Watter’s World on Easter

by MJSmith

     On March 24, 2016 on The O’Reiley Factor there was a segment of Watter’s World on the topic of Easter.  Jesse Watters asked some folks what Easter was all about.  There was a black woman who came close to the right answer, but even she did not explain the whole story.  She said that Easter had to do with the opening of a mother’s womb (fertility).  Today it is of more importance that Christian’s celebrate Easter as the opening of the tomb (resurrection).

     I have known for years that Easter originally came from a pagan celebration.  It was only because the Roman Catholic Church wanted to draw in pagans to their congregation that they adopted Easter as part of the Jewish-Passover-Jesus resurrection observance.
Since I was not exactly sure of the real story, I went to Wikipedia for an answer and then I found another site – Christiananswers.net – which told me even more.
     Wikipedia said that Easter was named after a goddess named “Eastre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in” April.
     The other site said that Eastre was “a Teutonic goddess of Spring.”  But I was surprised to find out that this goddess goes all the way back to the Tower of Babel (after the flood with Noah).  Scripture tells us that this tower was built by Nimrod, a descendant of Ham.
     I had heard, years ago, about Nimrod’s wife, a goddess.  However, I did not know that she was a self-proclaimed goddess.  Her other names are Ishtar (a possible beginning for Eastre or Easter) and Semiramis.  She became the goddess of the moon, and fertility.  Semiramis has been depicted as a woman with twelve stars on her crown.  Semiramis is the counterfeit woman God-crowned, she is more like the Babylonian Harlot.  The woman God-crowned, of Revelation 12, has her feet upon the moon (she has dominion over the moon).
     So, the story goes that Nimrod, also known as the son-god Baal, died.  Then Semiramis had an illegitimate son.  She claimed that her son, Tammuz, was the reincarnation of her husband Nimrod.  Her son “was slain” by a wild boar.  In the spring he mystically revived, “resurrected.”  So Tammuz represents the anti-Christ.  It is interesting, however, how the story of Jesus correlates with this one, yet, Christ Jesus was the real deal because he could do the works that God sent him to do.  Jesus healed people and he actually did resurrect (he proved death to be nothing but an illusion, a lie).
     There is no doubt, that Easter became a festival of fertility.  The following is from Christiananswers.net, about Easter eggs.

Easter Egg origin

(To read the footnotes you will need to go to the site to find the answer.)

     Wikipedia, however, states that Easter eggs were colored red to symbolize the blood of Christ.  Either way, does the Easter egg really have anything to do with the resurrection of Christ Jesus?  No, it does not.
     Another question that Jesse Watters asked was, “Is Jesus in the Old Testament or the New Testament?”
     If I had been asked this question I would have said, “Christ Jesus is in the New Testament, however, there is prophecy about him in the Old Testament.”  Nobody, including Watters or O’Reiley, gave this answer.

Woman God-crown Win     Real fertility is not giving birth to material babies, it is Fruitage – the demonstration of Christian Science.  Mary Baker Eddy is the true ideal for the woman God-crowned.  This is why she wore the little crown of twelve diamond stars.