Code to the Scriptures – Chapter 9

by MJSmith

Chapter 9 – The Next Step Up with Visions 2 and 6



Vision 2 – Spirit
     Vision One ended in a song of praise and gratitude because the Oneness of God, the One on the throne, and the Lamb-Christ has been established.  They are included in one reflection in the glassy sea (Mary’s Window).  This Oneness implies dominion to all individuals proving the omnipresence of the Christ.
     First there is a protective interlude with many angels around the throne – 10,000 times 10,000 and 1,000s and 1,000s (infinite number of God’s thoughts).  There is also, again, the four beasts (divine calculus) and the twenty-four elders of “Recapitulation.”
     God and the Lamb are at-one-mental consciousness.  This understanding brings added dominion.  The spiritual idea, the Lamb, is worthy to receive and express the seven attributes of dominion – the power of Mind, the richness of Spirit, the wisdom of Soul, the might of Principle, honorable Life, the glory of Truth, and Love’s blessing.

The Foundation Stone – or the Outer Branch – Spirit as Mind and Spirit as Love

SPIRIT AS MIND in the tone of the WORD – In the presence of the All-powerful Lion
     The Christ Lamb (Mary Baker Eddy via her “little open book”) opens the first seal[1] with Spirit as Mind[2] – the all-powerful lion (Word of God) nullifies lust.  Lust cannot operate where the Word of God is spoken.  This lust is symbolized as the centaur or Sagittarius in Revelation 6.  There is a Crown constellation near Sagittarius; however, it is at the hoof of Sagittarius being trodden upon.  The Crown is not upon the off-white horseman’s head, thus he has no real dominion over any kingdom, nor can he conquer anyone or anything.  The maggot white horseman has a bow in hand and shoots arrows to wound.  He is the counterfeit Archer, or Bow(wo)man (like the heroine of The Hunger Games), of the white horseman (the Christ) spoken of in Revelation 19.  He comes forth to conquer goodness and is full of arrogance and is overly self-confident.  (When I get into the tone of SPIRIT AS PRINCIPLE I will tell you about a dream vision I had called The Archer Cloud.)

SPIRIT AS LOVE – In the presence of completeness (heaven)
     The Lamb opens the seventh seal with Spirit as Love[3] – There is silence in heaven about the space of one half hour, this means that erroneous thought is silenced, there is no more lust, war, greed, or death (four horsemen).  Self-pity and human will are put in their place of nothingness by the four living creatures, or the divine calculus.  This is what I call TENTUS.
     On the first season of Stargate SG-1 there is an episode with William Moses.  His character believes that he is God and he enslaves the peoples of another planet.  On the planet there are two devices.  When they are working they put up protection against the sunlight’s harmful rays.  This cover (tent) is orange in color.  The term ‘tentus’ came to me from a vision dream about a time when Denver (green valley) burns and all that is left are bushes and shrubs.  I feel that Tentus is actually the Arch of the Covenant being fulfilled today.
     On November 20, 2010 I went to see the first part movie for the seventh (Love) Harry Potter book.  That evening my husband made a joke about the movie.  He said that it was intense, because they (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) were in tents during the movie.  This made me think of Tentus, it was a perfect spiritual symbol for me.  At the beginning of the film Ron’s brother was also married inside a tent.  So, the tent is symbolic of heaven where we are one with God (the Holy Tabernacle was called the Tent of Meeting; who would we meet there but God?).
     It is interesting that all that really needs to be overcome is the counterfeit teachings about the Archer Bow-woman named Mary Baker Eddy.  These counterfeit teachings try to convince us that she was only a material little old lady who reached the top of the mountain before anyone else did, hence, she is nothing special at all, that she is not the woman God-crown, the angel of Revelation 10, the second witness of Revelation 11, or the LEADER of the Christian Science Cause.  But the Truth is that God chose her, God knew her like God knew Jesus, and that is spiritual fact that cannot be changed.  But because Christian Scientists have denied her we must proceed upward to the next tone to do battle with the red horseman.

The First Step Up – or the Middle Branch – of Spirit as Spirit and Spirit as Truth

SPIRIT as SPIRIT in the tone of the CHRIST
     The Lamb opens the second seal with Spirit as Spirit[4] – the all-intelligent calf (the Christ) nullifies the red horseman.  This second living creature spiritually translates Taurus back to God.
     Usually anytime you have the color red in the Bible it has to do with mortal mind, the Adam man (devil).  Even today the color red conjures up the opposition to the Christ – “communism.”  This red horseman is blood, war, and destruction.  It claims to take peace from the world, or the earth.  But no false thinking can make headway when the Christ is within the Son of man’s consciousness.
     It is the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism that makes war with the woman and her remnant seed.
     In Matt Smith’s second season of Doctor Who our hero dealt with creations called the “flesh.”  These “flesh” creatures were doppelgangers (gangers for short).  In a way they are basically mortal minded beings created by humans who are asleep in the Adam dream!  Don’t you just love it?  When the humans wake up the flesh beings melt into nothingness because they have no real conscious being.
     However, in the world of Dr. Who you always have something else that takes place!  So when the Doctor (the Christ Lamb who is the Lord over time, space, and matter), and his two companions (who are a married couple) arrive on an island there is a solar storm that causes huge electric bolts of lighting and this electricity (animal magnetism) brings life to the gangers even though the humans have all awakened.  These gangers decide to wage war against the humans, especially one female ganger who has lost her marbles.  And another weird thing happens – the Doctor, who never fell asleep, is replicated.  The flesh primordial soup was able to copy the Doctor right down to his boots (spiritual understanding).  At the end of this two-part episode the ganger Doctor sacrifices his life in order to destroy the evil female harlot and Amy Pond (the Amy Pond that has been traveling with the Doctor during the season’s previous episodes) is exposed as being a “flesh.”  The real Amy is someplace else in a sleeping chamber, when the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to destroy the flesh Amy Pond the human Amy Pond wakes up.  She is in labor and must begin to PUSH!  She gives birth to Melody Pond (she gives her daughter her own maiden name) and this name translates into River Song.  River Song is the astronaut who kills the future Doctor.
     My son came up with this theory – the Doctor who was shot by the (angle) astronaut (River [Science] Song [a system of Science]) in the beginning of the first episode (of the present season) was made of flesh (which had become stabilized by the T.A.R.D.I.S. – or the Ark [box].  And the T.A.R.D.I.S. has its own matrix structure [that was revealed to me during May 2011].)  However, as we later find out, my son’s theory was not correct, and the Doctor was actually in a robot body that looks exactly like him.  So it is the robot (adopted) body that is shot and cremated, not the Doctor.  It is also of importance that the date of the Doctor’s shooting on the lake shore was April 22, 2011, which was Good Friday (all you good Christians out there know what that means).  This date was chosen on purpose by the writers, are the fans paying attention?
     Because River Song marries the Doctor, she represents the second coming of Christ – Mary Baker Eddy.  It is believed by many Christians that Mary Baker Eddy has killed Jesus Christ off because she has literally explained Jesus’ words and works.  She has exposed the fact that Christianity has deified Jesus, calling him God.  Is this why Christians hate her (wage war against her)?  Because she took away their limited perception of what Christ Jesus is and replaced it with what it truly is – the masculine representative of the human and divine coincidence?

SPIRIT as TRUTH in the tone of the CHRIST
     The Lamb opens the sixth seal with Spirit as Truth[5] – When this seal is broken there are earthquakes, the sun is blackened, the moon turns as red as blood, stars fall, and great winds blow.  These are all signs for the second coming of Christ Mary Baker Eddy (as prophesied by Jesus himself).  All these signs transpired before and after the birth of Mary Baker (throughout the years, not all at once).  People who lived during that time actually saw them as signs for the second coming of Christ, however, they missed even knowing that the second coming had taken place on July 16, 1821 because they were expecting Jesus (as a boy or man) to return.  They did not think to look for the woman representative of the Christ!
     Because of Mary Baker Eddy faith in mortal mind is shaken (earthquakes).  Kings (five material senses and human will) hide in caves (darkness, material birth beliefs), they cannot face the Truth of divine Science.
     Paul Smillie, on page 183 of his book MARY BAKER EDDY , writes, “In the year 1811, the largest earthquake of known history occurred.  Its tremors were felt throughout this nation from its source in America’s center.  In the first thirteen weeks of 1811, there were 1,874 quakes and, with only one exception, they all occurred approximately at the time of new or full moons.  Many felt the world was coming to an end and the second coming of Christ was nigh upon them.  When it first started, black clouds of sulfurous vapor shut out the luminous new moon and the earth was in total darkness.  Flashes of lightning and pieces of coal were thrown up from deep chasms opening in the earth.  The last of the shocks took place in 1822, about ten years after the first quake.  At that time, 30,000 to 50,00 square miles of our country had undergone extensive topographical changes.  Marvelous events were taking place, and mankind was being prepared for an eventful future.  The dragon was wroth.”
     The following is rewritten from pages 7-9 of Doris Grekel’s pamphlet on Christ’s Second Coming. “Jesus said to his disciples that the sun would be darkened.  In his revelation John saw the sun become black.  Thousands of people in North America witnessed the fulfillment of this prophecy on May 19, 1780.  In Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of English Language, 1833 edition [Also in the original 1828 edition which is available in a facsimile reproduction published in 1967], he writes:  ‘the dark day of May 19, 1780 so-called because of remarkable darkness of that day – the obscuration began about ten o’clock in the morning and continued until the middle of the next night.’
     “The following statements are excerpts from a minister’s research.
     The German astronomer, Herschel, said, ‘the dark day of North America was one of those wonderful phenomena of nature which will always be read with interest but which philosophy is at a loss to explain.’  Dr. Adams wrote:  ‘It was midnight darkness at noonday.  Thousands of people who could not account for it from natural causes were terrified and indeed it cast a universal gloom on the earth.’

“3.  ‘And the moon shall not give her light’.
     “…[This] occurred the same night that the sun was darkened.  …Concerning this Dr. Adams wrote, ‘Almost everyone who happened to be out in the evening got lost in going home.  The darkness was as uncommon in the night as it was in the day for the moon was full the night before.’  Mr. Teeney of Exeter, New Hampshire wrote, ‘The darkness of the following evening was probably as gross as has ever been observed since the Almighty fiat gave birth to light.  I could not help conceiving at the time that if every luminous body in the universe had been shrouded in impenetrable darkness or struck out of existence, the darkness could not have been more complete.’

“4.  ‘And the stars shall fall from heaven’.
     “This sign was to follow the darkening of the sun and moon:  And history confirms that it did.  Denison Olmstead, Prof. of Astronomy at Yale University wrote:  ‘The morning of November 13th 1833 was rendered memorable by an exhibition of the phenomenon called shooting stars which was probably more extensive and magnificent than any here-to-fore recorded.  …probably no celestial phenomenon has ever occurred in this country in this country since its first settlement which was viewed with such admiration and delight by one class of spectators, and with so much astonishment and fear by another.  During the three hours of its continuance, the day of judgement was believed to be waiting only for the sunrise.’ – from The American Journal of Science by Olmstead.
     “Arago computes, that not less than 240,000 meteors were at the same time visible above the horizon of Boston.’ (from Our First Century Magazine)”

Rev. 6:17 – “For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”[6]

     The “wrath of the Lamb” actually means “Love of the spiritual idea [or the Love of the spiritual Truth which is Christian Science].”  We have spiritual discipline through Love.  Next comes an interlude with the sealing of the servants who are Christian Scientists.


     John sees “four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.” (Rev. 7:1)  Again we have the divine calculus here.  But I find it interesting that in the United States we have the Four Corners where the four states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet to form the City of our God (with its four cardinal points).  In the center, where the four states actually meet, is a seal.

Seal of the Four Corners

     To me the “seal of the living God” is the Christian Science seal with its divine calculus of four commands – to cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead.  “Out of the dawning of enlightenment came a message of protection whose command to the four angels was so powerful that it was like a loud voice saying, ‘Do not hurt the earth, or the sea, or the trees, until God’s servants [Christian Scientists] are protected by the [trade] mark which establishes them as spiritual children who cannot be hurt or destroyed.”

     Now what is the “trade mark”?  It is not the seal on today’s Textbooks (printed by the Christian Science Publishing Society and by the Boston Board of Directors).  Mary Baker Eddy had her Trademark (her own copyright) inside the Textbook, but the Board of Directors had it removed (sometime after her so-called death).  Her Trademark was a vignette of her (which had been copyrighted in 1906) inside right on the opposite side of the title page of her book.  This actually means that the drawing of her was her Trademark!  Thus, Revelation 7:2, 3 makes it clear that understanding her place in Bible prophecy as the second coming of Christ and as the woman God-crown is of most importance to our own protection and it enables man to cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead!

The true Trademark.

Today’s Trademark seal of error.

     How many are sealed, or marked?  The number is 144,000[7] which equals twelve-tribes of Israel times twelve thousand servants within each tribe.  The twelve tribes (twelve states of consciousness) are Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Nephtali, Manasseh (replacing Dan again), Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph or (Ephraim), and Benjamin.  This congregation of Christ stands before the throne (seat), before the Lamb (spiritual idea of God), clothed with white robes, and palms leaves (Science and Health) in their hands. (Rev. 7:9)
     It is asked who those “arrayed in white robes” are.  They are the servants who had been purified through tribulation (the woman’s travail), for they are generic man.  “The woman in the Apocalypse [Mary Baker Eddy] symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God [who is Mary Baker Eddy]; she illustrates the coincidence of God [the divine] and man [the human] as the divine Principle and divine idea.” (S&H 561:22-25)  What does this mean?  What does “symbolize” mean here?  “Symbolize” means “to serve as a symbol of; to represent, express, or identify by a symbol.”[8]  So, the woman in the Apocalypse serves as a symbol of generic man; represents generic man.  And “symbol” means “a visible sign of something invisible…an arbitrary or conventional sign used in writing or printing relating to a particular field to represent operations, quantities, elements, relations, or qualities.”[9]  Could this really mean then, that the woman of the Apocalypse represents God’s Science (the particular field of Christian Science that represents the operations of the divine calculus, the quantities [numerals of infinity = seven synonyms for God], elements [God and man’s spiritual makeup], relations [between God and man and man and man], or qualities [of God]) being utilized by generic man?  And generic man includes me, you, everybody, and also Mary Baker Eddy.  So why is it wrong for any Christian Scientist to actually even state that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crown?  I say that it is not incorrect or wrong to state that she is the woman God-crown, but right on!  This correct understanding of God’s anointed and appointed enables us to take the next step up.

The Second Step Up – or the Inner Branch – of Spirit as Soul and Spirit as Life

     The Lamb opens the third seal with Spirit as Soul[10] – the omnipresent face of a man (Son of man – Christianity) nullifies the black horseman’s dishonest business dealings.  The black market received its name from this black horseman of Revelation.  One good example of a black horseman is seen in the movie Karate Kid 2 when the Japanese man is using a false weight system (or scales) and not paying the farmers the full amount for the food they are giving to him.[11]  It is from the uneven scales that we can relate the black horseman to the constellation of Libra.[12]
     When Libra (Christianity) and Scorpio (Science) are seen as one constellation (not two) they represent a flying eagle (the fourth living creature, for Science, is the flying eagle).  Perhaps when Christianity is separated from Science it gets off track?  I think this is so.  And the illustration of “Christian Unity” from Christ and Christmas may even illustrate the union of these two constellations as one – with Jesus as Libra and Mary Baker Eddy as Scorpio?  Aquarius, however, is the constellation that represents the third living creature – face of a man – because Aquarius is the only man zodiac (unless you count Ophiucus, the serpent handler[13]).
     In this tone of Spirit as Soul we have black – for the Ark of the Covenant – or the Letter of the Law.  Zorro upheld the Letter of the Law because he manifested the Spirit of the Law.
     When man believes himself to be a sinner (born of Adam) he seems to have a need for laws.  Sometimes trying to uphold this law becomes an impossible task for a sinner.  So they begin to believe that they need a savior or messiah.  Even though they do not want to accept that savior or messiah when they come because they believe that they are actually breaking God’s Law!  This is why they called Jesus a blasphemer.  After Moses gave the Ark of the Covenant – the Letter of the Law – to the thirteen tribes (counting Levi) they had a hard time abiding by the Law.  This is why the sixteen Christ prophets were sent to the people (in the Old Testament).  But they did not want to listen to the chosen prophet either and cried out for a king.  Well, the king thing did not really work out all that well either; did it?  So, not only did the twelve nations have the Levi priest’s ecclesiastical despotic laws to abide by, but they also had to do with the king’s governmental rules and laws to abide by.  What good is the Letter of the Law for the congregation (the people) without the Christ Spirit of the Law (the Arch of the Law)?

     The Lamb opens the fifth seal with Spirit as Life[14] – John sees underneath the Altar for Burnt Offerings (Spirit symbol) the souls of them that had been slain for the Word of God and for the testimony that they held.  These are the martyrs (the witnesses for Christ), or their conscious types, which manifest uplifted spiritual thought, for they are witnesses of Truth.  There is no self-pity found within their uplifted spiritual thought.  They wear white robes, symbolic of the Christ Mantle (of successorship).  They have become protected because they are mentally purified.
     I find it interesting that martyr (which means – “witness”) resembles the spelling of Mary and Martha.

Rev. 6:11 – “And white robes[15] were given unto every one [martyr] of them; [16] and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.”

     “And purified protection was given to uplifted illumination consciousness (the true martyr thought) until the role of the martyrs was finished, or until all self-pity was destroyed.”[17]
     In this tone of Spirit as Life we have white – for the Arch of the Covenant – or the Spirit of the Law.  Obedience to the Law (even if they are called By-Laws in a Church Manual) is of grave importance!

The Capstone – or the Trunk of Science – of Spirit as Principled Science

     The Lamb opens the fourth seal with Spirit as Principle[18] – the all-active eagle (Libra-Scorpio, but most commonly thought only of as being Scorpio, is for Science) nullifies the pale horseman, or the ashen-gray (CHLOROS) horseman of death and hell (Hades).  In Egypt sepulchers used white limestone, made from animal ash, and were filled with dead corpses.  There is also a relation to CHLOROS (a bleach).  The white limestone used for the pyramids at Giza was bleached.  Most people believe that these pyramids were used for tombs of the Egyptian Kings, in other words, they were considered to be sepulchers.  The Egyptian pharaohs were the governors of the land and Moses said to his King Pharaoh – “Let my people go.”  Mary Baker Eddy made it clear that modern pharaohs still try to keep man in bondage with matter, a belief that life exists in matter, and that matter is more powerful in governing the material body than God (Principle) is!  Today we are still demanding that mortal mind frees us (the Egyptian king to cut us free) from the belief that everyone lives in a material body and that all must die.
     In the all-activity of Science there is no death, for death is an “illusion, the lie of life in matter; the unreal and untrue; the opposite of Life.
     “Matter has no life, hence it has no real existence.  Mind is immortal.  The flesh, warring against Spirit; that which frets itself free from one belief only to be fettered by another, until every belief of life where Life is not yields to eternal Life.  Any material evidence of death is false, for it contradicts the spiritual facts of being.” (S&H 584:9-16)
     It is also of interest that the four zodiac symbols of the living creatures follow the pattern of the seasons (in a counterclockwise order) – Leo is in the summer, Taurus is in the spring, Aquarius is in the winter, and Scorpio is in the fall.

The Archer Cloud Vision Dream
     This dream had three sections to it.  The first was about a high school friend whose zodiac sign happens to be that of Pieces, the twin symbol for two fish (the two Christ advents).  In the dream I heard that she had died.  I feel that this simply means that the end of the Age of Pieces has ended, and we live in the Age of Aquarius (the symbol for the sign of Christianity).  The second[19] and third Christ advents take place during the Age of Aquarius.
     In the second part of the vision dream I was inside my house and my brother (a Taurus) was sitting on the floor working on a jigsaw puzzle.  I looked outside my front door, to the West (Science), and saw a white and burgundy cloud of a man with his arms looking like he was shooting a bow and arrow.  The bow and arrow were invisible.  His aim was toward the North (the Word).  I went out on my porch with my camera and was going to take a picture of the cloud, however, a co-worker (a Sagittarius archer) I once knew was standing in front of me.  She too was taking a picture of the cloud.  I asked her to move, which she did.  I remember saying that the cloud looked like Leonardo De Vinci’s Archer.[20]  (He never drew anything by that title, as far as I know.)  I remember saying something about the fact that De Vinci liked to use the triangle shape for his compositions.  My neighbor (a Taurus) was standing out on her driveway also taking a picture of the cloud.  I said to her, “That’s some cloud, isn’t it?”
     Then I saw a photograph in the sky to the South of the cloud.  The photograph was of a gold domed building.  A dome is the crown of a building.  The Extension dome in Boston may have been what the photo in the dream represented.  But, soon after the dream I received a photo in the mail of the gold dome of Denver’s capital building.  Either way, the capital has to do with the crown, the capstone for the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.
     The third part of the dream vision was for sure in the tone of Spirit, as it was about baptism.  I was in my parent’s 1974 Chevy Station Wagon with my husband (a crowned Taurus) and son (a Christian Science Leo).  My parents (Sagittarius [an Archer] and Virgo [my own Motherhood]) were in the front seat.  We were parked near the beach of an ocean and I was going to get out of the car to go swim.  There were many people heading toward the water.  That was the end.
     I feel that the white horseman of Revelation 6, which utilizes the zodiac symbol of Sagittarius, must be spiritually translated back to God, so that in the following Vision (Vision 6 – Truth) the white horseman is that of Revelation 19 – what I call the Archer, or the Bowman.  Mary Baker Eddy is the Bowman, for she is the wo-man of Bow, New Hampshire.  She is the angel of Revelation 10 who has the bow upon her forehead.
     What were the symbols of this dream?  My high school friend is Pieces (twin advent of the Christ as Jesus and Mary or Christian Science).  My co-worker and dad are Sagittarius (male and female aspect for the Archer or White Horseman), my husband, brother and neighbor are both Taurus (the male and female aspects for the Christ symbol), my son a Leo (the Word), and my mom and I are Virgo (which may have to do with the pale horseman, thus my sign is symbolic of the Harvest or the End Time, however, Virgo is the only female zodiac symbol).  I feel that the first part may have to do with the two witnesses of Revelation 11, that the second part is about the wedding between the Lamb and the Bride (the Midnight Hour), and that the third part is about what comes after the wedding – spiritual baptism.
     It took me many years to figure out that this vision dream had to do with astrological signs.  There is also a Crown constellation near a horse hoof of Sagittarius.  I live on a cal-de-sac street, a belt or circle, representing the zodiac.
     I feel that the second part of this vision dream does have to do with the four horsemen and the four living creatures.  But what also came to me is that it depicts a certain time of year, that of December, and it may (I feel) point to the year 2012, December 21 midnight, the Midnight Hour when the wedding of the Lamb and Bride take place.[21]  And this is also the time when the Bridegroom comes in to get the virgins, five of them unwise had left to purchase oil for their lamps while five wise virgins remained to go into the wedding.
     It is said that on December 21, midnight of 2012 that the circular Mayan calendar comes to an end.  It is also said that at this time there is an alignment in space and Sagittarius points his invisible arrow directly toward the center of our Universe, where there is supposed to be a black hole.  I feel that what is supposed to happen at this time, is not the end of life, but that there will be a spiritual awakening within man’s consciousness which changes the world, forever, as we know it (as we know it only as a material world).  We will wake up (shows like Doctor Who are yelling at us to do just that) and realize that it is a totally spiritual world and spiritual universe.  At this time we will become wedded with God (the Bride Word), for generic man is the Lamb Bridegroom (the Christ).
     There will be a spiritual baptism within man’s consciousness, hence, the beach.
     A horseman vision dream that I had I do not remember totally, but I do know that Duncan Regehr (Libra) was in it.  Duncan played Zorro and rode a black horse named Toranado.  The horse was even spoken of in the dream; we were waiting at an outside cafe for Toranado’s trailer to be delivered.  Also in this vision dream was Cloris Leachman (pale horseman) and another actress; I could not remember for sure who she was.  But I felt that she may have been Blyth Danner who use to be on a show called Adam’s Rib.  I feel that Blyth Danner has to do with the red horseman.  Mainly because of the name Danner (Dan – animal magnetism) and the show that she was on with the particular title about Adam’s Womanhood handling animal magnetism.
     We were all in Greeley (gray meadow = the Field of the Second Degree), Colorado (for the Word), sitting at a circular table (Unity Matrix).  They were all in a play together.  I remember Toranado’s delivery, but then I saw Cloris and the other woman walking along together underneath a grapevine treillage (a Network Matrix for the Christ-vine).  It was much later, after the dream, that I saw a picture resembling the grapevine in a book with photos from Chestnut Hill, the last home of Mary Baker Eddy.  Recently (August 2012) I caught Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein.  In it she reminded me of photos of Mary Baker Eddy as an older woman, so it made me think of this dream.  Was she representing Mary Baker Eddy in the dream?
     I now feel as if this dream served as a lesson for me in learning about the four horsemen and the divine calculus, and that it predicted that I would be the one to open up the Unity Matrix.
     In 1987 Duncan Regehr was in a very important (to me) two part Disney movie (for television) called Earth*Star Voyager.  His character’s name was Jacob Dryden Brown.  In the show was the ship Earth*Star Voyager.  This ship was the brainchild of one Doctor Joseph Bowman.  The Doctor’s daughter, Pricilla Bowman, was used to provide the ship’s computer with a brain.  Her thoughts were basically downloaded as the ship’s artificial intelligence.  I feel that this movie had a spiritual meaning having to do with spiritual Church verses material organized churches.  It is also of interest that the outside shape of this ship resembles the triangular shape of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  In the movie the small Edifice Ship was being forced into an assembly with a much larger ship.  This reminded me of how the Boston Edifice became adjacent to the Extension.  Mary Baker Eddy had a vision one day when she was on a carriage ride.  She saw the Extension and became ill (sickened with sadness).  I think she knew that her Church was going to be taken over by ecclesiastical despotic leaders known as a five member Board of Directors; she knew that they would not accept within their hearts the Spirit of the Law and that they would wind up abusing the Letter of the Law in the Church Manual.

Earth*Star Voyager and Assembly

     In a dream I had a couple years ago I saw Earth*Star Voyager descending to Earth.  To me this symbolized the fact that the Holy City, the city foursquare, was the Bride on Earth.


Vision 6 – Truth – THE LOVERS
     The Word of God is established via the seven triumphs of Truth.  These triumphs are also the seven trumpets of Truth.  The seven trumpets (triumphs of Truth) are like seven three card groupings of trump cards, as seen below, in the Major Arcana of the Rider Tarot deck.

Gridiron Matrix

     The protective introduction in Revelation’s Sixth Vision presents the Hallelujah Chorus – “Praise the Lord” – Only God (Mind) is to be worshipped.  Then it continues that we are not supposed to worship personal sense (mortal persona).  However, it does not say that we should not worship the Lamb (Jesus), nor the Bride (Mary Baker Eddy).  It is interesting that the THE LOVERS Tarot card[22] depicts the Lamb, the Bride, and the angel Raphael.  Raphael means:  “God has healed.”  Therefore, if we come to realize that God, Mind, is the true healer, not persona, then we will not wind up idolizing any person for the good works that they do.  We can revere that person’s works, the good that they do, without idolizing them.  We can respect Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy for what they accomplished during their spiritual missions.
     It is in this Sixth Vision that the marriage between the Lamb of Vision 1 (Mind) and the Bride of Vision 4 (Principle) is announced.  (John 14 did not say that the Comforter [Bride, Revelation] was to be idolized, but we should worship Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy for what they did for us.)
     Vision 6 (Truth) relates to Vision 2 (Spirit) with the four horsemen, the opposites of the divine calculus.  The captains (heads of church and state) will also be in this Sixth Vision.  We have the true white horseman found in Revelation 19, while the white horseman of Revelation 6 is more of a maggot white, an off white color.

Truth as Mind – The Archer
     The white horseman of Revelation 19 is pure Mind.  He is named FAITHFUL (steadfast) and TRUE, and THE WORD of GOD.  If “he” is THE WORD of GOD then he is the Bride, and not the Lamb, accept in the fact that the two are married or joined as one (as in “The Apocalypse” [chapter 16 of S&H]).  SHe (he is included in she) has “eyes as a flame of fire” (the Holy Ghost).  Revelation 10 writes about the angel with “a little book open” that –  “his face was as it were the sun [fire].”  This white horseman also has a sharp sword and a name written.
     The Word of God is the first triumph (trumpet or trump).  The three Tarot cards that relate to this white horseman are THE MAGICIAN, STRENGTH, and THE DEVIL.


     THE MAGICIAN depicts the manhood of Christ, while STRENGTH depicts the womanhood of Christ and her power over the Word (lion’s mouth).


     THE DEVIL card is the opposite of THE LOVERS card, where there is idolization of personal sense instead of acceptance of the spiritual idea, the Word of God.  On this card the angel messengers turn out to be from the devil itself.


     These three cards are actually numbers 1, 8, and 15 and are on the Mind level of the Gridiron Matrix.

Truth as Love – The Bride descends
     The power of Him who sits upon the great white (Principled) throne (seat of power) is operating, performing, the divine reckoning of Science.  This great white throne also symbolizes purified realization of dominion over matter, for “death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.”  All false beliefs about death are bound for eternity.  Those who have been asleep (dead) in the Adam dream now awake (from their coffins) to the New Jerusalem type of thought, our new awakened realization of true values is established and our names are written in the book of life.  This is what is depicted in the JUDGEMENT card is found in the tone of Truth as Truth (and this actually comes before this section in Revelation, but because I am doing the Minor Pyramid Matrix this section is before Truth as Truth.


     The final three trump cards are 7, 14, and 21.  They are all in the realm of Kether (the Crown).  THE CHARIOT depicts the city foursquare of divine Science.  TEMPERANCE represents the angel of Revelation 10, only in its masculine form.  THE WORLD card shows us Womanhood holding two rods of divine Science while the four living creatures are depicted in each corner of the card.


     Thus with THE CHARIOT we have the divine calculus via the two wheels, the manchild bears the symbols for the woman God-crown, the Palm Leaves of Salvation, and the city foursquare.  He also wears the symbols of the true alchemist, the Christian Scientist.  The two sphinxes of Hod (Intelligence, Mercury-Hermes – the god of science and books who works in the mental realm in a scientific manner) and Netzach (Venus-Aphrodite – the artist) reflect the Spiritual Understanding of Binah and the Wisdom of Chokmah.


     TEMPERANCE (Love) has Michael (Truth) wearing the symbol of the pyramid inside the square (representing the Torah); thus, this card represents Mount Zion, or the City of our God, with absolute Christian Science (foundation and super structure).  The iris flowers represent the goddess of the rainbow – the woman God-crown who gave us the seven synonymous terms for God.


     THE WORLD represents the universal acceptance of Science; the card’s four living creatures represent the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth (the cornerstones of life).  The cornerstones, however, are also called capstones, thus this takes us into the hub of the wheel – with “a little open book” that the angel of TEMPERANCE descends to earth with, pouring the living waters (the teachings of the book) from one cup (the Science and Health Holy Grail of Mary Baker Eddy) into another (the Bible Holy Grail of Jesus Christ), and not out onto the sea or the earth (the two beasts).

The First Step Up – or the Outer Branch – of Truth as Spirit and Truth as Truth

Truth as Spirit – The woman God-crown
     John sees an angel standing in the sun, Venus being “clothed with the sun.”  All that is material shall burn in the flames of Truth and Spirit.
     The second trump sounds to bring about a carnivorous feast where flying eagles (the omni-activity of divine Science) are found consuming the flesh of the materially minded kings, captains, and mighty men (hierarchy, government, army).  The second triumph over evil is brought about by the all-activity of Science, the spiritually minded thoughts consumes human will, self-will, and ruthless selfishness.
     The three Tarot cards are 2, 9, and 16 – or – THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Law), THE HERMIT, and THE TOWER.


     THE HIGH PRIESTESS holds the Torah (Law) in her hand.  She is the woman God-crown, for she has dominion over the moon (human intellectualism; reflected light; the city of Jericho).


     THE HERMIT (her glove, the Glover woman) holds in his hand the lantern of divine light, or angelic light, the Star (Key) of David.  He is a wise virgin showing his light while standing upon the capstone of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth at the Midnight Hour (during the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb).


     THE TOWER depicts the destruction of the materially minded kings, captains, and mighty men when the bolt of lightning strikes the crown of the administration tower.

Truth as Truth – Rev Bem
     The sixth triumph (trumpet) brings about the recognition and the establishment of the Science of Being, so the red dragon attempts one last thing.  This is when Prince Gog and Magog (Gog’s people) appear.  Earlier in the Bible Prince Gog (a counterfeit of Principle God) of Magog appears in the wilderness wanderings of the Children of Israel.  The army rallies in numbers (as the sand of the sea) to pervert Truth.  However, fire comes down from God (spiritual purification of thought) destroying all suggestions and attacks by the Magog.
     Some people may remember the Magog in the television series Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda.  Brent Stait played Reverend Bem (Revered Leader of Peace).  I liked Rev Bem’s story as he fought the inner beast (corporeality) and his own people (mortals) in order to follow The Way.  His religious symbol was of a triangle and a wavy line ascending up the triangle.  The triangle was a pyramid mountain, the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  In one episode he actually had to travel the footsteps of Truth to reach the capstone.  He was searching for his human mother, but he found God, or the Motherhood (Love) that is God.  This Love transformed him from being a material beast (a coincidence of the First Degree and the Second Degree) into a human and divine coincidence (the Second Degree and the Third Degree).
     The three Tarot cards are 6, 13, and 20.  THE LOVERS card has already been spoken of.  Some may see the couple as being Adam and Eve as the woman stands in front of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and a green serpent is coiled around it, while the man stands in front of the tree of life with leaves of fire (like what God pours down on the Magog).  These leaves of spiritual baptism by fire are for the healing of the nations, what becomes healed?  All becomes healed when Truth is no longer perverted by error (the serpent).  Of course, these two trees represent the Pillar of Severity (tree of knowledge) and the Pillar of Mercy (tree of life).  Also of importance is the purple mountain between the woman and the man.  Above the head of the angel, which has a flaming head of hair, is a bright sun.  The angel also sits upon a gray cloud, so he is a divine messenger (but not to be idolized).  It is interesting that the woman looks to the angel messenger while the man looks to the woman.


     The DEATH card has a skeleton in black sitting upon a white horse.  He carries a banner of a white rose with five-petals.  This white rose is a symbol for secrecy.  What is the secret?  That death is an illusion!  Mortal mind, Prince Gog, does not want you to know that death is an illusion.
     (Seen above) the JUDGEMENT card depicts two trinities (of father, son, mother) standing up in coffins upon the sea, holding out their hands for spiritual salvation.  JUDGEMENT depicts Gabriel (Love) blowing her horn, thus it is almost important that this card leads us into the next section of…

The Second Step Up – or the Inner Branch – of Truth as Soul and Truth as Life

Truth as Soul – The Word of God
     The third trump blows upon the lake of fire that burns brimstone and sulfur (gasses that consume everything thrown into it like a septic tank).  The two beasts are consumed in their struggle with the Word of God (acceptance of the woman God-crown); they are thrown into the lake of fire.  The Word of God is victorious over domination and manipulation.
     The three Tarot cards are 3, 10, and 17 – or – THE EMPRESS, the WHEEL of FORTUNE, and THE STAR.


     THE EMPRESS is Venus, the Morning Star – or the woman God-crown, for she wears a crown of twelve stars and is found pregnant.  In her hand she holds the rod of iron to be given to her successor manchild.  She is the Word of God who throws the two beasts into the lake of fire.


     The WHEEL of FORTUNE is what I actually call the WHEEL of PROPHECY, Bible prophecy that is.  This card presents the divine calculus and the four living creatures – the lion, the bull, face of a man, and the flying eagle – as angels or divine messengers.  Each one of the living creatures has an open book with them, each open book represents the four Gospels – Mathew (the Word), Mark (the Christ), Luke (Christianity), and John (Science).   The WHEEL is the Holy City itself (city foursquare, New Jerusalem, and City of our God – with Mount Zion).  The true WHEEL is found on the south wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist.  The Sphinx is the Woman representative of the card, she holds the sword of Truth.


     The big yellow star represents a Daystar – or the Morning Star (Venus).  And as in heaven (THE STAR) so on earth (THE EMPRESS).  So THE STAR (of Boston) is THE EMPRESS, the woman seen on the card.  The seven stars found in the hand of the Son of Man (Rev. 1) surround the bright yellow Daystar, of THE STAR card.  One of the minor stars is above a mountain peak, symbolic of the Stargate being opened up.  The naked woman is the feminine representative of the angel in Revelation 10.  She pours out the sacred spiritual teachings upon the sea (where the first beast resides) and the earth (where the second beast resides).  They represent hypocrisy (domination) and manipulation (via visible error and audible sin).  Remember that the man angel did not pour the waters into the sea or onto the land, that is the duty of Womanhood.

Truth as Life – The Son of God
     The fifth trump sounds uplifting spiritual thinkers.  These martyrs (Christ witnesses) recognize Truth and they are the Children of Israel, victorious Christian Scientists.  They have received the mark of God, the recognition of infinite Life and Being.  This recognition has dominion over the belief in death.  The red dragon being tied up means that eternal Life is well established; thus the resistance to Truth is futile, and error cannot gain a foothold.
     The three Tarot cards are 5, 12, and 19.


     THE HIEROPHANT represents the Christ successor in Truth; however, when the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism has its way this Pope becomes a false successor of Christ because he is based upon personal sense instead of spiritual sense.  This HIEROPHANT card shows two keys forming a cross in the sphere of Malkuth (the Kingdom), hence they represent the Key to the City, for X marks the spot or it marks the city foursquare.  There are also two monks representing Womanhood with the white lily symbol (Mary Magdalene, a Christ Bride typification) and the red rose symbol (the Virgin Mary, a Christ Mother typification).


     THE HANGED MAN is an inverted image of man, thus he represents mortal man, or the carnal man.  However, this HANGED MAN does have a halo around his head, thus he is able to rise out of the material inverted image and understand his true being as the Christ idea.


     THE SUN card truly depicts the Christ-Son of God (even though his horse is gray and not white).  We could say then, that this Christ-Son rides upon the Second Degree instead of the Third Degree.  There is a red feather (a symbol to me of Mind Science).  Behind him is a wall with four (a divine calculus) New Jerusalem artichokes.  THE SUN probably has twenty-four rays of light (three are sort of obscured by the number of the card).  Thus, this SUN actually represents the New Jerusalem artichoke matrix for the chapter “Recapitulation.”

The Capstone Head – or the Principled Trunk of Science

(Climax of Vision 6) Truth as Principle – The Key of David
     The fourth trump sounds.  A descending angel comes with the key of the abyss (hell).  The angle is a Christ messenger who holds a great chain.  The Christ-link chain is used to tie the drag-on in the pit (abyss) for 1,000 years (eternal Life).
     The three Tarot cards for this section of the sixth vision are 4, 11, and 18 – THE EMPEROR, JUSTICE, and THE MOON.


     THE EMPEROR represents the masculine Christ, however he holds an ankh (which somewhat resembles the symbol for Venus) in his right hand.  The ankh is symbolic of the Key of Life.  He also sits upon a stone throne, and there are four ram heads representing the squared cycle of the Christ.


     JUSTICE is a woman with a sword (in her powerful right hand) and a balance (in her feminine left hand).  She is not blindfolded either.  JUSTICE upholds the Law of God fairly, and sentences the red dragon to 1,000 years imprisonment.


     THE MOON card depicts all the phases of the moon, which are handled by Womanhood.  The moon is reflected light and has not intelligence of its own.  However, spiritual enlightenment is present below the moon – depicted by the fifteen Yesods.  I feel that the number fifteen symbolizes the seven synonymous terms for God plus the four living creatures, plus the four levels of Science.  There are two towers (representing the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy) and three beasts – a dog, a wolf, and a lobster.  The dog represents dogma, the wolf represents hypocrisy, and the lobster represents subconscious error (hidden erroneous conditions).  There is a path that leads The Way, if one is willing to travel upon it.
     Originally the Key of David was the symbol of the masculine blade (pyramid) and the feminine cup together as one forming the six-pointed Star.  This symbol was used for the royal house of David (Beloved Son of God).  David’s son, Solomon, was said to have had a ring with the symbol upon it, the star on the ring was called the Seal of Solomon.  It was called a Seal because his ring was used to seal documents with wax to carry his imprint of the six-pointed Star.  So, we must ask why did Mary Baker Eddy call her last four chapters the Key of David?
     Surely she must have understood that the Key of David was not the ring, or the seal, but it was the fact that manhood (the Son of God, the spiritual ideal) and Womanhood (God, divine Love) were wedded together in the One Mind and governed by Principle (Womanhood).  Even more, with her ninth illustration from Christ and Christmas, called “Christian Unity,” we see Jesus (for Christianity) and Mary Baker Eddy (for Science) united as one inside the circle or the ring = Solomon’s Seal.

(Colorized by me.)

     On the SyFy Channel’s Legend Quest (first season) the archeologist was in search of Solomon’s ring.  He used the Star of David as a layover of the holy land.  He placed Jerusalem in the center of the star.  Each point had a city; the top point went to the city of Armageddon.  He did not find anything at the crumbled down city, but a woman told him that the people had abandoned the city and moved down the hill.  However, this was many, many years ago and now instead of a city there was a prison.  He went into the prison and spoke to an archeologist who had found a mosaic.  He showed him pictures of the mosaic.  It had a circular wheel pattern and in the center were two fishes.  In early Christianity the fish is a symbol for the Christ.  He was sure that this symbol was speaking of Jesus and Solomon’s ring (as legend had it that a fish swallowed the ring and Solomon bought that particular fish at a market and got his ring back).  However, this man overlooked the obvious!  The two fishes were symbolic for the sign of Pieces and the two comings of Christ as Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.  These two comings of Christ are the blade Jesus Christ and the cup Mary Baker Eddy – the Star of David, a.k.a., the Key of David.

[1] The first skin of Adam (ecclesiastical despotic religious dogmatic teachings) is ripped away from the Bible.

[2] Spirit as Mind is what tears off the Adam skin of “matter as mind.”

[3] The Christ-Lamb rips off the seventh layer of Adamic skin (mortal mind that hates All-in-all) via Spirit as Love.

[4] The second skin (matter as flesh) of Adam is ripped away by Spirit as Spirit.

[5] The Christ-Lamb rips off the sixth skin of Adam (matter’s erroneous teachings of physical science, scholastic theology, and materia medica) via Spirit as Truth.

[6] During the carriage ride Mary Baker Eddy reminded Augusta Stetson that she had stood and would continue to stand.  In order to stand one must recognize the One on the Throne (in the seat of power) and the Love of the Christ.  Augusta Stetson always accepted Mary Baker Eddy’s seat of power and was filled with Love for the Christ in its second coming appearance (as well as, its first coming appearance).

[7] Twelve times twelve equals 144 (12 squared) and is called a gross or mass, thus, the 144,000 represent the Christ mass or the congregation of Christ.

[8] Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

[9] Ibid

[10] The third skin (matter as sensation) of Adam is ripped away by Spirit as Soul.

[11] This is also depicted in Duncan Regehr’s series Zorro.

[12] In Zorro Duncan Regehr rides a black horse, and his birthday is October 5 (under Libra).  I feel that since Zorro is a good man, not really a criminal at all, that he represents the face of a man (Christianity) in the series.  He only wears a mask in order to protect the people.

[13] At one time Ophiucus was considered as part of the zodiac.

[14] The Christ-Lamb rips off the fifth skin of Adam (matter as death) via Spirit as Life.

[15] In December 1909, on a cold snowy day, in the same carriage ride as spoken of before, Mary Baker Eddy insisted that Augusta Emma Stetson share her white robe during the ride.  This was not only a symbolic sign to Augusta that she was to carry on the Cause of Christian Science outside the material organization, but also that her martyring was about to begin, for she would soon be brought up on charges by the Boston Board of Directors (along with sixteen of her students, symbolic of a divine calculus matrix).  They would not only excommunicate Augusta Stetson from The First Church of Christ Scientist, but they would also have her own branch church in New York excommunicate her.

I have never received a white robe, however, I did have a vision dream where Mary Baker Eddy gave me a pair of her white boots (spiritual understanding).

[16] On December 4, 1910 they placed the corporeal body of Mary Baker Eddy on a white robe.

[17] SAJP; by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt, p. 159

[18] The fourth skin (matter as the governing power over man) of Adam is ripped away by Spirit as Principle.

[19] The Second Christ Advent took place at the end of the Age of Pieces.  The Age of Aquarius began in 1882.

[20] I now think that the Archer would be the Vitruvian Man.

[21] I actually went to my friends wedding in 1974 on my birthday.

[22] Most people see this card as depicting Adam and Eve; I have spiritually translated it back to God.