The Electoral College Vote

by MJSmith

            After Donald J. Trump won the presidential election many democrats are attempting to get rid of the Electoral College because they say, “It’s not democratic” and “the popular vote is all that should count”.  But they do not say this when a democratic president has won the election; on the contrary, it is the Republicans that may say it.  But the people who say this only say it because they lost the election — their candidate did not become president.  So they want to get rid of the Electoral College do to sour grapes and from (perhaps?) ignorance of the process of the Electoral College process.  For instance, Hillary Clinton wants to get rid of it because she lost the Electoral College in 2016.  If she would have won the Electoral College in 2016 she would not have said a word against it!  It was really her fault that she lost the Electoral College vote because she was a lazy campaigner and she avoided certain states.  She thought she had the election in the bag, after all, Obama and his FBI gurus put the fix in on the e-mail investigation!  After all, she had her bought and paid for fake Russian Dossier that she was getting out into public opinion (with the help of Fusion GPS, the FBI, CIA, the liberal press and certain Congress members)!  After all, she blackmailed  Joe Biden into not entering the race (Hunter Biden quid pro quo stuff)!  After all, she had CNN feeding her debate questions!  After all, she had ABC silence the story about Epstein’s sex scandal!  So, how could she possibly loose?  She is now warning the democratic nominees for president in 2020 not to forget to campaign for the Electoral College.  She warns them not to forget to campaign in those important states.

            So why is the Electoral College system, which our Republic chose, used over the popular vote?  It is simple, if popular vote was used the whole country, besides heavily populated states like California, would loose their votes.  So you would have one or two states dictating over the other 49 or 48 states – that is not true democracy.
            Governor Polis, voted in as Governor of Colorado in 2018, just up and got rid of Colorado’s Electoral College votes!  This means that he got rid of it illegally because the citizens of Colorado did not get to vote on the issue.  Other states are doing the same thing – the ones run by democrats (that is).  Kentucky just voted for the democrat as their governor.  Soon they might just loose their Electoral College votes also!  The democrats are doing this on purpose throughout the United States of America.  They are doing it so that the popular vote of a democrat will win.  You see, whoever wins the popular vote now will get Colorado’s votes.  If what these certain democratic governors are doing goes into effect for the 2020 election and a communist Liz Warren or Senator B. S. win the popular vote in 2020 – that is who your vote, if you live in Colorado, will go to, even if you voted Republican or for the Green Party.  You have been robbed of your vote.  The sad part of all of this is that there are too many people in the United States of America who fall for the call to get rid of the electoral vote because they do not understand the importance of the Electoral College and how it works.
            Jason Chaffetz speaks about “Preserving Our Electoral System” in his POWER GRAB book, on pages 257 to 265.  He says that Barbara Boxer of California (a democratic senator) worked to abolish the Electoral College in 2016, after Hilary lost.    Elizabeth Warren is also against it, along with Beto O’Rourke, Senator Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  He explains that what these politicians tell you is false, because, “not every vote matters when you get rid of the Electoral College.  Only urban centers matter, because just two or three heavily populated states can run up the vote tally and overwhelm every other state. …The 2016 election perfectly illustrates the problem.  When Hillary Clinton won the national vote by a sizable 2.86 million votes, that sounded like a national consensus.  But she won a single state—California—by a margin of 4.27 million votes.  Remove that one state and you have a convincing popular vote win in the other direction.
            “In a memorable analysis for National Review, Dan McLaughlin pointed out that Clinton’s support was geographically narrow.  She won the popular vote in just 13 of the 50 states.  Trump, on the other hand, won a majority in 23 states, including 7 of the 10 largest states.  Clinton’s support was heavily concentrated in a few geographically similar locations—primarily major coastal cities.  This is exactly the result the framers were concerned about.
            “A popular meme on social media following the election was two maps depicting Trump Land and the Clinton Archipelago.  The Trump map showed the United States as a landmass with the Clinton-supporting areas underwater.  That map largely resembled the current United States, minus some strips of coastline, with enlarged Great Lakes, and what appeared to be smaller lakes in New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, and Mississippi.  By contrast, the Clinton Archipelago map depicted three islands along the California, Texas, and New York coasts, connected by a string of smaller islands along the coastlines with isolated outposts in inland urban centers.  Because those small islands contain large population numbers, the framers knew their interests would always overwhelm the interests of less populated areas.  That’s why we have an Electoral College and why each state, large or small, has two senators—another institution the Democratic base is itching to jettison.”
            Over on page 262 he says, “… Eliminating the Electoral College doesn’t elevate the little guy; it Silences him.  With the Electoral College, some public land states actually are swing states.  Nevada, which is 85 percent federal land, gets a lot of attention from presidential candidates because of its status as a swing state.  Even that small degree of influence would come to a screeching halt if not for the Electoral College.
            “Fortunately, abolishing the Electoral College is not a matter of simply passing legislation.  It requires a constitutional amendment.  That process can only be successful if two-thirds of the states ratify it.  Given the long odds of getting broad support to narrow the electorate, changing the Constitution is unlikely.”
            Unfortunately, “opponents of the Electoral College have created an end run around the Constitution.  The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) seeks to gain cooperation from states for a radical new approach to electing a president that guarantees large liberal states can control the outcome without getting rid of the Electoral College.  States merely have to agree to give up their Electoral College votes to the eventual winner of the popular vote nationally.
            “The group’s website disingenuously describes the process as a way to ‘guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.’  Except that is not true.  The Candidate who wins the most popular votes in Colorado, for example, will receive no Electoral College votes from that state, which recently joined the compact.”  And my question to this is how can it be legal when The People of Colorado had no vote on this matter?  How can it be legal for the governor to just up and get rid of the state’s Electoral College votes?  Jason continues, “Instead, Colorado will by law [how can it be law when The People of Colorado did not vote on it?] pledge its votes to the national winner.  In the last election, that winner received her entire margin of votes over her opponent from one state—California.  And who will care about the needs of a Navajo voter in a less populous state [like Utah] when they really need to win the vote of a Silicon Valley executive?”
            This next paragraph is really very important to comprehend – and it is spooky!  “The caveat of NPVIC is that no one has to give up those electoral votes until they manage to completely rig the election by gaining support from enough states to represent a majority of the 538 electoral votes.  The needed number of 270.  With the pledge from Colorado’s new governor, Jared Polis, in March 2019, the total of pledged electoral votes stands at 181.  Those 181 votes come largely from the Clinton Archipelago states of Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, the District of Columbia, California, Hawaii, and Illinois.  New Mexico is on tap to join next.  Nevada’s Democratic governor recently vetoed that state’s attempt to join the NPVIC [smart man], realizing a statement that explained, ‘Once effective, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact could diminish the role of smaller states like Nevada in national electoral contests and force Nevada’s electors to side with whoever wins the nationwide popular vote, rather than the candidate Nevadans choose.’
            “Try to imagine what would happen if Donald Trump manages to win the popular vote in 2020.  How would Polis explain to his liberal [communist] voters that NPVIC would theoretically send his state’s nine electoral votes to Trump?  Though NPVIC is not likely to be in place by 2020, it would be fun to watch the fireworks if votes in places like New York, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, and California were forced to consider the possibility that their states’ electoral votes could all go to Donald Trump.  There would be an absolute national crises.”  And guess what?  It would serve them right if it did happen!
            “The idea that a state’s electoral votes could be pledged to a candidate with very limited support in that state flies in the face of the whole notion of one person/one vote.  The system will produce only politicians fighting to win Californian votes.  If your state’s votes are pledged to the winner of California, you do not have one vote.  You have no vote.”
            Of course the Left’s other targets is the Senate, the democrats claim that “there is small-state bias” but it is necessary for a REPUBLIC to operate this way.  Again, their argument is that the U.S.A. is a democracy, they want you to forget that it is a Republic – on purpose!  Do not, I repeat, do not allow the Left to fool you into thinking that there should be no Electoral College vote.
            After reading this, do you see why the electoral vote is of importance?  Do you see how the democratic-communists are cheating and stealing your vote away from you?  Do you see their plan of how to cheat you out of your vote?
            The U.S.A. is first off a Republic – not a democracy first – so it is set up as a Republic.  But the democrats do not want you to remember that or even think about it.  They want you to fall for their lies and tricks and schemes.  When they take over our country thy will be laughing all the way to the bank with your money.
            They have been working for over 100 years to ruin the Constitution, to break it down.  They have been working over 100 years to install socialistic programs, to have the government take over The People’s lives in every sector.  They are called Progressives because they progressively move a country’s government toward one world order under communistic government totalitarianism.
            They use the media to lie for them and to put out propaganda about their “enemies”.  And we have been allowing them to do so.  They have brainwashed the children in the public schools and colleges to turn them toward communistic thinking.  Just recently Kamala Harris (running for President) says she wants to turn your children’s school day into ten hours per day for five days!  That is ten more hours a week that they can work on brainwashing your children!  Elizabeth Warren wants to extend pre-k years too, she claims (she lies) in order to help the working mothers be happy because they now get to work more.  I’m sorry, but the father and mother should not have to both work!  I stayed home to be with my son because I love him.  I wanted to be with him.  I home schooled him.  One reason why I home schooled him was because my eyes were opened as to how the public schools treated children I knew and how they dictated to the parents what they were to do!  When did the schools become the boss of the parents?  When did they become the boss at all?  I also did not want them to brainwash my son like they tried to brainwash me.
            Then there is social media.  People are being brainwashed by social media as well.  Not to mention that the big tech companies silence voices they disagree with.
            So what is it going to be?  Are you going to support the loss of the Electoral College – or are you going to stand up and fight for it and fight against the communists (socialists)?  The only way we can support the Electoral College in 2020 is by making the popular vote re-elect President Trump.  And that is a fact.
            Hillary Clinton colluded with the Ukrainians in 2016.  She is the one who interfered with an election (not that it did her any good).  Where is the outrage with her and the DNC in their interference with the 2016 election?  Maybe it is because they schemed and cheated to win that they lost?  Maybe God knew what they were doing and chose to put Donald Trump into office as the Left’s punishment for their crimes?  Maybe God wanted Hillary to loose!  I am not saying this is so, but what if it is?  I know God chose Donald Trump to be the 45th President.  And perhaps the Democrats should think long and hard about this.  If they fail to follow God and be obedient to God and the Way of Christ then how can they possibly expect to win anything?  Remember what the BIBLE tells us – that one on God’s side is an army.

Post Script – December 6, 2019

It is a solemn promise that if Elizabeth Warren wins the 2020 election she would do away with the electoral college.  She said that she would be the last president to be nominated by the electoral college.

For further information on the electoral college I recommend going to The Federalist and reading John Daniel Davidson’s article on the electoral college.