Egypt’s Great Pyramid and Sphinx and God’s Two Witnesses

by MJSmith


     The reason why I am going to speak about these three topics in this one article is because I just received a copy of The Individual Christian Scientist – Volume XXXVII – Number 4 for April 2013 (its abbreviation is T.I.C.S.).  These three topics are spoken about in this pamphlet.  I will quote from the pamphlet and also comment upon it.  I am not sure that all things spoken of about the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are actually correct in Doris Grekel’s articles.  I am not concerned with the correctness (according to history); I am actually concerned about the symbolism of it all.  The fact that God is divine Mind, the only Mind that there is or ever has been, does mean that God is behind everything good that has been created.  Man only believes himself to be a creator of things.  So I feel that the symbolism behind these great creations are directly from Mind (God) via His-Her angel thoughts and it is the angel thoughts that come to man who created the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me (on the Side of Light)

Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me (on the Side of Light)

     In Christ and Christmas, by Mary Baker Eddy, the time on the Grandfather clock’s hands, in the above illustration, points to Revelation 5:1-5 (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the clock).

Grandfather Clock

     The girl that is sitting in the foursquare chair and the pyramid of divine light is the receptacle of this light (she is willing to receive Truth).  The spiritual light that shines down upon her is from the Morning Star.  She is a child of Israel.  “The representative” “of Soul, not corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having wrestled with error, sin, and sense [like Jacob-Israel did],” is “governed by divine Science”. (S&H 583:5-8)  She is also “The spiritual thought” ideal “and representative” “of Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 582:28)  Each one of us has the capability of being this child, however, the first perfect child model (for the endtime) is Mary Baker.
     The girl in the seventh illustration sits within the pyramid of spiritual enlightenment that is poured forth from the seven-pointed star of Venus, a.k.a., the Morning Star.  However, because this woman-child holds the Woman’s Textbook (her manchild) we have reason to believe that the girl may not be Mary Baker Eddy at all.  I can honestly say this because the same light pours down upon the actual Mary Baker Glover in the following illustration from Christ and Christmas.

Seeking and Finding (colorized by me)

Seeking and Finding (colorized by me)

     In Seeking and Finding Mary Baker Glover (not yet Eddy) is the receptacle for the spiritual enlightenment shining down upon her from the Morning Star (Mary Baker Eddy’s Morning Stars have seven points of light instead of the usual five points of light).  The hands on the Grandmother’s clock point us to Revelation 12:1-5 (five minutes on the clock).

Grand Mother's Clock

Our Grand Mother’s Clock

     Because of these two illustrations we have reason to accept that there are two different appearances of Truth – one as Mary Baker Eddy and one as the girl that I call Martha Jones-Smith.  Mary Baker Glover has the OPEN BIBLE – it is her job to decode the Bible.  The girl has the OPEN SCIENCE AND HEALTH – it is her job to decode Science and Health.  But I do not personalize the girl as being me – but rather – she is a type of spiritual understanding that comes to all who study the Bible and the Christian Science Textbook via the matrix patterns and symbols.  It is, however, an actual fact that Venus traversed the sun twice during Mary Baker Eddy’s lifetime and twice during my own lifetime and I do feel this means something and is of importance.  It means that the spiritual light for the third advent of Christ has come to mankind in the twenty-first century (Venus did not transit the sun at all during the twentieth century).
     As already mentioned, Venus traversed the sun twice during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission.  The first was in December 1874 – just before she began writing the final chapter of the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  In Seeking and Finding there is a skylight window.  This skylight was in Mary’s attic room at Number 8 Broad Street that she deeded on March 31, 1875.  Venus (shining down Science) shines through the window skylight located on the South side (the cardinal point for Christianity) of the house.  The illustration visually depicts the fact that Mary Baker Eddy is the receptacle receiving Mother Love’s divine light.  It also depicts the period when she handles the serpent by writing “Healing the Sick”.
     The second transit of Venus was in December 1882, about six to seven months after Asa G. Eddy had been mentally murdered.  It was during this particular summer that Mary Baker Eddy began to reveal to friends that she was the woman God-crowned from Revelation 12.  The year 1882 is also a year predicted, by some people, for the appearance of the second advent of Christ.
     “So shone the pale star to the prophet-shepherds [of Jesus’ Fifth Day of Life]; yet it traversed the night, and came where, in cradled obscurity, lay the Bethlehem babe, the human herald of Christ, Truth, who would make plain to benighted [darkened] understanding the way of salvation through Christ Jesus, till [until] across a night of error [known as the Dark Ages] should dawn the morning beams and shine the guiding star of being.  The Wisemen were led to behold and to follow this daystar of divine Science [the Morning Star], lighting the way to eternal harmony.” (S&H vii:4)
     In the twenty-first century Venus traversed the sun on June 8, 2004 and on June 5, 2012.  The book about Jesus’ bloodline heir (the Holy Grail) came out in 2003 and its movie came out in 2005.  The title of the book is The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown.  Before June 5, 2012 the book and movie The Hunger Games came out, again, the symbols of this movie point us to Mary Baker Eddy as our Forever Leader.  June 5, 2012 is the exact date that I began to publish my material upon Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science on this website.  Originally the date of June 6th had been predicted as the transit, however, the actual transit did take place on June 5th.
     What other proof do I have that there are two appointed female witnesses instead of just one?  Well, there are two woman Sentinels found on the cover for the Sentinel that Mary Baker Eddy designed.  Also, Mary Baker Eddy spoke of three different advents and gave us three names for these three advents.  These names are Jesus, Mary, and Martha!  I had begun to use the ghost name of Martha before I read about these three advents in a pamphlet sent out by the Christian Science Endtime Center.  (This article is printed in the red book Essays and Other Footprints, pages 47-49.)
     “Christian Scientists are not Second Adventists believing in the finite appearing of finite good.  Every loyal Scientist understands that the second coming of Christ is the next higher, hence, more spiritual revelation of God’s character.  The Christian era presented the first tangible idea of God’s character by its inspired man, Jesus.  The era of Christian Science ushers in through woman the second appearing of His character and this from the necessity of His nature as the Father and Mother of all, the creator, even the complete and ever-present idea of God.  Therefore, this era comes not through Jesus but through Mary [Baker Eddy], the type of womanhood and mother of its first and forever appearing which divine Science alone can give.  The third appearing of the spiritual idea of the character of God [which in the following paragraph is referred to as being Martha] will present but the disappearing of all else, and establish the supremacy of Spirit which obliterates the human sense of the divine, takes away all sense of matter and reveals the final fact that the idea, Christ, is not a materialized or finite man or woman, but is the infinite concept of infinite Mind.” (page 48)
     “All this is not the material Jesus, nor Mary [Baker Eddy], nor Martha [Jones-Smith], but the spiritual idea dwelling forever in the bosom of the Father-Mother God, because this idea is the link in being’s chain which unites indissolubly the Father and son, man and God.  The on-rushing centuries are declaring this idea higher and higher in the scale of being and will ere long yield to the sense of its ascendant glory.” (page 49)
     Taking all of this in mind and looking at illustration number 7 (Suffer the Children) we can tell that it is the Textbook being read and truly understood by its reader, who trusts as a child and has the faith of a child, that presents “the disappearing of all else [not of God’s creation], and establish the supremacy of Spirit.”
     Do I have other proof about the third coming of Christ?  I feel that I do and it is found in Mother’s Room of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  The bay window, with its three windows, points us to the three Christ advents.  The first window on the left side (while inside Mother’s Room) is The Star of Bethlehem.  This window points us to Jesus Christ’s advent (Jesus being the first witness).  This seven-pointed star is also the Morning Star (Venus).  Mary Baker Eddy gave this star another name – the Star of Boston.  So this window also points us to Mary Baker Eddy as the second witness who is depicted in the center window modeled after Seeking and Finding.  I call this window (as it is slightly different from the illustration in Christ and Christmas) ‘T is the Same Hand That Writes the Page.  We see the Star of Boston (Venus – the Morning Star) shining down on Mary Baker Eddy (God’s receptacle).  To the right of this window is Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me (modeled after the same titled illustration as seen above).  This time the Star shines down upon the girl – Martha (God’s receptacle).

Bay Window

The Symbol of the Lion

     The Lion is the first living creature spoken of in the Bible.  The lion also represents the Word or the Bride of Christ.  The following Tarot card depicts the Word, the Bride, for she holds the staff (wand) of the Word (which represents the Pillar of Severity), she sits between two lions, two lions are seen above her crowned head, and the black cat representing intellectualism, is at her feet (she has dominion over this false type of thinking, which is what Jericho symbolized in the Book of Joshua).   The Jerusalem artichoke (sunflower) represents the Pillar of Mercy.

Notice the lions at her side, symbolic of Judah and the Word.

Notice the lions at her side, symbolic of Judah and the Word.

The following is from T.I.C.S. (from page 3 and 5).


     John tells us in Revelation 5 that “the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book [the Bible], and to loose the seven seals [the seven skins of Adam, error, mortal mind] thereof.”

True Womanhood

     John recorded what was shown and told to him.  In Revelation 12 he saw “a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun”…”and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.”  He probably had no idea that the God-crowned Woman he saw “clothed with the sun” was also the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  [I have to disagree with Dorothy here, I think John did understand this very fact.]
     Jesus revealed to John that it was the spiritual strength of womanhood that would “open the book [the Bible].”  Centuries prior to John’s revelation Mind revealed to someone that the “lion” protecting, upholding and guarding God’s Truth of Being is Womanhood.  And all those centuries ago he depicted this guardian for all mankind for all the centuries to follow as a lioness with the head of a woman.  We call it the Sphinx.

An Enigma

     The Sphinx is an enigma to the world.  As a result mortal mind has created many myths about sphinxes.  But to the Christian Scientist who has begun to understand “the Lion of the tribe of Juda” the mystery of the guarding Sphinx begins to unfold as expressing the importance of Womanhood. [Stop pamphlet for now.]

     Because the Lion is the living creature for the Word we must accept that it is symbolic of Womanhood in that the Word is also referred to as the Bride.  “Purity and innocence, conceiving man in the idea of God; a sense of Soul, which has spiritual bliss and enjoys but cannot suffer.” (S&H 582:14)
     It is hard to say, however, that the Sphinx found in Giza originally had the head of a woman.  It may have originally had the head of a lion.  Most certainly the head we see today is that of a male pharaoh.  In fact, it is thought that the face resembles the head of a black man (because of its shape).  At one time the Sphinx had a nose and a beard, however, it is believed that the beard was added onto the Sphinx sometime during its history.
     “We have a sphinx in Egypt who has lost its nose.”
     “Oh, really, how does it smell?”
     “It sphinx!”
     (I apologize for that terrible joke, I could not resist!)
     There is, however, a statue sphinx of the Egyptian queen Hetepheres of the 4th Dynasty.  So it is not too far fetched of an idea that the Great Sphinx could have originally had the head of a woman.  It is a well-known fact that throughout history certain goddesses have been depicted as sitting or standing between two lions (symbolic of the sun) and at her feet is a bull’s[1] head (a symbol for the moon).  And it is this same symbolism that John presents in chapter 12 of Revelation.
     I read on the Internet that the Sphinx had a name that translated out as – Ra (the Egyptian sun god) of the two horizons.  To me this points to the sun, being that it rises in the East horizon and sets in the West horizon, but it also points to the planet Venus because not only is Venus called “Daystar” (just as our sun is) but Venus also has two horizons (like the sun does) for it is the Morning Star and the Evening Star.  Venus is also spotted in the South alongside the moon.
     It is also believed that the Great Sphinx points to the Astrological Age of Leo.  This Age took place some 12,000 years ago.  It is possible that the Sphinx is that old, but most modern archeologists are unwilling to admit this.  If it is true it is true, if not it does not really matter to me.  As I said, what is important is the symbolic meaning of the Sphinx.

The following is from page 5 of T.I.C.S.:


     Many years ago using the word pyramids in my writing caused the decision to digress to see what Mrs. Eddy had to say about pyramids.  She said nothing at all about pyramids!  Her only reference was to a singular pyramid.  In Christian Healing she writes:  “The only immortal superstructure is built on Truth; her modest tower rises slowly, but it stands and is the miracle of the hour, though it may seem to the age like the great pyramid of Egypt, — a miracle in stone.” (11:9)  That was my introduction to The Great Pyramid.
     Consulting the encyclopedias we had at that time gave only pyramids which were ancient tombs of kings.  Mortal, malicious mind ignores and endeavors to eliminate that which it does not want mankind to investigate, which is everything with an extensive literature on The Great Pyramid revealing it to be “the Bible in Stone” numerous books and pamphlets with a great deal of information.  [Stop article for now.]

     Mary Baker Eddy was no doubt referring to the Boston Edifice when she wrote, “The only immortal superstructure is built on Truth; her modest [Mary Magdalene bell] tower rises slowly, but it stands and is the miracle of the hour…” (infuses added)  And this leads us to the following, since the words “miracle in stone” are mentioned in the above quote from Christian Healing, we can take this to another piece of published writing called Pulpit and Press.  On page 8:6 it reads:  “Notwithstanding the perplexed condition of our nation’s finances,[2] the want and woe with millions of dollars unemployed in our money centres, the Christian Scientists, within fourteen months, responded to the call for this church with $191,012.  Not a mortgage was given nor a loan solicited, and the donors all touchingly told their privileged joy at helping to build The Mother Church [Edifice].  There was no urging, begging, or borrowing; only the need made known, and forth came the money, or diamonds [escutcheon (the shielding) of (the) woman], which served to erect this ‘miracle in stone.’”  (From Mary Baker Eddy’s DEDICATORY SERMON – Delivered January 6, 1895.[3])  This is a very important statement that Mary Baker Eddy made with her use of the word diamond!  It was a necessity that the Edifice (a testimonial) be built by the end of 1894 in order to protect the God-crowned woman’s work.  And part of this protection was due to the fact that she published Christ and Christmas so that her students would see her in her correct light, so that they would spiritually understand her place in Bible prophecy.
     A pyramid is also a mountain and Mary Baker Eddy does write about mounts and mountains.  One good example is found in S&H 236:17.  I would like to quote the whole paragraph (beginning with line 12).  “A mother is the strongest educator, either for or against crime.  Her thoughts form the embryo of another mortal mind, and unconsciously mold it, either after a model odious to herself or through divine influence, ‘according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount.’  Hence the importance of Christian Science, from which we learn of the one Mind and of the availability of good as the remedy for every woe.”
     So what is “the pattern showed to thee [Moses, the educator] in the mount”?  It must be the pyramid matrix structure found via Mary Baker Eddy’s “Footsteps of Truth” which is the exact chapter that this quote is written in.  The mount pattern would have to be what I have discovered, the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.

THE FOUR SIDES OF THE PYRAMID      Below is a diagram for The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Christ and Christmas, and the chapters of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, all by Mary Baker Eddy.

STMABS-B - Edifice C&C Pyrm

     As you can see below, the Bible also has a pyramid matrix structure to it.

Bible S&H pyramid - ctts

     I feel that we can compare and should compare the structure of The First Church Edifice and the Great Pyramid of Giza to each other because they are both triangular in shape.  The layout of The First Church must be understood symbolically.  And to my knowledge I am the only Christian Scientist that has done this important work.

This is a drawing I made many years ago. I was surprised at how close I came to being exact after seeing a photo taken from above the church. The sunburst window, however, is way too big!

This is a drawing I made many years ago. I was surprised at how close I came to being exact after seeing a photo taken from above the church. The sunburst window, however, is way too big!  I am not sure why I did not label the three windows of Mother’s Room.

     Recently I found out that during the equinox, if you are directly above the Great Pyramid of Giza (like in a plane), you will notice from the shadows cast by the sun that this pyramid actually has eight sides instead of four!  Below is a diagram I made of the Great Pyramid.

Eight Sided Pyramid      I feel that the eight sides are of symbolic importance in that we have the pattern of the Holy City within it.  The + is for the city of our God (Christian Science) and the X is for the city foursquare (divine Science).  These different Scientific levels of the one city are presented in “The Apocalypse” chapter (the sixteenth chapter of S&H).
     There is also something else of interest in regards to the eight-sided pyramid shape.  If we take the three squared cycles for the Word, the Christ, and Christianity found within Window of the Open Book’s Matrix and think of them as having eight sides instead of four (as in the illustration above) then we come up with the number twenty-four!  How many elders are in God’s Thrown in Revelation 4?  There are twenty-four.  How many question-answer sections are found in the chapter “Recapitulation” from the Textbook?  There are twenty-four.  How many petals are there on the New Jerusalem artichoke in Window of the Open Book?  There are twenty-four.

A continuation of page 5 from T.I.C.S.:

The Original Pyramid

     There is no doubt that The Great Pyramid of Egypt at Giza is the original.  Although there is a great deal of speculation, there is no record of when it was built nor by whom it was built.  It has been suggested that it could have been built by Enoch [In Genesis Enoch is the seventh descendant from Adam.].
     The other pyramids are all imitations of the great pyramid, and these others were all built by ancient kings as tombs and as repositories for their treasures and jewels. [End here.]

     I do not know where Doris Grekel gets her information from, as she does not say, nor can I prove or disprove that she is wrong or right.  I also do not know if she is referring to ALL pyramids throughout the world, because they are everywhere, as using the Great Pyramid as their model or if she is just speaking about the pyramids found in Egypt.  However, it is probably true that the Great Pyramid was never used to house a dead king’s body.  And I have to side with Dr. Daniel Jackson on the fact that the Pyramid was not meant to house the tomb of the Egyptian king that people say it was built for.  (See the movie Stargate, or read the book, to find out what is said about the Great Pyramid.  Dr. Jackson really does present the truth in his speech.)

To continue with T.I.C.S. on pages 5 and 6:


     In ancient times Greeks and Romans listed the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.  One was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built by Nebuchadnezzar.  Another was the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  Today six of the ancient wonders have disappeared but the Great Pyramid stands — “a miracle in stone.”

Treasures Not Material

     Grave robbers looted the tomb pyramids and removed all their treasures in ancient days.  But they were never able to penetrate The Great Pyramid.  It was 822 A.D. before they finally made a forced entrance.  And they found no treasures within and an empty King’s Chamber.  [End here.]

     Again, I do not know where she gets her information, but I do believe this information to be true from things I have read and heard.
     What is also interesting about this Pyramid is that it could have been made out of concrete (one author of a book on the Great Pyramid of Giza presents this theory).  If it was made from concrete it could explain a lot about how it was actually built.  Before you laugh and scoff at this theory there is another pyramid (that has been covered in vegetation) found elsewhere in the world.  Investigators of this pyramid have proved that it was formed from concrete (cement).  And they said that the compound was three times better than anything made in modern times (our time).[4]

To continue with T.I.C.S. on page 6:

The Original Sphinx

     The lioness guarding the Truth embraced in The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, has endured the ravages of time and still stands guarding.  All other sphinxes are imitations of this original Sphinx.  All of the mythologies regarding sphinxes proceed from the mystery of this original Sphinx.
     There is still an extensive literature on the great Pyramid, but those who do not relate it to the Bible miss its message completely.  When Christianity makes a spiritual step forward the antichrist endeavors to bury its progress under mountains of lies, debris and rubbish. [Stop for now.]

     It is sort of funny that she says this because China has purposely covered their pyramids with trees and vegetation!  The Chinese government does not want people to investigate their pyramids.
     Again, I do not know where Doris Grekel has retrieved her information from to make the statement about the Sphinx being the first Sphinx because she does not say.  If what I heard about it, and if it really was built 12,000 years ago then this Sphinx surely is the model for all other later sphinxes.

To continue with T.I.C.S. on pages 6-8:

End of An Era

     One of the Christian pamphlets in the pyramid literature was entitled “The Latter Days with Evidence from The Great Pyramid.”  Mrs. Eddy had a copy of this pamphlet, for, on the day she left us, December 3, 1910, she left this pamphlet, The Latter Days with Evidence from The Great Pyramid, on her desk, open to page 32.  One of the sentences on page 32 states:  “By the same standard of interpretation, the termination of The Grand Gallery, 1,910 inches, gives the 3rd of December, 1910, as the end of the present era, which we accept as an approximation only, though possibly a very close one.” (TFL 590)

Enduring Symbolism

     There is no doubt that the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt is the original and that all of the others are inferior imitations.  The same is true of the Sphinx.  The huge Sphinx at Giza is the original.  All the others and all the mythology about sphinxes are imitations of and speculation about the meaning of the great Sphinx.  Whatever the builder’s meaning and message, its symbolism has lasted throughout time.  The differing accounts of who built the Great Pyramid and when and how, all ignore its meaningful message.
     Replacing physics with metaphysics unfolds all mysteries.  It is especially important for Christian Scientists to remember that every time something of spiritual import comes to light animal magnetism is right there to deny and attempt to hide or destroy it by heaping mortal falsities upon it.

Woman Acknowledged

     If the guarding Sphinx reveals the place of Womanhood in our journey from sense to Soul, our Leader has given us the same message.  The river (channel of thought) which leads out of Eden (materialism) is parted into four heads [these four heads represent the divine calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science].  The second channel of thought, Gihon, is “The rights of woman[5] acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.” (S&H 587:3)

Motherhood of God

     The Motherhood of God was not known until Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science.

The Former Era

     Mrs. Eddy founded her discovery during the era when, even in America, women were considered inferior.  Men were offended if offered the same salary that a woman received for the same work.  Many men in Mrs. Eddy’s employ quit, and left her (and probably Christian Science) because they disagreed with the wisdom of her decisions.  Her wisdom was that of divine Mind which was beyond the comprehension of the worldly wise.

Receptivity of Babes

     When the seventy disciples returned rejoicing in their success, Jesus rejoiced and said, “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes:  even so, Father; for so it seemed good in they sight.” (Luke 10:21)
     Mrs. Eddy depicted this in Christ and Christmas.  She knew she was the Woman who had taken the book from the hand of God, loosed the seven seals, opened the book, and brought it forth for all mankind.  Her depiction, in the seventh illustration [seen at the beginning of this post], of the “Lion” which accomplished all of this, is the child-thought — without which we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.
     The massive lioness at Giza, guarding and guiding to the seven-sided, white Queen’s Chamber and immortality seems related to Mrs. Eddy’s “seven-hued white” and eternal life.

Thus olden faith’s pale star now blends
     In seven-hued white!
Life, without birth and without end,
     Emitting light!

[End of article.]

     Okay, when I first read her last paragraph (before the quote from Christ and Christmas) I was asking myself – “What in the world is she speaking of?”  So I got on the Internet.
     I learned that the Queen’s Chamber, within The Great Pyramid of Giza, has seven sides to it.  There are two roof slabs, four walls, and the floor.  It is made of white limestone, and this is why she refers to “Mrs. Eddy’s ‘seven-hued white.’”  I decided to draw diagrams (shown below) for you and to show its symbolic purposes.  I was quite surprised to find the pictures of the niche on the eastern wall!  It presented two different stepped pyramid matrix structures (one while inside the Queen’s Chamber looking into the niche another one while standing within the niche looking out into the Queen’s Chamber).
     It is hard to say if the Queen’s Chamber was actually even meant for a queen.  I have come to think that it was named so because it is smaller in size to the King’s Chamber (like with the size of king and queen beds).  I also feel that the Queen’s Chamber is on the level of the Second Degree, while the lower Chamber heads down into the First Degree and the Grand Gallery leads us up into the King’s Chamber of the Third Degree (See S&H 115).  I am willing to admit symbolically that this chamber does point out Mary Baker Eddy’s holy mission, the second advent of Christ as the woman God-crowned.

Queen's Chamber

Two Candlesticks

The following is from pages 13-17 of a new article in T.I.C.S.:


Zechariah 4:11  Then answered I, and said unto him, What are these two olive trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof?

12  And I answered again, and said unto him, What be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves?

13  And he answered me and said, Knowest thou not what these be?  And I said, No, my lord.

14  Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

Revelation 11:3  And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophecy…

4  These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

     Christian Scientists who know that Mary Baker Eddy is God’s Chosen Witness know that Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Concord[6] are “the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth,” and that they are also the “two olive trees” “which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves.”
     Revelation 11 tells us that God’s two witnesses are also the two candlesticks.

Seven Candlesticks

     Looking for the two candlesticks in the prophecy of things to come, we find seven golden candlesticks.  And we find Christ in their midst [in the center of the seven – symbolic of Principled Science] with seven stars [angels] in his right [dominant] hand.  And we hear the explanation he gave to John:  “The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks.  The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches:  and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.” (Rev. 1:20)

Seven Church Ages

     The seven churches are the seven ages or eras of Christianity in the world.  They are named Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.  Each era has its special connotation.

Ephesus—The Awakening [spiritual translation must be Mind]

Smyrna—Persecution [spiritual translation must be Spirit]

Pergamos—Popularity [spiritual translation must be Soul]

Thyatira—Corruption [spiritual translation must be Principle]

Sardis—Reformation [spiritual translation must be Life]

Philadelphia—Perfection [spiritual translation must be Truth]

Laodicea—Apathy [spiritual translation must be Love]

     All seven stages seem to apply to each one of us in our experience, whether our own or what we see.

The Perfect Church

     We find the perfect church, perfection, in the sixth [a symbol for Truth] church, the church in Philadelphia [brotherly love].  There is no doubt that Mary Baker Eddy is the angel of the church in Philadelphia.  Everything she said and did and wrote for us and for all mankind was and is perfect.

The Seventh Church Age

     But we find that we cannot stay in the church in Philadelphia because that era ended December 3, 1910.  We are in the seventh church age [during the Seventh Day of Love], the church of the Laodiceans whether we like it or not.  And this seventh and last church age [in the negative] is apathetic.


     The Spirit saith to the church of the Laodiceans, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:” “thou sayest I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” (Rev 3:15,17)


     To the church in Sardis the Spirit saith:  “I have not found thy works perfect before God.” (Rev 3:2)

A Perfect Candlestick

     Of the church in Philadelphia there is no criticism.  The Spirit saith to Mary Baker Eddy’s church:  “I know thy works:  behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.” (Rev 3:8)  We have found one perfect candlestick.


     Mrs. Eddy wrote of the church in Smyrna:  “According to Dean Stanley and our most learned compilers of the Bible, Christian healing continued over a period of three centuries after the crucifixion of our Master.  I love to contemplate that period, though it be dim with the mist of remoteness and the light hath faded on the mount of revelation.  Over the track of time, swept clean by the wind of centuries, methinks I behold the untiring zeal, the struggling hope, and the pure faith of the Christian martyrs, and I see the right hand of their blessed fellowship take hold of this hour — ” (EOF 8:18).

Spirit Saith

     To the church of Ephesus the Spirit saith:  “I have somewhat against thee,” (Rev 2:4).  And to the church in Pergamos it saith:  “I have a few things against thee” (Rev 2:14).  But to the church in Smyrna there is no criticism nor condemnation.  [End here for now.]

     It is interesting that on the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle Smyrna and Philadelphia are on the same level of Spirit and Truth.

Seven Churches Pyr

     On this pyramid structure it is also interesting to see how the waking up from the Adam dream is countered with sleep – apathy!  Trying to make the Roman Catholic Church popular to all men – or trying to make it the only religion in the world – led to a Reformation of Church.  Yet both the Roman Catholics and the Reformist Churches misunderstand Jesus Christ.  When there is a misunderstanding of Jesus Christ this leads to Corruption within the material organizations.  This is exactly what has happened to the Christian Science Churches too, for they seem to misunderstand Mary Baker Eddy.

Modest Ones B

     This pattern (directly above) is the pyramid (mountain and Golden Candlestick) formation that Revelation is based upon.  It is the matrix structure that John W. Doorly presented to his students.  For his spiritual understanding he was excommunicated from The Mother Church.

GOLDEN CANDLESTICK MOUNTAINRANGE     This mountain range depicts the layout of the seven visions in Revelation.  Notice that the the candlestick in the midst (center) is the one of Principle.  Revelation’s fourth vision (of Principle) has the woman God-crowned in it.  The fourth vision is the main focal point of the book.  It is probably meant that what is visioned in Revelation 1 with the mention of the seven candlesticks is a preview pattern for the upcoming seven visions.

To continue with the article on page 16:

A Second Perfect Candlestick

     We have found the second candlestick that is perfect before God.

Jesus’ Church

     There is no criticism of the church in Smyrna nor of the church in Philadelphia.  Every other church age is criticized.  We know that Philadelphia is Mary Baker Eddy’s church.  Smyrna is the church of the Christian martyrs.  Who is first and foremost among them?  Is it not Jesus?  The crucifixion has spoken down the centuries for this church age.  Can we not consider the church in Smyrna as Jesus’ church?

Christmas Morn B

Two Candlesticks

     Now we have identified the two candlesticks as Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.  And we find that our Leader has put the two candlesticks in Christ and Christmas.  [End of the article.]

     As seen above, these two angels have candles upon their heads.  While I do not disagree with Doris that these two angels typify Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy I also feel that they could be symbolic of Mary Baker Eddy’s own manhood and Womanhood “as two individual natures in one”.  (S&H 577:6)
     The last article, that I would like to quote from, has to do with the two candlesticks.  This article is by someone who wrote into the T.I.C.S. and wished to remain anonymous.  This article is found on pages 12 and 13.  I felt that I should include it as it has some interesting things in it.  It is mostly about the illustration Christian Unity, the only circular drawing found in Christ and Christmas.  As mentioned before in my writings the circle is symbolic of unity.  Master Mason’s Keystones are found in doorway arches and have a circle within them.  They are much like the keystone found on the Immanuel Arch in the Edifice’s Vestry.  The circle stands for unity.  This circle is repeated on the fireplace mantle inside Mother’s Room.

The Immanuel Arch in The First Church. Notice the circle in the keystone wedge, this points us to the fireplace mantle in Mother's Room and the circular windows in the Edifice's Auditorium.

The Immanuel Arch in The First Church. Notice the circle in the keystone wedge, this points us to the fireplace mantel in Mother’s Room and the circular windows in the Edifice’s Auditorium.

The mantle in Mother's Room

The mantel in Mother’s Room

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

Jarius' Daughter

Jarius’ Daughter (notice how this window resembles Christ Healing) on the Northern wall.

Christ Healing (colorized by me)

Christ Healing (colorized by me)

     As you can see these circles match one another.  I feel that the keystone’s circle and the mantle circle point us to Christian Unity with its two witnesses.  Why?  Well, let us remember that Christian Unity shows (as seen below) God’s two witnesses (two anointed ones, two candlesticks).

Christian Unity (colorized by me; notice the scroll)

(colorized by me; notice the scroll)

     You will notice that Jesus’ mantle is off; it is laid across his lap.  This means that his God-crowned mission is over with.  The woman, Mary Baker Eddy, however, still wears here mantle of successorship.  Her God-crowned mission is not over with.  This is my take on the symbolism of it and you do not have to accept what I say as being true.  However, Mary Baker Eddy was well aware of Masonry symbolism and I know that she took advantage of this knowledge and I feel that she put this knowledge to good use.

The article is as follows:


     The inclusion of snips from Christ and Christmas in TICS is always something that I look forward to seeing and analyzing.  Through your publications, this beautiful poem and its pictures frequently send some new message from Truth and Love for one to decipher.  The January 2013 quarterly brought out the comparison of the light rays between the sixth and seventh pictures.  The reason for the contrast surely is something for one to ponder.  We know that the broad brushstrokes of light in contrast with the narrow in these two pictures present a meaningful purpose to be discovered by the viewer.  [End here for now.]

     This is a very good point, and it makes sense to say then that because the light rays shining down upon the girl (#7) are so much narrower than the light rays that shine down upon Mary Baker Eddy (#6) may mean that the girl is not Mary Baker Eddy.  Or perhaps she is not supposed to be Mary Baker Eddy as an adult (at least).  It could simply mean that if the girl is Mary Baker Eddy that the light rays grew brighter when she became an adult.  This could be due to the fact that she was living under the roof of scholastic theology (Calvinism, one of the reformation churches) when she was a child.  The old man in the rocking chair is a symbol of this type of religion with its scholastic theology.  But we must take into consideration that Mary Baker Eddy is not this girl, that the girl (Martha) represents the third advent of Christ.  The smaller pyramid ray of light could mean that this girl is someone else, Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  She could be the one who has come to be a witness to the life and light of Mary Baker Eddy.  Perhaps this girl is the third coming of Christ who has come to explain the second coming of Christ (Mary Baker Eddy) in the same way that Mary Baker Eddy came as the second coming of Christ to explain the first coming of Christ (Jesus)?  Another point I would like to make is that I have never been under the impression that the illustrations from Christ and Christmas were paintings or done with paintbrush, rather I have always felt they were drawings done with pencil.
     I would like to introduce an idea I had about the Edifice and how the three windows in the East (of Mother’s Room) relate to the two West windows and the Immanuel Arch, the seven-pointed star (both in the Vestry), and the Skylight (in the Auditorium).

Edifice X

     The X of this diagram represents two streams of spiritual enlightenment from the Morning Star and the Evening Star (the two horizons).  In the East, for the Morning Star (Venus) we have the window of The Star of Bethlehem-Boston pointing us to the window in the West known as Mary [Baker Eddy the Star of Boston] First at the Resurrection of Jesus [the Star of Bethlehem].  Most people believe that the Mary in this window is supposed to be Mary Magdalene (from the New Testament), however, this church is an Edifice, or a Testimonial to the Woman God-crowned – Mary Baker Eddy – so all windows must also be symbolic of Mary Baker Eddy.  She must be found to be present in each and every window in some fashion (like with the Manchild window she is symbolized in the fact that the Manchild holds the government of her Branch Church (the Concord Branch[7]) upon his shoulder, the manchild that is caught up to heaven (harmonious being).  Also, Mary Baker Eddy is present in Suffer the Children in that it is her Textbook (her Manchild Textbook) that is in the hands of the child.  This brings us to the West window, for the Evening Star (Venus).  Here we have the window of the Woman God-crowned (the Fourth Mary Window), this line of divine light points to the East with its window of Suffer the Children where her Manchild Textbook is found.

Woman God-crown Win

     It is also of importance that the light shining down upon Mary Baker Eddy in Seeking and Finding (#3) is not as wide as the light shining down upon her in Christian Science Healing (#6).  This is probably due to the reason that the light in illustration 3 takes place before the first edition of Science and Health is published.  While the light in Illustration 6 is probably after the second transit of Venus in 1882.

The third Mary window.

The third Mary window.

     In the History Channel’s series America Unearthed the host speaks of a possible symbolic meaning for the hooked X.  I cannot say that he is correct, as many theories that he puts forth have a lot of holes in them.  Chalk it up, perhaps, to wishful thinking upon his part?  But when he spoke of this hooked X he mentioned that he felt that the hook had to do with the child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail or San Grail lineage of blood.  Of course, I do not really believe in a bloodline belonging to Jesus Christ, mainly because I believe Jesus was above sex and he would never have believed in material procreation!  (At least that is my viewpoint on it.)
     But, it is interesting that if the hooked X is used in my Church schematic then the side with the hooked X is on the same side with the girl in Suffer the Children.  This does not mean that the girl is related via blood to Mary Baker Eddy.  However, she is holding Mary’s manchild Textbook.  It is also of interest that the hook on the X would point directly toward the center window with Mary Baker Eddy in (what I have titled) ‘T is the Same Hand that Writes the Page!

Now to continue with the article:

The Circle

     There is much to be resolved scientifically once the thinker sets out to interpret the eleven plates in Christ and Christmas.  Having learned that “The circle represents the infinite without beginning or end;” (S&H 282).  I often wondered why our Leader made only the ninth picture a perfect round, and what was the purpose of a scene that would surely rile up conflicting opinions about Mary Baker Eddy’s place [in Bible prophecy], even among many Christian Scientists?  Then, one day after reviewing the full meaning of the fourth chapter of Zechariah, (given to me by a Bible scholar) I no longer wondered about the picture’s objective.  The thought came that the ninth picture was needed in order to enable the laying of the foundation of The Mother Church building.  [Editor’s note:  I would like to add that the Christian Scientists had to be united in their acceptance of their Leader’s place in Bible prophecy before the Church could be completed.]

The Two Olive Trees

     The laying of the foundation in Boston seemed to coincide with Scripture.  Briefly, looking back on Bible history, in 587 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple of Jerusalem, and took the Israelites captive to Babylon.  According to Harper’s Bible Dictionary the temple could not be rebuilt until 71 years later.  The method of construction was revealed to Zerubbabel, the builder:  “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” (Zech 4:6).  The requisite for laying the foundation of the temple was revealed to Zechariah in a vision.  It demanded the recognition of the two olive trees.  The chapter ends with the angel, saying, “These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.”

The Two Anointed Ones

     One might ask, “Is there evidence that our Leader had confessed recognition of the two anointed ones in September 1893, at which time she mandated the Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist to lay the foundation for her church building?”  The reply is an emphatic YES!  The artists, Mary Baker Eddy and James F. Gilman, had painted the pictures in Christ and Christmas that very same year.  The ninth illustration is perfectly round in shape, and within that round is a garden [I call it a wilderness.].  Seated in the garden, and standing next to him while holding a scroll with the inscribed words, “Christian Science” are two figures that surely constitute her recognition of the two witnesses, the two olive trees, or the two anointed ones.  We read in Science and Health, “The picture is the artist’s thought objectified.” (p 310)  We know this picture is Mary Baker Eddy’s absolute acknowledgement of her place — a perfect round in consciousness when understood.  [End of article.]

     I would like to add that these two witnesses are also found in (seen in) another illustration that has a direct tie to Christian Unity.   Its title is Christ Healing.  Why do I say the two illustrations are directly tied to each other?  It is because of their hands.  In Christ Healing Mary’s and Jesus’ hands form an ‘n’ while in Christian Unity they form a ‘u’.  These two letters are used in geometry.  The ‘n’ is for “intersection” while the ‘u’ is for “unity” or “union.”
     The main reason why the world or any Christian Scientist has objected to Christian Unity is due to the halo lights.  The halo light around Mary Baker Eddy’s head is greater than the halo light around Jesus’ head.  This has to do with the fact that Jesus has only the seven stars in his hand (Revelation 1) while Mary Baker Eddy has twelve stars around her head (Revelation 12).  It could also be said the light is brighter around Mary’s head because woman is the higher idea because she was last on the creation list in Genesis 1.
     The seven-pointed star is not seen in Christian Unity only its pyramid of light is seen shining down upon Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.  Nor is the seven-pointed star seen in Truth versus Error.  One reason given for this is that the woman herself is the STAR of Venus, the Morning Star.  Notice how the Tarot cards below have symbolic similarities with the angel of Revelation 10.  The first is called the STAR, however, it has eight points of light – pointing us to the city foursquare and the city of our God with its + and X – instead of having seven points of light.  However, after reading Dan Brown’s book Inferno I have another explanation for the eight-pointed star.  I think it has a good symbolic message (however, I still feel that I am correct in my own interpretation of the symbol).  Brown says that six points are for the six days of creation (Genesis 1), the seventh point is for the Sabbath, and the eighth star is for man’s spiritual rebirth.



     The following is shows the window of the Angel of Revelation 10 within The First Church Edifice.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.

Dream of April 14, 2013

     This week I viewed a television show from the Science channel that was on the Sphinx at Giza.  It presented the theories of Doctor Vassel Dobrev.  I feel that the dream was connected to this show, because, in the dream I was viewing three Tarot cards.  However, I only remember one Tarot card from the dream and how it presented a profile of this card instead of a frontal view.  This card was supposed to be about the Son or the Sun.  Shown below is the card THE CHARIOT and a diagram based upon what I saw in the dream.


     As you can see, there are two female sphinxes on this card.  Could these two sphinxes represent the Great Sphinx’s two legs and paws, while the Charioteer himself represents the King (the Son of Ra – the Sun) of man?
     In the show Dobrev explained that because of the writings of one historian that a mistake was made in who built the Sphinx.  He also explained that instead of looking at the Great Sphinx from the front and seeing what is behind it, that we had to look at it from its left side profile, as this would be how the Egyptian kings would have seen it as they came to Giza.  Looking at the profile made him feel as if the Great Pyramid of Giza had been built for Khufu by his son Djedefra.  Djedefra renamed himself as Sa-Re – meaning Son of Re (Re being the sun god).  He also said that Egyptians used profiles in hieroglyphs and that the profile is much more important than the front view to the Egyptians.  In the dream it was a profile diagram of THE CHARIOT that I saw, and I feel very strongly that it was this way because of this show on the Sphinx.  It is also interesting that the dream had me looking at THE CHARIOT’S left side profile.
     Dobrev says that the Sphinx was built by Sa-Re in order to honor his father Khufu, who never wore a beard.  He brought out that the beard was a later addition to the Sphinx.  He based this upon the pattern found on the beard, and the fact that if the beard had been a part of the original sculpture that when it fell off it would have damaged the Sphinx’s chin.  There is no damage to the chin at all.  However, I do not know why the Sphinx could not have been of Sa-Re instead of Khufu?  Dobrev seems to think that the son was honoring his father and that he also buried the dismantled wooden boats in the ground so that his father, and himself, could get to heaven after their deaths.  However, he explained that these boats were to be put together after their death, whereas other archeologists say that the dead bodies were placed in these boats and carried down the Nile on them to their burial places, then the boats were dismantled and buried.  I think that the boats were probably used for both reasons.
     Dobrev also says that the pattern on the Sphinx’s Nemes-headdress is a pattern used by Khufu.  Evidently, and this is interesting, Sa-Re made two smaller sphinx statues – one of his father and one of his mother.  So, could these two sphinx statues be sort of like the two sphinxes on THE CHARIOT?  I ask it as a question only because it really is clear that the two sphinxes on the card are feminine (as they have breasts).  I feel that the card’s sphinxes represent the black Madona and white Madona or two betel stones.  The black would be for Mary Magdalene and the white would be for the Virgin Mary.  However, we must also realize that the black sphinx is on the side of Severity while the white sphinx is on the side of Mercy.  By the way, go back and take a closer look at the flames of the two candlesticks found within the Church Edifice, notice the black and white flames and the sides that they are on!
     There is no doubt that the lion is a symbol of the sun to the Egyptians.  The sun is a Daystar, and it is easy to understand why there were sun cult religions during human history.  Sun religions, however, must be spiritually translated.  We can accept God as Light.   The sun provides light for the earth (man).  The rays of the sunlight (the Egyptian sun god’s name is spelled Re, however, it is pronounced as ray) would be a perfect symbol of spiritual man, the Christ, that enlightenment that comes from God, that “which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H)  It is possible that the Hebrews borrowed this sun-lion idea from Egypt in order to translate it into a higher idea when they used it for the fourth tribe known as Judah, the lineage that Jesus the Christ Sun/Son is supposed to be descended from.

     I have not posted it yet, but I have a dream interpretation that ties in with this dream interpretation.  I feel that the two dreams are tied together and that this dream helped me understand the dream (not yet posted) that I actually had first.  April 2013 was a most enlightening month for me.

[1] Of course, a bull or ox is also symbolic for the second living creature – the Christ.

[2] There was an economic depression during the time of the building of The Mother Church.

[3] December 6th is thought by some to be the actual birth date of Jesus.

[4] This information, along with the eight-sided pyramid, is presented in one of the 2013 episodes of Ancient Alians  on the History Channel.

[5] Notice that Mary Baker Eddy does not put “women” in her definition.  Hence, her definition is speaking about a single woman – her own self – the woman God-crowned.  And it is “her” rights that must be acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially.  And it is her followers (as she is our Revered Leader) who must acknowledge these rights belonging to her.  Because this is the second river it points to the second living creature – the Christ, or the Woman-Christ that is Mary Baker Eddy.

[6] We could also call her Mary of Bow [the Word, and the Arch Covenant], Mary of Lynn [Gihon the Christ-River], Mary of Concord [Christian harmony] and Mary of Boston [the Hill or Mount Zion – Science].  Zion means “Spiritual foundation [Christian Science] and superstructure [absolute Christian Science]; inspiration [divine Science]; spiritual strength [Science itself].” (S&H 599:6)

[7] The Concord Branch is depicted by the Concord grapes that the manchild has upon his shoulder.