Mary Baker Eddy Walked On Water Too

by MJSmith


     I feel that most Christians fail to accept Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ because they are unaware of the feats she accomplished during her God-crowned mission.  It is true that Mary Baker Eddy said there is only one Christ, and I agree with her.  There is only one Christ just like there is only one Mind.  But just because there is only one Christ does not mean that there cannot be more than one coming of Christ.  Jesus said himself, speaking of his true Christ nature, “Before Abraham was I was.”  The sixteen prophets of the old Testament reflected the Christ Mind.  The Christ has always existed along side God.  It, the Christ, did not come for only a certain time in human history.  The Christ exists eternally and is manifested by man (any man or any woman) when they are able to do the works of Christ, like the ones that Jesus did.  And he expected everyone to do the same works.  In other words, when we manifest our own Christ nature we can cast out sin, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and yes, we can walk  on water too!  Remember that Peter walked on the water, until he lost faith.  It is always the one Christ that is the target of persecution, by the anti-Christ, no matter who it is that is reflecting the Christ nature.  Mary Baker Eddy does make a distinction between Jesus and the Christ when she says that Jesus is the one that was crucified on the cross.  The corporeal Jesus, the human, was crucified and tortured.  The Christ, the divine, can not be killed or destroyed because it is Spirit not matter.  The name of Jesus Christ explains the human (Jesus) and divine (Christ) coincidence.  In her chapter “The Apocalypse” she makes it clear that because there was a male manifestation of Christ, as Jesus, to manifest the idea of the fatherhood of God that is eternal Life then it stands to reason that there must be a female manifestation of Christ to manifest the idea of the motherhood of God that is Life, Truth, and Love (the divine and eternal Principle).  (See S&H 562 top paragraph.)  Mary Baker Eddy leaves it to the reader to come to the understanding that she is speaking of herself.  It is of importance to note that this paragraph’s subheading is Spiritual idea revealed.  Revealed means to uncover.  Jesus does not need to be revealed as the spiritual idea here, so she is not speaking of Jesus in the subheading.  The text is uncovering the very fact that the second coming of Christ is manifested as a woman.  She had to hide the fact, by not mentioning her name, because the world was not ready to hear God’s Truth.  Notice the distinction between the two definitions of Father and Mother below.

Father.  Eternal Life; the one Mind; the divine Principle, commonly called God.” (S&H 586:9; infuses added)

Mother.  God, divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 592:16)


     Part of the problem today, in the acceptance of the second coming of Christ, comes from the Boston Philosophy Club (as Paul Smillie called them), those who have been in charge of the church.  They have lied to the Field and to the world about Mary Baker Eddy.  They claim that she was just a little old gray-haired mortal woman.  They fail to understand that Mary Baker Eddy was chosen by God to discover divine Science and write it down for mankind to read and demonstrate.  These male dogs fail to understand and accept Mary Baker Eddy as God’s spiritual idea, as God’s highest ideal.  They are blinded to Truth and have been taken in by the red dragon (the citizen spoken of by Jesus in his parable about the Prodigal Son).  This male club’s false “philosophy” teaches that Mary Baker Eddy, a mortal woman, accomplished what she did because she reached the top of the mountain before anyone else did and if she would not have done it someone else would have reached out for the light!  Their “philosophy” denies the fact that God chose Mary Baker Eddy and foreordained her mission.  This is backwards thinking and has done nothing to advance the Cause of Christian Science.  Their beliefs come from the “forbidden fruit.”  These same men are also unaware that Mary Baker Eddy walked on water, and if they are aware of it, then they are going to be the last ones to admit it.
     Today many Christian Scientists are unaware that Mary Baker Eddy did walk on water.  The following account is from David L. Keyston’s book THE HEALER The Healing work of Mary Baker Eddy.  (Mr. Keyston’s book is available from The Bookmark.)  Page 171-172 reports – “It seems that one day when Mrs. Eddy and Mr. [Ira] Knapp were on the coast at Red Rock, near Lynn, Mass., Mrs. Eddy was caught out on the rocks as the tide was coming in.  Mr. Knapp saw what had happened, since he was closer to the shoreline.  He started looking around for a small boat in which to go out and convey Mrs. Eddy back to the shore.  However, Ira Knapp could find nothing to accomplish this and Mrs. Eddy walked back herself over the water![1]
     The following paragraphs, in Keyston’s book, are just as interesting!  “Calvin Frye stated in his diary that one day he entered Mrs. Eddy’s room and found her floating, suspended up near the ceiling.  He was no doubt bewildered and surprised, but Mrs. Eddy allayed his concern, telling him not to be afraid, that all was fine.  She subsequently settled down into her chair.[2]
     “‘She once said in class in Columbus Avenue, [in years previous at the] College, “Were it not for the minds around me, I could step out of this (second story) window, and not fall to the ground.”’[3]
     “‘Mary Baker Eddy’s hand disappeared to [the] personal sight of Ella Peck Sweet when she laid her hand on the latter’s arm—later [it] became visible.  She said, “Ella, I am showing you things I could not tell you.”’[4]
     Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same scripture, and preached unto him Jesus.  And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water:  and the eunuch said,
            See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?….
            And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more:  and he went on his way rejoicing.  But Philip was found at Azotus:  and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.
     Acts 8:35,36, 39,40

     Keyston continues, “‘Apocryphal stories abound of what Mrs. Eddy is said to have done with her body while providing such divine instruction to members of her household.  To the metaphysician they are enlightening and encouraging, but not supernatural.
     “‘Nevertheless, on one occasion some students who were holding her body (and evidently holding her to be in body) recorded that they found she could escape from their restraint and reappear instantly on the other side of the room.’  [Jesus was also able to do this.]  This is related in detail in the following account.[5]
     “‘One day when Mrs. Eddy had dismissed Adelaide Still and asked not to be disturbed, Laura Sargent and Martha Wilcox grew concerned after quite some time had elapsed with no word from [Mrs. Eddy].  After waiting longer and discussing it further, they finally decided to enter her room.  They listened first at her door but heard nothing.  And when they entered they found nothing.  Mrs. Eddy was not there!
     “‘Laura and Martha searched the whole house and the entire household was alerted.  Returning to Mrs. Eddy’s room following some six or eight hours of searching and consternation, they found her there.  After calming the household the Leader asked to see Martha and Laura alone.
     “‘When the others were gone and the door was closed, Mrs. Eddy said, “Girls, come here and put your arms around me.”  As they did so Mrs. Eddy disappeared and was standing on the other side of the room looking at them.  She then cautioned them about relating this experience to those metaphysically unprepared for it and told them not to put it in writing.’”[6]  [7]
     At age eight (said to have been ongoing for a full year) Mary kept hearing God’s Mother voice calling to her.  This account is spoken of in biographies, however, what is not as well known is that after she finally responded to God’s call she was “lifted up about a foot then gently laid back on the bed, this was repeated three times.”[8]
“Adam H. Dickey later recorded that Mrs. Eddy told him the following regarding this incident:
     “…As a child she was afraid to tell the circumstances to anybody but she pondered it deeply in her thought of it many years afterward when she was demonstrating the nothingness of matter.[9]”  [10]
     It was God that lifted her up, and it was God that called her over and over and over, and it was God that chose Mary Baker Eddy to bring the Comforter (divine Science) and teach it to mankind.  This was NOT Jesus’ mission to fulfill.
     Many modern biographies on Mary Baker Eddy fail to report any of the healings that she accomplished.  This seems hard to believe because soon after her discovery of Christian Science she was healing on a daily bases!  Yet, Mary Baker Eddy was able to heal before she even discovered Christian Science.  However, she may not have realized how she was accomplishing it.  She did seem to grasp how she healed a baby of blindness.  This healing took place when she was married to Daniel Patterson and before she ever met the (healing?) mesmerist doctor known as P. P. Quimby (Enemies claim that Mary Baker Eddy stole Christian Science from Quimby even though Quimby’s mesmerism and Christian Science are complete opposites.  This was the red dragon’s attempt to harm the manchild after it had been born or published.)!
     Mary Baker Eddy was foreordained, was prophesied as coming.  Notice in the verse below that it is a reference to the woman God-crowned.

Therefore will he give them up, until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth:  then the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel.
     Micah 5:3

     “During the time of Mrs. Eddy’s mother’s period of maternity, she told her neighbor Mrs. Gault that she heard a voice saying, ‘That which is to be born of you will be born of God,’ and I am so worried and pray over it that I might be delivered from such thoughts of profanity.”[11]
     Mrs. Baker was a devout Christian, a congregationalist, but as the passage above illustrates, she was held in bondage to the belief that man is a miserable sinner and incapable of that inspiration that regenerated so many and elevated thought as in Christ Jesus’ day.
     “Some years ago [Mary Baker Eddy] explained to me why she struggled in coming out from the belief of life, substance, and intelligence in matter, and revealing life, substance and intelligence as wholly spiritual.  The reason was prenatal.  One day, about four and a half months before her birth, her mother, Mrs. Baker, went into the attic to get some wool in order to spin yarn for knitting.  This wool, after it had been shorn from the sheep’s backs and cleansed, was stored in a room in the attic until needed.  Collecting her wool together, suddenly she was overwhelmed by the thought that she was filled with the Holy Ghost and had dominion over the whole earth.  At that moment she felt the quickening of the babe, and then she thought, ‘What a sin I am guilty of, — the sin of presumption — in thinking that I could be filled with the Holy Ghost!  That could have dominion!’  Indeed she was very troubled.
     “A dear old friend came to see her, and finding her so sorrowful, asked her what was the trouble.  Mrs. Baker told her that she had been guilty of the sin of presumption, because of her conviction that she was filled with the Holy Ghost and had dominion over the whole earth.  Her friend told her that this was the kind of man which God created, of which we read in the first chapter of Genesis; that this man was made in God’s image and likeness and was given dominion.  She stayed and comforted Mrs. Baker.”[12]

And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:
     Luke 1:41

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:  and let them have dominion…
     Genesis 1:26

     Mary Baker Eddy could also read thought.  She would know what her father was doing while she was in another room.  She also was able to know the family dog’s thoughts and communicate with him mentally, keeping the dog (Ben) from getting into trouble.  She would go out at night to sing to the pigs when she knew them to be upset.   She healed ill baby lambs brought to her by her father.  She did so many wonderful things before she discovered Christian Science, yet Boston wants us all to believe that she was just a mortal person and not chosen by God!
     Mary always tried to settle the quarrels between her siblings.  She would want to visit her friends that were ill, they would play, they would forget their pain and get well.
     “At another time there was an occurrence that illustrated this special little girl’s spiritual perspicacity.  After a church service one Sunday Mrs. Baker took her little Mary with her to visit the pastor’s wife, who was quite ill.  It was believed that she was suffering from a tumor.  The pastor and his wife had been married for fifteen years, yet they had not been able to have children, which had been a great disappointment, as she loved children dearly.  When the Bakers came to visit they read the Bible and sang hymns to the Pastor’s wife, with little Mary joining in the songs.  After they left the house little Mary exclaimed, ‘Mother, I saw a dear little baby all cuddled up close and warm inside.’  However, Mrs. Baker told her little Mary that there were no babies there.  But Mary was insistent, saying, ‘But Mother, I saw a dear little baby all cuddled up inside.’  Later on this revelation was a wonder to many of their friends as this woman did indeed give birth to a baby boy.”[13]

The following accounts of healing are also from Keyston’s book.

     “Once when Mary was very small, her elder brother was chopping wood.  The axe slipped and he suffered a severe wound in the leg.  When the wound refused to heal and the family had begun to despair of the brother’s recovery, Mark Baker, their father, carried the little girl into her brother’s room and had her gently touch the wound.  From that very moment the wound began to heal and in a short time the leg was wholly restored.  But as a result Mary suffered for days from a high fever.”[14]

That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.

     One time when she [Mary Baker Patterson] was visiting Dr. Quimby a man was brought into the room who had been run over by a train.  Mrs. Eddy recounted, ‘Both limbs were shattered and his condition was so pitiable that Quimby would not stay in the room with him, but he said to me, ‘Mrs. [Patterson] you go and see if you can’t help him.’  I went to the door, lifted my eyes to heaven, breathed a prayer, and the man rose up healed.”[15]
     Another incident of healing that occurred when Mrs. Eddy [who was at the time married to Daniel Patterson], was visiting Quimby in Portland, Maine, took place in the hotel near the train station of that city.  Apparently a woman was taking her dying husband to his family home in Canada, when a doctor on the train advised the woman against further travel with her husband in such a dire condition.  They stopped at the hotel where Mrs. Eddy was staying.  Soon after she had heard of the woman’s husband passing on there in the hotel, she went to the room of the grieving wife in the attempt to comfort her.  “She said, ‘Let us go and waken him.’  They went, and she stood beside him for a few minutes and told his wife that he was waking, and that she must be close by so that he could see her when he opened his eyes which he shortly did.  He said to his wife, ‘Oh, Martha, it was so strange, to be at home and you not there,’ and he spoke about meeting his parents and others of the family who had died before.”  Martha had witnessed the true power of the Christ to resurrect her husband just as the Christ had done nineteen centuries before.
     This was to be one of the first of many, many times that Mrs. Eddy raised someone from the dead.  When Mrs. Eddy left the hotel three days later the woman’s husband was living.  During this time Mrs. Eddy cured another man who had been severely injured and had broken limbs.  Before leaving Portland, she healed a number of Dr. Quimby’s patients as well.[16]

And when he was come in, he saith unto them, Why make ye this ado, and weep?  the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.  And they laughed him to scorn.  But when he had put them all out, he taketh the father and mother of the damsel, and them that were with him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying.  And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.  And straightway the damsel arose, and walked…
     Mark 5:39-42

The following is the account, also from Keyston’s book, about Mary Baker Patterson’s healing of February 1866.
     In early 1866, Mrs. Patterson, as Mrs. Eddy was then known, was living in Swampscott, Massachusetts at 23 Paradise Road.
     On the first evening of February, 1866, Mary Patterson was on her way to a meeting at the Good Templar’s Lodge in Lynn.  The conditions of that evening were severe.  The temperature was below zero, and there was snow and ice on all the streets and walkways.  Perhaps the account of Saturday, February 3, 1866, appearing in The Lynn Reporter, is the most widely known description of what followed.
     Mrs. Mary M. Patterson, of Swampscott, fell upon the ice near the corner of Market and Oxford Streets, on Thursday evening [February 1st], and was severely injured.  She was taken up in an insensible condition and carried to the residence of S. M. Bubier, Esq., nearby, where she was kindly cared for during the night.  She was removed to her home in Swampscott yesterday morning, though in a very critical condition.[17]
     Mrs. Eddy describes the particulars of this momentous event and discovery during an interview years afterward.
…I slipped upon the pavement, fell across the curbstone, and that induced an injury that they considered as fatal as if my head had been severed.  The papers I have clippings from advertised me as fatally injured, and the doctors said they could do nothing for me, but chloroformed me and took me home on a mattress.  When I got home the dear ones around me said, “If you can’t live, tell us something, do tell us something as you always do of your views,” and I said to them, “Why, I can’t conceive in this vestibule that there is death.”
     I was then in a position that I do not like to name, because I want to dismiss it from my mind, but it was called spinal dislocation.  I said, “It does not seem death to me; life seems continuous, and my Father’s face dearer than ever before,” and as I talked they did not know what to make of it.  Finally I said to them, “Won’t you leave the room a little while?  I am getting oppressed.”  The clergyman was just about to come and see me, and he entered, and then he talked with me a little, and he said, “You seem near heaven.  Do you realize that you cannot recover?”  I said, “They tell me so, but I cannot realize it,” and he said to me, “I must see you again; I am engaged now, but I will call in a little time.  I want to see you again living if I can.”
     He stepped out, and was gone perhaps a half hour.  I requested the others to leave the room and they did.  Then I rose from my bed perfectly sound; never knew health before, as I was always an invalid.  I went downstairs and met mother*. (* — Mrs. Baker had died in November of 1849.)
     The clergyman returned.  He was so startled he did not know whether to conclude it was I in the body or out!  He said, “What does this mean?” I said, “I do not know.”  The doctor was sent for, who had given me up and was not coming again.  He said, “How was this done?”  I said, “I cannot tell you in any wise whatever, except it seemed to me all a thing or state of my mental consciousness.  It didn’t seem to belong to the body, or material condition.  When I awakened to this sense of change I was there, that is all I know.”
     It came to me in a bit of Scripture, (Matt. ix:2)…and I immediately rose from my bed; and before that my feet were dead…. He said, “It is impossible that that could have been.  It must have been the medicine.”  I said, “Your medicine is every bit in the drawer, go and look.”  There it was in my drawer, and I had not taken one bit of it.  When I had showed him that, he said, “This is impossible,” and immediately I felt I was back again [in her material trouble], and I staggered.  He caught me and set me in a chair, saying, “There, I will go out.  If you have done that much, you can again.”  My limbs crippled under me just like that.  This is veritable.  There are people living in Swampscott now who can tell.  When I found myself back again I felt more discouraged than ever.  As I sat there it all seemed to come to me again with such a light and such a presence, and I felt, “It is all the mind.  These are spiritual states of consciousness,” and rose right up again.
     Then I felt I never could be conquered again, and as they came rushing in I said, “Do not talk with me much at present; wait a little, and I will tell you all I can,” and they would keep me up till twelve o-clock talking, and I stood it and at that time I had a big task of material duties—my husband happened to be gone [Dr. Patterson]—and I seemed in such a bother I did not know what to do, until at last I got away a little while, and then I began to steady down, and say, “I can tell this, and the world can know what it means,” and from that time I have demonstrated it.[18]

     [One may ask, if healing came so natural to Mary Baker why did she suffer from ill health?  The answer is – the red dragon (serpent) was fast upon her heel.]

     “I must relate another sacred experience of our Leader’s healings.  One day when she had finished her lesson in the class of which I was a member, she asked me to wait after the other members had gone, and as she was standing in the classroom at 571 Columbus, a gentleman called to see her, bringing with him his sister, who greatly needed healing.  Mrs. Eddy met them at the door of the room, and asked him to wait downstairs, while she talked with his sister.  The belief was insanity, and she looked terrified.  Our Leader told me that her delusion was that a serpent was coiled around her body and was crushing her.  I stood in amazement, watching Mrs. Eddy’s face as she turned and looked at the woman who fell on the floor screaming, ‘It’s crushing me; it’s killing me.’  Our Leader looked upwards, as if she had seen the face of an angel in her communion with God.  In a moment she said to the woman, ‘Has it gone?’  And the poor woman looked up and her whole body was shaking and quivering as she answered, ‘Yes!’  I watched the changes of expression that came over her face, from fear to peace and joy.  And O, the love that was expressed in our Leader’s face as she looked down on her, stretched out both arms and lifted her up saying, ‘Get up darling.’  Then our dear teacher took that needy one’s head on her shoulder and patted her face, as she lovingly talked the truth to her.  Mrs. Eddy then went out of the room and talked to the mother[19] who took her home, and asked me to come and have supper with her, and to sing to her.  During the evening she turned to me and said, ‘You saw what happened to that lady today?  Well, she will never be insane in this world again.’  And she has not.”[20]
     Perhaps one of the most inspiring accounts of Mrs. Eddy’s healing ability is related by Adam H. Dickey in his reminiscences, and instant where she raised Calvin Frye from death, and when he had been dead for over half an hour.  What is also remarkable is the fact that this healing took place when Mrs. Eddy was eighty-eight years of age!  (Another version of this account can be read in Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy by Irving C. Tomlinson, p. 58)[21]
     “One evening, shortly after Mrs. Eddy had retired, Mrs. Sargent came to my door in great trepidation, informing me that she had found Calvin Frye unconscious on the lounge in his room and that she had been unable to arouse him.  I hurriedly accompanied her and found Mr. Frye stretched on the lounge in a most uncomfortable attitude, speechless and eyes closed, apparently breathless and with no pulse or indication of life whatever.  We continued our efforts to arouse him but with no success.  We called him, shook him, and used every means at our command.  Finally another worker came in and united his efforts with ours, but we could gain no response of any kind in our efforts to call Mr. Frye back.  We hesitated about letting our Leader know of his condition but we saw that inasmuch as we were making no headway, we must inform her of the circumstances.
     “This was done by Mrs. Sargent.  Mrs. Eddy was in bed but she hurriedly rang her bell for her maid and started to arise and dress herself, when she was seized with a sudden determination, and dropping back into bed she said, ‘I cannot wait to dress.  Bring him to me.’  Mrs. Sargent said, ‘But Mother he is unconscious.  We cannot arouse him.’  She said, ‘Bring him to me at once.’  On receiving this instruction, the one who had come to our aid lifted the senseless form of Calvin Frye and placed him in a low rocking chair.  Then we dragged him around through the hall, through Mrs. Eddy’s study, into her bedroom.  She sat up in bed with a shawl or some kind of robe over her shoulders and we drew Mr. Frye right up to her side where she could both touch and speak to him.  It was an interesting moment.  The workers stood around the small room and watched the proceedings.  Our Leader reached out her hand and placed it upon Mr. Frye’s shoulder and addressed him in a loud voice, ‘Calvin, Calvin, wake up!  It is Mother who is calling you.  Wake up, Calvin, the Cause needs you.  Mother needs you, and you must not leave.  Calvin, Calvin, wake up.  Disappoint your enemies.  You shall not go.  I need you here.  Disappoint your enemies, Calvin and awake!’  All this time Mr. Frye’s head was hanging limp on his shoulders.  I had hold of the back of the rocking chair in which we had placed him to steady him.  I placed my hand on his head to lift it up.  Mrs. Eddy instantly stopped me and said, ‘Do not touch him, leave him entirely to me.’  Again she repeated her calls to him to arouse himself and remain with her.  It was now something like half an hour since Calvin had first been found, and while those who were looking on at our Leader’s efforts to arouse him had not the slightest doubt that she would succeed in awakening him, yet the time seemed to pass without any perceptible response to her work.  This did not discourage her.  She redoubled her efforts and fairly shouted to Mr. Frye her commands that he waken.  In a moment he raised his head and drew a long, deep breath.  After this his respiration became regular and he was restored to consciousness.  The first words he uttered were, ‘I don’t want to stay.  I want to go.’  Mrs. Eddy paused in her efforts and turning her gaze to the workers about the room, said, ‘Just listen to that.’  She again turned to Mr. Frye and in her commanding tones insisted that he awake and remain here.
     “Never shall I forget the picture that was before us in that small bedroom the light shining on the half-scared faces of the workers, and our Leader’s intense determination to keep Mr. Frye with her.  I had heard of similar occasions when rumors reached the workers in the field that at different times our Leader had restored prominent students to life after experiences of this kind, but of this incident I was an eye-witness and from the very first my attention was not diverted for one second from what was going on, and I am simply relating this event as it occurred.
     “It had been rumored that Mrs. Eddy’s power of healing was lost but those who were present on this occasion have a different story to tell.  Our Leader rose to the occasion like a giant and in commanding tones she demanded that her servant should live and he responded.  When Mr. Frye became fully conscious she turned him over to one of the workers who remained with him through the night.  The next morning he was about his accustomed duties.  Not one in the house that I know of said anything to Mr. Frye concerning his experiences.  We do not know whether he realized how far he had gone or whether indeed, he knew of the work that had been done for him.  No questions were asked him as we felt it would not be well to recite the experiences to him, but the fact remains that Calvin Frye had passed through what mortal mind calls death, and the grave had been cheated of its victim by our Leader’s quick and effective work.”[22]
     At one time Calvin Frye took a tumble down the stairs.  He died and his neck was broken.  Mary Baker Eddy brought him back and healed his broken neck.  Some enemies of Christian Science say that Calvin Frye suffered from a mental illness (as his mother suffered from) and that he did not ever really die, that the deaths were his imagination because he was insane.  If so, how do you explain the workers in the house as being witnesses to these healings?  Were they also suffering from Calvin’s supposed mental illness?  And what about the broken neck?
     Mary Baker Eddy and her workers were victims of mental malpractice.  This malicious thought process would result in the death of a worker, or would result in them leaving their position.  Many authors that do not understand animal magnetism and write biographies on Mary Baker Eddy fail to understand these attacks were aimed toward Mary’s home, toward her, and all who worked for her.  Many dangerous storms were also aimed towards Mary’s home and these would be taken care of by the workers, or by Mary Baker Eddy herself.
     Keyston’s book is full of healings done by Mary Baker Eddy.  Those in his book are ones that were recorded, there were many more not recorded.  Every time Mary Baker Eddy spoke in public people were instantly healed.  Crutches would be left in the churches or buildings where she would speak.  She would heal people on the street as she passed by them whether on foot or in her carriage.  She not only healed people but she healed animals too.  She was able to make an apple tree bloom in the winter.  She restored a high diver’s missing eye.  She performed many healings, thousands of healings, yet her enemies would have you believe she never healed anyone.
     Are people jealous of her because she healed like Jesus did?  If so, we must ask, “Why?”  Are people upset with her because she is a woman?  If so, we must ask, “Why?”  Do people hate her because she was the second coming of Christ?  Do people think she just claimed to be the second coming of Christ in order to make people follow her?  She never claimed that her material person was the Christ, but she reflected the Christ-Mind because she was the human and divine coincidence, just as Jesus was the human and divine coincidence.

Attacks on Mary Baker Eddy by TMC church members

     In Paul Smillie’s book he writes about Christian Science articles by a Mr. Allison “Skip”[23] Phinney.  Phinney used to be in charge of the Church Archives, he basically placed them under house arrest.  Phinney led the charge on the new male-philosophy being taught to the Field.
     “At the end of the Prefatory Note in Years of Authority, Mr. Peel writes that Allison Phinney was intimately connected with the writing of his trilogy and that Mr. Peel ‘benefited throughout from the vision, counsel, and penetrating criticism of my colleague, Allison W. Phinney.”[24]
The following is page 174 of Smillie’s In Defense of Mary Baker Eddy and the Remnant of Her Seed:
     In the third to last paragraph of Phinney’s article, we are now followers of Christ Jesus rather than Mrs. Eddy.  This is a popular periodical theme.  The great danger of this is seen in the October, 1987 Journal, “But only the spiritually reborn individual can articulate with redemptive effect the pure Christianity, the divine Science, taught by Jesus.” (p. 38)  Certainly our Lord taught Science, because Christianity is scientific, but he did not teach the revelation of divine Science because that was for a future time.  Our Leader makes this very clear where she says, “Our Master healed the sick, practiced Christian healing, and taught the generalities of its divine Principle to his students; but he left no definite rule for demonstrating this Principle of healing and preventing disease.  This rule remained to be discovered in Christian Science.” (S&H p.147:24-29, e.a.)
     In a Journal article entitled, “Mary Baker Eddy, and Her Unique Contribution to Christian Theology,” (February 1987 Journal, p. 22, e.a.) we read, “Here it should be added that Mrs. Eddy did not see her discovery as adding something missing to Jesus’ teachings.  Jesus’ work as Savior is complete, and he gave us the essential rudiments of spiritual healing.”  How could this statement be true when it was not the first, but the second appearing that revealed the human and divine coincidence, the Science of Christianity, taught the rules for demonstrating this Principle of healing and preventing disease in Science and Health, uncovered malicious animal magnetism, and much, much more.  Our Leader says that our Master…”taught the generalities of its divine Principle to his students; but he left no definite rule…” (S&H p.147:24-29)  “Generalities” are far different than the “essential rudiments of spiritual healing.”  Christianity was not the greater revelation, Christian Science is.  Jesus’ work was finished; but God had more to unfold, and that is why a Second Advent was prophesied and He sent our Leader.  It is now a periodical theme that divine Science was taught by Jesus.  Then, on p.48 we read, “…the divine Science of the Scriptures by which Jesus taught his disciples to heal….”  “The revelation of divine Science had not yet come; our Lord said it was for a future time.”  This rule remained to be discovered in Christian Science.”  (S&H 147:28-29).  This does not mean that Jesus’ teachings of Christianity were not scientific; they certainly were.  Christianity, the lesser light like the moon, borrows its light from the ‘full effulgence’ of the sun.  The sun represents the Science of Christianity.  It is a natural consequence that the moon’s light must be Christianly scientific, but it is not the fullness of the Science of Christianity — the sun’s light, the raiment of the woman.

     In Genesis 1 we have the Fourth Day of Principle – with its two great lights.  These are the two great lights that Paul Smillie is describing.  Is not what Mr. Smillie wrote describing the woman God-crowned and does it not explain why her feet are upon the moon, upon the lesser light of Christianity?  Of course, the answer is “yes.”
     I have had trouble with the two great lights for years.  I just was not sure about them, but now I understand perfectly, so thank you Paul Smillie.
     Men like Allison Phinney (even though he has a woman’s name) certainly are against the woman God-crowned!  They have a false philosophy and fail to understand Christian Science.  Paul Smilley explains that this is the reason why Christian Science healing has diminished over the years – because the Church has turned its back on Mary Baker Eddy as its forever Leader.  She is seen as a mortal woman, she is not seen as the feminine representative of the Christ.  Phinney’s type of philosophy is based in Romanism and religion (not Science).

The following is from Peel’s book, pages 149, 150:
     Robert Peel’s book, Mary Baker Eddy:  The Years of Authority, is recommended by Ex-Christian Scientists for Jesus, an organization that seeks to undermine Christian Science.  They suggest that Christian Scientists carefully read Mr. Peel’s books.  These ex-Christian Scientists, who do not admire Mrs. Eddy, feel Mr. Peel’s books reveal the real Mrs. Eddy, similar to the negative biographies about her written by Dakin and Milmine [and Gillian Gill – promoted by Boston in the turn of our current century].  They say, “We recommend that first of all you re-read Robert Peel’s biographies thoughtfully…”  Obeying this suggestion, many Christian Scientists after reading Mr. Peel’s last book, state that Mrs. Eddy was no better than they, she was so human, etc.  Unless you are an Ex-Christian Scientists for Jesus, why would you consider Mr. Peel’s book a correct view of Mrs. Eddy when it is exactly in line with the ex-Christian Scientists’ negative viewpoint of her?
     Some of the ways she was portrayed by Peel are:  controversial, quasi-legendary, a bad speller, a poor historian, hardheaded, a risk-taker, a humanist, frustrated and conciliatory, militaristic, displayed favoritism, mystical, unprepared for her mission (do to her largely rural background), an untrained theologian from rural New Hampshire, had a story disposition, poor memory, vain author, unqualified to be an art critic, made mistakes, had many human weaknesses, had sudden outbursts, writings had ‘stylistic foibles’ (weakness of character), idiosyncrasies, wry (scornfully sarcastic) about her own work and a plagiarist, feminine weakness for bonnets, romantic veneration for illustrious names…and the list goes on (see page 150-151 of Smillie’s book).

     As the saying goes, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”  And if you really do not believe Peel did this then read his book for yourself and use a dictionary while you are at it!  Peel also comes down hard on John Doorly and Max Kappeler in his book because they were Christian Scientists actually teaching the Science of Christian Science!  And Boston cannot have that happening, now can they?
     One thing I will say for Peel’s book, that I really did enjoy, was in the footnote section, and it proves that history repeats itself.  Peel explains that after Mary Baker Eddy’s coffin was put into the mortuary for safe keeping, until her memorial was finished being built, that there was a guard on post and a direct hotline to the Board of Directors.  They were afraid that some student (disciple) would take her body and claim that she resurrected!  Gee, this sounds a lot like what happened to Jesus!
     Truth be told, they were too late, Mary Baker Eddy’s divinity had already left the building (mortal body)!  She had vacated the premises from the get go, before any Board member even came to Chestnut Hill.  Three of the household workers (Frye was one of them) saw Mary Baker Eddy standing by her bed.  They saw their Leader point to the body in the bed.  She shook her head as if to say, “No, I am not found in that body.”
     The day that the casket was taken to the memorial sight was a snowy January day.  Bliss Knapp, one of the pallbearers made comment that the coffin felt as if there was no body inside.  This makes me wonder if they would have checked inside the coffin before putting it in its resting place would they have found an empty coffin?
     It was also reported that no women were present at the ceremony.  This, they said, was because of the bitter cold.  Yet there appeared a veiled woman in black.  None of the men knew who this woman was.  All the gates had been locked, so they did not know how she got in unless she worked there.  However, the one woman that did work there denied being present.  Nobody, reported the news reporters, knew who this mysterious woman was or how she got into the cemetery.  I know that the woman was Mary Morse Baker Glover Patterson Eddy.
     “If you or I should appear to die, we should not be dead.  The seeming decease, caused by a majority of human beliefs that man must die, or produced by mental assassins, does not in the least disprove Christian Science, rather does it evidence the truth of its basic proposition that mortal thoughts in belief rule the materiality miscalled life in the body or in matter.  But the forever fact remains paramount that Life, Truth, and Love save from sin, disease, and death.  ‘When this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality [divine Science], then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory’ (St. Paul).” (S&H 164:17)
     “It has been said to the author, ‘The world is benefited by you, but it feels your influence without seeing you.  Why do you not make yourself more widely known?’  Could her friends know how little time the author has had, in which to make herself outwardly known except through her laborious publications, — and how much time and toil are still required to establish the stately operations of Christian Science, — they would understand why she is so secluded.  Others could not take her place, even if willing to do.  She therefore remains unseen at her post, seeking no self-aggrandizement but praying, watching, and working for the redemption of mankind.” (S&H 463:31-464:12)  Mary Baker Eddy did not write this just for the time she was working at Pleasant View or at Chestnut Hill.  She wrote it to speak to all Christian Scientists to help them understand that she was not dead!  She is still working even now for the redemption of mankind.  And those who will not stand with her or stand by her and recognize her place in Bible prophecy or as the second coming of Christ are not helping her out with the redemption of mankind.
     Today illusionists can pull off the illusion (magic trick) of “walking on water.”  But none of them can fill the white boots of Mary Baker Eddy!

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