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Second Edition

First Edition

            I wrote this post on Easter weekend (2018).  The first part I wrote on Saturday morning, the second on Easter morning.  After writing the first section I was watching a recording of Watter’s World with Jessie Watters.  There was an interview segment where Jessie went out on the street to ask people questions about Easter.  He asked a man what happened on Easter.  He said that Jesus resurrected a second time.  Of course, everybody who saw the segment probably laughed at this man’s response, but it got me to thinking.  Did Jesus need to resurrect a second time?  And it came to me, “Why, yes, he did.  Jesus was resurrected, and possibly ascended as well, two times in human history.”  And I believe that the Illustration seen above could possibly represent Jesus’ second resurrection/ascension.

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Prophecy Dreams

Mental Movies from Early March to June 22, 1996

            I had a mental movie (a dream) where I was feeding my son a banana.  I peeled it open; inside the fruit sprouted another banana.  Then a construction worker came in and took the banana out of my hand and fed it to my mother-in-law.
            To eat a banana by peeling it means that you eat it tail first.  To me this meant that I needed to have demonstrations by depending only upon SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES by Mary Baker Eddy.  The last chapter of this book is “Fruitage” and it is all about healing testimonies that have taken place to those who read the book only.

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AS IT IS “Teaching must always be by symbols.”


            Chapter 8, from Alice Orgain’s book AS IT IS, is about symbols, something that I really like!  However, I am not sure I always agree with this author upon the topic of symbols, or what they mean.  And I find that she has a low understanding of symbology.  {Any interpolations I make will be in this type of bracket.}  I will make changes to any spelling mistakes I find, and add italics where necessary, etc.

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The Ten Birds in THE WAY

     In Rolf A. F. Witzsche’s book Discovering Infinity – Universal Divine Science – Spiritual Pedagogicals, of 2008, he speaks of the ten birds seen in the second Illustration for THE WAY, the eleventh Illustration of Christ and Christmas.

C&C-The Way (C)

     He explains how these birds relate to ten names defined in the “Glossary” in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  I differ with him on one point, however, even though the name is not found in the “Glossary” I feel that all ten birds represent Jacob’s children.  Rolf feels that the white dove (“A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith.” S&H 584:26), which is actually descending downward with an olive branch of peace in its beak, represents Jacob, the father of seven sons (the darker birds).  I see this white dove representing womanhood, as she descends (she is not ascending as some of the male birds are).  Some of the birds, however, are going nowhere.

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REVELATION – The Holy City is Open to All

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REVELATION – The Holy City is Open to All

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The Four Gospels Part 4B


… Continued from Part 4A – The Gospel of St. John

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The Four Gospels Part 4A

                       THE FOUR GOSPELS’ HOLY CITY MATRIX (Part 4A)

                                                   THE DAUGHTER OF GOD
                                    THE HUB OF THE HOLY CITY OF GOD



            What is the Gospel of St. John really all about? And what is it trying to get across to us? Would you be surprised to find out that the whole book is about us, the readers, taking part in the “Atonement and Eucharist”? Are we as Christians, followers of the Christ, willing to leave the material dream world for the Holy City of God?
            Below is my presentation of the two Golden Candlesticks. These two Golden Candlesticks were placed in the Woman’s Court of Solomon’s Temple. The book of John secretly explains these two Golden Candlesticks to us via the tones of Science.  The angel of Revelation 10 has his left foot upon the earth and his right foot upon the sea (water).  This means that the angel’s left foot has dominion over the earth (has dominion over the Letter of the Law via Truth which is Christian Science) and the angel’s right foot has dominion over the sea (has dominion over the Spirit of the Law via Love which is divine Science).

Two Women SentinelsAngel Rev. 10 WinSentinel Blind B

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…St. Luke continued.

Christianity as the Christ – Soul

            The sixth minor Stargate shines its light upon the Palmleaves of Salvation Keystone. It correlates with the tenth chapter “Science of Being.”
            “Chapter X, ‘Science of Being’ views the universe of ideas in its Christ office, as the dynamics of ideas. It shows that an idea has the power to dispel invisible ideas as well as visible ideas and that it operates as a divine infinite calculus. This chapter is Christianity reflecting the Christ.” (Your Divinity Revealed; by Helen Wright, p. 569)

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