“The Spiritual Idea” Part 1

by MJSmith

            The Spiritual Idea Has Given the Understanding a Foothold in Christian Science.”  (SCIENCE AND HEALTH 534:30-535:1)

            The following excerpts are from Chapter 1 of AS IT IS, by Alice Orgain (beginning on page 17 and ending on page 90).  In this chapter she explains the difference between “a spiritual idea” and “the spiritual idea.”  She also speaks about Mary Baker Eddy’s illustrated poem Christ and Christmas.  This is a topic I have spoken a great deal upon, but I think that Alice Orgain has some interesting ideas upon the topic and this is the main reason for presenting this chapter to you.  I have made certain corrections in typing mistakes (misspelled words), punctuation, and when a magazine or book is mentioned I have used italics.  I will also capitalize all letters in BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  All of the words in capital letters, besides the titles of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH were originally in small caps in the book.  {All of my interpolations will be in grouping brackets.}  [When I am not quoting Orgain’s book my interpolations will be in regular brackets.]
            In this chapter Alice Orgain deals with Jacob’s ladder, or rather – Jacob’s Pyramid or Ramp.

STMABS-6            Below is what I refer to as the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth in regards to the Windows of The Mother Church Edifice and other symbols.  And below it is The Mother Church Edifice coinciding with the Illustrations of Christ and Christmas.


            Alice Orgain begins with, “The subject of this chapter as applied to ‘the ideal man’ and ‘the ideal woman,’ S&H 517:8-10, in compounded relationship (and thus defined by Mrs. Eddy, as shown below) has been found to be the TOUCHSTONE of Mrs. Eddy’s entire evolutionary processes in her revisions of SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES (as suggested in the ‘Preface’).  This makes it absolutely necessary to review this subject in a concise way, as a reminder of the particular definition Mrs. Eddy gives it, and the major emphasis she lays thereupon, in our latest revision of her textbook.  The illustrations drawn from Christ and Christmas are to the end of the quickest way to show ‘The Spiritual Idea’s’ comprehensive embrace of her whole life work.  The apparent necessity for thus unfolding this subject from her writings will be sensed as the subject is pursued.
            “It will be seen from our concordances that the references on THE SPIRITUAL IDEA contain every promise for which we are reaching in Christian Science—‘A spiritual idea’ being but one of the many rays or parts of ‘THE spiritual idea.’  Mrs. Eddy unfolds this most clearly in Miscellany 344:3-5:  ‘If we say that the sun stands for God, then ALL his rays collectively stand for Christ [‘the spiritual idea’—S&H 496:15, 16[1]], and each separate ray for men and women, etc.’ (spiritual ideas, or ‘A spiritual idea’—S&H 463:12). The promises, however, have not been given to ‘A spiritual idea’ only as it abides in ‘THE spiritual idea’; in other words, ‘THE spiritual idea’ is necessarily ‘collective’ as ‘the’ implies, and ‘a spiritual idea’ cannot claim its full promises—A single musical note cannot claim to be music; although expressing the exact quality thereof, it lacks variation and quality.  See SCIENCE AND HEALTH 361:13-18, for this in substance.
            “The following four references contain the four major aims of our endeavors as Christian Scientists:
            “To gain a foothold for the understanding, SCIENCE AND HEALTH 534:30-535:1.
            “To accomplish unfailing healing, SCIENCE AND HEALTH 496:15-19.
            “To receive triumphant guidance, SCIENCE AND HEALTH 566:1-11.
            “To have the kingdom of heaven revealed here and now, SCIENCE AND HEALTH 576:21-23.
            “As will be noted from above, each and every one of these promises are given to the understanding of ‘the spiritual idea.’  Then the next question is, ‘What is “THE spiritual idea”’?  Under the marginal topic of ‘Spiritual idea revealed,’ S&H 562:3-7, is the following definition:  ‘As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested, so the revelator COMPLETED this figure with WOMAN, typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood.’[2]  It is very obvious from this quotation that ‘THE spiritual idea’ is MANHOOD (as represented by Jesus), plus WOMANHOOD as typed by Mrs. Eddy, the teachings of each and both constituting their identity to the human consciousness, My 120:2-4.[3]” (pages 17, 18)
            One definition of typify is “to embody the essential [something necessary, indispensable, or unavoidable] or salient [prominent] characteristics of” Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.
            In “correlating the woman bringing forth the ‘man child,’ clearly shows that it was Jesus, and speaks of him as ‘the MASCULINE representative of THE spiritual idea’”[4] (S&H 565:11-12, see also lines 6-28.)
            “The question that next arises is, which unfolds (to human consciousness) the higher mission, or which is the greater quantity in ‘the spiritual idea’—MANHOOD or WOMANHOOD?  This will be definitely answered by turning to their source—the ‘Father-Mother’ God in the ‘Glossary.’  It will be noted that Father, S&H 586:9-10, has but one quality of the trinity, ‘Life,’ and is only ‘commonly called God.’  (Too, after the word Father, it does not say ‘God.’)  In the definition of ‘Mother,’ S&H 592:16, 17—‘Mother.  God,’ Mother is defined as the full trinity of ‘Life, Truth and Love,’ embracing Father as ‘Life,’ and also as ‘Principle.’
            “The turning to ‘the ideal man’ and ‘the ideal woman,’ S&H 517:8-10, it will be seen that there is but one corresponding divine quality in man, and that is ‘Truth,’ whereas woman corresponds ‘to Life and to Love,’ both the underlying and overlying Principle, Love (S&H 496:18, 19).  This is unmistakably confirmed in SCIENCE AND HEALTH 569:1-3—‘as Life, represented by the Father; as Truth, represented by the Son; as Love, represented as the Mother.’  From this it can be readily seen why Mary, the mother of Jesus, could as ‘virgin’ bear her son, as she typed both Father and Mother; likewise how Mrs. Eddy could spiritually unfold both the MASCULINE, as ‘man-angel’ bringing the ‘Little Book {Open}’[5] which is pictured as a woman in The Mother Church window, January Journal, 1895, p. 412; and the FEMININE, Mother bringing forth the ‘man child,’ or true spiritual conception of Jesus to the human consciousness, S&H 565:6-13; and the City foursquare,[6] as the union of the masculine and feminine qualities (Rev. 21st chapter).” (AS IT IS, pages 19 & 20)
            Next (p. 20) the author brings out that Mary Baker Eddy makes a difference between Christian Science (MAN) and divine Science (WOMAN) in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, and other writings, up until 1908 when the two become one.
            In the following pages she brings up how woman is the higher idea (being last on the creation list in Genesis 1).    Mary Baker Eddy tells us in Unity 51:13-15:  “What say you of woman?  Woman is the highest species of man.”  On page 24 Orgain writes: “the distinction persists through Mrs. Eddy’s entire writings—always consistent with the premise, that when man is mentioned as ‘the spiritual idea,’ it is ‘generic man’ which is woman; and when Jesus is mentioned in connection therewith, it is as ‘the masculine representative of the spiritual idea.’”  However, this does not mean that there is not a feminine representative of the spiritual idea!
            Over on page 28 Orgain brings out that manhood ascends while Womanhood descends.  “Of course, man’s work in the ascending order was absolutely essential to woman’s latter work; for until error was forsaken, denied, put behind, forgotten, and the cross of persecutions, distresses, necessities borne as the result of one’s antagonism to everything adjacent, the ascent would have never been made:  but ‘the second appearing’ will never be seen until we begin to feel the need of descending, as Womanhood is a descending idea—the Bride, as the city foursquare descended.”  This brings up what is commonly called Jacob’s ladder.  Of course, the King James’ translators misinterpreted the word “ladder”.  The Hebrew word mistaken to mean “ladder” really means “ramp” or “pyramid.”
            “Jacob was forced to {leave his country, kindred, and father’s house} UNTIL Leah (law, manhood[7]) had fulfilled her work, but after Rachel (Love, Womanhood) bore her first child, God sent him back, Genesis 31:  ‘And the Lord said unto Jacob, Return unto the land of thy fathers, and to thy kindred; and I will be with thee’—for Benjamin, the only son born after Jacob’s regeneration, could not be born in denying, forsaking, putting behind, forgetting, etc., and so he was born in Bethlehem-Judah when human Motherhood typing Love, passed away.” (p. 29)
            Jacob’s children have four different mothers.  These four different types (or steps) of Motherhood are explained by Mary Baker Eddy when she “speaks of the four steps necessary to reach her discernment on page 533:26-534:7 of SCIENCE AND HEALTH:  Womanhood through Eve saw that error was no part of herself; through the Mother of Jesus, it saw the saving light; through Mary Magdalene, it rose above error; but through Mrs. Eddy, it realized the spiritual origin of man—and thus we must do.” (p. 31)
            In the same paragraph, on page 32, Orgain explains that, in Womanhood the Israelites were “bloodless” in battle (war); when “Jehoshaphat was overwhelmed by his enemies, after consulting with the people, appointed sweet singers unto the Lord ‘and directed that they should sing of the beauty of holiness’ (wholeness, Womanhood, ‘so the Revelator completed this figure with woman, typifying the spiritual idea of God’s motherhood’—this figure being ‘the spiritual idea’ under the marginal topic of ‘Spiritual idea revealed’ S&H 562:3-7) and error destroyed itself.
            “This might be well for us to consider even in our Church services, as many of the most warring Christian hymns seem to be the most favored in our Churches, despite the fact that we are told in the Preface of our Hymnal that ‘the Committee does not claim that all the hymns therein are strictly scientific,’ etc., Preface page III.” (p. 32)
            This could also be a lesson today with all of the wars taking place in the world.  What is necessary for these wars to cease?  Is it not relinquishing the false type of mothering found in our Mother Churches, as well as, in our Mother Governments?  Some Americans, especially women, want to nominate a woman as President.  But this will not end the wars.  Why?  Because the woman they want to nominate, as their first woman President, has no idea what true Womanhood even is, not yet anyway.  She sees womanhood as motherhood, or as smother-hood, because she is a communist.  Zechariah 4:6 tells us:  “Not by might nor power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.”  “The allness of God, the wholeness and perfection of being, the infinitude of Love, and any and every other affirmation of Truth is Womanhood, and any and all denials of error are manhood.” (p. 33)
            “Christian Science may absorb the attention of sage and philosopher, but the Christian alone can fathom it.” (S&H 55:28-29)  This statement would be “wholly thwarted if ‘Science,’ Womanhood, is not added to ‘Christian,’ manhood.  An affirmation embraces a denial, but a denial does not embrace an affirmation; although ‘by knowing the unreality of disease, sin and death, you demonstrate the allness of God,’ Un. 9:27-10:1, as this can be known only on the basis of the allness of good as a premise.” (p. 33)
            “Love [Womanhood] inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way” S&H 454.” (p. 34)
            These four “steps in the fulfillment of the immediately above quotation have been taken, and are wonderfully illustrated, S&H 561:22-25; ‘she [Woman] ILLUSTRATES the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and idea’ in Mrs. Eddy’s marvelous book CHRIST AND CHRISTMAS, of which the editor of The Christian Science Journal, Jan. 1894, pp. 466, 467 (the issue immediately after the appearance of C&C[8]) said:  ‘The crowning event of the year, and one of the most marvelous achievements of Christian Science, is the illustrated poem of our Leader, just published, “Christ and Christmas”[9]….If God ever spoke to man through symbol and metaphor, or through the inspiration of Psalm or song, he so spoke to our Leader when she conceived and gave birth to that wondrous work!….It is truly a production whose noble praise “deserves a quill plucked from an angel’s wing”….To the casual reader it might seem but a beautiful poem….but to the Christian Scientist whose eyes have been partly opened to Jesus’ mission as it is being exemplified in Christian Science today, it must be a new revelation of the God-anointed mission of our Leader….It is the Kohinoor of all the brilliant cluster saving only SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  It is the Mosaic Decalogue, the Sermon on the Mount, and SCIENCE AND HEALTH retouched, reillumined, reemphasized.  It is the fitting capsheaf of the harvest-field of Scientific labor whose soil was broken thirty years ago.’” (pages 34, 35)  Thirty years before 1894 would have been 1864.  It was in early February of 1864 when Mary Baker Patterson slipped upon the icy curb in Lynn, Massachusetts.  She was unable to walk, both the doctor and priest told her to accept her death.  But with BIBLE in hand she read of Jesus healing the palsied man and she was healed, this is when she says that she discovered Christian Science (even though she did not name it Christian Science at this time).  I feel that the second Illustration of Christ and Christmas, CHRIST HEALING, was based upon this healing of 1864.
            Mary Baker Eddy wrote of the article (quoted above):  “Judge Hanna’s editorial in this Journal gives no uncertain echo of the spirit and mission of Christ and Christmas.”  “Her remarks not only evidence her approval of this editorial, but of her previous-to-its-publication approval, for, as will be noted, her article appears in the same issue as the editor’s article.” (p. 35)
            This article is found in Miscellaneous Writings 32:3-33:11.  “All clergymen may not understand the illustrations of ‘Christ and Christmas;’ or that these refer not to personality, but present the type and shadow of Truth’s appearing in the womanhood as well as the manhood of God, our divine Father and Mother.” (Mis 33:7-11)
            Orgain basically asks on p. 36:  Is not the simply message behind Christ and Christmas that of “the spiritual idea” in S&H 562:3-7 – being the MANHOOD and WOMANHOOD of God, and finding that the mission of Christ and Christmas is to “illustrate” their relationship?

C&C-The Star

            “Some of the features of this picture are obliterated by the recent work on the plates, but the one in 1910 (as Mrs. Eddy left it) reveals under the star in [the] left-hand corner a chaotic mass vaguely typing a human skull, with ‘the Holy family’ (Joseph, Mary and the babe[10]) seeming to rise from the upper portions, as suggested by Mrs. Eddy in S&H 531:8-13; but drawn out from its more basal portions, S&H 189:27-32, is the double-headed shadow that looks like a pharisaical outline (human law) with a snarly-headed beast (lust) behind (‘the beast and the false prophets are lust and hypocrisy, S&H 567:27-28).  Above this double-headed shadow (material law protecting lust from the light of spiritual revelation—The morning star) is a woman’s head bowed, with a man’s head as her crown.  As Christ and Christmas illustrates the MANHOOD and WOMANHOOD of God, it must be, in symbol, generic woman crowned with the whole of mankind—the Twelve Tribes[11] symbolized by a man’s face or head.  ‘I am the root and the offspring of David,’ Glossary, p. 55 of Christ and Christmas (applying to the Holy family; Mary and Joseph were cousins, both of the house of David, with Jesus of the stem of Jesse, Isaiah 11:1; Jesse of the tribe of Judah was David’s father, and Jesus the rod, and Christ the BRANCH!); and the woman’s prayerful attitude over the claim of ‘root and offspring’ of matter—mortal mind the root whose offspring is material law and lust!” (p. 36-37)
            Before continuing on with the next Illustration I would like to bring in, as I will with the following ten Illustrations, what she wrote on page 56 onward (interlacing these pages with the first pages of said chapter “The Spiritual Idea”).
            Over on page 56 she continues with:  “The picture-by-picture comments on Christ and Christmas above unfolded reveal the ‘overlying Principle,’ S&H 496:18-19, Womanhood.  Following the thought of the editorial so highly commended by Mrs. Eddy in [the] January Journal, 1894, on Christ and Christmas as being the ‘Mosaic Decalogue,’ the ‘underlying Principle’ will trace the manhood thought, as Mrs. Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings 33:7-11, ‘in the womanhood AS WELL AS the manhood of God.’  {Again, capital letters are Orgain’s emphasis.}
            “The underlying Principle runs through the ten pictures up to ‘The Way’ in the eleventh picture; which is in itself the underlying and overlying way, embracing the previous pictures.  The Twelve Tribes, as back of the Ten Commandments, can also be traced with the Commandments in the following manner:
            “‘Thou shalt have no other Gods before me,’ 1st Commandment, Exodus 20.  The claim of the underlying features of this picture is to a Mind apart from God, and its self-elimination.
            “First tribe, Reuben—The whole picture types Genesis 29:32.  Reuben means ‘Behold, A Son!’—‘I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star’ being typed by the infant son presented to the star in the silhouette of ‘the Holy family’ rising from the upper sentiments of the skull (which is very clear in the 1910 book as Mrs. Eddy left it), and denying the claim of man’s having come from the basal portions.  The false sense of Reuben defiled his father’s bed, as the claim of lust does by defiling the one Mind and one body by making it two, falsely claiming ‘oneness’ in material union.” (p. 56-57)

Second Edition

Second Edition

CHRIST HEALING – Illustration 2 – SPIRIT
            “The mission of Christ and Christmas being to unfold ‘the womanhood as well as the manhood of God,’ Mis 33:7-11, this picture undoubtedly illustrates the incidents in Mrs. Eddy’s life—of her Christ healings through the ‘masculine representative of the spiritual idea,’ S&H 565:11-12, as on pages 13-15 of Ret; her first, the rising from the dead of theological creeds and dogmas, as evidenced by the coffin and the Pharisaical ‘man’ (form, dogma, behind Jesus) which has followed the Christ idea down the centuries, putting the black robe of imitation, to human sense, over the shoulders (‘the government shall be upon his shoulder’) of the Christ-idea.  (‘Raise the dead, those buried in dogmas,’[12] Mis 168:9.)  Note that the two men are in the same form of dress, corresponding to the same period of origin, while the two women are in modern attire.  {This is possibly true, however, it could also mean that the man in the illustration, who is not Jesus Christ, represents limited Christianity or the material organization of Christian church, which clings to the persona of a man called Jesus and believing that said man is God.} Mrs. Eddy’s second healing was recorded in Pulpit and Press 34:5-16, finding correspondence to the second woman.  The latter was but a broader comprehension of the first incipient sense of universal salvation, when she as a little girl of twelve (just the age that Jesus wrestled with dogma in the Temple, Luke 2:42-29) refused to be saved without her brothers and sisters; note there is no light on the face in the first healing (rising out of coffin) but merely on the body—her first world being but that of bodily relationship.[13]  The second healing was but a broader acceptance of the same premise, as will be seen by the comprehension of the woman at the foot of the coffin.  Else the two people other than Jesus and the girl rising out of the coffin could be interpreted as: — the man, the ‘relentless theology’ typed by Mrs. Eddy’s father, Ret 13, his attire suggestive of the quality of his thinking—the ruler of the Synagogue type; whereas, the woman could type her mother, who bathed her ‘burning temples’ and bade her ‘lean on God’s love’—of which the father and mother of the twelve years old damsel of Jesus’ time was the prototype.  This would in no sense differ from the above notes, as Mrs. Eddy rose to this ‘motherhood’ conception after she was healed the first time, and remained in it until the second woman in the picture was fulfilled in type; thus it was her two Christ healings in the masculine sense of the Christ—‘the masculine representative of the spiritual idea,’ S&H 565, as Motherhood does not rise above the ‘man child’ conception—daughter is the Bride, Woman.  While the elements involved are the same, the first notes seem more probable.  It would make no difference whether dogma symbolized Mrs. Eddy’s father, or a more impersonal sense, the elements were the same.”  (p. 37-38)
            I would also like to say that the man (to me) also represents the priest and doctor who told Mary (in 1864) that she was going to die.  And that he also typifies the devil – as his beard appears to be a serpent and it appears that he has horns on his head.

Jarius Daughter

From an early edition of Science and Health

From an early edition of Science and Health

            “At first glance, this picture seems to be Jairus’ daughter, but there were no coffins in the time of Jairus’ daughter, also this event {Jairus’ daughter} is pictured in The Mother Church’s rose window[14] (to correspond with this pictured event in the front of all of Mrs. Eddy’s SCIENCE AND HEALTHS, up to the 20th edition, inclusive, in 1886, when it yielded to Mrs. Eddy’s picture from the 21st to the 44th edition in 1889.  Then Mrs. Eddy’s picture was withdrawn, not to appear in SCIENCE AND HEALTH again until 1907), as a little Jewish maid arising from a couch (Jairus’ daughter ‘passed on’ while Jesus was on the way to heal her), and Jesus was pictured in both of Mrs. Eddy’s first books and The Mother Church’s window as being always alone with Jairus’ daughter.  Too, Jairus’ daughter was attired in draperies characteristic of her time, with a bandeau on her head, etc.  These pictures are dissimilar in every detail—although Jairus’ daughter is undoubtedly a prophecy of this event.” (p. 39)
            “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, etc.,’ 2nd Commandment.  Dogmas and creed out of which woman is rising is the graven image of Spirit—the material form.
            “Second tribe, Simeon, Gen. 29:33—‘Hearing’—is a dual sense that always has a ‘graven image’ or a mind and body apart from God, although he hears the voice of God.  ‘God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this, that power belongeth unto God,’ ‘Psalm 62:11, is the duality of hearing.” (p. 57-58)
            It is interesting that the woman sitting up in the coffin, in Illustration 2, has her eyes only partially open, yet we see that her right ear is uncovered.  One can only assume that her left ear is also uncovered.

First Edition

First Edition

            This illustration depicts Mary Baker Eddy at work after her 1864 healing.  Alice Orgain offers the following quote to point to the years for this third Illustration.
            “For three years after my discovery, I sought the solution of this problem of Mind-healing, searched the Scriptures and read little else, kept aloof from society, and devoted time and energies to discovering a positive rule.  The search was sweet, calm, and buoyant with hope, not selfish nor depressing.  I knew the Principle of all harmonious Mind-action to be God, and that cures were produced in primitive Christian healing by holy, uplifting faith; but I must know the Science of this healing, and I won my way to absolute conclusions through divine revelation, reason, and demonstration.  The revelation of Truth in the understanding came to me gradually and apparently through divine power.  When a new spiritual idea is borne to earth, the prophetic Scripture of Isaiah is renewedly fulfilled:  ‘Unto us a child is born, …and his name shall be called Wonderful.’” (S&H 109:11-27).
            While Alice Orgain is possibly correct about this quote going with Illustration 3, I think that it also points to the year of 1874 when Venus transits the sun for the first time since the 1700s (during the formation of the United States of America).  This was about ten months before the publication of the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  It was a symbolic sign of ten months (forty weeks) of gestation in the ten years from 1864-1874.  The first three or so years of 64-67 would have been symbolic of Mary’s first trimester of pregnancy, resulting from her virgin conception of Christian Science.  The actual birth would have been the written product, or hard copy, of the book, and this would have taken place before the book was actually published and distributed to the public (in 1875).  And this book is prophesied in Revelation 10; thus, Mary Baker Eddy is the “‘man-Angle’ consciousness which gave us the Little Book {Open}.” (AS IT IS; p. 39)  About this illustration Orgain says, “Note the Christian (man) attitude of the light in front and problem behind (‘Get thee behind me Satan’ is the demand of the ‘ascending’ thought) in contrast with the tenth picture {TRUTH versus ERROR} of the descending (woman) thought, with the light behind and the problem in front of her for redemption—we must redeem our concepts of the world’s reversals, else we could not ‘dwell’ with them (Rev. 21:3), as in the tenth picture.  ‘Truth pleads to-night:  just take me in!  No MASS for me!’ (Poem).” (AS IT IS; p. 39)

First Edition

First Edition

            “Returning to our subject, the third picture, it would be helpful to study SCIENCE AND HEALTH 533:27-534:7, particularly 534:5-7, with this picture.” (p. 39) So let’s do that!
False womanhood
            “Truth, cross-questioning man as to his knowledge of error, finds woman the first to confess her fault.  She says, ‘The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat;’ as much as to say in meek penitence, ‘Neither man nor God shall father my fault.’  She has already learned that corporeal sense is the serpent.  Hence she is first to abandon the belief in the material origin of man and to discern spiritual creation.  This hereafter enabled woman to be the mother of Jesus and to behold at the sepulchre the risen Savior, who was soon to manifest the deathless man of God’s creating.  This enabled woman to be first to interpret the Scriptures in their true sense, which reveals the spiritual origin of man.” (S&H 433:26-534:7, which explains, in part, Genesis 3:11-12)  Notice that Mary Baker Eddy does not identify (unlike Alice Orgain does) the woman as being Eve!  It was Adam who misidentified his own Womanhood by naming her Eve, and this took place after the woman saw the Truth about the serpent.
            To continue with Orgain’s paragraph:  “Note how the first woman (Eve) saw this serpent (lust) as outside of herself.  (Mrs. Eddy said in the 3rd edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, Vol. II:  ‘The garden was a term used to signify the body in the first records of mythology, sexuality and self-abuse the forbidden knowledge,’ p. 127:3-6):  the second woman (Mary, the mother of Jesus) rose above the serpent and conceived her child immaculately, but had natural children by Joseph afterwards, Mark 6:3—thus leaving the serpent of ‘corporeal sense’ for another woman, the song ‘The Lost Chord’ rather typing her position, else Jesus would not have refused to see her, Matt. 12:46-50; the third woman (Mary Magdalene) rose above the serpent and stayed above it, seeing a Risen Savior (Un 62:27-63:11, shows the limitation of this risen view).  So the serpent was left for the fourth woman, who is the ‘first to interpret the Scriptures in their true sense, which reveals the spiritual ORIGIN of man,’ S&H 534:5-7, and this is the tendency of this picture.  (‘God requireth that which is past’—Eccl. 3:15.)  So the redemption of the Scriptures to their original spiritual meaning, S&H 139:15-27; Mis 187:13-20, 188:3-11; My 179:25-30; My 318:16-2, as the only obstruction to man’s seeing his own past as written in God, is the fourth woman’s method of facing the serpent, which she says is ‘corporeal sense,’ S&H 533:31.  ‘Through understanding dearly sought with fierce heart-beats’ is her description of this process in her poem before this third picture.  The woman is in black, the shadow-clothes of human reason.  Reason (the BIBLE) and the light of revelation (SCIENCE AND HEALTH)[15] must be united—wedded.  Every man, woman or child in the entire book—Christ and Christmas—that touches the BIBLE, is clothed in black!  This picture is clearly in line with her first evolution of SCIENCE AND HEALTH when the ‘man-Angle’ (Woman’s manhood) brings the Little Book correlating Revelation 10.
            “The {Grandmother’s} clock in this picture points to either five minutes past twelve o’clock—or the ‘midnight hour,’ My 190:1-6; Ret p. 23, the bridal hour of human sense to the divine; or else it is one o’clock—or just a step beyond midnight—the first hour towards the dawn of Womanhood (the face of this clock is nearly entirely obliterated in the recent book, but was very plain as Mrs. Eddy left it).” (pages 40-41)  I say that the clock reads – for sure – 12:05 which points us to Revelation 12:1-5 telling us about the woman God-crowned.  And for sure it depicts the same slice of pie where the Woman God-crowned Keystone is located in Window of the Open Book, the Rose Window on the South side of The First Church.

The Woman God-crown Keystone

            Orgain continues with, “Twelve o’clock, as midnight (it is undoubtedly night as indicated by the candlelight), could be consistently conceived of as the passing of the material conception of the Twelve Tribes as matter—past history (Ezekiel’s ‘valley [shadow of “the valley of death”] full of bones’—Ezek. 37—‘Then said he unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel [the Twelve Tribes]:  behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost; we are cut off for our parts’—v. 11).  The reviving of the BIBLE (or Twelve Tribes of Israel, of which it wholly consists), from the claim of its being the history of dead men whose bones fill the valley, to the vitality of ‘the inspired Word,’ S&H 497, thereof, is the reviving of symbols to active idea, for which there is no past, present nor future.  ‘Time’ is no more in idea, but its symbolic purpose must be registered ‘in figures on a dial’ until translated into idea.  The 16th and 17th verses of this chapter of Ezekiel are most illuminating in the light of the subject matter of this picture:  ‘Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel, his companions:  then take thee another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions, and join them to one another in one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand,’ etc.  This is interesting in the sense of Judah’s standing for Law (Gen 49:10), Leah, manhood; and Joseph, Love, Rachel, Womanhood.  These two ‘elements,’ S&H 57:9, must be united in one stick—Branch—the city foursquare, as evidenced by the tenth picture where woman is knocking on the (detached from the Vine) Branch.  This feature of the three branches on the door in the tenth picture is almost entirely effaced in the late Christ and Christmas, but was most outstanding in the different revisions from the fourth (1898), when we had the feature of the branches added to the door for the first time (immediately after the opening of the Concord branch, as subsequently described) until the inclusive of 1910—the ninth edition—as Mrs. Eddy left it.” (p. 41- 42)
            I see the three detached branch churches as being detached from a Mother Church hierarchy.
            “In 1910, for the first time, the crown of manhood was put on woman’s head in the first picture in the right-hand upper corner, and the scroll (around the verses) with the side vases of fruit reaching from earth to crown, with a wreath of affection (?) hung below the goal on each vase.  Are not these wreaths suggestive of the limitation of Father-Mother? particularly the ‘half a time’ of Motherhood? Rev. 12:14; Mis 96:8-16.” (p. 42)


            The scroll, as she calls it, is seen above.  When I took a closer look at this I noticed on the bottom of the design two capital letters and I had to think that the ‘M’ was for Mother and the ‘H’ was for Hood!
            “Earth has grown so dark in our late Christ and Christmas in the tenth picture that the stars have again come out in the sky, which has not happened since Mrs. Eddy put the branches on the door and the squares under the feet of woman in 1898.  Does this not show how dark the vision in our Cause seems to be?
            “The work of the woman in this third picture is to regenerate the dry bones of the BIBLE symbols into living ideas, while corporeal sense hisses its resistance behind.” (p. 42)
            Notice that the serpent has teeth like a person, because it is a talking serpent.
            “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, etc.,’ 3rd Commandment.  The material forms and symbols of the BIBLE claim to worship God but not ‘in spirit and in truth’ (‘Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof, from such turn away,’ said Paul).  Corporeal sense (the serpent S&H 533:30) hisses behind the endeavor to spiritualize thought, or to translate form into idea.
            “Third Tribe, Levi—‘Now, this time, my husband will be joined unto me, Gen. 29:34.  The endeavor is to join or wed the light of revelation to the reason of the BIBLE.  ‘Divine logic and revelation coincide,’ S&H 93:10.” (p. 58)

First Edition

First Edition

            CHRISTMAS EVE “is a revelation of what the fourth woman (as typed by the woman in the wheel-chair) saw as the serpent, ‘Man that is born of a woman [false sense of love] is of few days and full of trouble’ (Glossary in back of Christ and Christmas which corresponds to this picture, as the Glossary has given the BIBLE reference by stanza and not by picture).  The poem speaks of the ‘Eves’ being by ‘Adam bid’—in other words this is what would be called a moral ‘Christian’ picture, in the light of false human relationship, My 5:1-6.  The light is wholly artificial {I prefer to say it is all electric – animal magnetism} and the tree points to nothing, and is cut off {beheaded} at the top!—the relationship being man-to-man association, as indicated by its other BIBLE basis in Glossary (as it has two stanzas), the first being, ‘The tabret, and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts but they regard not the work of the Lord, neither consider the operation of his hands.’  The whole mission of Christ and Christmas is clearly shown in this picture—to lift ‘Christianity’ into ‘Science’.  There are no errors in Christ and Christmas except the error of limitation!  Pharisaism in picture 2 (man behind Jesus) and ‘Christianity” in picture 4.” (p. 42-43)
            Before continuing on with her next paragraph, I would like to comment upon the wheel chair.  For years I have been trying to figure out why the wheel chair is not divided up into twelve sections.  As it is, there are only ten sections, or ten slices of pie per wheel.  I believe it is because this Illustration has to do with the woman dealing with the Letter of the Law, as there are the Ten Commandments, and there are ten sons to be born to Jacob before Rachel (Love) can bear children (under the Spirit of the Law).
            “It will be noted that the woman in the wheel-chair has no gifts, which would seem strange in such a setting, as usually the so-called afflicted are the ones remembered first, but this shows that she has so completely detached herself from the ‘spirit’ of the picture that it has felt the detachment.  ‘The death of the two witnesses,’ Rev. 11, is suggested as the spirit of the picture, and ‘The Conflict of Personalities’ in Sibyl Wilbur’s Life of Mrs. Eddy [16] as the time in Mrs. Eddy’s unfoldment when they died, and the reason therefore.  This picture is clearly in line with Mrs. Eddy’s evolution in her attempted second edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, as subsequently described, correlating Rev. 11:3-10.  Man and woman cannot remain two without forever warring with each other by reason of their differences of operation (as in Christian Healing 10:5-8).  Jesus fore-told that, as ‘TWO,’ they would prophesy ‘clothed in sack-cloth‘—Rev 11:3.  Note all the men and women that ‘type’ the picture are in black; also the woman in the {wheel} chair and the man behind the tree are both ‘black shadows,’ so to speak, as error is the ‘type’ in the picture and truth must be the shadow—in the terms of Mis 33:7-11.  Also these shadows of man and woman as typing Truth (which is ‘a pillar of cloud by day’—the daytime of error—‘and of fire by night,’ S&H 566) are separated rather than united by the belief in a mind and love apart from God, with its progeny—the animal magnetism of one person claiming to possess, administer to, and to love the other.  ‘Corporeal sense is [verily] the serpent,’ S&H 533:30, 31, which the picture uncovers.  Woman is invalid (as an invalid law) to this picture.  True thoughts pass from God to man, S&H 104:1, 2; 284:30-32, and never from man to man, as ‘brotherly love’ is sometimes perverted to mean.” (p. 43-44; {My interpolation.})
            It is said that the Three Degrees for the Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind (found in S&H 115-116) are symbolized in Christ and Christmas as black (First Degree:  Depravity), grey (Second Degree: Evil beliefs disappearing) and white (Third Degree: Understanding).  It is also noted that the youngest children are in white (purer thought) and the older they get the darker their clothes become.
            “Remember the Sabbath Day {the Seventh Day of Love} to keep it holy {whole},’ 4th Commandment.  The shadow (woman in {the} wheel-chair) in this picture is wholly at rest, hands folded, thought detached from the claim of false conception; remembering God’s truths, although seeming to suffer therefrom in the artificial light of error.
            “Fourth Tribe, Judah—‘“Now, I will praise the Lord” and she left hearing.’  The thought of the woman in {the wheel} chair is turned wholly from human conception, and the man behind the tree seems to have his back turned from the entire scene.” (p. 58)
            The Christmas tree represents the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  It counterfeits the tree of Life-Science, which is based upon Principle.  It’s capstone head is decapitated by the edge of the drawing.  In fact, the tree must have burst open the ceiling!  Take a look at the circle above the electrical lights.  If you take a straight line from the circle, which is on the ceiling, you will notice that the tree goes way beyond the circle!  I recently realized, by looking at the newest edition of the book, that the woman (Eve) standing in front of the Christmas tree is actually holding a soldier doll in her right hand (male symbol).  I use to think it was a dove, I really could not tell, but I realized that the white x shape is the same shape one sees on old soldier toys.  It is clear that Eve holds a female doll in  her left hand (female symbol).  Do they represent the battle between the sexes?  Or is the soldier doll a Christian soldier?  Another thing I noticed is about the basket behind the woman.  I use to think it was hanging from the tree, but I could see that it is setting on the floor, by the man in the shadow.

First Edition

First Edition

CHRISTMAS MORN – Illustration 5 – LIFE
            “The grave of human birth and death on the way to spiritual being is risen above by the two angels, correlating Revelation 11:12, typing manhood and Womanhood, S&H 566:29-567:13—Michael {Truth} and Gabriel {Love} beginning to unite as one.  The ‘womb’ of the preceding picture and the ‘tomb’ of this claiming to be one in their reversal of the true sense of Life and Love.  Man and woman are really the two spiritual senses interpreted in the Glossary and given on page 486:23, as sight and hearing.  Note one {angel} is worshipping what he hears, while the other {angel} is looking beyond hearing in the endeavor to see.[17]  The BIBLE is a book of hearing, obedience to law; and SCIENCE AND HEALTH sight—revelation.  The one that is looking has the book {SCIENCE AND HEALTH} under her arm.  ‘As I hear, I judge,’ said Jesus; he heard God’s voice and words at his baptism, on the Mount of Transfiguration, and when the Greeks sought him at the feast, John 12.  His disciples always heard as well, but a material sense of sight on the Mount of Transfiguration so deceived them as to present three men instead of one.  So they were told, ‘This is my beloved son, HEAR ye him,’ Matt 17:5—as they seemed not ready to see.  Mrs. Eddy says ears are ‘spiritual understanding {the Third Degree}’ S&H 585:2, and, S&H 64:23-24, puts ‘spiritual understanding’ in apposition to ‘masculine wisdom.’  Sight is the fully embraced spiritual hearing.  When we see, we do not need to hear.  Hearing is a dual sense, as it requires two—‘God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this, that power belongeth unto God,’ Psalm 62:11.  The woman-Angle of the picture is looking, for she is not satisfied to hear and worship!  We worship what we hear, but we are one with what we see!  This sense of sight and hearing as man and Woman is brought out wonderfully with Mrs. Eddy’s undoubted approval, (My 304:16-20), in Vol. 4, June 1886 Journal, p. 61, ‘Jacob’s Ladder.’” (p. 44-45)
            If these two angels are Michael and Gabriel, then could they not be two female angels (neither angel has facial hair) representing Mary Baker Eddy (Truth/Michael) and Martha Jones-Smith (Love/Gabriel)?  Would the third (unseen) angel be Christ Jesus (Life)?
            “Note the circle is elliptical, or an elongated circle with two centers—two circles in one—because man and woman still have an emphasized difference as sight and hearing.” (p. 45)
            I am guessing that she means that the two angels are the two centers – or two circles in one.
            “The twelve sheep (of the house of Israel) lie under the tree of ‘Life,’ Fatherhood, awaiting the Shepherd {Jesus}, Womanhood {Mary Baker Eddy}, generic man {Martha Jones-Smith}, S&H 561:22.  For when Jesus said he was the ‘good shepherd’ in John 10, it was his Womanhood speaking, as he puts the ‘I’ before the ‘Father’ in the thirtieth verse (‘I and my Father are one’), and the people tried to stone him as they did before when he put himself (as identified by the ‘I’) before Abraham, ‘Before Abraham was, I am,’ (John 8:58.  So this picture has not progressed to the Shepherd statement, as its Glossary basis is ‘Before Abraham was, I am,’ John 8:58; Christ and Christmas 55 (John 10 being the basis of 9th picture {CHRISTIAN UNITY} in the true circle, with one center—‘One fold and one shepherd’).” (p. 45-46)  There is something I recently saw in the newest edition of Christ and Christmas.  In the background, on the building with the dome, on top of the dome is a cross.  I have never seen the cross before in the other editions, perhaps because the pictures were smaller in size.

First Edition

First Edition

            “Note the little house {in CHRISTMAS MORN} jutting out under the trees to the right as perhaps the little home where Mrs. Eddy had her first Christ healing or spiritual birth, and the church across the way as probably a type of the little church that she refused to join until it was large enough to hold her brothers and sisters without their acceptance of creed, Ret pp. 13, 14; on past two other church steeples (the three individual churches of Life, Truth and Love—Peter’s three tabernacles, Matt 17:4) leading to the three-in-one of The Mother Church—Mother being ‘Life, Truth, and Love,’ ‘Glossary’ 592 of S&H, the trees all looking very wise and suggestive of human doctrine, the mists rising from the marsh of mortal mind draining off under the highway which, though devious, is safe (Isa. 35:8).  The principal feature is the blending of man and woman, except insofar as was necessary to emphasize their ‘quality’ characteristics.  This perhaps types the two witnesses rising from the death, typed by the grave in {the} foreground, Rev. 11:7-11.  The rising angels type Mrs. Eddy’s third edition, as subsequently unfolded, when she put her revelation into Motherhood in correlation of Revelation 11:12, thereby embracing Father in Mother, man in Woman, and BIBLE in SCIENCE AND HEALTH.” (p. 46)
            I have another idea that the two angels are Mary Baker Eddy and her successor (generic man) and that these two angels represent the Sixth Day of Truth (Michael) and the Seventh Day of Love (Gabriel).  It is Gabriel that is holding a closed SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  This means that in this illustration the Christian Science Textbook is a closed book, in other words, it is not fully comprehended by Mary Baker Eddy’s students and pupils.  That it is left up to her successor to open up SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  And this point, even Alice Orgain does not comprehend, because she wrote this book before the successor descended to earth.
            “Honor thy father and thy mother, etc.,’ 5th Commandment.  When this is done, man and woman become one, as Father-Mother is an ‘Adorable One,’ S&H 16, thus healing ‘Animal Magnetism’—Dan.
            “Fifth Tribe, Dan—‘God hath judged me,’ Gen. 30:6.  ‘Animal Magnetism,’ S&H 583.  ‘Animal Magnetism’ is met as the two become one.  The friction of separated substance always produces electricity—animal magnetism.” (p. 58-59; I un-capitalized the word “animal” as animal magnetism should not be capitalized unless being used in the title of a chapter or book.  Mary Baker Eddy finally changed the title of the chapter “Animal Magnetism” to “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”.)
            Dan means “judgment.”  Judgment based upon mortal minded thinking is nothing more than animal magnetism.  Daniel, “righteous judgment” is what Christian Science treatment is based upon, where the serpent of animal magnetism is cast out, where there is no mortal minded thinking, righteous judgment is based upon Principled Truth.

To be continued…

[1] Infuses added by A. Orgain.

[2] Infuses added by A. Orgain.

[3] Infuses added by A. Orgain.

[4] AS IT IS, p. 18-19

[5] [My interpolation.]

[6] This should be printed as “the city fourquare”.  From this point onward I will write it as “city foursquare”.

[7] Jacob had to work out the material law issues of blood brother Esau.

[8] Christ and Christmas was released on December 2, 1893.

[9] I prefer to use italics for the title of the book; however, because it is a poem it could be correct to place quotation marks around the title – “Christ and Christmas.”

[10] To be honest I have never been able to really spot Joseph in this Illustration, unless the artists are presenting scholastic theology’s opposing idea of Truth.  What I have seen is this:  I see the profile of a man, which is supposed to be Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms.  This would be the idea that a man is compassing (including) a woman.  Jeremiah tells us the Truth – that a woman shall compass a man (womanhood includes manhood).

[11] The twelve tribes are based upon the twelve sons of Jacob.

[12] Dogma is simply human, or mortal, opinions.

[13] This is only true in some of the editions of Christ and Christmas.  Also, this first healing may have taken place when Mary was older than twelve (as historical records show), but Mary Baker Eddy would have used the number twelve (not to lie about her age or the account, or because of faulty memories, but) for a symbolic reason.

[14] Found on the North side of The First Church.

[15] This light is depicted as the seven-pointed star (Venus – the morning star).

[16] In my opinion, this is one of the best biographies written about Mary Baker Eddy.  Try and find it in today’s Reading Rooms.  I mean it, good luck!

[17] Originally Mary Baker Eddy asked for three angels to be in this Illustration.