by MJSmith

            What happens to be taking place today with all the evil speaking (lies, fake news etc.) about President Donald J. Trump, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, etc., is not only character assassination but also mental assassination.  It is outright evil.  Are we, as Christian Scientists going to allow it to go on or continue?  If you are a Doctor Who fan, you may remember an episode where Earth is being invaded by aliens who are going to destroy Earth.  The female Prime Minister gave the order to send up a missile and destroy the alien ship after the Doctor had handled the situation.  The aliens were leaving peacefully.  The Doctor was most upset with her giving this order and he decided to make it so she would loose her job.  He did this simply by saying to her associate, “The Prime Minister looks tired.”  That was all that it took for the woman to loose her job.  It was a false statement; however, it did not matter.  The lie was enough to force her out of her government job.  The Doctor was wrong to do this, and I was quite upset that the writers of the show had the Doctor even commit such a heinous crime!  However, it gives you a perfect example of how words, or perhaps rumors, can ruin a person’s life and end their career!  This is the same tactic that the mainstream media uses today, along with socialist (communist) democrats.  False propaganda is a nasty trick used by communists and it has gotten to where it seems to be acceptable that such mental crimes are being committed in today’s world!  Odds are that the Special Council investigation by Robert Mueller, and his democratic team of lawyers, is part of this type of mental assassination and character assassination.

            The following is paraphrased from a WATCH found on pages 43 and 44 of the Blue Book, or rather Divinity Course and General Collectanea.  It is a book based upon the notes on Mary Baker Eddy’s Course in Divinity (recorded by Lida Fitzpatrick, C.S.D., and others), watches, prayers, arguments given to students by Mary Baker Eddy, items from Gilbert Carpenter’s Collectanea, and instruction in metaphysics from Mary Baker Eddy (recorded by Dr. Alfred E. Baker, M.D., C.S.D. together with some notes on metaphysical work).
            Mary Baker Eddy gave the following out to those in her home to work and watch in regard of the Best Friends Suit (1906-1907) that her son, granddaughter, and adopted son would all eventually become involved with.  It was a suit instigated by newspaper man Joseph Pulitzer and a U.S. Congressman in order to cause trouble with the Cause of Christian Science.  These men were trying to seize control of the Church and the fortunes of Mary Baker Eddy by claiming, first off, that Mary Baker Eddy was dead and a the heads of the Church had a female imposter in place pretending to be Mary Baker Eddy.  When this plot was foiled they then tried to claim that the men in charge of the Church (little did they know that the men were never in charge of The Mother Church) were covering for their Leader’s mental condition (not really all there, if you get my drift).  Then they decided to get the relatives legally involved in a suit to try and prove the point that Mary Baker Eddy was not in control of her financial wealth or the Church.  Thus Mary Baker Eddy had to have her student-household workers give metaphysical treatments about this court case.
            The following is my paraphrase of the excerpt from the Blue Book in regards to what is taking place today:

            Pray that God destroys the effort by socialist (communist-globalist) democrats to harm President Donald Trump.  [Understand that] hypnotism cannot prevent the result [of God’s destruction of the effort by socialist (communist-globalist) democrats to harm President Donald Trump].  Know that God makes the wrath of man to praise Him and He restrains the remainder thereof.  All things work together for good to them that love God.  Pray that there shall be no special council law-suit and realize that it is put down now by the right proceeding.  Realize that it is stopped now by the divine Mind who alone governs.  There is but one Mind.  Evil is not power.  It cannot do anything.  It is powerless.
            God governs the court.  Truth prevails.  God governs the [special council, the] lawyers and they cannot make a mistake.  Divine Mind governs them and guides them and they say and do according to this divine government and guidance.  See that they do not become demoralized [or that they are demoralized] or that malicious animal magnetism cannot prevent their thinking, saying and doing the right on the case — that God governs them.  Look after the man in charge of the special council that he simply is governed by Truth and that malicious animal magnetism does not touch him.  (END)

            Why do I feel that this line of thinking is so important today?  During Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission the socialist-communist-globalists (or international bankers) were trying to take over the world, but she kept them from being successful.  Since December 3, 1910 her followers have gone astray, they did not “keep crime in check,” as she demanded they do.  Instead, the Board of Directors seized control of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  They refused to obey the estoppel clauses in the legal 88th Church Manual.  They released their illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual instead, and at the same time they seized control of the Branch Churches!  Nobody in the Field fought them but perhaps Augusta Emma Stetson.  Yet, the Boston Board of Directors had already excommunicated Augusta Stetson from the Church in 1909 and then forced her to leave her church, the First Church of New York City.
            Mary Baker Eddy wanted what happened to Augusta to take place.  She did not want it to take place because Augusta was disloyal to her and the Cause, she did not want it to happen because Augusta was being handled or manipulated by malicious animal magnetism and falling prey to personality worship, it happened because Mary Baker Eddy needed her loyal follower to STAND in Christian Science without the backing of material organization (church).  Mary Baker Eddy needed her other students to do likewise, but this did not happen.  The board of five men (directors) refused to obey the estoppel clauses, after December 3, 1910, and disorganize The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  Why did they disobey the Church Manual?  They disobeyed because they did not want to loose their power and prestige.  They refused to obey because they could not mentally understand how the Church could possibly continue without there being a material organization!  It is as simple as that.  They failed to comprehend that God is Principle, that God is the only government there is.

            And so, likewise, today, the world still wants more material government, especially in Washington D.C., because they do not believe in God, they do not believe that God governs, they do not know that God is Principle, nor do they want to release their power, prestige, and rich pocket books (bank accounts) of money.  They want everyone to be under their control and they are setting out to do so by destroying the Constitution of the United States of America.  They took over the U.S. government soon after December 3, 1910.  They crept into Washington D.C. and most of our Presidents have been manipulated by these international bankers (communists are what they really are).  It does not matter what party the Presidents are either – Nixon, a Republican, was in with the International Bankers (he even worked for Rockefeller).  He accomplished more for the Left than President Johnson could have ever achieved!!!  Is it any wonder, now that you know this, that Nixon was a crook, and that he did illegally tape and spy on people?
            Enter – President Donald J. Trump who refuses to do their bidding.  Does the Left really want to know what “Make America Great Again” refers to?  It is a reference to the time that the socialist-communist-globalist-insiders were not in power of the United States government!  It has nothing to do with the time before the Civil War (or with slavery).  The reason why they hate Trump so much is because they cannot control him!  He is one President, in a very long time, that they have not had under their thumb!  Believe me, Hilary Clinton (along with her hubby [and probably their daughter too by now]) along with the Obamas are communists!  They pretend not to be communists, but they are.  Why do you think Hilary Clinton, while Secretary of State, and President Obama allowed 20% of our country’s uranium to be given to Russia (communists)?  The Clintons are really the ones who have collaborated with their Russian comrades and taken money from the Russian government.  And Obama allowed it to happen.

            Do you realize that when Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State that she changed the way that our embassies around the world would be built?  She made it to where they cost way more than they should and made it to where they take way more time to built than it should take?  Why do you think the Left was so against the Israel Embassy?  Because President Trump built the Israel Embassy very fast and way cheaper than Secretary of State Clinton’s method of building embassies took!  (See Jason Chaffetz’s book The Deep State for more information on this.)  I bet you did not know that President Trump ruined Hilary’s embassy plans for Israel!  I did not know it either until I just wrote this paragraph on it.

            Another thing these globalist-communist-insiders did was create the Federal Reserve (which is able to do whatever they want to do without any oversight) with an Internal Revenue Service.  The Federal Reserve prints as much money as they want playing with our economy!  They are the ones who are really responsible for all stock market crashes.  The so-called “social security card” system is a communist (socialist) system.  They did not stop there either.  They infiltrated every corner of the government with the “deep state”.  These people are also known as Insiders.  I believe they were given this name because they get inside everything (like cockroaches), and this includes the Christian churches.  One of them (perhaps more by now) was a Board of Directors of The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts; one was editor of The Christian Science Monitor.  Yet, what Church member is sounding the clarion call to this fact?  Who in the Church is warning you of the wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Where are the loyal Christian Scientists in the church?  Why do they fear the Boston Board of Directors more than they love their Leader Mary Baker Eddy?  If they really loved Mary Baker Eddy they would force the Board of Directors to follow the Church Manual estoppel clauses and disorganize what they call The Mother Church.  But it seems that many who are First Church members, and members of Branch Churches, are afraid to stand up to the Board of Directors and the rest of the Boston cronies because they do not want to be kicked out of (excommunicated from) the Church!  Why do they care about being excommunicated if the Church is being disobedient to the Church Manual?  What are they getting out of it?  It is a fact that more Branch Churches are closing then opening up!  It is a fact that the list of Christian Science Teachers is diminishing.  It is a fact that the list of Christian Science Practitioners is diminishing as well!  Do Christian Scientists stick to this Church because they feel some sort of loyalty, or are fearful of being kicked out because they think they will loose God?  I don’t really have the answer, only they do.  Perhaps they all have been manipulated into believing that people like me are just out to destroy Christian Science.  But that is not so.  I, along with many people like myself, have left the Church disappointed in the Church.  Many people who do leave the Church leave because they are not healed of their problems.  One reason for this lack of healing is that it is hard to find a good Practitioner.  It did not use to be this way 100 years ago, but it sure is today.  Yet, are not we supposed to become our own Practitioner?  I do believe that this is what God wants us to do.
            Many times that I have tried to find a Practitioner to help me were unsuccessful.  I got the following lines of ecclesiastical despotic speeches from them:  “Do you attend Church?  Do you take vitamins?  Do you take drugs?  Do you smoke cigarettes?  If you go to the doctor I cannot help you anymore.”

            Mary Baker Eddy did not ask her household workers to go to Church.  She preferred that they did not feel the need to do so.  Why is this?  Is it because Church leads people astray via personal sense?  A Practitioner should not demand the patient first attend Church before agreeing to work for them.  Nor should someone be told that if they join the Church that healing would come easier to them because the Church is in back of them.  This is nothing more than ecclesiastical despotism.  The Practitioner should, however, expect their patient to read from the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy!

            Did Mary Baker Eddy tell her students not to help people who were taking drugs?  No.  So why today’s hesitation via the “listed” Practitioners?  Ecclesiastic despotism is behind their hesitation.  Did Jesus come to heal only Church members?  No, Jesus came to heal the sinners (who could have been Church members).  He healed everyone who needed the Christ Truth to come into his or her consciousness.  So, if a Christian Science practitioner fails to heal someone, especially someone who is a member of the Church, because the patient has had to go to a hospital for help then are those practitioners really doing the works of Christ Jesus?  Or are they just falling into the trap laid out by ecclesiastical despotic board members?  Maybe they really can heal, but they should be willing to reach out and heal anyone who asks for their help without giving them an inquisition line of questioning before deciding to take their case.
            I have often wondered if I had never been associated with Christian Science and went to a Practitioner, if they would have helped me or turned me away.  My guess is that they would try to help me because I might become a future member of the Church.  Yet, is that right?  Is it right to have different expectations for a non-member than for someone born into Christian Science?

            I believe that Judge Kavanaugh was set up by the Democratic Party.  I do not believe that he is a sex offender.  However, I would be more assured of this if the man had never been a beer drinker.  I do know that, to material belief, alcohol can change a mortal’s persona.
            Is Dr. C. Ford telling the truth?  She may believe that she is telling the truth, but she is not telling God’s Truth or the Christ-Truth.  She is not telling God’s Truth about her situation, if she was then she would be healed of her situation and she would not have the mental problems that she seems to think she has today.  I am not trying to be mean to this woman, but I am trying to explain that she has to give up the lie of being almost sexually molested.  Is this not what psychiatry is supposed to help her do?  Is this why she went into the field?  Has it helped her?  No, it has not, and I will tell you why.  Psychiatry does not help you understand that the experience you go through, physically speaking, is not real or that it is all an illusion.  She may believe it is real, but it is not reality, it is not God’s Truth.  And nobody is speaking the Truth about her situation.  I am telling you the Truth about her belief of almost being raped.  It only happened to her in a material belief world, spiritually speaking it never happened.  What right have I to make this claim?
            I too, have my own material belief world where I experienced sexual assault by a family member.  If I had not locked my bedroom door he would have raped me in the material world belief of it all.  Yet, spiritually speaking it never happened.  I have forgiven the man and I have let go of the lie.
            I do remember everything that I went through in the lie, and perhaps I should forget it all.  But I have not, so this leaves me to question why Dr. Ford is so foggy on details if it supposedly happened to her materially speaking.  I admit I could not recite the dates or years of events that certain things took place (materially speaking in belief) unless I had made a written record of it, but I do remember it.  I can tell you that the events took place throughout the years of 1979 to 1990.
            I also question why Dr. Ford cannot find anyone to substantiate her claims.  Even her best friend cannot back her up.
            Did the Judge do something wrong?  He says he is innocent, he says he did not do any such thing ever to anyone.  Are we to take a woman’s word over a good man’s word just because she is a woman and he is a man?  Is it the #me too movement thing to believe a victim first and only?  If that is what the #me too movement means then I think it is not a good movement at all!  I am a woman but I am not a feminist.  I do not believe that feminism is a good thing.  I do accept the rightness of Womanhood.  How could feminism be a good thing when the word ends with an “ism”?  Most “ism’s” are bad things.
            No, this is a political hit to keep the Supreme Court from having a majority of conservatives on the board.  It is a method to keep the progressive-communists (leftists, democrats, insiders, whatever you want to call them) in power.
            But let us consider that Dr. Ford could be remembering a false memory.  When she went to her therapist was she placed under hypnosis?  If she was placed under hypnosis then her repressed memory is a false memory, because, nothing is a true memory that has been remembered after going into a hypnotic trance.  Hypnotism presents to us only lies and falsities (like fake news).  Adam was placed into a hypnotic trance (a deep sleep) so that surgery (electric malpractice) could be performed upon him.  According to the BIBLE Adam NEVER AWAKENED!!!  He believed that his own womanhood (spiritual being) was removed from him and created outside of himself (in his objective world).  Adam no longer believed that his womanhood was subjective (within his consciousness).  Thus, afterward, Adam, in order to feel complete again, came into the belief that he must engage in electric sex with his objective wife in order to feel complete or whole!  So what is Dr. Ford’s real problem?  She believes that she is separated from her own manhood (not a material persona – but her own masculine qualities).
            Senator Diane Finestine (not sure how her name is spelled) could have kept all of this stuff private, as they keep saying that Dr. Ford wanted to remain anonymous, but she herself did not do so.  The Senator held on to the letter until after it got leaked to the press (the leaking of it needs to be investigated).  Actually, at first I heard that the Senator gave the letter over to the F.B.I. and then it was leaked to the press.  But I am not sure that was what really happened.  Yes, the female Senator caused the problem and she needs to be honest, owe up to it, and admit that she screwed up (probably on purpose so that is why she is not confessing to her crime).
            The Democrats do not care one bit about Dr. Ford, her reputation, or her family.  Her lawyers do not care either.  According to Dr. Ford, her lawyers (set up by the Senator) did not even let Dr. Ford know that she could remain in California and give testimony there in private (with no cameras)!  So are her lawyers in on the whole thing as well?  Or is Dr. C. Ford just making everything up?  Just recently an old boyfriend of hers came forward and has said that she is a liar and a thief!  If he is being honest and telling the truth about her (even if it is not the Truth about her) then are we to believe her claims against Judge Kavanaugh?  When I first hear about her claim I knew absolutely nothing about her, yet something told me right away, “She is on the Left side of politics.  She is doing this just to try and ruin Kavanaugh’s chance of becoming the next Supreme Court Judge!”  And I was right about her being on the Left, so is the second part incorrect?
            It seems like the democrats want to rake Judge Kavanaugh over the coals, they want his reputation ruined because they do not want another conservative on the Supreme Court and they have admitted as much!  Yet the Republicans keep on playing the game set up by the Democrats!  Are they so chicken that they are afraid that they are going to be hated by the majority of American citizens that they have no backbone?  Are they afraid of losing the House and the Senate?  What about Senator Jeff Flake?  He changed his mind and backed out of his agreement to stand with the Republicans after some woman (with OPEN SOCIETY, a group paid for by communist billionaire George Soros), verbally accosted Flake on an elevator!  Does he really even care what happens since he is leaving office in January?  He should care about our country, he should care about the fact that the “Progressives” (progressive toward communism dictatorship) do not want another Constitutional Judge on the seat of the Supreme Court so that they can take over the courts with communism.

            Why is it that the mainstream media is playing the race card?  They are using race in order to make it appear that it is just a bunch of old white men who are against a woman named Dr. Ford.  They are trying to paint the Republican Party as being nothing but old white men, when this is not true at all.  There are just as many old white men in the Democratic Party – Bernie Saunders – just to mention one!  Another one – Chuck Schumer!!!  There is also Joe Biden.  But the race card is a tool that the Democrats use constantly and all the time.  In fact, the deck is fifty percent race cards and fifty percent male chauvinist pig cards!
            The worst part about Dr. C. Ford is that she is not a credible witness to her own case.  She has no one to back up her claims.  She has no physical proof, unlike Judge Kavanaugh’s diary/calendars and the people who have backed him up.  Yet, we are supposed to take her side because she is a woman.  What about the woman who has come out against a democrat who is running for his state’s General Attorney position.  She has actual proof, her claims go back only a year instead of back to the early 1980’s!  There is even a police report in her case, unlike with Ford.  Yet the democrats do not believe her!  Why not?  She too is a woman.  Oh, it is because her accusations are against a democrat who happens to obstruct and resist President Trump.

            When anyone speaks evilly about someone, whether the speaker is popular or even unknown, where does it get any of us?  It gets us nowhere.  False propaganda (fake news) must be seen as nothing but a tool of the devil.
            So, let us encourage all Christian Scientists to do what is needed to be done.  Christian Scientists shall believe and understand that they can heal the sick, and that Christian Science can heal.  They shall understand that they can handle mesmerism; they shall recognize mesmerism for what it is – nothingness and illusion.
            All the work of Christian Scientists shall never be reversed, for it is the law of Christ-Truth.  Christian Scientists want to handle malicious animal magnetism, aggressive mental suggestion, character assassination, and mental assassination.