Starflower of Boston – Part 4

by MJSmith


TRUTH {Christian Science} versus ERROR {spiritualism}

Second version of Truth versus Error

Today, as oft, away from sin
            Christ summons thee:
Truth pleads to-night:  Just take Me in!
            No mass for me!

Scriptural basis:
            Behold I stand at the door, and knock, if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. — Christ Jesus.

            “Truth knocks at the portal of humanity—the world.  Mrs. Eddy wanted to bring the world up to her own revelation of Truth.  Mary Baker Eddy is knocking at the door of world thought, world consciousness {and church consciousness}.  She writes, ‘Truth, independent of doctrines and time-honored systems, knocks at the portal of humanity and asks, “Will you open or close the door upon this angel visitant, who cometh in quiet of meekness, as he came of old to the patriarch {Abraham} at noonday?”’ (S&H 224:22, {My interpolations.}).
            “Jesus made a far-reaching utterance when he said, ‘The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, until the whole was levened.’  He was telling us that this woman—Mary Baker Eddy during the Second Coming of the Christ—must place in ‘Science, Theology, Medicine’ the ‘leaven’ of the ‘Comforter’ until the whole of mortal thought is changed ‘as yeast changes the chemical properties of meal.’  ‘When placed under a microscope, the working of leaven looks like a veritable battlefield.  There is assault and penetration in the face of determined resistance until peace descends after the whole has been conquered’ (Abbingdon’s Bible Commentary).
            “The first step in overcoming error is to recognize it as an illusion, and specifically denounce it.  The second step is to know what the fact is, and HOLD TO IT.  We must see things as THOUGHTS; then we can make the exchange and behold the perfect man.  The objects of sense must be exchanged for the ideas of Soul (true identity).  A matter body is nothing but hypnotic thought.  We are dealing with hypnotism, with illusion, when we deal with matter.  But all the while that we are under hypnotic suggestion and seeing matter, the omnipresence of present perfection (Mind’s ideal) is just as real and just as near as 2 x 2 = 4, or as the round earth was when everyone thought it was flat.  The constant desire to know ourselves as we really are is ‘praying without ceasing’ — it is silencing the material senses, as ‘in the quiet sanctuary of earnest longings we deny sin and plead [infinite good’s] allness.’”[1]
            This is why the chapter assigned to this Illustration is so perfect.  There is even the common word “versus” in both titles of the chapter and the Illustration.  The word versus means:  “to reverse”.  So Truth reverses error and Christian Science (Truth) reverses spiritualism (error).  What is spiritualism?  Spiritualism is the belief that Mind, Soul, Spirit (God) inhabits a material body and is held prisoner to that material body.  (Eden and Egypt are early symbols for this material body.)  Is this not what the Churches try to do – make the membership prisoner to the Church’s material organizations rules and laws or else the congregation is threatened with going to hell or with excommunication for said material organization.  Is this not basically what happened to Adam (not the woman) when he was thrown out of the garden’s paradise (good, heaven, harmony)?  So, this idea of spiritualism goes all the way back to Adam man (mortal minded adamant man with his obstructive behavior).
            “The scriptural ‘basis’ of this tenth picture was attributed to St. John in the ‘Glossary’ of Christ and Christmas in all editions up to its ninth edition, in 1910, but was then accredited to ‘Christ Jesus,’ as now, in line with St. John’s introductory statement of the source of his Revelation as being:  ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him…and He sent and signified it…unto his servant John’ (Rev. 1:1).  Thus Mrs. Eddy accepted for the ascended Jesus the Revelation of St. John, of which St. John was but the scribe.”[2]  I find this first verse of Revelation of quite important for in it we find the divine infinite calculus.  God (the Word) gives the Word, which is Revelation, to the Christ.  The Christ (Jesus) gives God’s Word to the angel of Christianity, and then this angel gives the Word to John (divine Science).
            TRUTH versus ERROR has the Woman presenting Truth (Woman as Science).  “It follows that Truth {the scroll} is the embraced manhood of Woman.  {Emulated by the two children looking out the window.}  In the City foursquare, [your divine consciousness,] Jesus ‘ second appearing as Truth, or manhood, is embraced in Love, Womanhood, thus giving Womanhood, as Love, the foundation of Truth.  This completes Mrs. Eddy’s definition of spiritual church in the ‘Glossary’ of Science and Health as ‘the structure of Truth and Love.’  {Part of that definition speaks of “institution” and the book SCIENCE AND HEALTH is that “institution” of Church.}
            “‘Union of the masculine and feminine qualities constitutes completeness’ (S&H 57:4).  ‘The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the spiritual advent of the advancing idea of God as in [embraced in] Christian Science’ (Ret. 70:20, emphasis added).
            “This tenth picture presents Womanhood [Science] as the Bride of the City foursquare, knocking at the third side of the City foursquare.  This third side is Christianity, typed by the heavenly branches {depicted in the second Illustration X}.  Womanhood is pleading for the acceptance of the City’s fourth side, {divine} Science, typed by the second {built} Concord Branch, for until Christianity is one with Science it mistakes ‘doctrines and time-honored systems’ for orderly thinking.  {The second Concord Branch was built before the Boston Extension was finished.}  In other words, it mistakes the form of thought for the spiritual essence of idea.  {Would this not be spiritualism?}  Thus the fourth side of the City, namely {divine} Science, is necessary to protect the spirit of Christianity from human destruction by doctrinal forms {spiritualism}.
            “Christian Science is the revelation of Womanhood embracing Christianity as manhood.  When Mrs. Eddy first introduced the descending City foursquare in Science and Health (under the chapter entitled ‘Wayside Hints’ in the sixteenth to the fiftieth edition), she defined the City in the following words:
            “{Notice that Mary Baker Eddy does not say “city foursquare” but “Holy City”.}  ‘The Holy City [Bride (Rev. 21:2)], described in the Apocalypse as coming from God out of heaven [infinite good, “the kingdom of God within you’ as your true consciousness], is Christian Science” (S&H 225) — Womanhood.  She presented this City in general characterization as ‘an assemblage of people for high purposes.’”[3]
            Why do I say that the city foursquare is divine Science and not Christian Science?  Notice, that the Holy City is a different title for God’s City than the city foursquare is.  And Mary Baker Eddy makes this distinction in “The Apocalypse”.  There are distinct paragraphs or sections for the New Jerusalem, for the city foursquare, and for the city of our God.  These all are the Holy City, yet, they present different levels of Science, so this distinction must me made.
            Orgain continues the paragraph:  “‘An assemblage’ suggests its generic character.  Mrs. Eddy describes in minute and extensive particularization all the active functions of a literal earthly city and includes a description of its manhood (form) phases, such as sides, foundations, squareness, and gates, which the Bible presents as ‘walls,’ ‘foundations,’ ‘foursquare,’ ‘measure,’ and ‘gates.’  This detailing of literal city activities showed the fullness of expression which the word ‘city’ types as the generic character of the Bride.  Its descriptive embrace of the Bible (form) phases suggests the Bride’s encompassment of Christianity, or manhood.”[4]
            Yet, this city was in heaven and it descended to earth, so it must have been a city for Womanhood rather than one for Manhood.  So I cannot say that I agree with A. Orgain on this one hundred percent.  I see the city foursquare as the Stargate Matrix (Unity Matrix) based upon WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  The “foundations” are the twelve Keystones, there are four squared-cycles in the matrix structure, the gates are the twelve Stargates cycling around the rim of the Wheel or Window.  And the “measure” is the Holy Grail – the name of Mary Baker Glover Eddy found on the “little book open” in the center hub of activity.

            Orgain, however, says that the walls of the city were its specific limitations in the unfolding phases of the Word.  “In her {Mary Baker Eddy’s} first presentation (in the sixteenth edition of Science and Health, page 233) Mrs. Eddy defined the ‘walls’ as ‘the Bible {the Word of God}, Jesus {the Christ}, Christianity, {divine} Science.’  {This is the divine infinite calculus!}  These are the four progressive phases of salvation of which Isaiah prophesied in his pre-vision of the City foursquare, saying, ‘…thou shalt call thy walls Salvation’ (Isa. 60:18).”[5]  Salvation means “science of health” (the understanding of spiritual wholeness or spiritual completeness)!  So, in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK I feel that the four sides of the Open Book – the Textbook of SCIENCE AND HEALTH – symbolize the four walls, as well as, the divine infinite calculus.  “Thus in the unfolding Word, but one side of the City was viewed at a time until the final enclosure of the Bride as Word was complete,” Orgain says finishing up her paragraph on this topic.
            Mary Baker Eddy explains the gates of this city also as the divine infinite calculus.  And these four gates (mentioned) are symbolized by the four major Stargates (as I call them) in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  So to explain the city foursquare I use the symbol of the X and when I explain the city of our God I use the symbol of the + in order to depict the four cardinal points (also the four corners) of the Earth (as the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Christian Science {not divine Science}).  The square that contains the four major Stargates is the squared-cycle for the Word.  WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, with its matrix, helps us to understand Ezekiel’s Wheel.  Ezekiel presented his wheel (in his first chapter) in order to nullify the science of astrology with its zodiac (animal natures).
            In Christ and Christmas Mary Baker Eddy typed Womanhood “as the composite Bride [{divine} Science], or the descending City foursquare (meaning the coincidence of the divine with the human).  This will turn us away from sin.  As the poem states:  ‘Today, as oft, away from sin, Christ summons thee!  [Know nothing of it, because your mind is filled with infinite good].  Truth pleads tonight, Just take Me in!  No mass [no illusion, no hypnotism] for Me!’  (But give Me [infinite good, Science] all thy heart—from sin be cleansed, be free!)’”[6]  The word “mass” has to do with Christian ritual on Christmas (the mas in Christmas is the mass or the body of Christ).  So Mary Baker Eddy could have also been saying, besides “No Christian rituals for Me” she could have also been saying, “No material body for Me because I am Spirit only.”

            In a way, the two pillars that are depicted in this Illustration, the Pillar of Truth (on the left side of the Woman) and the Pillar of Love (on the right side of the Woman) are like the two pillars that were located in Solomon’s Temple.

In the Kabbalah Tree of Life there are also three pillars, the Pillar of Severity, the Pillar of Mildness, and the Pillar of Mercy.  Of course, the Left Pillar represents the negative feminine while the Right Pillar represents the positive masculine, and the middle one represents man’s balance between the negative (material) and the positive (spiritual).  To me this would be spiritualism, so, what I have above nullifies the Kabbalah Tree of Life’s ideas in dealing with the tree of knowledge of good an evil (the tree of knowledge is the opposite of the tree of life).

            According to the Hanna (?) section (p. 219) CHRISTIAN UNITY, with “Christ’s silent healing’ “the next step that is revealed is for womanhood to begin to knock at the door of humanity.”
            This day, the Sixth Day of Truth is the final appearing of the Days of Creation, and the Sabbath Day of Love follows.  I believe that the first Illustration X depicts Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission (during the Sixth Day of Truth) while the second Illustration X depicts generic man’s God-crowned mission (during the Seventh Day of Love).  In any case, Womanhood “repeats the earnest, insistent call to you, ‘Get away from sin {material procreation and sex – spiritualism}.’  ‘Leave its grasp.’  In this dark hour, true womanhood pleads to be taken into the hearts of mankind.  Womanhood wants no ceremony, no dead words.  It wants a practical life, changed by the touch of Love.  This will happen if only we take in this divine Truth that is Love.  False manhood can no longer hold humanity captive through false Pharisaical beliefs {which include sex}, if we take the divine idea into consciousness.
            “Womanhood is presenting the scroll of Truth which has been revealed through the wonderful event in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1866.  The revelation that she [meaning her teaching] is the Woman referred to in prophecy, giving the impersonal Christ to the world, pleads with mankind to just let this Truth in.”[7]
            As mentioned in Part 1 of Starflower of Boston I feel that the first Illustration X has to do with the Life of Mary Baker Eddy while the second Illustration X has to do with the Light of Mary Baker Eddy.  But, is it not a fact, that since December 3, 1910 that the Light of Mary Baker Eddy has grown dim, thanks in great part to her own followers, her own Church members?  And so, a second Sentinel (Watcher) had to come in order to expose Mary Baker Eddy’s Light to the world.  It no longer can be hidden underneath a bushel (the poor work done by her Church members}!
            It is of importance that, like there are the two pillars depicted in Illustration X, Mary Baker Eddy placed two women Sentinels on the cover of the Sentinel in 1906.  And this is why I came up with the depiction seen below.

            “What is it that opposes this truth about the woman?  It is malicious animal magnetism [hypnotic suggestion, illusion] {it is also lust for power and hypocrisy, spiritual wickedness in high places} in its specific claims depicted in this picture, [with its mortal mind merry-making.  It is all the claims of the flesh, pleasure in matter {sex}, attractions of mortal mind {sex}, ease in matter, sensuality {sex}, apathy, etc.]”[8]  The adults inside the Church-Mansion are adulterers.  Not only do they adulterate the marriage between the Bride and the Lamb but they adulterate the Word itself by telling lies about Mary Baker Eddy and depicting her as a material little old grey-haired woman who died on December 3, 1910.  They also lie when they claim that Mary Baker Eddy approved the 89th edition of the Church Manual.  The Board of Directors disobeyed the estoppel clauses!  Not only did they do this, they took the Branch Churches as their hostage (See Church Manual p.120 and p. 127 titles where Branch Churches was added to the titles.  “Branch Churches” was not in the legal 88th edition of the Manual on these two pages.).  They brought the Branches down into Egypt (material organized church).
            “This palatial mansion is spoken of in the ‘Allegory’ in Miscellaneous Writings:  ‘Pausing at the threshold of a palatial dwelling, he {she} knocks and waits.  The door is shut.  He {She} hears the sounds of festivity and mirth; youth, manhood, and age gaily tread the gorgeously tapestried parlors, dancing-halls, and banquet-rooms.  But a little while {when the Seventh Day of Love comes}, and the music is dull, the wine is unsipped, the footfalls abate, the laughter ceases.  Then from the window of this dwelling {when the Seventh Day of Love comes} a face looks out, anxiously surveying him {her} who waiteth at the door.  Within the mortal mansion are adulterers, fornicators, idolaters; drunkenness, witchcraft, variance, envy, emulation, hatred, wrath, murder.  Appetites and passions have so dimmed their sight that he {she} alone who looks from that dwelling, through the clearer pane of his {her} own heart tired of sin, can see the {Lone} Stranger’ (Mis. 324:4-18, {My interpolations.}).
            “It is easy to see that Mrs. Eddy has used this allegory in her illustration ‘Truth versus Error’; only in this instance it is a woman and not a man.”[9]  Just as the angel of Revelation 10 is described with masculine pronouns, there is a hint that he is really a she because of the reference to the goddess Iris (rainbow).
            When Mary Baker Eddy speaks of the city foursquare she tells us that, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  She does not say that spiritual teaching is sometimes taught by symbols, but rather “always”!  This means that when it comes to understanding Revelation, specifically “The Apocalypse,” that we are to understand the symbols that are presented to us and not just ignore them.  She uses symbols in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK that directly apply to her written Text.  This is of vast importance, specifically in regard to the Holy City (a.k.a., the city foursquare, the city of our God, and New Jerusalem – the Sunflower artichoke).  It was via an insightful dream that God told me about the Sunflower artichoke and that it had to do with the divine infinite calculus.  Thus, specifically, it has to do with the twenty-four elders and the fourteenth chapter of the Textbook – “Recapitulation” which means to re–cap or go over what has come beforehand in the previous thirteen chapters (fourteen if you count “Preface”).
            Only the second Illustration X has the black tiles, I think this is because this Illustration represents the Seventh Day of Love.  The tiles remind me of a chess board.  The white and black squares symbolize the war between good and evil, or the spirit and the flesh, Truth and error, Christian Science and spiritualism.  If the Illustration with the checkered tiles represents the Seventh Day of Love what does it mean?  It typifies the material organized church holding on to its power, it refuses to obey the estoppel clauses in the Church Manual.  If Boston would obey the By-Laws then they would put an end to their material organization.  Going back to Star of Bethlehem,  “The black and white tiles symbolize hypocrisy {the wolves pretending to be Grandmother Eddy), and indicate the same two-faced ecclesiastic despotism that was in the first picture {STAR OF BETHLEHEM} trying to appear divine (white) but is really depravity (black).  It is ecclesiasticism that would keep tired humanity from seeing the truth of womanhood and Mary Baker Eddy’s place.  Ecclesiasticism is actively at work to hide the woman’s great revelation.  The room is mortal mind consciousness manipulated by ecclesiasticism.  The drapes that are pulled aside are error’s ways of influencing the world to evil.  It says, ‘See what fun we are having, come and join us.’
            “Our precious Leader conquered every one of these lies about man.  Will you follow?”[10]
            “The sinless joy, — the perfect harmony and immortality of Life, possessing unlimited divine beauty and goodness without a single bodily pleasure or pain, — constitutes the only veritable, indestructible man, whose being is spiritual.  This state of existence is scientific and intact, — a perfection discernible only by those who have the final understanding of Christ in divine Science.  Death can never hasten this state of existence, for death must be overcome, not submitted to, before immortality appears.” (S&H 76:22)



Second Edition

The Way

No blight, no broken wing, no moan,
            Truth’s fane can dim;
Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone,
            In heaven’s hymn.

Scriptural basis:
            And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. — Christ Jesus.

            Again, we have two different Illustrations for THE WAY.  I feel that they must depict not only Jesus’ footsteps of Truth, but also Mary Baker Eddy’s and our very own footsteps of Truth (that we must take).  When speaking of the second Illustration XI Alice Orgain writes:  “This eleventh picture, which at first view seems so mystical, when analytically examined is seen to identify every footstep {of Truth} of Church in both its ascending and descending phases.  ‘The Way’ in this picture presents both the ascension and descension, [both the climb upward from earth to heaven, from cross to crown, and the pouring forth of Life, Truth and Love in the message of the descending dove and in the all-embracing radiance of the broad beam of light.]
            “The Scriptural basis promises, ‘And whosoever liveth and believeth in me [the spiritual idea (S&H 115:17)] shall never die.’  This promise of life takes one beyond Mrs. Eddy’s definition of ‘Church’ as the ‘structure of Truth and Love’ (S&H 583:120 into the universe of Life.  It shows that our life must become divine, and thus one with Truth and Love.
            “Church as the ‘structure of Truth and Love’ disciplines [and uplifts] the natural life that is one’s own seemingly inherent consciousness until that life becomes divine and thus one with Truth and Love in the heavenly trinity of forces.  Thence this trinity of Life, Truth, and Love descends to earth as the City foursquare (Revelation 21st chapter; S&H 575) with ‘omni-action’ as its fourth side, before expanding through the footstep of ‘no temple [no material body] therein’ (Revelation 21:22; S&H 576) to the unwalled city of our God (Revelation 22nd chapter; S&H 577) which ‘has no boundary nor limit.‘”[11]
            Remember that the “unwalled city of our God” is Christian Science used on the level of the relative, while the city foursquare is the level of divine Science (the dove) descending from heaven, descending from absolute (spiritual understanding) to the relative.  The walls are not bad or evil constructions of border, as the Left (mortal minds that believe in material life) would want us to believe (walls of limitation exist only in mortal mind), but they are walls of protection from unwanted evil thoughts entering conscious.  These walls are based upon divine reckoning or divine reasoning – the divine infinite calculus.  Once this understanding descends to earth then it can be broadcast (no walls) throughout the world as Christian Science – found not only in the Christian Science Textbook, but also in the BIBLE.  The city of our God “has no boundary nor limit.”
            “This ‘city of our God’ is generic spiritual ‘Idea,’ boundless, infinite and undying, and it contains the ‘tree of Life’ as ‘eternal reality or being’ (S&H 538:13).  This is our consciousness when we will have embraced the heavenly forces of Life, Truth and Love.  In both the first and second editions of Science and Health we read Mrs. Eddy’s prophecy:  ‘At present we know not what we are, but certainly we shall be Love, Life, and Truth, when we understand them.’
            “This eleventh picture types the ‘city of our God {Christian Science}’ (S&H 577), which is reached through the step of ‘no temple therein,’ [just as the multiplication table has no physical structure, no material body].  This is the final step demanded after the City foursquare had been descendingly identified in the Word of Science and Health.  Thus this picture embraces all the previous elements in Christ and Christmas.
            “Inasmuch as Mrs. Eddy says that each picture in Christ and Christmas presents both ‘the type and shadow of Truth’s appearing’ (Mis. 33:9), each and every symbol in this picture, from cross to crown, including its central emblem, (the garlanded cross combining the qualities of both cross and crown), is but the ‘shadow’ of this picture as compared to the broad beam of light embracing each and all.
            “The crown in this eleventh picture represents the highest point of scientific Christianity as Truth.  The broad beam of light impersonally types heaven.  It represents all the elements of the heavenly trinity of Life, Truth, and Love in one, or Womanhood [meaning Science].”[12]
            In the first Illustration XI “there was only one cross, a large garlanded {crowned} cross standing in the foreground where the bleak cross now stands.  When Mrs. Eddy added the second uplifted cross {which is crowned} in the middle of the picture she transferred the flowers and birds to it, leaving the foreground cross bare.  At the same time she garlanded the head of the serpent facing the bare cross, a warning that if the work of The Mother Church as ‘the cross’ should be repeated {or prolonged and continued}, it would share the fate of all static Christianity.  The dragon (old theology) of outgrown form would triumph over its spirit, as prophesied by Jesus from the thirteenth to the nineteenth chapter of Revelation, which Mrs. Eddy says, ‘depict the fatal effects of trying to meet error with error’ (S&H 568:8).
            “The dragon is alternately called ‘serpent’ and ‘dragon’ in both the Bible and Science and Health.  [Mrs. Eddy knew that Revelation’s chapters 13 to 20 prophesying the ‘beast,’ (the “serpent,”) and the ‘dragon,’ would be fulfilled.  ‘Scripture cannot be broken,’ as Christ Jesus said.
            “Mrs. Eddy could not explain this in her time.  It was too early.  But we are now going through that time—that prophecy of Jesus to St. John…because Mrs. Eddy’s Manual estoppels have not been obeyed, the ‘rod’ of Revelation has been broken.  This is why, in this eleventh picture, we see the ‘garlanded serpent,’ facing the big, dark cross in the foreground of this picture.]”[13]
            The ray of Light types “the gentle beam of living Love.”  It, like the city of our God, is boundless and limitless.  It “pours down from heaven, its broadest beam being at the point of its earth contact.  The descending white bird—a dove, typing heavenly inspiration—might be defined as the impersonal sense of the Woman in the tenth picture bearing her Message of Love.  Mrs. Eddy defines ‘dove’ as ‘a symbol of divine Science’ (S&H 584:26) {so, this dove represents the city foursquare}…as ‘the light and glory of divine Science’ (S&H 575:7-10).”[14]
            In the first Illustration XI the dove descends without the olive branch of peace in its beak, but in the second Illustration XI the dove descends with the olive branch of peace – or with the New Jerusalem, the new city of peace.  It is not until the Seventh Day of Love that the New Jerusalem artichoke Matrix is given to the world by generic man, the second Sentinel.

            Mary Baker Eddy made a most interesting and vital change in her interpretation of the city, in the second edition of 1907’s SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  “‘And I saw no temple therein.’  Since this sentence was first added in 1891, in the fiftieth edition, ‘Love’ had been capitalized.  Now Mrs. Eddy changed the statement to read, ‘There was no temple, — that is, no material structure in which to worship God, for He must be worshipped in spirit and in love‘ (S&H 576:12).  This change had been pre-typed by the humanizing of Life, Truth, and Love in 1904 in the mottoes of the second Concord Branch.  The statement, ‘He must be worshipped in spirit and in love,’ embracingly forges beyond Jesus’ statement, ‘God is a Spirit:  and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth’ (John 4:24).  Thus ‘love’ dissipates the boundary and limits of ‘truth’ as considered separately from ‘love.’  {Where there are no walls.}”[15]
            In 1907 a change was made in “Recapitulation” – “Principle and its idea is [not, ‘are’] one” suggesting that the time had come for the realization of primitive oneness, which knows no separation between the male and female elements.  {This change is also interesting in that there is no plurality with the word “is” – “is” means singularity, oneness or onlyness and “are” gives us plurality – more then one.}  It was time to go beyond a sense of Church as the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb in heaven, or ‘Love wedded to its own spiritual idea’ — wedding implying twoness {areness} — to the composite Bride as the Word that was ‘in the beginning…with God, and …was God [your true Mind, “the kingdom of God within,’ or as your consciousness]’ (John 1:1).  Therefore there is no need of ascension or descension.  {Meaning that the city foursquare, the New Jerusalem, and the city of our God come together as one Holy City – or one Holy City Matrix, as seen above with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.}”[16]
            There is a grave, on the left side of the second Illustration XI.  There are forms exiting the grave.  It is on the left side of the black cross which would be part of the dragon.  To my knowledge I am the first to ever mention this.  In newer books it is hard to see a grave with beings climbing out.  The grave itself has a square shape to it.  Mary Baker Eddy has assured us, “If you or I should appear to die, we should not be dead” (S&H 164:17).  {This means that death is only an appearance that takes place in material world belief.  There is no death, so why did her followers declare Mary Baker Eddy dead soon after December 3, 1910?  While the left side of this Illustration may seem to be the dragon (material life leading to death) we have Truth telling us that Life (on the Side of Life) is eternal.}
            “Mrs. Eddy calls the process presented in this eleventh picture ‘The Way’—not her way, your way, or anyone else’s way, but ‘The Way’ in which everyone must walk {walk their “Footsteps of Truth”}.  In fact this picture portrays the progressive ‘states and stages’ of consciousness which Mrs. Eddy in ‘The Apocalypse’ presents as the way by which the human mind becomes so illumined as to see heaven {city foursquare} and earth {city of our God} one {Holy City}.”[17]
            I think that THE WAY, or the progressive “states and stages” of consciousness are found in “Footsteps of Truth”.  And this chapter helps us ascend upward.  However, Alice Orgain has a different way of presenting the six “Footsteps of Truth” to us in comparing them to “The Apocalypse”.  Orgain’s idea, with her six “states and stages” from Revelation (and “The Apocalypse” chapter).  Orgain’s idea of the “states and stages” are as follows.  (I will put in bold what I feel these five main ideas are.  “The first ‘state and stage’ is that of subjective consciousness, ‘the atmosphere of the human mind, when cleansed of self and permeated with divine Love’ (My. 265:24-28).  An example of this state, which Mrs. Eddy calls ‘a present possibility’ (S&H 574:2), is ‘the spiritual sense’ of St. John, ‘the subjective state by which he could see the new heaven and new earth, which involve the spiritual idea and consciousness of reality’ (S&H 573:19-23).  This was the state of consciousness in which Mrs. Eddy revealed, ‘Man is as perfect now, and henceforth, and forever, as when the stars first sang together, and creation joined in the grand chorus of harmonious being’ (Mis. 188:3), [just as 2 x 2 = 4 will be forever perfect].
            “The second stage involve ‘journeying “uphill all the way”’ (S&H 574:4) with ‘vials of wrath and consolation.’  The ascent of human aspirations is clothed in the ‘sackcloth’ of the cross, as typed by the black birds in this eleventh picture, until it rests at last upon the garlanded cross awaiting heavenly ‘consolation,’ heaven’s Message of Peace from the white dove.  ‘Think of this, dear reader, for it will lift the sackcloth from your eyes and you will behold the soft-winged dove descending upon you’ (S&H 574:25).
            “The third ‘state and stage’ is the City foursquare, typed in this picture by the descending beam of light, for Mrs. Eddy says, ‘This sacred city [spiritual consciousness]…that lieth foursquare [the last four-walled step of symbolic church] and cometh “down from God, out of heaven,” represents the light and glory of divine Science’ (S&H 575:7).
            “The fourth ‘stage’ dissipates the walls of the City foursquare so that the boundless ‘city [consciousness] of our God’ can be attained.  {The cross is a symbol for this boundless city of our God because it is so much like the four cardinal points described in “The Apocalypse.}  ‘There was no temple, — that is, no material structure in which to worship God, for He must be worshiped in spirit and love,’ which encompasses but goes beyond ‘truth.’  ‘The shrine celestial,’ wherein is no symbolism, or walled idea, is typed by the expanding Light which progresses beyond ‘Truth’s fane’ where the black birds sing on the garlanded cross, the last step in Church.
            “In the fifth ‘stage’ the Bride [Word] is declared to be a ‘spiritual, holy habitation [which] has no boundary or limit’ (S&H 577:12).  The Light of this habitation as Bride [Word] is Love; thus the broad beam of Light in this eleventh picture embraces all of the ascending footsteps, even the crown, which types Truth at the highest point of human ascension.  This is the beam of love Mrs. Eddy speaks of in her poem ‘Christmas Morn,’—‘Thou gentle beam of living Love’ (Poems p. 29).
            “Thus this eleventh picture takes the final {sixth} step of illimitable ‘Idea’ wherein ‘…you see the whole universe included in one infinite Mind and reflected in the intelligent compound idea, image or likeness, called [generic] man [the Christ], showing forth the infinite divine Principle, Love, called God…’ (My. 269).  As Mrs. Eddy quotes from Pope’s ‘Essay on Man,’ ‘All are but parts of one stupendous whole, whose body nature is, and God [infinite good, your true Mind that is your true identity] the soul.’”[18]

            In Part 1 I have THE WAY as the base of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth along with Illustration I – STAR OF BETHLEHEM (BOSTON).  THE WAY being on the SIDE OF LIGHT (CHRISTIAN SCIENCE) and STAR OF BETHLEHEM being on the SIDE OF LIFE.  Does this comprehend Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science as inseparable?  “When we understand that she has revealed Science, destroyed malicious animal magnetism [hypnotic suggestion, illusion, error], uncovered two-faced ecclesiastical despotism, and revealed to the world the true understanding of the Virgin Mary and Christ Jesus, we are ready to understand and realize the Way in our own experience.”[19]
            There is no destruction, lamentation, or lack of motivation that can “obscure the vision of God’s [infinite good’s] Church, the structure of Truth and Love.  God [infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love] and His idea is growing in concord {literally Concord, New Hampshire during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission} — the unity of the Christ.  Whosoever liveth (proves) and believeth (understands) the Christ idea, and acknowledges and understands the two witnesses, the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God’s appearing, shall never die, but have infinite progression.  This picture shows us the Way.”[20]
            Is it possible that the cross and crown represent Truth and Love – true Church?  This cross and crown need to be “understood in our human experience.  The cross represents the working out of error, all of the errors we bear, until dissolved through an understanding of the crown.  The cross is the overcoming of the false concepts of false manhood [old theology beliefs], and it reaches forth for the crown of true womanhood—the womanhood that includes manhood—generic man.
            “The first cross is dark black; it is the mortal, the First Degree; but Love’s light still shines there to show the Way.  Notice that the way is wider at the bottom than at the point of the light {Point of Love}.  The Way always grows narrower as we reach forward for heaven, the crown of righteousness.  It is an upward ascending path.  The light of Truth must shine upon mortal mind, in its dense darkness, before it can see out of its maelstrom of misery.  The woman has brought the light to the First Degree.”[21]
            “The floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity” (S&H 240).  “Flowers then are symbols of Deity.”[22]  This being said, I take you back to the Starflowers located in the three Windows of Mother’s Room and the Big Dipper Keystone, the twelfth keystone, for WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.

            “The second cross is garlanded with morning glories.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘I love the symbol of the morning glory with its bright promise of the coming of the light’ (Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy, p. 157).  This second cross is the Second Degree, the human experience.  It is lifted aloft on its way with an adherence to the Ten Commandments which stifle and suffocate the claims of animal magnetism [illusion, hypnotic suggestion, error].  {Does this author believe that the ten birds in this Illustration represent the Ten Commandments?  In the first THE WAY this same cross is buried in the ground.  It is stuck in the ways of old Christianity.}
            “The crown represents the Third Degree, spiritual understanding.  Speaking to Mr. Gilman, the artist of Christ and Christmas, about this particular picture, Mrs. Eddy said, ‘Now I suggest this picture for you to draw that possesses my thought of “The Way.”…Make the crown still fainter in form but distinct.  Put the top of it in line with the top of the plate, thus giving the thought that all matter disappears with the crown or crowned thought.”
            “There is no short cut to heaven.  There is only the straight and narrow way; the shortest distance between two points is a straight path.  The sufferings of sense with its materia medica are depicted on the left of the path.  The pleasures of sense, that would take us away from the straight and narrow way, are depicted to the right of the picture.”[23]  I’m not sure I agree with this interpretation, but I offer it for you to read.
            Dove.  A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith {two qualities given in the Second Degree} (S&H 584).”
            “When Noah sent the doves out into the world, you will remember, there were three of them.  The first had to return to the ark for protection; this was symbolic and prophetic of the First Advent going forth into gross materiality {Is it not also symbolic of the four walls?}, of how Christianity was subverted by the intent of ecclesiastical despotism.  The second time the dove was sent out, it returned with an olive branch in its mouth {Is this not also symbolic of New Jerusalem (the city of peace)?.  This is symbolic and prophetic of the Second Advent, Mary Baker Eddy, coming to tired humanity.  So the dove in this picture is symbolic of the Second Advent as it has an olive branch in its mouth.  The third time the dove went out, it did not return, and is a prophecy of that time when the spiritual appearing of the Christ is universal and generic, and there is nothing from which it needs to be protected {where there are no boundaries or limitations}, hence it does not return to the ark.
            “This white-winged dove with the olive branch is the Second Advent, Mary Baker Eddy, bringing the understanding of the Christ from the crown, the Third Degree, into the Second Degree, proving the ‘Human and divine coincidence.’  Mary Baker Eddy is the swift-winged messenger {angel} that brought us this precious Science.  Notice that some thoughts, birds, are reaching out for the understanding of divine Science.  Others are content to wait and watch, others still see its coming, but don’t really care.
            “In Matthew, we read these words of Jesus, ‘A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall be no sign given unto it; but the sign of the prophet Jonas.’ (Matt. 16:4)  The word Jonas means dove, and this is the only sign to be given—the sign of divine Science.”[24]
            Mary Baker Eddy stated on March 27, 1907 (recorded in DCC, p. 26):  “The disciples followed Jesus up to a certain point, and then deserted him, and darkness followed {the Dark Ages}.  Follow the way-shower and you will follow the divine idea; turn away from the way-shower and you turn away from the divine idea, which is like turning away from the windowpane {Mary Baker Eddy referred to herself as a windowpane}, you turn away from the light.  It is not my personality you are following, or that you love.  You are being turned from the person to the idea.  When this is accomplished, then you will be free—in health—to go and do for the world.”
            “Gillman records, ‘The New York critics had written that one objection to the Ascension picture (The Way) was that the scene was located in Concord, New Hampshire (doubtless owing to the New Hampshire appearance of the trees).  I acknowledged to her that I myself had recently thought of that, having had more time to consider it.  “But,” I said after a while, “I do not know as we need to go back to Jesus’ day in Palestine to represent this thought.”  To this she quickly agreed and having been called to lunch some minutes before, she arose and saying to me, “Lunch is ready,” she extended her hand and took mine and led me like a child into the dining room to the table.  “There is too much looking backward two thousand years.  They will find that there is a Way here in Concord as well as in Palestine.”’”[25]
            “The clouds are brighter towards the center and darker on the sides.  The Christ light illumines every object.  The Son of man is again coming in the clouds with great glory.  {This is a symbolic symbol “coming in the clouds” of God’s divine messenger.}  You will notice that there is neither sun nor moon in this picture or in any picture in Christ and Christmas because the Sun and Moon, the greater and lesser light {for the Fourth Day of Principle}, are clearly revealed by His two witnesses.
            “You must not sit idly by as if you were a perfect human.  Six birds are doing just that as they are sitting on the cross.  You must fly out to reach the white winged dove descending from the crown of glory with her message of Science.  Try out your mental wings’ they might be stronger than you think.”[26]  Again, I think that the four birds sitting on the horizontal beam of the cross may represent the legal four Board of Directors.  Alice Orgain and some others explain that these nine birds on and around the cross are the nine sons of Jacob defined in “Glossary”.
            “He alone ascends the hill of Christian Science who follows Christ, the spiritual idea who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Whatever obstructs this way, causing mortals to stumble, fall or faint, Divine Love will remove, and uplift the fallen and strengthen the weak, if only they will forsake their earth weights, and ‘leave behind those things that are behind, and reach forward to those that are before.’  Then, loving God [Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love] supremely, and their neighbor as themselves, they will safely bear the cross up the hill of Science.”  (The Journal, September 1886, p. 133)
            In 1907 Mary Baker Eddy told us that a way-shower must be some thing (like Christian Science) or some one (like Jesus or Mary Baker Eddy).  She said, “Jesus was the Way-shower, the Christ with him, and if he had not been, where would we be?  He showed the way as the masculine idea of Principle, then woman {Mary Baker Eddy} took it up at that point—the ascending thought in the scale—and is showing the way, thus representing the male and female Principle (the male and female of God’s creating).”[27]
            Please read “Prevention and Cure of Divorce” in My. 269.
            “The way to extract error from mortal mind is to poor in truth through flood-tides of Love.  Christian perfection is won on no other basis.
            “Grafting holiness upon unholiness {like with a grapevine}, supposing that sin can be forgiven when it is not forsaken, is as foolish as straining out gnats and swallowing camels.
            “The scientific unity which exists between God and man must be wrought out in life-practice, and God’s will must be universally done.” (S& 201:17-202:5; {My interpolation.})

The cross and crown
            “If you launch your bark upon the ever-agitated but healthful waters of truth, you will encounter storms.  Your good will be evil spoken of.  This is the cross.  Take it up and bear it, for through it you win and wear the crown.  Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God.” (S&H 254:27)

            In taking consideration of the Window Matrix, based upon the window in Illustration VII (seen below), could we not say that the black cross is on the level of Christian Science (yet there is hope for it because it partially is found in absolute Christian Science), that the cross with flowers is on the level of absolute Christian Science but is partially on the level of Divine Science, and that the descending dove and ascending crown are on the level of Divine Science?  The black cross is also located in the tones of Life and Truth, while the crowned-cross, the dove, and the crown are all in the Center of Truth.

            This concludes the final Illustration and the end of this section of STAR OF BOSTON The Life of Mary Baker Eddy.  So we come to the final Keystone, final chapter, and the final Keypetal on Sharon’s Rose.


SEVEN SHARON’S ROSE FLOWERS (I apologize that the photo directly below is not better quality.  The second photo is a shot of a Star of Bethlehem flower with six petals.  I think it is the same flowers depicted in the flower petal below, only the seven flowers have seven petals instead of six.  Photos 3-6 are of what I call Sharon’s Rose Matrix in regards to Christ and Christmas.)

The Seven Star-Flowers

Star of Bethlehem Flower

Part of Sharon’s Rose

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
            And I will give him the MORNING STAR. — Christ Jesus.

            These are the final words in Christ and Christmas before the names of the two artists’ page.
            With this final Keystone and Keypetal we have seven flowers depicted in both Sharon’s Rose and WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  Why is this?  There must be a reason.  Don’t they represent the floral Deities throughout the Seven Days found in Genesis 1:1-2:3?  Are not these seven floral Deities – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love?  Do they not each reflect the seven Names of God equally?  Example:  Mind as Mind, Mind as Spirit, Mind as Soul, Mind as Principle, Mind as Life, Mind as Truth, and Mind as Love.  Further more, could these seven Starflowers symbolize the seven angels spoken of in Revelation, the seven angels for the seven churches?  Could they possibly be the woman (Mind) not Eve (mother of all material beings) which leads to Enoch (who walks with God – does not die), Noah (Spirit), Rachel (Soul), Queen Esther (Principle), the Virgin Mary (Life), Mary Baker Eddy (Truth), and Martha as generic man (Love)?  Are not all of these Starflowers symbolic of the MORNING STAR that Jesus promised to those who overcome error and keep doing the healing works that the Christ does?
            Are not the “nations” the thirteen tribes of Israel?  These thirteen nations are located in the United States of America during the end time (when time is no more and when material organized church and material organized government are no more).  The number thirteen is found in America’s symbols, based upon the thirteen colonies.  Has not the MORNING STAR traversed the sun six times already during the United State’s existence (even though it was not a unified country yet until after the first two transits took place) – June 5, 1761 and June 4, 1769.  The second two transits took place during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission – December 9, 1874 and December 6, 1882.  And during our time now, in the Seventh Day of Love, two transits took place in this new 21st century – June 8, 2004 and June 5, 2012.  (There were no transits during the 20th century.)
            This website was launched on June 5, 2012 in order to present to you the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  Why was this website even needed?  It was needed because The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts and its Publishing Society, and the Branch Churches forgot how to follow their Leader.  They fell off the path of Light because they refuse to follow their Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.  They deny her place in Bible prophecy, they deny that she is the feminine representative of the Christ, they deny that she is the woman God-crowned, and they lie about her place and her importance.  The ways of the red dragon try to make the congregation forget their own Leader, even though it is okay to speak about Jesus all they want to.  Old Christianity is okay but not new Christianity – Christian Science.  The material church organization loves the material organization of church and they refuse to obey the estoppel clauses laid out in the Church Manual.  They disobey the By-Laws given to them by God, because they do not want material organized church (or religion) to end.  They want it to go on forever just as the politicians want to maintain their power over the thirteen sovereign nations.


Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

            Not really, because true government and the true Church is found in the center hub of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  It is the “little book open” where man (which includes woman) finds true government – that of self-government, like how the Branch Churches are supposed to be independent from the Boston Church.  The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston is supposed to become a Branch.  Each Christian Scientist is to be self-governed via the Two Textbooks – the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  It is the center hub of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK where we have the New Jerusalem artichoke Matrix for “Recapitulation” – the teaching chapter of the Textbook, as well as, the fourth squared-cycle of our Unity Matrix for Divine Science depicted as the four walls, or the four sides of the “little book open”.  The Science squared-cycle has the four tones (walls) of Science with the first two chapters being “teaching” chapters and the third and fourth chapters as being KEY chapters.  The four walls are Science as the Word (“Teaching Christian Science”), Science as the Christ (“Recapitulation”), (and the two KEY chapters) Science as Christianity (“Genesis”), and Science as Science (“The Apocalypse”) – this is Divine Science.  Gordon Brown, in Genesis to Revelation, has these four sides (walls) as being four gates corresponding to the last four sections of “The Apocalypse” chapter – new heaven and new earth, no more sea for “Teaching Christian Science”; city foursquare for “Recapitulation”; city of our God for “Genesis”; and man does not want (23rd Psalm) for “The Apocalypse”.  If we correlate these four gates with the four sides what do we get?

            SCIENCE AS THE WORD, with “Teaching Christian Science,” we come to realize that the new heaven and new earth are really our original heaven, “harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul” and our original earth is “eternity and immortality…without beginning or end”.  In this realm of the divine infinite calculus (reckoning) there is no more sea (erroneous thinking belonging to the red dragon).  This takes us to the “Capstone” of…
            SCIENCE AS THE CHRIST, with “Recapitulation.”  This chapter teaches us all about the city foursquare.  It is a city with foundations, like the two feet of the angel of Revelation 10.  These two feet teach that “earth is born of God out of heaven, not out of the dragon’s sea.  The system of capitalization in Christian Science denotes man coming forth directly from the Word which is God, thus being the Christ, Christianity, Science.  Herein lies the divine method of education, or teaching.  ‘Recapitulation’ is the chapter in the textbook on which Mary Baker Eddy based all primary instruction in Christian Science.
            “The ‘city foursquare’ in the section of ‘The Apocalypse’ is specifically the city of divine Science.  It is the ‘bride’ which the Father gives away for each individual to make his own.  In this sense the city of divine Science is, as the text says, ‘our city.’  Man’s timeless present having appeared in the previous section (with its reference to absolute Christian Science), divine Science represents the eternal source and origin of every moment of his being.”[28]
            SCIENCE AS CHRISTIANITY explains the two creation stories in Genesis with “Genesis”, representing the “city of our God” which has no boundaries or limitations because the first creation is accepted as reality.  “The forever unfoldment of man’s present perfection as the city (body) of our God solves every human problem.  That is to say, nothing can ever enter this body which ‘defileth…or maketh a lie.’
            “There is ‘no temple [tempus, time] therein.’  Correspondingly, the seven {really six} days of creation {and the seventh sabbath day}, which begin the fifteenth chapter, ‘Genesis,’ can ‘never be reckoned according to the calendar of time’ (S&H 520:11).  {However, it is thought that each Day is a period of spiritual progression that lasts about 1,000 years, this is based upon the Bible text “one day with the Lord is as a thousand years”.}  This ‘spiritual, holy habitation,’ in which ‘male and female are no longer two wedded individuals {like Adam and Eve}, but…two individual natures in one,’ is quite unlike the world of Adam and Eve as described in the second part of ‘Genesis.’”[29]
            SCIENCE AS SCIENCE explains three important sections for the book of Revelation in “The Apocalypse”.  Its final gate being the spiritually translated 23rd Psalm, where our Shepherd is Love.  This “point is reached where ‘DIVINE LOVE’ is every man’s ‘shepherd,’ and therefore there is no want.  Together, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures typify the shepherd, pastor, and leader of the universal sheepfold of man.”[30]
            “Substituting ‘DIVINE LOVE’ for ‘the Lord’ in the 23rd Psalm gives, we are told, the ‘incorporeal or spiritual sense of Deity.’  This ‘spiritual sense’ regarding one particular Bible term thereafter applies to the Scriptures as a whole as represented by the ‘Glossary.’
            “Let us note carefully the method of capitalization used in this final section of ‘The Apocalypse,’ indicating, as it must, the essential workings of the textbook as a whole, and therefore of Christian Science.  In the Bible, man’s ‘shepherd’ is ‘the Lord.’  The ‘Lord’ is ‘Jehovah,’ and Jehovah (as we learn from the previous fifteenth section) is the ‘human sense of Deity,’ which must, ‘through spiritual transfiguration’ yield to the ‘divine sense.’  This transfiguring is represented as having taken place in the sixteenth and last section, in the 23rd Psalm, where the ‘sense’ is ‘DIVINE LOVE.’
            “Humanity is accorded its ultimate divinity.  The uncapitalized word ‘love’ is fully capitalized as {all small capital letters} ‘LOVE,’ and is written ‘Love {Big capital ‘L’ and small capitals with ‘ove’} only when the larger capital is needed to begin a sentence.  Man is found in God.  He is possessed of God, and does not possess himself.  Man is not God, but God and man are indissolubly one.  ‘Our city’ (fourteenth section) is indeed the ‘city of our God’ (fifteenth section).  The human is transfigured, and the body (temple) is resurrected.  Like Jesus at the transfiguration, and at the resurrection, man, the idea of God, is, was, and ever will be abundantly sustained by the Science of his own being.  He is the Word of God declaring itself.  He is what I AM.”[31]
            Christ and Christmas takes us, with Sharon’s Rose Matrix, through the tones located in the BIBLE itself (Is this why the first Keystone presents to us the Open Bible?  I think so.).  The Word tone of the BIBLE begins with Genesis and goes up to the point with the Kings of Israel and the Sixteen Prophets, which are in the tone for the Christ.  And then the New Testament is in the tone of Christianity.  The Holy Tabernacle was placed in the center hub of the twelve tribes of Israel.  Levi, originally the third son of Jacob, is taken out of the circumference wheel, for Levi is not numbered among the twelve tribes (Numbers 1:47 & 2:33) for they are to take care of the tabernacle.  Levi is placed around the four walls (sides) of the Holy Tent of Meeting; thus, Levi prefigures the New Jerusalem artichoke Matrix and is the thirteenth Starflower.  In Numbers 2 the tribes are given in the following order:  east side, south side, center hub, west side, and finally the north side.  So the order is Christ (Taurus the Bull – earth), Christianity (Aquarius the face of a man – air), Science itself (Love – the fifth element of Life itself), Christian Science (Scorpio the flying eagle – water), and the Word (Leo the lion – fire).  Moses is following the order of the zodiac in order to explain astrology via the divine infinite calculus.  Yet, if we place the four living creatures in their proper place to form the X of divine Science and we do it in the counterclockwise order – then we have the Word (Leo), the Christ (Taurus), Christianity (Aquarius), and Science (Scorpio).  This nullifies astrology’s hold on man and the divine infinite calculus – the true Wheel or Cult of Israel, replaces the zodiac (animal magnetism with its physical forces).  But it is also interesting, if we have these four living creatures in their proper place upon the Wheel Matrix (the Unity Matrix), then Moses has the reader begin on the Left Side of the Window’s Wheel Matrix, then going down, then up to the center, then down to Science and then up to the Word.  This pattern forms a double-u for Womanhood (as seen with the women in prayer throughout Christ and Christmas).  Of course, the center of the W would come up only half way, not up all the way.

            In Numbers Levi is replaced by one of Joseph’s sons on the circumference of the wheel.  And Joseph’s other son take’s Joseph’s place on the Wheel, so Joseph’s lineage has two places on the circumference, or he gets two Stars to his name.[32]  God has Moses place Ephraim and Manasseh, along with Benjamin, on the West Side (the Science Side).  I feel that in this modern day that Ephraim represents Great Britain, Manasseh represents the United States of America, and Benjamin represents Israel.  These three nations must be (it is their duty to be) the brightest LIGHTS in the world.  Are they living up to this duty today?  England is failing its calling – it has been overrun by Muslims and socialist Leftists.  The United States of America is being overrun by peoples from the south (and who knows where else they are coming from) and socialist Leftists.  Israel also has its Muslim people and probably socialist Leftists to contend with.  These three countries MUST STAND!
            To finish up this post, with words from Brown’s book From Genesis to Revelation:  “Thus, in the wake of the resurrection, Christ Jesus revealed to the disciples ‘in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.’  Likewise, the Christian Science Textbook unlocks in the Scriptures, from beginning to end {as in a circle}, the birthless, deathless truth of man.”


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