About The Ark of Truth- Mother’s Hood

Hello, and welcome to Mother’s Hood where I speak what I consider to be the Truth about Christian Science.  I utilize symbolism in my writings to help explain Christian Science, the Bible, modern media (books, television shows, movies), and other things (one example is Tarot cards).  I have studied Christian Science my whole life and found that words just were not enough for me to understand the Bible and the Christian Science Textbook.  My understanding began to open up when I began to read “unauthorized”(by The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston) books by John W. Doorly, Max Kappeler, W. Gordon Brown, and others.  They used a matrix system to explain the scientific system of Christian Science.  This is something that the Boston Center does not teach.  I am also one of those Christian Scientists that accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, and this is also what I write about.  Later I began to look into symbolism and spent much time in this area.  I feel like things really began to help me understand Christian Science even more, however, I also began to feel as if other Christian Scientists did not understand what I was even trying to achieve.  I began to feel that I was on my own course, but I wanted to share everything with the world.  I thought about publishing, but this did not work out.  It has even taken me a long time to decide if I wanted to go on the Internet with my writings.  But I feel compelled to do so, as June 6, 2012 is upon us next week, and it is most important that Mother Hood (that is me) speaks to you so that you too can transverse the sun with the Morning Star that Jesus promised to each of us!

What I write is unorthodox from the Church organization.  I do not belong to any church organization, I am an independent worker.  I do not expect anyone to agree with me one hundred percent, however, I wish for you to read what I have before you decide whether you believe it or not.