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The Red Dragon’s Two Beasts

            Even though the red dragon (Adam’s nervous system) has two beasts (spoken of in Revelation 13), it is nice to know that they have no power over us what so ever.  We are assured of this fact when we read that the angel with the little open book (Revelation 10) has his (really her) right foot (the Spirit of the Law) upon the sea (the first beast of the subjective world) and his (her) left foot (the Letter of the Law) upon the earth (the second beast of the objective world).

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The Christian Science Textbook – Part 3

NOTE:  I thought I had posted this with the other two parts.  But I guess I missed it somehow.

            Chapter VI continues on with what seems to be a completely different subject, but it still follows the divine infinite calculus matrix structure.  The matrix above, based upon W. Gordon Brown’s matrix, is set up for the final portion of Chapter VI.

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First Edition

Christianity as the Word with the Fifth Minor Stargate

Issachar (Jacob’s son).  A corporeal belief; the offspring of error; envy; hatred; selfishness; self-will; lust.” (S&H 589:1)  Reuben, the first son, goes out to collect mandrakes for his mother Leah, so that she might conceive again.  Rachel, however, makes a deal with her sister, she will let Jacob be with her in return for the mandrakes.  Leah hires her husband to be with her and she conceives.  Leah says, “God hath given me my hire, because I have given my maiden [given my virginity – this is her “increasing virtue”] to my husband” (Gen 30:18).
Eve gives birth to Cain (S&H 538:23-540:24)
Dragon cast out of heaven (S&H 567:14-488:12)

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“Last sixteen sections of Adam record correlative with the sixteen sections of text that make up ‘The Apocalypse,’ and correlative also with the first sixteen chapters of SCIENCE AND HEALTH

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            Chapter VIII of W. Gordon Brown’s book CIVILIZATION LIETH FOURSQUARE, begins on page 285.  See my post SCIENCE OF BEING – Part 1b for book references.  {My interpolations will be in this type of bracket.}

            WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK is the Holy City in symbol form.  It presents the matrix structure for SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  It is also applicable to Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem book Christ and Christmas.  Where Christ is the head and Christmas is the body or the Christ mass.  I will use this WINDOW matrix in order to help explain how it all fits together by using W. Gordon Brown’s book.  WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK is located on the south wall of the original Boston edifice and is also called a Rose Window, but it is also known as the Director’s Window (because the board of directors paid for it, however, I now believe that the true directors happen to be the divine infinite calculus).  However, there is something else, in regards to Christ and Christmas, that I refer to as Sharon’s Rose.  And that is a circular matrix of the Illustrate poem book created by Ingelborg Tillisch Kelley (one of John Doorly’s students).  So I combined the work of Brown’s circular matrices found in his book FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION, Kelley’s circular matrix (Sharon’s Rose), and WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK’S symbols to create my Unity Matrix – or my STARGATE.  While W. Gordon Brown understood the importance of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK and what it meant he never went into any detail explaining the WINDOW.  I guess he left it up to me to do?  W. Gordon Brown always used the Network Matrix (the square or rectangle) for his books, like the one below (which has on top of it the golden candlestick matrix).

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            The following is from SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, pages 330:8-340:29.  It is the make up of the third part of the chapter “Science of Being”.  It presents “The dynamics of the divine idea (the divine calculus).”[1]  I am going to present a world problem (a Lie) about today’s material world for each Platform number.  Then I will present that problem’s solve with the actual Platform section that annihilates the problem.

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            I was going to begin this post with Part 2 of “Science of Being” but after I began it, on that very same day, at night, I put on a rerun episode of The Dead Zone.  Stephen King is the author of the original Dead Zone story.  I had not seen the episode for 17-18 years.  Episode 14, “Plague,” from season 2, originally aired in 2003.

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            I was going to go directly into part 2 yet, I came across a chapter from W. Gordon Brown’s book , CIVILZATION LIETH FOURSQUARE, and felt that it correlated with the Part 1 (now Part 1a) post.  I have made editorial changes to Brown’s book where he did not do things right (like with his use of italics) and may make some changes in spelling (not use the British English but American English).  {My interpolations will be in this type of bracket.}  The following is a list of abbreviations that Brown uses throughout his book:

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GAIN-OF-FUNCTION RESEARCH – Who’s Really Behind the Pandemic?

Doctors Anthony Scarymuchie Faust, Francis Bakin’ Collins, Gary Nobel (no peace prize for him), and Peter Dewolf, not to mention the Chinese scientists, so I won’t (at least not yet)

The material truth about the material error


“…the funding pause will apply to gain-of-function research projects that may be reasonably anticipated to confer attributes to influenza, MERS, or SARS viruses such that the virus would have enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route.” October 17, 2014.

            A couple months ago I saw a short interview on The Ingraham Angle.  She had a doctor on her show that has been on several times over the past year.  He was talking about a closed down research lab and Dr. Fauci.  He said that when a U.S. virus lab shut down, in 2014, that Fauci took all the lab’s research and gave it to the Wuhan lab in China.  This is when the interview basically came to an abrupt end.
            Since that time I had not heard anyone else speak about this topic, not on her show, not on FOX News, not on talk radio.  So, I wondered if the story was even true.  I also thought that perhaps the topic was taboo or off limits (like Hunter Biden’s lap top story was off limits).
            Then on the January 21st episode of Fox News Primetime, it was mentioned that China was saying they got the corona virus from a U.S. Lab in Maryland, at Fort Detrick.  The host and guest basically blew off the claim made by China as being bogus, or made up, or not true.  Yes, I was still curious to see if it tied in to what I had heard months before on Laura’s show.  So, on January 23rd I decided to do a search on the Internet about Dr. Faust.  I did come up with a few things.  One of these articles happened to be by Newsweek.  They had a similar story to the doctors I had heard months previous on FOX News, however, it was different.
            It was not a lab that was closed down, instead, in these accounts it was the Obama Administration that cut funding for virus research in the USA.  The Obama Administration shut down this funding, because, three hundred scientists were against the research taking place, they felt that such research was very dangerous, especially if something were to escape from a lab.  Even though the funding was cut off to these labs Doctor Fauci took it upon himself to fund the research in Wuhan, China’s laboratory.  However, the money was also given to five other projects (not sure where the funds went or why they went there, only Fauci knows).
            I felt this was the true story about what had happened in 2014.  Then, the January 24, 2021 episode of The Next Revolution, on FOX News, with host Steve Hilton, happened to do a story on this same exact topic.  Steve Hilton gave great detail to the story, and if you can watch it, I highly recommend that you do see it.  You can go to Twitter @SteveHiltonX, or @NextRevFNC; or you can go to Face Book @NextRevFNC also.[1]

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UNITY Can Come Only When We Understand CREATION

            Thy throne is established of old; Thou art from everlasting. — Psalms.
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