The Trump Cult

by MJSmith

            Recently mainstream media (the Liberal Press) and the Democrats have been spewing forth propaganda that followers of President Trump are in a cult, that President Trump is a cult leader.
            First off I would like to say, that I am willing to accept that I am part of the cult because I understand what the word cult REALLY means!  So, let us examine the word cult in order to educate the mainstream media-Liberal Press and Democrats.
            The first thing that Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary says about cult is as follows:  “[adoration; to cultivate—more at WHEEL].”  Adoration has to do with adoring someone or perhaps some god or even the one God.  So we could say that religions in general could be considered as cults.  What does cultivate mean?  “1:  to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops; specif:  to loosen or break up the soil about (growing plants)  2  1:  to foster the growth of  b:  culture  2a  c:  to improve by labor, care, or study:  refine  3:  further encourage  4:  to seek the society of:   make friends with.”[1]  Well, can we accept that the followers of President Trump are farmers?  Some of them are, for sure, but not all of them.  So, let us look to 2a  c’s definition.  Culture is an improvement of mankind through three things – labor, care, and study.  And these things refine (improve, perfect by pruning or polishing; to free from what is coarse, vulgar, or uncouth; to become pure and perfected[2]) mankind.  So, again, being part of a cult seems to be a pretty good thing to me!

            Now, what about this “more at WHEEL” definition?  Why does it say “wheel”?  Is it because the wheel was used on farming equipment to till the ground?  That could be, however, I think it has to do with the fact that Moses set up the twelve tribes of Israel, in the book of Numbers, in a circle.  He divided them up into four groups and placed three tribes on the North side, three tribes on the East side, three tribes on the South side, and three tribes on the West side.  What were the twelve tribes put on the sides of?  The twelve tribes were placed on the four sides of the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting.  But Moses did something else in Numbers.  He took the two names of Joseph and Levi and took them off of the wheel’s rim and replaced them with the names of Joseph’s two sons.  Then he took the Tribe of Levi and divided it up into four groups and placed them in the middle of the wheel.  He placed Levi on the outer hub of the Holy Tabernacle and on the inside of the outer rim of the twelve tribes, thus giving us sixteen groups of Israel.  The twelve tribes of Israel would later on, in Revelation 12, be symbolized by the twelve stars of the woman’s crown.


            It would not be until the 19th century that the wheel would be symbolized in a Rose Window of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.   The woman God-crowned is depicted in the Keystone window for the tone of the Christ as the Word.

Woman God-crowned Keystone

It would not be until the 1950’s that John W. Doorly would explain the divine infinite calculus with its sixteen tones, even though these sixteen tones would be in a square matrix format.  It would not be until the 20th century (around 1998) that the Network (square) Matrix would be transferred to the wheel (the Unity Matrix or the Stargate Matrix) and be understood by Martha (generic man).  It would not be until 2012 that Martha would explain the WHEEL to the world via the Internet.
            Another definition of “cult” is “a system of religious beliefs and ritual”.  But what is even more interesting is the following definition:  “a system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator”.[3]  It is a fact that “a system” is actually a science, or Science.  So the real cult system (based upon the divine infinite calculus and the seven synonymous terms for God) happens to be that of Christian Science!  Dogma is “1 a:  something held as an established opinion:  esp: a definite authoritative tenet  b :  a code of such tenets  c : a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds [I am guessing that it can also be a tenet put forth as authoritative with adequate grounds if that tenet or tenets are by God.]  2 :  a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church.”[4]  The one thing I do not like about “dogma” is it being human opinion – which amounts to nothing, not even a hill of beans (Boston)!  But, Mary Baker Eddy did set up six Tenets, and these Tenets are located in two places – first in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES at the end of the chapter “Recapitulation” and within the Church Manual.  These six Tenets are not based upon human opinion but upon God and Truth.  In fact, God is “their promulgator”.  The chapter “Recapitulation” is depicted in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK as the Sunflower with 24 petals.  The following matrix, which I call the Jerusalem artichoke matrix, is for “Recapitulation”.  The 24 numbers (petals) represent the 24 question/answer sections in the chapter.  For instance petals 2 and 5 are in tone of the Word as the Christ.

            As you can see, a cult is not a bad thing.  But it has become to be a bad thing in most people’s thinking because the word has been improperly used over the centuries.  Today the word is viewed as having the meaning that some lunatic is misleading a group of gullible, often mesmerized, people.  And the latest famous lunatic (nut, or kook) happens to be President Donald J. Trump (according to mainstream media, the Leftists and Never Trumpers).  And I believe, that if there is actually a cult (in the negative sense of the word) that exists today that they are those who really hate and fear President Trump – meaning the Liberal Press, the Leftists (Democrats) and Never Trumpers!
            So I laugh in the face of those news commentators and other folk who think they know what a cult is when they really have no idea at all as to what it is or what it really means!  I am proud to be part of the Christian Science Cult and I am just as proud to be part of the Trump Cult (if there really is such a cult, I have my doubts)!  What I would never want to be a member of is the Anti-Trump Cult – like Nancy Pilosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Bill Crystal, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, those at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN, and most of those testifying in the Impeachment Inquisitions!
            One reason why the Left claims that people for President Trump are cultists is because Trump’s voters and supporters say that President Trump is the chosen one.  Okay, I do not deny that God chose Donald Trump to be President, because I know that God did choose Donald Trump to be President, however, it does not mean that Donald Trump is the chosen Christ Leader of our time!  This position belongs to Jesus as our Master and Shepherd (in the office of the masculine Christ), and to Mary Baker Eddy as our Forever Leader (in the office of the feminine Christ).  And I am sure that if President Trump were actually the third Coming of Christ that he would probably think upon the topic as Mary Baker Eddy did, for she said, “Follow me only so far as I follow the Christ.”
            I knew that Barrack Obama was going to be elected President in 2008 way before the election took place or before the Democratic Convention was held.  How did I know this?  Because, God told me he would be elected.  Why was he going to be the 44th President of the United States of America?  It was simple – Obama was our modern day King Nebuchadnezzar.  He was going to take our country down into captivity and we would need Nehemiah (President Trump) to build the wall of protection!  So, yes, God told me that Donald Trump would be our 45th President in June of 2016.  But Nebuchadnezzar did not hold the office of Christ, nor did Nehemiah, however, this did not mean that God did not know who either one of them were, it does not mean that God did not choose them for their particular missions.  In fact, God did know King Nebuchadnezzar because God gave him prophetic dreams that Daniel had to interpret for him.  (Also, check out my earlier two part post about building the wall on the southern border and how it relates to Nehemiah.)  Why was Judah taken into captivity by Babylon?  It was because Judah had lost their way, their moral path of the Way, thus they had to go into captivity in order to align themselves with their one true God once more.  And it was during this period of captivity that the Elohistic Document and the Jehovistic Document were actually written.

            I want to take a look at December 4, 2019’s testimony given by one Professor at an Impeachment Inquisition.  This female professor was giving a false description about the word “us” when used by the President during his phone call to Ukraine.  She “claimed” that the President was using “queen’s” language and when he used the word “us” he was speaking of himself like he was royalty.  When in fact, as pointed out by a congressman, that what “us” referred to was our country, the U.S.A.  Another person I heard later felt that “us” referred to both the president of Ukraine and President Trump.  The point is that the professor was misleading people on purpose, or else she is really stupid when it comes to the English language.  Her point was that President Trump thinks that he is royalty and thus tries to be all powerful like a king.  Actually, if I am not mistaken, the president has more powers than a king has!  So her analogy is a bad one.  Anyway, she has been given a hard time over what she said about the youngest Trump son.  As I said, she spoke about how the President thinks he is royalty, then she went further, that President Trump could name his son Barron, but he could not actually make him a baron.  She thought she was being clever, I am sure, but it shows you how biased this professor is because she did not take into account what the name Donald even means!  It means “world leader; proud ruler”.  I keep hearing how the president of the United States of America is the leader of the free world and that he is the most powerful man in the world!  So, if this is true then does not President Trump’s first name really fit him and describe the mission that God appointed him to fulfill?  I also asked myself, “How does she know that President Trump named his son, how does she know that it was not his mother that named him?”  I named my son; my husband had no say in it.  In fact, in the BIBLE most of the children were given names by their mother it was not left up to the father to name the son or daughter.  Of course, Jacob renamed his youngest son after Rachel died.  But I feel that this was done so that Israel (Jacob’s Third Degree of spiritual understanding) could raise up the twelfth son to a higher consciousness (that he would be raised up from the First Degree and into the Second Degree).

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