The Autumn 2019 Edition of THE BANNER

by MJSmith

            The following newsletter (Volume 33, #1) is published by Andrew W. Hartsook.  I feel that it is important to put forth so that Christian Scientists can wake up to the error being manifested within the material organization.  I switched some paragraphs around because I felt it was a better order for them.  {My interpolations will be in these type of brackets.}

            On September 24, 2019, the Christian Science Board of Directors submitted a Motion for Extension of Time to File Account for audits of Mrs. Eddy’s Clause VI and Clause VIII Trusts.  A previous extension for the audit (due in June) had already been granted and postponed until September 30th by the New Hampshire Probate Court.  The new request states, “One of the trustees is traveling in Europe and is unavailable to sign the Account until October.  The Director of Charitable Trusts [Thomas J. Donovan] assents to the request for an extension.”  The new filing date would be October 31st.
            Audits are required annually for Mrs. Eddy’s Trusts.  The last one submitted by the Director/Trustees was eighteen years ago.  Also the surety bond required for each Director/Trustee has not been renewed during that same time period.
            The Watson v. Jones case of that year determined that there were three bases for founding a church:  congregational, hierarchical, or deeds of trust.  Mrs. Eddy’s first church organization was founded on a congregational basis.  She dissolved it in 1889.  It was replaced in 1892 with a new organization based on deeds of trust established by her.  The original trustees appointed by Mrs. Eddy were the members of the Christian Science Board of Directors:  Ira O. Knapp, William B. Johnson, Joseph S. Eastaman, and Stephen A. Chase.  (See Church Manual, pate 128)
            The Directors have always resisted Mrs. Eddy’s founding principle.  In 1913, the New Hampshire Supreme Court decided in the Fernald v. The First Church of Christ, Scientist [known as the Tuttle Decision] that the Directors could not strip funds from Mrs. Eddy’s will and move them to Massachusetts.  The court decision emphatically stated:  “Mrs. Eddy was a woman of remarkable business capacity.  She provided in her will that the executor there named should be excused from giving any sureties on his official bond.  She did not provide that those acting in behalf of the Church as trustees should be excused from giving bond.  Having in mind her remarkable intelligence and farsightedness, the omission is strikingly significant.”  Earlier in its decision, the Court noted:   “But for the wisdom and patient toil and research of this Court, this property might already have become scattered to the four winds of Heaven, and the beneficent wishes and plans of this queenly almoner have been forever blasted.”
            On October 16, 1913, Charles R. Corning, Judge of Probate for New Hampshire ruled regarding the trustees of Mrs. Eddy’s Trust:  “And you are hereby required to make, or cause to be made, and filed in the probate office of said county, a true inventory of all the real estate, goods, chattels, rights, credits, and effects so derived and bequeathed, within three months from the date hereof:  to render annually to said judge an account of the income and profits thereof, and at the expiration of said trust, to adjust and settle your accounts with said judge, and pay and deliver over all balances, money, and property with which you have been entrusted, pursuant to the order and decree of said judge; and in all respects faithfully to execute said trust, according to the true intent and meaning of said estate.” (emphasis added {by Hartsook})
            The footnote on page 130 of the Church Manual quotes from Chapter 39 of the Public Statutes of Massachusetts, and indicates that the Directors are akin to “deacons, [and] church wardens.”   As such they are caretakers “and the Church members own the aforesaid premises and buildings, beneficially.”  (Church Manual p. 75:18, 19) [Emphasis added]
            I believe that Christian Scientists should no longer refer to the Boston Church as The Mother Church; they should give up this name.  They should only refer to it as The First Church of Christ Scientist (AS IT IS PRINTED ON THE CHURCH MANUAL COVER).
            The 1913 Tuttle Decision prevented the removal of Mrs. Eddy’s deeds of trust from New Hampshire and the subsequent stripping of funds contrary to her instructions.  Mrs. Eddy’s deeds of trust significantly limit the actions of the C.S. Board of Directors by requiring oversight of the New Hampshire courts.  The Spring 2019 Banner noted passage of a bill in the New Hampshire Senate which would enable the Directors to transfer all the assets of Mrs. Eddy’s trusts to Massachusetts and into Mother Church coffers where they would never again be accounted for.
            As noted in the Spring 2019 Banner:  “If the bill were to become law, testamentary trusts established by a will (such as Mrs. Eddy’s) would become subject to the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) and could be moved out of New Hampshire.”  The bill which passed the New Hampshire Senate will be the subject to hearings in the House Commerce Committee before being submitted for a final vote.
            In 1994, the Board of Directors submitted a memorandum as part of the Weaver v. Wood lawsuit in which they erroneously claimed in print for the first time ever:  “The Mother Church structure is hierarchical,[1] with complete authority vested in a self-perpetuating Board of Directors to conduct the business of [T]he Mother Church and discipline members of The Mother Church. (Emphasis added {by Hartsook})
            In 1994 Michigan Supreme Court Judge Elizabeth Weaver and fellow church member Roy Varner brought suit against the then fourteen present and former officers of The Mother Church who oversaw the loss of half a billion dollars in assets which were spent on the ill-fated electronic media projects between 1987 and 1992.  Waver and Varner aimed to activate applicable provisions of Mrs. Eddy’s deeds of trust.
            The Summer 1997 Banner reported:  “The [Weaver v. Wood] suit was filed, in part, because of the irretrievable loss of $450,000,000 in church funds expended on what Forbs magazine predicted was an electronic media project doomed from its inception.  None of the officers responsible has ever been called to account for the loss of what were, in large part, the bequests of countless church members, teachers’ associations, and branch churches given over a period of some ninety years.”
            Readers are reminded of the book, Between Two Towers:  How the CIA Undermined a President and Looted an American Church by Ted Seay.  The book reveals the dire financial situation that the church faces today.  It was through John Hoagland that the intelligence agency gained access to church finances and the church’s inner workings.  All of the subsequent 50 and 99 year leases of buildings on the Christian Science Plaza become easier to understand after reading this book.  Details about the book can be reviewed in the Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 issues of The Banner.  This book is essential reading and may be ordered on line:
            The sale of Mrs. Eddy’s Chestnut Hill home and contents to Longyear Foundation in 2006 is currently under investigation with a report by Thomas J. Donovan, Director of Charitable Trusts expected in the near future.  Mrs. Eddy put the house into her Clause VIII Trust from which it was never to be sold.  The $14 million realized from the sale was not placed back into the trust as would be required even if the sale were legal, but was put into the Mother Church’s general fund to be spent.  Mrs. Eddy placed her Chestnut Hill home and estate into the Clause VIII trust in 1908.  (See C.S. Sentinel of May 16, 1908)  Second Church {Melbourne Branch} alerted the probate court of this illegal action.
            A former worker in the church administration in Boston revealed that the current members of the Christian Science Board of Directors are planning to issue a revised, modernized, updated version of the Church Manual.  The last time this happened was in 1910 when the Directors issued the 89th edition of the Manual which eliminated Mrs. Eddy’s name and office of Pastor Emeritus from the list of church officers on page 21.  After protests from the field, both were restored in 1924.  The last Church Manual issued by Mrs. Eddy was the 88th edition of 1910.
            The restoration of Mrs. Eddy’s Clause VIII Trust is due, in large part, to the legal efforts of Second Church, Melbourne, Australia.  The missing probate court account records from 1950-1996 have been taken out of storage and returned to the probate court after a full audit and analysis by 2nd Church’s legal team.  The trustee/directors have been made to start proper auditing independently after 18 years of no audits.  They have been made to restart audits of assets and property held separate from the funds on hand.  They have been made to reinstate Mrs. Eddy’s bond of $500,000, and have it increased to $1 million for each trustee/director which they would have to pay to the court for any breach of Mrs. Eddy’s trust conditions.
            They have been required to advertise to the Christian Science field funds made available under Mrs. Eddy’s will for use by branch church worldwide.  (See Winter 2019 Banner and December 2018 C.S. Journal, p. 49)
            Mrs. Eddy established a trust to protect her copyrights on March 6, 1907.  It was registered with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. on the same date.  The last surviving trustee was Josiah Fernald.  No trustee has been appointed since his passing in 1949.  However, the New Hampshire Glover vs. Baker case of 1913 determined that a trust does not fail for lack of a trustee appointment.
            In 1971, the Directors illegally sold the copyright of Science and Health to themselves.  Subsequently they obtained an extended copyright under Special Act of Congress which was later overturned in the federal courts {thanks to David Nolan}.  Mrs. Eddy’s copyright trust still exists, and a trustee needs to be appointed (not a Director), and the textbook needs to be returned to Mrs. Eddy’s copyright trust.
            Under copyright law in the U.K., copyrights never lapse when given to a charitable trust in perpetuity.  (J.M. Barry decision circa 1985)  It remains to be seen if the same would apply in the United States.  Second Church will address this and other issues in the coming months.
            {In my opinion, Mary Baker Eddy did not expect the copyright of SCIENCE AND HEALTH to continue forever, it was to be for the world, it was not to be made illegal to publish portions of the book.  Honest Christian Scientists would never mess with the Textbook, however, the Board of Directors have messed with the Textbook.}
            While the recent opinion of the New Hampshire Supreme Court of June 14, 2019, did not grand standing to Second Church, the Court concluded by saying:  “We reiterate the trial court’s sentiment that Second Church is encouraged to share its perspective and concerns with the DCT [Director of Charitable Trusts], and when appropriate, seek to file an amicus curiae wit the trial court.  The website for Second Christ is:  To read Mrs. Eddy’s will, deeds of trust, and other documents supporting the current legal efforts in New Hampshire, readers are encouraged to visit the website.  Donations for this important work also can be made with instructions given on the website.
            The two most populous countries in the world are China and India, yet there are no translations of the Christian Science textbook into their most widespread local languages, Mandarin and Hindi.  Some African churches have congregations of up to 150 people.  Members have made their own temporary, informal translations of Science and Health into the local languages using three-ring binders with the hope that officials in Boston would publish official translations.  No help or encouragement has been received from the church administration.
            A comparison of the July and October 2019 issues of The Christian Science Journal reveals that the following seven churches have closed during the time period:  Culver City (Soc.), California; Pismo Beach (Soc.), California; Silver Spring, Maryland; Niagara Falls, New York; Forty Fort, Pennsylvania; Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
            During the same period, the listing for First Church, Shawnee, Okalahoma, reappeared at a new address.  It was last listed in the September 2018 Journal.  Since the count began in February 1987, 1093 churches have closed; 83 have opened; and one has reopened in the United States.
            “How Christian Science Became A Dying Religion” by Dr. Alfred Kentigem Siewers appeared in the April 11, 2019, edition of The Federalist:  “A recent Pew study claiming that Christians are overrepresented in Congress, given that 23 percent of Americans now identify as religiously unaffiliated, contained one detail that caught my eye as yet another indication of demographic and cultural change in American politics:  There are now officially no Christian Scientists in Congress.  With the retirement of Republican Reps. Bob Goodlatte and Lamar Smith, that small but historically influential denomination has vanished from high office after a presence of decades…  Its disproportionate representation in the halls of power in recent decades, and disappearance today, offers a cautionary tale for more traditional Christian communities in the United States as they still jockey for recognition from a political and cultural establishment increasingly hostile to faith…”
            From The Los Angeles Times of August 27, 2019:  “The former chairman of the board of the Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, Los Angeles, has been indicted in the theft of more than $11 million in church money.
            According to a federal grand jury indictment released Monday, Charles T. Sebesta, 54, used the money on personal expenses including the purchase of a house and a membership to Club 33 – an exclusive Disneyland dining club.  He was charged with six counts of wire fraud, five counts of bank fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft.
            “According to the Department of Justice, Sebesta stole a total of $11,438,213 from church assets and $34,032 from a private high school that also employed him…
            “In 2014, Sebesta and his assistant at the time were charged with grand theft in connection with the theft of funds from the Catholic missionary group Lay Mission-Helpers Assn…
            “If convicted on all charges, Sebesta faced a statutory maximum sentence of more than 250 years in federal prison.”
            The headline for an article in The Chicago Sunday Tribune of July 7, 1907, stated:  “Eddy Cult[2] Wins Czar of Russia?  Berlin and Vienna Reports Say Ruler Has Joined with Scientists.”
            In the era of widespread “yellow Journalism” {fake news} such a headline was commonplace.  One hundred years of biographies and historical research do not support any such assertion regarding the czar of Russia as stated in the newspaper article.  Still such stories often have a grain of truth to them.
            The editor of The Banner was informed a few years ago that a friend of Empress Alexandra of Russia wrote a letter to an acquaintance in Connecticut during the period 1904 to 1914 inquiring about possible Christian Science treatment for the heir to the Russian throne, Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia.  From Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie (1967):  “Because over the last one hundred years it [hemophilia] has appeared in the ruling houses of Britain, Russia, and Spain, it has been called ‘the royal disease’.” (p. 139)  {According to mortal mind belief it is probably a by product of blue blood, of course, blue blood means inner-breading.  All material blood is really blue (before it is originated and turns red.}
            From Miscellaneous Writings (1896):  “I have been an interested reader of the Journal for some time, and thought I would contribute my mite by giving one of my latest demonstrations in Christian Science.
            “An accident occurred as follows:  Officers, while hunting for a criminal in thick underbrush, fired upon each other through mistake, and it was found that one was shot six times; two of the bullets passing through the abdomen, and one through the hips.
            “Two physicians who examined him had no hope.  He asked me to help him. I took the case.  Relief came almost instantly.  I treated him for eight days; the fifth, I heard one of three physicians who held a private consultation over my patient, ask him this question:  ‘Mr. F_____, have you not got one bit of pain?’  I was rewarded by hearing him answer, ‘No, sir; not the least bit.’  No one else seemed to have any hope for him; but I held firmly to the thought that God is an ever-present help, never doubting, and Christian Science has again won a victory.  Many people call it a miracle, and it has set them to thinking.
            “The harvest is now ripe and ready for the reaper.  I wish some good Christian Science teacher would come and help us.  I can help in my own way, but am not advanced enough to lead and teach others.  I have only studied Science and Health a little over a year, and have not been through a class yet.”  S.G. Schroyer, Okalahoma City, Oklahoma (pp 439, 440)

            I will end here, as I have reported most of this edition.

[1] This you already know to be a lie, because Hartsook already established that Mary Baker Eddy’s Church was founded on deeds of trust!

[2] Do you see how even when Mary Baker Eddy was still here, during her God-crowned mission, that Christian Science was called a cult?  It is not a cult except if you see it as a wheel cult and not a personal sense cult.  The wheel cult is based upon the divine infinite calculus (as the divine Director).