Starflower of Boston – Part 1

by MJSmith

            Helen Wright’s book STAR OF BOSTON The Life of Mary Baker Eddy has three sections to it.  Part I is about Mary Baker Eddy fulfilling Isaiah 54, Part II is Atonement and Eucharist: the story of the Second Coming of the Christ as Revelation, and Part III is about Christ and Christmas, an illustrated poem by Mary Baker Eddy.  And finally there is a Conclusion.
            What I would like to talk to you about is Part III of her book.  Helen uses quote excerpts from the writings of Alice Orgain and a manuscript attributed (but never confirmed) to Judge Septimus J. Hanna.  When she quotes from this manuscript she places a question mark after Hanna’s name.  She also gives us some ideas on the topic by John Pawlik, someone she knew.  I have studied Christ and Christmas for years, and am not sure that I agree with everything that Alice Orgain writes upon the topic, but I am open to changing my mind.  And I think that I have done so on Illustration 8 – TREATING THE SICK.  It is explained in Helen’s book that every illustration points to a particular time in Mary Baker Eddy’s life, which is probably so, and so I will try and bring out that point to you, as I do not know if I have succeeded in my past posts on the topic in this respect (or on this topic).  Part 1 is about how Christ and Christmas correlates with the symbols in The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston.  Parts 2 and 3 have to do with Sharon’s Rose Matrix and its alignment with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, a Rose Window on the South side of the little edifice in Boston.
            Helen did not include the material written by Doris Grekel (from one of her biographies on Mary Baker Eddy and in some of her pamphlets she used to publish).  This could be because Helen did not have room for everything out there written on Christ and Christmas, for her book is only 257 pages long and Alice Orgain’s two books are WAY bigger!
            I do not know John Pawlik, so I will leave him out of my discussion, because what I want to explain, at this point, is the big difference between the Orgain, Hanna (?), and Grekel ideas on Christ and Christmas.

            Alice Orgain’s main point, in her book Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas, is to bring out the story of Jacob (Israel) and his twelve sons (stars) of Israel-Womanhood (the crown of the God-crowned woman).  Helen, however, does not really explain this point in her book, probably due to a lack of space, thus Helen’s book is more of a summery on certain points that Orgain brought out.
            Hanna’s (?) main point (again not really explained or covered in Helen’s book) presented to the world, is what I have named the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth.  It has its two sides – the Side of Life (Mary Baker Eddy’s Life) and the Side of Light (Mary Baker Eddy’s Light) with the eleven Illustrations.  What you see below is how the Windows of the Edifice correlate with Christ and Christmas.

            As seen in the above diagram we have Illustrations I and XI being the Foundation Stone of the Pyramid and correlating with each other.
            Since writing the portion on Hanna’s work, in Starflower of Boston – Part 1, I have come to understand that (what I knew before) every Illustration of Christ and Christmas is applicable to the Major Pyramid of Truth, but I have now learned that every single Illustration in Christ and Christmas is set up to present to us the Left Side of Life and the Right Side of Love.  But, does the Middle Portion mean anything?  Well, I believe that the Middle Portion applies to Truth, and I shall call this the Center of Truth.  I also feel that there are three levels of Science that can be applied to the Illustrations, whether the Illustration is square or not.  I base this on the window seen in Illustration VII, as seen below.


First Edition

            The Side of Life is dark, so Mary Baker Eddy has much of the First Degree to overcome in her believed corporeal life.  This does not mean she is a bad person but rather that she had to overcome obstacles in her Life – such as her father’s (Mark Baker’s) mental restrictions and physical restrictions that he placed upon her via his scholastic theological beliefs and ecclesiastical despotic rituals.  And mortal mind would fight her tooth and nail all the way.  The cloud that represents he Light (Love) is seen near the top right corner of the Illustration.  As I have mentioned before in other posts, if you look at this Illustration sideways this cloud turns into the head of Jesus.  So it is safe to say that Jesus is the Light or Love to Mary Baker Eddy. (Below, the first picture is of the woman in prayer, the second picture is the same cloud but looked at sideways where we see the head of Jesus.)

…The Center Truth of Illustration I is the Star itself – where its Light shines forth to break up the darkness of the First Degree.
            Illustration I – THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM – correlates with the painted Window of the Woman God-crowned and the “little book open” – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Reverend (revered Leader) Mary Baker Eddy (in the tone of Mind).  The SCIENCE AND HEALTH Window is placed just above the Woman God-crowned Window.  Mary Baker Eddy explains to us that the Star of Bethlehem is the Star of Boston.  I feel, that this Star, whether it be of Bethlehem or Boston, is really Venus – or the Morning Star that Jesus Christ promised to those who follow him.  Because both Venus (the planet) and the Woman God-crowned are clothed with the sun.

The fourth Mary window.

            In the center of the Edifice, for the symbol of Truth, we have the pipe organ of music and the podium where the Second Reader reads from the BIBLE and the First Reader reads from SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  These are both symbols of “Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone, In heaven’s hymn.” (Christ and Christmas poem lines for THE WAY)

Second Edition

            Because there are two different Illustrations for THE WAY I believe that the first one (above) represents Mary Baker Eddy’s Life and the second one (further down) represents Mary Baker Eddy’s Light.  But let us look at the above Illustration first.  Most of the darkness seems to have disappeared, however, there is a lot of grey (Second Degree).  The cross, on the Left Side, is black, still there is hope because the cross has a crown of white flowers growing on it.  The Middle Portion is Truth, for we see the descending dove (without the olive branch in its beak) and the ascending man in white.  The Side of Light is mostly grey, and the one tree seems rather dark, but it is still grey.  It is possible that this tree symbolizes what will become The Mother Church in Boston.  The shape of the Illustration itself is symbolic of the divine womb – spiritual rebirth (Life) not material birth (death).

The third Mary window.

            The other foundation stone is in the tone of Christian Science – with Illustration XI – THE WAY – correlating with the painted window of Mary First at the Resurrection of Jesus and an open BIBLE (open to the fourth Gospel [Science], by St. John).  Originally THE WAY had the shape of half an egg, or perhaps a loaf of bread.  It was a feminine shape for sure.  If the man who is depicted is Jesus, then he has already resurrected and seems to be ascending in this Illustration.  I am willing to accept that this man represents Jesus as generic man, which is something that I have never thought of doing until just now.  In this Illustration the crowned (with flowers) cross is connected to the ground.  In the Illustration seen below it is free from the ground and is ascending – thus, it sort of seems as if this crowned-cross represents the original Jesus as generic man.  Also different is the white dove (divine Science) descending from heaven.[1]  In the first Illustration there is no olive branch (church) in its beak, but in the second Illustration there is an olive branch (church) it its beak.  This branch is disconnected from the Mother Church (Tree), being symbolic (to me anyway) that this Branch Church is independent, is not connected to a material organization.  I also feel that this branch could represent Man, the BRANCH, spoken of in the BIBLE.

The Way

            The second Illustration for THE WAY, truly representing Mary Baker Eddy’s Light (Love) we now see that the flowered (crowned) cross is ascending, it is no longer tied to the ground of material organization – it is direct center in the Illustration, so it symbolizes Truth, as does the ray of Light.  However the ray begins closer to the Right Side of Light (Love) and has the woman’s God-crown at the top of the Illustration.  The descending dove now has the olive branch (church) of peace in her beak.  This dove of divine Science is Mary Baker Eddy.  She is headed toward the remnant flock which has only four Board of Directors (sitting on the cross’s horizontal beam).  The Left Side (with the black cross), the grave, and dragon hill represent material life; yet, with the hope of Mary Baker Eddy’s Life bringing Christian Science into the world, we see resurrection via the people climbing up from the grave.  On the Side of Light (Love) we have the still waters and green pastures, along with the lion, the Word of moral courage, the root of David (Judah).
            The birds appear to be in the same positions around and on the cross in both Illustrations, except for the white dove.  This second Illustration has a crown on the edge of the Illustration, along with a solid black cross (First Degree spoken of on S&H 115).  It is buried in the ground (human dogma).  On the left side (life side) of the black cross is a small hill with crevasses.  Orgain and Hanna (?) tell us that this represents the red dragon of Revelation 12.  I have also seen the shape of a mother bear in this shape.  This mother bear is looking straight at the cross beam of the cross.  I believe that the mother bear represents the weight of The Mother Church (material organization) that has been placed upon the Branch Churches by the illegal Board of Directors.  I believe that the mother bear is giving us a clue as to how to remedy the situation!  Instead of the continuation of having five Board members for The Mother Church, the Church needs to return to having only four birds (four directors), as seen on the crossbeam of the cross.  The four birds is as it was at the time that Christ and Christmas was being worked on for the original Illustration of THE WAY – because at the time of the first Illustration there were only four Board of Directors!  To me this means that today’s Board (of five members) needs  to obey the Church Manual estoppel clauses (all of them) and return to having only four Board of Directors.
            At the foot of the hill is the grave and if you look closely you can see figures rising up from the grave (symbolizing resurrection out of material belief).  On the right side (Light Side – Love) of the cross is a pond with bushes.  A bush on the left side of the pond looks like a male lion.  This lion (the first living creature that represents the Word) lies beside the still waters.  Many see the pond as being stagnant (where there is no spiritual progress being made), but I feel since it is on the right side that it must represent the still waters mentioned in Psalms 23.  “[Love] maketh me to lie down {as the lion has} in green pastures:  [love] leadeth me beside the still waters {where the lion is at}.” (S&H 578:6; {my interpolations})


First Edition

            The woman on the Left Side is being resurrected by the Christ-Truth (located in the center as Jesus Christ).  Mary Baker Eddy was not raised out of the belief of death by the persona of Jesus Christ.  Rather, the written Word of the BIBLE raised her out of the belief that matter is life.  It is the Star’s Light (divine Science of Truth) that is connected to the woman on the Left Side through the Christ-Truth – her material life is now resurrected to where she spiritually discerns that she is Life itself.  Her Left hand (power of Life) is held by Christ’s Right hand (power of Love).  Christ’s Left hand (power of Life) is held up to the Star’s Light of Truth.  The woman on the Right Side of Light (Love) spiritually understands spiritual Life, the Life that is God is her Life, for she is the same woman that is being raised up.  Ecclesiastical despotism (her material father) and materia medica (Dr. Quimby, the mesmerizer) stand behind her (are no longer part of her material life), they no longer have a hold upon her life because she now accepts Life as Truth.  There is now Light (Love) for Christ’s Church and Christ’s Healing practice, and they nullify the man’s objections.

            CHRIST HEALING (Illustration II) coordinates with Light and Victory and The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter.

            The two outer windows (above) depict the two candlesticks (two witnesses – Mary Baker Eddy and Jesus Christ).  “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 109:105)  One lamp represents manhood while the other represents womanhood.  The two inner windows have palm leaves of salvation in them.  The word salvation means “Science of Health”.  It is Christian Science that is victorious over the Adam dream of mortal existence.

Jairus’ Daughter

            There are similarities between the second Illustration and the rose window.  It is Christ Jesus that raises both daughters up from the belief in death (sleep in the Adam dream).  It is also a fact that a wood carving depicting the Raising of Jairus’ Daughter was used as a frontispiece in early editions of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.

From an early edition of Science and Health


            Before we get to the true circle we find that in the ceiling of the auditorium is the oval matrix of The Sunburst skylight window.  In the center is the seven pointed star – the Morning Star – Venus – representing the seven synonymous terms of God as one Light.  Around this is an oval divided into two – representing the masculine and feminine comings of Christ.  The window is divided up into four more ovals divided into sixteen sections.  I believe this represents the divine infinite calculus along with the four levels of Science.


First Edition

            Again, there are two different Illustrations for TRUTH versus ERROR.  The first one must be applied to Mary Baker Eddy’s Life as Truth (because we are on the Side of Light) while the second one must be applied to Mary Baker Eddy’s Light as Love.  In the first Illustration the left side is dark.  Inside the mansion (Church) are adulterous adults in dance and drinking alcohol.  There are also hidden sex symbols on the two front adults.  Directly in the center is the Pillar of Truth, to her left is the girl and boy.  The girl is wrapping her arm around the boy, symbolizing that she accepts her own manhood.  They witness the Woman knocking upon their conscious thought (the mortal mind door).  To the right is the Woman of Truth and Light.  Her Right hand (power of Light) holds a scroll that has the word TRUTH on it.  It is her Left hand (power of Life) that is knocking on the door (the knocker is also a sex symbol).  She understands God to be Life and knows that material procreation, that the Roman Catholic Church has promoted so that they could enlarge their congregation (Christ-mass), is not Life or even life.  She stands upon a city foursquare rug (foundation).  While there is faint light shining down upon her, coming from the Side of Life, she herself is the main Light (around her head is a halo).  She is the Christ Messenger of Truth for the Sixth Day of Truth, as she lived in the Sixth Day as depicted on the Christ-door with its six squares.  These six squares are stuck in the Fifth Day of Life (old Christianity) and have not really accepted the Truth of Science.  I say this because each of the six squares has five descending squares in them.  This is why Mortal Mind (the name plate on the door) has taken over Christianity (there is no more healing work being done by old Christian thought) – because it is stuck in the past of material organizations, it needs to spiritually progress into the Sixth Day of Truth with the second coming of Christ, via Mary Baker Eddy.

Truth versus Error

            The second Illustration looks pretty much the same, however, since this Illustration is for the Side of Light as Love, the Seventh Day of Love, we must examine it as well.  The inside of the mansion (Church) has remained the same.  It seems as if organized religion is slow to learn its lesson about Life, Truth, and Love – the final three days for mankind.  What has changed is on the outside, the Church for the Independent Christian Scientist.
            There is now a black and white tile floor on the ground, it is hard to read the word TRUTH on the scroll, it is also hard to read the word on the doorplate, however, when looked at upside down I have seen the word MINd on it (representing inverted Mind).  The door has also changed, instead of having the six squares for the Sixth Day we now have three sections of Grapevine, representations of the Christ Vine.  I also feel that they represent the Concord Branch Church, because of Concord grapes.  “Truth, independent of doctrines and time-honored systems, knocks at the portal of humanity and asks, ‘Will you open or close the door upon this angel visitant, who cometh in the quiet of meekness, as he came of old to the patriarch at noonday?’” (S&H 224:22)
            “The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, until the whole was leavened.” – Christ Jesus.  Do not the three batches of grapevines on the door also represent these three measures of meal – “Science, Theology, Medicine”?  In this Illustration Mary Baker Eddy presents Truth as a woman, the Woman of Science.   And as depicted by the children, Truth (the boy) is the embraced manhood of Woman (divine Science, Love).  This is also depicted by the woman at the door, but invisibly, “Jesus’ second appearing as Truth, or manhood, is embraced in Love, Womanhood, thus giving Womanhood, as Love, the foundation of Truth (the city foursquare).”[2]
            It is believed that the black and white tiles symbolize hypocrisy (Romanism), and indicate the same two-faced ecclesiastic despotism that was in Illustration I.  However, I am not sure that this is correct since this was not in the first Illustration X.  Remember, we are on the outside of organized church.  So, I think the tiles not only symbolize foursquare thinking but also the city of our God, as it presents the + symbol, the four cardinal points of north (the Word), east (the Christ), south (Christianity), and west (Christian Science).

            There are really three pillars in this Illustration since the woman is the center pillar.  I have provided the following to help explain these three pillars.

            Also, in this Illustration we see the Woman’s right foot of Light (Love), the angel’s foot of power that stands upon the red dragon’s sea.  I believe that the second Illustration X represents the fact that Mary Baker Eddy is still the Lone Stranger to the world.  She is unknown to most of the world.  It is now the Seventh Day of Love, and this Illustration represents the Seventh Day.  We have the third advent of Christ, also a woman, knocking on the door of world thought through use of the Internet, or the Inter-vine.  She is telling you about Mary Baker Eddy and her God-crowned mission – are you listening and spiritually understanding the Truth that she brought unto the world?
            Illustration X – TRUTH versus ERROR – correlates with The Six Water Pots and WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK (or The Director’s Window).
            This tells us that the woman standing at the door and knocking for entrance to the mansion (the Church) is the Bride (the Word).  Jesus turned the six water pots into wine (“inspiration and understanding”) at the wedding of Canaan.

            It has been floated as a theory that this wedding was Jesus’ own wedding because he is asked to provide wine for the guests (a husband’s duty).  Let us say, that perhaps this wedding was a symbol of the marriage between Christ Jesus and the Bride (as spoken of in Revelation), then could not the woman seen knocking at the door be the feminine representative of the Christ?  Would not this Bride’s Word be seen in the center hub of WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK – as “a little book open” – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES?

            She is also seen as the Woman God-crowned Keystone in the same position that points us back to Grandmother’s clock in SEEKING AND FINDING – for Revelation 12:1-5 (which tells us all about the woman God-crowned and the serpent-red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism who speaks with a forked tongue).

            WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK (the Director’s Window) has four major stars.  These four major stars point out the true directors of the Church – the divine infinite calculus.  I also believe that these four stars are symbolic of the four Board of Directors that existed when the Church was built (there are not supposed to be five Board members today only four).  These four Board of Directors were one third of the twelve stars given to the First Members of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston.


First Edition

            It is Mary Baker Glover we see searching the Open BIBLE, specifically (I think) the book of Revelation (even though it looks like the book is in the middle, which would symbolize Truth), while she is living at #8 Broad Street in Lynn, Massachusetts.  The time being depicted in this Illustration is when she was working on her final chapter dealing specifically with animal magnetism (the serpent behind her) – the chapter being called “Healing the Sick”.  Notice the swirls of serpents above the visible serpent.
            On the Left Side of Life we have the talking serpent (it has human teeth).  This serpent exists only in the realm of material belief, as does the belief that time has power.  Mary Baker Eddy is in the center of the Illustration so she represents the Christ-Truth.  The Right Side of Light has the Star shining down upon Mary Baker Eddy.  We also have the candlelight, caused by fire (element symbolizing the Word).  The pages of the BIBLE are white as is the tablecloth and the ribbon book marker.  The black dress that Mary Baker Eddy is wearing simply points to the fact that she is the angel of Revelation 10.  This angel was clothed with a cloud, so the black dress represents this cloud.  The angel’s cloud is black because it appears to be Mrs. Eddy’s material life that gives her the most problems; it is the belief that she is nothing more than a material woman (born of matter) that hides Mary Baker Glover Eddy’s Light.  Even the time on the clock points us to her inner Christ-Truth-Light that is Love (Science) – the woman God-crowned.
            It is pointed out in Helen’s book that the light from the Star (Venus) hits the quill of Mary Baker Eddy’s pen.  Thus her writings are the inspired Word of God.  Venus (which is clothed with a cloud) transited the sun (was clothed with the sun) on Friday, December 9, 1874, ten and a half months before the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH was published.  All but the final chapter was written before this first transit took place.
            Illustration III – SEEKING AND FINDING – correlates with the Raising of Lazarus and in the Grand Gallery (The North [the Word] Gallery Windows) – the Pyramid of Books (BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH as the Capstone) window and the Open Circle window.

Unfortunately I do not have a color photo of the plain open window. This window and the plain circle window are above the Raising of Lazarus window.

            Mary Baker Glover is the angel of Revelation 10 – but she had to rise up her own manhood above the world’s material Christian concept that Jesus died on the cross and he was only capable of resurrection because he is God.  But the physical Jesus never was God, and he referred to himself as “the Son of God.”  It was up to Mary Baker Glover to present Jesus Christ to the world correctly – Scientifically.  When this is done then the world can spiritually understand how Jesus Christ could be God, or the manifestation of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  The Roman Catholic Church presented Jesus Christ, the material man, as being God.  This was incorrect and the Protestant churches accepted this incorrect viewpoint of Jesus Christ.  However, Christian Science presents Christ Jesus aright, as the spiritual idea that is Christ, for the Christ is “The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh [Jesus Christ came in the flesh, as a material baby, during the first coming (however, Jesus understood himself to be the Christ, so he was able to understand himself to be the Word of God), yet Christ Jesus came in the flesh, as the Word, during the second coming because Mary Baker Eddy knew Jesus to be the Word of God as the Lamb of God] to destroy incarnate error [physical belief]” (S&H 583:10).   When we comprehend the truth about Jesus’ divinity then we understand Illustration IX – CHRISTIAN UNITY (divine Science), the only circular Illustration found in the book.  Illustration IX is on the same level as the Circle Window (seen above).  But before we move on, I would like to speak about a 1990’s TV series.


            The 1990’s TV show Babylon 5 is in reruns at this time (2018-2019).  I watched the show originally and am enjoying watching the series over again.  There is much in them.  The series has a lot to do with politics and religion, and I feel that the show relates to what is taking place in our world today.  For example, a recent episode had a news crew, for Earth Alliance, on the space station (B-5) in order to do a news story, to present the truth.  Yet, the story they presented about the activities and people on the space station was fabricated (fake news) and twisted the words of most of those who were interviewed.  This, however, is beside my point of wanting to write about this series.
            In another episode (same season) Michael Garibaldi accuses John Sheridan (the man who is in charge of B-5) of thinking and acting as if he is the Second Coming.  The two men were sort of in a heated argument.  I think that Michael, who is acting weird because he has been brainwashed, would have been taken back and not known how to react if Sheridan would have reacted differently to his comment about him thinking that he is the Second Coming.  If Sheridan would have said, “No, Delenn is the Second Coming.  See, you weren’t present on Babylon 4 when Sinclair, Delenn, and I were there and it was revealed then to us that she is the Second Coming!”
            So, they did not come right out and say, “Hey, Delenn, you are the Second Coming of Christ.”  But they sure as heck hinted at it.  So let us back track to season one when Jeffrey Sinclair is running Babylon 5.  Jeffrey means “divinely peaceful”.  Sinclair means “prayer”, however, anyone familiar with the story of the Holy Grail, holy bloodline, knows that the name Sinclair points to the Holy bloodline between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  I am not saying that this is based upon truth, because I do not believe that Jesus ever married a material woman, but this is the name given in this fabricated story, and it is a name found in the story of The Da Vince Code.  It is because of Sinclair that the war between Earth and Minbar ended.  It is revealed that Sinclair has a Minbari “soul”.  Of course, humans (and aliens) do not have souls, however, they reflect Soul, the one Soul, the only Soul that exists.  It is because they recognize Sinclair as being special and having to do with the Minbari race, that they end the war just when they were winning it.
            So, how is Jeffrey Sinclair the First Coming in this story?  Well, he goes back in time, taking Babylon 4 with him, a thousand years.  Between the first and second coming is a period of almost 2,000 years, however, the Day of Truth began in the year 996, about 1,000 years after Jesus came.  Jeffrey Sinclair undergoes a spiritual transformation, where his human form turns into a Minbari form, before Minbari people find him on the space station.  He introduces himself to the Minbari as Valin (not sure of the spelling on it).  Valin is a great prophet of the Minbari people.  Valin means, “mighty soldier”.  Minbari are heard saying, “In Valin’s name.”  This is sort of how Christians would say, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…”  (The First Coming of Christ was disappointing to many Jews because they believed the Christ was to be a mighty warrior against Rome, that he would free them from the Roman Empire.  Jesus was a mighty warrior, only he was a mighty warrior against mortal mind belief systems.)  In the third season it is revealed that Minbar’s Ambassador Delenn “noble protector” is descended from Valin’s holy bloodline, she is the Holy Grail.  Thus, Delenn, in this story, symbolizes the Second Coming of Christ.  In the first season of the show Delenn looked like a Minbari.  Minbari people all have a natural crown on their head.  At the end of the first season she goes into a cocoon for her spiritual transformation to take place.  When she comes out of the cocoon in the second season she has human form, however, she still has a crown upon her head, for she is God-crowned, just as Valin was God-crowned.  I say that the human and Minbari coincidence symbolizes the human and divine coincidence.  Even though Minbari people are really far from being divine beings.  The Vorlons are closer to being divine beings.
            As explained on Babylon 4, John (divine Science) Sheridan “wild” (as in free) is the Third Coming of Christ as generic man.  John dies when he goes to the home world of the Shadows (the opposite of the Vorlons), but an ancient being Loren “crowned with laurel” resurrects him.  Eventually Delenn and John marry each other, just as the Mother, who is Bride, marries her manchild.
            The number 5 symbolizes the five physical senses, and this is what leads one into Babylon – “chaos (matter as the shadow)”.  The Fifth Day of creation (Genesis 1) represents Life, spiritual Life, or Life that is Spirit and not matter.  This type of Life is one with Love (Light).  The number 4 symbolizes the divine infinite calculus (spiritual reckoning or reasoning) and it represents the Fourth Day of creation – Principle.
            Now, to speak more about the Vorlons and the Shadows.  They are ancient races.  Ambassador Kosh (maybe Kosh means Gosh?  And for sure, Gosh means “God”) is assigned to Babylon 5.  He is mysterious and never leaves his encounter suit.  But one time he is forced to leave, and that is when John Sheridan is falling from a train that is about to explode.  When Kosh leaves his suit everyone at the event sees their divine being of light (different names).  We would call Kosh an angel.  So, if Kosh is perceived to be an angel, then would not a Shadow being be thought of as a demon?  The Shadows are dark beings who can become invisible, while the Vorlons are light beings.  They represent authoritarianism and free will or order (Science) and chaos (Babylon).  The Shadows always ask, “What do you want?”  The Vorlons always ask, “Who are you?”  The response to the first question would almost always seem to be an objective need with a material response – I want more money, I want a new car, I want a good job, etcetera.  It could be, “I want health” or “I want harmony and peace”.  Do most people respond, “I want to wake up from the material dream and recognize my spiritual being”?  What we all need is what the 23rd Psalm gives to us via LOVE – no more want.  For where there is want there is lack and God’s man does not lack when “divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”  The other question seems to get one to look inward to the subjective and recognize one’s true identity.  “Who are you?”  “I am the Christ, the Son of the living God!”  Then comes Jack the Ripper’s (ecclesiastical despotism’s) response to that, “Who are you to dare to think you are the Christ?”  So we go back to saying, “I want to be the Christ.”  Are you going to allow false light (animal magnetism, electricity) to make you deny your true Being?
            Neither the Vorlons or the Shadows seem to care about preserving life in the universe, they wish to destroy it all and have life begin anew.  But material creation is never the answer to spiritual evolution!  Jesus knows this, Mary Baker Eddy knows this, and will you, John Sheridan (generic man), know it?  And now, to get to what I really meant to tell you about, and that is about Delenn, which has to do with this third Illustration.  She is one of the Grey Council’s nine members; she is with the religious cast.  When Delenn first becomes a member her words are:  “I am {I AM that I AM} become grey {Second Degree}.  I stand between the darkness {shadow of death – the First Degree} and the light {the Third Degree}; between the candle and the star.”  In Illustration III Mary Baker Eddy sits (sort of) between the candle and the star.  Mary Baker Eddy is the Candlestick (second witness) and the Starflower (Second Coming of Christ).  After posting this I found something on line from the MARY BAKER EDDY SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE about Christ and Christmas.  One of the posts had some words explaining what “shadow” is.  So this is what is seen directly below.  I think it helps explain the analogy between matter and shadow.


First Edition

            On the Left Side of Life we have Jesus, on the Right Side of Light we have Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, and as the Center Truth we have Christianity’s Left hand of power and Christian Science’s Right hand of power united as one Christian power or one divine teaching.  In this Illustration we only see the toes of Jesus’ left foot (Life) and the left foot (Life) of Mary Baker Eddy.  They are the two witnesses that died (Revelation 11) but were brought back to Life via the Christ-Truth, Christian Unity.

The second Mary window.

The first Mary window.  (Not a stained-glass window, but a painted window.)

            CHRISTIAN UNITY correlates with the two windows of Mary Mother of Jesus and Mary Anointing Jesus’ Head (conscious Mind as the Christ-Truth).  Is not Mary Baker Eddy, Mary, the mother of Jesus as spiritual idea?  Is not Mary Baker Eddy the Mary who anoints Jesus’ head with oil?  In other words, she is the one who recognizes and explains Jesus’ God-crowned mission as spiritual idea?

            Above the first and second Mary Windows, in the Southern Gallery, are two windows depicting St. John at the Isle of Patmos.  The streams of divine Science shine down upon John, who is in prayer.  St. John presented Revelation to us as divine Science.  Mankind was able to understand the Revelation (uncovering of evil) at the time because they understood symbols.  But over the centuries mankind has not always understood the symbols used in Bible literature so they fail to understand what the BIBLE is telling us.  Mary Baker Eddy came to re-present Revelation in her chapter “The Apocalypse”.

Saint John on the Island of Patmos – receiving his fourth vision of the woman God-crowned

            The main point of Revelation is the presentation of the second coming of Christ as a woman God-crowned.  For she is located in the Fourth Vision, the focal point of Revelation, for the Fourth Vision is the Capstone Vision (on the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle, also known as, the Fourth Candlestick – as seen below).

            It is the woman, who has twelve stars instead of seven (in Revelation 1 there are only seven stars for the man yet it Revelation 12 there are twelve stars for the woman), thus her halo of light is brighter in CHRISTIAN UNITY.  She holds the scroll of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.


            On the Left Side of Life we have the dark, giant Christmas tree (of death) while on the Right Side of Light we have the woman in a mobile wheelchair and a piano.  In the center for Truth we see artificial electricity, there is no Star in this Illustration at all.  So this Illustration is depicting the opposite of Truth – which is error.  However, there is hope, for in the center we do see a book being held by a young boy, and we also see a matrix tablet on the lap of the woman in the rocking chair.  This is the same rocking chair that we see in Illustrations VII and VIII.  The Adam man stands by the tree of death (knowledge of good and evil) holding a doll (idolatry) with his right hand (belief in material love) while his left hand is near the doll’s skirt (sexual area).  Thus he believes that sex is of most importance and is the source of life.  The woman, on the far left of the Illustration also has a doll.  Her left hand holds the doll near its skirt so she too believes that sex brings about life, however, her right hand is higher up near the doll’s head and just underneath a light (star).  So her spiritual understanding is higher than the man’s.  She is able to recognize that corporeal sex must be stamped out.  This is why the top of her dress is white even though her body is clothed with a cloud.

            With this Illustration we have moved out from the Auditorium into the Vestry.  Interestingly enough, the vestry is a symbolic place for the female vagina.  On the Side of Life (the North Side of the Word) we have the tone of PRINCIPLE.  These two panel windows present the woman’s manchild with the millennial estate pictured by Isaiah 11:6 (S&H 514:21).  This manchild is of the root.
            I find verses 11-12 quite interesting [my interpolations are in these brackets]:
            “And it shall come to pass in that [Sixth] day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time [for the second coming of Christ] to recover the remnant of his people [the ten lost tribes of Israel], which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea [specifically the British Isle].  And he [the Lord] shall set up an ensign for the nations [as a United States in America], and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel [the ten lost tribes], and gather together the dispersed of Judah [the Jews (three tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi)] from the four corners of the earth [where they shall be re-united in America].”
            At this level in Christ and Christmas we have Illustration IV – CHRISTMAS EVE.  CHRISTMAS EVE is all about the celebration over the birth of a material baby called Jesus – but this manchild is not understood in CHRISTMAS EVE, Principle, the rod, is misunderstood.  The true manchild concept is depicted in the two Windows, for upon his government is the grapevine (Christ’s Church) – thus, he represents the Branch Churches of Christ Science.  This manchild is given the rod of divine Science, thus he is able to handle animal magnetism, for he is the BRANCH.
            In the center of the Vestry roof is a seven-pointed Star; the same Star seen in the auditorium skylight.
            Moving to the South (the Side of Light) we have the:


            Most of this Illustration is white (Third Degree).  Yet, we do see some grey and some darker areas of black.  On the Left Side of Life we see a man’s head.  His body is covered in a white (Third Degree) bedspread.  We see his left face, and just a sliver of his right face, so this man’s conscious thought resides in material life (sin).  On the Right Side of Light we see a female practitioner, we see the left side of her face only.  Thus, she accepts spiritual Life as the only reality (Truth).  Her whole left side is depicted, and her left arm forms a right angle (of conscious thought).  Her right hand of Light-Love forms a V shape (the feminine cup) and her hand touches her forehead.  Her conscious thought rests upon divine Light, her Love for all mankind (the world) symbolized by the man in the bed.  She holds the Christian Science Textbook (it is closed) in her lap because this Illustration presents “Christ’s silent healing, heaven heard”[3].  Her work is being done “‘scientifically’ through Christ only.”[4]  This causes error (sin) to disappear or fade out.  “Treating the sick thus, scientifically, transposes sickness to treating sin, and is a much more difficult process than healing the sick because it must be done through the Christ within oneself; while the healing though Jesus Christ of Nazareth {in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING} is outer healing, or healing in the name of another.
            “Treating the sick scientifically means ‘physician, heal thyself.’  When a patient calls with some error to be healed, the practitioner becomes the patient and heals himself of that error, just as a mathematician would ‘heal’ 2 x 2 = 5 when he sees it.  The practitioner could not heal a single case in Christian Science if he thought the error was something outside his own thinking, since he ‘is alone with his own being and with the reality of things’ (’01, p. 20:8).”[5]

            Illustration VIII – TREATING THE SICK – correlates with the Woman of Samaria Window and Angel of Revelation 10 Window.  Jesus sits on Jacob’s well and in front of him is the woman of Samaria (Mary).  Yet, in the background there is a second woman approaching (her pitcher is on top of her head).  I believe this woman’s name is Martha.  She represents the Third Coming of Christ as generic man.  Mary is to present Jesus as the First Coming of Christ Science and Martha is to depict Mary Baker Eddy as the Second Coming of Christ Science.  Let us return to the fact that this is Jacob’s well of water (divine teachings).  Thus, the well symbolizes the spiritual teachings of Israel – what is real.
            TREATING THE SICK negatively depicts what happens when SCIENCE AND HEALTH becomes a closed book (people refuse to read it).  When this happens we loose all understanding coming to us from the spiritual teachings (the well of water) of Jesus Christ (Christianity) and Mary Baker Eddy (Science).  We must keep SCIENCE AND HEALTH as an open book otherwise the world (bed) becomes distorted and too big for us to treat.  In Christian Science we have the term “giving a treatment in Science” – this is mental thought thinking correctly.  It seems as if the female practitioner is attempting to give a treatment to the sick man – Adam – mortal mind.  But he remains asleep (in a deep sleep – hypnotized), and the practitioner’s eyes are shut (closed) just as her Textbook is a closed book.
            Positively, however, and we must recognize that this Illustration is positive because it represents Mary Baker Eddy’s Light, this Illustration represents the one hour of treatment during each and every night that Mary Baker Eddy gave to the world.  The man in the bed represents Adam man, while the bed is a symbol of world belief.  It COVERS Adam man in sorcery, priest craft, rabbi organized religion, and sexual promiscuity (because of the symbols seen in the bedspread).  There is a phallic symbol (which also looks somewhat like Darth Vader’s helmet), and there is also a dolphin (they are very promiscuous animals).  These are the errors that keep man from waking up and these are the errors that Mary Baker Eddy worked to destroy every night.
            Since the woman practitioner represents Mary Baker Eddy, the rocking chair would belong to her – as she had one in her attic at #8 Broad Street.  I believe that the reason why Mary Baker Eddy is not sitting in her rocker in SEEKING AND FINDING is because she had to present that her thinking as foursquare.  Alice Orgain says that the woman in this Illustration represents The Mother Church “whose mission was ‘healing and saving the world from sin and death; thus to reflect in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant,’ (Manual p. 19).  The woman at the bedside is humanly typing ‘Science’ as the ‘crowning ultimate’ of The Mother Church, which Mary Baker Eddy was.
            “The man asleep on the huge bed, which has neither complete headboard nor footboard [and is oversized and distorted], represents the world ‘asleep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming away the hours’ (S&H 95:28).”[6]  So, the giant bed and the giant tree sort of represent the same thing – mortal mind’s big giant body.  The Christmas tree’s head is decapitated unlike the man’s head, even though it appears to be separated from the body because of the white bedspread.
            Orgain tells us that, “The woman” types “the work of The Mother Church,” which “responds to Mrs. Eddy’s admonition given February 1896, ‘The hour has struck for Christian Scientists to do their own work’ (Mis. 317:5).  Thus, the woman, in spiritual realization of Science and Health’s contents, has closed even Science and Health.  The reward of her work is described as, ‘Christ’s silent healing, heaven heard, crowns the pale brow’—causing error, material sense, to fade out.
            “World healing is of necessity self-healing; this is the focal point here.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘sin is to be Christianly and scientifically reduced to its native nothingness’ (S&H 572:4).  Sin must be scientifically healed as the work of The [spiritual] Mother Church, whose foundation commission is ‘healing and saving the world from sin and death’ (Manual, 19:4-5).  [Remember, Mary Baker Eddy was the Mother Church.]”[7]
            In CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING “the healing work was done ‘Christianly,’ in the name of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth, (Christ and Christmas Glossary, p. 55).
            “This eighth picture shows us that there is a higher process of healing than being forced by another’s consciousness to self-see one’s own errors.  We need not be dependent on the other’s consciousness for the final release from suffering that such self-knowledge as self-judgment brings.  The human mind must be brought into coincidence with the divine.  [This is the work of ‘the star {flower} of Boston.’]
            “This higher healing is through Science, typed by the woman in this eighth picture.  She uncovers her own manhood deficiencies (as typed by her manhood on the bed) and through the wrestling of spiritual strength, casts these deficiencies out of her own consciousness of heaven as harmony—harmony between her own human life and its ideals.”[8]
            “‘The pale brow,’ meaning the FADING OUT OF MATERIAL SENSE, is the character of this whole picture.  It represents the human consciousness yielding to its last step, out of individual healing, in order to heal humanity on its ENDLESS UNIVERSAL BED.  A condition of human belief is represented here, and spiritual understanding is healing the desert of earthly joy.
            “The man has an intellectual face, the face of ‘the intellectual wrestler,’ wrestling with travailing human womanhood.  ‘Intelligence’ represents the second step in ‘ideal man’ (S&H 517:9), but it must yield, as in this picture it is yielding, to reach the third step, or Truth.
            “The purity of thought of both the man and the woman is indicated by the whiteness of the bed covers and the woman’s dress.  The endless bed represents the worldwide bed.  The man represents the world-wide patient.  The Woman is the Mother Church [which was Mary Baker Eddy] and which Mrs. Eddy charged to heal ‘sin and death.’
            “Picture seven {which I have not presented to you yet} showed the Bible closed in the light of Science and Health.  Here Science and Health is closed by the woman.  In the consciousness of the spiritual vision the written word yields to the spiritual consciousness of it.
            “In the sixth picture {which has also not been presented to you yet}, the man in the bed is quickened; in the seventh picture, the man in the {rocking} chair is passive, letting go of a material sense; in this eight picture, the man lying down in bed YIELDS wholly.
            “He is the universal man yielding to the ministrations of woman as symbol, and acknowledging that divine Womanhood is man’s whole need.
            “Picture six shows woman lifting up man by the spoken word; picture seven shows woman lifting up man by the written word; picture eight shows woman lifting up man by the silent word realized, ‘heaven heard.’  This is not mortal woman, but the silent Christ-realization, in which both man and woman in symbol, ‘pale’ or fade out before the real idea.  ‘Man’s reason is at rest in God’s wisdom’ (Mis. 362:5).  Here, the prince of this world is judged.  Human wisdom and judgment yield to the silent word, and mortal man, with his struggles in human judgment, passes to its native nothingness.”[9]
            “Here, in picture eight, we see Mrs. Eddy’s subjective consciousness, at this point typed by her work for the entire world to see its Christhood.
            “This eighth picture shows Mary Baker Eddy, who brought the Second Coming of the Christ, as the ‘Comforter.’  She sits here as the ‘Comforter’ Jesus prophesied and promised, who came into the world to destroy the works of hypnotism—to destroy the illusion that makes us think we are mortals.
            “Why could she do this?
            “She could do it because, as the poem says, ‘The Way, the Truth, the Life—His word—are here and now…’  The woman in this picture knows that all good is omnipresent.  It is HERE and NOW.
            “What does she say ‘crowns the pale brow,’ causing false belief to fade out, leaving nothing present but Love and Love’s idea?  It is her ‘treating the sick,’ ‘HEAVEN HEARD,’ in this picture.”[10]
            Helen says that it was Mary Baker Eddy’s “custom to take time (one hour) each evening, to sit alone and treat the world—of which this eighth picture, ‘Treating the Sick,’ is type and shadow.
            “Clara Shannon and others in Mrs. Eddy’s household left record that when Mrs. Eddy returned to their presence after this work for the world, such a love and spirituality flowed out from Mrs. Eddy, that they could scarcely bear it; it brought them to tears.  Elizabeth Earl Jones recounts:
            “One of the Christian Science helpers in our beloved Leader’s home told something of how Mrs. Eddy worked for the world [as she is doing here in picture eight].  Every evening from 8:00 to 9:00, Mrs. Eddy withdrew to work for the world.  This member of her household told that when the hour was up, and she rejoined her household, she was so loving, so tender, so Christ-like, that it almost made one’s heart hurt.  It touched the tenderest fibers of one’s heart.  (Reminiscences of Elizabeth Earl Jones as quoted from The Healer:  The Healing Work of Mary Baker Eddy, p. xiii).”[11]

            Also, in the center of the Vestry, there is the Immanuel Arch, five steps, and entrance (with a door) into Mother’s (Mary Baker Eddy’s) Room (consciousness).  Above the door is the word LOVE.  Mother’s Room is on the levels of the Second Degree and the Third Degree – thus it represents the human and divine coincidence.  (Notice the circle in the Arch’s Keystone, to me this patterns the window seen in the North Gallery and the circle on the mantel in Mother’s Room.


First Edition

            This is the only Illustration from the book that is oval in shape.  The oval is a female symbol.  CHRISTMAS MORN has the two female angels on the Left Side of Life and the one on the left has SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  Below them is a cracked tomb, thus death is overcome by Truth and Love (Michael and Gabriel).  On the Right Side of Light are twelve Lambs of God; they are the flock or the Christ mass.  They are all white.  It is also believed that the tree on this side of the Illustration represents the tree of life.  The center of the Illustration (representing Truth) is where the Holy City is depicted, where there seems to be a structure resembling the Mother Church Edifice and its Extension Dome.  There is also, close to the center, the intersecting path of Science and the river of Science.

The Star of Bethlehem-Boston

            Illustration V – CHRISTMAS MORN – correlates with Window STAR OF BETHLEHEM (title of Illustration I) – or a.k.a., the STAR OF BOSTON.  This points us to Mary Baker Eddy as the Star, thus LIFE that is the woman God-crowned – or – the Morning Star that Christ Jesus promised to us, is depicted in this Window.  Notice that in the Window the Star is closer to the right side (Light).  There is no Star depicted in CHRISTMAS MORN because it is morning – the sun is rising (In reality this Illustration was based upon a sunset.). So our Star is two-as-one angels flying in the sky – above matter.  Originally this Illustration was to depict three female angels.  Is it possible that these three angels were to represent three Stars, actually three Starflowers, or three Christ advents?  This window (set of three) in Mother’s Room points us back to the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the first coming of Christ.  The Star representing divine Science – is true Mother Hood.  The Star depicted in this window is really a flower, a Star of Bethlehem flower with seven petals instead of six.

Star of Bethlehem Flower

            The other two Windows in Mother’s room also depict a Starflower of Bethlehem (Boston).

            Instead of three angels, as originally planed, only two are seen in the fifth Illustration.  It is written that these two angels represent the two witnesses of Revelation 11.  Yet, I am not so sure this is so.  I believe that they represent Michael and Gabriel, the two angels spoken of in “The Apocalypse” chapter.  Michael is an angel of war while Gabriel is an angel that does not allow any objection (war); Love (Gabriel) is acceptance of the Truth (Michael) that God is Life.  A friend has recently brought this idea to my attention.  She heard it during a discussion on line with an Independent Branch Church.  The man spoke about how Gabriel went to Zacharias to tell him that his wife was going to give birth to a child.  Zacharias “was troubled, and fear fell upon him.” (Luke 1:12)  All that Zacharias’ manhood wanted to do was go to war with Gabriel – “Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years”(verse 18).  Because Zacharias thinks this thing to be impossible, he will not accept the words of Gabriel and his mouth is shut.  He cannot speak even after he finds out that his wife has conceived, but he must wait until John is born.  His acceptance of Gabriel’s words came via the five physical senses.  It is because he physically witnesses what takes place that he accepts that God is Life.
            Then after Gabriel speaks to Zacharias he (she) goes to speak to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.  Mary was troubled about Gabriel’s salutation that she is “highly favoured”, and that “the Lord is with” her. “Blessed art thou among women.” (Luke 1:28)   Mary’s response to Gabriel’s announcement that she was going to give birth was, “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” (Luke 1:34)  She has not had physical sex with a man so how could she be pregnant?  Gabriel explains how it can be and tells her about her cousin Elisabeth being with child.  “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)  And she responds in acceptance, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” (Luke 1:38)  With Mary, true Womanhood, came acceptance.  She did not war with Love but accepted that God is Life.  She spiritually understood Mind as creator of Life.
            In explaining Revelation 12:7-8 Mary Baker Eddy writes:  “The Old Testament assigns to the angels, God’s divine messages, different offices.  Michael’s characteristic is spiritual strength.  He leads the hosts of heaven against the power of sin, Satan, and fights the holy wars.  Gabriel has the more quiet task of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love.  These angels deliver us from the depths.  Truth and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong faith of spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God.  The Gabriel of His presence has no contests.  To infinite, ever-present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.  Against Love, the dragon warreth not long, for he is killed by the divine Principle.  Truth and Love prevail against the dragon because the dragon cannot war with them.  Thus endeth the conflict between the flesh and Spirit.” (S&H 566:29-567:13)
            Let us next move over to the SIDE OF LIGHT where we find the angel Gabriel as a “babe”.


First Edition

            On the Left Side of Life we have the Book of Life – the BIBLE, but it is a closed book (it is sealed up), thus, the reason why the grandfather clock depicts the time for Revelation 5:1-5 where the Lamb is recognized as the one who unseals the Book of Life.  Also on this dark side is the old man of scholastic theology and ecclesiastical despotism, who sees through a glass darkly, sitting in the rocking chair seen in CHRISTMAS EVE and TREATING THE SICK.  On the Right Side of Light we have the Star shining down upon the girl who is sitting in the foursquare chair.  She is like the angel of Revelation 10, for she holds “a little book open”.  This is the only Illustration depicting an open SCIENCE AND HEALTH found in Christ and Christmas!  This is also the only place where we find Mary Baker Eddy referring to her whole book as KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  It is this book that unseals the closed BIBLE.  In the center is the old man’s left hand.  Even though it is closed it falls within Truth’s realm of power.  In fact, his face is looking toward Truth and toward the Light of Love, the Lamb of God.

            I have noticed the form of a woman in the light, that could be Mary Baker Eddy.  (See below, but I think I see it better in the picture above.  I recommend to sit further away from the screen to help you see the form.  It could just be my imagination.)

            Even the window is divided in three vertical spaces (as well as three horizontal spaces).  I believe this to represent Life, Truth, and Love.  The Light is shining mostly through Truth, but is also shining through Love, and a sliver of Life is lighted up.  This “babe” comprehends the three advents of Christ that have taken place during the Fifth Day of Life, the Sixth Day of Truth, and the Seventh Day of Love.  I believe that the three horizontal levels represent (on the bottom) the level of Christian Science, the middle section represents the level of absolute Christian Science, and the top section represents the level of divine Science.

Suffer [Permit] the Children to Come Unto Me

            Illustration VII – SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME [CHRIST MARY EDDY] – correlates with the Window in Mother’s Room.  In Christ and Christmas this title is not really applied to Illustration VII, but it is given to the window in Mother’s Room (on the Side of Light).  This Illustration is the only Illustration in the whole book where we find “a little book open” – that being SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker G. Eddy.  Thus, this girl is like the angle of Revelation 10, but the author of the book is the real angel (divine messenger) of Revelation 10.  While looking closer at the Window I noticed a few things.  Like I only see two legs of the chair (not enough room to paint the other two?)  But I also see a man’s form in the light (Christ Jesus?) and a woman looking over the girl’s shoulder (Mary Baker Eddy?).

            Also in this Illustration it is the BIBLE that is a closed book, as it sits on a round table next to the old man of scholastic theology and ecclesiastical despotism.  He sees through a glass darkly (he does not understand the Bride, the Word of God).  Christianity without Science sees through a glass darkly (is blind to true Mother Hood – LOVE).
            In Helen’s book it is stated that Illustration VII points to 1891 and the 50th edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  This is when the city foursquare was added to “The Apocalypse”.  It is shown that the girl sits on a foursquare chair, and her feet are upon the ramp (rung) of Mind, and in the realm of Spirit, while the old man’s feet sit upon the floor or on the ground of Adam and in the realm of mortal mind.  This time is when Retrospection and Introspection (Mary Baker Eddy’s autobiography) was published.  It was also a time in between the first Boston Church (which ended in the 1880s) and the second organization of the Boston Church (in 1892).  Christ and Christmas itself would be released on December 2, 1893.  So it is thought that what the girl in this Illustration symbolizes is the Branches, or the Branch Church.  I can except that this is a possibility.  But is it the fact?  Could not this girl represent the Third Coming of Christ that takes place during the Seventh Day of Love – for both the Window and the Illustration are in the position of Love.
            The grandfather clock points us to Revelation 5:1-5 – where we have the sealed book (a closed BIBLE, especially the Book of Revelation) being opened up by the Lamb of God – the girl is the Christ-Lamb in the Seventh Day of Love.  It is her mission to explain the Life and Light of Mary Baker Eddy as the Second Coming of Christ.  When this is done then people can accept Mary Baker Eddy’s Truth about Jesus’ First Coming of Christ so that the seven seals of error are ripped off of the BIBLE.  This leads us to the capstone head of TRUTH (Michael) with Illustration VI.  Yet, during the Sixth Day of Truth the Lamb of this seventh Illustration must be the Christian Science Textbook itself.



First Edition

            Once more we have two different Illustrations for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.  In the first one (seen above) we have the dark chair and drapes, and the woman in prayer on the Side of Life.  Even our Star and woman Mary Baker Eddy seem to be more on the Left Side of Life than on the Right Side of Light.  Yet, she still stands within the Star’s Light.  Her eyes are looking upward, while her face seems to be straight on.  It is her right hand that points upward to heaven, to the Light of Love in the level of divine Science.  Her left hand of Life is outward toward the patient, yet there is no touching or physical connection between the Christ practitioner and patient.  Her mantle robe is black (Third Degree) representing the Side of Life.  So this Illustration represents Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual Life still unrecognized by Christian Scientists and the world.  The patient in the bed is generic, for the patient could be either a man or a woman.  There is a table behind the patient with a glass and spoon, and a bottle of medicine.  Could they represent Science and Theology, only two leavened measures of meal belonging to the woman?

Christian Science Healing

Christian Science Healing (with the man and white mantle)

            In the second Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING Mary Baker Eddy’s mantle is now white, this represents the understanding by Christian Scientists and the world that her Life was never material but was always spiritual, the expression and manifestation of Life itself.  Her head is more upward and her glance is toward heaven.  The patient in the bed has a beard, so it is clear that this patient is a man.  There is the table behind the man with a glass and spoon, and two bottles of medicine.  Could they represent that finally, in the Seventh Day of Love, that they represent the three leavened meals belonging to the woman – that of “Science, Theology, Medicine”?  What are the final words she gives to us in her Science section in the sixth chapter of SCIENCE AND HEALTH?  “If you or I should appear to die {After December 3, 1910 Christian Scientists (especially a certain Board member) claim that Mary Baker Eddy died so that they could take control of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.}, we should not be dead {Mary Baker Eddy never died.}.  The seeming decease, caused by a majority of human beliefs that man must die, or produced by mental assassins, does not in the least disprove Christian Science; rather does it evidence the truth of its basic proposition that mortal thoughts in belief rule the materiality miscalled life in the body or in matter.  But the forever fact remains paramount that Life, Truth, and Love save from sin, disease, and death.  ‘When this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality [divine Science], then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory’ (St. Paul).” (S&H 164:17)
            The painting on the wall is on the Side of Light, it depicts the dawn of Light in man’s consciousness.
            Does not the first Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING, where Mary Baker Eddy’s cloak (mantle) is dark represent the LIFE of Mary Baker Eddy while the second Illustration, where Mary Baker Eddy’s cloak (mantle) is white represent the LIGHT of Mary Baker Eddy?
            Mary Baker Eddy is lifting up old Christianity into Truth that is Christ Science.  Yet, our Window at this point, which sits at the head corner of the Edifice, depicts a scene more like we see in SEEKING AND FINDING.

            The Window’s depiction is different, so I call this Window:  “T’is the Same Hand [unfolds His power,] That Writes the Page.”[12]  In other words, it is the Hand of God that writes the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  This Window does not depict the tone of SOUL (like SEEKING AND FINDING does), but the tone of TRUTH.  Mary Baker Eddy has overcome (unmasked/revealed) animal magnetism to the world.  There is no serpent in this window.  Above Mary Baker Eddy is an ARK of TRUTH, where we find the Christian Science Seal with its four demands:  “CAST OUT DEMONS * HEAL THE SICK * CLEANSE THE LEPERS * RAISE THE DEAD”.  I put these in the order that I believe follows the divine infinite calculus.  However, if you see the seal in the Window, then you know that “HEAL THE SICK * RAISE THE DEAD” is on the top.  There is a reason why I put three letters in bold.  If you see the seal from inside Mother’s Room then you see all the letters are backwards.  When the seal is read and seen from outside the building they are not backwards.  On the outside, these three letters are KRA.  Even though they are backwards, on the inside, they are the three letters of ARK.  And this is what I refer to as the ARK of TRUTH, because these three letters are found within the Keystone of the Arch!  The ARK of the ARCH.
            With the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth now being completed, I hope that you can see how Hanna’s (?) manuscript is of most value.  However, Helen’s book spends no time presenting this topic to you.  How could she when she is not Martha?  Only Martha could present the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth to you.
            Moving on to Doris Grekel’s writing upon Christ and Christmas, she presented a new way of looking into the poem book – and that is because the graphic type in the earlier editions were different types.  Certain Illustrations had the same graphic type while other Illustrations had a completely different graphic type.  She saw this as a graphic code; however, she did not ever speak of the code’s Key, as this job was left up to Martha.  I have written about this Key Code in another post.

            To quickly go through them Illustrations I and X go together (a cursive print is used, which I call Cursive A).  These point to Mary Baker Glover Eddy (her legal name holding executive power) and SCIENCE AND HEALTH, so she is the Starflower of Bethlehem/Boston and she is the woman knocking on the door.

Illustrations (with Print A) II, V, VI, and IX correlate with each other.

Illustrations (used on the copyright page) III and IV correlate with each other.

Finally Illustrations (with Print B) VII, VIII, and XI correlate with each other.
            You might think that these different authors writing about Christ and Christmas were just sloppy – but there was a reason that they did not see the graphic codes or its Key.  The Key Code was found at the beginning of the book, before the poem begins (which they probably ignored as being a part of the book’s importance).  This Key Code was set up by Mary Baker Eddy herself, as different settings refer us back to specific meanings.  One example being that a particular type setting points directly to her name, this means that those Illustrations with the same type set is speaking of Mary Baker Eddy as being the woman seen in that particular Illustration.  This denies the red dragon’s attempt to claim that all Illustrations depict only a symbol of, or type of, the spiritual idea or feminine Christ, and not Mary Baker Eddy specifically.  In other words, Mary Baker Eddy is yelling at us – “I AM the Second Coming of Christ!  Do not let the red dragon fool you!  Do not listen to animal magnetism on this topic – for the serpent speaks with a forked tongue!”  But she had to hide this Truth from the world until the time was right so that the world could accept the Truth about her place in Bible prophecy.
            Returning to our capstone head window in Mother’s Room, it too has a Starflower of Boston.  So let us take one of the lines from Illustration VI – which tells us about Sharon’s Rose.  “For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom In human heart.*

* ‘God was manifest in the flesh.’ — St. Paul.”  What is this “Sharon’s rose”?  Orgain and Hanna (?) believe it to be the Christ Church.  But I do not believe this to be so.  I think it is a matrix structure, and this matrix structure must be explained and understood before it can bud and bloom in human heart.  I believe that the Starflower of Boston helps explain this very point.  It is because Sharon’s Rose Matrix system is found in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK – because the twelfth keystone window has the same Starflowers depicted in it.  It is presented as the Big Dipper constellation.

            The only places we have these Starflowers in the original Edifice are in this twelfth Keystone and Mother’s Room.  These Morning Stars of Venus point us to the Unity Matrix, which I call Sharon’s Rose, as it is a Rose Window.

It was after I named this matrix Sharon’s Rose that I saw a slide from the 1970’s, by Ingeborg Tillisch Kelley, of a flower with twelve petals (like the twelve Keystone windows) utilizing the eleven Illustrations from Christ and Christmas.

Part of Sharon’s Rose

The twelfth petal was of seven flowers and it was so much like the Big Dipper Keystone that I had to think that there was a correlative match to both this Christ and Christmas Flower diagram and WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  Yet, the artist of the diagram never made any comparison of it to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  The artist was one of John W. Doorly’s students, and she was heavily into astrology.  I believe that she was too much into astrology that it sort of blinded her to some simplicities found in symbols relating to the Church edifice and Christ and Christmas.  I also feel that she tried to force John W. Doorly’s Network Matrix (not called this by Doorly or his students) into the interpretation of Christ and Christmas instead of looking into the symbols and what they meant.  I later on specifically gave to her diagram the term, or title, of Sharon’s Rose.  But I still think that both the diagram and the Window as being Sharon’s Rose Matrix, a.k.a. the Unity Matrix and the Stargate Matrix.  And yet, another connection to me (Martha) is that as a young child I pretended to be Sharon from the 1960’s movie The Parent Trap.  Sharon was the BOSTON twin.  She was sister to the twin, Susan (lily, another flower), who lived in California (the crown).   So it is possible that Sharon’s Rose is really my rose.  My own Rose Matrix that I saw and was able to explain even though I had help from W. Gordon Brown and the woman who made the diagram – both Doorly students who explain matrix structures.
            I have a problem with a lot of Doorly students.  Remember what I said about the type setting in Christ and Christmas and what it means?  Well, Doorly students do not always accept the place of Mary Baker Eddy in Bible prophecy.  Furthermore, even though it cannot be true, they claim that John W. Doorly is Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  They are wrong because Mary Baker Eddy said that her successor was not on earth (alive in human form) in 1901 when she spoke of her successor, and John Doorly was alive in 1901.  So John Doorly cannot possibly be Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  Although Doorly students are appreciative of Mary Baker Eddy, they often downplay her importance and they deny her place as the woman God-crowned and the angel of Revelation 10.  St. John uses the word “angel” in regards to the angel in Revelation 10.  I feel that when he speaks of this specific angel that he means this angel is God’s divine messenger, especially when he (she) is clothed with a cloud!  A code symbol he uses in regards to this angel is the word “rainbow” which points one to the female goddess Iris.  John knew that this was so when he wrote it, and his readers (at that time) understood his point too.  So, this angel, even though John used male pronouns to describe the angel, really means that this angel was a female.  “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy.  Not just sometimes but always!  Yet most Christian Scientists think it is taboo to even contemplate symbols.  St. John used symbols throughout Revelation!  How can the BIBLE be an open book if people refuse to look at symbols?  The BIBLE is full of symbols from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.  This being true of the BIBLE then it must also be true of SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  Doorly’s students are great with symbols and matrix tables, they just lack one thing – they deny their Leader’s place in Bible prophecy.  (Not all of them, but most of them do).
            These students are afraid that if they accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place that they will be deifying her persona.  Many Christian Scientists are the same way because they are brainwashed by the Boston hierarchy into believing this line fed to them by ecclesiastical despotism and scholastic theology.  They continue to lie about the woman because the red dragon wants to retain its seat (place) of power in a material organized Church, called, The Mother Church.
            The following is from Helen’s book, Part III CHRIST AND CHRISTMAS.

{My interpolations will be in these brackets.}  [Helen’s interpolations will be in these brackets.]  All emphases are found in Helen’s book:

            In several places Mrs. Eddy tells us that her book, Christ and Christmas, is her life story, and that in Christ and Christmas the star of Bethlehem is really the “STAR OF BOSTON,” though it was too early to say this to the general public at her time.  Christ and Christmas is about Mary Baker Eddy, the Wayshower who brought the Second Coming of the Christ in fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy to send the “Comforter” to reveal all that Jesus, 2000 years ago, was not able to tell the people of his time, as they were just coming out of mythology.
            There can be no doubt that the poem and pictures in Christ and Christmas reveal the high points and deep significance of Mary Baker Eddy’s life {Life and Light}.
            Irving C. Tomlinson writes regarding Christ and Christmas:

            Mr. James F. Gilman, the illustrator of this inspired poem (whom I visited at Mrs. Eddy’s request) has told us in his memoirs that Mrs. Eddy once said to him:  “Do you know what you have done?  You have portrayed to the world what I am as God’s messenger {angel} to this age.”
            In seeking the lessons to be learned from the illustrations of Christ and Christmas we must remember that our beloved Leader has given us important data which should be kept in thought.  She describes Christ and Christmas as “hopelessly original” (Mis. 371:28).  Of vital interest are her words in Miscellaneous Writings which tell us that the illustrations ‘refer not to personality [“Those who look for me in person…lose me…”], but present the type of shadow of Truth’s appearing in the womanhood as well as in the manhood of God, our divine Father and Mother’” (Mis. 33:8).  These notes on Christ and Christmas had the approval of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.
            Nothing in Christ and Christmas lulls us to sleep; it is front burner stuff all the way.  To the spiritually-minded reader every page of the book’s incredible insights have a healing effect, for they show how Science and Health is transforming the thinking of the world, just as education transformed mankind’s thought about the earth’s flatness.  Mrs. Orgain writes:  “The message of Christ and Christmas is expanding with every approach, always revealing the wonderfully balanced view which is the result of the manhood and womanhood of God operating in unity.” {From pages 93-94}

            Symbolism in Christ and Christmas
            Before we look in detail at each picture,[13] the reader may find the following brief summary of symbolism used in Christ and Christmas interesting.  It is quoted from a three paged typewritten carbon copy which bears the penned notation, “To Mrs. Orgain—JEJ 5 April, 1949.”  It is thought these notes were sent to Mrs. Orgain by Joseph E. Johnson after he read her book, Angelic Overtures {of Christ and Christmas}, published in 1941.

            Christ and Christmas:   An interpretation by Judge Hanna, who was present [possibly more than once] when Mrs. Eddy gave instructions to the artist.
            The pictures are the objects of the references on pages 115 and 116 of SCIENCE AND HEALTH:
            Black in each picture is “First Degree,” depravity, lines 21-24.
            Gray is “Second Degree,” evil beliefs disappearing, lines 26-27.
            White is “Third Degree,” understanding, lines 2-10, (p. 116).
            First Picture:  Black, gross materiality, error, unreality, Star of Bethlehem (which was really the “Star of Boston” but it was too early [for Mary Baker Eddy] to say this).  The star is the Christ idea – Truth appearing to the world to destroy error.
            Second Picture:  Death of the First Degree – note the ugly coffin.  The black robe on Jesus’ shoulders represents the cross.  Note woman in gray {some white}, in prayer.  Note the man, [in] black [background,] Pharisaical belief {I also feel that he represents materia medica beliefs}, showing astonishment {I think he is objecting to the Christ Healing taking place, he objects to the healing of the Woman}.  Note the woman in the coffin, eyes opening, showing spiritual discernment.
            Third Picture:  Quill of pen touched by divine Light {the Morning Star’s light}; candle is half-burned showing Mrs. Eddy’s life was half-spent when she discovered Christian Science {I do not know that this is important, since Life does not exist in matter}.  Clock on wall shows time is behind her.  The animated serpent [old theology {animal magnetism}], First Degree, would bite the heel of Truth – Divine Light coming through the window (there must be an opening).  {I completely agree with this sentence if he means that Mary Baker Eddy is the Window that divine Light is showing through.}
            {What this man’s notes does not mention is that this Illustration points to the time of 1875 when Mary Baker Eddy was working on her final chapter of the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH – “Healing the Sick” which dealt with animal magnetism.  The clock also points us to Revelation 12:1-5 and the Woman God-crowned Keystone in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.}
            Fourth Picture:  Where is the star {Venus, the Morning Star}?  {If the Starflower is Mary Baker Eddy, then she may be the woman seen in the wheelchair.  This is better than the old woman in a rocking chair – moving backwards and forwards but getting nowhere at all.  At least a wheelchair moves and it also is symbolic of the divine infinite calculus, even though this wheelchair’s wheels only have ten spokes (instead of twelve or even sixteen).}  The tree is grotesque.  Artist did not wish to paint this picture {not sure he painted the Illustrations, I heard they were charcoal drawings}, no beauty in Christmas tree which exists only to celebrate the birth and death of the human Jesus and this belief is responsible for human birth, [mortal, material] beliefs.  {The Christmas tree is dead and is symbolic of The Mother Church under material organization – which the train, located on a Branch (church?) also represents.  Without Mother, the Starflower, the tree has no leading head; it is decapitated.  Of course, I have found the real capstone of the Church hidden within the body of the tree.  It is invisible to most.  I see it as the boy’s head, the window on the left and the door on the right – as seen below.  Also below this is what the tree might look like with its head.}

            Fifth Picture:  One Shepherd and one fold; twelve sheep, two figures blending into one, represents spiritual individualism [white robed purity uniting “in one person masculine wisdom and feminine love, spiritual understanding and perpetual peace].  The angel knows “Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.”] – “Watch and Pray.”  River represents Euphrates [“Divine Science encompassing the universe and man” (S&H 585:14)], prophecy of the Mother Church is in background; light gray – note black steeple, First Degree, [despotic ecclesiastical] thought, old theology.  {I see the river and the path as two intersecting S’s.  To me this symbolizes the X-Stream of Science which relate to the Skylight Window in the Auditorium.}
            Sixth Picture:  Old belief leaving the bed; medicine is behind him.  Curtains, First Degree, are drawn back, and light coming through brings the theological thought in matter to state of prayer.  Note picture on wall, “Breaking through the clouds of darkness” etc.  The Woman’s robe reaches base of bed and represents understanding, symbolizing her thought reaching the foundation of sickness as merely error, hypnotic suggestion, illusion, ignorance of divine being.  {This may be true of the second Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING, but what of the first Illustration when Mary Baker Eddy’s robe was black, in the First Degree?  I think I am right, that the first Illustration represented Mary Baker Eddy’s Life (how people saw her as a material woman) while the second Illustration represented Mary Baker Eddy’s Light (how she must be recognized by the world – as God’s spiritual idea to this age (time period), as the Second Coming of Christ.}
            Seventh Picture:  No barriers of age to Truth.  {Underneath this Illustration are Jesus’ words:  “I THANK THEE, O FATHER, LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, BECAUSE THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT, AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES.”  Who is the “babe” in this picture?  It is the girl, or the babe-woman.  What about the title given to this seventh Illustration in Mother’s Room?  “Suffer [permit] the children [“The spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love.”[14]] to come unto ME, [the Christ that is Mary Baker Eddy].”  How does the child come unto Christ Mary Baker Eddy?  By opening up SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES and reading it!  This “babe” (girl) sits on a foursquare chair of successorship.  What is it that symbolizes the idea behind the Christ Priest order of Melchizedek (“Life, without [material] birth and without end [death], Emitting light!”)?  It is not the girl or the old man – but rather it is SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy, for the book is emitting light onto the girl’s face.}
            Eighth Picture:  [Mary Baker Eddy took an hour each night to know the truth for the world.]  {I am not sure why there seems to be nothing written for this Illustration by Johnson.  It most certainly does seem as if most of the Illustration is depicting white, the Third Degree.  I personally believe that the man in the giant, distorted bed (the perspective is off) happens to be Adam man, or mortal minded man.  It is interesting that on the top of the knob of the headboard there seems to be the head of a man.  Is this sleeping man the man depicted standing by the Christmas tree in CHRISTMAS EVE?  Is the female practitioner the same woman depicted in front of the tree in CHRISTMAS EVE (who was then in black)?  If so, this would be the negative idea behind the woman (feminism), while the positive idea would be that the woman is Mary Baker Eddy praying for the world every night from 8-9 p.m.}
            Ninth Picture:  Circle represents world.  {“The real Life, or Mind, and its opposite, the so-called material life and mind, are figured by two geometrical symbols, a circle or sphere and a straight line.  The circle represents the infinite without beginning or end [Melchizedek]; the straight line represents the finite, which has both beginning and end.  The sphere represents good, the self-existent and eternal individuality or Mind; the straight line represents evil, a belief in a self-made and temporary material existence.  Eternal Mind and temporary material existence never unite in figure or fact.
            “A straight line finds no abiding-place in a curve, and a curve finds no adjustment to a straight line.  Similarly, matter has no place in Spirit, and Spirit has no place in matter.  Truth has no home in error, and error has no foothold in Truth.  Mind cannot pass into non-intelligence and matter, nor can non-intelligence become Soul.  At no point can these opposites mingle or unite.  Even though they seem to touch, one is still a curve and the other a straight line.”[15]  However, two spiritual ideas, which are thought to be opposites (Christianity, represented by a male and Science, represented by a female), do unite in this Illustration.
            Earth.  A sphere; a type of eternity and immortality which are likewise without beginning or end.  To material sense, earth is matter; to spiritual sense it is a compound idea.”  (S&H 585:5)}  Note that Jesus has laid off the robe, showing dominion. {Jesus’ mantle is black, this symbolizes that Jesus can take off this black mantle because the unreal image of his life has been explained by Womanhood – Jesus Christ is God’s spiritual idea.  The Christ is no longer held back by Christianity’s belief in a material life known as the man Jesus, for Science has explained him.  Yet, the woman’s mantle is gray in this Illustration, it is not white as it is in the second Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.  I think this is because some of her followers spiritually understand her Life as divine, they see the Third Degree of who she is, while other followers see her in the First Degree, as a little old white haired woman.  But it could also mean that her gray mantle along with her white dress represent her as the human and divine coincidence.}  Take Christian Science to the world, and in that light creation is shown anew {as being Spirit}.
            Tenth Picture:  Child thought sees or perceives Truth.  Woman [Science] knocking at the door of mortal mind.  {She stands on a foursquare mat.  Her mantle is completely white, there is no more error to work out; she spiritually understands the nothingness of error.}
            Eleventh Picture:  Foreground is First Degree, — [then] following the path of light up to the right way {the side of spiritual Light}, leads beside “still waters” and “green pastures.”  {Someone agrees with me on this part.}  The {crowned} cross, smaller one, represents demonstrations; birds represent God’s winged thoughts.  Note white dove coming from heaven with thought messages nearest the cross.  Left side {material life} of picture reaches same destination, but the way is rugged.
            Again, the mission of Christ and Christmas is to lift Christianity into Science.

            Directly above:  “The second source for Part III {in Helen’s book} is an inspired and thoughtful analysis entitled, An Explanation of the Illustrated Poem, Christ and Christmas, with remarks by Judge Septimus J. Hanna and James F. Gilman[16] (From pages 96-99.)  It strongly suggests that both sources accurately reflect the content of Hanna’s notes.

Editor’s note:  This ends Part 1.

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