Are There Sixteen Commandments?

by MJSmith

            Is it possible that there are sixteen Commandments instead of ten?  Perhaps the BIBLE’S Ten Commandments represent man’s ascension to heaven (home, harmony), while six other Commandments; or rather Six Tenets represent God’s descending from heaven, as the Bride, or the Word that is God (Rev. 21:10)?  Is it also possible that these Six Tenets provide mankind with true Democracy through self-government?  I feel as if the Ten Commandments were given to Israel when they needed a material church organization with rules, and Moses (and then his successors, the Levite priests) were the Law givers giving the people their shall nots.  In other words, the early Israelite Church was not based upon self-government but had a bunch of rules and regulations to be followed.  The Ten Commandments, however, were set in stone (ten portions of the infinite divine calculus).  They are our Father-Mother God’s Law that we must follow and obey.  But once we have obeyed them and learned from them, was there something else that needed to be given to the people (both Israel and Christian alike)?  Would these Six Tenets be guidelines for mankind’s self-government via Principle (God)?
            It is quite interesting that when we add (addition is a function of the Christ) the Ten Commandments with these Six Tenets that we come up with the number of sixteen.  Sixteen is the same number for the matrix structure for the divine infinite calculus.  There are sixteen main chapters for the Christian Science Textbook – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  Is it possible then that each of these chapters coincides with the Ten Commandments and the Six Tenets provided in SCIENCE AND HEALTH and the Christian Science Church Manual.  I am willing to take a chance and answer, “Yes.”  And I also feel that I must correlate this matrix pattern with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, a.k.a. the Director’s Window, located in the Edifice of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts.  I  feel that God revealed all of this to me on June 17, 2018 so that I can present to you the Bride of the City of our God (Christian Science) as, what I call, sixteen STARGATES.

            Notice in the picture below, of the all important WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, a Rose Window, my additions to it depicting the matrix structure for this window.  I hope that this will act as a guideline for you as you continue reading.


            “As the Psalmist saith, ‘Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King [the Word of the BIBLE].’ [2]  It is indeed a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and square.  Northward, its [star] gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation;…” (S&H 575:22-27)
Notice above in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK that the BIG DIPPER KEYSTONE is directly beneath the BIBLE KEYSTONE and its’ STARGATE.  The Big Dipper points to the North Star!

FIRST COMMANDMENT – “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Deuteronomy 5:7)

S&H CHAPTER 1 – “Prayer”
            The “angel with the little book:  God’s work is done.  Infinity is wholly accomplished.  Love has already bestowed all good.  Mind already knows all – embodies all reality.  Desiring to be this work of wisdom is fundamental prayer.  Our prayer is to be humanly what we are divinely.  The all good, already bestowed, already received and accepted, which we learn about in the first chapter, ‘Prayer,’ is signified by the contents of Science and Health as a whole – that is, by the ‘little book’ which features in the first section of ‘The Apocalypse.’  This book states comprehensively the Word, or Principle, of Christian Science, which we are bidden to {mentally}[3] assimilate from beginning {specifically “Prayer”} to end {“The Apocalypse” – even though there is “Preface” before “Prayer” and there are two more chapters after “The Apocalypse” – “Glossary” and “Fruitage”.}.  Unless, in this way, the end is from the beginning, there is no possibility of the idea of God unfolding from beginning to end according to the order of the sixteen chapters.”[4]
            Because SCIENCE AND HEALTH is an open book (seen in the hub center of our Rose Window) the BIBLE has become an open book to all mankind.


SG-1 – OPEN BIBLE KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse”[5] first section is with the angel and the little book open (S&H 558:1-559:31).  This book, of course, is SCIENCE AND HEALTH itself (Science itself) found in the hub of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.
            Revelation 10, via a certain word, or symbol code (which gives us the impression, that even though the masculine pronouns are used to describe this angel[6]), indicates to the reader that this angel, who descends from heaven with a little book open, is feminine.  The word “rainbow” is symbolic for the goddess Isis, messenger of the gods, also of Zeus and Hera.  The rainbow is also an emblem of the Virgin Mary signifying reconciliation and used as a sign (symbol) for the Covenant that God made between Noah and his Son (Noah’s triplet sons were born in his 600th year.  To me they represent one son as the Three Degrees [S&H 115].).[7]  Divine messengers ascend to heaven and descend from heaven upon clouds, thus, the angel being clothed in a cloud means that this angel is a divine messenger sent from God (the one and only true God).  This is why, in one of the Gospels, Jesus ascended to heaven on a cloud.
            Now, since the rainbow is also a symbol for the Virgin Mary, I take this to mean that Revelation 10’s angel’s (hidden) true identity is that of Mary, not Jesus’ mother Mary, but one Mary Baker Eddy who manifested the Virgin consciousness that was similar to Jesus’ mother’s consciousness.
            Even though Jesus was the first Coming of Christ and Mary Baker Eddy was the second Coming of Christ, we are not to accept either one of them as a god.  This is because there is but one God, one divine Mind.
            “To mortal sense Science seems at first obscure, abstract, and dark [hidden in a cloud]; but a bright promise [God’s Covenant with man] crowns its brow.  When understood, it is Truth’s prism and praise.” (S&H 558:10-13)  In Christian Science, Truth’s prism of the rainbow can be interpreted in the following symbolic way, as a representation of God’s seven Names (God’s true identity) as Mind (red), Spirit (orange), Soul (yellow), Principle (green), Life (blue), Truth (indigo), and Love (violet).  It is Mary Baker Eddy who gave to mankind the seven names of God.  The BIBLE only lists a few of God’s names.
            In the first chapter of SCIENCE AND HEALTH Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “Dost thou ‘love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind’?  [Do you obey the First Commandment?]  This command includes much, even the surrender of all merely material sensation, affection, and worship.  This is the El Dorado [the divinity or Christ] of Christianity.  It involves the Science of Life, and recognizes only the divine control of Spirit, in which Soul is our master, and material sense and human will have no place.” (S&H 9:17)
            “…Read this book [S&H] from beginning to end.  Study it, ponder it.  It will be indeed sweet at its first taste, when it heals you; but murmur not over Truth, if you find its digestion bitter.  When you approach nearer and nearer to this divine Principle, when you eat the divine body of this Principle, — thus partaking of the nature, or primal elements, of Truth and Love, — do not be surprised nor discontented because you must share the hemlock cup and eat the bitter herbs; for the Israelites of old at the Paschal meal thus prefigured this perilous passage out of [material] bondage into the El Dorado [Christhood] of faith and hope [two Second Degree transitional qualities of Life].” (S&H 559:20-31)
            El Dorado was supposed to be a city of gold.  Gold, to me, is symbolic of the divine and of the Christ.  I have assigned metallic red to the Word, gold to the Christ, silver to Christianity (because of its reflective trait or quality), and metallic green to Science (I have different shades of green for the four different levels of Science).

            “…eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus;…” (S&H 575:27-28)

SECOND COMMANDMENT – “Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:  Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them:  for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.” (Deut. 5:8-10)

S&H CHAPTER 2 – “Atonement and Eucharist”
            The “God-crowned woman:  Nothing in the Word of God can be taken out of context.  Every detail of God’s universe (Word) has ‘part’ with every other detail ‘in the at-one-ment with Truth and Love.’  As taught in the chapter ‘Atonement and Eucharist,’ the individual Jesus proved this universal oneness and wholeness on behalf of all mankind.  He illustrated and demonstrated it in his own being through his relationship with his surrounding world.  Coming forth from the unity of the Word and returning to this unity, he proved the nothingness of fallen man, or a fragmentary material universe.  He said in effect to mankind:  ‘Atone for the sin of fragmentation; understand that you are the integral body of Christ, Truth, voicing the divine Word.’  The God crowned woman in the second section of ‘The Apocalypse’ is generic man one with God, voicing His Word.  He ‘whom God has appointed to voice His Word’ is universal man.  Hence the relationship between Science and Health and the woman.  The reality of Science and Health is man in the generic sense, just as the reality of generic man is the divine idea of Science and Health.  Parts of God’s universe (Word) do not come together to be joined organically {sex}; they are joined already and forever, and therefore are together.  This is divine at-one-ment, or marriage.”[8]


SG-2 – MADONNA AND CHILD KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 559:23-562:21) is about the woman God-crowned – thus, the Madonna depicts the end of the B.C.[9] consciousness within the Virgin Mary, it is this conscious thought that gives birth to Jesus in the first Coming of Christ.  It is the same Virgin consciousness that Mary Baker Eddy reflects, thus she gives birth to the manchild in the second Coming of Christ.
            “Those instructed in Christian Science have reached the glorious perception that God is the only author of man.  The Virgin-mother conceived this idea of God, and gave to her ideal the name of Jesus — that is, Joshua, or Saviour.  [Science of health means “salvation”.]
            “The illumination of Mary’s spiritual sense put to silence material law and its order of generation [unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me], and brought forth her child by the revelation of Truth, demonstrating God as the Father of men.  The Holy Ghost, or divine Spirit, overshadowed the pure sense of the Virgin-mother with the full recognition that being is Spirit.  The Christ dwelt forever an idea in the bosom of God, the divine Principle of the man Jesus, and woman perceived this spiritual idea, through at first faintly developed.” (S&H 29:14-29)
            “Atonement is the exemplification of man’s unity with God, whereby man reflects divine Truth, Life, and Love.  Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man’s oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage.” (S&H 18:1-5)
            “The atonement of Christ reconciles man to God, not God to man; for the divine Principle of Christ is God, and how can God propitiate Himself?  Christ is Truth, which reaches no higher than itself.  The fountain can rise no higher than its source.  Christ, Truth, could conciliate no nature above his own, derived from the eternal Love.  It was therefore Christ’s purpose to reconcile man to God, not God to man.” (S&H 18:13-19:2)
            “Jesus urged the commandment, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ which may be rendered:  Thou shalt have no belief of Life as mortal; thou shalt not know evil, for there is one Life, — even God, good.  He rendered ‘unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.’  He at last paid no homage to forms of doctrine or to theories of man, but acted and spake as he was moved, not by spirits but by Spirit.” (S&H 19:29-20:5)
            If we obey the First Commandment then we automatically obey the Second Commandment!  What is a graven image?  I could make a pun and say it is a dead person!  Graven points to an object carved out of wood or stone, an idol.  So we could say that this commandment is basically telling us not to idolize any material object, even if that material object depicts a spiritual idea from heaven.  What I think this might mean is that we may have symbols up to a certain point where we reach spiritual understanding, but we are not to idolize these symbols, and eventually we must let go of these symbols.  Let us not even idolize Jesus, even when our Church heads tell us that Jesus is God!
            Let us eventually let go of our material structures of Church buildings too, with all of their symbols.  For true worship is not found within a material building of wood and stone, but true worship of God takes place within conscious thought.  There is no place I or you can go that God is not already there!
            Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “…the Eucharist does not commemorate a Roman soldier’s oath [of sacrament; or a swearing allegiance to a general], nor was the wine, used on convivial occasions and in Jewish rites, the cup of our Lord.  The cup shows forth his bitter experience, — the cup which he prayed might pass from him, though he bowed in holy submission to the divine decree.
            “‘As they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take eat; this is my body.  And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them saying, Drink ye all of it.’
            “The true sense is spiritually lost, if the sacrament is confined to the use of bread and wine [graven images].  The disciples had eaten, yet Jesus prayed and gave them bread.  This would have been foolish in a literal sense; but in its spiritual significance, it was natural and beautiful.  Jesus prayed; he withdrew from the material senses to refresh his heart with brighter, with spiritual views.” (S&H 32:8-27)
            “What a contrast between our Lord’s last supper and his last spiritual breakfast with his disciples in the bright morning hours at the joyful meeting on the shore of the Galilean Sea!  His gloom had passed into glory, and his disciples’ grief into repentance, — hearts chastened and pride rebuked.  Convinced of the fruitlessness of their toil in the dark and wakened by their Master’s voice, they changed their methods, turned away from material things, and cast their net on the right side.  Discerning Christ, Truth, anew on the shore of time, they were enabled to rise somewhat from mortal sensuousness, or the burial of mind in matter, into newness of life as Spirit.
            “This spiritual meeting with our Lord in the dawn of a new light is the morning meal which Christian Scientists commemorate.  They bow before Christ, Truth, to receive more of his reappearing and silently to commune with the divine Principle, Love.  They celebrate their Lord’s victory over death, his probation in the flesh after death, its exemplification of human probation, and his spiritual and final ascension above matter, or the flesh, when he rose out of material sight.
            “Our baptism is a purification from all error.  Our church is built on the divine Principle, Love [not out of stone and wood].  We can unite with this church only as we are newborn of Spirit, as we reach the Life which is Truth and the Truth which is Life by bringing forth the fruits of Love, — casting out error and healing the sick.  Our Eucharist is spiritual communion with the one God.  Our bread, ‘which cometh down from heaven,’ is Truth.  Our cup is the cross.  Our wine the inspiration of Love, the draught our Master drank and commended to his followers.” (S&H 34:29-35:29)
            It is easy for Christians to accept Jesus as the first Coming of Christ, yet, what about the Second Madonna and her manchild?  The final two paragraphs in “Atonement and Eucharist” provides us with a hint upon this topic,
            “Truth’s immortal idea is sweeping down the centuries [to the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries], gathering beneath its wings the sick and sinning.  My weary hope tries to realize that happy day, when man shall recognize the Science of Christ and love his neighbor as himself, — then he shall realize God’s omnipotence and the healing power of the divine Love in what it has done and is doing for mankind.  The promises will be fulfilled.  The time for the reappearing of the divine healing is throughout all time; and whosoever layeth his earthly all on the altar of divine Science, drinketh of Christ’s cup now, and is endued with the spirit and power of Christian healing.
            “In the words of St. John:  ‘He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.’  This Comforter I understand to be Divine Science.” (S&H 55:15-27)
            In Revelation Jesus promises that he will give to us the Morning Star, which is Venus.  Venus is a symbolic symbol, in the heavens, of the woman God-crowned.  For Venus, when it traverses the sun, becomes clothed with the sun.  This transit of Venus took place two times during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission.  The first was in December of 1874, this was before she published SCIENCE AND HEALTH in 1875.  The second time was in December 1882 – about ten months before SCIENCE AND HEALTH would first be published.
            Venus also traversed the sun in the twenty-first Century (nothing happened with Venus and the sun during the twenty-first Century), during the Seventh Day of Love.  The first transit took place on June 8, 2004 and the second transit took place on June 5, 2012.  Around the time of the first transit a book was published called The De Vinci Code.  This book was about the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a made up story, but it was symbolically speaking about the Third Coming of Christ, even though I at first thought it was about the Second Coming of Christ (the story can really point to both the Second and Third Advents.).  Most people were oblivious to this fact (perhaps even its author, Dan Brown).  The book depicted this Third Advent as a woman.  The reason why I NOW say it depicted the Third Coming of Christ instead of the Second Coming of Christ is because the story takes place during the Seventh Day of Love, not during the Sixth Day of Truth.  Mary Baker Eddy’s mission, as the woman God-crowned, took place in the Sixth Day of Truth.  Mary Baker Eddy wrote about there being a third Coming of Christ, and she applied to it the name of Martha, a woman’s name.  In Brown’s book, however, the woman successor of Jesus was named Sophia, meaning “wisdom”.  Was not the woman from the Garden of Eden (Eden means “body”) manifesting true wisdom while the Garden of Eden’s serpent typified false wisdom?
            And yet, another sign was given in heaven to mankind from the winter of 2016 to the fall of 2017.  This sign depicted the woman God-crowned giving birth.  Before this woman gave birth to her manchild there was a solar eclipse.  And in 2018 there were signs that took place, via the moon, that have not taken place since the winter of 1866.  What is important in this?  The importance is in that it was February 1866 when Mary Baker Patterson slipped on an icy curb in Lynn, Massachusetts, and she landed hitting her back on the curb.  Her doctor and the minister who were with her afterward let her know that she would die and she had better come to terms with it.  She refused to accept material medica and scholastic theology’s terms.  After reading from her BIBLE she spiritually understood Truth and she was healed, she rose from the bed, dressed herself, and met with friends.  She was never expected to walk again, but she did.  This same month, of the God-crowned woman’s enlightenment, there was no full moon (even though one had been predicted).  From what I was told, there was a blue moon the following month and it was a blood moon as well.  This same occurrence took place in March of this year, following a February with no full moon, and this after the sign in the fall of 2017 of the woman God-crowned!  Surely, this must mean something!  Is not God trying to tell us something if we are willing to listen?
            “The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse, or Revelation of St. John, has a special suggestiveness in connection with the nineteenth century.  In the opening of the sixth seal, typical of six thousand years since Adam, the distinctive feature has reference to the present age.”  (S&H 559:32-460:5)  This being said, I must say:  “In the opening of the seventh seal, typical of seven thousand years since Adam, the distinctive feature has reference to our present age.”  I believe that the sixth seal was opened on June 6, 996 and that the seventh seal was opened on June 6, 1996.
            It was on June 5, 2012 that I began my website ARK OF TRUTH – MOTHER’S HOOD.  I was going to start it up on June 6th of that year because I thought that Venus was going to transit the sun on that particular day (from things I had read).  But, to my surprise, I found out later on that Venus had transited the sun on June 5th.
            “Heaven represents harmony, and divine Science interprets the Principle of heavenly harmony.  The great miracle, to human sense, is divine Love, and the grand necessity of existence is to gain the true idea of what constitutes the kingdom of heaven in man.  This goal is never reached while we hate our neighbor or entertain a false estimate of anyone whom God has appointed to voice His Word…” (S&H 560:10-17)  The Comforter, of divine Science, has to have a human representative, a Second Coming of Christ is needed then, and this one, that “God has appointed to voice His Word” is the woman God-crowned – Mary Baker Eddy.  Is it possible then, that Jacob’s first wife Leah prefigured Mary Baker Eddy (the wilderness woman, with her Mother Church of controlled church government with a Church Manual) while Rachel prefigured Martha (the Bride, with her BRANCH Church of democratic church government where the Church Manual estoppel clauses are actually obeyed)?
            “…The Revelator beheld the spiritual idea from the mount of vision.  Purity was the symbol of Life and Love.  The Revelator saw also the spiritual idea as a woman clothed in light, a bride coming down from heaven, wedded to the Lamb of Love.  To John, ‘the bride’ and ‘the Lamb’ represented the correlation of divine Principle and spiritual idea, God and His Christ [which is manifested in the flesh three times], bringing harmony to earth.” (S&H 561:8-15)  The wedding between the bride and Lamb come in the final (seventh) vision of Revelation, while the woman God-crowned comes in the fourth vision (the capstone vision).  Vision 1 and Vision 7 (of Revelation) are foundation stones – Vision 1 is the right foot with its foot upon the sea and Vision 7 is the left foot with its foot upon the earth, while Vision 4 is the God-crowned head.


            “This angel had in his hand ‘a little book,’ open for all to read and understand.  Did this same book contain the revelation of divine Science, the ‘right foot’ or dominant power of which was upon the sea, — upon elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms?  The angel’s left foot was upon the earth; that is, a secondary power was exercised upon visible error and audible sin.” (S&H 559:1-8)

            “John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration, — reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God.  In divine revelation, material and corporeal self-hood disappear, and the spiritual idea is understood.” (S&H 561:16)  This being said, is there not a human and divine coincidence, shown in the woman Mary Baker Eddy, as divinity embracing humanity in Truth and its demonstration?  If so, then I can say that there must be a human and divine coincidence, shown in the woman Martha (generic man), as divinity embracing humanity in Love and its demonstration.
            “The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea.  The Revelator symbolizes Spirit by the sun [the face of the angel, of Revelation 10, shown as the sun].  The spiritual idea is clad with the radiance of spiritual Truth, and matter is put under her feet [moon – the Fourth Major Star for the Word as Science – is under the dominion of Mary Baker Eddy’s and generic man’s spiritual understanding].  The light portrayed is really neither solar nor lunar, but spiritual Life, which is ‘the light of men.’  In the first chapter of the Forth Gospel it is written, ‘There was a man sent from God…to bear witness of that Light.’” (S&H 561:22)  This man was John the Baptist.

            “…As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested, so the Revelator completed this figure with woman [which Mary Baker Eddy afterwards manifested], typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood.  The moon is under her feet.  This idea reveals the universe as secondary and tributary to Spirit, from which the universe borrows its reflected light [which is how the moon shines], substance, life, and intelligence.
            “The spiritual idea is crowned with twelve stars [just like there are twelve stars circling around WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK].  The twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals, — separated by belief from man’s divine origin and the true idea, — will through much tribulation yield to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony of Science.  These are the stars in the crown of rejoicing.  They are the lamps in the spiritual heavens of the age, which show the workings of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and the sinning, and by manifesting the light which shines ‘unto the perfect day’ as the night of materialism wanes.” (S&H 562:3-21)

            “…southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, — the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union;…” (S&H 575:29-32)

THIRD COMMANDMENT – “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain:  for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. (Deut. 5:11)  This name (identity) of God is – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.

S&H CHAPTER 3 – “Marriage”
            The “mother in travail:  We are spiritually fruitful when we work from the standpoint of at-one-ment in the Word.  This involves dissolution of the belief that separated fragments join themselves together to form a propagating body.  Gently, step by step, we suffer this dissolution to be so not in order to fulfil all righteousness.  In the third section of ‘The Apocalypse’ we, the woman, mankind, are pregnant with, and ‘pained to be delivered’ of, this idea of universal at-one-ment.”[10]


SG-3 – SOUTHERN CROSS OF CALVARY KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 562:22-28) has the woman (humanity) in travail.  “Also the spiritual idea is typified by a woman in travail, waiting to be delivered of her sweet promise, but remembering no more her sorrow for joy that the birth goes on; for great is the idea, and the travail portentous [prophesied].” (S&H 562:24-28)  The Cross is The Mother Church – non-democratic government where marriage in the human world is acceptable, it is “the legal and moral provision for generation among human kind.  UNTIL [unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me] the spiritual creation is discerned intact, is apprehended and understood, and His kingdom is come as in the vision of the Apocalypse, — where the corporeal sense of creation was cast out, and its spiritual sense was revealed from heaven [Word], — marriage [and parenting] will continue, subject to such moral regulations as will secure increasing virtue.” (S&H 56:7)
            “Thus it is that the real, ideal man appears in proportion as the false and material disappears.  No longer to marry or to be ‘given in marriage’ neither closes man’s continuity nor his sense of increasing number in God’s infinite plan.  Spiritually to understand that there is but one creator, God, unfolds all creation, confirms the Scriptures, brings the sweet assurance of no parting, no pain, and of man deathless and perfect and eternal.
            “If Christian Scientists educate their own offspring spiritually, they can educate others spiritually and not conflict with the scientific sense of God’s creation.  Some day the child will ask his parent:  ‘Do you keep the First Commandment?  Do you have one God and creator, or is man a creator?’  If the father replies, ‘God creates man through man,’ the child may ask, ‘Do you teach that Spirit creates materially, or do you declare that Spirit is infinite, therefore matter is out of the question?’  Jesus said, ‘The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:  But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world [of Spirit], and the resurrection from the death [rising from the belief that corporeal life is reality], neither marry, nor are given in marriage.” (S&H 69:9-30)
            At one period of time the Church Manual allowed Christian Scientists to get married within Christian Science churches, but Mary Baker Eddy (when the time was right) took this right away from Christian Scientists.  They could get married but it had to be outside the Christian Science Churches.  When will Christian Scientists mentally come to grips with the fact that they are not supposed to marry a person; that they are to marry only God?  In other words, they are to “take the name of the Lord thy God” in marriage.  Any other way is to take this name in vain.  Thus this Third Commandment really has to do with man’s (this includes woman’s) union with God!

            “…westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony [Tranquility].” (S&H 575:32-576:2)

FOURTH COMMANDMENT – “Keep the sabbath day [the Seventh Day of Love] to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee.  Six days thou shalt labour [ascend], and to all thy work:  But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God:  in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates; that thy manservant and thy maid servant may rest as well as thou.  And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt [material organization and material body], and that the Lord thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand [Church Manual] and by a stretched out arm [of the By-Laws with the estoppel clauses]:  therefore the Lord they God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day [keep Love in your consciousness].” (Deut. 5:12-15)

S&H CHAPTER 4 – “Christian Science versus Spiritualism”
            The “great red dragon {is not so great}:  Spirit does not mix with its opposite, matter.  Principle does not speak through personal mediums, or segregated individualities, in order to voice its Word.  Spirit speaks through its own spiritual idea—that is, through generic man.  Man is Spirit self-revealed.  There is no outside to Spirit.  Spirit is the inseparability of God and man.  The belief that Spirit speaks through matter is spiritualism, the doctrine of the great red dragon.  In the universe, or Word, of Spirit everything is in instant communion with everything else.  This indivisibility of all things is Life.  The dragon (the subject of the fourth section of “The Apocalypse”) contends that Spirit requires persons (spirits), electricity and matter in order to communicate itself to man.  Spiritualism is based on division, or death.  Spiritualism breaks the Ten Commandments by breaking up (in belief) the at-one-ment of God and man.”[11]


SG-4 – THE GOLDEN SHORES OF LOVE AND THE PEACEFUL SEA OF HARMONY [TRANQUILITY] is where Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.  Apollo 11 launched on Mary Baker Eddy’s birthday, July 16th.  The number 69, when laid on its side, becomes the symbol for the astrological sign of Cancer.  This is the same sign that Mary Baker Eddy [to material belief] was born under.  The Apollo space missions were symbolic of the woman God-crowned, for there were a total of twelve astronauts who walked on the surface of the moon (and [generic man’s feet] the woman’s feet were upon the moon).  These twelve astronauts were like the twelve stars on the woman’s crown.  The woman God-crowned is carried into the wilderness with the wings of an eagle, the fourth living creature representing Science itself.  The lunar module’s name was the Eagle.  And the name of the MOTHER SHIP (MOTHER CHURCH) was Columbia, meaning, “dove”.  Mary Baker Eddy defines dove as “divine Science.”  These Apollo missions took place toward the end of the Sixth Day of Truth.
            “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 562:29-565:5) depicts the red dragon casting out the third part of the stars of heaven.  One third of twelve equals four.  So, during the Seventh Day of Love the red (mortal mind) dragging on of material organization tries to reverse the Four Major Stargates, tries to reverse the first four chapters of SCIENCE AND HEALTH – the little book open itself!  It denies the woman God-crown’s place in Bible prophecy, it denies that God and man are united (married), and it tries to reverse Christian Science through spiritualism (hate of Spirit).
            One sign of spiritualism is medium-ship.  The person who performs at séances is called a medium, they are supposed to be a conduit between the living and the dead, or those persons believed to be dead and now are supposed to be spirits (not Spirit) because they no longer have a material body.  The red dragon is a medium (midwife) and it tries to take away the woman’s manchild.  “It is a grave mistake to suppose that matter is any part of the reality of intelligent existence, or that Spirit and matter, intelligence and non-intelligence, can commune together.  This error Science will destroy.  The sensual cannot be made the mouthpiece of the spiritual, nor can the finite become the channel of the infinite.  There is no communication between so-called material existence and spiritual life which is not subject to death.
            “To be on communicable terms with Spirit, persons must be free from organic bodies; and their return to a material condition, after having once left it, would be as impossible as would be the restoration to its original condition of the acorn, already absorbed into a sprout which has risen above the soil.  The seed which has germinated has a new form and state of existence.  When here or hereafter the belief of life in matter is extinct, the error which has held the belief dissolves with the belief, and never returns to the old condition.  No correspondence nor communion can exist between persons in such opposite dreams as the belief of having died and left a material body and the belief of still living in an organic, material body.  (S&H 73:26-74:16)
            “In old Scriptural pictures we see a serpent [red dragon] coiled around the tree of knowledge and speaking to Adam and Eve.  This represents the serpent in the act of commending to our first parents the knowledge of good and evil, a knowledge gained from matter, or evil, instead of from Spirit.  The portrayal is still graphically accurate, for the common conception of mortal man — a burlesque of God’s man — is an outgrowth of human knowledge or sensuality, a mere offshoot of material sense.” (S&H 92:11)
            The serpent in the Garden of Eden (a material body called Adam) is a talking medium.  I believe this serpent is the so-called nervous system of the corporeal body, as it is wrapped around the spinal column of Adam’s backbone (the tree of knowledge of good and evil’s tree trunk).
            In Genesis 3 the red serpent (copperhead snake) is coiled (like electrical wire of copper) around the tree of knowledge.  This nervous system talks to Adam’s brain via electrical impulses.  It sends messages of pleasure (good) and pain (evil) to the brain of mortal mind.  The woman that Adam is with (this woman is never referred to Eve until after Adam denies his divinity [God] and his womanhood [spiritual identity]) represents Adam’s divinity.  Adam was put into a deep sleep (self-hypnotic trance) and he never woke up.  In this trance, or dream world, Adam believes that he is separated via surgery (again electricity) and that a rib is taken from him.  This rib is the clone that becomes his womanhood (divinity), again, it never really took place!  So, Adam believes that his divine being is separated from him, and she now appears to him in his objective state.  But the woman is never surgically removed from Adam’s body at all.  This is why she can hear the talking head of the serpent.  We could say that the woman represents one side of the brain while Adam, the man, represents the other side of the brain.  This, of course, is the material scientific way of looking at this allegory.  But, in reality, or truth, the woman is Adam’s divine Mother Nature, thus she was tempted by the talking nervous system and both she and Adam eat the forbidden fruit (of spiritualism and physical science).  However, the woman is wiser than Adam and she spiritually understands that it was really the talking serpent that tempted her, that it was the material senses that tempted her, and this is why enmity is put between her and the serpent, this is why the red dragon appears later on (at the end of the BIBLE) as midwife to the woman God-crowned.
            “We welcome the increase of knowledge and the end of error, because even human invention must have its day, and we want that day to be succeeded by Christian Science, by divine reality.  Midnight foretells the dawn.  Led by a solitary star [Venus] amid the darkness, the Magi of old foretold the Messiahship of Truth.  Is the wise man of to-day believed, when he beholds the light which heralds Christ’s eternal dawn and describes its effulgence?
            “Lulled by stupefying illusions, the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming away the hours.  Material sense does not unfold the facts of existence; but spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth.  Humanity advances slowly out of sinning sense into spiritual understanding; unwillingness to learn all things rightly, binds Christendom with chains.” (S&H 95:19-96:3)
            The topic, in part, is the Ten Commandments.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us that the red dragon’s ten horns, “typify the belief that matter has power of its own, and that by means of an evil mind in matter the Ten Commandments can be broken.” (S&H 563:13-14)  Are not the red dragon’s seven heads and its seven crowns error’s attempt to deny the seven names of God and destroy man’s marriage with his/her Maker?  Is not this an attempt to break God’s Covenant with man – to remove a rib?



FIFTH COMMANDMENT – “Honour thy father and mother [Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy], as the Lord thy God [your Father and Mother] hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” (Deut. 5:16)

S&H CHAPTER 5 – “Animal Magnetism Unmasked [depersonalized]”
            The “dragon seeks to devour the child:  The Latin persona (personare – “to sound through”) means ‘a mask.’  Animal magnetism is the supposition that infinite Principle sounds through the mask of finite personality.  It would devour the God-idea (the woman’s man child) by breaking it up into fragments – identifying it with persons, followings, factions, and sects.  It would draw the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth.  It would rend man from God, putting itself in priestly guise between them.  Evil, personified in the guise of good, is ‘the god of this world.’  To unmask animal magnetism is to reveal the face of God, and the qualities that proceed out of the heart of God.  Man is these God-qualities.  Sounding through the mask of hypocrisy, animal magnetism deceives humanity regarding the evil thoughts that proceed out of the heart of mortal man.  The dragon ‘swollen with sin’ is the mythological opposite of the woman (the world) pregnant with the idea of her own harmony and undividedness.  Thus the ‘works of the flesh’ yield to the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ (Gal 5, S&H 106:20).”[12]

the Woman God-crowned Keystone

SG-5 – THE WOMAN GOD-CROWNED KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 563:23-565:5) depicts the red dragon [animal magnetism] ready to devour the man child [BRANCH Church].  The BRANCH Church must regain its self-government (independence) from a MOTHER Church hierarchy holding it captive via the Church Manual – pages 120 & 127 – of SUNDAY SERVICES and ORDER OF EXERCISES FOR THE SUNDAY SCHOOL.
            What is animal magnetism?  Really, it is nothing, but in the realm of matter it takes the form of mesmerism or hypnotism and is a mere negation of Truth.  In Science it possesses no “intelligence, power, nor reality, and in sense it is an unreal concept of the so-called mortal mind.
            “There is but one real attraction, that of Spirit.  The pointing of the needle to the pole[13] symbolizes this all-embracing power or the attraction of God, divine Mind.
            “The planets [or astrology (twelve zodiac star constellations)] have no more power over man than over his Maker, since God governs the universe; but man, reflecting God’s power, has dominion over all the earth and its hosts.”  (S&H 102:5-8)
            There are also dragon constellations in the heavens.  Animal magnetism is the red dragon (the copper head serpent) and the devil (or d-evil one).
            “Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence.  God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience.  Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker [Father-Mother God], divine Truth and Love.
            “Man’s rights are invaded when the divine order is interfered with, and the mental trespasser incurs the divine penalty due his crime.” (S&H 106:6-14)

            “The Revelator speaks of Jesus as the Lamb of God and of the dragon as warring against innocence.  Since Jesus must have been tempted in all points, he, the immaculate, met and conquered sin in every form.  The brutal barbarity of his foes could emanate from no source except the highest degree of human depravity [which is the First Degree only (see S&H 115)].  Jesus ‘opened not his mouth.’  Until the majesty of Truth should be demonstrated in divine Science, the spiritual idea was arraigned before the tribunal of so-called mortal mind [animal magnetism], which was unloosed in order that the false claim of mind in matter might uncover its own crime of defying immortal Mind.

First Edition

            “From Genesis to the Apocalypse, sin, sickness, and death, envy, hatred, and revenge, — all evil, — are typified by a serpent, or animal subtlety.  Jesus said, quoting a line from the Psalms.  ‘They hated me without a cause.’  The serpent is perpetually close upon the heel of harmony.  From the beginning to the end, the serpent pursues with hatred the spiritual idea [the woman seen in the above Illustration from Christ and Christmas].  In Genesis, this allegorical, talking serpent typifies mortal mind, ‘more subtle than any beast of the field.’  In the Apocalypse, when nearing its doom, this evil increases and becomes the great red dragon, swollen with sin, inflamed with war against spirituality, and ripe for destruction.  It is full of lust and hate, loathing the brightness of divine glory.” (S&H 564:12-565:5)


SIXTH COMMANDMENT – “Thou shalt not kill.” (Deut. 5:17)

S&H CHAPTER 6 – “Science, Theology, Medicine”
            The “birth of the man child:  In the words of Paul, in Galatians, the son of the bondwoman {material organized church} yields to the son of the freewoman {self-governing Branch}.  To un-mask animal magnetism is simultaneously to discover Christian Science.  ‘In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science…and named my discovery Christian Science,’ writes Mary Baker Eddy at the beginning of the sixth chapter.  ‘And she [the woman, generic man] brought forth a man child…and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne,’ says the sixth section of ‘The Apocalypse.’  Christian Science, the man child, is the divinely integral identity of the human race as a whole.  He is born simultaneously of God and man, because God and man are one.  He is the revelation of Truth to humanity – the resurrection ‘leaven’ of divine wholeness raising the whole lump of human consciousness from the dead.  He is the rock-like precipitation – the concrete revelation – of the human and divine coincidence, upon which the church (body) of mankind is built.  Only the Son of (generic) man is the Son of the living God.  The keynote of his activity, is the translation of humanity from physicality to spirituality – from fragmentation to wholeness.  Only when Science is the ‘religion of Love’ (S&H 138:15) – the Theo-logos, or God Himself speaking – does it medicine and heal mankind.”[14]

SG-6 – OIL LAMP KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 565:6-28) is the birth of the manchild [BRANCH (Rev. 12:5)].   Mortal mind is a murderer from the beginning (material birth into matter-organization).  Herod depicts the red dragon of false government (totalitarianism).  He killed every manchild that his soldiers found in Bethlehem so that he might kill Jesus.  Mary Baker Eddy makes it clear that we are to Love the masculine and feminine representatives of Christ – Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy – and we are to allow her manchild (spiritual idea), the BRANCH, to be free from totalitarianism (through the medium of the Boston Mother Church’s ecclesiastical despotism).  (See S&H 565:9-28)
            This sixth chapter presents the three measures of meal that “a woman took, and hid [leaven] in …till the whole was leavened.” (S&H 107)  The three measures of meal are Science, Theology, and Medicine.

First Edition

            “In the year 1866 [at the time of my CHRIST HEALING and when there was no full moon], I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws [the leaven] of Life [Science], Truth [about Theology], and Love [as the only healing Medicine there is], and named my discovery Christian Science.  God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.
Mission of Christian Science
            “This apodictical Principle points to the revelation of Immanuel, “God with us,”—the sovereign ever-presence, delivering the children of men from every ill ‘that flesh is heir to.’  Through Christian Science, religion and medicine are inspired with a diviner nature and essence; fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God.” (S&H 107:1-14)
            Do you remember that the prophet said that a Virgin would conceive and his name would be Immanuel?  Many say that Jesus fulfilled this prophecy, even though he was named Jesus “Savior”.  So, is not the prophecy pointing us to the Second Coming of Christ just as much as it is points us to the First Coming of Christ?  For the following paragraph think of SEEKING AND FINDING again.
            “For three years after my discovery, I sought the solution of this problem of mind-healing, searched the Scriptures and read little else, kept aloof from society, and devoted time and energies to discovering a positive rule.  The search was sweet, calm, and buoyant with hope, not selfish nor depressing.  I knew the Principle of all harmonious Mind-action to be God, and that cures were produced in primitive Christian healing by holy, uplifting faith; but I must know the Science of this healing, and I won my way to absolute conclusions through divine revelation {of Science}, reason {about Theology}, and demonstration {of medical healing through prayer and demonstration}.  The revelation of Truth in the understanding came to me gradually and apparently through divine power.  When a new spiritual idea is borne to earth, the prophetic Scripture of Isaiah is renewedly fulfilled:  ‘Unto us a child is born, …and his name shall be called Wonderful.’” (S&H 109:11)
            It is in this sixth chapter that Mary Baker Eddy gives us the Christ order for the seven names of God – “Divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind.” (S&H 115:13)  This falls under the SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATION OF IMMORTAL MIND.  The manchild is then defined as:  “Man:  God’s spiritual idea, individual, perfect, eternal.”  (S&H 115:15)  This man is the divine image, where as, divine reflection is “Idea:  An image in Mind; the immediate object of understanding. — Webster.
            Underneath this is the SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATION OF MORTAL MIND with its three degrees.  The first leavened measure of meal, Science, lifts man up from the First Degree of depravity and the physical.  The second leavened measure of meal, Theology, lifts man up to where evil beliefs disappear.  The third leavened measure of meal, Medicine, lifts man up, high enough mentally, to reach the spiritual understanding that he is the divine image of “Wisdom, purity, spiritual understanding, spiritual power, love, health, holiness.” (S&H 116:2)
            Returning to SG-6, Mary Baker Eddy makes it quite clear that she is, as Jesus is, an “immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator [St. John], last by woman,” and she “will baptize with fire [the Bride is the Word and fire is the element for the Word]; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love [via two female Sentinels], melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea [the woman God-crowned]; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God [via Scientific mental healing (as her own manchild is caught up unto God)], — to be found in its divine Principle.” (S&H 565:18-28)


SEVENTH COMMANDMENT – “Neither shalt thou commit adultery.” (Deut. 5:18)

S&H CHAPTER 7 – “Physiology”
            The “journey through the human wilderness:  The physiological concept of identity (based on the relationship of brain and body) in the spiritually educational journey of mankind.  In the ‘passage from sense to Soul,’ referred to in the seventh section of ‘The Apocalypse,’ and corresponding to the seventh chapter, ‘Physiology,’ humanity is translated from the land of Egypt (house of bondage, physiological body) {where adultery takes place} to the promised land (house of freedom, body of Truth and Love) {purity}.  Humanity’s woes stem from man having supposedly eaten the apple, physiology, from the tree of knowledge, or the serpent’s tree of death {the nervous system; the cross that Jesus was hung upon}.  This, in belief, lost him his paradise, his God-given dominion over the body.  Reproducing himself physiologically, he transmitted his beliefs to his ensuing generations.  In the promised land he regains conscious bodily control – he awakens to the fact in Science that this control was never taken away from him.  A build-up of false material knowledge never lost him his at-one-ment with God.”[15]

SG-7 – POMEGRANATE KEYSTONE – Pomegranates are symbolic of the forbidden fruit (physiology), I think that this window also symbolizes the forbidden fruit in this Keystone window.  However, in the same way that the tree of knowledge is just a counterfeit idea of the tree of life, so the forbidden fruit (pomegranates) are the counterfeit symbol for the spiritual idea, the pomegranate is a symbol for Venus, the Morning Star promises to us by Jesus in Revelation.  While Venus is a planet there is also a goddess called Venus.  Notice in the card below that the woman (EMPRESS) is a woman God-crowned and that she resides in the wilderness.  The pillow has the sign of Venus on it.

            THE HIGH PRIESTESS CARD (seen below) is also symbolic of the woman God-crowned.  These two cards are tied together by the flow of the river.  Both cards have pomegranate fruit in them.  Also, notice the two columns as they relate to the two candlesticks seen in the window below.

            “The Apocalypse” (S&H 565:29-566:28) section is when the woman God-crowned flees into the wilderness (becomes the wilderness mother).  She is given the wings of an eagle, the fourth living creature that represents Science itself.  These wings of omni-activity take her into the wilderness; this is when Mary Baker Eddy is the wilderness mother, when a Mother Church is built.  This section of text from SCIENCE AND HEALTH speaks of the “children of Israel” who “were guided triumphantly through the Red [dragon’s] Sea, and dark ebbing and flowing tides of human fear, — as they were led through the wilderness, walking wearily through the great desert of human hopes, and anticipating the promised joy, — so shall the spiritual idea guide all right desires in their passage from sense [physiology] to Soul [spiritual being], from a material sense of existence to the spiritual, up to the glory prepared for them who love God.  Stately Science pauses not, but moves before them, a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night, leading to divine heights.” (S&H 566:1)

            This picture of the window depicts the same symbology that Mary Baker Eddy is speaking of above (which comes from the BIBLE).  Is it possible that the two pillars are like the two candlesticks?  The two anointed ones that are united in Holy Matrimony (two witnesses).  Mary Baker Eddy defines the following words:

Evening.  Peace and rest.”  (S&H 586:1)

Fire.  Affliction purifying and elevating man.”  (S&H 586:13)

Morning.  Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress.”  (S&H 591:24)

            Mary Baker Eddy defines wilderness, in part, as “the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence ([S&H 597:18).”  The vestibule in the original Boston Edifice leads to Mother’s Room, there are two giant columns before the entrance…

…On the North side is a double window of a manchild…

…while on the South side is one window of the Woman of Samaria and the Angel of Revelation 10.  The wilderness, or the motherhood, must give way to the Lamb’s bride (self-government).
            “Physiology is one of the apples from ‘the tree of knowledge.’  Evil declared that eating this fruit would open man’s eyes and make him as a god.  Instead of so doing, it closed the eyes of mortals to man’s God-given dominion over the earth [spoken of in the first chapter of Genesis – the first creation story (Adam is the second creation story)].” (S&H 165:1)
            Adultery is where you take something that is pure and mix it with something that is impure.  It is dualism.  This is the fruit from the tree of knowledge, a mixture of good (purity) and evil (matter) coexisting together; it symbolizes a false type of marriage if there ever was one!  So, to believe that you, a Spirit being, was ever born into matter via sexual activity (electricity) is to commit adultery.
            “We cannot serve two masters [commit adultery] nor perceive divine Science with the material senses.  Drugs and hygiene cannot successfully usurp the place and power of the divine source of all health and perfection.  If God made man both good and evil, man must remain thus.  What can improve God’s work?  Again, an error in the premise must appear in the conclusion.  To have one God and avail yourself of the power of Spirit, you must love God supremely [no adultery is allowed].” (S&H 167:11)


EITHTH COMMANDMENT – “Neither shalt thou steal.” (Deut. 5:19)

S&H CHAPTER 8 – “Footsteps of Truth”
            “The “deliverance by Michael and Gabriel:  Only that which comes from perfection makes the journey to perfection.  The ‘human footsteps leading to perfection’ (which the eighth chapter, ‘Footsteps of Truth,’ tells us are indispensable) are the footsteps of divinity appearing humanly and leading humanity back to divinity.  In the course of this circular journey ‘the battle between Spirit and flesh is fought and the victory won.’  Only by working from the perfection of Gabriel (Love) has Michael (Truth) the necessary spiritual strength to overthrow the dragon, and so end ‘the conflict between the flesh and Spirit,’ as presented in the eighth section of ‘The Apocalypse.’  ‘These angels deliver us from the depths’ of the dragon’s sea by bringing our identity forth from God.”[16]
            Recently, on an award show, actor Chris Pratt was speaking to the audience about prayer and God.  This is commendable, but he is wrong when he tells us that man is not perfect.  True, mortal man is far from perfection, but the real man that each and every one of us (the man/woman created during the Sixth Day of Truth) really are perfect.  We could not be anything but perfection as the image and likeness of God.  For God is perfect.
            Today there is great fear in regards to a certain type of theft – identity theft.  When we see someone as a mortal persona we are stealing the spiritual identity from that being.  We must see man as he really is, as the image and likeness of God.

SG-8 – CONCORD GRAPEVINE KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 566:25-567:13) depicts Michael (Truth), and Gabriel (Love) overcoming the dragon.  It is spiritual strength (Michael-Truth) that fights the holy wars and it is Gabriel (Love) that has the quiet task of importing a sense of ever-presence of ministering Love.  Truth wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God.  Divine Principle kills the dragon.
            Mary Baker Eddy’s gift to the Field (and World) was a Branch Church called the First Church of Concord, New Hampshire.  The first Concord Branch was built where a home had sat.  The first depiction of the Illustration seen below, from Christ and Christmas, depicts the Concord Branch Church as a home.

First Edition

            When Mary Baker Eddy rebuilt her Concord Branch it was the church that exists today.  It was built on the same land, and it represented the city foursquare, the Bride had descended.  This is one reason why the above Illustration was later changed to what is depicted below.

Second version of Truth versus Error

            The Concord Branch Church was finished before the Extension in Boston was completed.  I mention this because we are at the point with the CONCORD GRAPEVINE KEYSTONE.  Notice the grapevines depicted now on the door to the mansion.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “We cannot build safely on false foundations.  Truth makes a new creature, in whom old things pass away and ‘all things are become new.’  Passions, selfishness, false appetites, hatred, fear, all sensuality, yield to spirituality, and the superabundance of being is on the side of God, good.” (S&H 201:7)
            “Grafting holiness upon unholiness, supposing that sin can be forgiven when it is not forsaken, is as foolish as straining out gnats and swallowing camels.” (S&H 201:20-202:2)
            “False and self-assertive theories have given sinners the notion that they can create what God cannot, — namely, sinful mortals in God’s image, thus usurping [stealing] the name without the nature of the image or reflection of divine Mind; but in Science it can never be said that man has a mind of his own, distinct from God, the all Mind.” (S&H 204:23)
            By illegally adding (without Mary Baker Eddy’s written or verbal permission) “AND BRANCH CHURCHES” to the titles (as previously mentioned) to the Church Manual, the Boston hierarchy is usurping the power and authority, via self-government, that the Branch Churches legally have, in regard to how the Church Manual is written.  This is theft and begins the war that takes place beyond Revelation 12, thus, trouble ensues.
            “A mother is the strongest educator, either for or against crime.  Her thoughts form the embryo of another mortal mind, and unconsciously mould it, either after a model odious to herself or through divine influence, ‘according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount.’  Hence the importance of Christian Science, from which we learn of the one Mind and of the availability of good as the remedy for every woe.” (S&H 236:12)  This pattern, more than likely, refers to the Ten Commandments that were written in stone at the top of the mountain.  But I also feel that the pattern could be my Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

            In a book called Story of the Manual the unknown author, on page 190, writes about the forty-second edition of 1904.  “A By-Law was added to the Forty-second Manual entitled ‘Thou Shalt not Steal,’ p. 72; this title was changed in the Fifty-seventy Manual to ‘The Golden rule,’ p. 73, and much of the section was dropped.  It was changed again in the Sixty-second, p. 74; and still again in the Seventy-second, p. 75, which brought it to its present form in our last Manual, p. 48.”  This section is still titled The Golden Rule.  It reads:  “A member of The Mother Church shall not haunt Mrs. Eddy’s drive when she goes out, continually stroll by her house, or make a summer resort near her for such a purpose.”
            I ask, “Why would Mary Baker Eddy make this section about herself?
            Most people think of stealing as having to do with taking money or material possessions away from somebody else.  As mentioned above, today there seems to be a whole lot of identity theft going on.  I have thought a lot on this topic, and come to realize that one’s true identity can never be stolen because the spiritual identity of me and you is based upon Soul, which we reflect constantly.  I think that the crime of identity theft will go away when The Mother Church hierarchy ends its war against Mary Baker Eddy and returns her identity to the Field, allowing them to understand and comprehend her proper place in Bible prophecy, that she is one of God’s two witnesses, that she is the angel descending from heaven with a little book open, that she is the woman God-crowned, that she is the wilderness woman (mother), that she is the Lamb’s Bride, and that she is LEADER of Christian Science.
            The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Is The First Church of Christ Scientist, who still claim to be The Mother Church, obeying this Golden Rule when they have stolen Mary Baker Eddy’s identity away from them?  The answer must be – no.  Why would someone haunt her daily drive through the town, continual stroll by her house, or make a summer resort near her for this purpose?  Would it have not been because they were hoping to either receive a healing from Mary Baker Eddy, or they were worshipping her material persona?  To believe that she had a material persona is to steel her spiritual identity from her, is it not?  One could argue too, that if they were in search of a healing that they were stealing from themselves because they were not trying to work out their own problem.  They were relying on their Mother to take care of them instead of standing upon their own two feet.




NINTH COMMANDMENT – “Neither shalt thou bear false witness [lie] against [about] thy neigbour [brother].” (Deut. 5:20; [My interpolations.])

S&H CHAPTER 9 – “Creation”
            In the BIBLE the color red is used to describe the physical and that which is of matter.  Adam was made from the red clay.  The serpent is really one with Adam from the get go, and it turns into a red dragon.  The red “dragon cast from heaven to earth:  Instead of the dragon casting to earth the stars of heaven, he is himself cast from heaven to earth.  In Science, earth is held in the embrace of heaven, and the two are forever one.  For the dragon to be cast to the earth presupposes an outside to heaven.  From the point of view of heaven, therefore, the dragon is cast into nothingness.  This is ‘the divine method of warfare in Science,’ which Michael and Gabriel, the manhood and womanhood of Truth and Love, wage against the dragon.  He is handled generically from the standpoint of divine Science before being handled specifically from the standpoint of Christian Science.  That is to say, he is exterminated from heaven before being exterminated from earth.  (Note that the term ‘Christian Science’ does not appear in ‘The Apocalypse’ until the next section of the text.)  The world-deceiving dragon is ‘the corporeal sense of creation’ (S&H 54:11).  We learn this from the chapter ‘Marriage’ (the Word as Christianity), the complement of ‘Creation’ (Christianity as the Word).  The false method of creation is, according to the ninth section of ‘The Apocalypse,’ the method used by Adam and Eve (the mortal opposites of Michael and Gabriel) when they eat the fruit of physiological knowledge.  True creation, the subject of the textbook’s ninth chapter, is creation as stated in the first chapter of Genesis, in which man does not fall from heaven to earth, but remains one with God.”[17]

First Edition

            I feel like the two angels depicted in the above Christ and Christmas Illustration (5th Illustration) represent Michael and Gabriel.  This fifth Illustration follows the fourth Illustration CHRISTMAS EVE (4th Illustration).

First Edition

            Eve.  A beginning; mortality; that which does not last forever; a finite belief concerning life, substance, and intelligence in matter; error; the belief that the human race originated materially instead of spiritually—that man started first from dust, second from a rib, and third from an egg.” (S&H 585:23)
            Notice that there are three types of sex (sex, sex, sex = six, six, six, the devil’s number).  The first sex is from the dust (“Nothingness [= the red dragon]; the absence of substance, life, or intelligence [S&H 584:28]) of the red clay.  The second sex is nothing more than a post-hypnotic suggestion, as Adam was placed in a dream, thus the surgery never really took place and the rib was never removed from Adam.  The third sex never happened either because Adam never woke up!  So Cain, Able, and Seth never really took place as physical material conceptions and births.  This is not to say that Seth did not exist as spiritual idea that the woman eventually gave birth to.
            Adam stole the woman’s spiritual identity from her when he gave her the name of Eve.  He stole her identity by bearing false witness against her and God.  Adam was bearing false witness against them when he blamed both God and the woman for his human error.  About Genesis 3:11, 12 Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “Here there is an attempt to trace all human error directly or indirectly to God, or good, as if He were the creator of evil.  The allegory shows that the snake-talker utters the first voluble lie, which beguiles the woman and demoralizes the man.  Adam, alias mortal error, charges God and woman with his own dereliction, saying, ‘The woman, whom thou gavest me, is responsible.’  According to this belief, the rib taken from Adam’s side has grown into an evil mind, named woman, who aids man to make sinners more rapidly than he can alone.  Is this an help meet for man?” (S&H 533:10)
            “Truth, cross-questioning man as to his knowledge of error, finds woman the first to confess her fault.  She says, ‘The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat;’ as much as to say in meek penitence, ‘Neither man nor God shall father my fault.’  She has already learned that corporeal sense is the serpent.  Hence she is first to abandon the belief in the material origin of man and to discern spiritual creation.  This hereafter enabled woman [not the material Eve specifically, but the spiritual idea of woman described in the first chapter of Genesis] to be the mother of Jesus…

The first Mary window.

…and to behold at the sepulchre the risen Saviour, who was soon to manifest the deathless man of God’s creating…

The third Mary window.

…This enabled woman to be first to interpret the Scriptures in their true sense, which reveals the spiritual origin of man.” (S&H 533:26-534:7)  There are two other Mary Windows.  The third is seen below and the fourth is the Woman God-crowned window.  The window seen below the Second Mary Window is found at the head of the Church in Mother’s Room.  It depicts the woman God-crowned as Mary Baker Eddy, and I titled this window “T’is the Same Hand That Writes the Page.”  This is how you would view window while inside Mother’s Room and that is why the words to the window are backwards.

The second Mary window.

SG-9 – THE LORD AND LAMB KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 567:13-568:12) is where the dragon is cast out of heaven.  The claim that there is intelligence in material creation “is pure delusion, the red dragon; and it is cast out [of consciousness] by Christ, Truth, the spiritual idea, and so proved to be powerless.  The words ‘cast unto the earth’ show the dragon to be nothingness, dust to dust, and therefore, in his pretence of being a talker [Eden’s nervous system], he must be a lie from the beginning [of the Adam dream].  His angels, or messages [electrical impulses], are cast out with their author.  The beast and the false prophets are lust and hypocrisy.  These wolves in sheep’s clothing [those high up in the church] are detected and killed by innocence, the Lamb of Love.
            “Divine Science shows how the Lamb slays the wolf.  Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error.  Ever since the foundation of the world, ever since error would establish material belief, evil has tried to slay the Lamb; but Science is able to destroy this lie, called evil.  The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse typifies the divine method of warfare in Science, and the glorious results of this warfare.  The following chapters depict the fatal effects of trying to meet error with error.  The narrative follows the order used in Genesis.  In Genesis, first the true method of creation [which is the title of our 9th chapter from the Textbook] is set forth and then the false [Adam creation of mortal mind and physical body].  Here, also, the Revelator first exhibits the true warfare and then the false.” (S&H 567:21-568:12)
            I have written in other posts about the dream I had in the early 1990’s that I titled:  Grandmother’s High Chair.  In this dream I was shown that the Church was the devil.  This devil appeared to be a human, he had a human face, but he was dressed in a monk’s brown robe.  There was a boy sitting in my Grandmother’s high chair (used for babies and young children).  I sat in this chair many times while visiting Grandmother Rosemary.  So this boy was sitting in my chair of successorship.  There was a girl in a white dress and she had curls like those that Mary Baker Eddy use to wear and that the girl in SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME (seventh C&C Illustration) has.

First Edition

            This monk tried to hypnotize me or mesmerize me into harming the girl, but I would not do so.  I saw through his attempt to harm the girl.  When he tried to use his power his human face turned into a red devil’s face with horns on his head.  When the devil realized he could not trick me into harming the girl he turned his attention to the boy.  On the eating tray were his books (BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH) and in his hand was a wooden oval reed (Church Manual).  The boy was being mesmerized by animal magnetism.  He said to the devil, “I need a weapon.”
            The devil turned the wooden reed into a dagger.  The handle was ivory and it was carved as a wolf’s head.  He said, “Thank you, Father.”  Then he jumped down and was going to attack the girl.  I stood in front of him to protect her.  It was then that I woke up.  I feel that it has been my God-crowned mission to protect Mary Baker Eddy and do what I can to help her.  And by helping her I help mankind.
            Years ago, when I had a working job, I felt like I was coming down with a cold.  I had a few minutes of quiet time at my desk when I was working for myself.  I thought about the Ninth Commandment.  I realized that by believing that I might have a cold that I was baring false witness against myself.  I also realized that the word “shalt” actually means, “can not”.  It came to me, as clear as a bell, I could not bear false witness against myself, that I could not testify to having a cold, or testify to a lie.  With that realization all symptoms of a cold vanished.  I had never thought in this way about this particular Commandment before.
            “In divine Science, man is the true image of God [first chapter of Genesis].  The divine nature was best expressed in Christ Jesus, who threw upon mortals the truer reflection of God and lifted their lives higher than their poor thought-models would allow, — thoughts which presented man as fallen, sick, sinning, and dying [thoughts that bear false witness and give erroneous testimony].  The Christlike understanding of scientific being and divine healing includes a perfect Principle and idea, — perfect God and perfect man, — as the basis of thought and demonstration.” (S&H 259:6)
            “When examined in the light of divine Science, mortals present more than is detected upon the surface, since inverted thoughts and erroneous beliefs [false testimony] must be counterfeits of Truth.  Thought is borrowed from a higher source than matter, and by reversal, errors serve as waymarks to the one Mind, in which all error disappears in celestial Truth.  The robes of Spirit are ‘white and glistering,’ like the raiment of Christ.  [The girl in Grandmother’s Highchair wore a white dress.]  Even in this world, therefore, ‘let thy garments be always white.’  ‘Blessed is the man that endureth [overcometh][18] temptation:  for when he is tried, [proved faithful],[19] he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.’ (James i. 12.)”[20]  In other words, we can all be, and in reality are, God-crowned.


TENTH COMMANDMENT – “Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbour’s wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbor’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maid servant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbour’s.” (Deut. 5:21)
            The Mother Church hierarchy must stop coveting their position and power by obeying the estoppel clauses in the Church Manual.  Through their disobedience to God’s By-Laws they are coveting Mary Baker Eddy’s work, followers, and property.

S&H CHAPTER 10 – “Science of Being”
            Now has come “universal salvation:  Salvation in Science is now, not going to be.  ‘Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ,’ says the voice from heaven when the dragon has been cast to the earth – when the truth is revealed that man was never cast out of heaven.  {Man never falls from being something, the Lamb Being, to being nothing – serpent/Adam/Eve.}  The teaching of the chapter ‘Science of Being’ is that Mind is all and matter is naught.  This is ‘divine metaphysics,’ which alone overcomes ‘physics,’ or the corporeal sense of creation.  ‘Semi-metaphysics’ (moralism) plays no part in the divine method of warfare waged by Science, or divine metaphysics.  The tenth section of ‘The Apocalypse’ declares accordingly that the rule of our warfare is ‘self-abnegation {to deny the lies of matter or the five senses as reality}, by which we lay down all for Truth, or Christ.’  This rule, it says, ‘clearly interprets God as divine Principle, – as Life, represented by the Father, as Truth, represented by the Son; as Love, represented by the Mother.’  In other words, the Science of being, in order to bring salvation to mankind, rules out the mortal sense of creation.”[21]
            When we lay down all for Truth through self-abnegation we find there is nothing to covet (desire).

SG-10 – PALMLEAVES OF SALVATION KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 568:13-569:28) is “Now is come salvation [SCIENCE AND HEALTH]”.  In SG-10 we are in Revelation 21, covering verses 10 to 12.  The devil comes down to earth, and has great wrath, because he knows that he has only a short time left.  However, this short time may seem long to us if the devil’s time resembles God’s time, where “one day with the Lord is as a thousand years”!  Let us hope the devil’s time is way shorter than that!
            “Self-abnegation, by which we lay down all for Truth, or Christ, in our warfare against error, is a rule in Christian Science.  This rule clearly interprets God as divine Principle, — as Life, represented by the Father; as Truth, represented by the Son; as Love, represented by the Mother.  Every mortal at some period, here of hereafter, must grapple with and overcome the mortal belief in a power opposed to God.” (S&H 568:30-569:5)
            “He that touches the hem of Christ’s robe and masters his mortal beliefs, animality, and hate, rejoices in the proof of healing, — in a sweet and certain sense that God is Love.  Alas for those who break faith with divine Science and fail to strangle the serpent of sin as well as of sickness!  They are dwellers still in the deep darkness of belief [the Adam dream].  They are in the surging sea of error [belonging to the red dragon], not struggling to lift their heads above the drowning wave.
            “What must the end be?  They must eventually expiate their sin through suffering.  The sin, which one has made his bosom companion, comes back to him at last with accelerated force, for the devil knoweth his time is short.  Here the Scriptures declare that evil is temporal, not eternal.  The dragon is at last stung to death by his own malice; but how many periods of torture it may take to remove all sin, must depend upon sin’s obduracy.” (S&H 569:11-28)
            There are three parts to this particular chapter.  Part one brings out that the point that there is only ONE BEING – that being is Spirit not Matter.  “Human philosophy has made God manlike [material].  Christian Science makes man Godlike [spiritual].” (S&H 269:9-10)  Part 2 (beginning on the bottom of page 306:32) presents the Law.  It begins with the topic of the Adam-dream and the serpent.  “The Science of being shows it to be impossible for infinite Spirit or Soul to be in a finite body or for man to have an intelligence separate from his Maker.” (S&H 309:24-26)  Part 3 begins on page 330:8 with the Christian Science Platform.  When this Platform was added to SCIENCE AND HEALTH the square tiles were added to TRUTH versus ERROR.  The Platform, which is the third part of the chapter, has a matrix structure to it.  I call it the TARDIS Matrix.

            “When the following platform is understood [can be stood upon as a firm foundation] and the letter and the spirit bear witness, the infallibility of divine metaphysics will be demonstrated.” (S&H 330:8)
            The chapter ends, quite fittingly since we have reached the Tenth Commandment with this chapter:  “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus xx.3.)” (S&H 340:15-16)  So the Textbook has gone full circle, as far as the Commandments go.  Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “The First Commandment is my favorite text.  It demonstrates Christian Science.  It inculcates the tri-unity of God, Spirit, Mind; it signifies that man shall have no other spirit or mind but God, eternal good, and that all men shall have one Mind.  The divine Principle of the First Commandment bases the Science of being, by which man demonstrates health, holiness, and life eternal.  One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations, constitutes the brotherhood of man [so there is no coveting], ends wars, fulfils the Scripture, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry [Second Commandment], — whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes, annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed.” (S&H 340:15)
            If you obey the First Commandment then you will have no problem obeying the following nine Commandments!
            AT THIS POINT we leave the Mother controlling thou shalt not Commandments for the BRANCH self-governing Tenets of acknowledgment (to recognize the validity of) and one solemn promise.


FIRST TENET – “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.” (Church Manual, p. 15)  The reason why these Six Tenets are meant for the BRANCH, as well as, for the world is because Mary Baker Eddy also placed them in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.

S&H CHAPTER 11 – “Some Objections Answered”
            The red “dragon persecutes the woman on earth:  Only wholeness and consistency (characterizing the true identity of mankind) will succeed in answering the world’s objections to Christian Science.  Fragmentation, detached parts, personal factions, misunderstandings, are fundamentally the work of occultism, and are the dragon’s foremost weapons in impeding world salvation.  Subjection to the oneness of Principle – fidelity to the Word of God, signified by the wholeness of Science and Health – answers and annuls personal, outside objections based on dislocated parts.  The word ‘persecute’ is from a root meaning ‘to follow.’  Following personality, instead of following (understanding) Principle for oneself, leads to monopoly and occultation, in which one celestial body obscures the light of another.  Both the eleventh chapter and (by implication) {‘}The Apocalypse’s{’} eleventh section teach that when ‘a drop of water is one with the ocean,’ and ‘a ray of light one with the sun, harmony reigns and disagreements are no more.  Everything constituting the divine Word is forever in context with everything else.”[22]
            Although, I agree with Mr. Brown, there is a danger in “not following” Mary Baker Eddy’s estoppel clauses in the Church Manual!  Is it a trick of the red dragon to get Mary Baker Eddy’s followers (congregation; students) to not follow her because they have been told (by the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism) that Mary Baker Eddy is not the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, that she is not the woman God-crowned (Rev. 12), that she is not the second witness (Rev. 11) or the angel with a little book open (Rev. 10).  Error tells them that the reason why she is not any of this is because she is just an little old grey-haired lady who died on December 3, 1910.  So because the red dragon denies the Truth (via its flood of false propaganda about the woman) then the congregation refuses to follow her explicit directions in the Church Manual (the estoppel clauses) via the fearful suggestion that in doing so that they will idolize the personality of Mrs. Eddy?  But oddly enough, they are not afraid to worship the personality of five Boston Board of Directors!

SG-11 – HARVESTED SHEAF OF WHEAT KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 569:29-570:7) is where the dragon sees that he is cast unto the earth, so he persecutes the woman God-crowned on earth, who brought forth the man child.  I ask, “What is the world’s greatest objection to?”  It is not Christian Science as a religion, it is not to the many Christian Science churches, its’ biggest objection is to the spiritual idea presented in SCIENCE AND HEALTH by Mary Baker Eddy, the biggest objection by far is to Mary Baker Eddy being God’s chosen spiritual idea – the feminine representative of the Christ.  Mary Baker Eddy is the Revelator and her writings are her Revelation.  If you do not accept the Revelator then how can you possibly accept the Revelation?  Thus, if there is an objection to SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES it is because there is an objection to Mary Baker Eddy.  What is the “Apathy to occultism” she is speaking of in S&H 570:1-7?  Occult means “to hide” or “hidden;” and Revelation, as well as Apocalypse, means, “to reveal, to uncover”, specifically, to “uncover hell.”  The devil, which is the Christian Science ecclesiastical despotic church hierarchy, has hidden the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy to the world!  They have threatened Christian Scientists, who speak Truth about Mary Baker Eddy, with punishment or excommunication.  Or they use an authoritative tone to imply to the person, who knows the actual Truth about Mary Baker Eddy, that they are wrong!  This is why Mary Baker Eddy referred to Christian Science as the devil (a red dragon), for it is the woman’s own followers who wage the biggest war against her.  The BIBLE speaks prophecy about Mary Baker Eddy.  Are Christian Scientists who reject her place in Bible prophecy accepting the BIBLE as their “sufficient guide to eternal Life”?  Sufficient means:  “enough to meet the needs of a situation or a proposed end; qualified, competent.”[23]
            One of Joseph’s dreams was about sheaves of wheat belonging to his eleven brothers who bowed down to him.  This was a prophecy of when Joseph became second under the King of Egypt and there was to be a famine.  So his brothers came to Egypt and bowed down to Joseph, whom they failed to recognize as their brother, because he was the man in charge of the wheat!  However, this prophecy dream meant more than just fulfilling the needs of his hungry family.  It was prophecy of the woman God-crowned.
            Remember the coat that Jacob (Israel) gave to Joseph?  It was a coat of many colors (a rainbow of colors).  In the BIBLE such coats were given to women!  Thus Joseph prefigured the woman God-crowned.  We are in the eleventh section of our Unity Matrix and Joseph was Jacob’s eleventh son.  “Joseph.  A corporeal mortal; a higher sense of Truth rebuking mortal belief, or error, and showing the immortality and supremacy of Truth; pure affection blessing its enemies.” (S&H 589:19)  Does not this definition describe Mary Baker Eddy also?  The answer is, “Yes.”
            Joseph also relates to the Boston Extension because Joseph actually means “extension.”  It also means, “God will add; God will increase.”  After the Concord Branch is built the city foursquare is finished, then the Extension can be completed.  However, like her adopted son Benny, the Extension becomes Mary Baker Eddy’s sorrow.  “And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.  Which of you convinceth me of sin?  And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? – Jesus.” (S&H 341)
            “The strictures on this volume would condemn to oblivion the truth, which is raising up thousands from helplessness to strength and elevating them from a theoretical to a practical Christianity.  These criticisms are generally based on detached sentences or clauses separated from their context.  Even the Scriptures, which grow in beauty and consistency from one grand root, appear contradictory when subjected to such usage.  Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God’ [Truth].” (S&H 341:1)
            “The statement that the teachings of Christian Science in this work are ‘absolutely false, and the most egregious fallacies ever offered for acceptance,’ is an opinion wholly do to a misapprehension both of the divine Principle and practice of Christian Science and to a consequent inability to demonstrate this Science.  Without this understanding, no one is capable of impartial or correct criticism, because demonstration and spiritual understanding are God’s immortal keynotes, proved to be such by our Master and evidenced by the sick who are cured and by the sinners who are reformed.” (S&H 355:20)


SECOND TENET – “We acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God.  We acknowledge His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God’s image and likeness.”  (C.M. p. 15)  This is a spiritualized Holy Trinity; it is also the three Comings, or Advents, of Christ.  1 – Jesus, 2 – Mary Baker Eddy with Christian Science (Christianity as Science), 3 – Martha – BRANCH – (generic) man in God’s image [manhood] and likeness [womanhood] united as one.

S&H CHAPTER 12 – “Christian Science Practice”
            Yet “the earth helps the woman {who is Mary Baker Eddy}:  Christian Science healing brings regeneration.  ‘The prisoner rose up regenerated,’ says this twelfth chapter of the textbook.  Regeneration involves spiritual consistency and wholeness of outlook in which subject and object, us and them, are one in identity, and not two.  Every part of the healthy Christ-body works in harmony with every other part.  This implies love, the essence of Christian Science practice, and the opposite of mental malpractice.  In the measure that Principle is practised, the earth helps the woman instead of objecting to her.  Earth swallows up the dragon’s flood of mental malpractice in the measure that the spiritual idea is understood through love and regeneration.  Mankind (earth) finds itself to be the woman – discovers that it is generic man, the spiritual idea of God – and is no longer in opposition to its own being.
            “According to ‘The Apocalypse’s’ twelfth section, ‘“Love one another” (I John, iii.23), is the most simple and profound counsel’ of John the Revelator.  We read in this same epistle of John:  ‘We know that we have passed from death into life, because we love the brethren.’  Through the practice of love in Christian Science, the body passes from death to life and is therefore regenerated.”[24]
            Again, while I do not deny that the woman is symbolically mankind (generic man, the spiritual idea of God) this section of Revelation specifically points to Mary Baker Eddy.  How can mankind realize the Truth about itself when it denies Mary Baker Eddy the same right?

SG-12 – THE BIG DIPPER KEYSTONE – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 570:8-572:2) where the earth swallows up the red dragon’s flood (false propaganda about Mary Baker Eddy).  In the Seventh Day of Love (the Seventh Star-Flower depicted in the Keystone window) corrects the flow of the red dragon’s flood, its false course, by speaking the truth about Mary Baker Eddy.  In fact, the earth is given a feminine pronoun (“the earth [“a compound idea” (S&H 585:8) having no beginning (material birth) or ending (material death).] opened her mouth” [Rev. 12:16])!
            “What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea?  He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night.  In this age [of Aquarius] the earth will help the woman, the spiritual idea will be understood [Mary Baker Eddy will be explained by Science].  Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks.  The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave.
            “When God heals the sick or the sinning, they should know the great benefit which Mind has wrought.  They should also know the great delusion of mortal mind, when it makes them sick or sinful.  Many are willing to open the eyes of the people to the powers of good resident in divine Mind, but they are not so willing to point out the evil in human thought, and expose evil’s hidden mental ways of accomplishing iniquity.
            “Why this backwardness, since exposure is necessary to ensure the avoidance of the evil?  Because people like you better when you tell them their virtues than when you tell them their vices.  It requires the spirit of our blessed Master to tell a man his faults, and so risk human displeasure for the sake of doing right and benefiting our race.  Who is telling mankind of the foe in ambush [the hidden red dragon of the occult]?  Is the informer one who sees the foe?  If so, listen and be wise.  Escape from evil, and designate those as unfaithful stewards [a Board of Directors with five members?] who have seen the danger and yet have given no warning.” (S&H 570:22-571:14)
            “Love fulfils the law of Christian Science, and nothing short of this divine Principle, understood and demonstrated, can ever furnish the vision [consisting of seven Visions] of the Apocalypse, open the seven seals of error with Truth, or uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness, and death.  Under the supremacy of Spirit, it will be seen and acknowledged that matter must disappear.” (S&H 572:12)
            The following sentence is the last paragraph of “Christian Science Practice”.  “Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake.” (S&H 442:30)  With this law of practice we can spiritually understand that we are our own BRANCH Church that we are self-governed by Principle, divine Love.
            We now leave the outer cycle with its twelve SON (SUN) Stars of Jacob (divine Science) and enter into the hub or center of our Wheel or STARGATE MATRIX where spiritual rebirth takes place.



I made the matrix, seen above, years ago.  I have it moving clockwise instead of counterclockwise and I have the East Side on the right side instead of the left side and the West Side on the left side instead of the right side.  If I were to do it today I would do it differently to where it moved counterclockwise.  As it is, I have it representing the twenty-four hours in a day.


THIRD TENET – “We acknowledge God’s forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding [Third Degree (S&H 116)] that casts out evil as unreal.  But the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts.” (C.M. p. 15)

S&H CHAPTER 13 – “Teaching Christian Science”
            A “new heaven and new earth:  The thirteenth section of ‘The Apocalypse,’ correlative with the textbook’s thirteenth chapter, opens with the words:  ‘The Revelator had not yet passed the transitional stage in human experience called death, but he already saw a new heaven and a new earth.’  John has learned to ‘love the brethren’ spiritually and scientifically, and his thought, in consequence, has passed ‘from death to life.’  In the words of Jesus he is ‘born again.’  The ‘scientific obstetrics’ (S&H 463) involved in this new birth enable him to teach Christian Science in accordance with the thirteenth chapter.  His ‘present possibility’ is absolute Christian Science, in which past, present, and future are one.  Heaven and earth are one and indivisible.  The new heaven and new earth of Revelation 21:1 are the original heaven and earth of Genesis 1:1.  In neither case is there any ‘sea.’  Earth is heaven-born, not sea-born.  The mythical concept of ‘sea’ as the ‘mother of all living {Eve},’ with its accompanying sense of time, has passed into oblivion through the operation of divine obstetrics (spiritual education), or the realization that man has his origin in God.  Man is indeed the holy foursquare city (the Bride, the Word) which comes down from God out of heaven, as presented in the next section of the chapter.”[25]

SG-13 – NORTH SIDE OF SCIENCE AND HEALTH (and 6 PETALS OF THE NEW JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE [SUNFLOWER] MATRIX [S&H 465:8-468:15]) – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 572:18-574:2) with the new heaven and new earth, and no more sea (Rev. 21:1).
            The New Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) now comes into play with the Word of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  The twenty-four petals correlate with “Teaching Christian Science” ethics first and then follows with the New Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix laid out in CHAPTER 14 – “Recapitulation” with SCIENCE AS THE CHRIST, then “Genesis” teaches the Seven Days with SCIENCE AS CHRISTIANITY, and finally “The Apocalypse” teaches the STARGATE Matrix with SCIENCE AS SCIENCE.  Each side, or chapter, has six petals belonging to the New Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix’s “Recapitulation”.  The final petal (and page) being the location for the Six Tenets in SCIENCE AND HEALTH!
            Likewise, “Teaching Christian Science” presents the Inner Branch of the Golden Candlestick with Soul and Life (new heaven [Soul] and new earth [Life]).  Here we are on the level of absolute Christian Science.  “Recapitulation” presents the Middle Branch of the Golden Candlestick with Spirit and Truth with the city foursquare.  Here we are on the level of divine Science.  “Genesis” presents the Outer Branch of the Golden Candlestick with Mind and Love, with the city of our God.  Here we are on the level of Christian Science.  And finally, “The Apocalypse” presents the Trunk of the Golden Candlestick with Principle and the 23rd Psalm.  Here we are on the level of Science itself.

            The first question/answer (petal) of the New Jerusalem Sunflower presents the Word order, the one most commonly known, for the seven synonymous terms for God.  It is also the Science order.  It is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.  It was John W. Doorly who came up with the Golden Candlestick to present the Science order.  The synonyms are presented the same way, each a light to the seven candlesticks, but Mind and Love are tied together in the tone of Christianity, Spirit and Truth are tied together in the tone of the Christ, Soul and Life are tied together in the tone of the Word, and finally, Principle (as the trunk) represents the tone of Science.
            “…St. John’s corporeal sense of the heavens and earth had vanished, and in place of this false sense was the spiritual sense, the subjective state by which he could see the new heaven and new earth, which involve the spiritual idea and consciousness of reality.  This is Scriptural authority for concluding that such a recognition of being is, and has been, possible to men in this present state of existence, — that we can become conscious, here and now, of a cessation of death, sorrow, and pain [sin].  This is indeed a foretaste of absolute Christian Science.  Take heart, dear sufferer, for this reality of being will surely appear sometime and in some way.  There will be no more pain, and all tears will be wiped away.  When you read this, remember Jesus’ words, ‘The kingdom of God is within you [within your conscious thought].’  This spiritual consciousness is therefore a present possibility.” (S&H 573:17-574:2)


FORTH TENET – “We acknowledge Jesus’ atonement as the evidence of divine, efficacious Love, unfolding man’s unity with God through Christ Jesus the Wayshower; and we acknowledge that man is saved through Christ, through Truth, Life, and Love [three Christ Advents?] as demonstrated by the Galilean Prophet in healing the sick [with Life] and overcoming sin [with Truth] and death [with Love].”  (C.M. p. 15-16)

S&H CHAPTER 14 – “Recapitulation”
            The “city foursquare:  Thus the city has heavenly foundations.  In the opening section of ‘The Apocalypse,’ the ‘little book’ (Science and Health) likewise has feet, or foundations.  These ‘foundations of Truth and Love’ are the two fundamental categories of synonymous terms for God:  the seven of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, as stated in the fourteenth chapter ‘Recapitulation,’ and the four of the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science, which define the four sides of the holy city in this fourteenth section of ‘The Apocalypse.’  One of these feet has dominion over the sea, the other over the earth.  They teach that earth is born of God out of heaven, not out of the dragon’s sea.  The system of capitalization in Christian Science denotes man coming forth directly from the Word which is God, thus being the Christ, Christianity, Science.  Herein lies the divine method of education, or teaching.  ‘Recapitulation’ is the chapter in the textbook on which Mary Baker Eddy based all primary instruction in Christian Science.
            “The ‘city foursquare’ in this section of ‘The Apocalypse’ is specifically the city of divine Science.  It is the ‘bride’ which the Father gives away for each individual to make his own.  In this sense the city of divine Science is, as the text says, ‘our city.’  Man’s timeless present having appeared in the previous section (with its reference to absolute Christian Science), divine Science represents the eternal source and origin of every moment of his being.  As cited earlier, the ‘divine Science which ushered Jesus into human presence’ is ‘the spiritual origin of man’ (S&H 325:27).”[26]

SG-14 – EAST SIDE OF SCIENCE AND HEALTH AND THE NEW JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE’S SIX CHRIST PETALS (468:16-472:22) – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 574:3-576:8) with the city foursquare that is the New Jerusalem artichoke matrix, as well as, divine Science.  (Rev. 21:9 – has one of the 7 angels [7 stars of the 7 churches] with 7 vials of 7 last plagues; this angel shows John the bride, the Lamb’s wife)
            The angel presented in this Text is possibly Martha, the Seventh Angel that resides over the Seventh Day of Love.  While the Bride, the Word of God, is the New Jerusalem (city of peace).  This section allows the readers their spiritual wedlock with God.  Is not the woman God-crowned not only the author of the little book open (located in the hub of the cult-wheel [the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting]) but also the woman who is clothed with the Sunflower that is New Jerusalem?  Behold the Lamb’s wife!  “Love wedded to its own spiritual idea.” (S&H 575:3).  It is here, in SG-14, that Mary Baker Eddy describes the city foursquare with the divine infinite calculus and our four Major Stargates of the North Star, Daystar (Venus), Acrux, and the Moon, although these are my interpretations of the four Major Stargates outside the OPEN BIBLE, MADONNA AND CHILD, CROSS OF CALVARY, and THE GOLDEN SHORE OF LOVE AND THE PEACEFUL SEA OF HARMONY [TRANQUILITY] KEYSTONE windows.
            It is at this point that the Bride city descends from heaven, or “comes down from God, out of heaven.”  This is “the spiritual outpouring of bliss and glory, which he [St. John] describes as the city which ‘lieth foursquare.’  The beauty of this text is, that the sum total of human misery, represented by the seven angelic vials full of seven plagues, has full compensation in the law of Love.  Not this, — that the very message, or swift-winged thought, which poured forth hatred and torment, brought also the experience which at last lifted the seer to behold the great city, the four equal sides of which were heaven-bestowed and heaven bestowing.” (S&H 574:14-24)

The Way (colorized by me – the lion is by the pond and cattle are on the hill).

Spiritual wedlock
            “Think of this, dear reader, for it will lift the sackcloth from your eyes, and you will behold the soft-winged dove [divine Science, the Bride] descending upon you [Although it may be difficult to see, there is a descending dove in the Illustration of THE WAY above.].  The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.  Then thought gently whispers:  ‘Come hither!  Arise from your false consciousness into the true sense of Love, and behold the Lamb’s wife—Love wedded to its own spiritual idea.’  Then cometh the marriage feast, for the revelation will destroy forever the physical plagues imposed by material sense.” (S&H 574:25-575:6)
            This city has foundations and its “description is metaphoric.  Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.” (S&H 575:13-14)  “The four sides of our city are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science [not Christian Science or absolute Christian Science, or Science itself]; ‘and the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day:  for there shall be no night there.’  This city is wholly spiritual, as its four sides indicate.” (S&H 575:17-21)
            On page 575:22-576:2 Mary Baker Eddy describes the royal divine gates, what I have presented to you as the Four Major Stargates.
           “This heavenly city, lighted by the Sun [flower] of Righteousness [Daniel], — this New Jerusalem [artichoke matrix], this infinite All, which to us seems hidden in the mist [center or hub] of remoteness [secluded or solitary as a single sunflower], — reached St. John’s vision while yet he tabernacled with mortals.” (S&H 576:3)
            The Six Petal Questions of “Recapitulation” for the tone of the Word are:  What is God?  Are these terms synonymous?  Is there more than one God or Principle?  What are spirits and souls?  What are the demands of the Science of Soul?  What is the scientific statement of being?  (S&H 465:8–468:15)
            The Six Petal Questions of “Recapitulation” for the tone of the Christ are:  What is substance?  What is Life?  What is intelligence?  What is Mind?  Are doctrines and creeds a benefit to man?  What is error?  (S&H 468:16-472:22)
            The Six Petal Questions of “Recapitulation” for the tone of Christianity are:  Is there no sin?  What is man?  What are body and Soul?  Does brain think, and do nerves feel, and is there intelligence in matter?  Is it important to understand these explanations in order to heal the sick?  Does Christian Science, or metaphysical healing, include medication, material hygiene, mesmerism, hypnotism, theosophy, or spiritualism? (S&H 472:23-484:27)
            The Six Petal Questions of “Recapitulation” for the tone of Science are:  Is materiality the concomitant of spirituality, and is material sense a necessary preliminary to the understanding and expression of Spirit?  You speak of belief.  Who or what is it that believes?  Do the five corporeal senses constitute man?  Will you explain sickness and show how it is to be healed?  How can I progress most rapidly in the understanding of Christian Science?  Have Christian Scientists any religious creed?  (S&H 484:28-)


FIFTH TENET – “We acknowledge that the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection served to uplift faith to understand eternal Life, even the allness of Soul, Spirit, and the nothingness of matter [Adam dream].” (C.M. p. 16)

S&H CHAPTER 15 – “Genesis”
            The “city of our God:  The ‘City of our God’ (fifteenth section) is specifically the city of Christian Science.  Science, bestowed in its oneness and undividedness as divine Science (“our city”), is the gift to us all of our everlasting individuality as man.  Through Christian Science, we give this individuality back where it belongs.  We acknowledge that it constitutes the indivisibility of ‘our God.’  ‘To-day and forever’ are the words used to describe the city of Christian Science in this fifteenth section of the text.  Involved is the ‘perfectibility of God’s creation.’  ‘Perfectibility’ is ‘the capability of becoming or being made perfect’ (SRD).  The forever unfoldment of man’s present perfection as the city (body) of our God solves every human problem.  That is to say, nothing can ever enter this body which ‘defileth…or maketh a lie.’
            “There is ‘no temple [tempus, time] therein.’  Correspondingly, the seven {I say six} days of creation {and the sabbath} which begin the fifteenth chapter, ‘Genesis,’ can ‘never be reckoned according to the calendar of time’ (S&H 520:11).  This ‘spiritual, holy habitation,’ in which ‘male and female are no longer two wedded individuals, but…two individual natures in one,’ is quite unlike the world of Adam and Eve as described in the second part of ‘Genesis.’”[27]

            “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 576:8-577:31) about the city of our God (Christian Science) on Revelation 21:22 where there is no more material body or material organized church temple to worship in.  The term Lord has progressed through the Seven Days from Mind, to Spirit, to Soul, to Principle, to Life, and to Truth with Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, but this belongs to the 19th century and big portion of the 20th century only.  The Sabbath, Seventh Day of Love, belongs to the Lord’s elevation to the total deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration.  (See S&H 576:28-30.)
            This Seventh Day transfiguration of the Lord does not take place until the SIXTEENTH STARGATE in the same way that the Seventh Day is separated from the other Six Days in Genesis.  The Six Days make up the body of Genesis 1 and the Seventh Day is found at the beginning of Genesis 2.
            Going back to the city of our God, Mary Baker Eddy depicts it with four cardinal points.  Thus, while the city foursquare (with the FOUR MAJOR STARS) depicts an X cross, the city of our God presents us with a + cross.  Together they form the Holy City.  Also, the city of our God presents the tone of Christian Science while the city foursquare presents the tone of divine Science.
            When will there be no temple, as John saw it?  When the Church Manual estoppel clauses are obeyed.  Mary Baker Eddy explains the reasoning for no temple as follows:  “no material structure in which to worship God, for He must be worshiped in spirit and in love.” (S&H 576:12-14)

Colorized by me.

            The human sense of Deity as the Lord God Jehovah “yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, — as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.  The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, — to the perfectibility of God’s creation.
The city of our God
            “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit [no walls of material organization], but its four cardinal points are:  first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history; fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar.  This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved must walk in this light.  Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open towards light and glory both within [individuality] and without [collectivity], for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, …or maketh a lie.’” (S&H 576:31-577:27)
            WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK is a Rose Window, it is like the compass rose on a map.  Thus, with the city of our God we have the whole of the world to include in our Kingdom of God (within and without as subjective and objective thought).
            The Garden of Eden symbolized the material body and church organization.  It represented a church that was closed in (physically limited) by four walls.  But divine Mind is omnipresent and there can be no outside world that is stranger to man.  The Hebrew people limited their God to a certain part of the world, it was not until Jesus came, with Christianity, that God was found to be unlimited, found to be omnipresent.  Could it be this simple, that if the United States of America, its citizens, became one with God and Christian Science and was taught how to mentally and physically protect our country that President Donald J. Trump would not need to build a boarder wall?  Walls are for protection.  So long as you believe you have something “out there” that you need to be protected from you will have walls.  Walls are used to keep things out.  So in this way, walls are good, mentally speaking.  We need to have our inner walls in place so that we do not take in mortal mind’s lies and the red dragon’s angels.  Do you really think that our country is ready to have no boarder wall when the Leftists treat their fellow Americans; that they disagree with, in such a hostile, hateful manner?  How can the United States of America be safe from illegal immigrants when there is such hate in the Leftist’s attitude toward Conservatives?  Groups like Antifa are so violent and hateful that they are more like fascists than the people Antifa attack are.  Antifa is really the anti-Christ.  When a group of protesters begin to riot they are not full of love, rather, they are full of hate.  If they were feeling love they would never riot, they would never yell at or say dirty cuss words to others, they would never break windows with stones or bricks, they would never burn buildings, never jump upon police cars.  No, instead they are violent, and violence has no love in it, not one iota.


SIXTH TENET – “And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us [the Golden Rule]; and to be merciful, just, and pure [manifest Love].” (C.M. p. 16)

S&H CHAPTER 16 – “The Apocalypse”
            David’s “Psalm XXIII:  When the textbook’s sixteen chapters have culminated in ‘The Apocalypse,’ and {‘}The Apocalypse’s{’} sixteen sections have attained their climax in the 23rd Psalm, the point is reached where ‘DIVINE LOVE’ is every man’s ‘shepherd,’ and therefore there is no want.  Together, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures typify the shepherd, pastor, and leader of the universal sheepfold of man.  The tone is Science as Science, where, in the survey carried out in this book, the matrix of immortality has unfolded fully for the eighth time.  Its resources are unexpendable, inexhaustible, instantly available everywhere at once.
            “Substituting ‘DIVINE LOVE’ for ‘the Lord’ in the 23rd Psalm gives, we are told, the ‘incorporeal or spiritual sense of Deity.’  This ‘spiritual sense’ regarding one particular Bible term thereafter applies to the Scriptures as a whole as represented by the ‘Glossary.’
            “Let us note carefully the method of capitalization used in this final section of ‘The Apocalypse,’ indicating, as it must, the essential workings of the textbook as a whole, and therefore of Christian Science.  In the Bible, man’s ‘shepherd’ is ‘the Lord.’  The ‘Lord’ is Jehovah,’ and Jehovah (as we learn from the previous fifteenth section) is the ‘human sense of Deity,’ which must, ‘through spiritual transfiguration’ yield to the ‘divine sense.’  This transfiguring is represented as having taken place in the sixteenth and last section, in the 23rd Psalm, where the ‘sense’ is ‘DIVINE LOVE.’
            “Humanity is accorded its ultimate divinity.  The uncapitalized word ‘love’ is fully capitalized as ‘LOVE,’ {but they show as all small caps in S&H} and is written ‘Love’ only when the larger capital is needed to begin a sentence.  Man is found in God.  He is possessed of God, and does not possess himself.  Man is not God, but God and man are indissolubly one.  ‘Our city’ (fourteenth section) {the X cross} is indeed the ‘city of our God’ (fifteenth section) {the + cross}.  The human is transfigured, and the body (temple) is resurrected.  Like Jesus at the transfiguration, and at the resurrection, man, the idea of God is, was, and ever will be abundantly sustained by the Science of his own being.  He is the Word of God declaring itself.  He is what I am {am is supposed to be small capital letters}.”[28]

SG-16 – WEST SIDE OF SCIENCE AND HEALTH AND THE NEW JERUSALEM ARTICHOCK’S SIX SCIENCE PETALS OF THE NEW JERUSALEM ARTICHOCK MATRIX (S&H 484:28-497:27) – “The Apocalypse” section (S&H 577:32-578:18) is when man does not want.  This is the Seventh Day of Love when the 23rd Psalm has one word showing “through faintly the light which Christian Science throws on the Scriptures [BIBLE] by substituting for the corporeal sense [Adam], the incorporeal or spiritual sense of Deity [Christ]”.
            The Lord (God Jehovah) is finally transfigured into Love – presented in the seven-fold tone of the seven synonymous terms following the Word and Science orders.  All of the following interpolations belong to Mary Baker Eddy.


MIND – [Divine Love] is my shepherd; I shall not want.
SPIRIT – [Love] maketh me to lie down in green pastures:  [love[29]] leadeth me beside the still waters.
SOUL – [Love] restoreth my soul [spiritual sense]:
PRINCIPLE – [love] leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
LIFE – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:  for [love] is with me; [love’s] rod and [love’s] staff they comfort me.
TRUTH – [Love] prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:  [love] anointeth my head with oil, my cup runneth over.
LOVE – Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [love] for ever.  (S&H 578:6-18)

            “Thus, in the wake of the resurrection, Christ Jesus revealed to the disciples ‘in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.’  Likewise, the Christian Science Textbook unlocks in the Scriptures, from beginning to end, the birthless, deathless truth of man.”[30]
            I feel that there is a reason why Mary Baker Eddy only presents three sections of Revelation in her Sixteenth Chapter “The Apocalypse”.  She interprets the sections of Revelation that specifically point to her God-crowned mission.  First she presents the angel of Revelation 10 that descends to earth from heaven with the Word of God – “a little book open,” then the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12 is defined for she is the feminine representative of the Christ-Truth, the second advent of the Christ, and finally the Holy Bride City of Revelation 21 that embraces the whole of Christianity.  Mary Baker Eddy finishes off the Sixteenth Chapter with the 23rd Psalm of Science.  What is the Science?  That we have no more want because we spiritually understand (Third Degree) that God is Love, or Mother Hood (consciousness) reflects and manifests God as Love as LOVE.  When we LOVE we find there is no more want.  A thief does not take things from his neighbor when he realizes that he is the recipient of God’s Love.  Likewise, a man does not kill others when he is LOVE.  There is no reason to turn against God, no reason to hate one’s neighbor or want to possess that neighbor’s belongings.  Remember the Sixth Tenet:  “And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us [the Golden Rule]; and to be merciful, just, and pure [manifest Love].” (C.M. p. 16)
            What is the KEY of David?  It is simply this – to be LOVE!!!

[1] I am presenting the “reflecting” part on this first STARGATE only, as it gives the idea that when I say the Word as the Christ (and so on) that you can understand it means the Word reflecting the Christ (and so on).

[2] [All of my interpolations for SCIENCE AND HEALTH will be in these types of brackets.]  However, Mary Baker Eddy has her own interpolations.  When they are her interpolations I will note this with footnotes.

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