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Publication by THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE STANDARD, July 1, 1997

            The only quotation marks in this post will be those marks found in the original publication.  Although this issue is copyrighted (1997) the author, Stanley L. Larkin, is no longer here.  However, the Endtime Center is still up and running.  If any of them have issue with me printing the following then they can let me know and I will withdraw it as a post.  The main reason why I am posting it is because I feel that it is very important to present its message to the world again (over 20 years later).  I have other posts with some of the same material from the article by Mary Baker Eddy.
            {I will use these brackets for any interpolations I may make.}

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Prophecy Dreams

Mental Movies from Early March to June 22, 1996

            I had a mental movie (a dream) where I was feeding my son a banana.  I peeled it open; inside the fruit sprouted another banana.  Then a construction worker came in and took the banana out of my hand and fed it to my mother-in-law.
            To eat a banana by peeling it means that you eat it tail first.  To me this meant that I needed to have demonstrations by depending only upon SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES by Mary Baker Eddy.  The last chapter of this book is “Fruitage” and it is all about healing testimonies that have taken place to those who read the book only.

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    On the November 5, 2015 episode of The Big Bang Theory they had Leonard Nemoy’s son on.  He was interviewing Sheldon for the documentary he was making to remember his father and his character Spock from Star Trek.
    Sheldon gave his childhood experiences of what Spock meant to him as a child.  It was quite humorous, as it should have been.  But it got me thinking, that I would like to tell you what my childhood experiences of Spock were.  When the show aired I was in Junior High, and I really did not watch the show, even though I was aware of it.  It was not until it was broadcast in reruns, when I was in High School, that I began to watch the show.

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