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Month: April, 2014

Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and Levels of Windows – Part 3

Now that we have completed the twelve Stargates and twelve Keystones cycle of the wheel (the true cult) we are able to move into the hub of Science itself, the capstone of the Word pyramid square.

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Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and Levels of Windows – Pt. 2

     In the manuscript the author, William Cox, never mentions Mother’s Room. I do not know why, as these three windows are of utmost importance. That being said I present to you:

“Part Two

Bird's Eye View
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Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and Levels of Windows, Pt. 1


The Linear Progression of Christ and Christmas and the Levels of the “Picture Windows” to The First Church of Christ Scientist (Part 1)


     On Saint Patrick’s Day of 2014 I received a manuscript in the mail from a friend of mine.   The author of the manuscript is J. W. S. Cox (a Doorly student).  The first part is about the illustrations of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem Christ and Christmas, which Mr. Cox presents in a linear progression.  The second part is about most of the windows found in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. What Mr. Cox presents seems to be correct for the linear progression, however, if we were to analyze the poem and illustrations in the pyramid or circular matrixes then we would come out with a different outcome for the matrix structures.  There is also the graphics in the earlier editions that we must pay attention to.  All of these different ways of looking at the poem book have presented in other posts.

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Animal Magnetism’s Roots to Astrology Pt. 2

I Must See That ‘I Am That I Am’
     “Why is it the testimony of Soul that we must listen to?
     “Because Soul can truly define and name and testify in an unmistakable way, so that I see that I AM THAT I AM. Then the thing itself is described subjectively through other terms so that there is identity—identity between the object and the subject. The way I describe that object is then identical with the object and is true identity. Identity is reality at its deepest level where object and subject is one. It is that deepest level where object and subject is one. It is that deepest level where there is absolute congruity, absolute coincidence, between the object—what the object, as such, is—and how we look at the subject—what we see it is—so that subject and object is one. Then we have selfsameness. The object or the subject is reproduced exactly in our consciousness. It is the same within us. There is no discrepancy between the object and the subject. At the point of Soul, the identity is preserved.”[1]

How the Counterfeit Comes to View
     “How does the counterfeit seemingly come into view? Mortal mind reflects upon itself. Mortal mind is the subjective state of error; and what is termed matter, Mrs. Eddy says, is but the subjective state of mortal mind. (See S&H 114:29.) When we have mortal mind, the counterfeit of the divine Mind, reflecting upon itself, this subjective condition, limited and ignorant, is called matter, the opposite of Spirit. Here we have the belief of mind in matter, and this counterfeit mind in matter erroneously gives, to the illusion of matter, the illusion of life, intelligence, and sensation. This constitutes the false concept of sense, which is the opposite of Soul.
     “The belief that mind is in matter is the expression of material sense. The material senses try to invert scientific facts, but when we learn, through Soul, the true identification of ourselves as God, as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, with a body of spiritual ideas, the false identification of the material senses falls into oblivion, and ‘the kingdom of God [which] is within you’—within your consciousness—speaks.”[2]

     Once again animal magnetism can be compared to the false science of astrology because a serpent biting its own tail is a symbol of the zodiac.[3] In the Garden of Eden the serpent presents physical sense to Adam, via the forbidden fruit, as being reality. Is it possible then, that the fruit of good and evil opened up Adam’s eyes to the science of astrology with its zodiac constellations?

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Animal Magnetism’s Roots to Astrology Pt. 1

After coming upon two items that dealt with animal magnetism I felt that I needed to write about them. The first item I will be quoting from is a Mary Baker Eddy Institute Letter – Letter No. Four – July 1, 1997, by Helen M. Wright. The second item I will be quoting from is from a High Ridge House Newsletter – Volume XXXII – June 1997. What are the odds that these two newsletters came out within a month of each other? Of course, the second item is based upon an annual meeting held on March 23, 1997. After writing on these two items, however, I received something in the mail from a friend. It too is on animal magnetism, to be specific it is W. Gordon Brown’s talk on the chapter “Animal Magnetism Unmasked.” So I will also include it, even though I will not be using quote marks like I am with the other two. (My interpolations on these works will be placed within {set group brackets}.)

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