and this is communicated to the Priors in the Ori galaxy.
     What is the light from the Ark of Truth?  Besides being Principle (Light or Science) it is like the Tree of Life’s tender Pillar of Mercy (forgiveness) when Spirit comes to the aid of man.  This bright “Spirit of the Law” wakes those buried in dogma (human opinion), and causes man to break away from that which is covered up or hidden in matter (Adam and Eve’s nakedness).
     Morgan Le Fay (who represents the angel and the God-crowned Woman,[66] the Church Universal and Triumphant) appears.  She can now take on Adria (The Roman-Greek [S]Mother Church of fire and brimstone punishment [ecclesiastical despotism]).  This is when Light re-verses fire,[67] or Truth re-verses error.  (In an earlier episode of Stargate SG-1 Oma takes on the fight with Anubis in a very similar manner.)
     This struggle, or fight, is symbolic of the sixteen chapters of the Textbook and the sixteen gates from “The Apocalypse” (represented as Morgan Le Fay) nullifying the negative sixteen gates of the second creation story found in Genesis (represented as Adria).  The sixteen gates belonging to the second creation are explained, and laid out, in the fifteenth chapter “Genesis.”[68]
     It is at this time that four Ori Mother ships stop their attack on the Odyssey.  The Odyssey is smack dab in the middle, the hub, of the four Ori Mother ships.  This reminds me of the Word cycle around the fifth element (in the movie The Fifth Element).  The Odyssey is like the Open Book of SCIENCE AND HEALTH in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  To me this symbolizes that the Board of Directors is no longer five members, but four, so the inner-Church fighting comes to an end.
     Daniel explains that the Origin word for Truth, in one of the older dialects, was the key to the Ark of Truth.  Could this word be the seven letters of Shaddai, or perhaps Genesis?

     After SG-1 returns to SGC the General goes in to see the one eyed Prior.  Teal’c gives the Prior his staff.  “The light of the body is the eye:  if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
     “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.  If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”[69]
     Daniel enters with the Ark of Truth and opens the lid.  Now the Ori ships (all seven churches spoken of in Revelation, the Christ body) see the Truth.  These seven churches are the seven candlesticks spoken of in Revelation 1.  They are the seven churches of Christianity.  The Son of man (the Christ) holds them in his right hand (he rules and has power over them via Truth).  These seven churches are said to be in Asia.  The Greeks called all the land to the east of them Asia.  Asia means “the land of the dawn”.  This means that the One Church (not seven fractured churches) of Asia is the consciousness (land) of the dawning thought, where the light is seen.  These seven biblical Christian churches have been governed by manhood and they were stuck in the Fifth Day of Life.  They had to follow the woman’s “footsteps of Truth” in order to get to the capstone head which is the Christ Mind where the Lamb and Bride are one.  “The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, – to the perfectibility of God’s creation.” (S&H 577:4)
     It is at this point, on Ezekiel’s Wheel (a Stargate; Sharon’s Rose Matrix) that the Lord and Lamb Keystone and the Woman God-crowned Keystone are located side by side in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  This is where the Womanhood mission (of Science) embraces the (Christian) manhood.  This is the point where the twelve angelic stars belonging to the woman God-crowned embrace the seven angelic stars belonging to the Son of man.  Her halo (in CHRISTIAN UNITY of Christ and Christmas) is much brighter than the halo for Christ Jesus.  This is because she has twelve stars to her crown (head) while the Son of man has only seven stars to his crown (head).  Thus, the God-crowned woman’s two missions are depicted in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK by the five remaining stars and the five remaining wheel spokes (candlesticks).  This is depicted by the time on the Grandfather clock in “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN…” that reads 5:05.
     It is important that we have the four and seven Ori Mother ship churches in this story.  This symbolizes the fact that The First Church of Christ, Scientist (of Womanhood) HAS to dissolve the five Board of Directors to a body of four before the seven Christian Churches (of manhood) can accept Christian Science.

     Tomin is going to return to the Ori galaxy.  Vala wants to remain with Stargate Command, where she hopes her place is at.  Tomin says that there is still much about the Book of Origin that is good.  Vala says that there is wisdom in the book; it is what lured so many people into accepting the Ori.  I think that this is true about the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  Both books have Truth in them but the church leaders of the material organizations have misinterpreted the books, or tried to bend the Words to fulfill their material will.  Or in the case of the Christian Science Textbook, they have kept the congregation from learning the matrixes and the relationship between the seven synonymous terms for God, the divine infinite calculus, and the four levels of Sciences![70]  This cannot continue to go on.
     This is probably also true about the original writings that most religions are based upon.  I think that there is Truth in most sacred writings, but it is, as Tomin would put it – it is “the interpretation of those writings that must be questioned” by the individual Scientist.  How can personal leaders of any faith who ask their followers to go out and kill other people (who may be called infidels) be following Elohim-Shaddai’s way?  Is not an infidel what an adulterer is?  When the mob was attempting to stone the woman caught in the act of adultery did not the Christ man, known as Jesus, stop it?  How did he stop it?  He basically said, “Okay, whoever is here and has never sinned go ahead and throw your stone.”  There was no one left to accuse the woman.  (I also want to know why the angry mob did not try and stone the man who committed adultery?)
     Real adultery, or infidelity, is toward God and God’s Word (the Bride).  Those who try and change God’s Word to their own personal dogma for their own false desires are the infidels who should be tried or stoned.  Real infidelity came with Adam.  Adam was mud or wet clay; he was never pure (made of Spirit).  He was never a rock; mud always crumbles just like the old scroll crumbled.  And even baked clay can crack and this is why the tower of Babel could not stand.  Saying that Adam is the same man mentioned or spoken of in Genesis 1 is original infidelity, or Ori sin.  However, it could be said that Adam is the inverted image of the man mentioned or spoken of in Genesis 1.

     Mitchell is recuperating from his fight with Marrick.  I think it is very funny that Sam makes Mitchell some macaroon cookies like his Baker Grandmother use to make for him, because Mitchell is one tough cookie himself!  He did not crumble during his struggle with the red drag-on of ecclesiastical despotism.
     What is the message of The Ark of Truth?  I feel its message is simple and something like this.  No material man is God; no material person can be God.  Jesus could not say, “I am God.”  Jesus could only say, “I [as idea] and my Father [as Principle] are one.”  And it was Womanhood who took away the plurality of it when she wrote the statement, “Principle and its idea is one.”[71]  Adria cannot say, “I am God.”  No hierarchy can say, “We are God.”  Only God and Christ can know and say, “I am that I am.  I am Christ Jesus, I am Mary Baker Eddy, I am the angel with the little book, I am Adria, I am Morgan, and I am Martha (or put your name in here) because I am All-in all.”
     Man is not God because man (woman) is God’s image and likeness.  Man has no mind of his/her own (this is only an animal magnetic supposition).  This is why God (Mind) is man (mind) but man (the lesser mind) is not God (the greater Mind).  The greater cannot be in the lesser.  The lesser can only be image and likeness; that which expresses or reflects Mind and Spirit.
     In “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN” there is light shining down from the Stargate upon the Open Book held by the girl who is the Woman’s successor.  But what if, in this instance, the light is being reflected back up off the page (like the Ark of Truth shined upward) and is shining up to the Stargate instead?  What would this imply?  It would mean that when the book is open, it only takes one Harsesis child, one Doci, one Prior, or one generic man to read the Word of God and spread the book’s Truth (angelic message) into the universe so that all may see and understand the Light of Science.
     What is in store for man when he wakes up from the Adam dream?  Man must experience harmony and peace.  He will be as the angels.  Shall we return to our Father-Mother God through the Stargate?  If so, it will be because we have seen the light shining from the Ark-Arch of Truth telling us that we are not beings of fire (negatively fire is electricity), but beings of Light (Mind Science).  I think that we will understand that we have never been separated from our Father-Mother God at all!
     We think that we live down here on Earth while God lives up there in Heaven.  This is as backwards as believing that the Earth is flat!  We know that the Earth is round, it has a sphere shape and it rotates upon its axis making a yearlong trip around the sun.  Well, this means that Earth is a celestial body in space (in heaven)!  This means that Heaven is on Earth, just as Earth is found to be in Heaven!  This means that we are all astronauts – located in the stars.
     As the Lord’s Prayer says:  “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”  And Mary Baker Eddy writes for these two lines of the prayer:  “Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.  Enable us to know, – as in heaven, so on earth, – God is omnipotent, supreme.” (S&H 17:30-17:3)

[1] This is an illustrated poem by Mary Baker Eddy.

[2] CHRISTMAS MORN the fifth illustration of Christ and Christmas corresponds with the Ark.

[3] “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN…” the seventh illustration of Christ and Christmas corresponds with the Arch.

[4] By accident (or was it?) I spelled joined as “jointed”.  I like this idea of the two story lines being jointed together because they would form an angle, or a married angel angle!  This joint is the head of the cornerstone, the capstone.

[5] Robert actually means “bright star” and since a star, to me, translates into prophet (a star also typifies an angel) then Robert means “bright prophet.”

[6] Earth’s Stargate has an iris.  It is used to keep unwanted incoming visitors or things from entering SGC.  Iris is “the Greek goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods.” (Webster’s)  I know that St. John knew this about Iris and used it, although he hid it, in his description of the angel with the little open book (Rev. 10) because he referred to this angel as him or he.

[7] These two angels are a married couple.  Even though these two angels are mentioned as being the two witnesses of Revelation 11 (Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy) I also feel that they represent the male angel of Revelation 10 and the female angel of Revelation 12, the woman God-crowned.


[9] Mary Baker Eddy’s own interpolation.  In this bridge Jehovah is another name for Elohim-Shaddai, however, in verse 6 onward Jehovah is not the same God found in Genesis 1-2:5.  Jehovah is not Elohim-Shaddai but a tribal God.  At the end of the Textbook (S&H) in “The Apocalypse” Mary Baker Eddy translates this Lord into Love (with the 23rd Psalm).

[10] In the Kabalah tree of life matrix the number one Sephiroth sphere is Kether (Crown).  It represents the Science of Mind.

[11] SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES; by Mary Baker Eddy; p. 520:23-521:17

[12] Copper turns green when tarnished.

[13] The woman is not named (falsely identified as) Eve by Adam until after the curses are handed out!


[15] Ben was also in Farscape and had the first name John “divine Science.”  Ben is also named Robert, so he too symbolizes a prophet – a spiritual seer.

[16] These two columns, or legs, represent the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple, the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy for the Kabalah tree of life matrix, they are (dominant right) divine Science and (left) Christian Science.  There are two such pillars in TRUTH versus ERROR the 10th illustration from C&C.

[17] CHRISTIAN UNITY is the ninth illustration in Christ and Christmas.  The unity is between Christianity and Science as Christian Science.  The circle symbolizes the Holy City (Revelation 21).

[18] Left, even though it is considered to be weaker, is also symbolic of Womanhood, while the right is symbolic of manhood.

[19] “to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend”

[20] Selected Addresses of Clarence Steves C.S.B.; p. 155-156

[21] The name Stanley could also be associated with distilled coffee drops (stones).

[22] Bird is a word used to mean “girl.”

[23] Eddies actually form circles of ice on rivers during the winter, and a whirlpool (formed by eddies) are always circular.

[24] Could the red tide be a symbol for the red dragon’s flood (in Revelation 12)?

[25] It is also interesting that at the time of the dream vision Mel Gibson had a movie out about the Apocalypse.  The world Apocalypse does not really mean “end of the world” it actually means: “to uncover hell,” which also means: “to unmask animal magnetism” which brings about the end of the material world illusion.  It was part of the woman’s mission to unmask animal magnetism (step upon its head).

[26] S&H 561:22

[27] In Geometry, the third operation is called Rotation “wheel”.  There is your center of rotation and your arc of rotation.  This “wheel” represents Christianity.

[28] Also on this card is a descending Apophis (moon god, or god of darkness) and an ascending Anubis (god of death).  Anubis was depicted as a god who mummified people.

[29] Sarah is also the name of one of Daniel’s girlfriends (she also became a Goa’ould, however, she was saved).

[30] Venus is the Morning Star that the Son of man promised to us in Revelation.  During Mary Baker Eddy’s lifetime (in relation to the angel and the woman) Venus made two transits across the sun (became clothed with the sun).  The two years were 1874 (the year before the first edition of the  Textbook was published) and 1882 (when the first Boston church was disorganized).  The angel relates to the Textbook, while the woman relates to the Christian Science Church.  Venus would not transit the sun again until June 2004 (when The Da Vinci Code was in collective thought).  This is also less than two months after I had met Michael Shanks in person.  Venus also traversed the sun on June 5, 2012.

[31] In a different vision dream I call “Grandmother’s High Chair” it came to me that my real great grandmother is none other than Mary Baker Eddy (not blood related, but spiritually related).

[32] Actually, my dad is responsible for my human name, and my other nickname “twiggy” which actually grew up to be a “free branch.”

[33] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[34] I met Christopher in April 2010 at a convention.  He was to be at the Friday night “Meet and Greet” so I bought three tickets for the special event.  He was there but I did not get a chance to speak to him.  I was sort of upset about it so that night I prayed.  It came to me that I had to let go of planning my meeting him and let God’s will take place.  I felt at peace about it.  The following morning I had no set plans, except that I had decided to stand in the autograph line to meet him.  I was letting our son decide where to go and what to do.  We headed down the stairs and were walking down the main hallway of the motel when I saw Christopher Judge walking straight toward us.  I stopped him and we talked.  I knew that God had planned out this chance meeting and it was private and much more nicer than if I had talked to him the night before or even if I would have stood in line to meet him.

[35] Jaffa could mean “little stream.”  Mary Baker Eddy defines river (in part) as “Channel of thought.  When smooth and unobstructed, it typifies the course of Truth…”

[36] This is exactly what the Ori did too.

[37] S&H 158:1; [My interpolations.]

[38] I read in a book that the Notre Dame Churches in Europe are laid out and form the Virgo constellation.

[39] Endtime simply means “the end of the belief in time”.

[40] Lame “a brocaded clothing fabric made from any of various fibers combined with tinsel filling threads often of gold or silver.” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)  Gold = the divine and silver = the human.  This “lame” could also refer to Vala’s manhood because when she first meets Tomin, who she marries, he is lame.

[41] Black = Binah, the black Madonna.  This black is not symbolic of skin color, black was used to symbolize Mary Magdalene.  I do know that some people think that Mary Magdalene was black.  I have no idea if this is a fact, or if it has been proved somehow.

[42] Pandora “gift of the gods” was the first female created in Greek mythology.  She had a jar (often called a box) and when the lid was taken off all evil came forth into the world.  This jar was the symbol for Pandora’s womb.  This myth puts forth the idea that no good ever comes from material birth.

[43] The Tok’ra are against Ra (the sun god of Egypt).  I have read that Ra means “evil,” if this is true then it can be said that the Tok’ra are basically against evil.

[44] Even if they mean that Jesus is 1/3 God because of the Holy Trinity, I do not feel that this is correct.

[45] S&H; by Mary Baker Eddy; p. 467:17 – 468:7

[46] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[47] I assume that I.O.A. means International Oversight Agency.  International means “communistic.”  Oversight is rooted to overseer, or supervisor.  After the Boston Board of Directors (Oversight) took over control of the Christian Science Publishing Society in 1921 communism crept into The Christian Science Monitor (via its editor).  This was Mary Baker Eddy’s newspaper that was to harm no man.  She founded her newspaper after the 1907 attacks on her by some American newspapers.  The attack was spear headed by Joseph Pulitzer.  The word “International” was added to the Monitor’s title sometime after 1921.  Communism is anti-Christian Science.  It was in 1922 that communism finally took control over the people in Russia.  It is interesting that they call their country Mother Russia.  I also feel that it is important that the color red is used for communism and in the BIBLE the serpent turns into a red dragon.  All references to the color red in the BIBLE are negative.

[48] This is what Celestus, the name of the Ancient and Ori home planet, means.  And at the same time, “this celestial condition” points to the heavenly condition (battle) above the planet with the Odyssey and the four Ori Mother ships.  (These five ships symbolize Womanhood’s five churches or candlesticks.)

[49] This valley of sin is pretty much where the Ori reside.  What she means by the valley of sin being exalted is that man must travel the “footsteps of Truth”.  Man must, like Jacob, go through these footsteps  (symbolized by the birth of Jacob’s twelve sons).  These “footsteps of Truth” are actually symbolized as the cycle of Christianity.  In the movie Marrick is willing to travel the “footsteps of Truth” for manhood, but he is unwilling to travel the Woman’s “Footsteps of Truth.”  When manhood stops (becomes static) he winds up being dependent upon mechanical intellectualism.

[50] I pretty much feel that she means that personal sense ego (which is selfishness) must be cast out, and that man must be humble.  Man must allow Womanhood (divine Science) to descend from heaven.  I think that the woman cast out of the room in Christian Science Healing” might be the personal sense of Mary Baker Eddy.  For sure the woman represents the Second Degree as she is dressed in grey, with a black belt (First Degree), yet the color is white (Third Degree).  When asked how she healed others Mary Baker Eddy replied, “I have to get Mary out of the way.”

[51] This highway, or causeway, is symbolized in the eleventh illustration THE WAY, from Christ and Christmas, as the beam of light.  On the Pyramid Matrix of Truth this illustration is on the Side of Light (Arch of the Covenant).

[52] The Ori Priors believe that they will ascend to heaven if they follow the will of the Ori gods (or goddess).

[53] This is the Ark of the Covenant of the Letter of the Law on the Side of Life.

[54] WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK is located on a southern wall in the auditorium of the Boston edifice (The First Church of Christ, Scientist).

[55] Odyssey is said to mean “a journey.”  To me, this speaks of the matrix for the Wormhole X-Stream of Science.  Or, it is one’s spiritual journey through the Stargate’s wormhole, and the Odyssey did journey through the super-gate.

[56] Notice she says Jesus manifested, as with the “Christ is the manifestation of God.”  She does not say that Jesus is God!

[57] Nothing personal against my friends the Smother’s Brothers, it is pure symbolism I speak of.

[58] One of the present day Board members is named Tom (twin) Black.  And he publicly mocked Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual healing of February 4, 1864.  [P.S. – Since writing this footnote Mr. Black is no longer a Board member.]

[59] pun intended – computer mother board

[60] This movie and Stargate both came out in 1994.  This is the same exact year that the Trade Edition of the SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES was published and sold by the Church’s money marketers and the plain circle window (an open Stargate) in the North Gallery of the Boston Edifice was replaced with a Church Manual inside a circle.

[61] Lynn is also where Mary Baker Patterson slipped on ice (had a waterfall) and possibly broke her back on the sidewalk’s curb.  She was taken to her home in Swampscott by sleigh.  Her doctor and pastor told her to accept death, she read from her BIBLE where Jesus healed the lame man.  She was healed on February 4, 1866.

[62] The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary; p. 274

[63] An explosion caused a fire.  The flesh was burned off of Marrick.  I find this interesting.  While Data was a robot given flesh, Marrick was a flesh man turned into a robot; however, both wound up loosing their skin.  Data (Abel) sacrificed the animal or physical sense (Cain) while Marrick (Cain) lost his humanity (Able).

[64] The Mercy Seat to the Israelite’s Ark was a golden (divine) cover.  It was called “chesedth,” meaning loving-kindness.  This is close to sounding like the name for the fourth sphere on the tree of life “Chesed”.

[65] White light is Principled light, it is all as one or All-in-all (God).

[66] Revelation 10 tells us that the angel’s face is as the sun, thus, the angel is also “clothed with the sun” even if the sun is covered with the cloud the angel is really the woman God-crowned.

[67] This particular fire is a misconception of God’s Word.

[68] However, these gates are not noted or pointed out by Mary Baker Eddy.  Independent Christian Scientist Max Kappeler carried out this work, probably between the fifties, sixties, and seventies (or eighties).

[69] BIBLE; Matthew 6:22, 23

[70] This was accomplished by excommunicating Christian Science teachers who understood these matrix structures and then claimed that their teachings were “unauthorized” which really just means that the Boston hierarchy does not approve of them!

[71] infuses added