by MJSmith

          As a Christian Scientist I am not supposed to get involved in politics and publicly support one candidate over another.  Mary Baker Eddy told us not to get involved in politics.  However, if I stand back and do not expose evil then how can it become destroyed?  Believe me, I do not want to get involved, nor do I like getting involved in political matters.  I will not tell you how you should vote, but I do believe that you must know some things before you do vote in this year’s election.  I have procrastinated telling you this information because I feel that I should not get involved in such a matter, but since this is the Ark of Truth, then I suppose that the truth needs to come out.

          I have come to think that a big portion of American citizens do not really know what is going on with our government, our media, and yes, in some instances – our churches.  They have been infiltrated, sometimes from the very beginning (like with the media), by the one world order people.  The agenda for this one world order group might surprise you.  What is their agenda?  Socialism (which is communism).  They are the financial international bankers and head politicians who wish to rule the world where they have everything and everyone else has nothing.  Yet, they use the ploy, or tactic, in saying that they love everyone so much that they want everyone in the world to share in the wealth (which if it was really true they would give their money away to the poor).  They use the “rob from the rich (more like the middle class) to give to the poor (those on social welfare programs, and remember socialism is communism)” method to help bring about their secret agenda.  In last night’s final debate Hillary Clinton said that she wants to help bring back the middle class.  Is she really telling the truth?  Because the goal of the Insiders (communists) is to destroy the middle class, they only like two classes – them as the very rich (as the bosses) and us as the very poor (as their servants).
          Now, you may think that I am wrong or that I am just crazy, but believe me, I am not.  These communists are called Insiders because they get inside every group and organization they possibly can worm their way into, and sometimes they are called grey men (not that they are aliens from outer space).  They are also known as the Illuminate, the Round Table (Rhode’s Scholars), the Council on Foreign Relations, and in recent years – democrats, the establishment, socialist democrats (like B. S.), liberals, or progressives.  They often are the people behind the rioting protest groups (as in the sixties, black panthers, the occupy Wallstreet protesters, black lives matter type of groups [by the way George Soros, an Insider, finances the black lives matter group], and the protester-rioters found at the Donald Trump rallies [which have been exposed as being set up by communist democrats]).
          Now communists (Insiders) use different tactics such as rioting at protests, false propaganda about their enemies, lies about what they themselves are doing, and committing bad crimes and even murder.  These Insiders are the ones usually behind the wars in the world and they usually finance both sides of the war.  Yes, they sold United States manufactured weapons to the Vietnamese during the war, so United States soldiers were killed with U.S.A. weaponry.  (Maybe this explains why ISIS got hold of our equipment, maybe the Insiders wanted them to have it?  I am not saying that this is the case, maybe it was just the vacuum, but the Insiders are responsible for making that vacuum.)  They are the ones who will decide who the winner of such wars is going to be, and they are usually the ones who instigate these wars.  They were the ones who paid Trotsky (who was living in New York City and publishing a communist newspaper) and Lenin (who was living in Switzerland) to return to Russia to begin the Bolshevik Revolution.  They financed (bankrolled) the Bolshevik Revolution and Lenin and Trotsky paid thugs to be their “protesters”.  This is exactly what lies behind today’s violent protesters.  Remember that black lives matter is financed by Insider rich man George Soros, but you will not hear the liberal press-media speaking upon this point.  The goal – get rid of the police force!
          Who is a Rhodes Scholar?  Why President William Clinton is one.  And you can be sure that his wife is also an Insider.  I believe this is the reason why she has been kept from being prosecuted for deleting all of her e-mails and having a private server.  Although I do not approve of what WikiLeaks is doing, the recent e-mails have exposed the communist tactics that the Insiders make and how they really think and what they do.  And are the communist Russians really behind the hack?  It could be, if so, why would the Russians (as the communist democrats claim them to be doing) muck about with our election and (again as the communist democrats claim) try to make Trump look good?  Might it be because the Russians really want Secretary Clinton to win?  First off, saying that the communists want Donald Trump to win is an attempt to make Donald Trump look bad to the American voters.  At the same time they are trying to make the democratic nominee look good – because she is (they say) against the Russian communist dictator.  All I am saying is that it is not as clear as they want you to believe.  If you can find a copy of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham, I suggest you read the book.  Even though it was written in 1971, it explains in much greater detail (than I can) what these Insiders are really all about and who has cooperated with them over the past 100 some years (most of our Presidents are connected to them).  I am including some of the diagrams that were in this book (which I have redone).  These diagrams will give you some idea as to who belongs to these groups and what their “agenda” is.

ndcc-chart-1-2ndcc-chart-3ndcc-chart-4ndcc-chart-5ndcc-chart-6ndcc-chart-8          I added the Clintons to the list.


          Since I am a Christian Scientist I will explain that even Mary Baker Eddy’s Church was infiltrated by these communist Insiders.  One of them was editor of The Christian Science Monitor during the 50s and 60s.  His name was E. Canham.  Another Insider was a member of the Board of Directors beginning around 1947 (he was buds with Canham) well into the 1970s.  Is he the one who really objected to Bliss Knapp’s book – Destiny of The Mother Church?  I think so!  And there are other Insiders inside the Church organization.  This being now known to you (if you have ever belonged to or now happen to belong to The First Church of Christ Scientist) can you begin to understand why Christian Science has not been adopted by the other religions of the world as prophesied by Mary Baker Eddy?  Is this why the church hierarchy has tried to separate Mary Baker Eddy from her Revelation?  Is this why the church hierarchy has made war upon the woman?  Is this why the church hierarchy adopted New Age Philosophy in the 1990s?  Is this why Branch Churches keep closing, why healing has dwindled, and why most people have no idea who Mary Baker Eddy even is or may never have even heard of Christian Science?  And if they have heard of Christian Science they think it is a cult and that Mary Baker Eddy is a liar, and a thief, because that is how she has been portrayed by the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism.
          One of Mary Baker Eddy’s students, Augusta E. Stetson, was excommunicated from The First Church and her own Branch Church, First Church of New York City, in 1909.  This was so she could build up the church spiritually instead of as a material organization, someone had to do it, after all – Mary’s God-crowned mission would end in December of 1910.  Augusta was loyal to Mary Baker Eddy and she was a patriotic American citizen (even though the Church would have you believe otherwise about her).  She stood against the United States getting involved with a League of Nations, which was an Insider program, a way of getting the United States to go backward to ties in Europe (financial ties to old ideas).  Augusta left our realm of matter in 1928.  Basically, the United Nations was just a revamp of the League of Nations.  There was no Augusta around to keep our country from getting hooked up with a United Nations.  Who was warning the Christian Science Field about the Insiders inside the United States government and inside their own Church organization?  There was nobody sounding the alarm.  There was nobody working against these “old men.”
          The Insiders are also responsible for the following – the Federal Reserve, the I.R.S., social security (has to do with socialism, thus communism), Obama Care, and so much, much more.  Do you now understand why the I.R.S. went after the Tea Party groups and why the democrats painted such a nasty picture depicting the Tea Party groups as being radical?  That’s the pot calling the tea kettle black.  Yeah, I have never heard of or seen a Tea Party member hitting someone in the head at a Clinton rally.  Oh, and the monsters that the Insiders financed – are people like, Lenin, Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Mussolini.  Yet they call their enemies (like Donald Trump) names, they have called Donald Trump – Hitler!  And they send out Donald Duck to protest that Trump (if it is even true) has not paid I.R.S. taxes (remember the I.R.S. is a socialistic department, none of us should have to pay taxes to this illegal department).  I do not mind paying taxes if just, but there has to be a better way than that I.R.S. department of socialism/communism (ask yourself who the Obama Care penalty gets paid to, it goes directly to the I.R.S.).  What makes me laugh about the Donald Duck costume is Hillary’s people were worried about Disney coming after her on the issue of copyright?  They are more afraid of Disney than the F.B.I.!  These are their propaganda tricks.  And they, like ISIS, use social media to brain wash their party members.  And it is true, that Richard Nixon was a big Insider (he was best buds and employee of, even though they played it down, Mr. Rockefeller).  He did more socialistic harm than President Johnson could have ever gotten away with, because the Republicans did not believe that Nixon would betray their party like he did.  John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy – all Insiders.  President Obama is also an Insider.  The 1960’s bomber, Bill Ayers (socialist/communist), is President Obama’s friend.  I remember seeing him at the Chicago Trump Rally with the protesters (that he had a hand in organizing)!  Obama Care is a communistic tool to help distribute money via taxation (see Chart 9).  This is a method used by communists – redistribution of wealth.  And when people began to realize how bad Obama Care was, they used another communist method to help their socialistic program – they renamed it as the Affordable Health Care Act.  They even lied when giving it its new name – it is not AFFORDABLE at  all!!!  If it was affordable how could they redistribute the wealth?  Where were the Christian Scientists on this topic?  What was the stance by The Monitor on Obama Care?  This had to do with dictatorial medical insurance.  And then there is Hillary Clinton who idolizes and has ties to Saul Alinsky (a Marxist organizer).  Communist’s favorite tool is to lie to everybody, they are professionals at doing it and they have no guilt in doing the deed.  They have to lie, because they could not get their programs underway if they told the truth about them.
          I can go on about the Insiders, but I will not, because I need to provide you with a solution to this problem.  Part of the solution is just exposing the truth about these methods, knowing about them helps to destroy them.  Read the book Animal Farm to learn communistic methods or tactics.  As a Christian, and as a Scientist, we must know how to finish the job of killing error.  First off, the biggest goal of personal sense (the communist Insiders) is to govern over mankind with their one world order (via [in America] government’s three branches, business, trade, school [and believe me, they have been brainwashing the children to become more like them mentally in socialism and communism; why do you think college students believe they need their safe spaces today?], church [they actually are out to destroy all religions, but they especially are out to destroy Christian Science], etc.).  So, their first agenda was to infiltrate anywhere they could by taking over the heads or those at the top.  Next, they use the media to promote their propaganda and their agendas.  If this was not so they would have never infiltrated The Christian Science Monitor (which promotes the United Nations and social programs and ideas).  So how do we go about destroying these evils?
          We can help destroy this error by obeying Principle, by knowing that God, Principle, is the only government.  We can destroy evil by spiritually understanding that there is only divine Mind, the one Mind, which is God.  There are not minds many (brains of Adam).  Man, as the image (male) and likeness (female) of our Father-Mother God (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love – the numerals of infinity) reflects divine Mind.  There are no other minds to listen to or be influenced by.  There is no mortal mind governing or ruling mankind.  There is only one world (or universal) order or system and that is the order (system) of spiritual Science – divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science operating as the divine infinite calculus (reckoning) of the Word (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love), the Christ (Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind), Christianity (Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love), and Science (Soul and Life as the Word, Spirit and Truth as the Christ, Mind and Love as Christianity, and Principle as Science).
          Communism took form in the nineteenth century.  It is the counterfeit of Christian Science, or to be specific, communism is the anti-Christ.  Communism is based upon animal magnetism in all its ways and methods.  It teems up with Darwin’s theory (which Darwin actually denounced as being true) because Darwin’s theory accepts the false lie that man is created as a material being.  Communism uses Darwinism in order to propagandize its materialistic ideas.  By the way, Carl Marx plagiarized his communist manifesto (which contains ten planks for SOCIALIZING a country)!  The manifesto was originally written by an Insider.  At least Darwin was honest in that he actually came up with his own theory.
          In the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, p. 265, Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “Prof. Agassiz argues, ‘man springs from races.’  Mr. Darwin has it, he comes up through all the lower grades of being, and must be a monkey before he can be a man.  Mr. Darwin is right with regard to mortal man or matter, but should have made a distinction between these and the immortal, whose basis is Spirit.”  In our present edition she writes:  “All error proceeds from the evidence before the material senses.  If man is material and originates in an egg, who shall say that he is not primarily dust?  May not Darwin be right in thinking that apehood preceded mortal manhood?  Minerals and vegetables are found, according to divine Science, to be the creations of erroneous thought , not of matter.  Did man, whom God created with a word, originate in an egg?  When Spirit made all, did it leave aught for matter to create?  Ideas of Truth alone are reflected in the myriad manifestations of Life, and thus it is seen that man springs solely from Mind.  The belief that matter supports life would make Life, or God, mortal.” (S&H 543:17)  and… “Darwin’s theory, — that Mind produces its opposite, matter, and endues matter with power to recreate the universe, including man.  Material evolution implies that the great First Cause must become material, and afterwards must either return to Mind or go down into dust and nothingness.” (S&H 547:15-22)
          Does this not show that our BIBLE depicts the history of spiritual evolution in the human consciousness?  “Spiritual evolution alone is worthy of the exercise of divine power.” (S&H 135:9, 10)
          “It is generally conceded that God is Father, eternal, self-created, infinite.  If this is so, the forever Father must have had children prior to Adam.  The great I am [small caps for am] made all ‘that was made.’  Hence man and the spiritual universe coexist with God.” (S&H 267:8)  If this is so, there must be a counterfeit matter-belief.  For “every creation or idea of Spirit has its counterfeit in some matter belief.  Every material belief hints the existence of spiritual reality, and if mortals are instructed in spiritual things, it will be seen that material belief, in all its manifestations, reversed, will be found the type and representative of verities priceless, eternal, and just at hand.” (Mis 60:27-61:3; infuses added)
          What does Mary Baker Eddy tell us about the nineteenth century?  She writes in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, page 559:32-560:5, “The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse, or Revelation of St. John, has a special suggestiveness in connection with the nineteenth century.  In the opening of the sixth seal, typical of six thousand  years since Adam, the distinctive feature has reference to the present age [the nineteenth century].” [My interpolation.]  This means that the sixth seal represents the opposite of Christian Science – and this would be communism and Darwinism.  These are two types of error that Mary Baker Eddy’s Revelation (Christian Science) came to handle.  How do you remove a wax seal?  You simply break it.  So it is Christian Science that breaks the material beliefs behind communism (a desire for power via one world order – false material or physical science or a material system) and Darwinism (the belief that man is fallen from Grace, that man was born into matter, that man is a material persona with material blood, guts, organs, flesh, skin, five senses and is governed by a material brain – or that he is a grey man).
          What is it that the sixth seal is closing or keeping shut?  Specifically, it is the book of Revelation found as the last book in the BIBLE.  Revelation is prophecy about the second coming of Christ – Christian Science (where the Lamb of Christianity is found being wed to his Bride of Science).  The book of Revelation (and the BIBLE as a whole) could not be unsealed (opened up or mentally understood) until SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy was written.  For the KEY unlocked or unsealed the BIBLE, it broke up the sixth seal of error.  Originally the KEY was composed of “Glossary” only – definitions for names and words found in the BIBLE.  But finally the KEY expanded to having two chapters before “Glossary”.  These two chapters are “Genesis” and “The Apocalypse.”  Is not “Glossary” the KEY to handling Darwinism (hypocrisy) and “The Apocalypse” the KEY to handling communism (lust for power and authority)?  Are not the two beasts, belonging to the red dragon thought, manifested today as communism (lust for power and authority) and Darwinism (hypocrisy)?  Both of which are found in material organized churches.  What is hypocrisy?  It is a lower decision, a lower performance, a lower answer, a lower certainty, or someone pretending to understand what he does not understand.  This describes Adam man or mortal man.  It is a belief that mortal man was created in the primordial soup (material compounds of earth, water, and air) and given a shot of electricity (fire).  Adam man is the lower (First Degree of depravity) mentality of mortal mind believing itself to be a god (for he has grey matter).  But hypocrisy is forced to till the earth and crawl upon its belly as a serpent, for Adam and the red serpent dragon (material dragging-on) are one.  Adam is a pretender, and thanks to scholastic theology and ecclesiastical despotism Adam claims to be the same man created in Genesis 1, but Adam (so long as he dreams that he is a material being) is not the man who is given dominion over the earth by Elohim (Father-Mother God) in the first chapter of Genesis!
          What else helps us defeat the two beasts?  It is the Scientific Statement of Being – “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter [there is no Darwinism].  All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all [God is the only government or Principle so there is no need for a communistic system of government to govern man].  Spirit is immortal Truth [which breaks the sixth seal of error]; matter is mortal error [that which is unreal].  Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.  Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.  Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.” (S&H 468:9-15; [My interpolations.])
          The communists have waged war upon Christian faiths.  Christian Science, however, is more than a religion, it is a Science, it is God’s Science, it is the Science that Jesus demonstrated during his God-crowned mission.  It recognizes its destroyer and so the serpent makes war with the woman.  Error knows that its days are short, but it does not want you to believe this fact.  Hitler, a false leader, made war upon Christian Science, even though this fact is not well known.  The Russian communists are also against Christian Science.  Perhaps today’s communists (progressives) are not worried about Christian Science because they have infiltrated the ranks of the church?  They probably see it as a dying religion or faith.  But they have not taken into account the Independent Christian Scientists around the world, those who have become their own BRANCH Church.  The goal of communism (socialism) is where a few rich banker billionaires govern over the mass (the 12 nations of Israel).  But with the Word of God via the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, the Christ Truth, Christianity, and Christian Science we have individual government for the Kingdom of God is within man’s conscious thought.  Is not this Kingdom of God the same city depicted in the Seventh Vision of Revelation and written about by the woman God-crowned in the final pages of “The Apocalypse”?  Below is Window of the Open Book, also known as The Director’s Window (as the then four Directors donated it to The First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts).  This window is the Unity (circle) Matrix for the HOLY CITY which I have written about so much other posts.

Window of the Open Book City