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Month: September, 2015

Mistakes Made About Christ and Christmas

     In the July 2015 issue of The Individual Christian Scientist there was an article called “The Dominant Power.”  In it were some mistakes made about Christ and Christmas.  I feel that this mistake should be pointed out since in the new issue of the periodical no mention was given about the mistakes that were made.  The following is on page 5 and it is under the title “No Page Numbers”.  By the way, “she” in the following paragraph is Mary Baker Eddy.

      “As I studied the five different styles of type she had used I found that she had used the first differing typeface on only two illustrations.  The second was used with four pictures; the third with two; and the fourth with one, alone.  The fifth and last typeface accompanied two illustrations.  I believe my Leader was telling me to consider all of the illustrations in a sequence differing from the order in which they are placed in the book. That, too, could very well be her reason for not numbering the pages in Christ and Christmas.”

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There is a theory that a long, long time ago our solar system had two suns.  One of these suns somehow broke away and is now invisible to us (we no longer recognize it).  Is this why the second coming of Christ is practically unknown in today’s modern society?
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