by MJSmith


            In the Blue Book, Notes On Mary Baker Eddy’s COURSE IN DIVINITY; WATCHES, PRAYERS, ARGUMENTS; COLLECTANEA, on page 108, there is a letter written by Mary Baker Eddy, dated January 25, 1897.  One line reads, “You are master of the bad tendencies of Socialism and not at all at their cruel mercies.”  This prayer seems to be what we need today; we need to use these wise words in our Christian Science treatments.  Mary Baker Eddy’s words also prove that socialism (communism) is cruel, in other words, it is not based upon Love (or even love).

            This being said, it is clear as a bell that today’s Democratic party (which Mary Baker Eddy was a member of, which I never could understand unless it was a family thing) are totally off the path to righteous judgment and principled government.  But I have to wonder if they ever were on the right path to begin with?  I am beginning to think that they have not changed very much at all over the decades.  What many of the left-wing people (democrats) are displaying today is violence, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and unfairness.  They seem to be insane!  They claim to believe in “free speech” however, if you tend to disagree with their opinion then they do not want you to speak, they do not want you to get a chance to say anything when they shout you down, and they now use violence to keep you quite (as the political democrats in charge have given them their permission to do so).
            So why is it that today’s Democratic Party, for the most part, seem to be in favor of getting our country to become a socialistic (communistic) country?  Venezuela has not worked out it is utterly destroyed.  What is really at play, or at work, is the anti-Christ.  Yes, the anti-Christ is everything that is against the Word of God, against the Christ, against Christianity, against God’s Principled Science.  It claims to work in the material world with complete freedom and it seems to have the money to back it up, via billionaires like George Soros.  Political groups, like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are given money by people like Soros (communists who have made their fortune via capitalism).  [Since writing this post I have found out that George Soros is actually a fascist.  But there is very little difference between fascists and communists – they both believe in totalitarianism and they both believe in lies and committing crimes.]  The people in these protest gangs are paid thugs.  Some people are actually paid to go out and protest-riot, they are paid to clobber Republicans who are running for office, or paid to get in their faces at a restaurant, the airport, gas stations, movie theatres, their homes, etc.  Who else were some paid thugs given money by communists to riot in the streets?  The thugs were hired Russians during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  It was because of the Bolshevik Revolution that Russia became a communist (socialistic) country!  Trotsky and Lenin were paid to go back to Russia after they had been kicked out of the country.  They were given money by international bankers, this money was to be used to hire thugs to go out into the streets and cause the riots that were claimed to be a revolution.  Today these same tactics are being waged in the United States of America by left-wing groups.
            So, if everything that the “Socialist-Democrats” (a.k.a. “Progressives”) are doing stems from the anti-Christ, then what is the remedy or solution to kicking out Satan (not really a person but rather atheism, an evil system of ideas based upon the hatred of God and the Christ) from our Country?  Yes, Christianity is a good start, for Christians to be praying against this false system of government or false system of ideas, but the practice of Christian Science is even better at destroying the adversary.
            And yet, there is even something more powerful that needs to be done by Christian Scientists than just praying about socialism or communism being nullified by the four living creatures (the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science).  What this something is happens to be found in the Blue Book as well, found in two different letters.  The first letter I will quote is written by Mary Baker Eddy to Judge Septimus J. Hanna (found on page 109).
            “I can do you most good by pointing the path, showing the scenes behind the [iron][1] curtain.  The united plans of the evildoers is to cause the beginners either in lecturing or teaching or in our periodicals to keep Mrs. [Mary Baker Glover] Eddy as she is (what God knows of her and revealed to Christ Jesus [in other words, what God knows of Mary Baker Eddy is found in the BIBLE because Christ Jesus spoke about it – the second coming of Christ) out of sight [hidden]; and to keep her as she is not (just another [physical] white-haired old lady) constantly before the public [and the ones who do this with the most accomplishment are those of the Christian Science Church].  This kills two birds with one stone.  It darkens the spiritual sense of [Christian Science] students and misguides the public [the world].  Why?  Because it misstates the idea of divine Principle that you are trying to demonstrate and hides it from the sense of the people.
            “Keeping the truth of her character before the public will help the students, and do more than all else for the Cause.  Christianity in its purity was lost by defaming and killing its defenders.  Do not let this period repeat this mistake.  The truth in regard to your Leader [Mary Baker Glover Eddy] heals the sick and saves the sinner.  The lie has just the opposite effect, and the evil one [the anti-Christ] that leads all evil in this matter knows this more clearly than do the Christian Scientists in general.”
            It is a fact that communism was released into the material world before SCIENCE AND HEALTH was first published in 1875.  The first thief, The Communist Manifesto, attributed to Carl Marx (he did not really write it, but copied words given to him from international bankers) came into the world shortly before SCIENCE AND HEALTH did.  Also about that same time the second thief was published – Charles Darwin’s book about physical evolution.  These two thieves would go hand in hand in trying to destroy Christian Science.
            The second letter is found on page 112 of the Blue Book, written in 1893.  “For the world to understand me in my true light, and life, would do more for our Cause than aught else could.  This I learn from the fact that the enemy [anti-Christ] tries harder to hide these two things from the world than to win any other points.  Also Jesus’ life and character in their first appearing [this means she is the second appearing] were treated in like manner.  And I regret to see the loyal students [of Christian Science] are not more awake to this great demand in their measures to meet the enemies’ tactics.”
            One reason why these “loyal students” of Christian Science are not more awake today to this great demand happens to be because of the Boston Church hierarchy.  They have made it taboo to speak about Mary Baker Eddy in any way as the second coming of Christ, or as the woman to fulfill Bible prophecy.  And those who believe they are wiser and smarter (or just older?) will tell the young student that they are wrong to believe that Mary Baker Eddy was anything more than a little old gray-haired woman.  Yes, she gave us SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES and her other writings, but (they say) that does not mean that someone else could not have done the same.  But it is a lie, false propaganda (waters) from the red dragon’s seven heads of opposition to Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love!  Mary Baker Eddy is the only one that could have done what she did, because God chose her to fulfill this God-crowned mission of the second coming of Christ (which became spiritually manifested in book form as SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES).
            This being said let me return to page 105 in the Blue Book, to a letter written on January 28, 1892.  In this letter she explains the misconception by the Virgin Mary, thus, mankind also misconceived the Truth about Jesus.
            “God did not make the infant Jesus.  Mary’s spiritual concept of progeny exceeded the average human belief, therefore she believed that He did [make the infant Jesus].  If her conception had been wholly from God, it would have been the concept of a man instead of a babe, and could not have been born materially of Mary.  Here is a supposed partnership between God and Mary which is not Science but a human concept in part.  God is the only Creator.  He needs no help.  He can have no help, hence Jesus was a material man between the human thought of Mary that was half right and the Christ or idea of God that was wholly right because it was never a babe and never a material phenomenon.”  This means that Jesus Christ was a human-divine coincidence.  This also means that mainstream Christianity is incorrect in the way that they present Christ Jesus to the world.
            On the bottom of page 108 of the Blue Book, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “The virginity of Jesus’ mother is a cardinal point of Christian Science.”
            In a letter that Mary Baker Eddy wrote to her husband, Asa Gilbert Eddy (located on page 107-108 of the Blue Book) she presents the truth to him about her own being.  “I know the crucifixion of the one who presents truth in its highest aspect [divine Science] will be this time through a bigger error, through mortal mind instead of its lower stratum, or matter, showing that the idea given of God this time is higher, clearer and more permanent than before.  My dear companion and fellow-laborer in the Lord is grappling stronger than did Peter with the enemy—he would cut off their hands and ears.  You, dear student, are doubtless praying for me—and so the modern Law-giver [of the Sixth Day of Truth] is upheld for a time [like Moses was in the Third Day of Soul].”

            Also on page 109 of the Blue Book she writes to her secretary Calvin Frye:  “The first experience of mine in entering upon the discovery of Christian Science [February 4, 1866] was the entire stoppage of the periods that are believed to be concurrent with the moon.  Hence that saying of the Revelator of the spiritual idea, ‘The moon was under her feet’.  Often it seems to be discouraging to hear my female students talk of this period as if it was part of their life, normal and scientific.”  Here, once more, she is making a reference to the woman God-crowned of Revelation 12.  What is it that Christian Scientists do not understand about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy?  Why do they not comprehend the Truth about her?  If they do not understand and accept her place then they are being handled by the anti-Christ.
            But it is this exact Truth that has been hid from the world that needs to be revealed to the world!  In 1907 the red dragon waged war against the woman in court, via the Next Friend’s Suit.  Yellow journalism’s headman – Joseph Pulitzer, instigated the suit.  He also got a congressman involved in the suit.  Then they talked Mary Baker Eddy’s son George Glover, granddaughter Mary, and adopted son Foster-Eddy involved in the suit.  In the end, the red dragon failed in its attempt to drown the woman via the world’s methods, so it used another one of its water heads – that of The Mother Church – via the male board of directors in Boston.
            Today there is a man who is being pursued by those using the same red dragon techniques.  Who is this man?  His name is President Donald John Trump.  Many hate the man because he won the 2016 Presidential election (via the electoral votes).  What these people, who object to him winning, fail to realize is that God wanted him to become the 45th President of the United States of America.  If this were not so then the anti-Christ would not be trying so hard to impeach the man and obstruct his good deeds.

The Anti-Christ Is Behind the Russian Hoax
            The House and Senate must remain Republican, and Democrats running for your local offices in this midterm election need to loose.  Why?  It is because the Democrats are working to advance (Progress) the agenda of communism.  Socialism is communism – they are one and the same thing.  Is this what you want for our country?  Do you want the United States of America to become another broken Venezuela, a Cuba, or like the China?

            What is the true story behind the special council investigation?  It is a communism set up to try and get President Trump impeached.  It is that simple.
            This is how it all began.  The Obama administration set out to get Hillary Clinton elected to be the 45th President so that Obama’s legacy could continue.  There was only one problem – Hillary’s e-mail server.  Obama got the heads of the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and National Intelligence Agency to get Hilary Clinton out of trouble so that she would be elected as the next President.  This was done so that Obama’s “legacy” could continue for another eight years, but also it was done to take our country even further down the road of communism.  President Obama is a closet communist even though he does not come out and claim so.  President William J. Clinton and Hilary R. Clinton are also closet communists.  At least Burnie Sanders is honest about what he is.
            At the time that Hilary Clinton was (supposedly) being investigated for having an unsecured email service, we had in office Loretta Lynch (D.O.J.), along with four directors:  James Comey (F.B.I.), communist John Brennan (C.I.A.), James Clapper (N.I.A.), and Michael Rogers (N.S.A.).  These men and women, as well as other persons high up in these groups, conspired, with President Obama, to white wash all that Hilary did while she was Secretary of State in regards to her e-mails.  The fix was in – for sure.  Other main F.B.I. persons in on the conspiracy were Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page.  A man of importance in the D.O.J. is Bruce Ohr.  His wife Nelly worked for Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS (the group that Hilary Clinton’s hired law firm paid money to).  Then Fusion GPS paid British spy Christopher Steele for his dirty Russian dossier.  Another important man, who becomes an important player at the D.O.J., is Rod Rosenstein.
            Remember these players as the plot thickens.  In July 2016 James Comey goes out on national TV to tell everyone about Hilary Clinton’s misdeeds with her e-mail, and then says that no lawyer would prosecute her, which was a lie.  First off, he had no right to take on that responsibility – as that job belonged to Loretta Lynch.  Now, while speaking of Loretta Lynch she is the one who had that inappropriate meeting on the tarmac with President William Jefferson Clinton.  This meeting is supposed to be the main reason why Comey gave his little speech letting Hilary escape going to court and perhaps to serve jail time.
            In order to make since of some of this stuff we have to back track to when Hilary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State.  She, along with her husband Bill and their “charity” company, The Clinton Foundation, helped make it possible for Russia to own 20% of our country’s uranium.  Also, at this same time, Australia was working to hand over even more of their percentage of uranium to the Russians (which they did).  The player in Australia is well acquainted with the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons and he is the same man who speaks to one George Papadopoulos one night during 2016.
            Hilary Clinton was not in on this by herself, of course.  There were other people tied to the Uranium One Deal, see if you recognize their names – Eric Holder (head of DOJ), Robert (Bob) Mueller (head of FBI) and Rod Rosenstein.  James Brennan was head of the CIA at the time.  What they did was wrong – to allow Russia to get their hands on 20% of our uranium.  These same people were also in office during the Benghazi attack on the American Embassy; the incident that Hilary blamed on a man who had a video up on the Internet – it was one of the Obama Administration’s bald face lies (Susan Rice and President Obama also claimed the attack on the embassy on the man’s Internet video).
            Hilary Clinton did not want to win the election in the good old-fashioned way – hard work.  She wanted to win by cheating, so cheating she did.  But she could also have just been very lazy, she was told she was going to win so she believed it and did not work hard enough during the campaign.  The biggest cheat to the election was the phony FBI investigation into her e-mail.  Oh, I am sure the investigation was on the up and up, but the men at the top of the FBI had their marching orders from President Obama (via head of the DOJ) that they were to make “the matter” go away.  As I said before, after Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac (with FBI agents well aware of what was going on) Comey took matters into his own hands and addressed the American people.  It is odd that the FBI were more concerned about how the tarmac meeting was leaked to the press than they were about Lynch an W. J. C. meeting inappropriately on a plane.
            Let me remind you that Debbie Wasserman Schultz (the Midterm Election bomber – a joke) and the DNC worked against Senator Burney Sanders, so that he would loose the primary election.  That is why Schultz was fired from the DNC and then liar and cheat Donna Brazil was appointed head of the DNC.  Brazil finally came clean about her mischievous deed, but you should have seen how she laid in to a FOX News woman when she was asked point blank if she was guilty of providing a question for a debate to her girl Hilary!  Why, Donna Brazil is a Christian, how dare the news woman insinuate she would do such a thing or question her honor?
            So when Peter Strzok interviewed Hilary Clinton, without putting her under oath and allowing her lawyers to be present, another plot was being set up in order to take out Clinton’s new political opponent – Donald John Trump.  These “players” were not about to allow their Madam President from not being elected.  They would do whatever it would take to get Mr. Trump out of the picture, to get him to loose.  So right after they supposedly interviewed Hilary Clinton they began to run a sting operation on the Trump campaign (with spies and the like).
            Now inters a main player into this dastardly plot.  He is a man who hates Donald Trump, a man who was an MI-6 agent (but fired) and who was hired by the FBI to get information on Trump’s collusion with Russia.  The man’s name is Christopher Steele.  He conspired with the DNC and the FBI to provide them with bogus information on Donald Trump.  He stated in court that this dossier could not be substantiated (verified).  It was at this time that the FBI fired him, but they still wanted his fake information, so they found a way to get it.  The Department of Justice’s Bruce Ohr kept in touch with Steele and became a conduit to the FBI.  It did not hurt that Ohr’s wife (who speaks Russian) worked for Glenn Simpson and they too were working with Christopher Steele.
            Now, who financed this famous dossier?  It was the Clinton Campaign.  They, along with Obama for America, gave money to Perkins Coie Law Firm, who in turn gave money to Fusion GPS, who in turn gave money to Christopher Steele, who might have talked to Russians in order to put the Dossier together.  It was this same fake dossier that the FBI used in order to get four FISA Court warrants in order to spy on Carter Page (to really spy on the Trump campaign).  According to Dan Bongino’s book SPYGATE before this even took place the FBI had been spying on George Papadopoulos (FISA also).  The FISA Court was never told that the Clinton Campaign had financed the dossier.  But then they never asked either; in this case, not only was Justice blind she was also deaf and dumb.  The fourth attempt to get a warrant was signed by Rod Rosenstein himself (this was after Trump had been inaugurated into office).  McCabe and Comey signed other papers to get warrants.
            Was Carter Page a Russian spy like the enemies of Donald Trump claimed?  No, he was not.  Carter Page had been in the Navy.  He had also been to Russia, for sure, but he always came back and went to the FBI to be debriefed.  This being said, why would the FBI need to spy on Carter Page when he had always gone into them to be debriefed?  My point is that the only way it made sense is if the FBI wanted to spy on the Trump Campaign.  Carter Page may have worked on the Trump Campaign but he never met Donald J. Trump.  But this was not going to stop the communist conspirators from trying to plant evidence or framing certain people within the Trump Campaign.  Nor would Special Council Mueller stop at ruining innocent people’s lives and livelihoods!
            Let me shortly (as Dan Bongino’s book SPYGATE The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump gives a much clearer understanding of all of this; if you can get a copy of it[2]) tell you how the trap was set for Donald Trump, Jr.  Remember Glenn Simpson with Fusion GPS?  Well, he met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya the day before the Trump Tower Meeting.  She was brought over from Russia, on purpose, so that she could be used to set up Donald Trump, Jr.  She supposedly has information on Hilary Clinton’s e-mails, or some type of dirt.  The meeting takes place and all that Natalia talks about with Trump Jr., and others who were there, was about trying to get the United States to resume Russian adoptions.  Nothing transpires from the meeting, no vital information is given to the Trump Campaign about their opponent Hilary Clinton and the meeting ends.  The very next day, once again, Simpson meets with Veselnitskaya.  Who allowed her into our country?  It was Loretta Lynch.  Can you smell something rotten going on yet?
            In Ann Coulter’s new book RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind she speaks about the e-mail leading up to this meeting on pages 154-155 [my interpolations are in these brackets].  “Don Jr. was responding to an e-mail from British publicist (or a tabloid reporter) Rob Goldstone [I wonder if Goldstone knows Christopher Steele?], who claimed to have ‘official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia,’ which would be ‘very useful to your father.’  Goldstone said the offer was ‘part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,’ encouraged by Goldstone’s client, the Russian singer Emin.[3]
            Coulter explains Junior’s reaction, where he says “I LOVE IT!” as “a roundabout, friendly way, saying he was on the road [campaign trail] suggesting he [Goldstone] call Emin himself, and adding, ‘If it’s what you say I love it [the meeting to take place] especially later in the summer’[4] …according to the publicist, Emin wanted Don Jr. to meet with a lawyer who was heading to the United States.  The Russian lady who showed up at Trump Tower had no information whatsoever about Hillary.  She just wanted to lobby Don Jr. on Russian Adoptions [in a set up by Glenn Simpson].”  According to Ann, Don Jr. never did get to speak with Emin about any of this.  Glenn Simpson denies that he even spoke to Natalia Veselnitskaya about the meeting.
            Another set up:  A Russian man, who is a gangster, contacted Carter Page.  The FBI was paying this bad Russian man American taxpayer’s money.  They hired him as their spy.  He was using an alias name when he met with Page.  He wanted Page to introduce him to another man in the campaign, so Page did so.  This (Russian) FBI spy told the second man, I believe it was Roger Stone but I could be wrong, that he would give him information on Hilary Clinton for payment of $2,000,000.00.  The man replied, “I don’t have two million dollars.”
            The Russian told him that he did not want money from him that he wanted money from Trump.  Smell set up?  Yeah-sure-you-bet-cha!
            Stephen Halper, a Cambridge Professor was used to spy and set up the Trump Campaign.  By the way, Cambridge University is known for its creation of the Round Table Groups (one world order communists).  Halper made contact with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in 2016.  Carter Page was invited to the 2016 Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, Halper asked for Page’s advice on things.  This Professor had direct ties to Russian Intelligence.  Adam Lavenger (Net Assessment) stumbled upon information on Stephan Halper – he worked for the Pentagon in diplomatic relations (which was forbidden).  In Sept. 2016 Halper reached out to George Papadopoulos and invited him to England.  In 2014 General Flynn was invited to one of Halper’s dinners.  Flynn was set up with a Russian woman (Lakova).  Halper spread rumors that Flynn and the woman had strange contact with each other (whatever that means).  There is a documented trail that Halper brought Russians into the Trump Campaign via espionage tactics (in order to accuse the enemy of what you yourself are doing).  The FBI paid Stephan Halper.  He also co-taught a series of seminars with the former head of Russian Intelligence and accepted funds from a front company of Russian Intelligence.
            Then there is the whole George Papadopoulos and the Australian bar hoopla, which means absolutely nothing, except that the Australian ambassador was trying to set up Papadopoulos.  “‘Hillary’s e-mails’ had dominated the news for more than a year before Papadopoulos’s May 2016 revelry with Alexander Downer.  From the moment we found out, in March 2015, that Secretary Clinton had installed a private server in her home for government business, speculation ran wild that the Russians were in possession of Hillary’s e-mails…Papadopoulos shared the amazing, stunning, never-heard-before rumor that the Russians were in possession of e-mails damaging to Hillary!  Maybe Papadopoulos’s source knew about Hillary’s e-mails from reading The New York Times.  Maybe the Russians got it from the Times, just like in Dr. Strangelove.
            “The covert intelligence Papadopoulos spilled to the Australian diplomat was something that everyone who speaks English knew.  But, according to the FBI, the Trump aide’s drunken ‘admission’ was the smoking gun that so horrified agents that they decided to open an investigation into the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump four months before the election.  Again, Downer may have been completely oblivious to the major international news about Hillary’s private server.  I don’t know him.  Perhaps he spends a little too much time drinking with twenty-eight-year-olds.”[5]
            Dan Bongino explains it better in his book (pages 26-44).  George Papadopoulos and his wife were on FOX News’ Watter’s World on October 20, 2018.  He was living in London when appointed to the Trump Campaign.  At the time George worked for the London Center for International Law Practice, which is a front group for Western Intelligence.  When he told them he was going to return to the U.S.A. to be with the Trump Campaign they told him they wanted him to go to Rome, to the Link-Campus (a training school for spies).  It was the LCFIP that set up a meet on April 26, 2016 between George and Joseph J. Mifsud.  Mifsud introduced George to “decoys” (he said on the show), one being Putin’s niece, but she was really just some student.
            Misfud had Russian connections with Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador to Britain, Aleksel Klishin and Ivan Timofeev (whom the FBI focused on as a Russian spy, even though his contacts with a US organization that provides international policy solutions cast some doubt on the validity of this concern, as on April 25, 2016 he “participated in a seminar with a well-respected bipartisan think tank in Washington, D.C., the Center for Strategic and International Studies”[6]).
            Mifsud lied saying that he had introduced George Papadopoulos to Putin’s niece, when she was really a student.  He worked for Claire Smith, a member of the UK Joint Intelligence Committee in 2012 on a training program for the Italian military and law enforcement at the Link Campus University in Rome.  Mifsud is probably a resource to the CIA, FBI, or MI6.  Mifsud is also connected to one foundation – the Clinton Foundation.  He is the one who introduced George Papadopoulos to Ivan Timofeev.
            “When the FBI eventually began to question Papadopoulos and his meetings with the professor were reported in the press, Mifsud went MIA.  Retired CIA veteran Steven Hall, who managed Russian operations for three decades, alleges that Mifsud’s behavior is more like that of a spy than a professor.”[7]
            Mifsud was not really trying to give Papadopoulos information on Hilary Clinton.  “It’s more likely he was trying to gather intelligence on the Trump Team…The only significant information communicated to Papadopoulos supposedly had to do with Clinton’s emails, which Papadopoulos reportedly never received or passed on to the campaign—and, which, as we will explain…the FBI could not have known about, at least in the way they claimed.”[8]
            Mifsud gave Papadopoulos false information about the Russians having dirt on Clinton in May 2016.  Papadopoulos went to the Kensington Wine Rooms in London to meet with Australia’s top diplomat in the United Kingdom, Alexander Downer.  They had previously met through an Israeli embassy official which had been arranged at Downer’s request. (SPYGATE, p. 38)
            Alex Downer was the equivalent of America’s CIA.  He was Australia’s Foreign Minister for 17 years.  He is also a Clinton donor.  George said that the meeting between him and Downer came about suspiciously, through two intermediaries.  Their meeting took place after George humiliated David Cameron in the press after Cameron had called Donald Trump stupid.  It seemed as if Downer began to get mad and being belligerent towards Trump.  George Papadopoulos told Jesse Watters that he “has no memory about speaking with Downer about e-mails.”  He also said he felt like Downer had recorded their conversation.
            He said that Stephen Halper lured George to London to be spied on.  Obama paid Stephen Halper some cash.  George also said he was surveyed (spied on) in the USA (this was probably with after a FISA warrant was taken out).  George is supposed to serve fourteen days in prison for his crime of lying to the FBI.
            As far as I am concerned, Alexander Downer, being tied to the Clinton Foundation and supporting the Clintons means that he was trying to set up George Papadopoulos.  Downer’s “story begins years earlier with uranium deals and donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Like Hillary Clinton in 2010, Downer was instrumental in making a deal that transferred uranium from his home country of Australia, which holds about 40 percent of the world’s uranium reserves, to Russia.  The agreement, which Downer publicly supported in 2007, allowed Australia to export at least one billion dollars’ worth of uranium annually to the Kremlin.[9]  This deal came just a year after Downer played a central role in the transfer of money from the Australian government to the Clinton foundation. in total, the Clinton Foundation received over eighty-eight million dollars from the Australian treasury between 2006 and 2014.[10][11]
            Of course, these setups with Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Donald Trump Jr. were part of the “insurance policy” spoken of in the e-mails by the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  These people who were heads in the FBI were out to get Donald Trump; they did not want him as their next President.  They were in love with Hilary Clinton.
            Is the following another set up?  Was the fact that Rod Rosenstein was willing to write a letter to fire James Comey part of the insurance policy?  Did Rod Rosenstein set up President Trump with his letter to fire James Comey?  Lordy, how Comey was not a fair man!  He would not make it publicly known that President Trump was not being investigated (POTUS was not a target) in the so-called Russia-tampering-in the American election.  There was no way Comey was going to announce the truth about Trump to the public before he was fired since Comey was in love with Hilary Clinton (because his wife and daughters adore her).  So, they could have plotted as to what their plan would be once Comey was given his notice.  Rosenstein and Comey are friends.  Would Rod Rosenstein been willing to inform his friend that he was about to be fired?  To be honest, the firing of James Comey did not hurt him financially because he is a very rich man thanks to his good friend Robert Mueller (Comey got this money when he worked at an aeronautics company).
            So once Comey was fired he would take FBI property, the office memos that are part of his Dear Diary, and leak it to the press.  Comey leaked his “memos” via his lawyer friend that he had also hired to work at the FBI.  After this was done the conspirators would be in the clear to set up a special council investigation.  This was their plan because Comey testified to Congress that his main intent on leaking his memos was to get a special council investigation going.  Of course, he may have just been bragging that he got a special council appointed because he was trying to come off as a hero to the Left, “See, it was all my idea!  See how brilliant I am, to be able to manipulate and orchestrate Congress and the DOJ to do my will?”
            But let us not forget that this plan (to appoint a special council) had been in the works since the time that Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President, or perhaps even as early as November 8, 2016.  How can I say this?  Well, let me say one name – Jeff Sessions.  That’s right, Jeff Sessions allowed himself to be talked into dismissing himself from any investigation into Russian collaboration between the Trump campaign because he shook hands with a Russian ambassador at the RNC convention and had to meet with him, via his Senatorial job, in a meeting with lots of other ambassadors!  Who talked Jeff Sessions into bowing out of being in charge of a special council investigation?  It was probably Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, or both.  Sessions cited the wrong laws in order to bow out!  Either the man is really pliable, really stupid, a chicken, or he is in on the “Let’s Get Trump” stuff!  He needs to get on the ball and set up a second council, one to investigate the investigators and one to investigate Hillary Clinton and President Obama, or else he needs to resign for not doing his job.
            The day before Rod Rosenstein sets up a special council investigation his friend Robert Mueller goes to the White House to see President Trump for a job interview.  He goes there in order to apply for the newly opened job position as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  When Trump turns Mueller away for the job, Mueller’s friend, Rod, appoints him as special council on the very next day (which is a violation of interest)!  It seems to be pretty clear that the special council was nothing but a set up deal.  It does not matter that Rosenstein, Muller, and Comey may all be registered as Republicans when they seem to be against President Trump.
            What is more vitally important about this special council is that the scope of the investigation was left wide open – this is why Mueller has gone after Paul Manafort (campaign advisor for a few months only) and Michael Cohen (one of Trump’s lawyers for ten years).  Also, there was NO CRIME that President Trump had committed to even investigate.  This means that the special council investigation is a total witch-hunt.  This also means that since there was no real crime that Mueller, and his Democrat team of lawyers, could pin President Trump on then they are out looking for a crime to pin on anyone they possibly can, like the IRS stuff from 2005 with Paul Manafort.  I am not saying that the Manafort is not guilty of committing crimes and should not be punished, but I think it stinks that the DOJ knew about his misdeeds for years and did nothing about them and they only decided to do something about them because Manafort happened to be part of the Trump campaign for a short period of about 90 days.  Also the Democrat who worked along side Manafort and committed the same crimes got off Scott free via plea bargaining.
            Also, Mueller’s pit-bull head lawyer Andrew Weissmann is tainted in the investigation, because he knew that the Dirty Russian Dossier was filled with false information about Trump and that it was bought and paid for by Clinton money.  Bruce Ohr testified to this fact on August 30, 2018.
            The FBI (under Mueller’s orders) busts into Michael Cohen’s office and places of residence and takes all his files and personal documents.  What was the crime they were looking to hang Michael Cohen and possibly President Trump on?  Was it Stormy Daniels?  Who, by the way, lost her case in court!  Mueller and Weissmann were fishing and they did not care one bit about confidential lawyer-client privilege.
            So Mueller wants Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen to sing and compose false evidence about President Donald J. Trump in order to get lighter sentences in prison.  Cohen hires Lanny Davis, a Clinton lawyer.  Does Cohen think that the Clinton Mob will take kindly to him and get him out of serving time in prison if he makes up lies about President Trump?  Maybe he does.  And maybe they would arrange it for him.
            I have not even gotten into the fact that Rod Rosenstein has stalled Congress (along with Christopher Wray – new head of FBI) in handing over documents.  And then when they do get documents they are heavily redacted and not because of classified information reasons.  The redactions have to do with the guiltiness and embarrassment of the FBI and the DOJ.  Rod Rosenstein has also threatened Congress, even though he denies it, but there were more Congressmen in the room and only one Rod Rosenstein.  I think I believe Congress over Rosenstein.  And there is even further scandal about Rosenstein that recently came forward from Andrew McCabe.                        How come Robert Mueller does not release his findings of his investigation before the election?  It is because Mueller has nothing to pin on President Trump!  There is no Trump-Russian collusion.
            So, look at the list of players – all against President Trump, but really they are all against the American citizen.  The Democrats care more for the illegal aliens (who are not immigrants or migrants) than they do American citizens.  They only care about them because they have figured out a way to get them registered to vote; they think that they will vote for them, the Democrats.
            The real reason why the Democrats do not want a wall on the Mexican boarder, and good immigration laws and policies is because the ones at the top are all communists (on the side of the anti-Christ).  They are trying to ruin God’s chosen country in the West.  They are trying to break our country and kill off capitalism while replacing it with communism.  And they are willing to do so because they are the ones at the top with all the money and power.  If they did not have money and power they would be against communism!
            Look at the caravan heading our way right before our midterm election.  Who organized this caravan?  I figure it was someone like George Soros, a man with loads of money.  Soros has been trying to ruin the U.S.A. for years in the same way he has tried to ruin Europe.  Eighty percent of the people in the caravan are men under 35 years; there are women and children sprinkled in for good measure.  Are these people really nice?  Some of them tore down the fence of Guatemala in order to get into Mexico.  They injured police officers.  Those who did so are not nice people and I do not feel that they deserve to come into our country when they act like that.
            President Trump says that the people of the caravan consist of mid-eastern people (which some reporters have verified), M-16 (not to be confused with MI 6) gang members, and the drug cartel.  They will claim asylum, even though they have admitted to the fact that they do not really need asylum, but if they do not get in to the U.S.A. then, as they have already promised, they will cross the boarder anyway.  Again, our President will meet them with armed soldiers like he did on the last caravan, but that did not seem to help much a few months back, they still seemed to get into our country.  Even with this there are over 600 people per day who try to cross our southern boarder.  Yet the Democrats keep saying we do not need a wall.  There has never been another time in our history when we did not need a wall.
            There are over 7,000 people heading toward our boarder with just this caravan alone, they carry the flags of the countries that they are from, they do not carry American flags!  This tells me that they do not want to pledge allegiance to our country; that they just want in to ruin it (financially and otherwise).  I call this an alien invasion.  If all 7,000 of them happened to be white I still would not want them coming across our boarders illegally.  The Left tries to paint the attitude of the average American legal citizen as not wanting these people to come into our country as prejudice!  But it has nothing to do with prejudice.  These people should be met with gunshots ringing over their heads.  Given the warning, if you cross the boarder we will shoot you because we are protecting our country from invasion!  Go back home or seek asylum with the Mexican government!  Mexico has offered these same people a place in their country but only 1,700 were willing to remain in Mexico.  Why should we not treat the alien’s approach as it if it is really an attempt to take over our country to try and destroy it?
            Perhaps I sound like I am not a Christian.  But I did not say that we should actually shoot them.  No, I said, shoot over their heads and give them the warning to come no further.  Perhaps the best way, however, to handle the situation is to give them a proposal, a spiritual proposal.  We can give them copies of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  They must remain in Mexico for six months reading both books and studying them.  The deal is that they HAVE to read these books and study them night and day before we, as a country, can even begin to consider letting them into our country.  After they have done this, I bet that most of them would change their minds and they would want to return home.  They would want to return home not because they think that their home has changed, but rather because they know that they now have a way to change their country.  Some of them might even return home before the six months were over because they hold the Truth in their hands and they would have something wonderful to offer their country.
            President Trump has told the countries that the caravan people are coming from that our country will stop giving these countries foreign aid.  I say this is the right way to go.  However, President Trump does not go far enough.  He also needs to say that he is going to use that foreign aid money to help build the wall on our boarder.  And use the money to build our wall.  This is not a bad thing to do, and I will tell you exactly why. Think of the wonderful wall we could build with all that taxpayer money!  Do you realize that these countries, besides getting foreign aid from us, also get other money from our country via the people who are here illegally (and also those who are here legally)?  This is exactly what some of the people in the present caravan have promised they will do when they get in to our country and get a paying job.  That is right; the people that enter our country send their money back to their original country in order to help their families who still remain there.  This is a lot of “remittance” money going to these countries and the percentage has grown tremendously over the years.  In 2009 Guatemala received $3.95 billion in remittance money and in 2017 it grew to $8.19 billion.  For Honduras in 2004 it was $2.4 billion grown to $4.33 billion in 2017.  It is up 17% in 2018, for El Salvador it is almost 16 %.  Also 1/3 of El Salvador’s population resides in the U.S.A. already.  As for foreign aid the amounts are $138.6 million for Mexico, $27.7 million for El Salvador, $297 million for Guatemala, and $95.3 million for the Honduras.

            What men, like George Soros and those on the Left, are doing to our country, via groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc. and all their protest-riots, all in the name of free speech (but only when you speak communistic propaganda) is the same thing that happened during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  Trotsky and Lenin were kicked out of Russia; however, the International Bankers (rich dudes of one world order government, one of them today goes by the name of George Soros) paid these two communists to return to Russia.  They gave them money to hire thugs to go out into the streets and riot (protest, ha!).  They claimed that it was the people revolting but it was not, it was hired thugs (much like today’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups).
            George Sorros (a communist) has recently given loads of money to The New York Times.  This may help you to understand why a female Korean writer is still working there after her prejudiced texts were exposed.  See, communists are not against prejudice at all; in fact they like to use it as a tool, a tool to divide everyone up so that they can take over more easily (all in the name of justice and their feign at moral superiority).
            Another communist billionaire is Tom Steyer.  Both Steyer and Soros funded the campaign of the socialist (communist) who won the Florida primary position for Democratic Governor on August 28, 2018.  According to this week’s poles he is ahead of the Republican candidate.  What is wrong with people that they prefer communism over capitalism?  They are being handled (led astray) by malicious animal magnetism – the anti-Christ.
            If you really know what went on in the past, like in Russia, then you may actually be able to understand what is going on today, on the college campuses and with all the protests.  And do not let them fool you one bit; the United States communists are not any better than the USSR communists were years ago.  The Democrats are not really worried about Putin or Russia hacking, all they really care about is promoting their communist agenda.  They should be more worried about China then they are Russia.  But China is another communist country so hey, let’s all be comrades.  When Donald J. Trump got elected in 2016 this ruined the “Progressive” plans, it set them back, and they are literally resisting and being obstacles because they do not want things to get better in the United States of America.  Progressives do not want things to slowly get better in America, they want to progressively steer America into communism.  That is what the word “Progressive” is really all about.  They want the country to fall into communism; they want it to become as bad as Venezuela is today.  They only have their best interests at heart; they care absolutely nothing about you.  Not one bit.

            It is wrong for the Left to verbally abuse Republicans and Trump supporters in public places (restaurants, airports, at their homes, etc.).  It is wrong for them to riot and break city property and attack police officers.  It is wrong for a Bernie Saunders supporter to shoot at Republican Senators at a baseball park.  It is wrong for the college campuses to ban Republican speakers because they have to spend money on police protection for the speakers.  Instead they should condemn the student’s evil behavior and tell them that it will not be permitted and such behavior will cause them to be arrested and put in jail, or even threaten them with expulsion from college.  It is wrong for people like Maxine Waters to tell her followers to get up and close and in the face of the Republicans.  It is wrong for people like Hilary Clinton to excuse the Left’s incivility.  It is just as wrong for people to sent bombs through the mail to George Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas, to Eric Holder, to John Brennan in care of CNN (etc.).  The man they did catch had a van with a bunch of stickers all over the windows, probably to keep people from seeing inside the van than to really say, “Hey, I’m a big fan of President Trump!”  However, he probably is a Trump supporter.  The suspect has a past of being a type of terrorist, so can we really blame President Trump for his actions?  No, we cannot.  Experts have said that these bombs would never even go off.  So, it seems like the man really did not know anything about building bombs or he did not want to physically hurt or kill anyone.
            We must remember not to personalize any of these things.  We must remember that it is the anti-Christ behind the attacks on Trump, the attacks on conservatives, the whole Russian controversy and the special council investigation.  The “Progressives” (democrats, socialists, communists, left wing, Insiders, globalists, etc.) are the way they are because they want GOD’S United States of America to become communistic (they call it socialism but it really is communism).

Photo on the left has not been tampered with, the photo on the right has been tampered with.

            Above, on the left side, is a picture of Mary Baker Eddy wearing a twelve-star crown.  It was given to her by Christian Scientists in Kansas.  She would never have allowed herself to have worn the crown if she was not the woman God-crowned.  The photo on the right side has been doctored, where the woman’s crown is erased by ecclesiastic depotism.

From Paul Smillie’s book.

            So how do we bring this all back to the beginning where I have stated that everything that is going on today is rooted to the fact that the Christian Science Church denies its Leader – Mary Baker Glover Eddy?  If Christian Scientists would have accepted the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy, and if they would have proclaimed this Truth to the world, then communism would have never found a foothold in our United States government.  This is a fact because world affairs reflect church affairs.  Mary Baker Eddy’s prophecy where the rest of the Christian Churches would have become one with Christian Science near the end of the 20th century would have come about.  But since this did not happen then the fault lies at the foot of the Boston hierarchy and their staunch followers.
            Mary Baker Eddy essentially told her followers that she had held crime (the anti-Christ) in check for forty years and now it was their turn to take over for her.  I am not sure that they succeeded.
            It was almost immediate after December 3, 1910 that certain Christian Scientists living in England got on the communism train.  This false influence came into The Mother Church and then its periodicals were tainted with the red dragon’s floodwaters of false propaganda about Mary Baker Eddy and the teachings of Christian Science.
            “Christian Science literature entering Germany had been put under sever restrictions by order of the National Socialist government.  German Christian Scientists were also prohibited from paying their annual per capita tax of at least one dollar to The Mother Church.  A fund was opened for sending free copies of the periodicals and books because it was now unlawful for payments to be made to the Publishing Society or The Mother Church.
            “The situation in Europe was absorbing the attention of Christian Scientists in England at this time.  At Cliveden, the estate of Lord and Lady Astor, regular gatherings of some of the most influential people in that country were held to discuss the world situation and ways to prevent a coming war.  Lady Astor, an American by birth, had become a Christian Scientist in 1911.  She gave a copy of Science and Health to what might be described as her soul mate, Philip Kerr, who also came into Science within a few months of reading the book.  Later given the title Marquis of Lothian, Philip Kerr was editor of The Round Table a periodical dedicated to voicing the rationale for a world government under British stewardship.  During the 1920s two young American Christian Scientists had been chosen to be Rhodes scholars.  They were Erwin D. Canham, who would later become editor of The Christian Science Monitor, and Clayton Bion Craig, who would later be on the Board of Directors of The Mother Church. {Clayton B. Craig served on the Board of Directors from October 6, 1948 – April 30, 1972.}  It is known that Erwin Canham was included in some of the activities at Cliveden.  He and Clayton Bion Craig were to become lifelong friends {comrades}.
            “Regarding The Round Table and other background events, Dr. Carrol Quigley, professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., wrote Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World in Our Time.  It is noteworthy that in his acceptance speech at the 1992 Democratic Convention, President Bill Clinton, –who is himself a Rhodes scholar, – praised Dr. Quigley as one of the most influential people in his life.
            “Dr. Quigley writes:  ‘The Round Table Groups were semi-secret discussion and lobbying groups organized by Lionel Curtis, Philip H. Kerr (Lord Lothian), and (Sir William S. Marris in 1908-1911.  This was done on behalf of Lord Milner, the dominant Trustee of the Rhodes Trust in the two decades 1905-1925.  The original purpose of these groups was to seek to federate the English-speaking world along lines laid down by Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) and William T. Stead (1849-1912), and the money from the organization work came originally from the Rhodes Trust.  By 1915 Round Table groups existed in seven countries, including England, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and a rather loosely organized group in the United States (George Louis Beer, Walter Lippmann, Frank D. Greene, Erwin D. Canham of the Christian Science Monitor and others).  The attitudes of the various groups were coordinated by frequent visits and discussions and by a well-informed and totally anonymous quarterly magazine, The Round Table, whose first issue, largely written by Philip Kerr, appeared in November 1910…{one month before Mary Baker Eddy left the corporeal body}.
            “‘At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system had to be greatly extended [because The United States had declined to join the League of Nations {the precursor for the United Nations].  Once again the task was entrusted to Lionel Curtis who established, in England and each dominion, a front organization tot he existing local Round Table Group.  This front organization, called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Round Table Group.  In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table group…
            “‘The American Branch of this “English Establishment” exerted much of its influence through five American newspapers (The New York Times, New York Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, and the lamented Boston Evening Transcript).  In fact, the editor of the Christian Science Monitor was the chief American correspondent (anonymously) of The Round Table, and Lord Lothian, the original editor of The Round Table and later secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1925-1939) and ambassador to Washington, was a frequent writer in the Monitor.’[12]
            “Frederick Dixon, editor of the Monitor from 1914 to 1922, had many of the same connections as Lord Lothian.  During his editorship, there had been criticism that the Monitor was ‘being run in the interest of the British Foreign Office.’[13]
            “Lord Lothian gave an address at Oxford University in 1937 in which he clearly stated his position:  ‘Few people seem to realize the far-reaching and demonic effects which the almost universal acceptance of national sovereignty as the basis of our present-day world order has both in producing war and in making impossible fidelity to the moral law or to Christian principle both in international and increasing spheres of national life…  There is, indeed, no ultimate remedy for the demonic evils which spring from national sovereignty save the creation of a common sovereignty representing all men and nations by the pooling of that part of state sovereignty which deals with supernational matters, in a world federation – a state which, in its own sphere, will command the allegiance of mankind, will be able to legislate for, judge, and tax everybody, and will be responsible to everybody while leaving the national state freedom to deal with affairs in the national sphere.{’}[14]
            “Lord Lothian had been appointed British Ambassador to the United States in 1939.  His known religious views and important diplomatic position lent great prestige to Christian Science.  He had been warned, however, by friends ‘against talking world government to the Americans.’[15][16]
            Andrew W. Hartsook speaks of one example of getting on the communist train of thought on page 24 in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE AFTER 1910.  Mr. Dixon, as stated before was editor of The Monitor and in his article in the September 1, 1917, Sentinel, entitled, “Mortal Mind and Human Mind” he stated “that the human mind was no less evil than mortal mind.  Mr. Dixon ignored the three degrees in the Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind given in Science and Health[17] and, in particular, the Second Degree transitional qualities.  This omission, while not original with Mr. Dixon, –who was a Christian Science teacher in addition to his duties as editor of the newspaper, – was also gaining subtle acceptance among some other teachers.”[18]

            It was in 1947 that Bliss Knapp published his book The Destiny of The Mother Church.  In it Knapp wrote about his parents, his father being one of the original Board of Directors.  But what really ticked off the Board of Directors about his book was that Knapp had the courage to write the truth about Mary Baker Eddy being the woman God-crowned.  So they sent him a letter.
            “This letter from the Board not only ordered the suppression of The Destiny of The Mother Church but also showed that the misconception expressed by Frederick Dixon (but not necessarily originated by him) in his article ‘Mortal Mind and Human Mind’ in the September 1, 1917, Sentinel had by 1948 become the view of the majority of the Directors.  This theosophical doctrine, ‘God doesn’t know anything about us’, had supplanted Mrs. Eddy’s teaching only thirty-eight years after her passing.  This new view totally misconstrued the transitional qualities in the ‘Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind’…and which is illustrated when she writes, ‘The testimony of Holy Writ sustains the fact in Science, that the heavens and earth to one human consciousness, that consciousness which God bestows, are spiritual, while to another, the unillumined human mind, the vision is material.  This shows unmistakably that what the human mind terms matter and spirit indicates states and stages of consciousness.’[19]
            “Those who asked for an explanation of Mrs. Eddy’s statement ‘The Soul-inspired patriarchs heard the voice of Truth, and talked with God as consciously as man talks with man.’[20] and who also wondered to whom, if anyone, Jesus was speaking when he cried from the cross, ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’[21] were not appreciated and were viewed with suspicion.  Bliss Knapp was advised by the Directors to cease teaching classes, but that he might continue holding the annual association meetings.”[22]
            It was not until the early 1990s that Bliss Knapp’s book would be published by the Christian Science Publishing Society and released to the Field as part of a biography series on Mary Baker Eddy.  However, those in Boston made sure that their minions would sabotage any acceptance of the book by all Branch Churches.  Why did they bother to publish it?  So that they could get a big chunk of Bliss Knapp’s wife’s estate money.  They would have had it all if they had agreed to publish the book right away, however, at first they refused to publish it but then changed their minds, and because of this fact they had to share the money with another group.




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