by MJSmith

THE FOUR HORSEMEN RIDE AGAIN!  (some new insights)
            Once again, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, in The WATCHTOWER (No. 3 2017), have gotten it wrong about the four horsemen of Revelation 6.  The title of their article is “The Four Horsemen How Their Ride Affects You”.  Below is a graph I made that has to do with the divine infinite calculus, the four living creatures.  The four horsemen are located near the bottom of the second box.

            They do not mention that the four horsemen is part of Vision II.  Vision II corresponds to the second church, Smyrna (with its false teachings), spoken of in Revelation 2:12-17.  The church of Smyrna is the second candlestick.  The seven candlesticks follow the Christ order.  This second church is in the tone of Life (green outline of the candlestick below), while its angel follows the order of the Word, so the angel’s tone is Spirit (orange).  Vision II is concerned with the opening up of the seven seals placed upon the book, which most people believe is the BIBLE, however, I tend to think that the book with the seven seals upon it is the book of Revelation itself, because when the book of Revelation was written there was no BIBLE!  Of course, this does not mean that St. John did not see a vision of the future BIBLE in Vision I.

            It is the Lamb of God (the spiritual idea), spoken of in Vision I, who opens these seven seals of error throughout Vision II.  The breaking of these seals simply means that Truth is being revealed while error is being uncovered and exposed so that it will be destroyed by Truth.  The whole point of the Apocalypse is to uncover error and the whole point of Revelation is the revealing of Truth.  They go hand in hand and are this one book.  And it is the last book of the BIBLE.  In Mary Baker Eddy’s Illustrated Poem Book – Christ and Christmas – the seventh Illustration “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME” depicts a Lamb of God.  She has the little book open spoken of in Revelation 10, and this is how the closed BIBLE, seen on the table by the old man of scholastic theology, becomes unsealed.

First Edition

            Now, let us also understand that the first four seals relate to the four living creatures “ZOON” (or the four beasts).  By the way, these four beasts are not the two beasts “Therion” belonging to the red dragon.  As you can see two different Greek words were used to describe the two different types of beasts.  The Zoon are spiritual beasts, while the Therion are material beasts.  These four beasts represent the divine infinite calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  They are presented as the lion (Leo), the ox or bull (Taurus), face of a man (Aquarius), and the flying eagle (Libra-Scorpio combined as one).[1]
            Now it seems to me, that the breaking of the seven seals reveals seven types of error.  And the first four seals reveal, or uncover, the four errors belonging to the four horsemen.
            The first mistake the article makes is about the first horseman, the white horseman.  They say, “The first horse is white – its rider a gloriously, newly crowned king.”[2]  The first horseman is not officially described in the original Greek as being “white” rather the word used is interpreted – “off-white”.  This off-white color is like the color of a maggot.  Further more, this white horseman is a representation of Sagittarius, the Archer, as he has a bow, not a sword.  The first horseman represents lust; the other three represent war, greed, and death.  It does not make any sense that the first horseman is Jesus and that afterward the narration follows Jesus with three very bad dudes on horses!  It makes sense, however, that all four horsemen are representations of something unlike God.  The Greek centaur represented passionate lust, or lustful passion.  And that is the reason why this first horseman is translated as lust.  The BIBLE tells us that this horseman came forth conquering and to conquer.  Lustful thinking is always arrogant and sure of itself, but how true is it that:  In the presence of omniscience (quality of the Lion, the first living beast or creature that nullifies the off-white horseman) of God’s presence, lust has no power to operate.  The Lion represents the Word of God.  It is the Word of God that nullifies crowned lust (lust exists in mental consciousness before it is expressed in body).
            “Behind him comes a horse the color of fire [red], bearing a rider who takes peace away from all the earth.”[3]  This second horseman is the red horseman, a representation of war.  It is nullified by the second living creature, the ox or bull (Taurus), represents the Christ.  The red horseman is symbolic of Adam, the material mortal who is created from red clay.  Then there is the red serpent (even though it is never described as being red) in the Garden of Eden.  This serpent grows into the red dragon spoken of in Revelation 12.  Adam is the opposite of the Christ.  Adam is matter and the Christ is Spirit.
            The third horseman is black and holds scales “as a doleful message is proclaimed about a lack of basic foodstuffs.”[4]  I think that this is an incorrect statement about the black horseman.  What does the black horseman really represent?  He represents the negativity of Libra.  For sure he represents greed.  There is the term of black market.  The scales seem to symbolize equality and balance.  However, what this black horseman has is weighted scales, they are not equally balanced at all.  They are weighted to be in favor of the marketer (horseman).  He is willing to cheat his neighbor, or brother man.  The black horseman is the opposite of Christianity.  The third living creature is Christianity; he has the face of a man (Aquarius).  Today we live in the Age of Aquarius.
            “The fourth horse is a sickly pale color, a harbinger of disease and other lethal threats, ridden by Death itself.”[5]  “And the Grave [why capitalize unreality and illusion?], the common grave of mankind, follows closely, reaping a terrible harvest of lives! — Revelation 6:1-8 [This portion of the King James’ BIBLE does not have these words in it.].”[6]  The color of the fourth horse is symbolic of the gas – chlorine.  The negative zodiac for this fourth horseman happens to be Virgo bringing forth (giving birth to) death.  Virgo, spiritually translated, represents virginity or pure womanhood.
            It is believed that giving birth to humans is a good thing, however, in reality giving birth to mortal children is death.  Woman must wake up, from the Adam dream, and stop getting married and stop having children – they really should remain virgins!  What nullifies death?  It is the omni-activity of the flying eagle, the fourth living creature (Libra combined with Scorpio).  The fourth living creature represents God’s one true Science.  When we have the combination of the positive interpretation of Libra (which is nullified by Christianity’s third living creature) and the positive understanding of Scorpio you get Christian Science.


            I have already explained that this white horseman represents lust, and Sagittarius, the Archer.  He is not Jesus Christ!  But, the article asks:
            “Who is the rider of the white horse?  The key to his identity is found in the same Bible book, Revelation, which later identifies this heavenly rider as ‘The Word of God.’ (Revelation 19:11-13)”[7]
            This, of course, is wrong.  As mentioned earlier, the Greek word for white, used in Revelation 19, is a different word from the one in chapter 6.  In Vision II the word translated white has the sense of the whiteness of a maggot.  In Vision VI, the Greek word is purity.  This horseman is named FAITHFUL and TRUE, also THE WORD OF GOD.  The Word of God is what nullifies the first horseman, for the living creature of the Lion (Leo) the Word (in the divine infinite calculus).  So, I can accept that the Christ God-crowned is the white horseman spoken of in Revelation 19, however, it does not necessarily mean that this white horseman is Jesus.  I think that it is the Christ for sure.  But Mary Baker Eddy tells us that the Bride is also the Word.  So, even though we have Jesus as being represented by St. John as the Word, we also have Mary Baker Eddy telling us that the Word is also the Bride.  This simply means that there is a masculine representative of the Christ and a feminine representative of the Christ – just as God is both our Father and Mother.
            Before chapter 19 (Vision VI, the sixth candlestick (the church of Philadelphia) with its tone of Spirit and the sixth angel with its tone of Truth) proceeds on to speak about the white horseman it first tells us about “the marriage supper of the Lamb.” (Revelation 19:9)  Chapter 19:7-9 – “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him:  for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.  And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white:  for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.  And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb…”  It is this wife, or bride, that is the Word.  Who would this bride be?  She must be the feminine representative of the one Christ.
            “…That title, The Word [the first living creature that nullifies the off-white horseman], belongs to Jesus Christ, for he acts as God’s spokesman. (John 1:1, 14)  In addition, he is called ‘King of kings and Lord of lords’ [“KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”] and is described as ‘Faithful and True.’ (Revelation 19:11 & 16)  Clearly, he has authority to act as a warrior-king, and he does not wield his power in any corrupt or abusive way.”[8]
            The rest of this section is not really applicable to the first horseman in Vision II.  The article finishes up the white horseman section with “the three [riders] that follow represent global conditions that have swept across human society.  The author of this article believes that Jesus Christ received his crown in 1914 and began ruling over the earth at that time.  “When was Jesus crowned as King in heaven?  It was not when he returned to heaven after his death [rather, it was not when he ascended].  The Bible shows that a period of waiting began back then. (Hebrews 10:12-13; [I am not sure how they come to this conclusion based upon the two verses.])  Jesus gave his followers a means of recognizing the end of that waiting period and the beginning of his reign in heaven.  He said that at the beginning of his rule, world conditions would take a decisive turn for the world.  There would be warfare, food shortages, and pestilences. (Matthew 24:3, 7; Luke 21:10-11)  Soon after World War I broke out in 1914, it became apparent that mankind had entered that era, a troubled time on earth that the Bible calls ‘the last days.’—2 Timothy 3:1-5.”[9]  What the term “the last days” is speaking of is the Sixth Day of Truth and the Seventh Day of Love, with the second and third advents of Christ.  According to Church history, 1913 was a very bad year.  It was after December 3, 1910 that The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, fell to mortal law, casting aside the Church Manual estoppel clauses.
            The year of 1914 is when, according to the article, that Jesus (Michael) began to rule heaven and cast Satan and his demons (what I call evil thoughts) into earth. The article gives Revelation 12:7-9, 12 as the source for this idea.  The author obviously does not understand what Revelation 12 is even about.  First off, Michael is not Jesus, but Truth (as in The Sixth Day).  If anything, Michael is Mary Baker Eddy, the second coming of Christ.  Her God-crowned mission began on February 4, 1864 and is still continuing on, even though most Christian Scientists may believe that her mission ended on December 3, 1910.  Mary Baker Eddy writes about Revelation 12, on the mentioned verses she writes:
            “The Old Testament assigns to the angels, God’s divine messages, different offices.  Michael’s characteristic is spiritual strength.  He leads the hosts of heaven against the power of sin, Satan, and fights the holy wars.  [This is the angel for the second coming of Christ.]  Gabriel [the angel for the third coming of Christ] has the more quiet task of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love.  These angels deliver us from the depths.  Truth and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong faith or spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God.  The Gabriel of His presence has no contests.  To infinite, ever-present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death [sounds like absolute Christian Science].  Against Love, the dragon warreth not long, for he is killed by the divine Principle.  Truth and Love prevail against the dragon because the dragon cannot war with them.  Thus endeth the conflict between the flesh and Spirit.” (SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 566:29-567:13 – in explanation of Revelation 12:7-8)
            “That false claim—that ancient belief, that old serpent whose name is devil (evil), claiming that there is intelligence in matter either to benefit or to injure men—is pure delusion, the red dragon; and it is cast out by Christ, Truth, the spiritual idea, and so proved to be powerless.  The words ‘cast unto the earth’ show the dragon to be nothingness, dust to dust; and therefore, in his pretence of being a talker, he must be a lie from the beginning.  His angels, or messages, are cast out with their author.  The beast and the false prophets are lust [the white horseman] and hypocrisy [the red horseman].  These wolves in sheep’s clothing are detected and killed by innocence, the Lamb of Love.
            “Divine Science shows how the Lamb slays the wolf.  Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error.  Ever since the foundation of the world, ever since error would establish material belief, evil has tried to slay the Lamb; but Science is able to destroy this lie, called evil.  The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse typifies the divine method of warfare.  The following chapters depict the fatal effects of trying to meet error with error.  The narrative follows the order used in Genesis.  In Genesis, first the true method of creation is set forth and then the false.  Here, also, the Revelator first exhibits the true warfare and then the false.” (S&H 567:18-568:12 – in explanation of Revelation 12:9)
            “For victory over a single sin, we give thanks and magnify the Lord of Hosts.  What shall we say of the mighty conquest over all sin?  A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain.  Self-abnegation, by which we lay down all for Truth, or Christ, in our warfare against error, is a rule in Christian Science.  This rule clearly interprets God as divine Principle, — as Life, represented by the Father; as truth, represented by the Son; as Love, represented by the Mother.  Every mortal at some period, here or hereafter, must grapple with and overcome the mortal belief in a power opposed to God.
            “The Scripture, ‘Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many,’ is literally fulfilled, when we are conscious of the supremacy of Truth, by which the nothingness of error is seen; and we know that the nothingness of error is in proportion to its wickedness.  He that touches the hem of Christ’s robe and masters his mortal beliefs, animality, and hate, rejoices in the proof of healing—in a sweet and certain sense that God is Love.  Alas for those who break faith with divine Science and fail to strangle the serpent of sin as well as of sickness!  They are dwellers still in the deep darkness of belief.  They are in the surging sea of error, not struggling to lift their heads above the drowning wave.
            “What must the end be?  They must eventually expiate their sin through suffering.  The sin, which one has made his bosom companion, comes back to him at last with accelerated force, for the devil knoweth his time is short.  Here the Scriptures declare that evil is temporal, not eternal.  The dragon is at last stung to death by his own malice; but how many periods of torture it may take to remove all sin, must depend upon sin’s obduracy.” (S&H 568:24-569:28 – in explanation of Revelation 12:10-12)
            What this article does not mention is the pattern found in this Vision, that first the Lamb of God (God’s spiritual idea) breaks a seal placed upon the book spoken of in Revelation 5:7-9.  Then a living creature speaks “Come and see.”  Then John sees a horseman ride.  The first four seals are connected to the four horsemen.  But it is the four living creatures who all say, “Come and see” and which nullify these horsemen (negative qualities or what the article calls “global conditions”).


            Now their words for Revelation 6:4 are different from the King James’ BIBLE.  Instead of using the word red, they use the word “fire”, instead of “kill” they use “slaughter”.  This horseman is given a sword.
            “This rider represents warfare.  Notice that he takes peace away from not just a few nations but the whole earth.  In 1914, for the first time in history, a global war erupted.  It was followed by a second world war, which was even more destructive.  Some estimates place the total number of deaths due to wars and armed conflicts since 114 at more than 100 million!  In addition, vast numbers of other individuals suffered debilitating injuries.
            “To what extent does warfare characterize the present time?  For the first time in history, mankind appears to have the ability to extinguish all human life.  Even so-called peacekeeping organizations, such as the United Nations, have not been able to stop the rider of the red horse.”[10]
            To be honest, the United Nations (which was an updated model of the League of Nations) is not really interested in keeping the peace.  It is a globalist (one world order) organization.  It is only interested in turning the whole world toward socialism (communism); this is why it has not been able to nullify (stop) the red horseman.  Only the Christ Mind (Taurus spiritually translated back to God) can nullify the red horseman.  Mankind must “solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.” (Church Manual of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, p. 16)  When man does this then the third horseman will be nullified!
            It was the Presidents and Insiders (one world order people) that got the United States involved in World War I and World War II.  We entered World War I after the sinking of the Lusitania.  This ship was moving war supplies and carrying passengers.  There should have been no passengers on the ship, when it was torpedoed the rage went up and the call for war was shouted.  President F. D. Roosevelt knew that the Japanese were headed toward Pearl Harbor.  He could have given the warning sign, but he did not do it.  Hence, once more, the rage went up and the call for war was shouted.


After writing this section an idea came to me, and I combined what I originally wrote for this section in the following.  This is why the footnotes are located in this section.

            Fascism and communism are two sides of the same coin.  One represents a false type of fatherhood (fascism) while the other a false type of motherhood (communism).  This coin, or tool, is false government of the people by the state.  Both are against God-Principle as government.  One is extreme right while the other is extreme left.  And if one is in control then an imbalance seems to exist.  The same billionaire/millionaire groups finance both fascism and communism.  These rich men are called International Bankers.  The Bolshevik Revolution, with Lenin and Trotsky, led to communism in Russia while Adolf Hitler was a fascist.  What does Lenin/Trotsky and Hitler have in common?  They were both funded by the International bankers!  These rich humans are out for one thing only – one world order by material minded personas, the opposite of Principled government where God and man (here man is both male and female and spiritual not material) are undivided.

            “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America [the restored Israel].  And to the Republic [not democracy or fascism or communism] for which it stands, one nation [the thirteen tribes of Israel reunited as one nation], under God[‘s government], indivisible [man is undivided from God], with liberty [freedom from mortal mind and physical body] and justice [righteous judgment, which leads to God’s Medicine via SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES] for all.”

            When a government has a pull to the left or a pull to the right the scale becomes unbalanced and you get the black horseman of Revelation 6 – the opposite of Christianity, brotherly love.  Greed is the motive behind the black horseman.  However, Lady Justice also holds a scale and she is blindfolded.  Why is she supposed to be blindfolded?  It is because she is supposed to be impartial, to be balanced in her thinking and making sure that the court is fair and balanced, that those being accused of criminal activity are innocent until proven guilty.  She is supposed to apply the law instead of seeing personality, gender politics, racial profiling, or party bias.  This is the main job of the judge – to be Lady Justice.
            One may wonder why nothing gets accomplished by congress.  Here is a secret you may or may not know.  I have heard that today every public elected politician must sign a piece of paper (a loyalty pledge) before being able to take office.  Is that pledge of loyalty to the people of the United States?  No, it is not.  Who is it to?  I am not sure what name they go by but it is probably for those International banking – one world order folk.  Perhaps all of the elected men and women of this nation commit themselves to this pledge?  I would hope they did not do so.  Our government was taken over and infiltrated over 100 years ago.  Can we take it back?  Perhaps, if President Trump is really who he says he is.  But you see the great resistance that has gone up to fight him.  And why?  It is not hard to understand.  It is because the communist-socialists are afraid that they will loose hold of what they have achieved over the past 100 years.  And there are also the right side anti-Trumpers who resist the new President as well.  I laugh at the irony that the communist-leftists claim that communist Putten of socialist Russia is in cahoots with President Trump!  Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?  The democratic progressives are just as socialistic as the head leader of Russia but nobody is mentioning this fact.  They use the same tactics – false propaganda (fake news) against their enemies.  They lie to your face over and over changing their minds on the topic depending upon the present day’s circumstances.  They control the mass media (propaganda machines).  Yet who is telling the truth out there?
            FOX News commentators sometimes make comments on it, but are they really heard by the vast majority of viewers?  Do most American viewers even understand the code language’s implications?  If they do not, then the message slips right by them.  It is also ironic how the left accuses POTUS of being a fascist when they are the ones using fascist techniques that date back to the Bolshevik Revolution!  They are against free speech if they are not the ones in control of the message.  They use violence, force, and name calling in order to shut up their opposition.  They also take over our children by brain washing them in the public school system, as well as, in the colleges that charge an arm and a leg, and the rest of the body too, for the student’s education!
            Billionaire George Soros organizes and pays lots of money for the rioters (Bolsheviks) that destroy private properties during the “so-called” protests.  These protests are being held everywhere today, in the streets, in main cities, on college campuses, etc.  These paid cowards wear black masks on their faces when they attack the police and destroy cars, and or business properties.  These rioting communists (thugs) are thieves, brutal attackers, yell obscene words, and they try to shut down free speech with their name-calling insults (xenophobe, raciest and fascist being their three favorite words) and violence.  And way too often they win!
            “I heard what sounded like a voice in the midst of the four beasts [the divine infinite calculus] say:  ‘A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.’”—Revelation 6:6.
            Who is in the “midst” in Revelation 1:13?  “One like the Son of man.”  This Son of man is based upon Principle.  But if we think about it, this Son of man is also the Daughter of man.  Whose name is found in the midst (center hub) of the four living creatures in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK (found in the original Boston Edifice)?  It is Reverend (Revered Leader) Mary Baker G. Eddy.  Her name is found printed on the little book open (Revelation 10) – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, for which the rose window is named after.

The Holy City

            Now to continue on with the Jehovah Witnesses article:  “This rider represents famine.  We find here a picture of food rationing so severe that a quart [measure] (1.08 L) of wheat would cost one denarius [penny], a whole day’s wage in the first century!  (Matthew 20:2)  The same coin could purchase three quarts [measures] (3.24 L) of barley, a grain viewed as inferior to wheat.  How far would that go to feed a large family?  People are then warned to be frugal even with daily foodstuffs, aptly pictured by such basic staples of that time and culture as olive oil and wine.
            “Since 1914, have we seen evidence that this rider of the black horse has been on the move?  Yes!  About 70 million people died in famines during the 20th century.  One authority estimated that ‘805 million people—about one in nine of the world’s population—were chronically undernourished in 2012-24.’  Another report states:  ‘Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.’  In spite of many earnest efforts to feed the hungry, the rider of the black horse continues to ride.”[1a]
            If the author of this article is correct, does this article go far enough, considering what is going on in our country today?  It does not even mention that the middle class is being squeezed towards bankruptcy because they are being over taxed by the government, in order that, the “poor” can receive welfare (forever), food stamps (misused by many), and the biggest – Obama Care.
            What if verse 6 means something completely different than what this article is bringing out?  What if what it is really speaking about is spiritual famine?  Notice that the term “three measures” is spoken of.  Let us take a look at a BIBLE verse that heads the chapter in the Textbook – “Science [first measure], Theology [second measure], Medicine [third measure].”
            Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.”
            “In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science.  God had been graciously preparing me during many years [ever since 1821] for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.
            “This apodictical Principle points to the revelation of Immanuel, ‘God with us,’—the sovereign ever-presence, delivering the children of men from every ill ‘that flesh is heir to.’  Through Christian Science, religion and medicine are inspired with a diviner nature and essence; fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God.” (S&H 107:1-14)
            What is it that the world needs to eat to end its spiritual starvation?  It is the little open book spoken of in Revelation 10.  “Then will a voice from harmony [heaven] cry:  ‘Go and take the little book….Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.’  Mortals, obey the heavenly evangel.  Take divine Science.  Read this book [SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES], ponder it.  It will be indeed sweet at its first taste, when it heals you; but murmur not over Truth, if you find its digestion bitter.  When you approach nearer and nearer to this divine Principle, when you eat the divine body of this Principle, — thus partaking of the nature, or primal elements, of Truth and Love, — do not be surprised nor discontented because you must share the hemlock cup and eat the bitter herbs; for the Israelites of old at the Paschal meal thus prefigured this perilous passage out of bondage into the El Dorado of faith and hope.” (S&H 559:14-31)
            The word “bondage” is a reference to the “First Degree:  Depravity” (S&H 115:20).  Mary Baker Eddy says that this “depravity” is the “physical.” and gives a very negative definition for it.  This negative definition is:  “Evil beliefs, passions and appetites, fear, depraved will, self-justification, pride, envy, deceit, hatred, revenge, sin, sickness, disease, death.” (S&H 115:21)  The term pharaoh was given to the king of Egypt.  It was not the city that the Israelites were trying to escape from, but rather from the dictating king of Egypt.  Likewise, the term “El Dorado” is not speaking of Eldorado, the city of gold, but rather of the Christ King (man’s divine nature).  The two words of “faith and hope” are two human qualities belonging to the Second Degree where “evil beliefs disappear.” (S&H 115:25)  These two qualities lead us to love, our understanding (Third Degree) of divine Life.  This is where our Holy City of God resides.  This is the city foursquare, the city of our God, the New Jerusalem (city of peace), the shrine celestial all rolled into the Holy City, which is symbolized as WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.
            This true idea of city (civilization) is based upon the Christ reckoning, or the divine infinite calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.
            The first coming (or advent) of Christ came as a man called Jesus.  Jesus came to reveal God’s Fatherhood to mankind.  Our Father-God is Life.  The second coming (or advent) of Christ came as a woman called Mary Baker Eddy.  Mary Baker Eddy came to reveal God’s Sonhood (Christ Jesus) to mankind.  Our own Sonhood is Christ (El Dorado), the Truth.  This is our true identity.  Mary Baker Eddy also came to reveal God’s Motherhood to mankind.  Our Mother-God is Love.  But, this Motherhood had to be spiritually translated to the higher idea of the Lamb’s Bride – the third coming (advent) of Christ.  The Lamb’s Bride is spoken of in Revelation 19.  Mary Baker Eddy says that this Bride is the Word.  This Bride is defined as “Purity and innocence,” (S&H 582:14).  What is this Bride’s job?  It is to conceive “man in the idea of God” (Ibid).  Thus her job is to conceive man as the Christ ideal.  The Bride is also “a sense of Soul, which has spiritual bliss and enjoys but cannot suffer.” (Ibid; line 15-16)
            What does the Bride unite herself with in marriage?  She marries the “Bridegroom.  Spiritual understanding; (Ibid; line 17).  Thus she must be one with the Third Degree.  “Spiritual.  Wisdom [reflection of Mind], purity [reflection of Spirit], spiritual understanding [reflection of Soul], spiritual power [reflection of Principle], love [reflection of Life], health [reflection of Truth], holiness [reflection of Love].” (Ibid, 116:2)
            Bridegroom is also defined as:  “the pure consciousness that God, the divine Principle, creates man as His own spiritual idea, and that God is the only creative power.”
            After the Bride conceives “man in the idea of God”, then man is generic and the Bride becomes Mother Hood (different from Motherhood).

A False Type Of Fatherhood

fascismbundle, faces, group  1 : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascist) that exalts nation and race above the individual and the stand for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, sever economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”[2a]

A False Type Of Motherhood

communism common  1 a : a theory advocating elimination of private property  b : a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed 2 cap  a : a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that is the official ideology of the U.S.S.R.  b : a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production with the professed aim of establishing a stateless society  c : a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably”[3a]
            Now that we understand the two sides of the same coin we can see what went wrong with the Christian Science Church.  The Board of Directors in Boston became fascists, only let us replace the word nation (found in the definition) with the word church.  The five Board members became an autocratic government in January 1911 when they threw the Church Manual down to the ground and let Pharaoh’s magician’s serpents swallow it up with human law.  It also did not help that right after December 3, 1910, they released, on December 17, 1910, the already printed up illegal 89th edition of the Manual which was unapproved by Mary Baker Eddy.  They took over Mother’s (Mary Baker Eddy’s) Church and threatened excommunication to anyone who disagreed with them or would speak up against them.
            When this happened it opened up the door to communism (the Insiders[4a]).  Communism snuck into the church via people like Frederick Dixon (editor of The Monitor from 1914 to 1922), Philip H. Kerr (Lord Lothian) having ties to The Round Table in Britain.  It was in 1914 that the United States had declined to join the United Nation’s predecessor – the League of Nations.  It was because the United States declined to join that The Round Table felt that they needed to extend their organization.  This entrusted task was given to “Lionel Curtis, who established, in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing local Round Table Group.  This front organization, called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Round Table Group.  In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table group…
            “The American Branch of this ‘English Establishment’ exerted much of its influence through five American Newspapers (The New York Times, New York Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, and the lamented Boston Evening Transcript).  In fact, the editor of The Christian Science Monitor was the chief American correspondent (anonymously) of The Round Table [periodical], and Lord Lothian, the original editor of The Round Table and later secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1925-1939)[5a] and ambassador to Washington, was a frequent writer in the Monitor.”[6a]
            “Lord Lothian had been appointed British Ambassador to the United States in 1939.  His known religious views and important diplomatic position lent great prestige to Christian Science.  He had been warned, however, by friends ‘against talking world government to the Americans.’[7a][8a]
            “An announcement in the November 1936 Journal gave hints of ominous events to come:  Christian Science literature entering Germany had been put under severe restrictions by order of the National Socialist government.  German Christian Scientists were also prohibited from paying their annual per capita tax of at least one dollar to The Mother Church [The First Church of Christ Scientist].  A fund was opened for sending free copies of the periodicals and books because it was not unlawful for payments to be made to the Publishing Society of The Mother Church.
            “The situation in Europe was absorbing the attention of Christian Scientists in England at this time.  At Cliveden, the estate of Lord and Lady Astor, regular gatherings of some of the most influential people in that country were held to discuss the world situation and ways to prevent a coming war.  Lady Astor, an American by birth, had become a Christian Scientist in 1911.  She gave a copy of Science and Health to what might be described as her soul mate, Philip Kerr, who also came into Science within a few months of reading the book.  Later given the title Marquis of Lothian, Philip Kerr was editor of The Round Table, a periodical dedicated to voicing the rationale for a world government under British stewardship.  During the 1920s two young American Christian Scientists had been chosen to be Rhodes scholars.  They were Erwin D. Canham, who would later become editor of The Christian Science Monitor, and Clayton Bion Craig, who would later be on the Board of Directors of The Mother Church [10/6/48-4/30/72].  It is known that Erwin Canham was included in some of the activities at Cliveden.  He and Clayton Bion Craig were to become lifelong friends.”[9a]
            The question can then be asked, “If the Board of Directors had not become fascists and instead been obedient to God’s Church By-Laws and estoppel clauses located within the Church Manual, would the Church have fallen into the hands of communists?”  I think not.  And the further question can then be asked, “If The First Church had followed its Revered Leader Mary Baker Eddy by obeying her Church Manual would the United States’ government been taken over by the Insiders (communists)?  Again, I think not!  Remember, world affairs reflect Church affairs!  And the Christian Science Church is God’s chosen Church for His-Her restored Israel.

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[5a] The Rhodes Trust is rooted to Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) funding Rhodes’ Scholars (like President William Clinton).

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            The fourth seal is opened.
            “And I looked, and behold a pale horse:  and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.  And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth [not the living beasts].” Revelation 6:8
            “Soon after 1914, the Spanish flu killed tens of millions.  Possibly some 500 million people were infected, about 1 out of every 3 humans then alive!
            “But the Spanish flue was just the beginning.  Experts estimate that hundreds of millions died of smallpox during the 20th century.  To this day, the lives of millions are cut short by AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, despite intensive medical research.
            “The result is the same death—whether due to war, famine, or plague.  The Grave relentlessly gathers up the victims, offering no hope.”[12]
            “War, to kill with the sword; greed which results in famine; death and lust; the beasts or bestiality of corrupt thinking continue their own self-destruction as a kindled fire continues to burn itself out after having once been started.  In the presence of the All-Activity of good [Spirit], death and everything associated with the belief in death can only destroy itself – death has no activity of its own.” (Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos, by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt; p. 159)
            Remember what the breaking of the third seal brought about – God’s Science leads to true Theology about God which results in God’s Medicine based upon divine Science.  Humans must wake up and realize that material medicine is not God’s medicine; that it is not The WAY that Christ Jesus followed!  Jesus did not use material medicine when he healed people.  Right now we seem to be having troubles with the socialist-communist program called Obama Care.  The new President, Donald J. Trump, is trying to repeal and replace it.  But he will fail, not because it is a bad bill, but because man is not to be healed by materia medica!  Man is to rely totally and completely upon God and the Christ-Mind for healing.  Jesus promised all of us that we are capable of doing the same works (casting out sin, healing the sick, cleansing the lepers [terminally ill], and raising the dead) that he did and better works than he did we shall (can) do!  So why are we clinging to the idea that it is a must to have health insurance coverage?  Do we have such little faith in God and the Christ that we are afraid of not covering our physical bodies with insurance?  Why?  Do you see, you are the horseman of death if you believe that you must have medical insurance so that if you get sick you can get medicine to help keep you from death’s door?  Are you going to wake up and eat the little book that the angel brought to us in 1875?

Window in the Original Edifice of Boston

…Are you going to wake up and realize that you must stop having children via corporeal sex (the devil’s number 666)?  If humans would stop having sex then there would be no need for abortion or argument over abortion, there would no longer be any issues over pro-life issues!  Why do humans die?  Humans die because they believe they were born into matter after a man and woman had sex with each other (two became one, but only temporarily).  Man is not a creator; God is the only creator.  It is not man’s job or responsibility to have children via sexual activity.

            What are the four seals that have been broken?

1 – The Word of God tells us that there is no lust (desire) for someone outside our own being because we are one with God.

2 – The Christ tells us that the war between Spirit and matter (the flesh) is over when we spiritually understand our own being as the Lamb of God, as the spiritual idea, as the Christ that is generic man.

3 – Christianity tells us there is no greed, no need to gain all knowledge of good and evil, for there is only one book that we must mentally digest in order to keep ourselves from being spiritually starved.  For we have the tree of life – the leaves of the tree are the pages of SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.

4 – Science tells us that death is an illusion.  The belief of death begins at a material conception leading to material birth into matter.  But if Spirit is reality, which it is, then matter must be unreal.  “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter.  All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.  Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error.  Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.  Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.  Therefore, man is not material; he is spiritual.” (S&H 468:9)

            The article continues on page 8.  I do not agree with everything, but I do know that Good is NOW, not ahead!  We cannot look to the future, we must realize Truth right here and NOW.  The article mentions the word “Armageddon.”  What does this word mean?  It “suggests ‘get to [a] place of protection,’ since whoever arrived first at the city of the pass at Megiddo, held the pass and was victorious, that is ‘in command,’ hence it is a present opportunity [not “ahead”].  The word Megiddo means a ‘fruitful place of victory.’  The word Armageddon means ‘the hill city of Megiddo.’  This city stood close to the pass and has been excavated by the University of Chicago.”[14]
            If every citizen of the world would mentally digest the little book open from Revelation 10 – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy – then the beliefs in lust, war, greed, famine, plague and death would end.  There would be perfect health (which is spiritual health not material health) and eternal life (in Spirit not in matter) for all.  God “shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:  for the former things are passed away [are dead].”—Revelation 21:4.

[1] I say that they are a combination, while others may argue that the flying eagle is just the constellation of Scorpio.  I say that they were at one time possibly united as one when another constellation, which is no longer used today in the zodiac, was part of the twelve zodiacs.  The name of this now missing zodiac is Ophiucus, the serpent bearer.

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