Two Types of Covenants

by MJSmith

Two Types of Covenants

     If you have read any of my writings you know that I speak of two types of covenants.  I call the first type the Ark of the Covenant and the second type the Arch of the Covenant.  I call them by these names because Noah had two covenants with God.  The first was when he built the ark, it was his safety against the flood because Noah obeyed the Law.  The second one I named after the shape of a rainbow – arch – even though the Bible does not really say that it was a rainbow only a “bow in a cloud.”
     I have read Bliss Knapp’s book Destiny of The Mother Church but had forgotten he spoke of the covenants.  On page 157 he writes, “The Scriptures record frequent covenants between God and man.  These covenants are of two types.  The prophetic type [the Arch], such as the coming of the Messiah [Christ Jesus] and of the promised Comforter [Mary Baker Eddy with Christian Science], were made imperative and unconditional.  Another type of covenant is exemplified in the Fifth Commandment of the Mosaic Decalogue [the Ark] in which long life is made conditional upon man’s obedience to his father and mother.  The opening verse of the Ninety-first Psalm contains a promise which is conditional upon man’s attitude toward God.  Thus we see that the Bible makes reward conditional upon man’s obedience to God’s covenant, or upon his measuring up to the divine standard.”  [My interpolations.]
     The rainbow, or the bow in the cloud, points us directly to the angel of Revelation 10, for there is a rainbow (arch) upon his (her) head.  This angel is a divine messenger for she is clothed with a cloud.  Also, the Ark Covenant is for the Letter of the Law while the Arch Covenant is for the Spirit of the Law.

The Arch of the Covenant is fulfilled.