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Is Jesus a Socialist?

Today there are many people making the claim that Jesus practiced socialism (which always leads to communism).  Is this true?  I can answer this question with a firm “No, it is not true.”  And that is the purpose of this post, to explain the difference between Jesus’ teachings and socialism.

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Is Christianity a Religion, a Philosophy, or a Theology?

     If you have watched TV this month then you probably have heard about the war on Christmas.  Bill O’Reilly of FOX News says that Christianity is not a religion but a philosophy.  He did not say that Christmas is a religion, or a philosophy, as Christmas is neither, it is rather a day that was chosen by an organized religious church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (and it is the wrong day too).  Yet other people, in the media (like Jon Stewart and the atheist that was on O’Reilly’s show), are saying he is wrong and that Christianity is a religion, hence, Christmas is a religious holiday.

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