by MJSmith

Second Edition

First Edition

            I wrote this post on Easter weekend (2018).  The first part I wrote on Saturday morning, the second on Easter morning.  After writing the first section I was watching a recording of Watter’s World with Jessie Watters.  There was an interview segment where Jessie went out on the street to ask people questions about Easter.  He asked a man what happened on Easter.  He said that Jesus resurrected a second time.  Of course, everybody who saw the segment probably laughed at this man’s response, but it got me to thinking.  Did Jesus need to resurrect a second time?  And it came to me, “Why, yes, he did.  Jesus was resurrected, and possibly ascended as well, two times in human history.”  And I believe that the Illustration seen above could possibly represent Jesus’ second resurrection/ascension.

            What is “The Way”?  One would take into consideration that “The Way” is the path that Christ Jesus walked or the path he chose in life.  This does not mean that we as his “Christian” followers have to die on the cross but rather we must give up the ghost of personal sense so that we can mentally ascend out of material belief – life existing in matter.
            The Discoverer, Founder, and Leader of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, told us that the Christ never came or went – the Christ then, is ever-present just as God is ever-present.  So why do Christians, why did Jesus, speak about a second coming of Christ?  It is because Jesus manifested God’s masculinity and brought forth God’s Fatherhood, this appeared at a certain time in human history as a man-child named Jesus.  Thus, a second coming of the Christ would be a second appearance to darkened consciousness and be manifested as God’s femininity and would bring forth God’s Motherhood.  This second coming was manifested as Mary Baker Eddy; her manchild would be called Christian Science, an impersonal Savior.
            Those who follow “The Way” of Jesus could be called “Wayists” just as easily as they are called “Christians”.  Those who follow Mary Baker Eddy are called “Scientists”.  We usually think of ourselves as “Christian Scientists” yet, Mary Baker Eddy named the Boston Church – The First Church of Christ Scientist not The First Church of Christian Scientists.  Why would she do this?  I think it is because in reality there is only ONE Christian Scientist and that Christian Scientist is The Christ Scientist – generic man.  And it is also this Christ Scientist that is represented in the Illustration THE WAY.
            Mary Baker Eddy’s Illustrated Poem is called Christ and Christmas.  Its birth date is December 2, 1893.  It was a necessity that it be published when it was so that the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy would speak to her students and pupils.  This would make it possible for these “followers” to build The First Church of Christ Scientist and meet the deadline, which was one year later, around Christmas of 1894.
            So let us take a close look at the first Illustration for THE WAY.  In it appears to be a man ascending to heaven.  Many Christian Scientists say this man is Jesus.  Yet, Jesus ascended in the Middle East a long time ago.  So why would Jesus ascend a second time in New England?
            Jesus’ first ascension, which took place in the Middle East, was about him returning to his spiritual home (heaven).  It was his God-crowned mission to show mankind that death is only an illusion.  Jesus’ second resurrection/ascension would take place (in New England) when Christian Science handled the false dogma (human opinion) beliefs that the Christian churches had made up about Christ Jesus since his resurrection/ascension.   Could it be that the false ideas about the man Jesus had to be resurrected and ascended out of scholastic theology’s and ecclesiastical despotism’s hands?  Could it be that Mary Baker Eddy’s poem book was showing us how Christian Science frees Christianity from the false teachings about Jesus Christ; specifically the false teaching that Jesus, a man, is God!  Likewise, the Christ is not God but rather God’s idea and God’s manifestation that comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.  What is incarnate error?  It is the false belief that man (including woman) is born from the physical act of sexual copulation.  This sexual copulation consists of two opposites temporarily joining together, thus the male penis penetrates the woman’s vagina and likewise a female egg and a male sperm join as one, and from this electrical act called sex, cell division begins via multiplication (again opposite actions).  Thus, a process of cell division/multiplication creates mind in matter (evil), the opposite of divine Mind-one with Spirit (good).
            On the TV show Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda Brent Stait portrayed Reverend (revered leader) Bem (peace).  Rev Bem was a Magog, a creature spoken of in the book of Revelation.  Rev Bem may have been a horrible creature (of the First Degree:  Depravity[1]) but he practiced peace and he was part of a religious group.  He called himself a Wayist.  A Magog was a beast created by evil (the darkness) and it is spoken of in regards to having to do with the Apocalypse.  The word “Apocalypse” does not mean destruction.  It does mean:  “to uncover; revelation.”[2]  So what is the revelation being uncovered?  It is the Truth (Christian Science) that evil, once exposed (uncovered or revealed as nothingness) is two thirds destroyed.  Once the Truth is exposed about the lie that the First Degree (unreality) and Second Degree (transitional qualities) are united as one – then error, evil, matter (the belief that good and evil coexist, the fruit from the tree of knowledge that has fooled Adam man), is actually destroyed by the Third Degree of spiritual understanding.  The Third Degree sheds the Light on the darkness of evil and evil disappears as the sun makes the night vanish.
            Hell is basically thought to be a place where evil people go when they die.  People have been taught to believe that if they go to hell then they will exist in a world of error, or sin.  Hell is “a place or state of torment or wickedness; a place or state of turmoil or destruction”[3] yet all that can ever be destroyed is hell itself.  Mary Baker Eddy defines hell as “Mortal belief; error; lust; remorse; hatred; revenge; sin; sickness; death; suffering and self-destruction; self-imposed agony; effects of sin; that which ‘worketh abomination or maketh a lie.’” (S&H 588:1)  Of heaven she defines it as “Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul.” (S&H 587:23)  Heaven, harmony, is omnipresent and eternal.  So we find heaven and hell are not really physical locations at all (one below ground and the other in space or above the earth) but rather, they are mental attitudes or mental outlooks on life.  Heaven and hell are mentally subjective before they can be objectified (outwardly manifested).  While hell exists in belief only, heaven just IS.  It is up to you and me to uncover hell as no thing.  All the destruction that takes place via the Apocalypse is the destruction to a material belief that life is corporeal.
            However, there was a good revelation that took place in the book of Revelation.  This was the uncovering of the woman God-crowned mission and the Lamb’s Bride (the Holy City).
            Mary Baker Eddy writes the following on pages 37 – 43 of Unity of Good:

                                    IS THERE NO DEATH?

            Jesus not only declared himself “the way” and “the truth,” but also “the life.”  God is Life; and as there is but one God, there can be but one Life.  Must man die, then, in order to inherit eternal life and enter heaven?
            Our Master said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”  Then God and heaven, or Life, are present, and death is not the real stepping-stone to Life and happiness.  They are now and here; and a change in human consciousness, from sin to holiness, would reveal this wonder of being.  Because God is ever present, no boundary of time can separate us from Him and the heaven of His presence; and because God is Life, all Life is eternal.
            Is it unchristian to believe there is no death?  Not unless it be a sin to believe that God is Life and All-in-all.  Evil and disease do not testify of Life and God.
            Human beings are physically mortal, but spiritually immortal.  The evil accompanying physical personality is illusive and mortal; but the good attendant upon spiritual individuality is immortal.  Existing here and now, this unseen individuality is real and eternal.  The so-called material senses, and the mortal mind which is misnamed man, take no cognizance of spiritual individuality, which manifests immortality, whose Principle is God.
            To God alone belong the indisputable realities of being.  Death is a contradiction of Life, or God; therefore it is not in accordance with His law, but antagonistic thereto.
            Death, then, is error, opposed to Truth, — even the unreality of mortal mind, not the reality of that Mind which is Life.  Error has no life, and is virtually without existence.  Life is real; and all is real which proceeds from Life and is inseparable from it.
            It is unchristian to believe in the transition called material death, since matter has no life, and such misbelief must enthrone another power, an imaginary life, above the living and true God.  A material sense of life robs God, by declaring that not He alone is Life, but that something else also is life, — thus affirming the existence and rulership of more gods than one.  This idolatrous and false sense of life is all that dies, or appears to die.
            The opposite understanding of God brings to light Life and immortality.  Death has no quality of Life; and no divine fiat commands us to believe in aught which is unlike God, or to deny that He is Life eternal.
            Life as God, moral and spiritual good, is not seen in the mineral, vegetable, or animal kingdom.  Hence the inevitable conclusion that Life is not in these kingdoms, and that the popular views to this effect are not up to the Christian standard of Life, or equal to the reality of being, whose Principle is God.
            When “the Word” is “made flesh” among mortals, the Truth of Life is rendered practical in the body.  Eternal Life is partially understood; and sickness, sin, and death yield to holiness, health, and Life, — that is, to God.  The lust of the flesh and the pride of physical life must be quenched in the divine essence, — that omnipotent Love which annihilates hate, that Life which knows no death.
            “Who hath believed our report?”  Who understands these sayings?  He to whom the arm of the Lord is revealed.  He loves them from whom divine Science removes human weakness by divine strength, and who unveil the Messiah, whose name is Wonderful.
            Man has no underived power.  That selfhood is false which opposes itself to God, claims another father, and denies spiritual sonship; but as many as receive the knowledge of God in Science must reflect, in some degree [the Third Degree?], the power of Him who gave and giveth man dominion over all the earth.
            As soldiers of the cross we must be brave, and let Science declare the immortal status of man, and deny the evidence of the material senses, which testify that man dies.
            As the image of God, or Life, man forever reflects and embodies Life, not death.  The material senses testify falsely.  They presuppose that God is good and that man is evil, that Deity is deathless, but that man dies, losing the divine likeness.
            Science and material sense conflict at all points, from the revolution of the earth to the fall of a sparrow.  It is mortality only that dies.
            To say that you and I, as mortals, will not enter this dark shadow of material sense, called death, is to assert what we have not proved; but man in Science never dies.  Material sense, or the belief of life in matter, must perish, in order to prove man deathless.
            As Truth supersedes error, and bears the fruits of Love, this understanding of Truth subordinates the belief in death, and demonstrates Life as imperative in the divine order of being.
            Jesus declares that they who believe his sayings will never die; therefore mortals can no more receive ever-lasting life by believing in death, than they can become perfect by believing in imperfection and living imperfectly.
            Life is God, and God is good.  Hence Life abides in man, if man abides in good, if he lives in God, who holds Life by a spiritual and not by a material sense of being.
            A sense of death is not requisite to a proper or true sense of Life, but beclouds it.  Death can never alarm or ever appear to him who fully understands Life.  The death-penalty comes through our ignorance of Life, — of that which is without beginning and without end, — and is the punishment of this ignorance.
            Holding a material sense of Life, and lacking the spiritual sense of it, mortals die, in belief, and regard all things as temporal.  A sense material apprehends nothing strictly belonging to the nature and office of Life.  It conceives and beholds nothing but mortality, and has but a feeble concept of immortality.
            In order to reach the true knowledge and consciousness of Life, we must learn it of good.  Of evil we can never learn it, because sin shuts out the real sense of Life, and brings in an unreal sense of suffering and death.
            Knowledge of evil, or belief in it, involves a loss of the true sense of good, God; and to know death, or to believe in it, involves a temporary loss of God, the infinite and only Life.
            Resurrection from the dead (that is, from the belief in death) must come to all sooner or later; and they who have part in this resurrection are they upon whom the second death has no power.
            The sweet and sacred sense of the permanence of man’s unity with his Maker can illumine our present being with a continual presence and power of good, opening wide the portal from death into Life; and when this Life shall appear “we shall be like Him,’ and we shall go to the Father, not through death, but through Life; not through error, but through Truth.
            All Life is Spirit, and Spirit can never dwell in its antagonist, matter.  Life, therefore, is deathless, because God cannot be the opposite of Himself.  In Christian Science there is no matter; hence matter neither lives nor dies.  To the senses, matter appears to both live and die, and these phenomena appear to go on ad infinitum; but such a theory implies perpetual disagreement with Spirit.
            Life, God, being everywhere, it must follow that death can be nowhere; because there is no place left for it.
            Soul, Spirit, is deathless.  Matter, sin, and death are not the outcome of Spirit, holiness, and Life.  What then are matter, sin, and death?  They can be nothing except the results of material consciousness; but material consciousness can have no real existence, because it is not a living—that is to say, a divine and intelligent—reality.
            That man must be vicious before he can be virtuous, dying before he can be deathless, material before he can be spiritual, is an error of the senses; for the very opposite of this error is the genuine Science of being.
            Man, in Science, is as perfect and immortal now, as when “the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”
            With Christ, Life was not merely a sense of existence, but a sense of might and ability to subdue material conditions.  No wonder “people were astonished at his doctrine; for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.”
            As defined by Jesus, Life had no beginning; nor was it the result of organization, or of an infusion of power into matter.  To him, Life was Spirit.
            Truth, defiant of error or matter, is Science, dispelling a false sense and leading man into the true sense of selfhood and Godhood; wherein the mortal does not develop the immortal, nor the material the spiritual, but wherein true manhood and womanhood go forth in the radiance of eternal being and its perfections, unchanged and unchangeable.
            This generation seems to material for any strong demonstration over death, and hence cannot bring out the infinite reality of Life—namely, that there is no death, but only Life.  The present mortal sense of being is too finite for anchorage in infinite good, God, because mortals now believe in the possibility that Life can be evil.
            The achievement of this ultimatum of Science, complete triumph over death, requires time and immense spiritual growth.
            I have by no means spoken of myself, I cannot speak of myself as “sufficient for these things.”  I insist only upon the fact, as it exists in divine Science, that man dies not, and on the words of the Master in support of this verity, — words which can never “pass away till all be fulfilled.”
            Because of these profound reasons I urge Christians to have more faith in living than in dying.  I exhort them to accept Christ’s promise, and unite the influence of their own thoughts with the power of his teachings, in the Science of being.  This will interpret the divine power to human capacity, and enable us to apprehend, or lay hold upon, “that for which,” as Paul says in the third chapter of Philippians, we are also “apprehended of [or grasped by][4] Christ Jesus,” — the ever-present Life which knows no death, the omnipresent Spirit which knows no matter.  [END]

            Returning to the material life being based upon cell division/multiplication – we are told by physical scientists that these divided cells produce an embryo that continues to grow into a baby.  This baby must be born and it continues to grow (if fed) into a child, then teenager, then adult, then possibly a parent, then an old person, then dies.  After the death of the “person” scholastic theology takes over and tells us that the body is buried six feet underground (in hell?) because he is a sinner, always was a sinner, never had a choice of being anything but a sinner, for he fell from heaven (harmony) when he was born into matter.
            About THE WAY – What of the many faces in the sky?  This is the spiritual depiction of generic man – the one man – not divided or even diversified – but united as one man being with God Being.  For “Principle [God] and its idea [man] is [not “are”] one [united].”[5]
            What of the white dove descending from heaven?  It is above the head of Jesus (the man).  The dove is a “symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith [two transitional qualities of the Second Degree]”.[6]  The dove does not carry an olive branch in its beak, not yet anyway.  So this is like the dove that first returns to Noah’s ark.  “At first the waters still cover the earth, and she comes back to Noah inside the ark.  Belief in a dual sense of self is not yet properly resolved.  Noah waits seven days and sends her forth again.  [In the second Illustration for THE WAY the dove does have an olive branch in its beak.]  She returns with an olive branch of peace.  She is making ‘both one.’  The waters are fast receding, and soon the ground will be dry.  After a further seven days he sends her out again, and this time she does not return.  The self, the I, has gone fully unto Spirit, and the face of the land is dry.  Inside and outside, subject and object, are one in spiritual identity.  Noah, his family, and the animals, emerge from the womb-like seclusion of the ark, and a new world is born.”[7]
            The dove and the other nine birds that are around the crowned-cross are said to represent the ten sons of Jacob (even though Judah and Joseph are not defined as being Jacob’s sons by Mary Baker Eddy) defined in “Glossary” of SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  Thus, I say that these ten birds represent today’s differing churches of Christianity at work in the United States of America.
            The flowered-cross upon which nine of the birds are perched upon and flitter about on represent their beliefs of material organized church having to be buried in the earth.  These Christians believe that in order to get to heaven they must first die.  They do not believe that they will or can resurrect like their Shepherd did.  Yet, thanks to Christian Science, they understand that they are capable of ascending out of material body and mortal mind – for they are unreal, not of the Christ-Truth.  Yet, these young Christian Scientists have a lesson to learn.  They must learn that God’s Motherhood is just as important to follow as God’s Fatherhood should be followed.  For the only way we can be a true Wayist is to be the Scientist.  The shape of this final Illustration has a feminine shape – depicting God’s Motherhood one with the Daughter of God.

            Three of the Illustrations within Christ and Christmas underwent some noticeable changes.  These three Illustrations are CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING, TRUTH versus ERROR, and THE WAY.  Why were changes made to these three Illustrations?  I believe it is because Mary Baker Eddy understood that not only would there be a feminine advent of Christ (that takes place in the Sixth Day of Truth) but also a third feminine advent of Christ (that takes place in the Seventh Day of Love).

First Edition

First Edition

Christ was not crucified–that doom
            Was Jesus’ part;
For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom
            In human heart.*

Forever present, bounteous, free,
            Christ comes in gloom;
And aye, with grace towards you and me,
            For health makes room.

*”God was manifest in the flesh.” — St. Paul.

            The first Illustration for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING depicted Mary Baker Eddy in a black mantle.  Her followers had a darkened understanding about her place in Bible prophecy.  The sick man (possibly a sick woman) in the bed has a beard in the second Illustration, and there is one more branch of medicine proven false (as seen on the table behind the sick person).  This branch of medicine, that is now shown to be powerless, is faith healing.  Faith healing was never a part of Christian Science but of material medica.  Fact – the only reason medicine helps man recover or feel better is because of his faith in the medicinal treatment.  Mary Baker Eddy knew because of her work with homeopathic medicine that it was belief in the medicine that brought the cure.  World belief is what lies behind medical cures and this world belief consists only in medicinal faith cure.  Likewise, many Christian Science treatments were based upon faith instead of spiritual understanding.  What was it that Christian Scientists had to spiritually understand?  They had to spiritually understand Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy as the second coming of Christ in its feminine manifestation.  This understanding changed the dark Christ mantle into the Light (Mind) Christ Mantle of successorship.
            In both Illustrations for CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING, above Mary Baker Eddy’s head, is the star of divine Science, with its seven points of light.  These seven points of light represent the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.

First Edition

First Edition

Truth versus Error

To-day, as oft, away from sin
            Christ summons thee!
Truth pleads to-night:  Just take Me in!
            No mass for Me!

            What changed in TRUTH versus ERROR?  The most drastic changes were made to the door of the Church-Mansion and the court floor outside the Church-Mansion.  Instead of having six squares on the door there was depicted three groups of grapevine design on the door.  I believe that the six squares relate to the Six Days of Truth for Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission, while the three grapevine designs relate to the three Christ God-crowned missions that take place during the Fifth Day of Life (Jesus), the Sixth Day of Truth (Mary Baker Eddy), and the Seventh Day of Love (Martha).  These three grapevines also speak to us of Mary Baker Eddy’s one True BRANCH – the CONCORD (Grape) Church which symbolically is foursquare.  (The First Church in Boston is triangular.)
            The doorplate also changed from being “mortal mind” to being inverted “Mind”, when the book is turned upside down the doorplate reads:  “mind”.  Mortal mind is inverted Mind.
            The floor in the first TRUTH versus ERROR is one grey (Second Degree) foundation while the second Illustration is of square tiles of alternating black (First Degree) and white (Third Degree) – a yin and yang (male and female), good and evil, darkness and light, Truth and error – opposites type of symbol.  The false idea being presented has to do with sex (black).  The adults inside the Church-Mansion are adulterers and inebriated.
            There are also sexual symbols seen inside.  Yet the children are pure, even though their clothes are dark (clothed in a cloud), they are the one witness who is seeing God’s Christ messenger holding the scroll (book) of TRUTH.  Again, in the first Illustration the word TRUTH is quite plain to read, yet in the second Illustration TRUTH is not even legible in some editions.  In the latest edition of Christ and Christmas the word TRUTH can be seen but it is very faint.  Why?  Is it because these two Illustrations depict two different feminine Christ missions?  One that takes place during the Sixth Day of Truth (with the six wooden squares on the door) and one that depicts the Sabbath (Seventh Day of Love)?  Is the first woman Mary Baker Eddy and the second woman Martha?  The first Illustration is where the TRUTH about Mary Baker Eddy is clear to see and was acceptable to her students – today, however, in the Seventh Day of Love, most Christian Scientists, especially the ones residing in the Church-Mansion of material organization, refuse to see the TRUTH about their Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.  They even refuse to call her their Leader!  They will call her Discoverer and Founder, but not Leader.  They do not accept her place in Bible prophecy, so Martha had to follow Mary in order to speak the TRUTH about the second coming of Christ.

“The Way” – colorized by me

No blight, no broken wing, no moan,
            Truth’s fane can dim;
Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone,
            In heaven’s hymn.

            The second Illustration for THE WAY is square in shape, because it represents the Bride, not the Mother.  While Mary Baker Eddy brought forth God’s Motherhood, Martha brings forth Mother’s Hood.  Who is Mother if not Mary Baker Eddy?  Martha’s mission is to explain the Mind (Hood) of Mother Mary as the second coming of Christ with divine Science – the Bride City that lieth foursquare.

Window of the Open Book

…Thus the Concord Branch Church depicted by the door of the second Illustration for TRUTH versus ERROR depicts the city foursquare.  Once the Branch (the manchild) is free from material organization the crowned-cross (Mother Church of Boston with all its members) is no longer buried in the earth of human dogma (opinion) and it floats above the ground.  It is not anything like the dark cross in the foreground.  This dark cross represents mortal mind, material organization (body) that believes in death (specifically, the death of a little old lady known as Mrs. Eddy).  There is no longer any man ascending to heaven being depicted – but rather – there is a crown (Kether) on the upper edge of the Illustration.
            The black cross represents a Mother Church dictatorship (via the five corporeal senses of a Board of Directors).  The crowned-cross depicts the freedom of spiritual Branch Church when it has its independent governorship via Principle instead of the five senses.  The crowned-cross floats above the ground, it is not buried in dogma.  The path of Light leads us out of mortal corporeality and church dogma (via scholastic theology and ecclesiastical despotism) to independent fellowship or brotherhood and then onto our crowned Christ consciousness, which belongs to generic man as a whole.
            On the Leftist side is death (a grave is seen on this side), error – the red dragon, while on the Right side is the lion of moral courage (Second Degree quality) sitting beside the still waters and lying upon the green pastures (Psalm 23).

Green pastures are before me, Which yet I have not seen;
            Bright skies will soon be or me, Where darkest clouds have been.
My hope I cannot measure, My path in Life is free;
            My Mother has my treasure, And She will walk with me.

            Christian Scientists are willing to follow the Way of Jesus but are they afraid to follow in Mary’s “Footsteps of Truth”?  If so, why?  Mary followed Christ.  She told us to only follow her, so far as she followed the Christ.
            Mary Baker Eddy translates the term Lord, used in Psalms 23, into “Divine love [all small caps]”.  What is this Divine love [all small caps] if not Motherhood?  “Mother.  God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 592:16)


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