by MJSmith



            Before VISION I begins there is a “PROLOGUE” for Revelation’s second and third chapters.  Again, we are presented with the seven tones, but they are presented to us as the operation of the Christ, “the divine message from God to men.”  (S&H 332:10)  Yet, the CHRIST Branch-Churches are reflecting the WORD Star-Angels.

            Chapter 2 is the beginning of the seven angel/churches section.  The description of the Son of man given to these seven angels is interesting in that I see the seven Star-Angels following the WORD order for the Seven Days (Genesis 1-2:3) throughout history.  For instance, Enoch is for MIND, Noah is for SPIRIT, Moses is for SOUL, Queen Esther is for PRINCIPLE, Virgin Mary/Christ Jesus is for LIFE, Mary Baker Eddy/Christian Science is for TRUTH, and Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith/generic man is for LOVE.  Yet, the tones for the Seven Branch-Church Candlesticks follow the CHRIST order of PRINCIPLE, LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE, SOUL, SPIRIT, and MIND.  And thanks to John W. Doorly, I have been able to figure out how Mary Baker Eddy’s Christ and Christmas fits in with the seven Star-Angels, seven Branch-Church Candlesticks, and the seven Visions of St. John.

Revelation Star-Churches D
            The seven candlesticks, or the seven Branch-Church Candlesticks (the Mountain Range Matrix), are symbols of the synonymous terms for God (Christ order).  The seven churches are translated back to God by John’s seven Visions (seven candlesticks).  “All the synonymous terms and the ideas which characterize them must have different offices, otherwise there could be no order and no system.  There must be infinite diversification, classification, and individualization within the divine system.  If you say that the synonymous terms all mean exactly the same thing, then why did Mrs. Eddy bother to give seven of them and to characterize them most specifically in her writings?”[1]
            What does this really mean?  (This is coming to you from me, not Mr. Doorly.)  It means that the numerals of infinity and the seven days – while both are based upon Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love – represent two different things, one, the Star-Flower angelic messengers that are the Christ heads (Christ-Link) throughout the seven days and two, the Church bodies (Christianity) that follow the seven Christ-head Star-Flower-Angels (Christ consciousness).  Or what one would call – Christ and Christmas (the Christ-mass).
            My matrix structure for the eleven Illustrations of Christ and Christmas and the seven churches would be as follows (notice that the first seven Star-Flowers [first seven Illustrations] follow the Word order for the seven synonyms while the seven churches follow the Christ Order for the seven synonyms):

Seven Stars Church for C and CH            Now, looking at the diagram for Christ and Christmas I noticed how much it resembled the Kabalah Tree of Life, which it should.  Each Illustration represents one of the Sephiroth spheres (The eleventh sphere, Da’at, is usually invisible and is not always depicted on Tree of Life diagrams.  It is located between Sephiroths 1 and 6 on the Pillar of Mildness.).  After looking on line I found quite a few diagrams for the Tree of Life.  I will insert them after the one I made with Christ and Christmas titles.  I like them all for different reasons.

Tree of Life 11Tree of Life 11cTree of Life 11aTree of Life 11dTree of Life 11eTree of Life 11bVitruvian Man Tree            Notice, on the Vitruvian Man above that his mouth (the spoken Word of God) is in the position of Da’at.  Also, of importance in understanding the Tarot (in the Rider deck), is that its template card is the Ten of Pentacles (Da’at is not seen).  It is the key card for the whole deck as it presents the layout of each card according to the Tree of Life.
X of Pent.

            I am going to present the seven messages in a different order, so that I can present Illustrations 8-11 along with the accompanying Illustrations (for their Branch).

The Messages to the Seven Churches

            The seven messages are really “one sevenfold message epitomizing the operation of the Christ, ‘the divine message from God to men’ (S&H 332:10).  The seven churches are simply a symbol of the perfect church, which Mrs. Eddy defines as ‘The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.’  She also writes:  ‘The Church is that institution,’—the word ‘institution’ Webster defines, in part, as a ‘textbook,’—‘which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick’ (S&H 583:12-19).”[2]  All Christian Scientists must get this point about the “institution” being our TEXTBOOK.  I did not understand this point until a few years ago, before I read Doorly’s book (which I have just read this year).  God makes these things clear to us when we are ready to know them.  The word treat means “to deal with, to handle” while heal means “to make whole”.  Absolute Christian Science heals the sick through the realization of man’s wholeness (completeness) with the seven synonymous (the churches) terms for God while Christian Science treats the sick by dealing with error and handling the serpent of animal magnetism, also known as the red dragon, through the numerals of infinity (the angels).  This makes it clear why (in the matrix seen above) we begin with Illustration 8 of Christ and Christmas – TREATING THE SICK, for we must begin with the rod of divine Science – the trunk that is connected to PRINCIPLE.  Adam man cannot wake up from the Adam dream without the Christian Science practitioner dealing with animal magnetism.  Much error is found in STAR OF BETHLEHEM, the Illustration for our first Branch-Church Ephesus.  This error is based upon ecclesiastical despotism (the red dragon) and its material rites and ceremonies based upon the material birth of Jesus Christ.  The image that the Star of divine Science shines its direct light upon is of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.

Virgin Mary

            “Mrs. Eddy writes:  ‘In Revelation St. John refers to what “the Spirit saith unto the churches.”  His allegories are the highest criticism on all human action, type, and system [that is scientific analysis].  His symbolic ethics bravely rebuke lawlessness [there is scientific uncovering].  His types of purity pierce corruption beyond the power of the pen [there is scientific annihilation].  They are bursting paraphrases projected from divinity upon humanity [that illustrates the scientific translation of immortal Mind], the spiritual import whereof “holdeth the seven stars in His right hand [that is, the numerals operate with power in demonstration] and walketh in the midst {within the Church body as Principled Being} of the seven golden candlesticks” [the synonymous terms for God]—the radiance of glorified Being.’ (Mess. ’00. 11:26-12:5).  The messages illustrate the scientific translation of immortal Mind, which takes place through the Christ sequence of divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind.”[2]
            I do not think that John Doorly sees VISIONS I – VII in the same way that Edyth Armstrong Hoyt sees them, especially the last two VISIONS!  So, who is correct in their analysis?  Perhaps both are correct.  I am going to present it to you differently than Doorly does because, for sure, I do see it in a different way.  In the first diagram (seen above) I put the background color around the Branch-Church Candlestick that the Star-Angels (as the seven days and the numerals of infinity) represent and follow the Word order for the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (except the 6th and 7th Branch-Church Candlesticks both have tones of absolute Christian Science (I use sky blue for this level of Science) so these two squares are only framed with Truth [dark blue] and Love [violet]), while the Branch-Church Candlesticks (as the seven synonymous terms for God) follow the Christ order for the Golden Candlestick’s three branches (the Word, the Christ, Christianity) and one trunk (Science).  I have assigned a name to each Star-Angel (besides the synonym) that represents God’s chosen one throughout the Seven Days.  And each church name is given a synonym that represents part of the Golden Candlestick.  Also, I have assigned a particular Illustration to each of the seven church tones belonging to Christ and Christmas (in the second diagram above), while the last four Illustrations are assigned to the divine infinite calculus tones of the four levels to the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle (or the three branches and one trunk to the Candlestick Matrix).  I have also included a brief description of the twelve Sephiroth Spheres to the Tree of Life.
            In A Complete Guide to the Tarot (I will abbreviate it as CGT) Eden Gray (p. 194) says, “The Tree should not be thought of as only a design on paper but as a three-dimensional living universe.”  I do not always agree with what is written in this book, but it is interesting to think about.
            There are three columns or pillars to the Tree – Pillar of Severity (female – the divine), Pillar of Mildness (balance between male and female – or balance between the human and divine), and Pillar of Mercy (male – the human).  In the Tarot the female side is usually (negative) black (Ain?) while the male side is usually (positive) white (Ain Soph?).  An example of this is seen in THE HIGH PRIESTESS card’s two Pillars, and THE HIGH PRIESTESS herself is the balance between the two Pillars.  There are also paths between the Sephiroth spheres and draw qualities from the two Sephiroth the paths are connected to.

            “Above the Tree are three curved lines.  The one at the top represents Ain—Absolute Nothing, the NIL.  Next comes Ain Soph—Total Light; the lowest is Ain Soph Aur—Limitless Light.  {Gray lists them in this order, however, on one of the Tree of Life diagrams seen above these three curved lines list them in opposite order.  Personally, the opposite order makes since to me, but I do like Gray’s explanation as to why it is the way in this author’s book.}  These are the three aspects of zero, 0, which precede No. 1, Kether.  Kether might be called CAUSE; the next eight Sephiroth can be thought of as the MEANS by which, in Malkuth, No. 10, we have the final effect.  The Kabalah attempts to symbolize the emanation of ALL from Ain by using the analogy of Light.  First, the Nothing—NIL, in which ALL IS; then coming down into expression in Kether, condensed Light.  This idea is suggested in Genesis:  ‘And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters [the subconscious, the yet unformed].  And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.’” (CGT, pages 195 & 196; [Gray’s interpolations.]  {My interpolations.})  These three curved lines are titled opposite to what Gray has in CGT, as seen above in the diagram titled “The Quabalistic Tree of Life”.  So I cannot tell you which way is correct, I only know that I sort of agree with “The Quabalistic Tree of Life” diagram’s order.
            “The ten Sephiroth operate from Nil to material manifestation through what the Kabalists called the Four Worlds or Stages.  These are Atziluth, the world of archtypes where all begins to be something; Briah, where creation takes place; Yetzirah, where formation occurs; and Assiah, the material world.  Each Sephirah then is, in a sense, divided into four sections in which each of the Four Worlds operates.” (CGT, p. 197)  Is this not modeled after the divine infinite calculus?  The following chart, for the Four Worlds is from Gray’s book (pages 201 & 202).  I have added the four living creatures to the element column and added the last column for the divine infinite calculus.

FOUR WORLDS            Of course, Gray explains that “when the number four is used it almost invariably refers to the four letters of the name of Jehovah, IHVH, and to the four corners of the earth, as well as the four elements:  Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.”  Eden Gray has probably never heard of the divine infinite calculus, so the author would not think to apply it to the four.  I have added the four words describing God that are found in parentheses to the four letters for Jehovah, in the following:

                        I (Father)         H (Mother)      V (Son)           H (Daughter)

            Tarot cards are made up of the Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (cards of four suites numbered 1-10, Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings).  Gray explains how this Tree of Life relates to the Tarot cards.  “The ten Sephiroth relate to the numbered cards 1 to 10 of the Minor Arcana; the Four Worlds to the four suits; the 22 Paths to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.” (CTG, p. 197)  And yet Gray never understood that the X of Pentacles is a template card for the whole deck.
            I plan to show you how the eleven Sephiroths relate to the eleven Illustrations in Christ and Christmas as we proceed through Revelation with the seven Branch-Church Candlesticks and the seven Star-Angels.  I begin at the base (bottom of the trunk), at the point of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.

TREATING THE SICK – Base to the Trunk of the Tree (or the center column) – CHRISTIAN SCIENCE
No. 10—Malkuth, the Kingdom, Stability
            “This Sephirah, at the base of the pillar of equillibrium [Science], represents the entire physical world, which receives the emanations from all other Sephiroth after they have been corrected and purified in Yesod.  Malkuth is divided into the four substances necessary for energy to be encased:  Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.  Therefore, Yesod [where I have placed CHRISTIAN UNITY in the tone of CHRISTIANITY], the form-giver, depends for manifestation on the substance provided by Malkuth.” (CGT, p. 201; [My interpolation.])

First Edition

First Edition

            Notice that my interpolations, in the first line of the poem’s Verse, depict the descending path (order) for the last four Illustrations of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem.  This is the Trunk of Science with its three Branches.

“The Way [THE WAY is the WORD], the Truth [TRUTH VERSUS ERROR], the Life [CHRISTIAN UNITY]—His word [that TREATS THE SICK is found in the TEXTBOOK] —
            Are here, and now
Christ’s silent healing, heaven heard,
            Crowns the pale brow [with the crown seen in the second Illustration for THE WAY].” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolations.])

A Difference Between “Treating” and “Healing”

            TREATING THE SICK means that one must handle the serpent of animal magnetism (the Adam dream of hypnotism and mesmerism which is depicted by the man in the bed).  It is the base of the Trunk of the Candlestick (tree) for it is Christian Science (the closed book seen on the practitioner’s lap) that teaches us how to step upon the serpent’s head.  This leads us straight up to the ninth Illustration – CHRISTIAN UNITY.  Remember, it is this TEXTBOOK (or SCROLL) that is the true Church (not a building).
            The word treat means “to deal with, to handle” while heal means “to make whole”.  Absolute Christian Science heals the sick through the realization of man’s wholeness (completeness) with the seven synonymous (Branch-Church Candlesticks) terms for God while Christian Science treats the sick by dealing with error and handling the serpent of animal magnetism, also known as the red dragon, through the numerals of infinity (Star-Angels).  This makes it clear why (in the matrix seen above) we begin with Illustration 8 of Christ and Christmas – TREATING THE SICK, for we must begin with the rod of divine Science – the trunk that is connected to PRINCIPLE-LOVE.  Adam man cannot wake up from the Adam dream without the Christian Science practitioner dealing with animal magnetism.  Much error is found in THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM, the Illustration for our First Branch-Church Ephesus.  This error is based upon ecclesiastical despotism (the red dragon) and its material rites and ceremonies based upon the material birth of Jesus Christ, which is more firmly illustrated in our capstone Illustration – CHRISTMAS EVE.
            After speaking with a friend about this Illustration she pointed out some things I had not seen before.  They are more visible in my brown covered book of Christ and Christmas than in the picture above.  These would be types of evil and errors that need treatment.  You actually have to look for hidden error in the drawing.  On the bed, by the man, are shapes that resemble, depending upon how you look at it, a rabbi, a Catholic priest in their pointed hats, and a witch hat and face.  Another thing near that area is what sort of looks like a bird’s head, but then looking at it again I could see it was more like a bottlenose dolphin, right down to its dorsal fin.  Now I love dolphins, but certain men in my life have gone out of their way to let me know that these animals are very sexual creatures, they even have homosexual relationships.  This may be true, but I still like them.  Behind the woman is a shadow on the bed.  When looked at sideways it sort of resembles the helmet of Darth Vader from Star Wars.  I doubt that the artist would have known this future symbol, however, he was spiritually inspired in his work and God most certainly knew about George Lucas and his Star Wars.

CHRISTIAN UNITY – Outer Branch of CHRISTIANITY connecting MIND and LOVE – absolute Christian Science
No. 9—Yesod, Storehouse of Images, the Foundation
            “Yesod is the receptacle of the emanations of all the other Sephiroth and the transmitter of these to the physical plane [which is handled by CHRISTIAN SCIENCE].  It is the function of Yesod [asbolute Christian Science] to purify these emanations and correct them when necessary before they are passed down into the earth plane of Malkuth [Christian Science].  In Yesod there is the energy of integration, which coordinates the physical molecules and cells into definite organisms.  Living creatures, plants, and even minerals are its products, though the images are still in the prephysical state.” (CGT, p. 200; [My interpolations.])  A Christian Scientist, who is also a quantum physicist, said something like, material particles do not exist until they are observed.

First Edition

First Edition

“For Christian Science brings to view
            The great I Am, —
Omniscient power, — gleaming through
            [Christ] Mind, mother [of Truth reflecting Love], [generic] man.

“As in blest Palestina’s hour [the Age of Pisces],
            So in our age [of Aquarius],
‘T is the same hand unfolds His power,
            And writes the page[‘s of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.]” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolations.])

            CHRISTIAN UNITY is for the Outer Branch of Christianity.  This is the only Illustration with the shape of a circle, which is symbolic of “unity.”  It also represents equilibrium, as with a wheel.  It depicts the unity of Christianity and Science, which is Christian Science.  It also depicts the marriage between the Lamb of God (Jesus) and his Bride (Mary Baker Eddy).  Notice also how the left hand of Jesus holding onto the right hand of Mary Baker Eddy forms the shape of a ‘U’, also for “unity”.  Thus, it makes since that the marriage takes place in the United States of America!  And there is a marriage or unity between our first messenger of Mind (Enoch) and our seventh messenger of Love (Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith – generic man).  “Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God.”–St. Paul.
            “Mrs. Eddy writes:  ‘In Revelation St. John refers to what “the Spirit saith unto the churches.”  His allegories are the highest criticism on all human action, type, and system [that is scientific analysis].  His symbolic ethics bravely rebuke lawlessness [there is scientific uncovering].  His types of purity pierce corruption beyond the power of the pen [there is scientific annihilation].  They are bursting paraphrases projected from divinity upon humanity [that illustrates the scientific translation of immortal Mind], the spiritual import whereof “holdeth the seven stars in His right hand [that is, the numerals operate with power in demonstration] and walketh in the midst {within the Church body as Principle-Love Being} of the seven golden candlesticks” [the synonymous terms for God]—the radiance of glorified Being.’ (Mess. ’00. 11:26-12:5).  The messages illustrate the scientific translation of immortal Mind, which takes place through the Christ sequence of divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind.”[8]

            “Unto the angel [the highest thought] of the church of Ephesus [subjective and objective consciousness where faith without works is being expressed] write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks”. (Rev. 2:1; [My interpolations.])  The one Mind is based upon Principle and is complete as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  This mind has complete authority.
            The counterfeit of the first Church, founded in the First Day of Mind, is Eden, the physical body of Adam where he and the serpent are one.  Notice in the card below that the serpent is placed behind the woman instead of behind Adam.

            The spiritual idea, typified by the woman, is the Third Degree of spiritual understanding.  The woman conceives the spiritual idea son Seth and his lineage which leads up to Enoch (seventh in line).

No. 8—Hod, Splendor, Form, Intelligence
            “Hod is on the left Pillar, which is passive and female in that it brings the force from the right Pillar into form.  The three upper Sephiroth form a triangle pointing upward; the next three, a downward triangle, which is that of the individuality.  The third triangle, also pointing downward, is that of manifestation and personality.  Hod is the sphere of Mercury-Hermes, the god of science and books, who works in the mental realm in a scientific manner; Hod is the scientist in us as Netzach is the artist.” (CGT, p. 200)  Mercury-Hermes’ feet is also a good description of the angel’s feet (in Revelation 10) who descends with the “little book open”.
I could say that Hod is the Christian Science Practitioner and Netzach is the Christian Science Artist.

First Edition

First Edition

“Fast circling on, from zone to zone, —
            Bright, blest, afar, —
O’er the grim night of chaos shone
            One lone, brave star.” (Christ and Christmas)


            “Unto the [Star] angel [the highest thought, which must be spiritual] of the [First Branch] church of Ephesus [subjective and objective consciousness where faith without works is being expressed] write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks”. (Rev. 2:1; [My interpolations.])  The one Mind is based upon Principle and is complete as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  This mind has complete authority.

Revelation 2:1-7

The first message of MIND [Enoch] to Ephesus [PRINCIPLE] – STAR OF BETHLEHEM
            The first Christ (head) Star-Angle message (the WORD) to the First Branch-Church (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION I (MIND’S Star-Angel) with the tone of PRINCIPLE.  Also mentioned are the enthroned one, the four living beasts (or creatures), the four-and-twenty elders (the New Jerusalem artichoke), and the Lamb of God (spiritual idea).

Ephesus and Enoch
            Ephesus means “desirable; appealing.”[3]  It was the capital of Ionia and was at one time a center of learning (material knowledge).  It was also a city of commerce, noted for its “wonderful temple that was built for worship of the goddess Diana.”[4]  Diana was the goddess of the moon and fertility; thus, she is another female goddess that John modeled the woman God-crowned after.  Yet Diana was prayed to in order for women to conceive mortal children, thus, she was the wrong type of goddess.  True fertility is completely and totally spiritual and has nothing to do with sexual intercourse.  The Virgin Mary, depicted closest to the Star of divine Science in THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM is the true model of spiritual fertility, she is a woman God-crowned.

The Star of Bethlehem-Boston

The Star of Bethlehem-Boston

            Ephesus represents material desire; the building up of this false type of desire, and according to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary symbolizes the stomach that pertains to digestion and assimilation (qualities of mind).  “Ephesus was given up to idolatry, superstition, and general materialism” in other words, it gives in to the “physical and sense ideas and must be raised to the spiritual by the impregnating power of the word; hence Paul spent three years preaching the gospel in Ephesus.”[5]  So what is the cure for Ephesus?  It must be the eating of the “little book open” spoken of in Revelation 10.  When this is done the darkness begins to disappear in our lives and the light of our first Star-Angel of divine Science, Enoch, begins to shine its magnificent light.
            Enoch means “founder; centralizer; teacher; instructor; initiator; fixer; repentance; contrition.”[6]  While Ephesus is a centralized city (a capital) with much knowledge to teach and instruct, it is nothing without the spiritual idea of Enoch (seventh in the lineage of the woman).  And Enoch, alive in the First Day of Mind, represents true Motherhood, the true idea behind Dinah, Jacob’s seventh child (Love).  Dinah is depicted in the seventh Illustration of Christ and Christmas – “SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”  Both the STAR OF BETHLEHEM and “SUFFER THE CHILDREN…” are united on the same Branch for the WORD, and they are one with each other by CHRISTIAN UNITY (the 9th Illustration).  This is much like the order of the three windows in Mother’s Room, however, instead of the center being CHRISTIAN UNITY it is (what I have named) T ‘IS THE SAME HAND THAT WRITES THE PAGE (See below).  Enoch walked with God.  The “new state of thought would be spiritual consciousness, the new life in Christ.”[7]

Bay Window

            What does Mary Baker Eddy mean with here words “from zone to zone”?  Alice Orgain thinks that this is a reference to the twelve sons of Jacob.  I am not opposed to this idea at all, but I think it goes further, in that these zones, being sons, would mean that each zone represents a month (one definition of son is month).  Thus the twelve sons of Jacob translate the zodiac back to God.  In other words, the material science of astrology is translated into a spiritual understanding of divine Science with the twelve Stargates of the woman’s crown (with the infinite divine calculus).  Another possibility for the word “zone” is the twenty-four time zones that circle around the world.  The Morning Star (Sun) travels through the twenty-four time zones in one day.  One day with the Lord is like a thousand years, so these Seven Days with the Seven Star-Angels represent the idea behind, “Fast circling on, from zone to zone…”
            In the early editions Mary Baker Eddy made a special connection between Illustration 1 and Illustration 10, with our Loan Stranger, via her use of graphic type design.  So it is not to hard to comprehend that our “One lone, brave star” is the woman knocking upon the door of the mansion-Branch Church of Concord.  This angel is not only Mary Baker Eddy, or Michael, but she is also Martha Jones-Smith, or Gabriel.  The two angels seen in CHRISTMAS MORN are thus united in Illustration 10.  This may also explain why there are two different Illustration designs for TRUTH versus ERROR.

Verse 1 – John writes the first message to the angel of the church of Ephesus.  Enoch, generic man, walked with God (did not die, for he was spiritually translated).  Enoch was seventh in the woman’s seed lineage, so he represents Love, or generic man, yet he lives during the First Day of MIND.  Love reflecting Mind is true Mother Hood.
            We see the first seven-pointed Star of divine Science in the first Illustration of Christ and Christmas to be the STAR OF BETHLEHEM.  There is a faint pyramid of Light shining down from the Star.  This is the Star that is missing in CHRISTMAS EVE (it would be on the crown of the Christmas tree).  The Christmas tree is the pyramid shape that counterfeits the faint pyramid of Light in STAR OF BETHLEHEM.  The first Star-Angel (Mind) shines its Light upon what appears to be the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.  This is the topic that must be handled (treated) in CHRISTMAS EVE – religious celebrations made over the birth of Jesus (“The highest human corporeal concept of the divine idea, rebuking and destroying error and bringing to light man’s immorality.”[9]).  However, if you look at the same shape (Mary and Jesus) you can see it also looks like the profile of a man (representing the third living creature for Christianity).
            THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM is a very dark picture; it depicts various modes of mortal mind and its philosophical and medical teachings.  This darkness irrupted (became worse) in what we call the Dark Ages; do to material organic religious rights and ceremonies with regards to Christ Jesus.  But with the Reformation (New Birth) the light began to shine upon the Dark Ages, and the light was brought forth eventually with the second coming of Christ.  It also helped that the BIBLE was finally printed for all to read, instead of the only copies being kept secret in the church and out of circulation from the congregation.
            A true image that is hidden (obscured as a cloud) in this Illustration is the cloud in the upper right hand corner.  The cloud has four shapes (that I have seen), one shape appears to be a man (which resembles the gold statue known as Oscar), it also resembles the head of a woman.  Yet, if you turn the Illustration on its side this cloud takes on the image of the head of Christ Jesus.  I have also seen (not in all books) the head of a baby (although it is often hard to make out), I suppose this could be Jesus as a baby.  In some editions of the book it is hard to make out any images, especially Jesus.  Seen below is the same image.  The first is how it is seen straight on, the second is seen when the book is turned sideways.

The head of the woman and the man's body

The head of the woman and the man’s body


The profile of Jesus

The profile of Jesus

            The oversized (giant) Christmas tree in CHRISTMAS EVE represents the congregation of Christianity without a Christ Leader (head), for the crown of the tree is decapitated by the edge of the drawing.  This tree is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it is not the tree of life.  It seems ironic then that CHRISTMAS EVE is our capstone (head) Illustration!  Or is it?  I feel that the second Illustration for THE WAY should be placed above CHRISTMAS EVE, and above it should be placed the image of the Morning Star.  (This topic will be explored in Part 2b.)

Verse 1 cont. – The Son of man “who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks” speaks to John.  This is a reference to Principle, for Principle is found to be the center of the Golden Candlestick Matrix.  Principle is found in the center because it includes the other six synonyms.  What do we find in the midst (center) of the Garden of Eden?  We find the tree of knowledge and the tree of life.  So, the Son of man represents the tree of life, that which is truly centered.  (Remember the drawing of the Vitruvian Man above, could he not symbolically represent this Son of man?)

Verse 2 – “works”— the works are the demonstrations of Principle.  (See John 5:27-29; S&H 131:30-132:4 and 9-13.)  The verse continues with, “thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars” — “Principle always uncovers hypocrisy.”[10]  Where is hypocrisy found?  Hypocrisy is found within the material church organization.  (See S&H 329:21-23.)

Verse 3 – “laboured”— “worked, the tone of Principle again.  (See Mess. ’00. 2:7-8.)”[11]

Verse 4 – “left thy first love”— Science is our first love.  “So many people come into Christian Science and call it Science and accept that it is based on Principle, and yet before they know it, they are back in religious belief and faith [darkness], and they have lost the sense of Science; they have become stereotyped religionists.”[12]
            “Shall we ask the divine Principle of all goodness to do His own work?  His work is done, and we have only to avail ourselves of God’s rule in order to receive His blessing, which enables us to work out our own salvation.” (S&H 3:7-11)  (See also S&H 341:11-16.)
            Because the general human impulse is to relapse into religious belief and faith we are tempted to leave Science, which is our “first love.”  “Think of the way in which men have been doped for thousands of years, and right up to the present time, with the belief that God is a mystical being, whom nobody can understand and whom it is blasphemous to try and understand [this means that you believe you are breaking God’s Law], and that the only way to heaven is to believe in some creed and proclaim that you believe in it.  The belief that some other fellow [like a priest or a Pope], who may be no better than you are, can get you into heaven, has been built up for centuries, and humanity has for the most part accepted that belief without question.  Individual thinking on such subjects hasn’t been encouraged, and so men think that they can demonstrate salvation through somebody else or through mysticism.  That is how we leave our ‘first love,’—that which enables us to work out our own salvation scientifically and from Principle.  We have left our ‘first love’ if we are not forever demonstrating more and more of Principle.”[13]

Verse 6 – “Nicolaitans”— were the people that the Son of man compared Ephesus to.  Nicolaitans believed in good-good and good-evil, that evil was only another sense of good (the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil), “whereas in reality there is no point at which good and evil can touch.  If you think and work wholly from the standpoint of good, you can analyze, uncover, and annihilate the claim of evil and mortality, and you will then see the appearing of some measure of good in spite of mortality and in spite of evil, but there is still no real point of contact or mingling between good and evil, Spirit and matter.”[14]  Thought based on these ideas (the fruit of error) is nothing more than spiritualism.  Doorly gives Principled examples for this so called mixture (adultery).  “2+2=5 never touches 2+2=4.  2+2=5 is wrong, and 2+2=4 is right, and they are irreconcilable.  Evil is always evil; it is nothing.  The appearing of good may seem to take place in mortality, but it is really in spite of mortality, and has nothing to do with it.”[15]  So remember, that the beliefs of the Nicolaitans has to do with the tree of knowledge of good and evil (spiritualism).  And the reward for giving up these false teachings is given to us in the next Verse.

Verse 7 – “To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst [Principle] of the paradise of God.”  [My interpolation.]  The tree of life is “the little book open” – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  This is the book seen in the “midst” of Window of the Open Book.
            “The tree is typical of man’s divine Principle, which is equal to every emergency, offering full salvation from sin, sickness, and death” (S&H 406:4-6).  It is a fact that the word salvation translates out to be Science of Health (Wholeness).  Our TEXTBOOK – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy, is the tree of life.  It has the leaves (pages) for the healing of the nations (the Children of Israel).
            The message that Enoch (Mother Hood) is to relay to Ephesus partakes very strongly of the tone of Principle.  “It emphasizes works, honesty, the oneness of good, which is wholly apart from evil, and it shows that you must never leave your ‘first love,’—Science, which is based on Principle, and must therefore be understood and demonstrated.”[16]
            Enoch’s definition, seen above, is Principle.  What does he teach and instruct?  It must be Principled-Science.  Repentance and contrition basically means to change one’s mortal mind to spiritual Mind.  Enoch had to change the Adam consciousness (darkness) back to the Christ consciousness (the Light which is Mind).

            “And unto the [Star] angel [the highest thought] of the [Seventh Branch] church of the Laodiceans  [subjective and objective consciousness expressing neutrality, indifference, and smugness] write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness [the white horseman of Revelation 19], the beginning of the creation of God”. (Rev. 3:14; [My interpolations.])  The manifestation of Christ, spiritual man, is the faithful and true witness who expresses infinite being without birth into matter or death out of matter.
            Spiritual generic man must stand up for Christ Jesus and Christ Mary Baker Eddy – both faithful and true witnesses, the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

No. 7—Netzach, Victory, Force, Venus-Aphrodite
            “The victory here is the victory of achievement.  Netzach represents force on the lower plane, Chokmah on the higher.  This Sephirah contains two ideas—one, power or force, as exemplified by Mars; two, the beauty of Venus [the Morning Star].  Their connection is exemplified in the old myth of the love between Mars and Venus.  Netzach is also the sphere of the artist, who expresses the emotions and instincts in sound and color.  Here, in No. 7 and No. 8 we again have a pair of opposites—Netzach, the artist in us; Hod, the scientist.  The force of Netzach needs the form of Hod in order to express, and they both pour their energy into Yesod.” (CGT, p. 200; [My interpolation.])
            I feel that the old myth (the old man) of love between Mars (generic man, the new man) and Venus (woman, or the young girl) has been mystified by scholastic theology (the old man).  I do not see No. 7 and No. 8 as opposites, but rather, they are complementary to each other.  It is CHRISTIAN UNITY (Yesod) that unites THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM (Hod) and “SUFFER THE CHILDREN…” (Netzach) together in Christian Science.

First Edition

First Edition

“Thus olden faith’s pale star [of Bethlehem] now blends
            In seven-hued white [as our Morning Star]!
Life [CHRISTIAN UNITY], without [material] birth and without end [death],
            Emitting light!” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolations.])

Revelation 3:14-22

The seventh message of LOVE [Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith – generic man] to Laodicea [MIND] – SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.
            The Seventh CHRIST (head) Star-Angel message (the WORD) to the Seventh Branch-Church (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION VII (LOVE-Star-Angel) with the tone of MIND, with the “pure river of water of life,” the tone of Mind, or metaphysics.  In other words, the (body of) pure teachings in Christian Science bring eternal Life via MOTHER-HOOD.
            Here we come to generic man, the girl with “a little book open” called SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES (this is the only Illustration that has the “little book” open).  Her God-crowned mission is to speak to the One Church about the Mother Hood of Mary Baker Eddy.  In this section we are again on the Branch of Christianity with the Illustration of CHRISTIAN UNITY.  The Star’s smaller pyramid of light shines down upon the girl and the open book, but light is reflected upward off the page (the leaves for the healing of the nations) onto the girl’s face (Christianity).
            The identity of the Star of Bethlehem-Boston-Venus is finally explained, this Star-trilogy (three advents of Christ) is seen as three Star-Flowers in Mother’s Room.  This makes it possible that the Oneness of the Christ (as presented by Jesus as the Lamb) and the full Revelation (New Jerusalem – the teachings of the Science of man as  “Recapitulation”) can be established, for there is but one Christ dominion.

Bay Window
            The marriage between the Lamb (spiritual idea of VISION I) and the Bride, New Jerusalem, (the full revelation as presented in VISION IV) takes place in VISION VI, but it must be fully recognized and established in VISION VII.  Remember that we are on the Branch for Christianity with this tone, and the Illustration for this Branch is CHRISTIAN UNITY – depicting the marriage between Christ Jesus and Christ Mary Baker Eddy, as well as, the marriage between Christianity [Jesus] and Science [Mary] depicted upon the scroll in her left hand.  Although Mary Baker Eddy holds a scroll that reads Christian Science, the Illustration for the Christ Branch, shows the woman holding the same scroll, however (in the early editions) this scroll has the word “TRUTH” upon it.
            Darkness (mortal mind) is exposed to the light of divine Science with its seven points of Light.
            The Grandfather Clock, in the seventh Illustration, has the time of 5:05, thus it speaks to us about Revelation 5:1-5 (Vision I) where the book has seven seals.  The BIBLE on the table is a closed book.  The old man, scholastic theology, is not reading it (does not understand it).  In the first edition of Christ and Christmas it was easy to see that there were wisps of serpents (like those seen above the serpent in SEEKING AND FINDING) above the closed BIBLE.  The Bible Text underneath SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME reads:  “I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. — Christ Jesus.”  The girl on the foursquare chair is the “babe” who comprehends the Scientific system of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, thus she understands THE “Key of David” and can unseal the closed BIBLE.  This is the Truth of it, however, I must state that what the girl really uses the “Key of David” on is specifically the book of Revelation.

Verse 14 – John is to write to the angel, Martha Jones-Smith (generic man), of the church of Laodicea.  “Both ‘witness’ and ‘beginning of the creation’ have the tone of Mind.  (See S&H 143:26-31, and 502:28-29.)
            Mother Hood is the “true and faithful witness.”
            Laodicea, justice of the people; judgment of the people.”[17]  This Branch-Church of MIND represents the Christian Science Associations, groups of students having a Christian Science Teacher.  However, negatively speaking it is a “phase of the judgment faculty in the individual, expressing in the personal.  It is that phase of judgment which bases its understanding, its decisions, on outer seemings and intellectual reasonings”[18] instead of the divine infinite calculus (divine reckoning).  If one has a bad teacher, one who fails to spiritually understand Christian Science then their Association of students are going to be lost.
            Dinah, judged; justified; acquitted; avenged.”[19]   “The thought of vengeance that is suggested in the name always comes to the natural man in his idea of judgment; he is more likely to discern the error side of a proposition than the true side.  This thought is carried out by the action of Simeon and Levi in taking vengeance, for Dinah, upon Shechem and his people.  As man becomes more spiritual in his ideas of judgment, thoughts of vengeance, punishment, and evil are eliminated from his mind and he sees the love, mercy, and goodness of God instead.”[20]
            Yet, Dinah also means, “vindicated.”[21]  One definition of vindicated is “to set free, DELIVER”[22] in other words, to bring forth.  If Dinah represents the woman God-crowned then she is to deliver the manchild.  Would this manchild be the true idea behind generic man?  Mary Baker Eddy does not say that the woman God-crowned is generic man, but that she illustrates “generic man, the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea.” (S&H 561:22-25; emphasis added)
            According to Webster’s, illustrate means:  “brightens, enlightens”.  So the woman God-crowned enlightens generic man, she helps generic man to spiritually understand the human (man) and divine (God) coincidence, to understand the divine idea (man) and divine Principle (God) coincidence.  And this spiritual understanding is given to man in the Christian Science TEXTBOOK.  So, it is Dinah’s job to “set free” Mary Baker Eddy’s book (to open it up and let its Light shine).  It is her job to deliver it out of the hands of Simeon and Levi, ecclesiastic despotism, that which denies the fullness “of God’s creation [Revelation]”. (S&H 590:12; [My interpolation.])
            Martha (sister of the Virgin Mary) Jones (divine Science) Smith (metal maker, a blacksmith) is Dinah; she is Mother Hood.

Verses 15, 16 – “Turn back if you are ‘neither cold nor hot’ about Science.  People who are just apathetic and lukewarm about it are pathetic.  Because they are ‘neither cold nor hot,’ they fall constantly from one trouble into another.  They come and ask, ‘Why do I have so much trouble?’ and sometimes you can tell them that it is because they have no persistence, no wholehearted determination, no real consecration.  When you are forced to work things out for yourself and you find God for yourself, that is the loveliest thing in all the world.  (See S&H 268:6-2.)”[23]  Although Christian Science practitioners have helped many people, they have also hindered the Cause, for many Christian Scientists refuse to work for them selves and turn first to their practitioner.  And if they are with an Association, they may look to their Teacher for Scientific help.

Verses 17, 18 – “These verses illustrate the nakedness of mental poverty, which can only be overcome as thought is clothed upon with the ideas of Mind.  Your only asset is what you know and can prove of the Mind of Christ [the Hood of Christ].  You can’t escape the Mind of Christ, because the Mind of Christ individually is you.  It is your body, your being, your Science, your entity, your sonship, your riches, your health, your holiness, your happiness.  You are entirely naked except in so far as you have the Mind of Christ, and there isn’t any other clothing but the ideas of Mind.  If you are ‘rich’ in pride, materialism, and so on, then you are poor in the things of the Spirit.  The Mind of Christ is the gift of the grace of God, and all you have to do is to understand and demonstrate it.”[24]

Verse 18 – “I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.”  The gold tried in the fire is divine being, for the only way one can ever really be rich is via his spiritual divine being.  The shame of thy nakedness is the belief that you are a material persona living (which is the anti-Christ) with a material body (the anti-Christ-mass).  This is the opposite of true marriage.  The eyesalve would be when we reflect divine Mind, or the Christ Mind, so that we are not listening to mortal mind (being blind).  Let your eye be single – the Oneness of God, man, and the universe.

Verse 19 – tells us to repent (change our mind) again – to change from having double vision (two eyes) to the single eye that is divine (the Christ Mind of the Hood).

TRUTH versus ERROR – Middle Branch for the Christ – absolute Christian Science
No. 6—Tiphareth, Beauty, Harmony, a Sacrificed God
            “Tiphareth, on the central Pillar of equilibrium, has the balance of Kether on a lower plane and that of Yesod on the higher one.  The three Sephiroth below Tiphareth represent the individuality or higher Self; and above them all is Kether, the Divine Spark that sets Life in motion. …This sixth Sephirah is called the child of Kether and the King of Malkuth, and in his own sphere he is sacrificed.
“In Tiphareth, God is made manifest in form, and dwells among us [as the Christ]; Tiphareth, the Son, ‘above us’ Kether, the Father, and this idea is perfectly equilibrated, for the mediator or redeemer [the Christ] is ever striving to bring balance to his kingdom by reuniting the higher Sephiroth with the lower.
            “It is this Sephirah on the Tree of Life that the Christian religion takes as its focusing point.  The pantheistic faiths, such as those of the Greeks and the Egyptians, center in Yesod; and the metaphysical faiths, such as those of the Buddhists, Confucians, and—in this age—the New Thought Movement, aim at Kether.  [I am sure that Gray thinks that Christian Science belongs to the New Thought Movement, but it stands alone as leading THE WAY.]  The Bible is essentially a Kabalistic book, as indicated in the fact that allusions to the Son refer to Tiphareth [the CHRIST Branch]; the Father, to Kether [THE WAY of SCIENCE], and the Holy Ghost, to Yesod [CHRISTIAN UNITY].
            “Helios, Osiris, and all the sun gods also have their abode at Tiphareth; it is through the sun that life comes to earth, and it is by means of the God-consciousness [Christ Truth] or Tiphareth that we contact the sources of vitality and are able to draw upon them.  The understanding of outward (exoteric) religion goes no farther up the Tree than Tiphareth, and has no grasp of the mysteries of creation [Revelation].” (CGT, pages 199 & 200; [My interpolations.])

First Edition

First Edition

“To-day, as oft, away from sin
            Christ [Truth] summons thee [knocks upon your conscious thought]!
Truth pleads to-night:  Just take Me in[to your conscious thought]!
            No mass [material organized body] for Me!” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolations.])

Verse 20 – Now we are reminded of the tenth illustration of Christ and Christmas – TRUTH versus ERROR.  “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:  if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”  This is the bridging point, going from the Seventh Illustration to the Tenth Illustration.  The “babe” in “SUFFER THE CHILDREN…” is seen in “TRUTH VERSUS ERROR.”  The Tenth Illustration is the CHRIST BRANCH (the Middle Branch of the Golden Candlestick Matrix).  Mary Baker Eddy writes, “The time for thinkers has come.  Truth, independent of doctrines and time-honored systems, knocks at the portal of humanity.  Contentment with the past and the cold conventionality of materialism are crumbling away.  Ignorance of God is no longer the stepping-stone to faith.  The only guarantee of obedience is a right apprehension of Him whom to know aright is Life eternal.  Though empires fall, ‘the Lord shall reign forever.’” (S&H vii;13-21)
            “‘Though empires fall,’ the development of the Christ-idea will go on.  In this world of ours we are watching the ‘second death.’  Material systems are passing away.  Some measure of materialism — hate, jealousy, envy, greed, selfishness — is being shown up in all its nakedness.  But we don’t need to suffer from the ‘second death.’  Let’s live in Life.  Let’s be ‘in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.’  Let’s have the state of thought of the Son of man.  Let’s listen to the message which divine Principle, Life, Truth, and Love, is translating to each one of us, and that message is ‘This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.’”[25]
            In this Illustration are some signs that point to the fact that the adults inside the church are adulterers.  If you turn the book upside down and look at the man closest to the window you will see a capital A – for adultery.  The artist must have done this on purpose, as this shape is weird from an artistic standpoint, unless the man is wearing a cape.  Also, the grey open space between the woman’s right arm and her lap (the woman near the man) is the shape of a jack rabbit.  Rabbits are known for their fertility and having many babies.

A for Adultery

Jack Rabbit 2

            Another shape which is of interest and has to do with Revelation is that at the bottom of the Christ woman’s clothing, right beneath the section flowing from her right arm, is a small image of a woman holding a sickle.  Instead of (with the right arm) holding the scroll of Truth, this small woman holds a sickle.  I see the image as the angel that comes with a sharp sickle (Rev. 14:14).  A sickle is a reaping instrument, which separates the false from the true and is used in harvesting (during the endtime).  The sickle is an instrument of Spirit, for Spirit separates the chaff from the wheat.

The angel of Revelation 14:14.

The angel of Revelation 14:14.

“And I looked and,  behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his [her] head a golden crown, and in his [her] hand a sharp sickle.” (Rev. 14:14; [My interpolations.])

Verse 21 – “‘in my throne’—Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘Perfect and infinite Mind enthroned is heaven’ (S&H 266:25-26).  If we ally ourselves with Mind, we are allying ourselves with that which is All.”[26]

Verse 21 cont. – “even as I also overcame,” Mary Baker Eddy explains, “He [Christ Jesus] met and mastered on the basis of Christian Science, the power of Mind over matter, all the claims of medicine, surgery, and hygiene.” (S&H 44:10-12; [My interpolation.])
            “The divine must overcome the human at every point.  The Science Jesus taught and lived must triumph over all material beliefs about life, substance, and intelligence, and the multitudinous errors growing from such beliefs.” (S&H 43:27-31)

Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error

            Now that we know who the seventh Angel (messenger) is we see her again in the above Illustration.  She is not only the woman holding the scroll of Truth (Christian Science, the same scroll seen in CHRISTIAN UNITY which is being held by Mary Baker Eddy), but she is also the girl-boy peering out the window.  She is the Middle Branch for the Christ.  This is because she is the third coming of Christ who declares that the Lamb and Bride are married and who they are – as seen in CHRIST HEALING (with Jesus) and CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING (with Mary Baker Eddy).  Symbolically Mary and Martha are twin sisters.  I see the first illustration of TRUTH versus ERROR as being Michael, Mary Baker Eddy (the second coming of Christ) while the second illustration is Gabriel, Dinah, Martha Jones-Smith, Little Red Riding Hood (the third coming of Christ).  Mary Baker Eddy knocked on the door of mortal mind during the Sixth Day of Truth (the panels on the door) while Martha Jones-Smith must knock upon the door of inverted mind during the Seventh Day of Love (the Christ vine design on the door that has grown into material organized religion modeled after Romanism – symbolized by the black and white tiles).  Today’s Church of Christ Scientist has inverted (reversed) Mary Baker Eddy’s Revelation of Science.


            “And unto the [Star] angel [the highest thought] of the [Second Branch] church in Smyrna [subjective and objective consciousness expressing hypocrisy] write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead and is alive”. (Rev. 2:8 [My interpolations.])  The Son of man is described as spiritual man, the living infinite One.  This man is without beginning or end, expressing the truth of eternal Life”.
            The spiritual idea, that understands eternal Life, finds safety in the Ark of the Covenant while hypocrisy, material man (who believes in death), while pretending to be spiritual, drowns in the flood of corporeal error.

No. 5—Geburah, Strength, Severity
            “Just as Chessed, the father of his people in times of peace, may win our love, it is Geburah, the King in his chariot going forth to war, who commands our respect.  Here is the fear of the Lord (Law), which is the beginning of wisdom.  Geburah represents the breaking-down force that is necessary for the equilibrium of the Tree of Life.  Like Vishnu and Shiva, the preservers and terminators of life, Geburah and Chesed are indispensable to each other.  One builds and the other breaks down in an endless cyclic relationship, in order to maintain balance.  Here we find the warlike qualities of Mars, which is Saturn on a lower arc.
            “What we call evil is simply misplaced force—misplaced in both time and space—just as fire can bring either welcome warmth or destruction.  In most instances, we have been taught that which is constructive and builds up is good; that which is destructive and breaks down is evil.  But a piece of furniture cannot be built unless a tree is felled; a garden cannot grow unless the weeds are removed.  Love can be either a blessing or a curse.  Here we have the all-important concept of balance and its applicability in every phase of life.
“The Tarot suit of Swords is related to Geburah, as both represent and destructive aspect of life.” (CGT, pages 198 & 199)
            For sure, Geburah seems to have to do with the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  What the Christ does is demonstrate that there is neither good (pleasure) or evil (pain) in matter, nor is either to be desired.  “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter.  All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.  Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error.  Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.  Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.  Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.” (S&H 468:9)
            I think the true meaning behind Geburah and Chesed is that Christ Jesus tears down mortal minded laws, while Mary Baker Eddy builds up spiritual law.

First Edition

First Edition

“In tender mercy, Spirit sped
            A loyal ray
To rouse the living, wake the dead,
            And point the Way [Jesus’ God-crowned mission] —

“The Christ-idea, God anoints —
            Of Truth [Mary Baker Eddy] and Life [Jesus];
The Way in Science He appoints,
            That stills all strife [of Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission].” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolations.])

Revelation 2:8-11

The second message of SPIRIT [Noah] to Smyrna [LIFE] – CHRIST HEALING
            The Second CHRIST (head) Star-Angel message to the Second Branch-Church (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION II (SPIRIT-Star-Angel-Noah) with the tone of LIFE, the opening of the seven seals (body), which is accomplished through LIFE—analysis.
            Smyrnamyrrh; flowing; distilling; sweet; fragrant; aromatic; spirituous; gall; sorrow; lamentation; bitterness; rebellion.”[27]  Smyrna represents “the substance center in the body, located at the pit of the stomach.  They ‘that say they are Jews, and they are not,’ 9th verse, are false thoughts.  The ten days of tribulation, 10th verse, refer to degrees or steps in the perfecting of the individual, a work that will go on until a complete letting go of the lesser, or personal, self is fulfilled.”[28]
            Noah means “rest; calm; quiet; peace; tranquility; equilibrium.”[29]  Noah represents (in the Second Day of Spirit) the comforter – divine Science.  Noah is also the name of a woman, a daughter of Zelophehad, a Manassite.  Zelophehad had only five daughters, no sons.  (See Numbers 26:33; 27:7; 36:11)  Is it possible then, that this woman Noah prefigures our own Mary Baker Eddy, a daughter of Manasseh (the United States of America)?
            In a resent Hollywood movie about Noah, while on the ark, Noah’s daughter-in-law gives birth.  Noah winds up with two grand daughters, they are twins, and they are symbols for the two angels found flying in the sky in CHRISTMAS EVE.  There are also two women depicted in CHRIST HEALING and two women depicted in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.  Symbolically, in the movie, these twin granddaughters fulfilled what I call the Arch Covenant.  This part of the Biblical story was never found within Genesis, and the scriptwriter made it up.  Yet, when I saw this part of the movie I completely understood what it meant because of a Vision I had shortly before I saw the movie.  I also felt as if God was sending a message directly to me, that what was put in the movie was meant just for me.  There are two twin daughters, I call them Mary and Martha.  Mary represents the Second Coming of Christ’s feminine representative during the Sixth Day of Truth while Martha represents the Third Coming of Christ’s feminine representative during the Seventh Day of Love.  (Mary Baker Eddy also gave the name of Mary to the second coming of Christ and the name Martha to the third coming of Christ.  The names Mary and Martha both mean: “bitter”.  Martha also means “lady.”  Is not Martha then, one of the sentinel ladies that Mary Baker Eddy placed on the cover of the Sentinel in the summer of 1906?)
            In CHRIST HEALING the pyramid of light, from our Star-Angel Noah, fills almost the whole page.  The Star of divine light is very close to Jesus.  What is odd about the Star-Angel’s position is that it is not on top of the capstone’s light, but rather inside the capstone’s light, it resembles the All-seeing eye (which is single) found on the pyramid on U.S. currency.  In this Illustration Christ Jesus is resurrecting (raising up) womanhood, specifically Mary Baker Eddy.  Notice the way the woman (Martha) is holding her hands.  You will see her holding her hands in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING and I feel she is the angel in CHRISTMAS MORN who is also holding her hands in the same fashion.

Verse 8 – John is to write to the angel, Noah, of the church of Smyrna.  Noah’s story takes place during the Second Day of Spirit and deals with the Ark (the boat) of the Covenant (the Letter of the Law) and the Arch (bow in the cloud) of the Covenant (the Spirit of the Law).  Noah’s First Church is the ark itself, while his Second Church is his grapevine (Branch Church).  Noah is to report to Smyrna “These things” mentioned to John that “the first and the last, which was dead and is alive” tells him.
            In the movie about Noah the Arch of the Covenant (what I call it) was portrayed differently than in Genesis.  What was in the movie is what resembled my Vision.  I had been reading some work by a man who had written about Christ and Christmas back in the 1940s.  I found what he wrote most interesting, however, I do not agree with everything that he said.  So I was in prayer about it and asking God for an answer to a question I had about his work.  My answer came as the Vision.  I saw Mary Baker Eddy in front of me; she was the angel of Revelation 10.  This I knew, there were no words about it, just complete understanding at what I was seeing.  Then I saw a rainbow of light as an arched circle shoot out from her.  When I saw the end of the movie the same type of arching rainbow light was shooting out in the sky over and over when the Arch of the Covenant was being presented.  However, in the movie, only two of the sons were present (instead of the three, the First Degree son, Ham, was missing [See S&H 115.]), Noah’s wife, daughter-in-law, and two grand daughters were also present.

Verse 8 cont. – “Life is the ‘Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,’—even that which ‘was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found’” (My. 185:17-19).

Verse 9 – “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)”—because Life multiplies abundantly.  (See S&H 501:7-10.)

Verse 9 cont. – “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”  The Son of man knows those who have broken God’s Laws, he knows how this Second Church (the Christ vine) has been criticized by hypocrites (those who claim to practice the laws of the Jews but do not) and practice false teachings about life.

Verse 10 – “‘tribulation ten days’—if you believe only in mere human morality, represented by the limited sense of the Commandments [the Letter of the Law, the Ark], and you don’t understand Science [the Spirit of the Law, the Arch], then you will ‘have tribulation ten days,’ and you will be like the [five] foolish virgins, who had lamps, but no oil in them. [“Oil.  Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration”[30] which are the five wise virgins]  (See also S&H 545: 7-17.)”[31]
            There is a legend, which Mary Baker Eddy wrote about.  Virgin girls were to keep the lamps lit (forever) within the temple of a Roman goddess named Vesta.  As well, I am sure that Jesus was familiar with this story when he told the parable about the ten virgins.  How does this parable connect us to Revelation?  Jesus parable speaks of a wedding to take place between a bridegroom and his bride.  The virgins were to be prepared when they were to be called into the wedding feast; they could only enter if their lamps were lit (if they had the qualities of consecration, charity, gentleness, prayer, and heavenly inspiration).  Vision VI tells us about the marriage between the Lamb and his Bride.  Who is willing to see and accept whom the Bride is?

Verse 10 cont. – “be thou faithful unto death [until material belief dies], and I will give thee a crown of life.” [My interpolation.]

Verse 11 – “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.”  “The second death is the destruction of sin, disease, and death.  The first ‘death’ is the whole belief of mortal existence, of life in matter, and the ‘second death’ is the destruction of that belief.  If we have the Mind of Christ, if we have an understanding of divine Life, then that ‘second death,’ whether it be the dying of sin, or disease, or death, will not touch us, and we shall pass ‘from life unto life.’
            “In working out our life-problem to-day, it seems that the destruction of error in the world is causing terrible chemicalization and terrible suffering.  But the hell let loose in the world to-day—all this lust for power, personal domination, personal aggrandizement, personal ambition, and greed—is just the dying of error in every form; we are really watching the ‘second death.’  Paul said, ‘I die daily.’  Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘Those upon whom “the second death hath no power” are those who progress here and hereafter out of evil, their mortal element, and into good that is immortal; thus laying off the material beliefs that war against Spirit, and putting on the spiritual elements in divine Science’ (Mis.  2:26-30).  (See also S&H 77:5-12)  So ‘let the dead bury their dead.’  The ‘second death’ is the destruction of mortality [this is what was really taking place when the flood came in Noah’s Day of Spirit], which is going on all around us, but that destruction should never be painful to us.  It should come about painlessly and naturally, through an understanding of Life, through an understanding of the ‘numerals of infinity.’”[32]
            I would like to quote something that is attributed to Mary Baker Eddy in regards to the first death and second death.  It is called “Death and Resurrection.”
            “The first death is the simple belief that matter has a beginning and so must have an ending, that it goes out through sickness and age.
            “The second death is the effort of sin-malicious animal magnetism – to kill us by putting out our sense of God.  Jesus must have destroyed the simple belief of death time after time, but the cross where his sense of God crossed swords with evil – malicious animal magnetism – and for a moment faltered, was the overcoming of the second death, and as he had overcome the first death, the second hath no power.  The second death is the effort of malice to rob us of our absolute faith and pure trust in an absolute good God.
            “Instead of being bound for the grave, we must know we are on the eternal road of Life that has no sense of death.  No evasion of the subject is possible.  We must know that we can never die.  We have to know this some time, and now is a good time to begin.  We do not need to sorrow because of the seeming death, but rather rejoice that we know the way out.  Watch that you do not lose your love from the attacks of hate.  Better lose life in matter than love for God and man.  This is why our dear departed are better blessed than those that remain if they are returning evil for evil.
            “Arguments for those passed from mortal sight must follow the Scriptural Golden Rule.  It is not permitted in Science to continue work for them longer.  This only hinders growth spiritual and animal magnetism grows thereby.  When will students gain higher views in Spirit and cease making arguments lest the Cause come into grave consequences therefore?  If we will refuse to believe them gone and think of them as when we could see them, we will help them to become adjusted to their new environment wherein no confusion or sorrow will come to mar their new experience.  God’s dear love for His children is so deep and far-reaching that He does not afflict us.  It is our mistaken sense of Life that brings the pain and sorrow. You say that she [Mary Baker Eddy] is dead – we buried her today.  That is not true.  You buried your belief of her and you will some day resurrect it.  [Think about this, if this had been the attitude of the “men” in charge of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, how different things would have been from 1911 onward!]  The only reason why we cannot see our friends who have passed on is because of the limitation which mortal mind has put upon itself.
            “You cannot be poisoned unless you consent, and you will not.  You cannot die if you try to and not one lying word that you believe about yourself is true, and you do not believe it.  If I were to pass through the belief of death now, I would still be here.” (Essays and Other Footprints by Mary Baker Eddy with THE SCIENCE OF MAN or Questions and Answers in Moral Science, R. F. Oakes, Rare Book Company, p. 73-74; [My interpolations.])  Again, if the “men” of the material organized church had believed these words, “If I were to pass through the belief of death now, I would still be here” then they would have obeyed the Church Manual estoppel clauses.  They would have never declared their “Mrs. Eddy” as a dead woman!
            CHRIST HEALING depicts Mary Baker Eddy’s healing of February 4, 1866.  The coffin is a symbol of material death.  The man in the dark is objecting to the woman being healed by CHRIST.  Male energy does not want women to comprehend their wholeness or complete Being which is Spirit.  He is not objecting to the CHRIST HEALING taking place, he is objecting to the woman God-crowned being healed!
            It is most interesting, on the matrix above, that the three Illustrations (on the Christ Branch) depict the one Christ as Life, Truth, and Love.  The first (Life) is CHRIST HEALING – with Jesus Christ (the Day of Life), the second (Truth) CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING – with Mary Baker Eddy (the Day of Truth), and the third (LOVE) TRUTH versus ERROR – with Martha Jones Smith, a.k.a. generic man, (the Day of Love).  It is the third that ties the first and second together.
            Is it possible that the woman standing beside the coffin in prayer (CHRIST HEALING) and the woman praying in the entrance way (CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING) Martha, Mary Baker Eddy’s twin sister?  I think so.


            “And to the [Star] angel [the highest thought] of the [Sixth Branch] church of Philadelphia [subjective and objective consciousness found lacking in the expression of love and filled with ingratitude] write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth”. (Rev. 3:7; [My interpolations.])   Spiritual man is complete (holy) and true (just).  He is the manifestation of Christ.  He that lives in the dominion of Love, given to him in the Sixth Day of Truth, has the Key to the Scriptures.
            Spiritual man is complete when he is filled with love and gratitude for Mary Baker Eddy, the living maternal matrix of Christian Science.

No. 4—Chesed, Mercy, Majesty
            “We can call Chokmah the ‘all-begetter’ in the abstract, and Chesed the same power in a more concrete form as the loving father, the protector, and preserver.  [Notice that THE EMPEROR holds Chesed in his left hand.]  All the creative work in the world is done by people whose minds work in terms of Chesed the King, seated on his throne and holding both scepter and orb.  He is the benevolent ruler who also guides his people.  This idea is symbolized in Tarot Key 4, the Emperor.  He has become master of the world of abstract ideas and can select images to fit his purpose and bring them down into the concrete plane of Malkuth [where the right foot toes are located].” (CGT, p. 198; [My interpolations.])

            According to Gray we have been dealing with the “Lesser Countenance of the Cosmos on a lower plane.” (CGT, p. 198)  We are now about to “find the forces of growth and abundance.” (CGT, p. 198)

First Edition

First Edition

“Christ was not crucified—that doom
            Was Jesus’ part’
For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom*
            In human heart.**

“Forever present, bounteous, free,
            Christ comes in gloom’
And aye, with grace towards you and me,
            For health makes room.” (Christ and Christmas)

*Sharon’s Rose is the name I gave to a Unity Matrix where I assign Christ and Christmas Illustrations with the Keystones of Window of the Open Book and the first twelve chapters of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.
** “God was manifest in the flesh.”—St. Paul.

Revelation 3:7-13

The sixth message of TRUTH [Mary Baker Eddy] to Philadelphia [SPIRIT] – CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING
            The Sixth CHRIST (head) Star-Angel message to the Sixth Branch-Church (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION VI (TRUTH-Star-Angel Mary Baker Eddy) with the tone of SPIRIT, portraying the city foursquare (body), the city of divine Science, the Spirit.
            In CHRIST HEALING we see Christ Jesus resurrecting the woman Mary Baker Eddy.  This picture depicts Mary Baker Patterson’s healing (where she is made whole) on February 4, 1864.  She is the Word, the Bride City.  VISION VI (Rev. 19 and 20) is about the marriage of the Lamb (Christ Jesus) and his Bride, the New Jerusalem (Mary Baker Eddy).  These are the two witnesses (Revelation 11).  The theme for VISION VI is where the Word of God is established (via SCIENCE AND HEALTH).  And its subject is the seven triumphs of Truth (Michael).  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING has much in common with CHRIST HEALING.  In Illustration 2 Jesus (the man) is standing and lifting womanhood up, while Illustration 6 depicts Mary Baker Eddy (the woman) standing and lifting up manhood.  In Illustration 2 Jesus holds Mary’s hand (their hands intersect forming an “n”), in Illustration 6 there is no physical touching between practitioner and patient and it is clear that the Star of divine Science is the source of the pyramid’s light.
            Christ first resurrected the masculine representative known as Jesus then Christ resurrected the feminine representative known as Mary Baker Eddy.  And finally, Mary Baker Eddy resurrects generic man (male and female united as one).
            Those who become part of the woman’s temple (body) will have Christ write upon them the seven names (which is really one identity) of Christ’s God, and the name of the city of Christ’s God, which is new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from Christ’s God:  and Christ will write upon him my new seven names (which is actually one identity) given in Christian Science (the Christ-Truth).

Verse 7 – John is to write to the angel, Mary Baker Eddy, of the church of Philadelphia (brotherly love).  The key of David is now mentioned.  Doorly says that this key of David (David means God’s beloved, we could almost say that the key to CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING is to be Love!) is “the calculus of Spirit, the divine order, which is never reversed.  If you understand the order of Spirit, you can ‘open’ and no man can ‘shut,’ and you can ‘shut’ and no man can ‘open.’”[33]  What is it that is being opened?  It is the Christ door to heaven.  What is this Christ door to heaven?  It must be the Stargate Matrix of the Holy City.
            “All we correctly know of Spirit comes from God, divine Principle, and is learned through Christ and Christian Science.  If this Science has been thoroughly learned and properly [mentally] digested, we can know the truth more accurately than the astronomer can read the stars or calculate an eclipse’ (S&H 84:28-1; [My interpolation.]).”  In other words, the Stargate Matrix nullifies astrology and is more scientific than astronomy.
            “If only we digested it more, we wouldn’t ever suffer from mental indigestion.  If you pore over Science merely because you like it as an intellectual study, and you don’t live it, it will give you mental indigestion, and you will come to the point where you cease to think spiritually any more.”[34]

Verse 8 – “I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it”—the divine order can never be turned back.

Verse 8 cont. – “strength” characterizes Spirit.

Verse 9 – Those who say they are Jews, but lie about it, are of the synagogue of Satan.  They are not Jews they are hypocrites.  Yet, the Son of man will make these members to come and worship before his feet and realize that the Christ has loved them.

Verse 10 – “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”
            “Love will finally mark the hour of harmony, and spiritualization will follow, for love is Spirit.” (S&H 96:4-5)  “This material world is even now becoming the arena for conflicting forces.  On one side there will be discord and dismay; on the other side there will be Science and peace.” (S&H 96:12-15)

Verse 11 – “If only we would have that sense of ‘Behold, I come quickly’!”[35]  If we hold fast to what we have spiritually then no man can take our crown (consciousness) given to us by God.

Verse 12 – speaks about the city, new Jerusalem, specifically tells us, “he shall go no more out” because he is a pillar of society.  “This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved must walk in this light.  Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, …or maketh a lie.’” (S&H 577:19-27)

Verse 12 cont. – “‘city of my God’—that is what Mrs. Eddy calls ‘a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and square’ (S&H 575:25-26), the city of order, substance, reality, development, purity.”[36]  Although there is really only one city, this city is explained with different names (the different levels of Science).  City of my God, which this verse describes as “new Jerusalem” is given the levels of absolute Christian Science and Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy (in “Recapitulation”), the city of our God, is given the level of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, while the city foursquare (which is what Doorly is describing above) is given the level of divine Science by Mary Baker Eddy.
            “Spirit involves the new birth.  Mrs. Eddy writes:  ‘Christian Scientists bring forth the fruits of Spirit, not flesh; and God giveth this “new name” to no man who honors Him not by positive proof of trustworthiness.  May you be able to say, “I have not cleansed my heart in vain”’ (Mis. 153:18-22).”[37]

C&C-C.S. Heal (B)Above is the second Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.  Notice that the Christ Mantle (robe) is no longer black but white (pure).  Also, in the first Illustration the sick person is possibly a woman while in the second Illustration the sick person is a man.  The woman (I call Martha) is facing forward, unlike the woman in CHRIST HEALING and the angel in CHRISTMAS MORN.  We can see in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING that the woman’s arms form a W – for Womanhood and possibly for Wholeness.

(To be continued….)

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