by MJSmith

            Alice Orgain continues on with this chapter, but basically she is finished with her main discussion of the symbols for the three tabernacle churches.

                                    IN GENERAL RESUME OF THE THREE
            “There would be no advantage in three tabernacles built to idea over the three tabernacles which Peter proposed to build to three persons—‘one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias,’ Matt. 17:4—if the three are not seen as one.  Three tabernacles dedicated to three persons, particularly on the Mount—‘Let us build here three tabernacles,’ Peter said—could never be made one; but three tabernacles built to idea, each carrying forward the specific phase of the idea presented by the former—the first wedding (or carrying forward) being the wedding of The (little) Mother Church and universal Child (Extension), and the last, the wedding of the Extension and Branches:  no two tabernacles standing as active idea at the same time, thus uniting the three in one (Trinity of Life, Truth and Love in one—Love).
            “At Jesus’ crucifixion, the then two tabernacles were made one—the veil of the temple being rent in twain from top to bottom, Matt. 27:51, the reason being seen in Heb. 9:8:  ‘The Holy Ghost [“the development of eternal Life, Truth and Love,’ S&H 588], this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing.’  In Luke 9:28-35—Luke’s account of the transfiguration on the Mount—it is said that Moses and Elias spake with Jesus ‘of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.’  It is thus plain to understand Jesus’ answer when Pilate said to him:  ‘Speaketh thou not unto me?  Knowest thou not that I have the power to crucify thee and have power to release thee?  Jesus answered, Thou couldst have no power at all against me, except it was given thee from above‘—his crucifixion was determined in the Mount when his disciples were unable to see the unity of Life (represented by Elias—Fatherhood, S&H 562:3-7; 569:1-2, Truth (represented by Moses) and Love (represented by Jesus in this mountain illumination), ‘gathering’ from above, but unable to gather from beneath.  His three disciples’ concepts, were in character the human representatives of the qualities expressed by the heavenly vision—Peter corresponding to Elias; James to Moses; and John to Jesus, in Jesus’ ‘gathering’ (Woman qualities.  John afterwards rose to his mission on the Isle of Patmos, and prophesied Jesus’ second coming in his femininity in Rev. 12 and 21, through the human channel of Woman, Rev. 12, and Bride, Rev. 21.” (p. 552-553)
            I have a problem with the way she puts this.  I think she should say:  “John afterwards rose to his mission on the Isle of Patmos, and prophesied the second coming of Christ in its femininity in Rev. 12 and 21, through the human channel of Woman, Rev. 12, and Bride, Rev. 21.”  I say this because one day Christian Science workers heard Mary Baker Eddy speaking to someone.  When they opened the door they saw nobody.  Mary asked them why they disturbed her conversation with her brother Jesus.  I know that Jesus was the masculine representative for the Christ and that Mary Baker Eddy was the feminine representative for the Christ but I do not accept that Jesus was Mary or that Mary was Jesus.  They are only one in that there is one Christ, just as we all are one as we manifest God via the Christ.  I can accept that Jesus second coming took place as Jesus in that Mary Baker Eddy’s Textbook explained Jesus to mankind.  Therefore, the second coming of Jesus came not as a physical man but as a spiritual understanding of Jesus and his God-crowned mission via the Word itself.
            “…Jesus tried even in the garden of Gethsemane to overcome the mountain verdict of his decease, but failed for the same reason that it was not accomplished in the ‘Mount,’—his disciples’ heaviness with sleep {animal magnetism} or {their} inability to awake from their personal sense, Matt. 26:40, 43.
            “Is not this the explanation of Mrs. Eddy’s position with her Three Tabernacles built to idea, two of which spoke of her decease (in Motherhood) in their mountain of revelation, unless her disciples should awake to what she had done—as Motherhood is but a ‘half a time’ idea, and Bride and Lamb were wed in heaven (symbolized by Extension—Rev. 19:7-9 and My 39:9)—the salvation of the world depending on the Branch growing out of heavenly roots, Rev. 21.  Had we risen to Mrs. Eddy as Branch—Bride, it would have spiritually fulfilled Rev. 21, and spared her—‘But how then shall the Scripture be fulfilled that thus it must be?’ Matt. 26:54.
            “Jesus’ reason for not speaking to Pilate and preventing his crucifixion, as he surely would have done had he called the more than twelve legions of angels to bear on the situation, (“thoughts passing from God to man,” S&H 581) of which he spoke in Matt. 26:53, was undoubtedly what he added in verse 54—‘How then shall the scripture be fulfilled that thus it must be?’—he having previously said, ‘The scripture cannot be broken,’ John 10:35.  Was not this Mrs. Eddy’s reason also for not calling these more than twelve legions of witnesses in these Three Tabernacles to bear upon us—(other than silently in the plan she left us of not perpetuating The Mother Church)—and thereby preventing her seeming crucifixion by lack of understanding—sleep of those around her? — for had she done so, the scripture concerning the ‘half a time,’ Rev. 12:14, of Motherhood and the persecution of the ‘remnant of her seed‘ (her children), who remain within these two tabernacles, would have been ‘broken’—an impossibility until they are fulfilled.  There is no difference in the limitation involved between personal Motherhood and a Mother Church other than that personal Motherhood can never be one with its child while a Mother Church can, in the sense of a continuously progressive idea carries with it the elements behind it.  The Concord Church shows this by putting Mother behind, and taking the idea to Fourteen, which was but prophesied in Motherhood, as before noted.

First Edition

First Edition

            “The warfare (by prophecy, Rev. 12:17) must also be fulfilled concerning her seed ‘which keep the commandments of God [“Ten Commandments”] and have the testimony of Jesus Christ [“Christ’s Sermon on the Mount,’ My 229:20-24]’—the two states of consciousness to which Mrs. Eddy indites {proclaims} The Mother Church Manual exclusively, with her plaint, lines 24-29 of this article on the Manual, from which the last reference is here given:  ‘Heaps upon heaps of praise confront me and for what?  That which I said in my heart would never be needed, —namely, laws of limitation for a Christian Scientist…Thou knowest best what we need most, hence my disappointed hope and grateful joy.’  ‘Her seed’ (those who cling to her either as Mother or The Mother Church) after her passing {why does she believe Mary Baker Eddy died?} must struggle with the dragon that stood before the Woman that brought forth the ‘man child’ until they see beyond either cross (The [little Mother Church) or crown (the Extension), neither of which goes beyond the circle (ninth) picture in Christ and Christmas—Mind, mother, man; Poem.[1]  The (little) Mother Church bears the cross—both as human personal channel, and as Church which was built as a memorial to her Motherhood—the cross being the resistance in gathering the tribes for her crown—as shown by Mrs. Eddy’s association of the sheaf of wheat with cross {two symbols of Christianity} in the Concord Branch in the Second Reader’s Room.  This resistance is clearly prophesied in Rev. 13-19 chapters, which Mrs. Eddy indicated in SCIENCE AND HEALTH 568:5-12, that we could escape; as her struggle, and that of those associated with her in Motherhood, was from the time of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation of the man child in the 16th edition in 1886 to the revelation of the city foursquare in 1891—when we were given the statement {about differing warfare four in Revelation 12 compared to Revelation 13-19}, S&H 568:5-12.  The (little) Mother Church was built by her students as a memorial to her finished Motherhood—so much so that in the June 1894 Journal, p. 94, just eighteen days before the laying of the cornerstone on May 21st—and written on May 3rd, 1894, Mrs. Eddy wrote, ‘My work for The Mother Church is done.’

            “Mrs. Eddy’s fulfillment as Mother of the ten of the twelve Tribes before The Mother Church was formed, and of two in the course of its construction—The (little) Mother Church being built as a memorial thereto—enabled her to escape through her revelation the intervening chapters between Motherhood (Revelation, 12th chapter) and the Bride (Revelation, 21st chapter).  This escape was our privilege as well had we been obedient, S&H 568:7-8.  The forestalling and escape from the prophesies of Revelation 13th to 19th chapters may be identified with the resistances which called forth such articles as ‘Ways That Are Vain,’ May 1887 Journal, and the necessity to open the department on ‘animal magnetism’ in the fifth and sixth volumes of the Journals.  The fifth was Dan, ‘animal magnetism,’ S&H 583—the sea beast, as indicated by the fifth day of consciousness, water symbols, Gen. 1:2-23; Dan was the fifth son of Jacob; and the sixth was Naphtali, which means ‘wrestling’—the struggle with animal sense in people, Gen. 1:24-25, the first step in the sixth day; Naphtali was the sixth son of Jacob.  Dan and Naphtali were Rachel’s sons by her bondmaid, under law; and so were they Mrs. Eddy’s under human law—chartered Church.  After this triumph, the Lamb stood on Mt. Sion, and with him an hundred and forty and four thousand…’These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins,’ Rev. 14, corresponding to ‘Gad’ {the} seventh son of Jacob (“Science, spiritual being understood,” S&H 586), as unfolded in the seventh volume of the Journals, and the dissolution of the former (1879) Church in 1889—the year of these Journals.  Thence, in Revelation’s 15th and 16th chapters came the messages of the six angels with their desolation of earthly concepts by their sowing and reaping.  Then came the seven last plagues through the channel of the seven angels—the seventh angel leading to the revelation of John of the Mother of Harlots (chapter 17)—the Babylonish woman, which Mrs. Eddy says in her Message to The Mother Church in June, 1899, My 125-126, —‘The doom of the Babylonish woman, referred to in Revelation, is being fulfilled. …The Babylonish woman is fallen, and who should mourn over the widowhood of lust, etc.’  This shows that Mrs. Eddy regarded the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation as having been fulfilled in 1899 (as the true sense of Motherhood must effact[2] the false sense); which brought us to the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb (symbolized by the Extension—thought preparation and plans for its building starting in Jan., 1901 (when Mrs. Eddy addressed the Twentieth Century as God-crowned—‘Thou God-crowned patient century thine hour hath come,’ Poems p. 22, which plans continued and unfolded up to 1906, when the Extension was dedicated, which stood as active idea embracing the Branches until June, 1908—nine years after Mrs. Eddy said ‘the Babylonish woman is fallen,’ as above quoted, and seven years from the time of its inception in the first stanza of the poem, ‘The Twentieth Century.’  The Church, the Extension, being based on the General Teachers’ Association, could not go beyond seven years—‘intelligence,’ the second step in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9.  The Extension is but the crown of Christianity won by those who had ‘washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb,’ who were given white robes in heaven (mind—‘intelligence’) until ‘their fellow-servants also and their brethren [on earth] that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled,’ Rev. 6:11; in other words, it was salvation by blood, sacrifice, that merited the crown.  ‘Blood was not its price,’ Poem 22, belonged to salvation in the light of the fulfilled extension the association with Benjamin—the child of regeneration, typed by the Concord Church—sharing alike the idea of the marriage in heaven, thence to descend to earth as salvation by gift, S&H 442:25-29, given us a year and a half after the Extension was dedicated.
            “While within the Extension, as before noted, is music associated with flowers, and books with fruit—Cain’s ‘fruit of the ground’ offering, Gen. 4, being redeemed through the labor that he started (God did not condemn Cain, Gen. 4:6, 9, but the limitation of his offering—at least until he slew Able), culminating in the wilderness fruit grown in idea—‘every plant of the field before it was in the earth.’  But blood was the price paid for even whiteness of the robes of the redeemed—the laboring centuries of Christianity bearing the cross of denial, accepting ‘the crown of righteousness’ as the fruits of their labor in manhood.  The whole process was written in heaven as evidenced by the uninscribed name blanks on everything, the beribboned, almost uncountable wreaths of laurel, palms and olive branches; but universal salvation could not be written only in heaven but ‘writ on earth, on leaf and flower, Love hath one race, one realm, one power,’ Mrs. Eddy’s Poems, p. 22, second stanza, suggesting a progressive unfoldment over the first stanza.  The eight shields on the outer walls—Falmouth Street—on this Church (the Extension) and on the pillars in the arches both within and without, and above the outer doors bespeak incompleteness of idea; as ‘heaven’ must defend itself from ‘earth’ until heaven and earth become one on earth—not in heaven.  As Motherhood belonged to the Nineteenth Century, S&H 559:32-560:2, the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb ushers in the Twentieth Century.  There were no roots or trunks of trees in this Extension, but all were detached individual branches, inverted with the tops of the branches at the bottom; likewise there are no stems with thorns to the roses and flowers.  Heaven’s name is written over everything in the form of blank labels as a botanist would use, and inscription blanks are under all the windows, suggesting the further progressive step in descent of Branch in Mrs. Eddy’s poem, ‘The Twentieth Century’:  ‘ ‘Tis writ on earth, of leaf and flower, love hath one race, one realm, one power,’ p. 22 of Mrs. Eddy’s Poems, —the union of earth’s fruit and leaves (the latter in wreaths everywhere, as above noted), and heaven’s flowers—‘the floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity,’ S&H 240:6, in heaven, with no earthly names; while this is heavenly essence, the Branches must redeem earth’s names and inscribe them.
            “The message of the “Twentieth Century”…is ‘Love doeth enter in, and peace is won, and lost is vice:  Right reigns, and blood was not its price,’ Poems 22.  Is not this the message of joy that is prophesied in the Extension by its music windows?  May not the music be the Son of the (Twelve) Stars?  Are not the notes caught and revealed to earth in Mrs. Eddy’s many revelations of light after the Extension was dedicated; and even after it passed into idea, when it was separated from Communion with branches, My 141:25-29?  Eleven notes of which were given us simultaneously when ‘the ideal man’ or the third tabernacle, or ‘Truth’ {TRUTH versus ERROR} was detached and revealed as outstanding for our next step, in 1907, one year after the Extension was built as previously described.  Thence came salvation a gift and not a labor, S&H 442:25-29, immediately after which, 442:30-32; then S&H 200:25-29; and S&H 103:15-16—beautiful tones from heaven.  The intervening and subsequent changes being expressed in wiping out negative tones in a partially negative way—such as ‘the truth of being is perennial and the error is unreal and obsolete,’ S&H 265, —the echo of a heavenly tone, which latter could have no negative form.  At least, aside from the numerical value of all these latter tones of thought, they were certainly the chromatic (color ladder) scale of heavenly harmony, uniting earth and heaven as Thirteen and Fourteen.  {Heaven and earth have always have been one, they do not need to become one.  It becomes so clear when you look at the earth while in orbit.  You can immediately see that earth has always been in heaven, or in the heavens of space.  The two have never been separated.  The separation is nothing but illusion.}
            “The work of the Branch is to repeat these tones and proclaim to the Cain consciousness in the world, claiming its possessions in matter, that ‘blood is not the price,’ by carrying the message of ‘No mass for me,’ Christ and Christmas, —Twentieth Century salvation as the ‘Twentieth Century’ poem above referred to declares.  This century starts God-crowned—‘Thou God-crowned, patient century, Thine hour hath come!  Eternity draws nigh’—the first stanza of the latter just above named poem seems to speak of the Extension, while the second and last stanza is couched in city foursquare lore; however, the elements of the Branch were gathered within the Extension in the Concord Branch, hence, we can find the same essence in both tabernacles, but more unbound in the descending Branch.  Even this last stanza is prophesied in the Extension.
            “One outstanding evidence of the interlocking of idea of ‘borders’ as between the Three Tabernacles was the Mosaic floor of the Mother’s Room in The (little) Mother Church in Romanesque border ‘with sprays of fig leaves bearing fruit,’ Pul 26:24, —the foundation (“creation”) Church—whereas the borders are in the windows of the Extension (“intelligence”) as intelligence looks out of everything from a medial position—the ‘look out’ of Mind is intelligence.  The floor in this Church is covered with interlocking rubber tiling.  There are no diversified borders in the Concord Branch—there being only the expansive borders of the medallions of twelve and fourteen, and the world on top of the spire has six knobs pointing to infinity—four cardinal points, and one at top and bottom pointing to heaven and earth—beyond the city foursquare in twelve to thirteen and fourteen in the 22nd chapter of Revelation—to the universe!  {Yet, she does not go on to fifteen or sixteen.}
            “After the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb in Rev. 19:1, 6-10 (which Scripture, as before noted, was read at the Annual Meeting of the dedication season), the armies parade in heaven, showing that the Bride {the Word of Mary Baker Eddy} has married universal man {biblical Christians of the Twentieth Century}—as represented by the assembly of the Saints—Tribes—‘The Word of God’ embracing them all in idea—this being typed by the two books tied together to the descending olive branch, in each of the side borders of five of the alternate windows in the {Extension’s} Auditorium, and in all of the Sunday School windows—excepting in the latter, they are combined with a harp; and one large book in the three front windows, as before described; —all in the Extension.
            “The angel in the sun[3] then calls the fowls ‘unto the supper of the great God,’ and ‘the beast was taken and the false prophet,’ Rev. 19:20, —‘These both were cast together into a lake of fire burning with brimstone’—this shows the inadequacy of water (purification) to make the demonstration over the beast and the false prophet—‘lust and hypocrisy,’ S&H 567:27-28.  Was not the dedication the supper of the great God?  Did not Mrs. Eddy handle these two beliefs to their destruction by fire in her dedicatory address, My 5:1-6?  Mother’s meals are always evening—suppers! as indicated by ‘Mother’s Evening Prayer’ Hymn 197, given us in {the} Church Hymnal in 1909.
            “After this 19th chapter, an angel comes ‘down from heaven {Rev. 20:1}, having the key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand’—‘the chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages, maintaining its obvious correspondence with the Scriptures, and uniting all periods in the design of God,’ S&H 271:2-5, is the only possible chain with which the devil could be bound, as the devil lives on the unredeemed past {the Sith}—on such statements as ‘forgetting the things that are behind’ (which was the only thing for the Christian to do before ‘Science’ unfolded, as the unredeemed things behind would be millstones to Christian advancement to the final point of seeing the underlying Principle of the past—nevertheless ‘God requireth that which is past’—Ecclesiastes 3:14—in His ‘chain of scientific being,’ S&H 271)—and one link dropped would release the devil to a claimed place in consciousness.  ‘All the good the past hath had remains to make our own time glad,’ Hymn 17, could also be paraphrased to read, ‘All the evil the past hath had remains to make our own time sad,’ until it is scientifically effaced with the underlying reality it counterfeited.
            “This chain is sufficient for ‘a thousand years’ only (as defense must give place to redemption, Isaiah 60:18)—‘one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,’ II Peter 3:8, S&H 598.  As John declared through the angel {Mary Baker Eddy} that brought the Little Book in Revelation 10, ‘that there should be time no longer,’ sixth verse, this could not possibly mean time, {I completely disagree with her on this.  Time is an illusion of matter, so time can come to an end.  This is exactly what the term “endtime” means!  The end of time is when man completely lives in the NOW!  When there is no past or future, just the NOW.  But to continue with her point, I repeat,…} this could not possibly mean time, but the one more step that tended to the destruction of the devil—this could be likened to the final unfoldment of ‘the ideal man’ and ‘the ideal woman’ (in 1907, a year after {the} Extension was dedicated—S&H 517:8-10), detaching Truth from human ‘intelligence’ to which it was still wed in 1906 at the dedication of the Extension, and thus releasing man to the last of the three tabernacles—‘Truth’ coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband, Rev. 21:2, —also detaching ‘Life and Love’ in Woman to allow one, ‘Love,’ to embrace the other, ‘Life,’ as well as to embrace Truth.  The eleven other simultaneous changes have often been quoted.
            “Note that when the devil was ‘loosed out of his prison,’ Rev. 20:7-9, and encompassed the beloved city, ‘fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them’ (the devil and his armies)—no more ‘water’ or motherhood methods, Rev. 12:15-16.  (p. 553-563)
            On January 21, 2017, many women marched in order to protest many things, especially the new President – Donald J. Trump.  These women marched in protest out of fear only, and the fact that they have accepted lies about the new President (mortal mind’s propaganda).  Yes, he has said some things that are not great, and perhaps he has acted out on these terrible deeds, but so have other Presidents like J. F. Kennedy and W. J. Clinton.  It does not make it right by any means, but if these women can accept these two democrats then why cannot they accept President Trump?
            My main reason for writing these words is do to the fact that a lot of these women are AFRAID of loosing their rights as women.  Yet, they have no need for the right to have abortions, or to have sexual medical needs if they would simply give up sex!  That is all it takes – giving up sex.  Sex is not a spiritual thing, nor is it how God expected Life to come into existence – man is not the creator of man!  We, as a society, must give up sex, it is that simple; and once sex is given up then the methods of material motherhood come to an end, or if you will, it comes to an endtime!  Who is it that has deceived these women?
            “…‘And the devil that deceived them was cast into a lake of brimstone, where the beast and the false prophets are, etc.,’ Rev. 20:10, —fire {Fire is the element symbol for the Word of God.} always comes from ‘heaven.’  No one can look up without seeing fire in symbol (heaven), nor down without seeing water (humanity) {Water is the element symbol for Science.  Pure water is Science itself, while (Adam) muddied or impure water is material science (drag-on science).}.  ‘The chain of scientific being, etc.,’ mentally or theoretically seen, binds (to sense) the devil, but Love alone effaces.  Then the pure white throne appears in heaven (it having been in many colors when heaven first opened to John in Rev. 4:2-3)—a divided (prismatic) sense of white as man, united white as Woman; both earth and heaven flee from white, as it symbolizes generic man, as unfolded in Christ and Christmas in the verse describing the closing of the BIBLE, with its ‘olden faith’ hues of seven.  {The poem says:  “Thus olden faith’s pale star now blends
            “In seven-hued white!”  To me this means what was separated by Christianity’s scholastic theological beliefs is now blended together harmoniously as Principled Science.}  Does not this white throne correspond to the revelation of the truths given us after the separation of branches in 1908 from further communion with ‘The Mother Church,’ as previously described (the white throne {a throne of Principle} having appeared just previously in S&H 442:25-29—Salvation {SCIENCE AND HEALTH} as gift and not a labor); and simultaneously, ‘love one another,’ ‘strive,’ and ‘meekness’ being stricken from the sixth tenet, and the Golden Rule taking the place of ‘love one another,’ and S&H 442:30-32 being given us, also S&H 200:25-29.  Thereafter the ‘dead’—the past—were judged both in the sea and hell.  When no place was found for ‘mortal mind’ and its punishments, in the salvation from above, we were given, ‘The maximum of good is the infinite God and His idea, the All-in-all.  Evil is a suppositional lie.’ S&H 103:15-17, to take the place of ‘The maximum of good, however, is met by the maximum of suppositional evil, hence, the fight to crush Science’; and, ‘The truth of being is perennial, and the error is unreal and OBSOLETE,’ S&H 265:20-22, to take the place of, ‘The truth of being is perennial, and the error is seen only when we look from wrong points of observation’—when the fight to crush Science is removed and the ‘observatory’ for error taken down, is not this the casting of death and hell into the lake of fire, as in Rev. 20:14?  Of course, these statements did not alone do it, but the evolutionary circumstances of which these statements were the outcome.  We were ready for these positions and we got them! — the churches having been entirely separated to no earthly contact with each other as before described; and immediately thereafter to no earthly communion with The Mother Church.  SCIENCE AND HEALTH 99:13-17 was given us at the same time—all three of these last statements in 1909 followed by Miscellany 241 and 242 in 1910.
            “Mrs. Eddy withdrew from us then, in order that the Bride, the Branch, might unfold its destiny as Benjamin, the child of regeneration whose ‘Mother,’ passes at its birth.” (p. 563-565)
            I completely disagree with her on this point.  If what she says is true Mary Baker Eddy’s mission would have ended in 1906, and she would have left then instead of four years later.  She died, to the materialist’s viewpoint, because her students were disobedient to her, because of animal magnetism.  Her leaving, via the lie of death, had nothing to do with Benjamin but with Benoni, the son of her sorrows.  Benoni is a name that points to someone who is disobedient and causes sorrow while Benjamin means “son of my right hand” points to the obedient consciousness who obeys the right hand (autograph) of the Church Manual estoppel clauses and disbands Church as material organization!

            Orgain continues with the same paragraph, “The Branch, the pattern for which was given us in the Concord Branch, the gift of Mrs. Eddy; at the laying of the cornerstone of which on Mrs. Eddy’s birthday, with her approval, she says, ‘it points to the new birth, heaven here, the struggle over,’ My 158.  Thus the third tabernacle, ‘Truth’ coming down from God out of heaven, was placed with the other eleven tribes in character to leaven the whole lump in the Extension; and each branch emerged from the union of the twelve as Benjamin, — the redeemed by idea and not labor, Benjamin typing salvation by gift, S&H 442:25-29—and, as such, was the gift of Mrs. Eddy, ‘blood [labor] was not its price,’ Poems p. 22.  The twelfth comes directly down from God out of heaven where the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb had taken place in the Extension, bringing with it the true idea for every earthly condition.  Is not the shield with the design of the sprouting wheat, on one side of the first door in the first Falmouth St. arch (starting from St. Paul Street) a type of Benjamin—the twelfth son of Jacob and the only child of regeneration? — which Mrs. Eddy certainly types, as Bride and not Mother, and Mother Church could not remain to impede the unfoldment of the next step—the city foursquare coming directly down from God out of heaven, ‘prepared as a Bride‘—not ‘Mother.’  {I have one problem with her explanation, and that is the order of things.  If all she says is true then why was the Branch Church built before the Extension?}
            “Because we have not been obedient to Mrs. Eddy’s founding, we are trailing through her labored footsteps, and have not yet reached (in Church) the understanding of the Extension or the nineteenth chapter of Revelation.
            “The ‘Three Tabernacles’ Mrs. Eddy has revealed to us in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9, are the human demonstration of the ‘Trinity,’ which not only embrace the evolution of her entire works, but the entire evolution of the BIBLE as symbolized by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Elias, Moses, and Jesus (as illustrated on the Mount of Transfiguration); Peter, James, and John; ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’; ‘Father, Word, and Holy Ghost,’ I John 5:7; ‘The Spirit, and the water, and the blood,’ I John 5:8.  This trinity threads through Mrs. Eddy’s entire works in such articles as Pond and Purpose, Mis 203, where we are given the three baptisms as—Repentance; Holy Ghost (this is of course the developing sense of the Holy Ghost—S&H 588:7-8:  “The development of eternal Life, Truth, and Love”); and Spirit: in The Way, Mis 355:  Self-knowledge; Humility and Love.  THE WAY is the name of the picture in Christ and Christmas in the eleventh illustration embracing three elements above earth—the {garlanded} cross; the crown; and the Light ‘coming down from God out of heaven’—prepared as a ‘Bride adorned for her husband,’ Rev. 21:2—the Light embracing the seven colors of manhood as her adornment.  Mrs. Eddy’s ‘three tabernacles,’—the last as city foursquare ‘descending below the other two and embracing the first dark cross (the world or material concept); the beflowered cross (typing [little] Mother Church, built as a memorial to Motherhood—beflowered with the love and understanding of the builders); and the crown (the Extension) both having turned their backs on the dark cross in their ascending course, as presented in such statements as ‘Hold thy gaze to the light, etc.,’ Mis 355, —written in 1889 at the dissolution of the first Church formation, and before the second formation in 1892; therefore before the first tabernacle—The (little) Mother Church—was built; in fact, five years before.

The Way

The Way

            “All of Mrs. Eddy’s respective statements were written with reference to her respective position at the time of revealing or founding one of these ‘Three Tabernacles,’ and when their distinguishing characteristics are understood, each and all of her statements can be classified with accuracy, and we will find where we are working by what appeals to us in Mrs. Eddy’s writings.  If below our present privilege, then it is the equivalent of studying her older revisions which do not contain her higher revelations.  If we are working in cross, we cannot expect the crown; if in crown, we cannot expect the larger blessing of universal Love.  Christianity gives us cross on earth and crown in heaven; while ‘Science’ gives us heaven on earth as a result of cross and crown having been understood in idea and having entered the collective human consciousness in Church.  These two Churches, The (little) Mother Church and the Extension could not have been built without general understanding; but the third, the Branch, must be a gift, as no one understood it but Mrs. Eddy, nor could they until they saw Mrs. Eddy’s revelation of the Bride, the city foursquare, and Mrs. Eddy’s revelation (where we must look for her, My 120) presents her as the human symbol of Bride not Mother, as she has certainly revealed Bride.
            “Every outer door of the Extension is carved with shields, excepting that the double door on St. Paul Street, with a music window on each side—the only one thus surrounded—has split shields (the meaning is obvious, suggesting II Chronicles 20:21-23.  Even the entrances from The (little) Mother Church into the Extension and the outgoing doors into the vestibule have shields, but there are no shields in the Concord Branch, because the sea is put behind in its message of ‘Truth,’ the step beyond ‘intelligence,’ S&H 517:8-9.  The only door entirely without shields is the door where West {Christian Science} meets North {the Word}—on St. Paul Street, S&H 575:26-576:2 {This section of Text describes the city of our God with Christian Science instead of the city foursquare.  There is a difference!}.  This door has a large inscription blank above it, showing this junction is prophecy only in Mother Church.  The claim of ‘creation’ or even ‘intelligence’ associated or wedded to Truth, as it was in the Extension, is subject to reversal on earth—Truth descends directly down from God out of heaven to earth, as illustrated in the tenth picture in Christ and Christmas, with the Woman knocking at the detached Branch.” (p. 565-568)

Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error

            Now, I do not disagree with her about the 10th Illustration, however, she hardly even brings up the topic of the first rendition of TRUTH versus ERROR (directly below).  I have to ask why?

C&C-C.S. TvE (A)

                        “‘BETTER THAN OF SONS AND OF DAUGHTERS,’
                                                            “Isaiah 56:5.
            “‘Even unto them will I give in mine house and within My walls (city foursquare) a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters:  I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off,’ Isaiah 56:5.  ‘Thou shalt call me Ishi [my husband]; and shalt call me no more Baali [God]….I will betroth thee unto me forever; yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in loving-kindness, and in mercies.  I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness,’ Hosea 2:16, 19 & 20.
            “Mrs. Eddy says, p. 96 Mis:  ‘I know not what the person of omnipotence and omnipresence is, or what the infinite includes; therefore, I worship that of which I can conceive, first, as a loving Father and Mother; then, as thought ascends the scale of being to DIVINER consciousness, God becomes to me, as to the apostle who declared it, ‘God is Love’—divine Principle.’
            “‘Mother’ Church not only made ample provision for us Branches, her spiritual children in Art. XXIII, Sections. 1, 6, particularly the latter of Section 6, lines 19-24, but Mrs. Eddy illustrated it to us in Christ and Christmas in the Woman knocking in the tenth picture at the detached branch with nothing but God’s spiritual light behind her—no symbol of Mother—and one more step to take after leaving Mother in {the} ninth picture {CHRISTIAN UNITY}.  ‘No mass for me,’ {C&C} Poem—means ‘mass’ thinking as well as ceremony.  Certainly, we could never go back to individual activity as persons, but collective individuality as the branch—‘city’ foursquare activity; yet we can never do universal work until we take the step beyond Motherhood, into collective individual, intelligent activity.  We must learn the spiritual import of the Mother’s teachings through intelligently using them and not always being ‘governed.’  ‘In consonance with’ the Mother Church Manual, Man 72:19-24, is our privilege!” (p. 568-569)
            This ends Alice Orgain’s chapter THE THREE TABERNACLES.  Although I do not agree fully with her interpretations, I do find it interesting to read and contemplate.  Hopefully you will too.  I also find it interesting that she always calls the First Tabernacle “The Mother Church” and the Church Manual as the Mother Church Manual.
            The Church is officially titled:  The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.  Would this not be the title to be used when referring to the Bride?

[1] Again, I am not sure I agree with her on this point.  To me the “remnant seed” (which Revelation really speaks about, it does not just say “seed”) are Christian Scientists who comprehend, understand, and accept that fact that Mary Baker Eddy is the second coming of Christ, the woman God-crowned.  For it is the red dragon that is out to kill (drown) her with false teachings (waters) about her place in Bible prophecy.  But those who accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy keep the woman from drowning in the red dragon’s lies and false propaganda that it spews forth about her.

[2] I am not sure what she means by this?  I could not find the word “effact” in my dictionary.

[3] Is not this angel (divine messenger) in the sun not the same idea presented as the woman God-crowned?