Starflower of Boston – Part 2

by MJSmith




First Edition

Fast circling on, from zone to zone,
            Bright, blest, afar, —
O’er the grim night of chaos shone
            One lone, brave star.

Scriptural basis:
            I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. — Christ Jesus.

            If we are literally circling on, and the circle symbolizes the earth, then is not the “zone to zone” representative of time zones?  There are twenty-four time zones and there are twenty-four flower petals to the sunflower in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, which surround the “little book open”.  I believe that this sunflower represents a matrix that I have come to call the New Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix.  This name was given to me in a dream vision I had.  I realized that it represented the application of “Recapitulation” (the 14th chapter in SCIENCE AND HEALTH) to the sunflower in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK and the twenty-four elders of Revelation.  John W. Doorly thinks that the 24 question-answer sections in “Recapitulation” are the twenty-four elders found around God’s throne in Revelation.  Below is my New Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix.

            However, it is also possible that the word “zone” means “son” – or rather “month” representing twelve lunar cycles throughout the year, or twelve “Children of Israel.  The representatives of Soul, not corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having wrestled with error, sin, and sense, are governed by divine Science; some of the ideas of God beheld as men, casting out error and healing the sick; Christ’s offspring.” (S&H 583:5)  Israel (Jacob) had twelve sons and one daughter that equal thirteen children.  I would, however, place Dinah in the center of the outer rim of the zodiac belt – to represent the Fifth Element of Love.  She is the seventh daughter of Leah, so she represents Love.  I also feel that since she came before Joseph that she typifies Joseph’s Womanhood, rightly so, Joseph would be placed in the center hub of the circle as well – for he symbolizes God’s Womanhood, this is why he was given the coat of many colors.  And he would symbolize the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting where “Principle and its idea is one.”
            These thirteen zones point us to the spiritual translation of the zodiac (which I believe originally had twelve constellations to it, but Scorpio and Libra were joined as one constellation.).  What constellation is no longer part of the zodiac today?  It is the forgotten Ophiucus, the serpent bearer – or one who handles the serpent of error.  Is this not the forgotten daughter Dinah, today known as Mary Baker Eddy?  Dinah was Leah’s seventh child.  Dinah had to come before Joseph, Rachel’s (Love’s) first son.  Joseph was the spiritual idea that Dinah prefigured.  Joseph saved his family from spiritual starvation.  Joseph was one of the twelve stars of the woman’s crown, yet, Joseph’s star was handed down to his son (in Numbers) while Levi’s star was given to Joseph’s other son, and Levi was placed inside the crown, near the hub of activity, to become the New Jerusalem Artichoke Matrix (placed around the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting (Dinah [cross] and Joseph [crown] as one) – later to be translated into “a little book open”).
            Mary Baker Eddy is “One lone, brave star” or rather “the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”  This star is also her Revelation of divine Science.  The morning star is one name for the planet Venus and Venus is also the name of a goddess.  The symbol for Venus is a circle on top of a plus sign, or a crown and a cross as one.  In Revelation Venus is not literally mentioned, but is hinted at in chapter 12 as being the woman God-crowned.  Venus becomes clothed with the sun when it transits the sun.  Venus is also clothed with a cloud, like the angel of Revelation 10 (which Mary Baker Eddy also is).
            During Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission Venus traversed the sun twice.  The first was December 9, 1874 while the second was December 6, 1882.  Both were on a Wednesday symbolic of Odin and Mercury.  Mercury has feet like the angel of Revelation 10.
            If we accept all of this as being of importance in relating to Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission, then can we deny that she is the angel of Revelation 10, as well as, the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12?
            Like Dinah, Mary Baker Eddy was raped.  She was not physically raped, but the men raped her Church after December 3, 1910 when they disobeyed the estoppel clauses in her Church Manual.  Her Heritage City-Foursquare became the spoilage of those men in charge when they issued the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.
            “In view of the all-embracing range of the Scriptural basis of this first picture, the full signification of the title of the book, Christ and Christmas, should be readily seen in this first picture as the re-dedicating of Christmas, typing Jesus’ first appearing, to the ‘Christ’ of Jesus’ ‘Second appearing.’  Thus the ‘Star of Bethlehem,’ the title of this first picture, as indicating the birthplace of the personal Jesus in his first appearing to the human consciousness, must be rededicated to the ‘star of Boston,’ indicating the birthplace of the impersonal Jesus in his ‘second appearing’ as Truth.  And Mary Baker Eddy herself dedicates the ‘star of Bethlehem’ to ‘the star of Boston’, saying:  ‘The star of Bethlehem is the star of Boston…that looketh down on the long night of human beliefs, to pierce the darkness and melt into dawn’ (Mis. 320:23).”[1]
            Because the same title of this Illustration is given to a Window in Mother’s Room (in Boston itself) that we must understand that this particular Illustration not only points us to the Mind that Mary Baker Eddy manifested, but that it also points to her holy spiritual Life mission.  And this is why I also call this piece I am presenting to you as the “STARFLOWER OF BOSTON” because the star in the Window is a flower.  It is not just any flower, but it is also the flower called Star of Bethlehem, only it has seven petals instead of six.  All the Stars seen in Christ and Christmas have seven points of light.  This represents the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love.
            Mary Baker Eddy’s mission “under the light of ‘the star of Boston’ was her re-discernment of the same ‘infant idea’ of the Christ which Mary brought forth through her ‘self conscious communion with God’ (S&H 29:32).  Mrs. Eddy in Science presents ‘The Holy Family’ {seen below and to the left of the Star} in quality ‘as Life, represented by the Father; as Truth, represented by the Son; as Love, represented by the Mother’ (S&H 569:1).  This enables each individual to impersonally and progressively incorporate ‘The Holy Family’ in quality as Life, Truth, and Love into his own consciousness.  ‘At present we know not what we are, but certainly we shall be Love, Life, and Truth, when we understand them’ (2nd ed. S&H p. 19.  Also in first edition.).
            “In this picture ‘The Holy Family’ as an ascending idea turns its back on the human consciousness, in line with Christianity’s ‘Get thee behind me, Satan.’  The cloud-formed head of the woman, in the right side of the picture {is seen below, I also see the shape of a man standing with his arms crossed; when the book is looked at sideways the cloud head turns into the head of Jesus (his second coming?)}, typifying Science, prayerfully faces its problem—the more subtle forms of the human consciousness such as ‘lust and hypocrisy’—until it overcomes their resistance.  This illustrates the difference between Christianity (which rose above error), typed by Jesus in his first coming, and Science (which demands the facing and scientific overcoming of error by each individual consciousness), typed by Jesus’ second coming, under the light of the ‘star of Boston.’”[2]

The head of the woman and the man’s body

The profile of Jesus

            I have had a hard time seeing a male figure next to the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.  I have read that he stands behind them.  Yet, I have never been able to see a figure that might supposedly be Joseph.  However, and I think that this is important, that the shape forming Madonna and Child can be viewed in a different way.  When looked at differently it takes the form of the profile of a man!  Perhaps this man’s head is supposed to be Joseph?
            Alice Orgain explains what the word dedication means:  “de, down, + dico, declare”.   She explains that it is “a call from above to a mission, or purpose, larger than one’s consciousness can comprehend, but which one inspirationally accepts.  The first step in ascending Church is dedication to Love’s plan.”[3]
            Christ and Christmas “must be a new revelation of the God-anointed mission of our Leader” (January 1894 Christian Science Journal, p. 467)
            This fact was publicly printed in 1894 as Truth!  Yet, would today’s Journal be willing to make such a statement?  “God-anointed mission” is just another way of saying “God-crowned mission”!
            This Illustration “identifies the dedicatory call to the mission of the revelation of Womanhood through Mrs. Eddy’s consciousness {based upon Mind}.  In Retrospection and Introspection, on pages eight and nine, Mrs. Eddy records the divine call to dedicate herself to the fulfillment of her great mission.  As a little child at the age of eight she heard repeatedly over a period of time a voice calling three successive times, ‘Mary, Mary, Mary.’  {Mary thought it was her mother, Abigail Baker, calling for her, but when she would go to her mother her mom would say that she had not called to her.  This means that Mary heard God’s voice as a feminine voice.}  She records the confusion and distress it brought into her life until her mother (after the call to her was heard by another little child—her cousin {From things I have read, I have the impression that her cousin was older than Mary.}) interpreted it to her as a call similar to that which came to little Samuel and suggested she answer in the words of Samuel.  The call came, and after replying, ‘Speak, Lord; for Thy servant heareth’ (I Sam. 3:9), her child-consciousness never heard the call again, for she had accepted in her life the dedication it demanded of her.”[4]
            What is not reported is that after her mom spoke to her on the subject little Mary did not at first answer the call.  She was afraid to do so.  But immediately after not responding to Mother’s call (God’s call), she cried and was sorry that she did not speak.  She prayed to be given another chance to respond.  When she heard God’s call she responded and was lifted up into the air (this is not in Retrospection and Introspection) and then placed back upon the bed.  This happened three times.  She did not speak much of this to anyone.  But can you imagine this happening to you at eight years old?  What would it have meant to her?  Did this initially help her to understand that material laws were unreal?  Did she spiritually understand at that very moment that God’s Law was dominant over physical law?
            Helen writes on page 103, “The real key, however, to any figure in Christ and Christmas is Mrs. Eddy’s other writings.  She explains the symbols used in Christ and Christmas throughout her writings.  We must seek them out.”  I have found this to be true.  When I read her writings I often say to myself, “This applies to Illustration …” or something like this.  I will also write the name of the Illustration by that text in my Textbook.  One big example, that is quite clear, is her Allegory about the Stranger.  It correlates perfectly with Illustration 10 – TRUTH versus ERROR.
            “The first Biblical quote in Christ and Christmas is a statement of the Master’s stating that he is the bright and morning star.  The last quote in Christ and Christmas also deals with this same morning star.”[5]  I think that it was the Christ making the statements even though it was the Christ of Jesus saying them.
            The first quote points to Christ Jesus, while the final quote points to the second coming of Christ.  “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works  [demonstrating Christian Science] unto the end [time – the Sixth and Seventh Days], to him will I give power over the nations [zones of 12 that are reunited in the United States of America]:
            “And I will give him the MORNING STAR. — Christ Jesus.”

The Morning Star

            Remember the morning star is one name for Venus, which traversed the sun twice during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission.  “The star is Mary Baker Eddy in its relative, human appearing—the transparency through which the divine, absolute Christ, Truth, appears to this age.  This picture represents the dual appearing of the Woman, as generic man and as Mary Baker Eddy.  Thus the two phases of the woman in the Apocalypse are represented in this picture, but both as one star, ‘the star of Boston.’
            “Throughout Mrs. Eddy’s life, the phrase, ‘Lone as a solitary star,’ appealed to her as an apt description of her fate.  It first appeared in the early poems to Colonel Glover {her first husband}, and did not make its exit until forty-six years later in a letter to her son, the second George Glover.  In a letter to George Glover in April of 1898, she says, after pointing out that her life was ‘as pure as that of angels,’ that she was ‘alone in the world, more alone than a solitary star.’  One definition of the word star is:  ‘A person of brilliant qualities standing pre-eminently among his fellows.’
            “The very important margin note in Science and Health, p. 511:12 reads, ‘Darkness scattered.’  The darkness is indeed being scattered in this first picture of Christ and Christmas.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘At the present time this Bethlehem star looks down upon the long night of materialism, — material religion, material medicine, a material world; and it shines as of yore, though it “shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”  But the day will dawn and the daystar {another name for Venus} will appear, lighting the gloom, guiding the steps of progress from molecule and mortals outward and upward in the scale of being’ (Miscellany 110).  This is not ‘the pale star’ that shone to the ‘prophet shepherds;’ this is the ‘guiding star of being‘ (S&H vii) [the Second Coming of the Christ, the Comforter, prophesied and promised by Jesus.]”[6]
            “The seven-pointed star represents the seven synonyms for God, given to us by Mary Baker Eddy through her man-child named Christian Science, and this again identifies the star more closely with her.”[7]
            Hanna (?) explains that the large black cloud on the left is supposed to be the red dragon of Revelation 12.
            Red Dragon.  Error; fear; inflammation; sensuality; subtlety; animal magnetism; envy; revenge.” (S&H 593:7)
            “The great red-dragon symbolizes a lie, — the belief that substance, life, and intelligence can be material.  This dragon stands for the sum total of human error…This malicious animal instinct of which the dragon is the type, incites mortals to kill morally and physically even their fellow-mortals, and worse still, to charge the innocent with the crime.  This last infirmity of sin will sink its perpetrator into a night without a star.” (S&H 563:8)
            Who is it that the red dragon is after in Revelation 12?  It is first the woman’s child, but when it is caught up unto heaven he then turns his attention to the woman herself.  The red dragon is after Mary Baker Eddy by drowning her in false propaganda (false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy).  One of the propaganda tactics is to claim that anyone could have written SCIENCE AND HEALTH; they just had to beat Mary Baker Eddy to the top of the mountain before she got there!  Yet, Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “No person can take the individual place of the Virgin Mary.  No person can compass or fulfill the individual mission of Jesus of Nazareth.  No person can take the place of the author of Science and Health, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.  Each individual must fill his own niche in time and eternity.  The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the spiritual advent of the advancing idea of God, as in Christian Science“ (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 70).  Yet, false teachings, false propaganda has been written and published in the Journals and Sentinels stating the opposite of Mary’s words from R&I!  “The main exponent of this dragon-thought is [ecclesiasticism], which strives to separate Mary Baker Eddy from her revelation.  [Mrs. Eddy said old theology was her worst enemy.]”[8]
            “The understanding of Mary Baker Eddy’s life and light breaks up the dragon thought.  The [first] picture indicates this is accomplished when she is recognized as the star of Boston, the second witness, as distinguished from the star of Bethlehem, the first witness, Christ Jesus.  If her place is not recognized, the dragon remains active [because there is nothing to resist it].  Two-faced malicious animal magnetism [ecclesiasticism], is uncovered and destroyed when the light of her place shines forth.”[10]
            The cloud on the Side of Light appears to be a woman in prayer.  I feel that this is why this Illustration goes with the chapter “Prayer”.  It was Mary Baker’s prayers that opened up the BIBLE to her.  “The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, — a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love.  Regardless of what another may say or think on this subject, I speak from experience.  Prayer, watching, and working, combined with self-immolation, are God’s gracious means for accomplishing whatever has been successfully done for the Christianization and health of mankind.” (S&H 1:1)



First Edition

In tender mercy, Spirit sped
            A loyal ray
To rouse the Living, wake the dead,
            And point the Way —

The Christ-idea, God anoints —
            Of Truth and Life;
The Way in Science He appoints,
            That stills all strife.

Scriptural basis:
            Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God:  and they that hear shall live. — Christ Jesus.
            The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. — Isaiah.

            “The women in this picture have on the ‘wedding garment.’ …we see that woman is the first to understand and to welcome the Science of being [“Woman” means man or woman who is putting on the Christ selfhood.]  The mortal in the background with his hand uplifted in protest stands for mortals’ antagonism to the ‘Christ Healing’ revealed through Mary Baker Eddy.  He stands for old theology.  His hand upraised in protest shows his cards; protesting full force against what Mary Baker Eddy was to bring as the ‘Comforter,’ revealed in the Second Coming of the Christ.  But Mary Baker Eddy’s great revelation shines on as ‘O’er the grim night of chaos shone One lone brave star.’  Note that there is no dark robe on ‘woman.’  Mary Baker Eddy’s great revelation is teaching us all what Jesus demonstrated.”[11]
            The wedding is not a physical wedding, but the wedding between the Lamb and the Lamb’s Bride.  I feel that both women represent Mary Baker Eddy, I use to think that the standing woman could be her mother, and this is quite possible when related (as below) to Mary’s healing as a child.  The woman sitting up in the coffin is on the Side of Life while the standing woman is on the Side of Light (Love).  Therefore, the sitting woman represents Mary Baker Eddy’s Life and the standing woman represents Mary Baker Eddy’s Light.  Her arms form, even though we cannot see it, the shape of a W.  This W stands for Womanhood.
            Death is really a reference to people “being buried in dogmas [human opinions]” (Mis. 168:91).  Thus, death is burial, or submergence, in static Christianity.  The man depicted, who is objecting to CHRIST HEALING, is buried in dogmas.  Originally Mary Baker Eddy used the following BIBLE verse in SCIENCE AND HEALTH until 1910.  “The people which sat in darkness saw a great light; and to them that sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.
            “Doubtless Mrs. Eddy felt that those Christians who had ‘sat down on the right hand of God’ with Jesus were too much ‘asleep’ in Jesus to hear the voice of his ‘second appearing,’ which awakens woman to her mission, as typed by the girl in the coffin.  Therefore, she made this change in wording, from ‘sat’ as used in the New Testament verse, to ‘walked’ as used in the original text of the Old Testament.  The former, ‘sat,’ is a passive state of mind, the latter, ‘walked,’ is an actively progressive state of mind.  Only those who are walking in darkness feel its limitation, and struggle for the advancing light of life.  Thus they alone can rise to the call of the ‘second appearing.’”[12]
            “We must regard the literal raising of Jairus’ daughter at the age of twelve as a prototype of the more figurative experience in Mrs. Eddy’s life at the same age, when she rose above creeds and dogmas at the time of joining the Congregational Church, recorded by Mrs. Eddy as follows:
            “‘At the age of twelve I was admitted to the Congregational (Trinitarian) Church….Before this step was taken, the doctrine of unconditional election, or predestination, greatly troubled me….So perturbed was I by the thoughts aroused by this erroneous doctrine, that the family doctor was summoned, and pronounced me stricken with fever.  My father’s relentless theology emphasized belief in a final judgment-day, in the danger of endless punishment, and in a Jehovah merciless towards unbelievers; and of those things he now spoke, hoping to win me from dreaded heresy.  My mother, as she bathed my burning temples, bade me lean on God’s love {Side of Light}.  [Doing so, Mary was comforted and healed.]
            “‘[When questioned by the pastor]…I stoutly maintained that I was willing to trust God and take my chance of spiritual safety with my brothers and sisters—not one of whom had then made any profession of religion—even if my creedal doubts left me outside the doors [of church]…. To the astonishment of many, the good clergyman’s heart also melted, and he received me into their communion, and my protest along with me’ (Ret. pp. 13-15).
            “The raising of Mrs. Eddy by ‘the Christ-idea’ from among those ‘buried in dogmas’ was of larger portent than the mere bursting of the creedal bonds of one church.  It was rather a bursting of the bonds of Christianity itself.  ‘Christianity reveals God as an ever-present Truth and Love…raising the dead; a divine good that gives life to the religion buried in materiality, that resurrects men from a material sense of Truth and Love, to their spiritual understanding and demonstration’ (Historical Sketch of Metaphysical Healing p. 13).”[13]
            Of course this Illustration also represents Mary Baker Eddy’s healing on February 4, 1866.  Her “theological pastor ‘came to bid her goodbye before proceeding to his morning service, as there was no probability that she would be alive at its close’ (Pul. 34:8-10), thus casting the dark mantle of old theological dogma over the healing ‘Christ-idea’ in her own consciousness.  Immediately after her pastor left, she was forced to request the retirement, from her bedchamber, of the little group awaiting her ‘death’—an exact repetition of Jesus’ necessity in raising Jairus’ daughter to ‘put them all out’ of the room before he could effect his ‘Christ-Healing’ purpose.  Mrs. Eddy [first as the child Mary Baker and then as the invalid Mrs. Patterson] was forced to triumphantly rise above old theological dogma in both instances.”[14]
            “…Her first healing forced her to humanly embrace the divine life of Jesus in his first appearing before she could rise through the purity of her own human life in her second healing to the divine appointing of Truth in Jesus’ ‘second appearing’ ‘without sin’ [humanity] ‘unto salvation’ [as a redemptive idea] (Heb. 9:28).”[15]
            This Illustration definitely represents the time when she had a frozen water fall in Lynn, Massachusetts (1866).  Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Miscellaneous Writings 24:2 – “St. Paul writes:  ‘For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.’  This knowledge came to me in an hour of great need; and I give it to you as death-bed testimony to the daystar that dawned on the night of material sense.”
            Mary Baker Eddy had to overcome the animal magnetism spewed forth by the ecclesiastical despotism of old religion (the old robes worn by the man) and materia medica.  Her doctor also told her that she was going to die, and to expect it.  When he visited her, after her healing, he took credit for her revival through the medicine he prescribed her.  But she pulled it from her drawer and showed him that she had not taken any of the medicine.  After her healing she had no more monthly cycles of blood, and there was no full moon for February 1864 even though one had been predicted.  These were two signs that Mary Baker Glover was the woman God-crowned, for her feet was upon the moon, she had dominion over physical law.  And yet, the serpent continued to dog her steps.



First Edition

What the Beloved {Jesus} knew and taught
            Science repeats,
Through understanding clearly sought,
            With fierce heart beats;

Scriptural basis:
            But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. – Christ Jesus.

            “The first picture in Christ and Christmas covered Mrs. Eddy’s spiritual experience previous to her discovery of Christian Science.  The second picture and this third picture cover Mrs. Eddy’s nine years of teaching and practice before she established a church.”[16]
            The first line of this section of poem “animated the first edition of Science and Health, in which Mrs. Eddy denounced church on the basis of Jesus’ example.  Despite this, her students disobediently started a church which lasted a year, ending in rebellion.”[17]
            “Jesus is never mentioned again in the poem, except once negatively, the Christ taking the place of Jesus from the third picture to the end of the poem.  The Christ is Woman, whereas the ‘Christ-idea’ in the verse of the poem corresponding to the second picture refers to Christianity (S&H 577:15-17).  Hence Christ and Christmas was accepted by Mrs. Eddy as outlining her own mission (Christian Science Journal, January 1894) as distinguished from that of Jesus, or Christianity.
            “The Scriptural basis given by Mrs. Eddy for this third picture and the corresponding stanza of the poem, demands the seeking of ‘the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.’  This text shows the great distance between the third picture as the Christianity, or manhood, of Science, that presents God’s kingdom as a heavenly goal ‘without’ oneself, and the inner consciousness of Science, wherein ‘Love…seeketh not her own’ (S&H 538:1).  Love has no need to seek ‘her own,’ for she has it as an indissoluble manifestation of which she can never be deprived.  ‘Divine Love [your own right Mind – “the kingdom of God within you”] cannot be deprived of its manifestation, or object’ (S&H 304:10).  As Mrs. Eddy’s last addition to her spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s prayer declares, ‘Thy kingdom is come; thou art ever present [to us on earth].’
            “Jesus said, ‘The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head’ (Matt. 8:20).  This is the inevitable result of laying one’s treasures in heaven as Jesus did and advised others to do.  This Christian attitude of mind is illustrated in this third picture by the bare surroundings, by the black garments of the woman, by the serpent (old theology {animal magnetism}), which hisses behind her, by the clock of time indicating ‘mortal measurements’ (S&H 595:17), and by the candlelight signifying that it is night.
            “No one can doubt that this third picture is intended to represent Mrs. Eddy writing the first edition of Science and Health in her attic skylight room at Lynn, Massachusetts.”[18]  As of November 2018 I somewhat disagree with this statement because all but the last chapter of her book had been written by the time she moved into #8 Broad Street.  (Also, she is not really writing anything in this Illustration, in the next paragraph you can see what I mean.)  What she wrote under her skylight and what she had left to write was its final chapter “Healing the Sick.”  She did not want to write this chapter but she had no choice, for the subject of the chapter was animal magnetism.  I believe this is why the talking serpent is behind her in this Illustration.
            In this particular Illustration Mary Baker Eddy is not writing anything down, but her BIBLE is an open book.  “Mrs. Eddy says in connection with her writing of Science and Health, ‘I could not write these notes after sunset.  All thought in the line of Scriptural interpretation would leave me until the rising of the sun.  Then the influx of divine interpretation would pour in upon my spiritual sense’ (My. 114:18).”[19]  Yet, in the painted Window at the head of Mother’s Room she does seem as if she is writing down notes.  It seems as if “the influx of divine interpretation” is pouring in upon her spiritual sense.  So, does the Window represent daytime instead of the midnight hour?  And what of this midnight hour in the Illustration?  Does this not point to the idea that Mary Baker Eddy is the Bride (the Word) even though she told us that she was only God’s scribe “echoing the harmonies of heaven in divine metaphysics” (My. 115:4)?

            “The woman in this third picture is not writing in the light of day but is thinking in the candlelight of reason (“divine metaphysics”).  This dual position—taking no thought for her revelation [which pours in] after ‘the rising of the sun,’ but reasoning in the candlelight of night—is the struggle between womanhood and manhood qualities in her consciousness, which resulted in ‘understanding, dearly sought, with fierce heart beats…’”[20]
            This means that this Illustration represents Mary Baker Patterson’s manhood while the painted Window represents Mary Baker Glover Eddy’s womanhood.  “Her daylight revelation {via womanhood} corresponded to the ‘irradiance of Life’ in her own consciousness; and her nighttime quest {via manhood} was her endeavor to adapt her daytime revelation for presentation to the beclouded consciousness of her own followers in their limited conception of scientific Christianity.”[21]
            On page 125-126 of STAR OF BOSTON there is a symbolic reason for the dark clothes that Mary Baker Glover is wearing, different from my idea that the clothes represent the cloud that the angel of Revelation 10 dons.  “The woman in this picture wears the dark shadow clothes of human reason.  {Is this before she reckons with the infinite divine calculus?}  (Everyone who touches {I think this should say, who is near} the Bible {in Christ and Christmas} is clothed in black.)  Here Mrs. Eddy reasons as the man-angel consciousness—light in front, problem behind (533:27, 534:5-7).  The Bible was direct revelation {an open book} to Mrs. Eddy, and it had to be wedded to the reason of the Western mentality.  Reason and the Bible must be wed, and they are wed through the direct revelation Mrs. Eddy received from divine Mind.”
            The talking serpent not only represents animal magnetism, but old theology, ecclesiastical despotism and corporeal sense (See S&H 533:31).  Of course, the serpent must be corporeal sense because it, the spinal cord, is found coiled (like a copper wire) around the spinal column of Adam (the trunk of the tree of good and evil).  The serpent represents the nervous system, thus corporeal sense.  It was left alone so it grew into the red dragon in Revelation 12.  Mary Baker Eddy justified “placing the serpent behind the woman in this picture (despite the objections of her artist) by quoting a portion of Revelation from Rotherham’s translation, ‘And the serpent [old theology] cast out of his mouth behind the woman, water as a river, that he might cause her to be river-borne’ (Mis. 373:9).”[22]  Remember that at this time Mary Baker Eddy is living in Lynn.  Lynn happens to mean:  “waterfall; river.”  Mary Baker Eddy had a water fall in Lynn (where she slipped on ice and fell upon the sidewalk’s curb) in 1866.  This led to her healing depicted in Illustration II.  It was also in Lynn that she went into the healing business with Richard Kennedy.  Richard Kennedy turned against her and became the serpent that used animal magnetism (mesmerism) against other students of Christian Science (in order to turn them away from Mary Baker Eddy) and his enemy became Mary Baker Eddy.
            “The warfare for the demonstrable purification of the human sense of man after he had been theoretically declared to be pure and holy was the inevitable conflict pictured in Revelation.  [Mrs. Eddy’s interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer states, “Thy kingdom is come.  Thou art ever present.”]
            “‘The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse typifies the divine method of warfare in Science’ (S&H 568:5).  This warfare must needs prepare the soil of human consciousness for the reception of the divine revelation of the God-crowned Woman as against the resistance of Old Theology, for it was thus prophesied; hence the ‘fierce heart-beats.’  The water which the serpent, the dragon, old theology, cast out of his mouth behind the woman in Revelation’s twelfth chapter, was his always-taunting demand for more and more purification, [whereas Science and Truth reveals man’s present perfection].”[23]  Yet, the dragon pursues the woman, so it is trying to drown the spiritual idea Mary Baker Eddy with its false propaganda, its false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy.  Is this not the real war that we must defeat with Truth?
            “The woman handles the serpent by seeing the divine origin of man.  {She sees that physiology is a lie of Adam, not real “Creation,” and she understands the the second creation of Adam, physiology, is not the divine origin of man.}  ‘Man is as perfect now, and henceforth, and forever, as when the stars first sang together, and creation joined in the grand chorus of harmonious being’ (Mis. 188:3).  Man’s past is written in God.”[24]
            Is not this woman, the one who handles the serpent?  Ophiucus being the symbol of what Mary Baker Eddy has done, especially in handling animal magnetism and Ophiucus is the forgotten, or hidden, constellation of the zodiac.
            I firmly believe that the Grandmother clock in this Illustration not only points to the Midnight Hour (with the wedding), but also to Revelation 12:1-5, these verses take place before the woman is carried by the wings of an eagle (the fourth living creature for Science) into the wilderness.  This is before Mary Baker Eddy’s wilderness Mother experience begins.  (Seen below are the two Keystones from WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK that I feel symbolize the wedding of the Midnight Hour.)

            “Her right hand {symbolizing the Side of Light (Love)} is under the {Network matrix} table and is a symbol of unused power – the power to be revealed in Science and Health.  Her quill is partly light and partly shadow showing that the Truth has not yet been completely revealed.  {I believe that she is Truth (Michael the angel) because she is in the center of the Illustration.  At this point what does Truth have left to teach the world but the power to unmask animal magnetism?}  Mrs. Eddy’s life was half spent when her healing came in 1866.  The candle is half spent in this picture; she is past the center of her {physical} life {only}.  The clock therefore is at 12:05 which is also equivalent to Revelation twelve, verse five:  ‘And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron {divine Science}:  and her child was caught up unto God [infinite ever-present good], and to his throne.’  This prophecy is being fulfilled in this picture.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love {Michael and Gabriel}, melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, — to be found in its divine Principle’ (S&H 565:18).”[25]
            The Hanna manuscript tells us that the night “is the time of false manhood.”[26]   However, Alice Orgain did not stipulate this.  He also mentions that the “serpent [old theology] is malicious animal magnetism seeking to devour the child [the great revelation in Science and Health] before it is born {published in October 1875)…the talking, lying serpent is now being uncovered by her {in “Healing the Sick”}.  Notice the forked tongue [of the serpent], again symbolizing the two-faced nature of ecclesiasticism….When she is understood as the woman of prophecy, the serpent [old theology] is destroyed, broken up and dissolved.  It has no power when she is seen correctly.  Malicious animal magnetism cannot combat a searching thought that is finding its proof.”[27]  I like the American Indian’s phrase, “speaketh with forked tongue”.  This is a reference to someone who lies.  The serpent always lies because it constantly tells us, “there is life, truth, intelligence, and substance in matter.”
            Mary Baker Eddy “knew that [ecclesiasticism] claims that the farther away in time we are separated from her, the more it could submerge {via the red dragon’s flood} her in the past until finally she would be vaguely referred to, or entirely forgotten.  That is why the serpent and time are behind her.  The serpent utilizes time to accomplish its evil purposes.  Once she was forgotten, we would use her precious books, bask in the privileges of the Cause, and say we are Christian Scientists with never a thought of her.  We would give testimonies on Wednesday evening without a mention of her.  We would write for the periodicals never mentioning her or giving gratitude for her.  [This happens far too frequently.  This is what Isaiah’s ‘small and feeble’ remnant are working day and night to remedy.]  A right apprehension and acknowledgment of her will maintain our Cause and further the interests of the one divinity.  In Miscellaneous Writings, we read ‘Christian Science is my only ideal, and the individual and his ideal can never be severed.  If either is misunderstood or maligned, it eclipses the other with the shadow cast by this error’ (p. 105:21).”[28]
            How would the serpent drown (submerge) the woman?  “The serpentine form stands for subtlety, winding its way amidst all evil, but doing this in the name of good.  Its sting is spoken of by Paul, when he refers to ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’  It is the animal instinct in mortals which would impel them to devour each other and cast out devils through Beelzebub” (S&H 563).  Are not the spiritually wicked those placed in power as heads of the churches, as well as, in our governments?
            Hanna (?) speaks of Mark 4 in relation to the candlestick:  “And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed?  And not to be set on a candlestick?  For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.”  “Indeed, that which was ‘secret’ from the foundation of the world was to be revealed.  The snuffer near the candlestick’s glimmer of light is ready to snuff out human opinion (the Second Degree):  human goodness, and human wisdom.  She is reaching for the divine light.  Notice the light emanating from her head; it is the inner Christ light beginning to shine forth, showing that she is indeed getting divine inspiration as opposed to human wisdom.
            “The ear is uncovered, and she is deep in thought listening for her Father-Mother’s heavenly voice.  To ‘uncover the ear’ is to whisper or tell a secret to one.  (See I Samuel 9:15.)  Again this is the secret hidden from the foundation of the world.”[29]  We see mostly her right profile – the Light of Love that she is to the world.  Revelation means “to uncover”.  What is uncovered in Revelation, as well as in SCIENCE AND HEALTH, is animal magnetism.  It is exposed for what it is – nothing!  The Apocalypse means, “to uncover error”.  This really is what is taking place in Illustration III.
            “The white frills at the collar of the throat and sleeves show purity of action, and denote clarity of thinking.  She tells us that the Bible was her textbook, and that is shown in this picture; it is illuminated by the Christ.”[30]  It is impossible for malicious animal magnetism (hypnotic suggestion) to poison Mary Baker Glover’s clear thinking and acting.  Her left hand (understanding of divine Life) “is in the inner Christ glow, symbolizing reason reaching out to inspiration.  She says, ‘…I won my way to absolute conclusions through divine revelation, reason, and demonstration.’ (S&H 109).”[31]
            True “Creation” is not physical where the serpent (five material senses) and the Adam brain telegraph each other to see how matter feels, what matter sees, what matter hears, tastes or smells.  True “Creation” is based upon the Six Days of Genesis 1 and the Sabbath Day of Genesis 2:1-3.



First Edition

Thus Christ, eternal and divine,
            To celebrate
As Truth demands, — this living Vine
            Ye demonstrate.

For heaven’s CHRISTUS, earthly Eves,
            By Adam bid,
Make merriment on Christmas eves,
            O’er babe and crib.

Scriptural basis:
            The tabret, and pipe and wine, are in their feasts:  but they regard not the work of the Lord, neither consider the operation of His hands, — Isaiah.
            Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. — Job.

            “Since you, dear reader, are Mind, Spirit, Soul—in other words, since you are Principle—you are destined to express only Life, Truth and Love.  Each individual has both the masculine and feminine qualities.  Every picture of Christ and Christmas shows this.  {So what need do we have for feminist groups?}
            “This fourth picture, “Christmas Eve” with its crowded, artificial setting and frenetic festivity, presents a marked contrast to the next, the fifth picture, “Christmas Morn,” where two angels as one divine being float in serene rapture over a quiet landscape at sunrise.
            “While picture five presents the dawning Truth, this fourth picture depicts the mortal seeming—the illusion, or what hypnotism suggests is real.  It shows the errors Mrs. Eddy came to free us from.  Note the aged, the infants, the cripples {actually, I do not see any crippled people, I see only}, the invalid in a wheel chair.  Note the artificial light {animal magnetism}; {and} the focus on getting, rather than giving {I’m not sure that this is so, to me I see two children giving and two girls (in front of the tree) with expectant hands ready to receive.}
            “The birth of the Christ in our consciousness does not take place as ‘earthly Eves by Adam bid make merriment on Christmas Eve o’er babe and crib.’  Even in the midst of their celebration, the revelers find, ‘Man that is born of a woman is of a few days and full of trouble.’”[32]
            The giant Christmas tree is beheaded; it has no crown.  It also has the shape of a triangle and thus it symbolizes the little Boston Edifice as a material organization.  Once you cut down a tree it is dead, so this Christmas tree is a dead tree and Jesus was crucified on a dead tree.  However, there is an invisible crown, or an invisible capstone to this tree.  It is found within the tree as a boys face as the top of the capstone head and a window and a door as the base of it, the window representing Mary Baker Eddy (the Woman God-crowned Window) while the door represents Christ Jesus (Mary First at the Resurrection Window).  I believe the boy symbolizes the Immanuel Arch that leads into Mother’s Room.

            This invisible capstone (headstone) was revealed to me after I had a dream vision that I titled “The Ghost Museum Dream”.  In it I had a partner and we were investigating, inside a museum, sightings of ghosts (translated a ghost represents personal sense).  I have written about this in other posts so I would like to keep this short.  What led me to seeing the capstone in Illustration IV is that in the dream I had an illustrated poem.  The illustration was of a giant man sitting on a foursquare chair.  The giant’s head was cut off by the edge of the drawing, like how the Christmas tree is missing its head.  Then in front of the giant’s body was a floating head.  The head was of William Shatner (actor who played Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek).  Afterward I went to the front desk of the museum and spoke to a man behind the information desk.  I believe this man to have been God.  I made a comment that I liked whom they (the museum) chose for the giant’s head.  He said something like, “I thought Shatner would be funny.”  So I felt that he was responsible for the illustration to the poem.  This dream took place in 1996.  It was not until May 1999 that the prophecy of the dream came true.  For William Shatner would fulfill the role of the Big Giant Head on the TV series Third Rock From the Sun.  I was in Michigan when it aired and the very morning that the show was to air I looked at my sister-in-law’s refrigerator.  There was her Captain Kirk magnet and he was beheaded!  I knew that I had to see the episode.  Could the message have been clearer?  I think not!  It became clear to me, sometime after having the dream, that this Christmas tree was a decapitated giant body of material organization (of the church).
            “In this picture the tree is lopped off at the top and so points to nothing, neither is there the symbolic star in the tree top, to signify a higher conception that the emotional pleasure of those present suggests.  Above all, there is no light of star, typing a spiritual source of life, shining from without.  {I also would like to point out that the crown molding is located way beneath the upper portion of the Christmas tree.  Also, you can see that the tree stretches above the ceiling because the light is connected to the room’s ceiling.  I just wanted to point this out because I, for one, think it is odd.  I think that the tree was meant to be too big for the room.}  Those participating in this commemoration — with the exception of the woman in the wheel chair [which could represent Mrs. Eddy at the time when her students turned against her] and the man in the extreme left, with his back turned on the festivities — fail to see ‘the operation of His, God’s, hands.’  They fail to see the spiritual idea behind the symbols of ‘the work of the Lord.’  They fail to see the Christ as the ‘living Vine,’ which must be lived rather than commemorated.”[33]
            Orgain believes that this Illustration “corresponds to the second edition of Science and Health, [just as picture three corresponded to the first edition.]  {This was the Noah’s Ark edition.  “Ark.  Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle; the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter.
            “God and man coexistent and eternal; Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever.  The ark indicates temptation overcome and followed by exaltation” (S&H 581:8-14).}
            “In the first edition of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy had revealed the manhood of her own consciousness as separated from her womanhood.  In this fourth picture she seeks to recover her distinctive mission, which static Christianity, her students’ lack of understanding, unwittingly seeks to slay.
            “Despite Mrs. Eddy’s denunciation of church in the first edition of Science and Health, she had heard the cry of her followers, ‘Nay; but a king [a church {symbolized by the giant tree}] shall reign over us’ (I Sam. 12:12).  Hearing their need, in 1876 Mrs. Eddy and six of her students formed the Christian Scientist Association (later called the Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association) upon which to base a church, and in 1879, with twenty-six of her students, she formed, in Lynn, Massachusetts, the first (sustained) organization of the Christian Science Church {called “Church of Christ, Scientist”} ‘to commemorate the word and works of Jesus, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing’ (Manual p.17).
            “Mrs. Eddy was forced to found the first organization of church upon the Christian outer commemoration of ‘the word and works’ of Jesus in his first coming, because her student’s lives were not yet attuned to his ‘second appearing…as in Christian Science,’ which demanded an inner consciousness of Truth.  But because it was founded on this outer commemoration, the more Mrs. Eddy, in her preaching and teaching, poured into it the treasures of Truth and Love of Jesus’ ‘second appearing,’ the darker the ‘church’ grew, and the more its actions reflected only commemoration rather than demonstration of the ‘living Vine,’ or ‘Christ-idea.’
            “This fourth picture makes ‘Christ’ the subject of its first corresponding verse, and makes ‘mortal thought’ the subject of its second verse, thus showing the conflict between Mrs. Eddy’s thought and that of the first organization of the Boston church, established and founded on Jesus.  The confusion on the face of the woman in the wheel chair, and her detachment from the festivities, illustrate this conflict between the ‘Christ’ in the first verse of the poem accompanying this picture, and the commemoration of the birth of Jesus in the second verse.
            “During the writing of the second edition the male element tried to wrest Science and Health from Mrs. Eddy, and take credit for it.  Here, in this picture and the events it references, we see the conflict of personalities {ghosts}.  Man and woman, in reality, are one; each has ALL the divine qualities.  Therefore they cannot remain two without forever warring.”[34]
            What did this warring manifest as?  “One student stole the entire proceeds from the first edition of Science and Health.”[35]  This left no money for Mary Baker Eddy to release her new revision that was then at the press.  Another man plagiarized over thirty pages of the Textbook; this forced a lawsuit where Mary Baker Eddy had to establish copyright on her book.  Another male student “brought a lawsuit against her for all his personal services in the interest of the Movement.”[36]
            Another follower, Daniel Spofford, was part of a plan to ruin Mary Baker Eddy.  He disappeared while others tried to frame Asa Gilbert Eddy, Mary’s third husband, for murdering Spofford.  The conspiracy failed after Spofford was found and Mr. Eddy was released from jail.
            Mary Baker Eddy “had found that when she revealed the manhood of her own consciousness in the first edition of Science and Health, thereby dividing her manhood from her womanhood, she had not succeeded in placing her own manhood in control over ‘church’ consciousness.  Instead she unwittingly had allowed the imperfect manhood of her ‘church’s’ consciousness to take over, a consciousness which had no vision of womanhood, other than as under the mastery of man.
            “The mission of Christ and Christmas is to lift Christianity into Science.  {While this is a true statement, there was another reason for the poem book, and that was to make clear to the Field Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy.  This enabled The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts to be built by God’s deadline.}  Woman [the Christ], alone, revealed the Principle [Love] by which evil could be ruled out of man’s consciousness as unreal.  ‘God never said that man would become better by learning to distinguish evil from good, — but the contrary, that by this knowledge, by man’s first disobedience, came “death unto the world, and all our woe”’ (Un. 14:27).
            “Ultimately Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, was forced to ascend above earth (manhood) in order to escape the ‘ecclesiastical despotism’ which had crucified Jesus.  She heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘Come up hither’ (Rev. 11:12), and the ‘two witnesses,’ the manhood and womanhood of her own consciousness, ascended together (as presented by the two angelic figures in the fifth picture) to the consciousness of ‘the temple of God [which] was open in heaven’ (Rev. 11:19) as presented in the sixth picture.”[37]
            Under the section attributed to Hanna (?) there is mention about the church’s cornerstone.  Remember, that the tree is missing its cornerstone.  Of course, the cornerstone being spoken of in the quote is different from the whole capstone placed at the corner of two intersecting streets.  “The cornerstone of the original Mother Church was laid in the evening and Mrs. Eddy tells us that this original edifice is the ‘cross.’  The extension had its corner stone laid in the morning and is a symbol of the crown.  [It signifies the extension of Mary Baker Eddy’s teaching into all the world, and its acceptance by all mankind.]  Before the original edifice could be built in December of 1894, the followers of Mary Baker Eddy had to overcome their limited understanding of her as just another mortal.
            “The false concept they carried of Mrs. Eddy gave her the cross to bear.  The building of the original Mother Church was an overcoming, in part, of the students’ misunderstanding of their Leader.  Only when Mrs. Eddy was recognized as having an equal mission with Christ Jesus (the window and the door), did the building work go forward, and this recognition came when Christ and Christmas was published {December 2, 1893 – making it a Sagittarius or an Archer}.”[38]  And this is why I feel like the giant Christmas tree is symbolic of the “cross” edifice, and the capstone (headstone) that is missing from the tree is represented by Mother’s Room (Consciousness).  Incidentally, above the boy’s head is a shape that looks like a woman’s head – could this woman symbolize Mother’s Room (consciousness)?
            CHRISTMAS EVE attempts to “stop the correct understanding about the Revelator, and attempt to reverse the Revelator’s mission by an improper recognition.
            “[But the work went forward.  The church was dedicated {in January 1895}.  The following refers to the laying of the cornerstone of the original Mother Church:]
            “So with one hand upon the stone, our heads uncovered, and faces toward the western sky {towards Science}, where the clouds of the weary day were disappearing, we stood in silent communion with God.  {May 21, 1894).
            “The sun which had been behind the clouds for three days, burst forth in brightness just at this moment and shone upon the corner stone. — Ira O. Knapp {one of the legal four Board of Directors}”[39]
            Hanna (?) feels like this Illustration depicts all that must be handled before we can move on to CHRISTMAS MORN.  He brings out three definitions from “Glossary” in SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  These three definitions are “Adam”, “Eve”, and the negative definition of “children”.  The main focus about Adam is that he is error and the belief in “original sin”.  Adam is what is opposed to divine Mind, the one Mind and opposed to Spirit.  Adam is the belief in “gods many and lords many” believing that matter is a creator.
            Eve is basically the false belief that life originates in matter (via sex).  And the negative children are the results of the false belief that life originates in matter (via sex).  I will leave it up to you to look up their definitions in S&H 579, 583, and 585.
            “These three definitions certainly blot out the Christ-idea of Christian Science healing.”[40]
            Because the tree is dead it is not the tree of life, therefore, it must be the counterfeit tree of knowledge of good and evil that the serpent is coiled around.  “The previous and more scientific record of creations declares that God made ‘every plant of the field before it was in the earth.”  This opposite declaration, this statement that life issues from matter, contradicts the teaching of the first chapter {of Genesis}, — namely, that all Life is God.  Belief is less than understanding.  Belief involves theories of material hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell, termed the five senses {the serpent}.  The appetites and passions, sin, sickness, and death, follow in the train of this error of a belief in intelligent matter’” (S&H 526:3).
            “The true tree {the tree of life} is for the healing of the nations, and not to be decorated with materialism.  If we adorn this tree with materiality, false concepts of the Christ-idea, we lose the healing Christ.”[41]  Because the Christmas tree is on the Side of Life it counterfeits the real tree of life.
            “Atonement and Eucharist” is about our own at-one-ment with God, or our at-one-mental consciousness with Mind while the Eucharist represents our communions with divine Mind.
            “Atonement is the exemplification of man’s unity with God, whereby man reflects divine Truth, Life, and Love.  Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man’s oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage.  His mission was both individual and collective.  He did life’s work aright not only in justice to himself, but in mercy to mortals, — to show them how to do theirs, but not to do it for them nor to relieve them of a single responsibility.  Jesus acted boldly, against the accredited evidence of the senses, against Pharisaical creeds and practices, and he refuted all opponents with his healing power.” (S&H 18:1)
            “Our Eucharist is spiritual communion with the one God.  Our bread, ‘which cometh down from heaven,’ is Truth.  Our cup is the cross.  Our wine the inspiration of Love, the draught our Master drank and commended to his followers.” (S&H 35:25-29)
            Also in “Atonement and Eucharist” (p. 29) Mary Baker Eddy speaks about the Madonna and Child.  “The illumination of Mary’s spiritual sense put to silence material law and its order of generation, and brought forth her child by the revelation of Truth, demonstrating God as the Father of men.  The Holy Ghost {not the ghost of personal sense}, or divine Spirit, overshadowed the pure sense of the Virgin-mother with the full recognition that being is Spirit.  The Christ dwelt forever an idea in the bosom of God, the divine Principle of the man Jesus, and woman perceived this spiritual idea, though at first faintly developed.
            “Man as the offspring of God, as the idea of Spirit, is the immortal evidence that Spirit is harmonious and man eternal.  Jesus was the offspring of Mary’s self-conscious communion {Eucharist} with God.  Hence he could give a more spiritual idea of life than other men, and could demonstrate the Science of Love—his Father or divine Principle.” (S&H 29:20-30:4 {My interpolation.})



First Edition

Yet wherefore signalize the birth
            Of him ne’er born [the Christ was never born]?
What can rehearse the glorious worth
            Of his high morn [Christ Jesus’ resurrection?]

Scriptural basis:
            Before Abraham was I am. — Christ Jesus.

            The following Bible quote heads Chapter VI – “SCIENCE, THEOLOGY, MEDICINE”.
            The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. — Jesus.” (S&H 107)
            Originally Mary Baker Eddy wanted there to be three female angels in this Illustration.  Could these three angels have been meant to represent the Christ divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love?  Or perhaps even they represent the three measures of meal?  There were also three angels that came to Abraham and Sarah, when she fixed three measures of meal.  “In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science.  God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.” (S&H 107:1)
            I ask why three female angels and why are there only two depicted now?  Many Christian Scientists keep saying that these two angels represent the two witnesses, yet, if they both are female, then how can they be the two witnesses?  Alice Orgain writes that this Illustration shows Mary Baker Eddy’s “thought as two angels rising above institutional church.”[42]  This means above material organized church.  Have the members of The First Church of Christ Scientist risen above the material organization they call The Mother Church?  Not yet, they all still prolong the material organization they cling to that they call The Mother Church.
            “The manhood phase of the angels, representing Christianity, is still worshipping {to me she looks more like she is praying instead of worshipping}, and the womanhood phase, representing Science {the angel with the Textbook}, is looking for a higher thought.”[43]  This may be so, but since the two angels are on the Side of Life could we not say that they represent Truth and Love?  So we would have the Holy Trinity of Life, Truth, and Love, and the third angel (Life) need not be depicted because the two angels are on the Left Side of Life.  I am not saying I am right or wrong; I leave it up to you to ponder and decide for yourself.  There is another possible explanation for having only two angels that I have explained in a previous post.  I also believe that the angel with the book, whose hand is touching her head, forms a capital “D”, so could this stand for Divine Science?  While the arms of the other angel form a capital “W” – could this stand for Womanhood?
            “…The woman as a type of ‘spiritual discernment’ (sight, S&H 586:3) is looking beyond the ken of manhood in her own consciousness of Womanhood; while the man {the angel she believes is male} as a type of ‘spiritual understanding,’ or ‘spiritual perception’ (hearing, S&H 585:2), is worshipping his {her} spiritual perception of her mission, as embracing the full end of his {her} own discernment.”[44]  The following paragraph tells us that these two senses (hearing and seeing) are the only two defined in “Glossary”.  Also in “Glossary” Mary Baker Eddy makes these two senses one (as Soul) in her definition of “Bride” (“a sense of Soul, which has spiritual bliss and enjoys but cannot suffer”[45]).  Therefore, these two angels typify Revelation’s Bride.  “She interprets ‘bridegroom’ only as ‘spiritual understanding’ (S&H 582:17), synonymous with ‘ears,’ or hearing (S&H 585:1).  Thus ‘Bride’ (Word) prophesies the encompassment of hearing by sight, or of man by woman, in fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy, ‘A woman shall compass a man’ (Jer 31:22).
            “‘Spiritual Understanding {Third Degree} and Spiritual Discernment are the two highest faculties of Spirit, corresponding to hearing and sight…Spiritual Understanding came to the Apostles in Tongues of Fire’ (Christian Science Journal, June 1886, p. 61).  A tongue of fire (light) rests upon the head of each angel in this picture, showing each has his (her) separate impartation of revelation.”[46]
            What if there is another explanation for these two lights above the heads of the two angels?  What if these two candles represent two churches spoken of in the beginning of Revelation?  This would mean that the two angels represent the two angels for two churches – they would be (again) – Truth and Love.  These two churches are Philadelphia (church of brotherly love) and Laodicea.  “This message [of Jesus via John] shows that the recognition of spiritual man [Truth] expressing the dominion of Love, corrects a lack of the expression of love, and brings the reward of spiritual support, and the establishment of the fullness of the Christ….In this message [about the seventh church] we learn that the recognition of spiritual man, the faithful and true witness [Truth, the white horseman of Revelation 19], without beginning or ending, corrects lukewarmness, apathy, self-satisfaction and brings the reward of at-one-ment with the Christ.”[47]
            “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:  These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works:  behold I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it:  for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” (Rev 3:7-8)  Where do we find the key of David?  It is SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  The new name promised to this church is the name Christ Scientist.
            “And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans {the seventh church} write:  These things saith the Amen [spiritual idea], the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:  I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.  Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor and blind and naked:  I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness {clothed in matter} do not appear:  and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.” (Rev. 3:14-18; [Hoyt’s interpolation.] {My interpolations.})
            Who is this seventh church?  Is it not the continued material organized Mother Church in Boston since December 3, 1910?  For behold, the seventh angel is depicted to this seventh church of Love to write about the true and faithful witness, the spiritual idea, who says:  “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice and open the door [that the key of David has unlocked], I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne, He that hath an ear [pointing to Manhood], let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches.” (Rev. 3:20-22 [My interpolations.])  So, this seventh Christ angel of Love is depicted in the second depiction of Illustration X in Christ and Christmas, while the sixth Christ angel of Truth is depicted in the first depiction of Illustration X in Christ and Christmas.
            “The two angels {of Truth and Love} are conjoined in a unified mission as characterized by their blending forms, although their consciousnesses are entirely distinct, expressed as the sight of woman {Mary Baker Eddy} and the hearing of man {generic man}.  Mrs. Eddy, in her article on Christ and Christmas in Miscellaneous Writings on page 374, speaks of the composite angel in this fifth picture as ‘a woman,’ which shows that one phase of this angel types the {generic} manhood of Woman (Christianity) and the other phase types the womanhood of Woman (Science) — both being phases of the same composite Woman.”[48]
            I feel that “the same composite Woman” does not necessarily mean only one physical woman in human history (the human and divine coincidence), but that she is also the same type of Womanhood for the Second Advent of Christ (the woman in the Apocalypse) and the Third Advent of Christ (generic man).  I feel that there are two Woman God-crowned missions.
            “[Mrs. Orgain explains that] Judge Hanna in an article on Christ and Christmas (approved by Mrs. Eddy) stated that Christ and Christmas reveals {uncovers} ‘the God anointed mission {God-crowned mission} of our Leader’ and that therefore a corresponding identity to Mrs. Eddy’s mission must be found in each picture.  Here the female figure types Mrs. Eddy’s consciousness as prophesying Womanhood as Bride or Word, symbolized by the book under her arm [not easily seen].  She looks beyond the embraced Word—the revelation of the manhood of her own consciousness in the first and second editions of Science and Health—into the revelation of Womanhood in the unreleased third edition of Science and Health as her own consciousness.  The male figure types the manhood of her own consciousness.  Worshipping Womanhood’s past revelation of true manhood (in the first and second editions) he identifies the limit of manhood consciousness.  {Here we have another reason for three angels, if each angel were to represent one of the three editions of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.}
            “The womanhood of Woman is watchfully looking into a higher position that the book under her arm—her past revelation of manhood—has yet demanded.  The ‘Glossary’ to Science and Health (defining “Abel”) links ‘Watchfulness’ with ‘self-offering; surrendering to the creator the early fruits of experience.’  Mrs. Eddy is offering her past revelation, the closed book under her arm, to her higher revelation of Womanhood, which she was about to release in the third edition of Science and Health, still at the press wherein ‘the female idea’ embraces ‘the male idea’ as the wedded consciousness of ‘two individual natures in one’ (S&H 577:6).
            “The manhood of Woman, as illustrated in this picture, having reached the limit of his mission, offers ‘worship,’ which Mrs. Eddy associates with Cain’s offering of the ‘fruits of the ground’ (S&H 541:10), or earth’s demonstration as the exclusive mission of manhood [Christianity].”[49]
            While this all sounds perfectly fine and that it could be what the Illustration symbolizes, I still think that I am right about these two angels being the two angels for the sixth and seventh churches spoken of in Revelation.
            “…These angels’ partly divided and partly blended forms are approaching Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Bride as, ‘The Lamb’s wife [which] presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one’ (S&H 577:4).”[50]  Are these two angels partly divided because one comes for the Sixth Day of Truth while the other comes for the Seventh Day of Love?  Why would Science come with Truth and Christianity come with Love?  Would it not be because Mary Baker Eddy gave birth to the second coming of Christ, while Mother Hood gives birth to Christianity’s acceptance of the second coming of Christ as Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science?
            “The Glossary verse {in Christ and Christmas} given for this picture replaces Jesus with the Christ.  Jesus said, ‘Before Abraham was, I am.’  The ‘I’ in this statement of Jesus indicates that this picture illustrates the ‘birth’ of the Christ idea of Jesus’ second coming as Truth to the human consciousness, coming as the ‘Comforter,’ promised by Jesus, meaning the Second Coming of the Christ.  The ‘I am’ of each of us is forever.  [This “I Am” is “the kingdom of God within our consciousness, and is our true Mind.]
            “Only the ascending angels in this picture can even measurably understand the meaning of this deep saying of Jesus, ‘Before Abraham was, I am.’  Certainly it is not given to the grave (beneath the angels), typing Christianity’s entombment of Jesus, to know it; for Christianity follows Jesus only to the point of crucifixion.  His resurrection and ascension are regarded as beyond Christianity’s demonstration.
            “Nevertheless, the grave of Christianity’s entombment of the Christ-idea, below the angels in this fifth picture, cracks at this renewed voice of the Christ through Christian Science, which antedates the birth of Jesus.  Mrs. Eddy says ‘Christian Science is as old as God’ (S&H 146).  Neither ‘womb’ (beginning), nor ‘tomb’ (ending) claims power over the Christ.  [See S&H 117:19]
            “Jesus, being born of ‘womb,’ was forced to triumph over the ‘tomb.’  Thus Christianity lies between these two points of conception.
            “Christian Science, on the other hand, starts in the human consciousness with resurrection and ascension (S&H 35:10-18), as typed by the angels in this picture.  Therefore it knows nothing of either ‘womb’ or ‘tomb.’
            “The long and toilsome Christian ‘highway’ (Isaiah 35:8) {with an S shape} in this fifth picture, starting with the grave, knows nothing of this Scriptural text.  ‘Before Abraham was, I am.’  It is equally certain that the institutional church to the left of the highway {side of corporeal life}, with its toilsome processes to attain an ever and always-present goal (the perfection of man) knows little of the meaning of the statement, ‘Before Abraham was, I am.’”[51]
            “Early on the morn of July 16 {Mary Baker Eddy’s birth date}, 1904, the cornerstone of the extension to The Mother Church was laid at 8 o’clock.  The corner stone for the original Mother Church had been laid in the evening.  The extension was a fitting crown to the cross of the original Mother Church.
            “Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘The modest edifice of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, began with the cross; its excelsior extension is the crown…Its crowning ultimate rises to a mental monument—[of which the extension building is a symbol.  But the mental monument rises to]—a superstructure high above the work of men’s hands, even the outcome of their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance—the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness.  Methinks this church is the one edifice on earth which most prefigures self-abnegation, hope, faith; love catching a glimpse of glory’ (My. 6).”[52]
            In the 1990s I had a dream vision that named itself – The Modest Ones.  In this dream there were two aliens (angels) that were taken to an army base that was actually a pyramid.  Could these two alien-angels symbolize my own womanhood and manhood that had to be taken up to the capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza, to symbolize the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth?  In the dream the male angel was asleep and the female angel kept trying to wake up the man.  The woman was on the left of the man, as has been described in CHRISTMAS MORN.  Mary Baker Eddy compared the little Edifice to the Great Pyramid of Giza.  What is in the capstone (head) of the little Edifice?  It is Mother’s Room with its three painted Windows, each containing a Starflower of Boston.  This fifth Illustration coincides with the STAR OF BETHLEHEM Window in Mother’s Room, on the Side of Life.  I, as Life (my divine Being) ascended to the capstone along with my two angels of Truth and Love (Christian Science and divine Science).  Is this why I am the first to speak about these Windows as I do?  Why it is me who has explained the Starflower of Boston to you?
            Mary Baker Eddy explained the difference between Jesus’ God-crowned mission and her own to a student.  “Jesus no doubt supplied the literal loaf and fish to their sense so as to impress upon them at that period, the Christian era, the fact of his two-fold power, as the Way-shower, or mediator between the things of the flesh and those of Spirit.  This was his mission on earth, declaratively and demonstrably from the beginning to the end.
            “Not so is the Christ’s appearing at this age.  Rather is it now to show through Science and not the senses the power of Spirit and of Good, and to spiritualize all the meaning of the Christ, to name Christ the idea and not the person of God, and to impress, at this period, the Science of Spirit on the mind, through Truth, and the phenomena of Mind, and not matter:  to voice God less in parable, and more in the facts of Being.  This must be the true interpretation of the parable of the loaves and fishes, because Jesus could in no other way have made the way for the second appearing of Christ in Science.”
            “The morning beams were beginning to dawn in the Movement.  All that was portrayed in ‘Christmas Eve’ was beginning to be overcome, and the light was shining forth with greater intensity and with a more brilliant magnitude than had been seen before.
            “We are asked two questions in this portion of the poem.  Why should we mark the birth of the Christ idea as remarkable, as something eminent or notable?  Secondly, what can repeat the glorious worth and value of the risen Christ or the First Advent?
            “Considering the first question, we see that it must be answered in a positive manner.  A recognition of the new-old birth of the Christ in our experience must come.  We must acknowledge the channel through which it comes, else it has little relevance to our experience.  The birth of the Christ must be recognized, even though we know that the Christ, as the spiritual idea of God, is never born in the flesh.  The birth we speak of, is its appearance to humanity through the enlightened consciousness of a clear transparency {a window?}.
            “Next, we ask ourselves what can possibly repeat, for the second time, the glorious worth or value of the risen Christ?  We answer that only Christian Science can give utterance to this Christ idea, eclipsing the cross, the symbol of Christianity, with the crown, the symbol of Science.  This is the Second Advent, the second witnessing, rehearsing, repeating, the first witnessing of the Christ.
            “Thus the two questions asked in this portion of the poem are answered through a recognition of the two witnesses.  The birth must be recognized, and it can only be recognized, spiritually, through Christian Science.  Christian Science reveals the two witnesses.”[53]
            Mary Baker Eddy made it clear that Christmas was not about the birth of a material child by the name of Jesus, but that it was rather about the recognition of “a Christ risen, a morn, the break of day.” (Letter of 1903 to some students on page 152 of STAR OF BOSTON.)  In this same letter she said, “there is a joy unutterable in knowing that Christ had no birth, no death, and that we may find in Christ, in the true sense of being, life apart from birth, sorrow, sin; and death.”
            The dome of what is thought to be The Mother Church and the two angels are in the firmament.  Defined by Mary Baker Eddy as “Spiritual understanding; the scientific line of demarcation between Truth and error, between Spirit and so-called matter.” (S&H 586:15)
            It is probably true that the faces seen in the angel’s train represent the woman’s remnant seed.  The two angels “guide this remnant towards the light {the right side} and away from the attraction of animality, animal magnetism, represented by the very dark tree of the knowledge of good and evil {I am not sure if he is speaking of a bush directly beneath the angels or not}, just below their train [no longer discernible].”[54]  The angels’ train is the right train of thought, while the train located on a branch in the giant Christmas tree of CHRISTMAS EVE is the wrong type of thinking – that of material organization.
            “There is an effort on the part of the ‘remnant’ to escape sensuality in its many gravitational forms.  When we gather ourselves into this garment of the Christ, we are lifted above materiality.  However, the serpent [old theology] would attempt to seduce us earthward.”[55]  This brought to mind something that I have recently learned, that in space, without gravity, sex is really hard to do, almost impossible.  It is hard for men to even get an erection in space.  I believe that to be one of the remnant seed that the Christian Scientist must give up all sexual activity.  And even more recently I have found out that there is some sort of search to go out to find a pregnant woman to give birth in space!  It was brought up that this might be a hard thing to do, and for sure it would be messy.
            “The river in this picture, Judge Hanna tells us, is Euphrates.  On this {left} side of the bridge, we have ‘A state of mortal thought, the only error of which is limitation:  finity; the opposite of infinity’ (S&H 585).  The false concept of Euphrates is running along side the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is death and all the serpentine forms of error.  One of the definitions of serpent serves to illustrate the point that the false sense of Euphrates is animal magnetism.  ‘Serpent. …the first lie of limitation, finity.’ (SH 594)”[56]
            This portion of the river is next to the arch opening of the bridge.  There appears to be a small waterfall, where the water is “foaming, and dashing” (S&H 593:16) representing the “channel of thought” as “a type of error” (S&H 593:14 & 16-17).
            On the other side of the bridge (on the Right Side of Light) is the spiritual definition of Euphrates.  A “channel of thought” that is “smooth and unobstructed” typifying “the course of Truth” (S&H 593:14 & 15-16).  Euphrates is “Divine Science encompassing the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the place of physics; the reign of righteousness” (S&H 585:16-19)
            What is of importance in this definition is what Mary Baker Eddy writes on lines 19-21, “The atmosphere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or death” (notice, she says BEFORE the human (Second Degree) belief takes in the lies of sin, sickness, and death).
            The book states that there are “twelve sheep, eleven white and one black.”[57]  This is hard to make out.  I see a possibility of there being no black sheep (it is just a shadow) and twelve white sheep.  I do not see a black sheep and for sure I see twelve white sheep – representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  They represent the Christ flock.  Mary Baker Eddy said, “The twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals, — separated by belief from man’s divine origin and the true idea, — will through much tribulation yield to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony of Science” (S&H 562:11-16).  She goes on to state that these twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve “stars in the crown of rejoicing.  They are the lamps in the spiritual heaven of the age [this is why the twelve sheep are on the Side of Light in CHRISTMAS MORN], which show the workings of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and the sinning, and by manifesting the light which shines ‘unto the perfect day’ as the night of materialism wanes.” (S&H 562:16-21)
            Sheep.  Innocence; inoffensiveness; those who follow their leader.” (S&H 594)  “There is one Shepherd and one fold.  Mrs. Eddy, speaking of Christian Scientists, says, ‘Let them seek the lost sheep who having strayed from the true fold, have lost their great Shepherd and yearn to find living pastures and rest beside still waters.’”[58]
            Crossing “into metaphysics is at first a sweet taste in our mouth, but the bitterness to digest it is to come.  In Mrs. Eddy’s definition of ‘Year’ as a space of time, we have the wrong {negative} definition of Euphrates (limitation and finity).  We also have this statement:  ‘One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love {our two sides}, is a foretaste of eternity.  This exalted view, obtained and retained when the science of being is understood, would bridge over with life discerned spiritually the interval of death [the sepulcher] and man would be in the full consciousness of his immortality and eternal harmony, where sin, sickness, and death are unknown {no longer believed}.’  That is the bridge we cross over.  The path in this picture shows the destination, and what is to be overcome before the destination is reached.”[59]
            Is it possible that the three angels were to represent “Science, Theology, Medicine”?  Or that God’s Life Science explains the Truth about God (true theology) and this explanation results in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING medicine via LIGHT (Love)?


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