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Month: March, 2016

Only One Christ

Reply to a Comment

            I recently (March 2016) received a comment about Mary Baker Eddy being called Christ. The writer quoted from page 75 of Pulpit and Press, “But to think or speak of me in any manner as a Christ, is sacrilegious. Such a statement would not only be false, but the absolute antipode of Christian Science, and would savor more of heathenism than of my doctrines.” To present my reply I will first quote pages 74 and 75 of P&P (without any quote marks from me) and then comment on it. First off, let me explain that Mary Baker Eddy was speaking to the mortal minded world in the article so she had to hide her place in Bible prophecy.

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Watter’s World on Easter

     On March 24, 2016 on The O’Reiley Factor there was a segment of Watter’s World on the topic of Easter.  Jesse Watters asked some folks what Easter was all about.  There was a black woman who came close to the right answer, but even she did not explain the whole story.  She said that Easter had to do with the opening of a mother’s womb (fertility).  Today it is of more importance that Christian’s celebrate Easter as the opening of the tomb (resurrection).

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