Cultural Appropriation

by MJSmith

Is what the Left classifies as “cultural appropriation” really cultural appropriation? What is cultural appropriation according to Leftist “politically correct”? Well, you are not supposed to wear Indian, sorry, American Native, clothes for Halloween unless you are an American Native, or dress up like a Japanese woman in your music video unless you are a Japanese woman (or perhaps a Japanese transvestite?). You are not supposed to go into the Mexican food restaurant business if you are not Mexican. Does this mean that if you are from Central America or South America you are also not allowed to go into the Mexican food restaurant business? You see, they do not really specify the rules very much at all. Would the Left get upset if a Chinese person dressed up like a Japanese person, or if a Japanese person dressed up like a Chinese person or if a Korean dressed up like a Vietnamese, or a Vietnamese dressed up like a Korean? Would these “politically correct” Leftists even know the difference? Would they even be able to tell the difference between someone from Cambodia from someone from Hong Kong? Would they be able to tell the difference between someone from Saudi Arabia or someone from Iran apart? And what about white people? Is it inappropriate for an American of German heritage to dress up in a Kilt? How far do these silly rules go or take us? Surely the communist Leftists have not really thought all of this out. It is simply their divisive way to try and separate people who are supposed to be UNITED (of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA)!  In fact, I see their actions as racist or them being prejudiced!

If they were really going to follow their rules then actors in Hollywood (whose majority loves to be on the side of the Left) would no longer be able to dress up in costumes of any kind or sort. They would really have to have a Korean portray a Korean, a Chinese portray a Chinese, etc. But this is not how things in Hollywood work. In fact, in the sixties they would have Italians and Hispanics portray the American Natives (Indians as they called them) all the time! One time Burt Reynolds even played an American Native Indian. They even had Japanese actors portray Chinese characters. You did not hear anyone complaining about it! Remember the Greek plays? They had men dressed up as women. Women were not allowed to be on stage.

When I was a child I had long brown hair and I would dress up like an Indian, sorry but that is what we called them back then. I loved the American Natives even though I do not have one drop of American Native blood in me. Is that my fault? I have never claimed to be an American Native like someone on the Left named Elizabeth Warren. But does that make it wrong for me to like them as a people or to respect their cultures? Do these Leftists even take into consideration how many different tribes of American Natives there were in our country? Instead of calling them American Natives would it not be more suitable to call them Sioux or Cheyenne or Shawnee (etc.)? Again, I do not think that the communist separatists on the Left have done much thinking about all of this!

Ah, but here is the real, true cultural appropriation that the Leftist communists commit! Remember how they began tearing down the statues because the statues were of someone who owned slaves? Remember how they began to rename high schools and colleges because the person the school was named after owned slaves (or perhaps they did something else they find offensive today)? They did not even care if that man the school was named after happened to be one of our finest Forefathers or what great deeds he did for this country! Remember how they now have begun renaming city streets (some want to rename them after really bad communists or dictators)? You see, it is the Left who wants to culturally appropriate (take away) the United States of American citizen’s history right out from underneath them. So who is really the evil ones? Do you see what is really going on? Are we going to do something about it? What can we do? It seems like nobody that we nominate or vote into office seems to care to do anything about any of this! They just go to work and obstruct or refuse to pass any good bills. Then there are those omnibus bills that are thousands of pages long that nobody gets a chance to even read before it is supposed to be voted on. You know what they say, “Don’t sign a contract until you have read fine print.” Well, this means that the omnibus put forward a few months back by Paul Ryan and Senate friends (Nancy and Chuck) should not have passed. Nobody should have passed it or signed it.

If I would have been President Trump I would have told the Senate that they were to take the Omnibus Bill and divide it up into many different bills. I would have also vetoed it! I would have told them, I am not about to sign such a dangerous beast as this. You must take every subject matter and give it its own bill, then I will sign or veto all those bills depending upon the topic! DO NOT EVER BRING ANYTHING LIKE THIS AND SET IT IN FRONT OF ME EVER AGAIN!!! He needed to take a stand with them.

Okay, so I got a little bit off topic. But you can see how the Progressive Left have begun to take the American’s culture away from them. What does “progressive” mean in regards to the Democrats? It means that they are trying to lead the people of the world slowly (progressively) into socialism (communism) and away from capitalism. They are actually trying to appropriate capitalism out of the United States of American culture.

It sort of makes me laugh that the people who speak of “culture” do not even know what “culture” means, or the roots of the word! Our true Judaeo-Christian “culture” is found in the BIBLE – Moses set it up quite literally or symbolically in the book of Numbers. Jacob fathered it in the book of Genesis. It is based upon the twelve sons of Israel. Moses took the twelve and turned them into thirteen. How many colonies did the United States begin with? Why, thirteen! Do you think that was accidental? No, God plans out all of this stuff.

So what is the culture I speak of? It is the wheel! In the center of this wheel was placed the Holy Tabernacle tent of Meeting (the Tent). Around this hub/center Moses placed the tribe of Levi (his own tribe). Levi was divided into four groups and these four groups were placed around the Holy Tabernacle (on each side). Then Moses gave two places on the rim (the outer cycle) to Joseph’s two sons. This made up the rim’s twelve tribes (three on each side); three on the North, three on the East, three on the South, and three on the West. This is where the meaning of “cult” really came from. Its meaning has become distorted over the years to only imply that there is this large group of weirdos following some leader who is off his rocker.

But what does this culture/wheel really mean to any of us today? It is a symbolic code or pattern that points out to us the divine infinite calculus. It is Ezekiel’s Wheel and it is the Holy City of Revelation. This pattern was given to us (again) by Mary Baker Eddy in her Textbook SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES when she speaks about the city foursquare and the city of our God in her sixteenth chapter “The Apocalypse” (See S&H 575:7-576:7 and 577:12-27). It is presented to us as a Rose Window in the little Boston Edifice. This window is called WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK and the DIRECTOR’S WINDOW (the divine infinite calculus is our real Director – not some board of four or five persons at the Boston Center).

Notice that there are twelve stars circling the Rose Window – these are the twelve stars of the crown belonging to the woman God-crowned (Revelation 12).  These stars, Mary Baker Eddy tells us, are the twelve tribes of Israel (instead of the twelve tribes of Jacob)…”These are the stars in the crown of rejoicing.  They are the lamps in the spiritual heavens of the age, which show the workings of the spiritual idea by healing the sick and the sinning, and by manifesting the light which shines ‘unto the perfect day’ as the night of materialism wanes.” (See S&H 462:11-21.)  These twelve stars present to us the three squared-cycles for the Word, the Christ, and Christianity.

To finish up, I hope that you now have a clear idea of what the Left really means when they speak of “cultural appropriation”.