by MJSmith

            Before I speak about the difference between the two creation accounts I would like to present to you an excerpt from a book called FROM REVELATION TO GENESIS, written by Englishman, W. Gordon Brown.  In these few pages, beginning on page 10, he explains how the BIBLE came to be written.  (I always capitalize the word BIBLE entirely (unless I am quoting another source) because I feel it points to the importance of the masculine BIBLE over all other books, besides its feminine mate, in the world.)  [In this first section my interpolations will be in this type of bracket.]

Old Testament

Late in the third thousand-year period, lauding her conquest of the promised land, Israel compiles her first poetic anthologies.  And not until early in the fourth period, in the reign of her beloved David, does she start to evolve the rudiments of the literature that becomes the Old Testament.  Shortly after 1000 b.c. [Fourth Day of Principle] she produces her first pros writings, and this marks the beginnings of the Bible.
            Stories of Saul and David eventually become I and II Samuel.  Chronicles of the kings of Judah and Israel, including tales of Elijah and Elisha, develop into the books of I and II Kings.  At the same time the old legendary anthologies are transcribed from poetry to prose.  These reappear as Joshua and Judges which, in the order of the narrative, precede the books of the Kings.
            In order to appreciate adequately the build-up of the Old Testament, we must take into account four separate religious documents compiled by Israel’s priestly scribes.  These become in the end four interwoven strata of one continuous text, and as such constitute the literary fabric of the greater part of the Old Testament.
            First there is the Yahweh Document, or the Jehovistic Document, known to scholars by the letter J; secondly, the Elohistic Document, distinguished by the letter E; thirdly, the Deuteronomic Document, known as D; and fourthly, the Priestly Document, or P.  It is interesting to compare certain characteristics of these four documents with the four “sides” of the eventual holy city.  E has a particular relationship with the creative Word, J with the redemptive Christ, D with the reformation of humanity that takes place in Christianity, and P with the order and precision of Science [God’s Science].  (As we begin to appreciate the universal significance of these four aspects of divine operation, our attention is constantly drawn to their symbolic pattern appearing in human experience.  In addition to the four documents refer, for example, to the four languages cited on p. 8, 9.[1])
            J is compiled in the southern kingdom of [the masculine] Judah between 950 and 850 b.c.  This very early document shows the way in which Israel makes use of contemporary Egyptian and Babylonian myths for her own spiritual ends.  It tells for instance of the way in which Adam, supposedly the first (mortal) man, is fashioned by Yahweh out of clay.  In a corresponding Egyptian myth he [man] is molded on a potter’s wheel.  [To be honest, I feel that the story of Adam falls more in line with the way physical science explains man’s makeup – it seems to me that Adam comes up from the primordial soup, as it is called, while the Egyptian man is formed on a potter’s wheel.]  It [J] recounts the story of Noah and the flood – a myth which is borrowed from Babylonian sources.  It sketches the way in which the different nations of the world supposedly descend from Noah’s three sons.  It proclaims at the same time Israel’s own unique position as the religious centre of the world.  Spiritually transfigured and translated, the anthropomorphic Yahweh is the mighty Jehovah, the eternal I AM.  [What Brown means is that Yahweh, or Jehovah, who is an anthropomorphic god, or a tribal god, when spiritually translated, or spiritually understood, is really the eternal I AM (divine Principle, Love) that I am (Principle’s idea) is one Being.]
            The eighth century b.c. sees the rise of Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, and Micah, the first of the writing prophets.  Under their influence, J’s incipient monotheism reaches a purer form.  Around 750 b.c. this time in the northern kingdom of [feminine] Israel, the second document, E, is compiled.  Whereas Jehovah is Israel’s own “covenant” God, leading her to the promised land, and making her victorious over her enemies, Elohim is the creator of the universe.  Whereas the name Jehovah is rendered in the singular, Elohim is a plural name.  Jehovah and Elohim are the two foremost Bible names for Deity.  Conceived by Judah and Israel respectively, they relate to the qualities of manhood and womanhood – the individual (singular) Jehovah, the universal (plural) Elohim.  [Elohim is Father-Mother God.  So because God is both Father and Mother then God’s Christ must also be manifested as the masculine Jesus and the feminine Mary Baker Eddy – they are the First Coming of Christ and the Second Coming of Christ – and I believe that these are the two individuals spoken of in Genesis 1 as the man and woman who have dominion over the earth.  This does not mean that generic man, the one man that you really are, does not also have dominion over the earth, but I believe that Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy represent the perfect ideal that God created to have dominion over the earth.  I feel that they are the perfect exemplars.]
            “The broadest facts array the most falsities against themselves” (S&H 97:20[2]).  The appearing of E is accompanied by the worst period of idolatry in Israel’s history.  She constantly goes awhoring after other gods, and is unfaithful to the one true God.  Under Syrian and Phoenician influence she worships the sun-god Baal [meaning Lord] and his consort Ashtaroth [stars[3]] more promiscuously than ever before.[4]  These two fertility deities personify the twin principles of male-female creativity.  [So, if all that is wrong with Baal and Ashtaroth is that they are fertility deities, then does not sexual creativity go against God’s divine nature and wishes for mankind?]  The God of Israel has no female consort.  He is complete in Himself.  He is both individual and universal at the same time.  Israel is His only consort, and is simultaneously His “bride” and His “son.”  Israel must understand that, as the image and likeness of God, she embodies the qualities of both manhood [image] and womanhood [likeness].  It is as if, at this point in her history, she falls victim to the very idolatry which she is commissioned to expunge from human life.  [The Star of David, the intersection of the pyramid blade with the inverted pyramid cup represents the union of the masculine (blade) Judah and feminine (cup) Israel.]

            So Yahweh becomes the “jealous” God.  When at last He can bear her infidelities no longer, He afflicts her with awful retribution.  In order to compel her to fulfil her mission, He must teach her the lessons she so badly needs.  In 721 b.c. the northern kingdom of Israel (the womanhood aspect of the idea of God) is deported by the cruel Assyrians, and as a physical entity is heard of no more [as after her release she heads to the British Isle].  This marks the beginnings of the great Hebraic dispersion among the nations of the world.  But the catastrophe is a blessing in disguise.  It signifies the leaven of absolute monotheism beginning to chemicalize and change human thought.  Israel is known to history as the ten lost tribes.  Yet, in the “latter days,” God promises He will regather her.  In the spiritual sense only, this begins to happen some 2500 years later through the advent of Christian Science.  Mary Baker Eddy [descended from the Scots] says of her discovery of Christian Science that it “restores the lost Israel” (Church Manual 17:18).
            After the deportations of Israel, only Judah remains [including Benjamin.  I also believe portions of Levi (who were the Priests) went with the Israelites to Britain.  I also believe that when Babylon invaded the Jews that royal members from the House of David (the princesses) were sent to Britain in order to save their lives.].  In order to counter Judah’s own sins, Yahweh’s faithful draw up the third of the four religious documents, the Deuteronomic document, or D.  Our present Deuteronomy is composed almost entirely of this document.  D is the book of the law, in the story of II Kings, which is discovered in the temple in the reign of Josiah.  There follows a period of intense national reform.  D demands the rededication of life to God, and transformation of the human character.  This at once suggests its relationship with the third side of the holy city, Christianity.
            During this time of penitence, the historical literature from Joshua to II Kings undergoes extensive revision.  Also, the two documents J and E are woven into a single narrative, which is known as JE, or the twofold document.  [In other words the two creations accounts are woven together, thus Adam eventually is thought to be the spiritual man spoken of in Genesis 1, even though he is not the man who has dominion over the earth.]
            Despite the influence of D, the people of Judah (the manhood aspect of the idea of God) lapse into their old idolatrous ways and, between 597 and 586 b.c. are taken captive by Babylon [confusion that comes from a material organized body], just as Israel, previously, was assailed by Assyria [Asher, the seventh son of Jacob; “hope and faith; spiritual compensation; the ills of the flesh rebuked.”[5]  This helps explain why Israel did not return to Jerusalem, they had to spiritually proceed westward, toward Science.].  The period of the Exile begins.  The important difference between the two deportations is that whereas Israel is never seen again [in Jerusalem], Judah retains physical identity.  After an absence of seventy years Judah returns to Jerusalem under Persian authority [Persian means “to divide” and it is the function of Spirit to always divide what is real from what is unreal.] to rebuild the city that Babylon [matter belief] had destroyed….all these happenings typify states and stages in our own spiritual life-journey.  [If Jerusalem (the Jews) had separated themselves from God by praying to gods many (many minds) then they can only rebuild their Temple, City, and surrounding Walls of spiritual protection, by joining themselves to the one God or divine Mind, the only Mind that is (where there is no material mind allowed).]
            Round about 580 b.c. Judah, in Babylon, combines the new JE document with D, thus making JED, or the threefold document.  [What is of importance is that the order is JE instead of EJ (because, as presented to us in today’s BIBLE, E comes before J).  I believe it is JE because the J Document was written before the E Document, just as man is created before woman in both creation accounts, for woman is the higher idea.  So the Christ story of creation, which was written first, even though it comes second in the BIBLE, is placed after the Word story of God’s true spiritual creation.  Adam, however is not a Christ manifestation of God, but the anti-Christ, for he is manufactured of muddied consciousness – that of mortal mind.  Adam never was a perfect man.]
            The principal figure of the exile is Ezekiel [who provides mankind with his metaphysical Wheel Matrix in order to nullify the science of astrology], and it is likely that under his leadership Judah’s priestly writers compile the last of the four religious documents, the Priestly document, or P.  At this time, the Medes and Persians are fast becoming the dominant power in the Middle East, and Judah’s captivity is soon to end.  It is believed that P is part of the book of the law which Ezra takes with him from Babylon to Jerusalem when he goes to encourage the work of rebuilding the city [and the wall].
            Order and structure, with precise attention to mathematical detail, are among P’s outstanding qualities.  This is evident from the statement of the seven days of creation on which the document is based, and on which, in consequence, the Bible as a whole is subsequently founded.  This quality in P suggests at once a relationship with the fourth side of the holy city, Science [the flying eagle].
            In 444 b.c. P is combined with JED, and the result is the final fourfold document of JEDP.  Afterwards, P becomes the ruling [capstone] authority in all matters of the written Word.  JEDP constitutes that major part of the Old Testament which is not written by individual authors such as prophets, chroniclers, and sages.
            The unification of the four documents appears first of all as the Hexateuch – that is, the first six books of the Old Testament that range from Genesis to Joshua.  But when it is realized that Joshua belongs to a different scriptural category, the Hexateuch is superseded by the Pentateuch – the range from Genesis to Deuteronomy, known as the five books of Moses.  In 499 b.c. the Pentateuch is canonized.  This means that no further editing and no further revising is deemed to be necessary, and thus the first edition of the Old Testament scriptures at last comes into being.
            Another 200 years pass before the histories (from Joshua to II Kings) are canonized.  Once this is done, they are added to the Pentateuch and given the name Former Prophets.
            With the exception of Daniel, the sixteen writing prophets from Isaiah to Malachi have, by 200 b.c. all recorded their messages, which are placed within the canon.  These individual prophetic writings, known as the Latter Prophets, are indispensable to the two foregoing classes of sacred Hebrew literature.
            Out of the total of 39 books which make up the Old Testament we have accounted for 27.  These form the two basic categories of the Law and the Prophets.  The remaining 12 fall within the third main category, the Writings.
            By 125 b.c. a scribe known as the Chronicler has compiled the books from I Chronicles to Nehemiah as one continuous story.  His purpose is first of all to trace the genealogy of David all the way back to Adam, then to retell the history from Samuel to the exile, and conclude with the return of Judah from Babylon.
            The five poetical works from Job to the Song of Solomon, known as the Wisdom literature, are finished by 100 b.c. by which time also the little book of Ruth has appeared.  With its story set in the time of the Judges, Ruth introduces a Gentile ancestress into the dynasty of David that is to culminate in the kingship of Jesus.  We shall realize when we take this book in context how essential it is for completing the teachings of Joshua and Judges.  Hence, in the canon, Ruth comes after Judges.
            The last piece of Old Testament literature ever to be written is Esther – also about 100 b.c.  Esther, we shall find, is as essential to Ezra and Nehemiah [the outer wall builder] as Ruth is to Joshua and Judges.  Recounting a story of the post-exile era, it follows Nehemiah is the final order.  Incidentally, Esther is the only book in the Bible which does not use the word “God.”  [Esther, meaning “Star,” presents the order of the seven synonymous terms for God in their Christianity ascending and descending order – this is what I call the Star of Esther.  Esther prefigures the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.]
            Our survey of the Old Testament would be incomplete if we did not refer to the books of the Apocrypha.  These are written between 300 and 100 b.c. for the purpose of continuing the history of Israel from the time of Esther onwards.  Otherwise, as far as the Old Testament is concerned, the story ends around 400 b.c.  Although some of these books are cited by Peter and Jude in the New Testament, the Apocrypha itself is never canonized, and therefore the interval of some 400 years between the two Testaments is left apparently unbridged.  Interpreted spiritually, however, there is no such vacuum, Malachi and Matthew are divinely and scientifically continuous.
            Not until a.d. 90, at the Jewish Council of Jamnia, are the writings accorded their place in the canon; by which time also most New Testament literature has been written.  And thus in the first century of the Christian era the Hebraic Old Testament reaches the form in which we have it today.  It has taken altogether more than 1000 years to produce.
            As early as 270 b.c. work began on a Greek translation of the Old Testament called the Septuagint.  But this is not completed until the beginning of the Christian era.  Legend has it that the task was started by a team of seventy scholars, hence the name Septuagint.  The purpose of this first translation of the Bible was to minister to those Jews scattered abroad in an essentially Greek world in the dispersion that began with the captivities.

            Here, then, in broad outline, is the way in which the Old Testament originates, develops, and takes form.  To recapitulate:  The first five books, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, form the Pentateuch, or the Law.  The Histories, from Joshua to II Kings (including Ruth) are the Former Prophets.  From I Chronicles to Nehemiah, the writer known as the Chronicler reviews the story from Adam to David and on to the return from Babylon.  Esther is added to this group of books.  Esther is followed by the five Poetical books.  The range from I Chronicles to the Song of Solomon forms the Writings.  Finally, the sixteen Latter Prophets bring the Old Testament to a close.  These four categories of Law, Former Prophets, Writings, Latter Prophets, are all embodied in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the psalms, to which Jesus refers in Luke 24:44.
            The purpose of these four classifications of sacred Hebrew Literature (suggesting once more the operation of the Word, Christ, Christianity, Science) is to prepare the way for Israel to accept a new covenant – to find her original unfallen unity with God as proclaimed in the New Testament.  [This new covenant is symbolized in Revelation 10 as the angel that descends from heaven with a little book open.  This book is SCIENCE AND HEALTH.]

            This ends (on page 14) Brown’s layout of the Old Testament.  So, from here, I feel comfortable enough in presenting to you, the:


            In speaking to Jehovah Witnesses about Genesis, and the two creation accounts, I feel that they do not believe me about the man and woman in Genesis 1 not being Adam and Eve.  After speaking to them I have to ask the following questions, as the book you they gave me says that Satan is the ruler of this world (I see it this way, that the red serpent/dragon is the ruler of the material world only).  This being so, then there is only one way that the world spoken of in the first chapter of Genesis is the material world.  The BIBLE says specifically that man has and woman has dominion over the world.  Does this mean that the man and woman have dominion over a material world and have dominion over the red serpent consciousness that seems to have power over this world?  Or does it simply mean that man and woman have dominion over the spiritual world?  Are there really two different types of universes – one totally and completely spiritual while the other is just matter (dust, nothingness)?  Or is one world real (Truth) while the other world is unreal (error)?
            The first creation account is Genesis 1-2:3; it is the Elohistic Document because it is about the God named Elohim (even though the BIBLE does not specifically say this).  Genesis 2:4-5 is a bridge between the two documents (two creation accounts).  The Elohim Document is about spiritual creation and the Seven Days help us to understand the Bible’s matrix system or portions of its layout.  These Seven Days present God to us as Mind (Day 1), Spirit (Day 2), Soul (Day 3), Principle (Day 4), Life (Day 5), Truth (Day 6), and Love (Day 7).  There is a reason why the book of Revelation has so many sevens in it – because of these seven synonymous terms for God.  Revelation is also made up of seven Visions.  The Seven Days speak of ideas, or God’s ideas.  They have nothing to do, really, with the making of a material earth structure.  Matter is just the shadow of Spirit.
            The second creation account is an allegory.  It presents a material creation in the Jehovistic Document.  What it presents is what appears to mortal minded personas as the explanation of how they came to be or how they exist.  But what the story presents is a flawed man, or a sinful man – one who has fallen.  Yet, how could Adam have fell from heaven (like Satan is said to have done) when he never began in heaven as Spirit?  Adam’s life began on earth (matter) as the shadow of spiritual perfection.  Adam is not the man spoken of in Genesis 1; he cannot be the same being at all.  Now, if you insist that Adam fell from heaven then he must be Satan (the serpent) and this is fine with me to think that Adam is one with the serpent – after all they both are basically given the same curse by Jehovah!  Jehovah is a flawed god because he is a tribal god; he uses flawed materials to create his world or universe.  The mist (mystification) that rises up before Adam is even formed from material elements.  In fact, this mist is part of Adam’s makeup.  Adam does not live in paradise, but in hell (matter), only he is oblivious to his hellish existence because he does not yet know about good and evil (physical science).  Adam (a-dam; an obstruction) is put to sleep (or rather he places himself in a deep sleep – a self-hypnotic trance) and he NEVER WAKES UP!  So now Adam not only is not made up of Spirit, he is handled by animal magnetism (the red serpent itself).
            Adam is introduced to electricity – surgery.  He dreams that he is separated from his better half (his womanhood).  This womanhood represents his higher nature – or his divine nature.  His helpmeet, as she is called, is never separated from him in reality, because it is all a dream that says a woman was created from his rib (a symbol of the ark covenant between God and man).  The woman is one with Adam.  Adam is with her when he (as the serpent) tempts the woman to eat the forbidden fruit.  By the way, Jehovah told Adam about the forbidden fruit and then Adam told the woman about the forbidden fruit.  Adam finds his subjective persona, and what he believes to be his wife (objective persona), naked after they partake of the forbidden fruit.  Being naked means simply that he now sees his mortal body as reality and that means that matter dies.  Adam blames Jehovah and his objectified wife for his sinful nature, when he should blame the serpent of animal magnetism like the woman does.
            Because the woman comprehends the Truth and blames the red serpent (which is a red dragon in Revelation) for tempting her to eat the false teachings of physical science, she is given a blessing (which only seems like a curse to those who do not understand what is really going on in the allegory).  The woman is given a spiritual mission to bring forth the spiritual ideal – the Christ man.  The woman, always the higher idea, will have spiritual seed which steps upon the head of error (matter) even though the serpent will bite at the heel of her seed, in other words, the serpent will try to impede man’s spiritual progress.  Her seed is the masculine and feminine representatives of Christ.
            I ask you this question – why would God create man and woman and then expect a flawed man and woman to be creators themselves via sexual (electrical) activity?  Why create (a Golem) from matter, then clone a woman, then expect sperm and egg (cell division) to create life?  How could a God expect perfection to ever come from imperfection?  Even the book the J. W.’s gave me to read says that Adam’s seed is dented (imperfect), if this is so then how could perfection ever come out of imperfection?  What is even the point of this type of creation?  Sounds to me like that kind of god is stupid!  So sex is part of the ongoing Adam dream of indentured servitude in matter belief (a dream).  (A joke – because the book I have tells me that Adam is like a loaf of bread that gets cooked in a dented pan, so he too is imperfect (dented), but this imperfection of matter belief is what makes man a prisoner to organic organized material (whether it be the physical body [Eden] or whether it be a material church).  No wonder Cain is a murderer.  But what Cain really represents is the First Degree of depravity that is found in the physical (which is unreality).  Abel represents the Second Degree when evil beliefs disappear via morality through transitional qualities.  And if the physical kills off his own morality then how can this type of man ever be one with God?  Seth represents the true spiritual seed – that the woman is charged with bringing forth – the Third Degree of Understanding the Spiritual (what is reality).  This Third Degree spiritual universe is what is created in the Elohistic Document!  These three-degree sons of Adam will be seen again as the three-degree sons of Noah’s triplets.  So Seth represents the lineage that Jesus is said to be of in Luke.  But in Luke (the tone of Christianity – face of a man) the words “the son of” are used over and over.  And it says Jesus is supposed to be the son of (no italics are used) Joseph.  This means that Jesus is not the son of Joseph, a corporeal man.  Jesus is the woman’s spiritual seed, the Christ or the manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error (matter belief).  The Virgin Mary’s conception of God and man were entirely spiritual and this is why she was able to have an immaculate conception of man.  If matter ever was reality then Jesus could have never healed anyone of sin, sickness, or disease.  If matter was reality Jesus could have never raised anyone from the dead.
            Whom did Cain and Seth marry?  Who were their wives, where did they come from?  Were they born of Adam and Eve?  The BIBLE does not say where their wives came from or how they were created.  It does not say that God created them either, so where did they come from?  Were they born of Adam and Eve, or were there other humans on earth outside the Garden of Eden?  Where did the women come from?  Maybe Adam dreamed them up?  If there were men and women living outside the Garden of Eden already, then was Adam and Eve a special type of race?  Were they the first Jews?  If you have no answers to these questions then can you really say (without doubt) that Adam and Eve are the man and woman spoken of in Genesis 1’s Sixth Day of Truth?
            Adam did not falsely identify (name) his womanhood until after she was given her God-crowned mission.  Adam (the red serpent) immediately impedes the woman’s spiritual progress by misidentifying her as a corporeal mother of sinful humans.  The man and woman of Genesis 1 has dominion over the earth (matter).  Adam has no dominion over Spirit at all because he is in a material dream world!
            Adam’s story is an allegory.  Allegory means:  “to speak figuratively;” it is “the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.”  An allegory is “a symbolic representation”.  So Adam and Eve are symbolic representations of a man and a woman but in reality they are not anyone real, they never existed.  And this is where I differ with the J. W.’s.  They believe the story about Adam to be real, that it actually is history and happened.  But believe me, it is an allegory.

            I would like to add on more from W. Gordon Brown’s book (pages 15-16).  Then I will add in two more topics that cover pages 17- 21.  {My interpolations will be in this type of bracket.}

New Testament

None of Jesus’ utterances are, it seems, committed to writing during his lifetime {mission on Earth} except those contained in the “Sayings of Jesus,” or “Logia of Matthew.”  Apart from this note-taking by Matthew the disciple, Jesus teachings are not directly recorded.  Jesus is said to have passed from mortal view around a.d. 30, but the first Gospel (that of Mark) is not written until some forty years later, in approximately a.d. 70.  Evidently this does not matter spiritually, for as Jesus himself says:  “Heaven and earth shall pass away:  but my words shall not pass away” (Luke 21:33).  Because they were God’s words and not man’s words, Jesus could safely leave them to the providence of God.
            Mark’s Gospel is not however the first piece of New Testament literature to be published.  In the early fifties Paul begins sending out his letters to the first Christian churches, and it is possible that even before this James writes his one and only epistle “to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.”  Paul’s first dispatch is I Thessalonians, in which the theme, naturally enough, is Jesus’ promised second coming {in Christian Science}, which the early Christians are so eagerly awaiting.  All twenty-one epistles – the fourteen attributed to Paul and the seven of James, Peter, John and Jude – are written, it seems, between a.d. 50 and 90.  {I found out on February 25, 2020, that in the United States of America a man began a communist (socialist) town which failed.  This man, Robert Owen, claimed to be the Second Coming of Christ.  He was not; he was the counterfeit of Christian Science’s Mary Baker Eddy.  He started up the communist town called New Harmony on April 21, 1825 in Indiana.  The town failed and his son, Robert Dale Owen, continued in the same line of thinking with some changes.  Robert was also into spiritualism.  The son influenced Fredrich Engels who knew Carl Marx.  I just find it very interesting that it was less than four years after the real Second Coming of Christ came to earth (on July 16, 1821) that the anti-Christ founded a town and the man claimed to be the Second Coming of Christ!  Owens claimed to have the science of truth, and gave the Declaration of Mental Independence – yet, it was Mary Baker Eddy who gave us the True Science known as God’s Science – Christian Science, and she is the one who really gave us Mental Independence with SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  So with this, it is quite easy to understand how socialism (communism) claims to be what Christian Science is, while all the time it is the opposite of Christian Science.}
            By a.d. 90, the three synoptic Gospels of Matthew {the Word}, Mark {the Christ}, and Luke {Christianity}, as well as the books of Acts and Revelation, have all been compiled.  Probably John’s Gospel {Science} does not appear until a.d. 100; and it is possible that the epistle known as II Peter is written by an unknown author as late as a.d. 150.  Almost certainly II Peter is the last piece of New Testament literature to be composed.
            On the subject of the Gospels, Mark, as we have said, is Jesus’ first biographer.  He writes his account of Jesus’ life for the contemporary Roman world.  Yet, in the final New Testament order, Matthew comes before Mark.  Mark had always worked in close association with Peter, whom Jesus identified with Christ, the Rock.  Spiritually understood, the order of the four Gospels is a further example of the way in which, under divine direction, human happenings pattern the operation of the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science.  Matthew writes predominantly from the standpoint of the Word, Mark from the standpoint of the Christ, Luke from the standpoint of Christianity, and John from the standpoint of Science.  All four views of Jesus’ lifework are essential for a whole presentation of the way in which the Christ-idea solves the problem of mortality by translating spiritually the corporeal sense of life.
            Matthew’s Gospel, published somewhere between a.d. 80 and 90, is based largely on Mark’s.  The work is attributed to Matthew the disciple because it incorporates so many of the Sayings of Jesus which this disciple is said to have noted down.  It is believed, however, that a different Matthew altogether is the author.  Matthew writes primarily for the Jews.  His purpose is to convince the Jewish people that Jesus Christ is the very Messiah whose coming was foretold by their own prophets.  This is why Matthew records so many of Jesus’ references to Old Testament prophecies.
            By a.d. 90, Luke has finished his Gospel.  This, too, is based largely on Mark’s.  While Matthew links contemporary thought back to the Jewish past, and Mark writes for the Roman present, in the forefront of Luke’s thought is nothing less than the future Christianization of mankind.  Luke is a physician, and he not only writes a gospel, but is the author also of the Acts of the Apostles – a work which he completes as early as a.d. 65.
            a.d. 90, so scholars conclude, is also the date of Revelation.  Whether or not the Apostle John actually writes this far-seeing vision of the future is less important than the fact that, spiritually, John foreshadows the discovering and founding of Christian Science, which is primarily what Revelation is about.  “If I will that he tarry till I come [that John prepares the world for the second Messianic advent], what is that to thee,” is one of Jesus’ last remarks to Peter.
            For the same reason it is necessary to attribute the authorship of the fourth Gospel, published about the year 100, also to John.  This Gospel is the consummate metaphysical interpretation of Jesus’ lifework, and is self-evidently different in character from the other three.  (One is reminded of the way in which the Priestly Document of the Old Testament differs from the other three documents.)  Whereas Matthew, Mark, and Luke are known as the synoptic gospels because they have so much material in common, John is unique.  John’s Gospel includes a great many sayings and events not otherwise recorded, and is more spiritually and scientifically profound than the others.  Clearly, John corresponds to the fourth side of the holy city, Science itself.
            By a.d. 110, the four Gospels have been assembled and arranged in their final spiritual order.  Those inspired Christians, the early Church Fathers, the successors to the Apostles, are responsible for having preserved as authentic gospel literature none but these four books.  As the apocryphal New Testament shows, many other accounts of Jesus’ ministry are offered for acceptance, but these four alone are deemed to be divinely authorized, and therefore worthy of inclusion in the canon.
            The purpose of II Peter (the last piece of New Testament literature to be written) is, like that of Jude, to denounce the activities of a group of heretics.  This sect preaches that because the material world is separate from the world of Spirit, Christians may indulge the flesh without scruple and still lay claim to spirituality.  Once this particular form of dualistic thinking is exposed and denounced, the sacred literature basically needed for the world-wide dissemination of Jesus’ teachings is complete.  The New Testament, too, has now come into being.
            Yet not for another 200 years or more, in the fourth century, after the emperor Constantine has proclaimed Christianity the only legal religion throughout the Roman world, is the New Testament canonized.  This takes place under the auspices of Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, and it is he who accords the books their final order.
            Also at this time the Church weds the Old and New Testaments together as one coherent literature.  And this, apart from the many editions, versions, and translations that are made during the ensuing centuries, the Bible, as we know it today, has at last come to birth.  The task has taken altogether over thirteen centuries {1,300 years}.

The English Bible

The first translation of importance to follow the all-Greek Septuagint is the translation into Latin by Jerome, known as the Vulgate, Jerome begins his work around a.d. 375, and when he has finished it, the Vulgate is made the Bible of Western Christendom for the next thousand years.  The Septuagint, which Jerome uses for his purpose is, and continues to be, the Bible of Eastern Christendom.  The Septuagint includes the Old Testament Apocrypha.
            In a.d. 597, the Vulgate, in the hands of Augustine, reaches the shores of the British Isle {the ten lost tribes of Israel}, where it sends down its deepest roots.  For the purpose of our present brief survey of the way the Bible came into being we will concern ourselves, from this point onwards, only with the English Bible…
            In 1620, Puritan Separatists (Calvinists[6] who have fled from England to Holland to escape the religious repressions of {King} James I) sail in the Mayflower for the eastern shores of North America in search of political and religious freedom.  These Puritans are part of the band of immigrants known as the Pilgrim Fathers, and they take with them, as their most treasured possession, the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible.  The party lands in Plymouth Bay and founds the Colony of Plymouth.  Other English Colonies follow in quick succession.  In 1691 Plymouth is merged into the Massachusetts Bay Colony, with Boston as its hub.  This part of New England territory is given the name of Bible Commonwealth.  In due course the Puritan Church is renamed Congregational Church, because its democratic form of government is administered by the congregation.
            {The book of Revelation is prophecy of Christian Science.  It is in the United States of America that Revelation is fulfilled, where the Second Coming of Christ takes place as the feminine representative of Christ – the woman God-crowned.  Jesus promises us the morning star.  “But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.  But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.  And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:  And he shall rule them with a rod of iron {divine Science}; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:  even as I received of my Father.  And I will give him the morning star.” (Rev 2:24-28)  “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.  I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” (Rev. 22:16).  The planet Venus symbolizes the morning star, symbolic of the woman God-crowned.  This is because Venus transits the sun (is clothed with the sun) twice in very important times of America’s history.  Venus transited the sun on June 5, 1761 and June 4, 1769 (both are Fridays).  These two transits take place before the War of Independence takes place.}
            In the War of Independence, from 1775 to 1783, England’s American Colonies throw off their subservience to the mother country, and the nation known as The United States of America is brought into being.
            In 1821, in the New England State of New Hampshire, of America’s original Puritan stock, is born Mary Baker (later Mary Baker Eddy), who is to become the {D}iscoverer and {F}ounder {and Leader} of Christian Science, the universal Science of Jesus’ teaching, and the scientific meaning of the Old and New Testaments.  She is destined to be the author of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and leader of the world-wide Church of Christ, Scientist.  Before she founds a church of her own, Mary Baker belongs to the democratically-run Congregational Church.  Later she writes in Science and Health, under the heading “Proper self-government”:  “Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence.  God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience” (S&H 106:6).
            {During Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission as the Second Coming of Christ, Venus transits the sun twice (always eight years apart – the same amount of time that it takes Venus to travel a path forming a pentacle star.  These two transits took place on December 9, 1874 – some forty weeks (the same amount of time that a woman carries a child in her womb) before the Christian Science Textbook, then called only SCIENCE AND HEALTH, is first published and released in October 1875.  The second transit took place on December 6, 1882 some six months after Mr. Eddy had passed away and Mary Baker Eddy completely understood her place in Bible prophecy as the woman God-crowned.  Both transits took place on Wednesdays.  It is in the United States of America where the Lost Israel will be restored.
            One day when the J. W.’s were visiting me they were talking about how one-day Revelation’s prophecy will be fulfilled – ignorant of the fact that prophecy has already been fulfilled via Christian Science!  Mary Baker Eddy cast out sin, she healed sickness and disease and she raised the dead, just like Jesus did.  She taught others how to heal as Jesus did.  Anyone can learn how to heal as Jesus did by reading SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, the book that descended from heaven in the hands of the angel clothed in a cloud!  Venus is also clothed in a cloud – a cloud of volcanic dust and ash.}

First Edition

“Science and Health”

Mrs. Eddy’s founding mission, from 1866 to 1910 {remember the two transits are in 1974 and 1982}, begins to fulfill Israel’s original purpose in the Old Testament to permeate humanity with the revelation of Truth, and thus effect the translation of the race from polytheism to monotheism, from mortality to immortality.  Like Israel before her, Mrs. Eddy represents the woman in Jesus’ parable who hides her leaven in three measures of meal until the whole lump is leavened.
            Israel’s purpose can be achieved only through universal demonstration of the Science of Life practised individually by Jesus.  To this end, Mrs. Eddy launches a world-wide movement of spiritual education.  She has always been a student of the Bible, and her discovery of the Science of original Christianity is confirmed by the ideas which the Bible brings to light when its teachings are spiritually understood.  The Bible, she says, is her only authority, she has “no other guide in ‘the straight and narrow way’ of Truth” (S&H 126:29).  This universal Science, which she reveals as the Bible’s underlying meaning, becomes the basis and substance of the textbook Science and Health.  And thus, in turn, Science and Health becomes the Key to the Science of the Bible.  Hence the book’s full title:  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  {At one point Mary Baker Eddy wanted to rename her book SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES but was unable to do so because of copyright issues.  So she did the next best thing, gave us her title in Illustration VII (SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME) of Christ and Christmas.}

First Edition

            Whereas the Bible stresses the idea of the manhood of God (because it is focused in the individuality of Jesus), Science and Health lays emphasis on the womanhood of God (the spiritual reality of mankind).  The two books, therefore, are complementary.  In their divinely scientific wedlock, Mrs. Eddy ordains them the single impersonal Pastor of the Church of Christ, Scientist (Mis 322:10).

            The book is forty years {from 1875 to 1910 is closer to 45 years} in the making.  The first edition comes out in 1875 {October}.  Mrs. Eddy’s final edition is published in 1910, the year of her passing. {When her God-crowned mission came to an end on Earth.  Mary Baker Eddy never really died, for she tells us “Death is an illusion.”  There were newspaper reports about the day that the coffin, with her corporeal body, was put in its tomb at the cemetery.  It was a bitter cold day and no women were allowed at the cemetery.  The main gate was locked; yet, there appeared a woman dressed in black, with a veil covering her face.  Nobody knew who this woman was, nor did they know how she even got into the cemetery.  I know that the woman was Mary Baker Eddy.}  The last textual change is made in 1909.  In 1910 two chapter titles only undergo alteration.  Then the book is finished.
            Tracing its history, and examining the changes in its textual development from the first to the final rendering, we find that it evolves through seven main spiritual phases.  And once the characteristics of these are understood, their relationship with the order and meaning of the seven days of creation becomes evident.  In view of the fact that the book’s purpose is to bring to light, understandably and demonstrably, man in God’s image, as depicted in the sixth day of creation, this correlation with the unfoldment of the seven days is inevitable.  Writing of the days of creation, the author asks:  “Was not this a revelation instead of a creation?” (S&H 504:14).  All divine revelation, from its initial appearing to its fulfilment, follows this pattern of the “seven days.”  At the point of the book’s seventh and final evolution, and in the spirit of the seventh day, it can be said of Christian Science (as far as its textbook statement is concerned):  ‘Thus the revelation is finished.’
            {And it is in the Seventh Day of Love, which began on June 6, 1996, that Venus would traverse the sun two more times.  These two dates are June 8, 2004 and June 5, 2012.  This is the time of the Third Coming of Christ that Mary Baker Eddy spoke about.  She gave three names to these three Advents – Jesus, Mary, and Martha.  Thus, the Third Coming of Christ, as generic man, would be a form of womanhood – or Mother Hood, where divine Mind is divine Love.  Right before June 8, 2004 a book was published and after the transit a movie was produced with the same title as the book.  This story was fiction; however, it was symbolically about the lineage of Christ in its feminine manifestation.  The title is The Da Vinci Code.  And then, on the exact day (which was not planned) of the second transit of Venus, a new website was put onto the Internet called Ark of Truth – Mother’s Hood.}
            Like the light of the first day of {Mind’s} creation, the first edition of 1875 is the outpouring inspiration of initial revelation.  This is the first step in the textbook’s evolution, and it lasts until 1878.  The second edition which then appears is a revision of the original text.  This is called the Noah’s Ark edition.  It corresponds with the second day of {Spirit} creation, the day of the firmament, and marks the textbook’s second evolutionary phase.  At this point a church organization is instituted, as protection against a flood of opposition.
            {It is at the end of this Second Day period for the Textbook that the second Venus transit takes place.}  A further revision comes with the sixth edition of 1883.  This marks the textbook’s third evolution.  This sixth edition contains, for the first time, a Glossary of Bible names and terms called “Key to the Scriptures.”  {With the year of 1883 comes the third evolution of SCIENCE AND HEALTH in the tone of Soul as Mind.  The chapter “Demonology” is reduced in size and the KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES is added, consisting only of “Glossary” with its definitions of Bible terms and names.  In the second and third evolution periods God as Mother is emphasized.  And The Journal, the monthly periodical, is published.  It is a symbol of the crown belonging to the woman of the Apocalypse.  So with the first transit of Venus SCIENCE AND HEALTH is born to the woman, then after the second transit the KEY (in part, it is not yet complete) is provided to the world.  What is also of importance is that once more, under the tone of Soul as Spirit and it being ten months after the transit takes place, there is an article in The Journal called “The New Birth” (Mis 1:5).  Miscellaneous Writings is born, today it consists of thirteen books and is in Prose Works.  This all takes place under the tone of Soul as Spirit.}  It corresponds to the third day of {Soul} creation, the day of the dry land, the day when the earth brings forth from within itself.  This is the period when Christian Science begins to be propagated far and wide.
            With the sixteenth edition of 1886 {in the tone of Principle as Mind} comes another major textual overhaul {SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, once more (not since 1875) is one volume instead of two (The second evolution period of Spirit brought forth the Noah’s Ark edition.  It was meant to be two editions but only one book could come forth.)}.  This introduces the book’s fourth evolution.  The chapters “Genesis” and “The Apocalypse” are included for the first time.  {Both of these chapters is added to the KEY, with a chapter in between them called “Prayer and Atonement”.  This seems to take on a symbolic meaning  – “prayer for the at-one-ment of all that ‘Geneisi’ and ‘The Apocalypse’ stood for – a unity which would be realized when thought reached the fifth period” (Civilization Lieth Foursquare, by W. Gordon Brown, p. 110).  Brown tells us that “The Apocalypse” consisted of Revelation 12 at this time.  I have a feeling that it probably also included Revelation 10 as well, but he did not say.  He does tell us that “Genesis” consists of the seven days of creation (Genesis 1-2:3) and the Adam creation allegory.  Also in this new edition is a capter called “Wayside Hints”, it was a supplementary chapter – as something was wanted – a need for the City Foursquare and the City of our God or the Holy City itself.  It is an actual supplement to the sixth chapter on demonology now called “Animal Magnetism”.  It is not yet “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”.}  “The Apocalypse” is a treatise of Revelation 12 – the spiritual interpretation of the woman clothed with the sun {Venus, or the morning star}, who has the moon under her feet {she has dominion over the moon}, who is crowned with twelve stars {of Israel’s twelve sons}, and who brings forth a man child.  This evolutionary stage corresponds with the fourth day of {Principle} creation, the day of the stellar universe.  {Remember it is in the Fourth Day of Principle, with the Old Testament, that we have the book of Esther (the Star).  It is in the Twenty-First edition, revised in 1886, that Mary Baker Eddy removes the Raising of Jairus’ Daughter ink print from the frontispiece of SCIENCE AND HEALTH and places her own picture.  Doris Grekel explains why she did this in her book THE DISCOVERY, on page 333:  “The personal handling of animal magnetism had been deleted from that chapter [on demonology] and ten pages devoted to a new topic under the title ‘Wayside Hints.’  The first hint was from Jeremiah:  ‘They shall ask the way to Zion, with their faces thitherward.’  Mrs. Eddy had found one student [Ira Knapp] who had turned his face toward Zion [recognized Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy], so now she could lead toward the Holy City which lieth foursquare.  ‘New Jerusalem’ had always been in the Glossary, but after the inclusion of Wayside Hints to the Holy City, another change was made in subsequent editions.  The frontispiece, a picture of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter, was changed to a portrait of Mary Baker Eddy.”
            {In the tone of Life as Mind (1889-1892) there is no central organization of church, only the branch churches exist.}  The most famous revision of all is the fiftieth edition, published in 1891 {during the fifth evolution }.  By 1889 Mrs. Eddy had dissolved her first church organization {“To organize a church designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing” (Church Manual 17:10)}, and the edition of 1891 is the revision that launches her second organization of 1893, called The Mother Church {more correctly known as The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts}.  It corresponds to the fifth day of {Life} creation, the day of the open firmament, the day of abundant life, and is the textbook’s fifth evolutionary step.  One of its outstanding features is a treatise on the city foursquare which is included in the chapter “The Apocalypse.”  This mother city (called by Paul the “mother of us all” – Gal 4:26) teaches the divine reality that lies behind the symbol of the new Mother Church.  {“Wayside Hints” is dispensed with and “Prayer and Atonement” become two separate chapters.  They are returned to the main body of the book (no longer part of the KEY) and “Genesis” and “The Apocalypse” are now spiritually united, or married.  The Lamb’s (bride) wife descends from heaven.  She is Love and love – God and man “Love wedded to its own spiritual idea”.  “The Lamb enters this state of wedlock only when creativity of Adam and Eve has been sacrificed for the Science of the seven days of creation.  The Lamb therefore corresponds to ‘Genesis’ while the bride corresponds to ‘The Apocalypse’ (Civilization Lieth Foursquare, p. 118).”
            In the tone of Life as Soul, Mary Baker Eddy finally visits The Mother Church (or Mother’s Church) after its completion in December of 1894.  Her visit took place on April 1, 1895.  She spends the night in Mother’s Room.  It is in May edition that The Journal tells about her visit.  It is as if she waited to visit on purpose for symbolic reasons, because the twelfth volume of The Journal is now complete – 12 months x 12 years = 144 months have taken place.}
            In the two hundred and twenty-sixth edition of 1902, which marks the textbook’s sixth evolution, and corresponds to the sixth day of {Truth} creation (the day of man in his health and wholeness), the different chapters from “Prayer” to “The Apocalypse” are arranged for the first time in the order in which we have them today.  In the days of creation, this is when God sees everything that He has made, and behold it is very good.
            {In August 1906, Mary Baker Eddy places two women on the cover of her periodical known as The Sentinel.  I believe that these two Sentinel women represent Mary and Martha – also in the Woman’s Court of the Jerusalem Temple there were two big candlesticks.  I feel that these two candlesticks represented these two women or two Sentinels.  Martha would be born at the tail end of the Sixth Day of Truth (in the 1950s), in the tone of Truth as Love.}

            The years from 1907 to 1910 mark the textbook’s seventh and final evolutionary stage.  Here the correspondence is with the seventh day of {Love} creation, when the heavens and earth are finished.  Editions are no longer numbered, neither is the book copyrighted any more despite the fact that the author continues to make changes and additions over the next three years.
            The feature that signifies fulfilment of the revelatory purpose is that, in 1907, the answer to the question “What is God?” in the chapter “Recapitulation,” is given its final rendering.  This answer:  “God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love,” becomes not only the key to the scientific understanding of Science and Health, but also the key to the Science of the Bible.  God revealed Himself to Moses as I AM THAT I AM.  This same I AM in Science is MIND, SPIRIT, SOUL, PRINCIPLE, LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE.  Ideally, from this point onwards, the book is the property of mankind; its universal Science can be intelligently studied and understood; it belongs in what is called the public domain, and protection by copyright is no longer necessary.
            As far back as 1901 Mary Baker Eddy had informed the public through its Press that when she was no longer present to administer the affairs of the Christian Science Church, generic man – “man the generic term for mankind” – would {reveal} her successor in leadership (My 347:5).  In 1907, when the answer to the question, What is God? is finalized, she declares in the textbook for the first time that the birth-giving mother in Revelation 12 {the woman God-crowned} “symbolizes generic man” (S&H 561:22).  Ideally, mankind is not only its own “leader” but its own “mother” as well.  In 1908, in consequence, the hitherto imperial crown in the Christian Science emblem of the Cross and Crown is changed to the crown of twelve stars which is on the head of the woman (generic man).  Truly, her successor has been crowned.  {When Apollo 11 (the first rocket) launched on July 16 (Mary Baker Eddy’s birth date) of 1969 {69 symbolic of the Cancer zodiac} and two men walked upon the moon (had dominion over the moon) it was most symbolic of the twelve stars on the woman’s head – because a total of twelve astronauts walked upon the moon during the Apollo moon missions.  It was the “flying Eagle” (the fourth living creature of Science) that landed in the Sea of Tranquility (“the peaceful sea of harmony”).}
            The last textual change comes in 1909.  This is in the chapter “Creation.”  It had been stated up to this time that the error of mortal birth and death is “seen only when we look from wrong points of observation.”  In 1909, because of all that has taken place since 1907, this “error” is declared to be “unreal and obsolete” (S&H 265:18).  The answer to the question, What is God? has made it scientifically possible to look out upon the universe, as Jesus did {like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did in 1969}, from the standpoint of God, rather than look up to God, which is a wrong point of observation.
            As author of Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy fulfils her mission as discoverer and revelator; as planner of a world-wide church organization she fulfils it as founder and demonstrator.  The footsteps of the latter are consistently based upon, and determined by, the footsteps of the former.
            Through her provisions in the Church Manual, Mrs. Eddy, by the time her mission ends, has made it impossible for the Mother Church organization to continue to function legitimately without her personal presence.  Thirty-nine clauses in this book of rules and by-laws, which she resolutely declines to alter, forbid the election of vital church officers without her personal approval or written consent.  On the other hand, individual, self-governing branch churches (typical of the self-government and self-leadership of generic man) are free to continue to serve humanity as the visible Christian Science Church.  {But the men in charge of The First Church (in Boston) disobey God’s By-Laws and throw the Church Manual to the ground of corporeal law, thus, the Church organization turns into a serpent!  The First Church was not to be a Smother Church, it was to become The Branch.  So the Christian Science Cause is not fulfilled by the Church in Boston, but by generic man as the Individual Branch of Christ Scientist.}
            Through her founding mission, Mary Baker Eddy presents the world with a working model of how the understanding of God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, elucidated in the Christian Science textbook, progressively solves the problem of being by progressively dissolving the organic sense of life {organic church too}.  Church is the symbol of body.  Jesus performs this dissolution with regard to individual mortal body, Christian Science continues the same redemptive, healing work in relation to the body of mankind.

            And now I would like to continue with the rest of Brown’s chapter beginning on page 21to 26.

Pure Science and System

The order whereby the idea of God (the spiritual reality of mankind) reveals itself to human consciousness cannot be thwarted, and the dangerous tendency towards ecclesiastical control that creeps into the Christian Science movement in the years following Mrs. Eddy’s passing, gradually becomes apparent to many devout Christian Scientists.  Suffice it, for the purpose of this survey, to name but two.  {The first disobedience, coming from the board of directors, was the fact that they printed up the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual and deleted Mary Baker Eddy’s name and position as Pastor Emeritus!}
            By 1924, following the famous Christian Science Litigation in Boston, when the Supreme Court of Massachusetts makes it possible for the Christian Science Board of Directors to assume absolute control of the Christian Science organization.  Alice L. Orgain of New York {C}ity has begun to publish her meticulous researches into the spiritual significance of Mrs. Eddy’s founding mission.  Alice Orgain’s inspired investigations range from 1866, the time of the initial discovery {when Mary Baker Glover Patterson rose from the death bed and was healed through prayer and spiritual understanding}, to 1910, the time of Mrs. Eddy’s decease {sorry, she did not die, she only appeared (as illusion) to die}.  It can be said that her researches take us as far as the final edition of Science and Health, but not into this edition.  Her tireless “note-taking,” as she calls her work, charts the journey to the goal, but not the goal itself.  She shows, as it were, the essential footsteps to the promised land, but not the reality of the land itself.
            Investigation of the textbook’s final statement begins to be carried out, spiritually and scientifically, by the English practitioner and teacher, John W. Doorly.  Assisted by a group of students, John Doorly, in the early 1940s, crystallizes his penetrations into the textbook, and reveals beyond doubt that Christian Science, far from being another circumscribed religious organization, is indeed the nonsectarian Science of man even as its discoverer claimed.  As such, it can no more be controlled by a human hierarchy than can the natural sciences or the arts.
            John Doorly turns the thoughts of his students more and more to the absolute divine Principle underlying the two textbooks, the Bible and Science and Health, and less and less to himself, or to anyone else, personally.  On charges of disloyalty to The Mother Church, and of incorrect teaching of Christian Science, he is excommunicated from the Boston church in 1946.  {The biggest mistake Doorly and his students make is the fact that they deny Mary Baker Eddy’s place as the woman God-crowned, as the Second Coming of Christ.  This recognition does not mean that we idolize Mary Baker Eddy, for Christian Scientists do not even idolize Jesus Christ, but that we recognize her as God’s feminine representative of the Christ-Truth, just as we recognize Jesus as God’s masculine representative of the Christ-Truth.}
            Based upon the definition of God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, the essence of John Doorly’s work lies in his elucidation of three divinely scientific concepts referred to on pages 520 and 250 of the textbook.  These are numerals of infinity, divine infinite calculus, and matrix of immortality.  {This is what Martha has come to recognize, or call, the United Paramount Network with the united circle, the pyramid (with the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle), and the square or rectangle with its network of sixteen boxes.}  These three factors constitute the threefold essential nature of the healing system of Christian Science in the same way that Life, Truth, and Love constitute the threefold essential nature of Principle, the Word, Christ, and Christianity the threefold essential nature of Science.  As may be seen from the context in which these terms appear all three are associated with the surrender of mortal egotism, or the Christly dissolution of the dream of organic life.
            Thus we read:  “Let us accept Science…Organization and time have nothing to do with Life…Mortals are the Adam dreamers…there is but one Ego.  We run into error when we…suppose…mortality to be the matrix of immortality” (S&H 249:1-250:5).  Only like produces like.  Not mortality, not organization and time, but immortality alone is the matrix of immortality.  Correspondingly, we learn how the “numerals of infinity called seven days,” which “can never be reckoned according to the calendar of time,” appear to human consciousness as mortality disappears.  In the “newness of Life” thus revealed, “all sense of error forever disappears and thought accepts the divine infinite calculus” (S&H 520:10) – the scientific reality of man.
            The system of the numerals, calculus, and matrix of infinity is the key to the universal Science of being which John Doorly finds hidden within the textbook’s pages.  Upon his release from religious organization he uses this key to unlock the Science of the Bible.  His own understanding, as well as that of his students, is opened, and they begin to understand the Science of the Scriptures.


            A numeral is a symbol of number, and the symbol of infinity is a circle, or sphere.  Pondering the nature of the universe, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, in the fourth thousand-year period {of Principle} of our story, spoke of heaven as the harmony of number, and of creation as the music of the spheres.  In divine metaphysics, there is only one real number, namely, the infinite One.  The One is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.  The numerals of infinity, found in the fundamental order of the days of creation, are the pure generative “tones,” the rounded understanding, of the one absolute God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.  These are the elements of infinite Principle, and the primal constituents of the universe.  For convenience, students refer to the fundamental range of synonymous terms for God as the seven.  {Its perfect symbol is the pyramid matrixes.  Directly below is the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle and it is modeled after the Golden Candlestick Matrix that Doorly gave to us (as seen below the Minor Pyramid, and directly below that is the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.}


            There is a second symbol, equally essential, which teaches how Principle operates in practice.  This is the symbol of infinite calculus.  It refers to the universe’s rhythmic structure, its cyclic movements, its infinitely harmonious interrelatedness and flow.  As the complement of the seven days of creation which open the Bible, this second symbol is the heavenly metropolis, the city foursquare {an X}, with which the Bible closes.  Science and Health defines this universal “city” through a second set of capitalized terms:  Word, Christ, Christianity, divine Science (S&H 575:18).  As diversification leads to integration, and analysis to synthesis, so, logically, an understanding of the numerals of infinity leads to an understanding of the calculus of infinity.  This second range of terms is referred to for convenience as the four.  {What Mr. Brown does not tell his readers is that the city of our God is symbolized by the plus sign, and this city stands for the four cardinal points of north (the Word), east (the Christ), south (Christianity), and west (Christian Science).  This city is spoken of on page 577 of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  Together, the X cross and + cross are the union of the city foursquare and the city of our God – and Martha calls this union the Holy City.  It is a perfect symbol of the circle or Unity Matrix seen below (given to us by Mary Baker Eddy).}


            But what Being is constitutionally and the way Being operates integrally are one and indivisible.  God is all-inclusive, all-embodying.  To teach this idea of infinite self-containment a third symbol {a Network} is required – matrix of immortality.  As developed and presented by John W. Doorly, the Christian Science “matrix” is a graphic representation, a spiritually mathematical model, of the city, or society, of generic man.  Each of the city’s four equal sides reflects in itself the elements and functions of every other side.  Metaphysically as well as mathematically, this constitutes it {as} a square matrix, furnishing simultaneously every possible multiple (or reflection) of the four basic elements.  (In mathematics today, matrices are an essential part of circuit or network theory.)

            {Yet, once the three of the Pyramid, Unity, and Network Matrixes are understood they can be united as one in the Stargate Matrix, which Martha has done.  She based her work on one of Doorly’s students – W. Gordon Brown; his work found at the end of FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION.  She also bases her Stargate Matrix on Mary Baker Eddy’s Director’s Window, known as WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, found on the south wall of the little Boston edifice.  It seems only natural that Martha’s work was to explain this matrix structure since the BIBLE ends with the Holy City itself.}

            A symbol has appeared of the infinite diversity of identity in unity that is the living universe.   In the measure that we make this idea our own, our collective and universal harmony as man is assured.  “The land lies before you; go in and accept the land which the Lord your God gives you,” is Moses plea to the children of Israel.  Accept the matrix calculus of your own everlasting identity, is Science’s plea to mankind today.
            As reproduced on p. 382 of the Appendix, this sixteenfold symbol comprises the Word in its four aspects, the Christ in its four aspects, Christianity in its four aspects, and Science in its four aspects, all expressed through absolute values of the synonymous terms for God – all gathered into an immaculate conception of the oneness and wholeness of Being.  {As seen above.}

            The foundation on which this symbol is built are the different orders in which the synonymous terms for God occur in Science and Health.  There are three of these orders.  There is the order on page 465, the one on page 115, and the one on page 587.  The order on page 465, which tells us what God, divine Principle, is, is the primal order of the revelatory Word.  On page 115, the order of communion between God and men is the order of the translating, mediatorial Christ.  The order on page 587 is the one found in the “Glossary.”  The “Glossary” gives the spiritual and scientific meaning of Bible words and terms.  This is the Christianity order.  {This order is given to us as part of the definition of God.}  Christianity restores human concepts to their original spiritual meaning, even as the “Glossary” does in the case of Scriptural terms.  The Christianity order translates the material sense of life back into the language of Spirit.
            But is there not a fourth order that corresponds to Science?  Indeed there is.  The last is first and the first last.  When the first order (the Word order) is conceived of as starting from Principle in the middle, and extending through Soul and Life, Spirit and Truth, to the furthermost reaches of Mind and Love {Mother Hood}, a last order is presented which is the Science order.  This is the order of structure and integration which embodies the workings of the other three orders.  {Directly below is another form of a Golden Candlestick Matrix that presents the Tree of Life (spiritual creation found in Genesis 1-2:3) and the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil (creation story of Adam man).  Below that is my New Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix that goes with “Recapitulation”.}


            Our thought is revolving in the orbits of Science, the Science of our own true being.  To teach this fact, the textbook (as John Doorly showed) presents us with four outstanding uses of the term “Science.”  There is Science itself, its use as divine Science, as absolute Christian Science, and as Christian Science.  {Going back to the Stargate Matrix we have these four Sciences presented to us as the twelve Stars and the twelve Keystones (divine Science), the New Jerusalem artichoke matrix (alternation between Christian Science and absolute Christian Science[7]), and the hub of Science itself with the “little book open” capstone.}  These are synonymous terms…for everything relating to God, the infinite, supreme, eternal Mind.”  The term “Christian Science,” we are told, “relates especially to Science as applied to humanity” (S&H 127:12).
            Science is Truth, and Truth is the self-knowledge of God – it is what the infinite as Mind knows itself to be.  Divine Science is Science in its oneness and wholeness, where God {Star} and man {Keystone} are one.  Christian Science is the reduction of this oneness to order and system.  This is for the purpose of human understanding, and the healing and saving of the human race.  Christian Science therefore signifies that which is both absolute and applied.  Accordingly, the textbook uses the term “absolute Christian Science.”  When this absoluteness absolves us humanly from sin, disease and death the appropriate term is “Christian Science.”  In Christian Science, the unconditional, all-inclusive absolute proves that there is nothing outside of itself.
            In relation to the four sides of the holy city, Science pertains to the Subject itself – to God, the Principle, the eternal I AM, and therefore to the WordDivine Science relates to Christ, the complete manifestation of God, the oneness of the divine self-knowledge.  Because absolute Christian Science pertains to the diversity of identity which Christ embodies, it accents the relationships of pure Christianity.  But it is in Christian Science that we arrive at proof, and proof is the essence of Science.  Principle proves its Science to be absolute and divine by demonstrating the nothingness of duality.  {This paragraph corresponds with the four squares of the Stargate Matrix.  The squared-cycle for the WORD (with its four Major Stars) is the foundation for the squared-cycle of SCIENCE (the capstone where the “little book open” of SCIENCE AND HEALTH is located).  The squared-cycle for the CHRIST has the first four Minor Stars and the squared-cycle for CHRISTIANITY has the second four Minor Stars.}

Key to the Scriptures

Mary Baker Eddy says of the Scriptures in their Science that they reveal “the spiritual origin of man” (S&H 534:7).  As touched on in the Introduction, Jesus could open the Scriptures for the disciples – the Lamb could unloose the seven-sealed book of life – because, at the resurrection, he had demonstrated incontrovertibly the spiritual origin of man.  {By the way, the word “Genesis” means “Origin”.  So the first creation story presents to mankind the spiritual origin of man.}
            ‘I came forth from God, I go back to God, I remain forever the image, the likeness, the reflection, of God,’ says the infinite Christ-idea.  Not only is the matrix the symbol of man’s spiritual origin, it is necessarily the symbol of his ultimate as well.  In our journey from Genesis (origin) to Revelation (ultimate), this symbol of the womb of the Father-Mother God, this idea of the spiritual origin of man, this divine opposite of the teachings of the serpent in the fable of Adam and Eve, will be our guiding star.
            The Bible, spiritually understood, is the story of the human race solving, by means of a divinely revealed system of ideas, the problem of being in the way that Jesus solved it.  Step by step, the matrix of immortality, the “universal solvent of Love” (S&H 242:17), dissolves the adamant {Adam-ant} error of ego-centric self-love, and the result is the solving of the life-problem.
            John Doorly has rendered students the inestimable service of showing them how, spiritually and scientifically, to be faithful and true to Mary Baker Eddy’s revelation of Christian Science at the point at which she completed the textbook and fulfilled her {God-crowned} mission in 1910.  He has made it possible for them to understand the meaning behind her words that “man the generic term for mankind” is her successor in leadership.  Man is self-governed and self-led when he is governed and led by the Word of God, and so gives birth from within himself to the Science of his own true being.

            This ends the first chapter of Brown’s book.  He says in this last paragraph “‘man the generic term for mankind’ is her successor in leadership.”  But Mary Baker Eddy never said this.  She said that generic man “reveals her successor”.  Reveal means to uncover, to un-veil what is hidden.  Generic man is to uncover the reality of her successor as being the Christ Scientist that is able to demonstrate Christian Science, or is successful in demonstrating Christian Science healing.  Generic man is no longer hidden from sight.
            When the successor is uncovered, man no longer needs material insurance coverage.  This will solve the need for the socialist’s call of Medicare for All – as it will be seen that All is God and all is already under the care of the All true Medicine, God’s Medicine.  Medicine is the third measure of leavened meal.  The first measure is Science, while the second measure is Theology.  So, the three measures with the woman’s leaven “Science, Theology, Medicine” (S & H’s Sixth Chapter, in the tone of the Christ as the Christ) must rise to what God is as Science (the tree of life), Theology (what God knows about Him-Herself, man, and the universe), and Medicine (God is All-in-all – all is perfection, no sin, sickness, disease or death exist).

[1] These four languages are Hebrew (for the Word), Greek (for the Christ), Latin (for Christianity) and English (for Science).  The Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science is the divine infinite calculus (spiritual reckoning) and are known as the four living creatures (also called the four beasts) spoken of in the BIBLE, they are not to be confused with the red dragon’s two beasts (they are not the same type of beasts at all, for two different Greek words were used to differentiate between the two.).

[2] “S & H” stands for SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker G. Eddy.

[3] It is possible that this goddess, like Semiramis (wife of Nimrod, builder of the Tower of Babylon), represents (in a negative way) the woman God-crowned.

[4] During ancient Egypt’s history it seems that they had “many gods”, yet the father of King Tutankhhamen had only one god, he too was a sun god.  Did this sun god religion prefigure the Son of God religion (Christianity)?

[5] S&H 581:15

[6] Mary Baker’s family are Calvanists.

[7] This matrix structure is based upon the 14th chapter of the Textbook – “Recapitulation”.