Patriotism and National Brotherhood

PATRIOTISM AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF NATIONS (I feel that this title is better than the original one I gave to this post, so I put it here because it is a hassle to change it above.)

     Around the turn of the century a biography was written by feminist Gillian Gill, its title was Mary Baker Eddy. In this book Gillian Gill accused Augusta Emma Stetson of being unpatriotic. I do not know where Gill got her information from, or do I – The First Church of Christ Scientist Archives. But I present two chapters from one of Augusta Stetson’s books to prove to you that Ms Gill was misdirected or lied to, and in result she lied to her readers (unless she purposely knew the truth and lied on her own volition). Either way she wound up lying to, or misdirecting, her readers.  One example that Gill presented was about Augusta’s radio station W.H.A.P.  She claimed that the station sent out unpatriotic messages during World War I.  I find this hard to believe, because the meaning of W.H.A.P. was We Help Americans Primarily.

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