by MJSmith

                        “THE CONCORD BRANCH CHURCH
                        “The Third Tabernacle—“Truth,” (S&H 517:9)

            “The Concord Branch Church, as a gift from Mrs. Eddy, illustrates every demand made on Branch Churches as detached from the Mother Vine.  In the front of this Church {on the East Side} is a large round window (similar in shape to the rose windows in The [little] Mother Church) with twelve white pillar divisions encompassing or surrounding a cross and crown as a center.” (p. 526)

            Actually, the window is a Rose Window, and there is also a Rose Window found on the Extension’s South Side (and I am guessing there is one on its North Side).  This means that all three “tabernacles” actually have the Unity Matrix found within them.

concord-rose-winConcord front door

I did not  make myself very clear as to why I think that the divine infinite calculus is symbolized.  It is because of the four patterns of iron found on the door.  “Underneath this {Rose Window} is the center door, over which is the statement that the Church is the gift of Mrs. Eddy to the Concord Scientists.  {Which is on the outside of the Church.  It is an interesting fact that Concord grapes is one of three types of fruit that are native to America.}  Thus the Church starts with the cross and crown of Motherhood {the Cross and Crown Seal is also found in Mother’s Room of the original Edifice}, surrounded by an eight-petaled medallion within a twelve-petaled medallion, supported by its twelve surrounding pillars, typing the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  {It is interesting that WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK has the Jerusalem artichoke sunflower in the center having twenty-four petals, while the center of Concord’s Rose Window has eight petals.  Three times eight equals twenty-four.}  This Church is in the form of a square—the square of the circle of Motherhood—there being twelve windows in groups of three (two groups on each side {the South (Christianity) and North (Word) sides}) in the auditorium on the lower level.  The ceiling is in squares wherever a square can be placed, and even the seats are arranged in line with the square of the Church—unlike the circular arrangement of The (little) Mother Church, Extension and most ‘Science’ Churches.[1]

            “On the spire of this edifice is a peculiarly constructed symbol—hoops crossing each other at opposite points of contact, producing the effect of an open outline of the World (suggesting the idea of the world, but without “boundary or limit,” S&H 577, beyond the necessity to convey the idea) with six balls—one at each of the four outward directions and one each at the top and bottom points of contact.  {To me this would look somewhat like a toy jack.  Also, from far off it resembles the Star of David (the masculine blade and feminine cup joined as one).  But I think what it really represents is the Holy City where the city foursquare of divine Science and the city of our God of Christian Science are one city – the Holy City and one Science – Science itself.}  To ‘the four cardinal points,’ S&H 577, of the city foursquare {actually, she is wrong, it is to ‘the four cardinal points’ of the city of our God} was added two (heaven and earth)—its measurement being cubic {six sides} and not square {four sides}, as in Revelation 22.  In view of the mission of ‘Branch,’ this assumption is natural; especially the ensample of this Branch, the direct gift of Mrs. Eddy.  The Woman knocking at the door of the detached Branch in the tenth picture {the second Illustration for TRUTH versus ERROR} of Christ and Christmas stands on an individual square mat {or rug[2]} over many squares—the square being the human fulfillment in the founding of the last (tenth) commandment, which bows the knee of the human consciousness before the Christly idea coming from above (the spirit and letter of all of our last revelations given by Mrs. Eddy)—May not this individual mat represent an ensampling Branch (Church)—and would not that Branch of necessity be Mrs. Eddy’s Church, My 162:16-21?


            “There are two beautiful pictorial transept windows—one on each side of the Church, in the platform, or Reader’s desks {West Side}, section of the edifice.  In the one on the left, when facing the reader’s desk (South transept), there are four subjects illustrative of the commands of Jesus—‘Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils.’  {This is the command that Mary Baker Eddy placed upon our Christian Science Seal.  The quote on the wall below the transept window is from SCIENCE AND HEALTH:  “The spiritual sense of Truth must be gained before Truth is understood.  This sense is assimilated only as we are honest, unselfish, loving, and meek.”}  On the right, when facing the Readers’ desks, are four corresponding-in-size windows in one (North transept) two of which presenting Jesus’ reappearance to his disciples on the shore of the Galilean Sea (of sea of Tiberias, which was the same), John 21; and the other two, Peter and John healing the man at the gate of the Temple called Beautiful, Acts 3:1-8.  These last two subjects being associated, show that our healing must be done in the name of the resurrected and ascended Jesus—not Jesus before his crucifixion, S&H 35:10-18; 200:25-29.  {The quote on this wall is from Psalms:  “O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard.”}  It is most interesting to note in each and all of these windows Jesus is presented in a rich red robe, with a pink over-scarf or drapery—even on the shore of the Galilean Sea, after his resurrection, Jesus’ robe is scarlet.  Thus we leave heaven in white in the Extension and redeem earth’s color to idea in the city foursquare bringing its redemption of all color, character, Rev. 21:19-20.  Mrs. Eddy gave us ‘God is natural good,’ S&H 119, in the 50th edition, p. 13, when she gave us the city foursquare in 1891, and thus the ‘Bride’ {the Word} in the city foursquare brings redemption for the scarlet woman’s insignia from heaven in the redeeming idea that heals the multitudes in twelve.  Also Peter is dressed in bright red when he heals the man at the gate of the Temple called Beautiful.  The Branches receive the message of the redeemed senses, with no taint of earthly concept.  {Could not this red color represent the Word of God, the Bride?}  The sea {water being the element (symbol) for Science} is pictured in the background of these healings, with the multitudes in front—the belief in a mind apart from God recedes with the message of the ‘Bride’—‘conceiving man [everything] in the idea of God,’ S&H 582.
            {There is continuity in the subjects of these windows.  The first illustrates Jesus’ work before the resurrection; the second, after the resurrection; and the third, the disciple’s work.  A member of Concord Branch, that I contacted, wrote to me that she was told these windows were made over seas and they fit perfectly when they arrived.  She said it was, “An example of Love’s work fitting perfectly.”}
            “The mistake of assuming that the Old Testament with its marvelous symbols is ‘old theology’ is a great barrier to our realization of complete structure.  Moses gave us the exact pattern of things shown him in the Mount {the Paramount or Pyramid Matrix}, and while ‘the inspired Word’ (S&H 497—of “Spiritual interpretation”, the marginal topic of the only other place in our text-book where “the inspired Word”, is mentioned, S&H 46:5-12, —as previously noted, the only other reference in all of Mrs. Eddy’s other writings being My 238:18) must interpret it to us and draw it into the white light of idea as illustrated by the old gentleman with glasses (symbolic BIBLE consciousness without the quickening of idea—Paul said he saw through a glass darkly) in {“SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”}, where the BIBLE—as a whole—is closed by the process of drawing its seven colorful rays into the white light of idea, and it can be scientifically closed in no other way.” (p. 526-529)
            While she sees it this way, I am not really sure she is right, because of the wispy serpents seen above the BIBLE in the original editions of Christ and Christmas.  These almost invisible serpents represent the seven seals placed upon the Holy Word of God in Revelation 5, which the Grandfather clock’s time points us to, as the face reads 5:05 – to me this means that it points to verses 1-5 of Revelation 5.

First Edition

First Edition

            “…The first ray of saving light manifested itself in a rainbow to Noah {Actually, the words read:  “I do set my bow in the cloud” (Gen. 9:13), “…I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud” (Gen. 9:14), “And the bow shall be in the cloud: and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting [Arch] covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.” (Gen. 9:16).  In all three instances the word rainbow is never used.  I have actually seen clouds of colors, as seen in a rainbow.  What is the cloud a reference to?  It is the going and coming of spiritual messengers.  And St. John used this idea when he presented the angel of Revelation 10, and described this angel with having a “rainbow…upon his [her] head.”  Yet, John’s use of the word “rainbow” is, more than likely, a reference to the goddess Iris.  Thus, the second coming of Christ (God’s divine messenger “clothed with a cloud”) is the feminine representative of Christ, and she descends from heaven with the little book open.

Angel Rev. 10 Win

Take a look, below, at the Rider Deck Tarot Cards for TEMPERANCE and THE STAR.


Second Edition

Second Edition

C&C-The Way (C)

She continues:  “…Noah—white light divided its rays to the human consciousness into the seven prismatic colors, which Moses afterwards interpreted to the human consciousness as seven days of consciousness, or divided hues of light.  {These seven hues for the Word order of the seven days are:  red for Mind, orange for Spirit, yellow for Soul, green for Principle, light blue for Life, indigo for Truth, and violet for Love.}  The first seven rungs of Jacob’s ladder in ascent that reached from heaven to earth might thus be characterized; in fact, in the June Journal of 1886, p. 61, under the title of ‘Jacob’s Ladder,’ it was said that it was the equivalent of the seven rainbow hues; the seven ascending angels, are the seven ‘hues of Deity,’ Ret 35:14 (in fact, the study of ‘color’ in Mrs. Eddy’s writings is most illuminating under the words color, hues, tints, prism, rainbow, black, etc.).  Jacob prepared a coat of many colors for Joseph {Womanhood}, doubtless trying to express humanly what Noah saw as a heavenly manifestation, as it was Jacob’s responsibility as the revelation of Science, S&H p. 589:5, to unite heaven and earth, inasmuch as he had seen the ladder {ramp or pyramid} that was set up on the earth and which reached to heaven; the seven descending angels being light that embraced specifically each divided color which originated in it—Light.  Man might be termed color, or the seven divided (prismatic) colors in light, and Woman the light embracing these seven colors.  {The following is the Note-taker’s opinion.}  Mrs. Eddy suggests this in the black cross, flowered or colored {with the flowers} cross {of course, the Illustrations are in black and white and there is no color in any of the books}, and light in the last picture {THE WAY} in Christ and Christmas.  The first edition of Christ and Christmas presents but one cross and that covered, as the second cross that we now have, with what seemed to be in shape morning-glories, which we know are all hues.  Only by turning our back to the light can we see black, and this is the only cross the garlanded-headed serpent sees.  Mrs. Eddy has translated ‘color’ into character in Christ and Christmas, of which she says, Mis 374:  ‘Christian Science and its art will rise triumphant…Angels (Jacob’s angels), with overtures, hold charge over both.’
            “The priests in the time of Moses wore a four squared breastplate with a precious stone therein for each of the Twelve Tribes; these stones were of the seven full colors of the light and some crystal and agate stones to make the full twelve—the five agate and crystals typing the seven descending colors combined, Exodus 28.  {I have put them in the order of the rainbow}  Sardius and carbuncle, both red {Mind and the Word}; liguire (jacinth), pure orange {Spirit}; topaz, yellow {Soul}; emerald, green {Principle}; agate, variegated chalcedony, which is pale blue {Life}; sapphire, indigo {Truth}; amethyst, purple or violet {Love}; diamond, transparent white {Science}; jasper, different shades, bright-colored variety {also, green chalcedony or blackish green, so I will apply this stone to divine Science}; onyx, variegated layers {different colors, I will apply this stone to absolute Christian Science}; beryl, transparent white {actually, Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary says that beryl can be “green, bluish green, yellow, pink, or white hexagonal prisms,” so I will apply this stone to Christian Science.}; thus we have the seven distinct colors of the rainbow, {one red for the Word tone,} and four white and variegated stones—they could not go beyond eleven in earthly prophecy, as the twelfth was Benjamin, the child of regeneration.  {I guess she does not mean this symbolically since there were twelve stones.}  The foundation of the wall of the city foursquare (which the priest typed by his foursquare breastplate upon which these stones rested) were garnished with these same twelve stones, Rev. 21:19-20:  jasper; sapphire; chalcedony; emerald; sardonyx (onyx); sardius; chrysolyte, olive green; beryl; topaz; chrysoprasus, yellow (jacinth); amethyst.  Jesus drew them all into white on the Mount of Transfiguration when ‘his raiment was white as the light,’ Matt. 17.  When heaven opened to John, Rev. 4:2-3, a throne of gorgeous rainbow appearance presented itself before the rainbow descended to earth on the brow of the man-Angel in Rev. 10; whereas, when heaven opens again in Rev. 20:11, after the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb in Rev. 19:7-9 (just before the Bride descends in Rev. 21), the throne from which earth and heaven fled (old earth and old heaven) was pure white.  Thus man in seven is typed by diversity of color, the rich hues of character, and woman is the white light of Love, which embraces the seven inherent colors; thus in her descending church, she embraces ‘all the churches [colors of specific tone or character] one by one,’ My 342.  As white initially has each and all in its embrace.
            “There are three mottoes from SCIENCE AND HEALTH, and four from the BIBLE in this Concord Church.  From left to right, the first motto from SCIENCE AND HEALTH (directly under the window of Jesus’ four healings) is S&H 272:3-5 {quoted above}; the second from SCIENCE AND HEALTH 275:17-19 {“No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine; no good is, but the good God bestows.”}; and the third from SCIENCE AND HEALTH 368:20-22 {“That Life is not contingent on bodily conditions is proved, when we learn that life and man survive this body.”}.  Inasmuch as Mrs. Eddy gave us three mottoes for the Branch Churches in 1899, My 213:27-214:14; also Sentinel Oct. 26, 1899, and as this Concord Branch was built in 1904—five years thereafter—the choosing of these three different mottoes by Mrs. Eddy makes this Branch unique, both in point of having other mottoes than she outlined for all other Branches, and having three, when Mrs. Eddy forbade a Branch having more than one…These references were written by her especially for this Church, as the previous Christian Science Hall (established two years before the mottoes were given the Branch Churches) had but one motto from SCIENCE AND HEALTH—‘Man can conquer sickness as well as sin’—which does not appear in our present SCIENCE AND HEALTH and did not when this Church was dedicated in 1904, the only motto in the second Church which was in the original being from the BIBLE, Matt. 6:6.[3]
            “It is most interesting that the SCIENCE AND HEALTH placed in the Concord Branch cornerstone July 16, 1903, contained for the first time the ‘intelligence’ in ‘the ideal man,’ on p. 517:8-9, dropped to a small ‘i’ and all the words ‘intelligence’ substance and wisdom[4] for the first time treated in like manner—thus giving man as idea intelligence, wisdom and substance. [5]  Also SCIENCE AND HEALTH 67:27-68:30 was added for the first time.  This is all in line with this Branch’s typing Benjamin, as previously noted, or the Church of regeneration.  Just as Mrs. Eddy had two sons {the second one being adopted}—…whom she called Benjamin—she gave two Churches on the same foundation.
            “Mrs. Eddy’s teaching was closed in this Branch Church, or rather the Hall, which she remodeled from a frame dwelling into an ‘upper chamber’ for a Church auditorium above (in which her last class was taught in two lessons—the first lasting two hours and the last four hours, Dec. Journal, 1898, pp. 588-589.  Thus Mother’s personal teaching and personal Motherhood, as well as impersonal Motherhood in her writings in the Reading Room as separated from the level of Branch activity, disappeared in the second Church edifice, where personal Motherhood was put behind, and Reading Room, Church and Mother’s Room were all on the same level.  Mother, translated into Bride wedded to Lamb, universal Child, in the Extension, Rev. 19:1, 6-10 and My 39:6-10, and expressed in Branch in the city foursquare descending from God out of heaven (‘spiritual roots,’ Isaiah 11:1), typing ‘Love wedded to its own spiritual idea,’ S&H 575—the Bride.” (p. 529-533)
            It was about five months after getting married (my husband’s name literally means Crowned Extension Branch) that I had a dream about my own spiritual idea, and I named it Robert Jedi, Robert meaning star or brilliant, while Jedi, to me, was short for Jediael, meaning knowledge of God (Science), understanding of God (Science).  The gestation period was forty weeks.


            “The most interesting feature of this Concord Branch is the position of Mother’s Room {on right above} as compared with that of Mother’s Room in The (little) Mother Church.  In the latter, it is in the {East (for the Christ), the} very front of the building {as the capstone head of the pyramid or triangle}, and five steps above the auditorium; whereas, in the Concord Branch, it is in the {West (for Science), the} very rear, with no approach thereto except through a rear entrance, else through the Reading Room, and the hall that leads therefrom past the Second and First Reader’s Rooms into a door at the end of this hall.  Another interesting feature is that the double doors which would establish an entrance directly from Mother’s Room into the Church auditorium (the Reading Room, Mother’s Room and the Auditorium all being on the same level) have never been cut open, and seem to be but imitation doors for architectural balance to the double doors going from the Auditorium directly into the Reading Room; but we know that Mrs. Eddy could have never planned a deception, and they must stand for a permanently closed door between Motherhood and Branch.  {The Mother Church, or The First Church of Christ Scientist, has no government control over Branch – Like the United States of America, (The Mother Church) the Federal government and (Branch) State are independently run with their own type of governmental laws.}  The only way that Mrs. Eddy could reach the Auditorium of the Church from the Mother’s Room was through the Reading Room, showing that her personality must yield to her writings, as she suggested in Miscellany 120:2-4.  In this connection, another unique feature appears—the name of ‘Mary Baker Eddy’ is not mentioned in the mottoes of the Church (which, the Note-taker was told by a then and now member of the Church, were written by Mrs. Eddy and sent to the Church), but simply ‘SCIENCE AND HEALTH.’  Also, the arrangement of the Reading Room, and the Church auditorium opening directly thereinto suggests that the Reading Room is the only remaining feature that has any connection with Branch.
            “The First Reader at the time of the dedication of this Branch spoke of the exterior of the Church, as well as the interior as showing its oneness with Christianity, Sentinel, July 23, 1904.  This Branch is the true offspring of The (little) Mother Church type, in this sense—both have towers, and are of Romanesque {design}, in contrast with the intellectual (Italian Renaissance) pagan, type, as portrayed in the Extension and the usual Branch Church design.  {I guess she did not take into account Augusta Stetson’s branch – the First Church of New York City (seen below).}  In fact, this Branch seems to be a union of two styles—the square Moorish tower of The (little) Mother Church on one side (South Side, Christianity—S&H 575:29-32) and a different style on the other side, presenting the appearance of the conjunction of two churches—Mother and child as Bride and Lamb in the city foursquare, or ‘Love wedded to its own spiritual idea,’ S&H 575.

            “A most interesting feature of this {Concord} Branch Church is the distinction made by Mrs. Eddy between the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH in the pictorial windows of the First and Second Readers’ Rooms.  In the Second Reader’s[6] Room (the first from the Reading Room) are two windows made of small diamond-shaped panes, the four central diamonds forming an elongated square {a rectangle}.  In each of these four central diamonds is a design arranged so as to correspond in a cross-wise fashion—the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH being in opposite horizontal planes, and a sheaf (bundle) of wheat and a cross being in perpendicular correspondence.  The sheaf of wheat being at the lower point and the cross above—the harvesting of Motherhood is always the occasion for the cross of labor and struggle.  The illustrations are yellow inlays in rough frosted panes.  The other window in the Second reader’s Room contained the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH in the same corresponding positions, and a beehive and a crown in the same perpendicular correspondence—the beehive being the lower point and the crown the upper.  It is interesting to remember just here that the ‘Busy Bees,’ typed by the Beehive, built the Mother’s Room in The (little) Mother Church, and that perhaps these same ‘Busy Bees,’ as grown men and women, twelve years thereafter built the Extension as the crown of Motherhood—the Children’s Service at this latter’s dedication being at half-past twelve o’clock, the time set apart by Mrs. Eddy for their Sunday School with reason, My 78.  Mrs. Eddy called The (little) Mother Church the cross, and the Extension the crown at the dedication of the Extension in 1906, My 6:17-19.  At any rate, these windows in the Second Reader’s Room (room for the BIBLE) prove that both The (little) Mother Church and the Extension (cross and crown) were in ‘Christianity’ or the BIBLE consciousness—the cross from beneath, and the crown from above, and that Motherhood does not go beyond this point, each and both presenting a sense of ‘Manual’ or labor, whereas ‘Science’ is Immanuel.  We all probably know the nature of the work done in the beehive—that it is ruled by one queen bee, which the entire hive serves.  This is the Crown, or half a time of Motherhood, Rev. 12:14.
            “Mrs. Eddy gathered her sheaves as Mother during the twelve years of unfoldment of the Journals, and bore her cross while gathering them; and The (little) Mother Church was built as a memorial to her motherhood by her students, March Journal, 1895, p. 495, and May Journal, 1895, p. 45, hence she had no participation in its building, according to her statement in the June Journal, 1894, p. 94.  The ‘Busy Bees’ thus built and furnished Mrs. Eddy’s room in The (little) Mother Church, and a beehive containing their names rested on her table therein.  Twelve years thereafter, Mother’s Crown was dedicated—this Concord Branch being dedicated two years before the dedication of the Extension—her crown—thus becoming one of the twelve factors in her crown.” (p. 533-536)


            “There were, likewise, two windows in the First Reader’s Room (room for SCIENCE AND HEALTH {because the First Reader always read from SCIENCE AND HEALTH during Sunday services; however, the First Reader compiles their own readings from both books to read during the Wednesday night testimonial service} in the Concord Branch, presenting the same arrangement in windows with diamond-panes—the first, the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH in horizontal correspondence, with a seven-pointed star and an anchor in perpendicular correspondence—the star being the lower point {Christianity} and the anchor the upper {the Word}; which would make the star the foundation and ‘the anchor of hope cast beyond the veil of matter [even beyond the seven-pointed star, or the Star of Bethlehem in Christ and Christmas] into the Shekinah into which Jesus has passed before us, etc.,’ S&H 40:32-41:2.  Beyond the stars—yes, the twelve stars, or Woman’s crown, with which the Second Reader’s Room (BIBLE) ended and the First Reader’s Room began.  The second window in the First Reader’s Room had the same arrangement of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH in horizontal correspondence, and a Grecian burning lamp and a bunch of grapes in perpendicular correspondence[7]—the lamp typing human intelligence {in Christianity}, and the grapes the wine of Love {as the Word}, S&H 35 and 598:17-18, or ‘fruits of the Spirit.’  It would be the surface decision that the first of the two windows—the star and anchor—was higher in concept than the second—the lamp and the grapes—if we did not realize that the latter is the demonstration of the former in human consciousness, the real purpose of the Branch—FRUITAGE {!} through the channel of intelligent (Grecian lamp) human apprehension or wedding.  The BIBLE, presents Father-Mother God and its offspring—Child, image; SCIENCE AND HEALTH, ‘Principle and its idea is one,’ S&H 465, thereby fulfilling Isaiah 54:5 and 56:5.” (p. 536-537)
            Let us take another look at these symbols seen in the four rectangular windows of the two Readers’ Rooms.  There are four symbols per window – making for a total of sixteen symbols.  We can easily comprehend that the BIBLE symbols represent the four tones of Christ, while the SCIENCE AND HEALTH symbols represent the four tones of Science.  This leaves the two tones for the Word and Christianity.  So I have set up a table to make it easier to understand.  I have placed them in the order as they are seen while reading the Bible Lessons on Sunday mornings at the podium.

Three Tabernacles C

            The auditorium “is higher than the Reading Room, Readers’ Rooms and Mother’s Room—all in the rear {West = Science}.  The first of these windows {in the gallery} pictures a lamb; the second, the BIBLE; the third, a cross, the fourth, SCIENCE AND HEALTH; and the fifth, a dove…(peace).  It is amazingly significant that no two of these windows can be squarely viewed from the same position, as they are each set in an individual, deep alcove and also the organ pipes obscure them, so that one alone is squarely revealed at a time!  How symbolic of the divided tones of Motherhood—the pipe organ was given in each of these Concord Branches by The Mother Church, My 166; and Jan. 1898 Journal.” (p. 537-538)

concord-gallery-b            I see these five windows as the infinite divine calculus and its fifth element – the Word (the Lamb), the Christ (the BIBLE), Christianity (the Cross), Science (SCIENCE AND HEALTH), and divine Science (the Dove).  The Dove is the Fifth Element.

            “It is interesting to note that while there were eighty thousand dollars in donations to the ‘building, embellishing and furnishing,’ My 162, of the Concord Church, it was designated as a gift from Mrs. Eddy,[8] and she speaks of ‘the builder (in singular) of the Christian Scientists’ church edifice in Concord’ receiving the benediction of ‘Well done, good and faithful,’ My 162—proving that she acknowledged the operation of idea only, to which channels were subordinate.  It was necessary that she, alone, should build this church, as a type of Benjamin, being generic man—Woman.  Many people, typing ideas, had built other branches, but one must build the Branch, Isaiah 11:1, typing the Twelfth Tribe or child of regeneration, growing out of the ‘roots’ of spiritual Motherhood.[9] (p. 537-538)
            “…So just as the many donated parts of the Concord Church were gathered to the one idea, represented by herself as generic donor—the many specifically donated parts (ideas) in the universal thought-structure of man could be rightfully appropriated to the general purpose of the mission of woman, to which end they were originally specifically conceived:  ‘To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the Truth,’ John 18:37, is the refrain of each and all ideas in the grand chorus of ‘the spiritual idea’ revealed by Mary Baker Eddy in KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES—her sole individual mission as distinguished from each and every other channel for revelation, which does not stop at Motherhood, but goes on to the higher step of Bride wedded to Lamb, as typed by Extension, Rev. 19:7-9; My 39, thence to ‘Love wedded to its own spiritual idea,’ S&H 575, in the city foursquare or Branch idea.
            “It might be interesting to follow Mrs. Eddy’s evolution of the subject of gift-giving and receiving.  At first she accepted gifts with gratitude, Mis 159, 203; My 121; then she requested their discontinuance in Dec. 1898, immediately after she taught her last class in the Concord Branch on ‘Love,’ My 256 and 257 show, so that in the Dec. 21, 1899, Sentinel, she requested three dressing sacks, which she describes in character, requesting that nothing else be sent {to} her.  The motive seems most evident, as she was a wealthy woman, free from material needs.  Was it not to show how impossible it is for one person to give to another person anything, and that her Church could not clothe her?  Is not the gift always to one’s own self under the guise of giving to another?  Is it possible for a human being to take the place of God from whom ‘every good and perfect gift,’ James 1:17, comes? — and there are no mediums between God and man, Gal. 3:19-20.  When we serve another for emolument, our service is the divine activity that brings its expression of supply, and places the other in debt to Principle (God), not to us, in order to reward it; hence, Mrs. Eddy’s clear teaching on the first page of the Preface of Miscellaneous Writings, first paragraph.  At any rate, Mrs. Eddy’s direct request of the entire field, published in the Sentinel of Dec. 21, 1899, brought no response, so on Dec. 25, 1899, she wrote ‘A Card’ (published in the Dec. 28, 1899, Sentinel) as follows:  ‘Beloved: — I accept most gratefully your purpose to clothe me, and when God has clothed you sufficiently He will make it easy for you to clothe one of His “little ones.”  Give yourselves no more trouble to get the three garments called for by me through last week’s Sentinel.’[10]  When He clothes us sufficiently, we will know no one has need, and that our clothing is theirs also.
            “Even after this, the attempt to present gifts to Mrs. Eddy continued in 1900 and 1901, as evidenced by My 258-259, whereupon she requested that the Churches in 1902 send her only telegrams in the future, My 259:16-17.  In the Sentinel of Dec. 16, 1905, My 233-234, under the title ‘Principle or Person,’ she requested discontinuance of even this, giving the word through the channel of The New York World the article on ‘The Significance of Christmas,’ My 259, Sentinel, Dec. 16, 1905; The Ladies Home Journal, ‘What Christmas Means To me’ in 1907, My 261, Sentinel, Dec. 7, 1907.  The 73rd Manual in 1908 under the title of ‘Duty to God,’ our now Manual, p. 67, Sec. 10, penalized the sending of gifts and even dispatches to Mrs. Eddy on Holidays—her ‘personality’ having disappeared after the dedication of the Concord Branch in 1904, the generic gift of God to man through the channel of Mary Baker Eddy as human donor.  However, until Motherhood was crowned in the Extension in 1906, it was an unfinished step; after which it disappeared to the point of her penalizing (immediately after abolishing communion of Branches with Mother Church, July Journal, 1908) a Christian Scientist who would offer a gift to Motherhood, for all gifts are in Motherhood or the ministering or protection of one human for another—the instinct is to ‘mother’ or regard one idea as a ‘lesser idea,’ as on S&H 518: 13-19, which is in ‘Genesis’ (beginning, or Motherhood—Woman’s man child).  ‘Here let us remember that God is not the Alpha and Omega of man and the universe; He is supreme, infinite, the great forever, the eternal Mind that hath no beginning and no end, no Alpha and Omega,’ My 267, implying that for man to have Alpha and Omega would be for God to have it, as what He contains as idea is one with Him—‘Principle and its idea is one’—S&H 465.
            “Mrs. Eddy has placed personal friendship (“Because it is the only danger in the path that winds upward,” Mis 9:29-30) and Priestcraft (as the only obstruction in front of Scientists “on to the blest above,” Mis 106:9) in the same position—‘the only danger in the path that winds upward’; also ‘Personal Sense’ as the only Plaintiff in the case against mortal man, and the only defendant in the reversal, S&H 430:20-21; 434:15.  In this latter case, Personal Sense ‘nursed’ mortal man instead of healed {healing} him, his self-denial meeting the usual ‘Christian’ reward—physical impoverishment.  Personal gifts and animal magnetism come from these three-in-one sources, and were all dangers in visible Motherhood which caused Mother her struggle (“the dragon that stood before the woman,’ Rev. 12) and cause us our struggle until we see the Branch growing out of the ‘roots’ of invisible Principle, Isaiah 11:1, as Christian (Mother) plus Science (Child, idea)—Christian Science, the fourth” (p. 541-544) cardinal point of the city of our God, S&H 577:18-19.  “Personal friends stand between us and Principle in a social way, My 167:4-6; Priestcraft in a religious way; and ‘nursing’ in a healing way—the three forms of ‘mothering,’ each assuming to heal us to pay our dept to Principle which we alone can pay by our inevitable wedding thereto.
            “Our first Concordance to SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, was given us in 1903, simultaneously with Mrs. Eddy’s dropping the title of ‘Mother,’ and ‘intelligence’ to humanity in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9, as throughout our entire Textbook.  Previous to this, we had no way of gaining an intelligent concept of her specific teachings, as the Index in SCIENCE AND HEALTH was most inadequate and we were forced to rely on our memory of portions that had most inspired us, but no ‘collective’ understanding in a letterway could be thus gained.  The Concordance and the Manual were the demands for wedding rather than accepting outside ministry.  When ‘intelligence’ was demanded of the Child, it was provided with the means therefore.
            “These church descriptions of Mother (The [little] Mother Church); Bride and Lamb (Extension); and Bride, the city foursquare (Branch), have been given in minutia for the purpose of proving the conclusion of the marriage of Mother and Child—a monstrous perversion when seen in matter (as in the case of Lot’s daughters, Gen. 19:35-38, and Reuben, Gen. 35:22, and 49:4) and yet a spiritual necessity, which ‘Church’ alone can illustrate.  Hence, the necessity for ‘Church’ as a medium to the human consciousness for the solution of its human problems—‘Divinity alone solves the problem of humanity,’ My 306.  Even the sin of Reuben cannot be redeemed to idea (as it must be before the city foursquare unfolds, for Reuben is one of its twelve pearly gates, Rev. 21:21) until we see the redeeming idea in the animating fact, the reversal of which was so gross in matter—‘The greatest wrong is but a supposititious opposite of the highest right,’ S&H 368:1-2.  What makes this association of mother and child in the flesh so repulsive but the association of marriage with ‘lust,’ of which it is the synonym when viewed materially, as Mrs. Eddy says in her dedicatory address of the Extension, My 5:1-6.  It is most confirmatory of the point under discussion to remember that the occasion for her saying this was the presentation of the true idea of union or wedding of the consciousness of Mother and Child, as typed by the union of the two most outwardly incongruous buildings of The (little) Mother Church, the cross of Motherhood, My 6, and the Extension, the Twelve Tribes (universal Child) as crown, My 6, —‘upon her head a crown of twelve stars,’ Rev. 12:1.  These churches were joined at their altars {Reader’s podiums?}, and the marriage of the Bride (Mother) and the Lamb (human consciousness), Rev. 19:7-9, was read at the Annual Meeting, My 39:6-10, the day following the reading of Mrs. Eddy’s dedicatory address, denouncing the lust of human marriage, calling it ‘legalized lust,’ My 5:1-6.  We had a specially prepared sermon, the subject of which, ‘Adam, Where Art Thou?’ My 33-35, calling us out of matter to view this inevitable union, as prophesied by the BIBLE in Revelation chapters 12, 19 and 21.
            “Mrs. Eddy had brought forth in ‘the spiritual idea’ the last (and only) Child, embracing the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the goal of all ‘motherhood’ since Eve’s commission for the progressive ‘conception’ of Woman, Gen. 3:16, to the end of laboring until the human consciousness became so purified as to see the Lamb of Love (“slain from the foundation of the world”), lustful claim to generation eating the apple of the belief of man as creator, or bride before motherhood, when ‘motherhood’ must be risen above before there can ever be a true bride of Spirit or of the Lamb.  Motherhood appears in heaven as ‘Woman,’ not ‘Mother,’ Rev. 12:1, and her work as Mother is in the wilderness, not heaven.  She is Bride in heaven, Rev. 19:7-9, and 21:2.
            “The BIBLE prophesied this in the sense of presenting the mother of the man child with twelve stars when motherhood does not go beyond seven; as she brought forth a ‘man child,’ which Mrs. Eddy interprets as Jesus, S&H 565:6-13.  And Jesus held but seven stars in his right hand, Rev. 1:20, and as there are but seven ascending days of consciousness, and as the ‘man child’ ‘ascended’ (“her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne,” Rev. 12:5), it proves that he represented by seven stars, and the other five were descending ideas of light above the seven days of ascending consciousness.  He ascended to the five additional stars—beyond Motherhood in seven—in Woman’s crown.  Thus motherhood ended in seven and wed her son in heaven, not on earth.  Rev. 19:7-9 is union of The (little) Mother Church and Extension, My 39:6-10.  This Woman appeared in heaven, Rev. 12:1, and her child was but caught up to its point of conception or source, which it weds, becomes one with, as in {the} ninth picture of Christ and Christmas.  ‘The scientific morale of marriage is spiritual unity,’ S&H 61:30-31.  The wedding of the ‘man child’ (seven stars) and Woman, the latter having five stars in addition, gives us Woman’s crown of twelve stars.  The wedding is in heaven, harmony, S&H 587:25-27, as portrayed in Rev. 19:7-9, which Scripture was read at the Annual meeting at the dedication of the Extension, correlated with the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb, S&H 574:27-575:6; 577:4-11.” (p. 544-547)
            It is of interest to note that there are only five Illustrations in Christ and Christmas where we see the seven-pointed star (the morning star) of divine Science.  These Illustrations are:  THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM (#1), CHRIST HEALING (#2), SEEKING AND FINDING (#3), CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING (#6), and (#7) “SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”  Is not this fifth Star for the Seventh Illustration where the man (girl) child is caught up unto heaven – she is permitted to come unto the Christ (Me) – so these five Illustrations points us to Revelation 12:1-5.

            “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.  [For she is the STAR OF BOSTON.]
            “And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered [via CHRIST HEALING].
            “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon [the serpent], having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.  [This red serpent tries to impede the Woman’s spiritual progress, but she continues her God-crowned mission of SEEKING AND FINDING.]
            “And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth:  and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child [CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING] as soon as it was born.
            “And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:  and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.  [SUFFER THE CHILD TO COME UNTO ME]” (Rev. 1-5)

            “The very instinct of human motherhood is the desire to possess (Eve named her first son Cain, meaning ‘possession’), and it ever thereafter mentally lusts for and covets the material or moral good of its offspring[11]—its highest possible refrain being (as previously noted) ‘Keep thou my child on upward wing tonight’—‘Mother’s Evening [there are no mornings for motherhood, as the dawn belongs to the Bride consciousness] Prayer,’ Hymn 197, by Mrs. Eddy.  Every mother’s crown is when her child weds her consciousness in accepting the truths she so anxiously labors to impart!  This was the crown (Extension) of The (little) Mother Church, which had borne the cross of every mother for all time.  The entire absence of all personal pictorial symbolism in the Extension shows how completely the Lamb (“self-immolation,” S&H 590:9-10) has offered itself to Bride, S&H 582:14-16, as Bridegroom, S&H 582:17-20—however, it is rich in symbolism beyond person.
            “In the Concord Branch, we are again turned to the healing typed by person, as in The (little) Mother Church.  Does not this show that idea has descended again to earth after the purification of its ascending process—‘and her child was caught up unto God and to His throne,’ Rev. 12:5 (in The [little] Mother Church), the Bride and the Lamb are then wed. Rev. 19:1; 6-9, descending to earth with redemption for all things in the fullness of idea in the city foursquare, Rev. 21.  This wedding has come to us in completed Church—the wedding of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH by the religious translation of all the symbols of the former into ideas in the latter and their illustration in The Three (forms of) Tabernacles, the three measures of meal in which Woman hid her leaven, typing Science, Theology and Medicine, S&H 118:13-25, The (little) Mother Church containing prophecy of the entire unfoldment of Fourteen, Science; the Extension silencing Theology in the human purity involved in the wilderness; and the leaves of the fruit-bearing tree typed by the Branch being for the healing (Medicine) of the Nations, Rev. 22:2.  The pews of the Concord Branch are deeply carved with grapes (five different kinds in alternate designs) and the Mother’s Room lighted in ‘beautiful circles of light like grape clusters,’ Sentinel, Sept. 23, 1905.[12]
            “Mother comes to fruitage in Branch,—thus embracing the premise of every church on earth, and fulfilling the promise of The Church of Christ, Scientists, embracing ‘all the churches one by one,’ My 342, and that ‘Christian Science is destined to become the one and the only religion and therapeutics on this planet,’ My 266:29-267:2.  The wholeness of its religion will fulfill the religious promise, and its ‘therapeutics’ will lie in its having had in embryo in Church the right idea of every reversal ‘on this planet.’  The idea has been completed in the Twelve Tribes of Israel in Church.  Can we estop it?[13]  Its very force against the seeming resistance is undoubtedly causing the persecutions of the limitations of Mother to the end of our releasing the old to put on the new.  Mrs. Eddy’s consciousness being embodied in Church, it is there we must look for her ‘resurrection’ to our sense—not as ‘Mother’ but as Bride!  When we look for Mother, we are looking into the sepulchre, My 119, which she declared when she closed the Mother’s Room in The (little) Mother Church with the statement, ‘Let the dead bury their dead,’ Sentinel, Nov. 21, 1908.
            “Two other most outstanding features in this Concord Branch are:  first, that the sea is in the background or behind each of the healing windows in the North and South transept windows—‘heal the sick [in which Jesus, dressed in scarlet, is healing the multitudes, suggesting, ‘Go ye into all the World‘], cleanse the lepers [Jesus dressed in scarlet with multitudes about, but with a figure in appearance like the woman who touched the hem of his garment who prostrated herself before him, kneeling before him—an interesting study for the subject] raise the dead [Lazarus coming forth from the tomb, with the sea behind, although Bethany was far removed from the Galilean Sea, and also from the Dead Sea], cast out devils [the demoniac].’  These were the four South transept windows.  The Sea was, of course, in the first two North transept windows, the subject of which was Jesus on the shore of the Galilean Sea after his resurrection (dressed in scarlet, as in each of the four South transept windows just described); in the second two North transept windows, the subject was Peter and John healing the man at the gate of the Temple which is called Beautiful.  Peter is performing the healing and John is standing on the steps of the Temple with a scroll in his hand—the sea being seen in the distance through an opening in the Temple.[14]   Thus each and every one of these four subjects—the first four of which in the South transept are definitely named in character (together with the last two indicated) by the familiar-to-Bible-students subject involve, might be characterized as the message to the Branch Churches—‘Go ye into all the world [suggested by the multitudes] Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead’:  [then going to {the} North transept, as described above] freely ye have received, freely give’—the epitome of {the} last two subjects.  The sea behind all, suggesting John’s prophecy, ‘And there was no more sea,’ Rev. 21:1, —when the work in ‘intelligence’ (the Extension) has progressed to ‘Truth,’ mortal mind has no place.
            “The second outstanding feature is, above each of the two large square or rectangular healing group windows there are three medallions—two {smaller ones} of which are lower than the one in the center.


“In the center of the large central medallion is something that looks like fruit or flower (possibly the union of both in the Extension) with four surrounding petals; which are in turn surrounded by twelve petals, in each of, which is a large, green detached leaf (suggesting “the leaves of the tree [“which bare twelve manner of fruits,” Rev. 22:2] were for the healing of the Nations”), and to confirm this, these twelve petals were embraced in fourteen other petals containing fourteen of the central fruit (or flower—possibly both) design.  Thus the demand for fourteen has been placed upon Branch church, which will carry it on and out to its final purpose as given us in Rev. 22, correlated by S&H 578:5-18 {PSALM XXIII}.  Fourteen appeared nowhere in the Extension except on the outside, on the dove shield with fourteen descending rays of light, pointing toward the cross and crown.  The dove, which is thus (by fourteen descending rays) announced to belong to fourteen, appears in the Concord Branch, as one of the five small windows set in deep alcoves above the organ—the latter the gift of the Extension by designated choice by Mrs. Eddy as to the character of its prospective gift most acceptable to her (thus showing where the music prophesied by the Extension windows ultimately belonged)—can be seen clearly only from the position immediately under the multitude healing windows.  And it seems most unfortunate, and, indeed, significant to our general field’s lack of understanding of the value of Mrs. Eddy’s symbols that just here all of the seats are removed and a large vacant place prepared for the cutting of large double doors through the heavy granite walls for the purpose of bringing in the so-called aged from the Pleasant View Home…This was done many years after Mrs. Eddy left us in person.
            “The two smaller petaled medallions are just as the large central and higher placed medallion or rose window, with the exception of reduced proportions to six large green leaves and eight surrounding flowers—having the same center, though reduced.” (p. 547-552)
            I sort of disagree with her on the two lower medallions.  As you can see in the photo (above) the smaller medallions have an eight-pointed star in the center.  I take this symbol to represent the Holy City – where divine Science (the city foursquare as the x) and Christian Science (the city of our God as the +) are combined as one city – the Holy City.  She also totally ignores the number sixteen.  It is possible she did not understand the importance of sixteen because she did her work before John W. Doorly did his work on the matrix structures.
            Other pictures of the Concord Branch are as follows:


            And now to speak about the Vanguard Explorer.  Mary Baker Eddy is our Vanguard Explorer.  She was first at SEEKING AND FINDING the true Word of God, her own Christ nature, true Christianity that must be wedded to God’s one and only Science in its different levels of Science itself, divine Science, absolute Christian Science, and Christian Science.  In the movie of Earth*Star Voyager, Captain Jacob Dryden “dry valley” Brown was the first head explorer.  But Vance “thresher” Arthur “lofty hill; rock” (a.k.a., “Top Dog”), who counterfeits the lofty hill that is Boston, the Church built upon the Rock that is the Christ, is in league with Admiral Beasley.  Vance leads a mutiny against Brown.  Vance left his womanhood on Earth.  In the movie his womanhood is symbolized as his sister Doctor Sally Arthur.  Sally means, “princess”.  Thus, Sally represents the tone of Principled Science that heals mankind.  However, Sally finally leaves Earth for Heaven as she is Earth*Star Voyager’s physical doctor (healer).  Doctor Leland “meadow land [the Christian Science Field?]” Eugene “born to nobility” is a psychiatrist, he is Sally’s male counterpart.  Even thou she seems to be complete, she still misses her brother and hopes to find out what happened to him and the Vanguard Explorer.
            In order to escape Vance Arthur, Captain Jake Brown leaves his ship (church) in an escape pod.  You could say that he was excommunicated.  He survived upon a space station called Blue Star Gamma. To me Blue Star means Angel of Truth, while gamma is “a degree of contrast”.[15]  Contrast means, “to stand”.[16]  The Angel of Truth, Mary Baker Eddy stands knocking at the door of Concord (the Vanguard Explorer) in the first Illustration for TRUTH versus ERROR.  Compare the drawing to an outside picture of the Concord Branch.  (The comment I have for this picture (of Concord) has to do with another piece of work that I have never posted. There should also be a space between the two words “is in”.)

First Edition

First Edition

concord exterior A

            It was Captain Jonathan “divine Science” Hayes “hedged valley” who brings Brown on board Voyager.  I bring to your notice the name used in the Church Manual for church membership forms – James (Jacob) B. Brown.  The Brownman is a term that came to me many years ago – it represents all colors in one, hence Brown is like the compound idea that is generic man.
            Jacob Brown has answers for Sally about Vance, but he hides the truth from her, he just tells her that he is dead.  Later in the movie Voyager gets a distress signal and heads for Expo Tomorrow (a World’s Fair that was held in space and then trashed) – “We don’t want our failures hanging around.”  It is here where Sally sees her brother, “Top Dog” and realizes that he is not really dead (physically), however, morally speaking Vance is dead.  He does not even give special notice to his sister after their years of separation.  He runs the O.T.Z. – the Outlaw Technology Zone.  He is a cheater when he fights, but Jake knows Vance’s mechanical tricks, as he taught them to him, and he is able to take Vance down.


[1] The seating in the original Edifice is circular, however, the seating in the Extension is angular.

[2] I am willing to concede that the rug is a mat, as that could be short for the word “matrix.”

[3] “Thus the second Concord edifice merely preserved and embraced the first as foundation (S&H 269:22-25, noting marginal topic).” (AS IT IS, p. 532)

[4] “Also Creator.” (p. 532)

[5] “Also Creator.” (p. 532)

[6] The Second Reader always reads from the BIBLE.

[7] “The lamp was the lower point, and the grapes the higher.” (p. 537)

[8] According to mailed letters, this Branch was not paid in full by the time of its completion (unlike The First Church Edifice and its Extension).  This dept exposed a lack of demonstration.  Proof of this is communications between Alfred Farlow (asking for donations to help pay off the debt for the Concord Branch) and Augusta E. Stetson.  She refused to help by donating money as she felt that Farlow was trying to hide the truth of the debt from Mary Baker Eddy.  Augusta made her demonstration for her First Church of New York City!

[9] “So each of us must build his own Branch, though symbolically aided by the Associated idea.” (p. 538)

[10] “Possible only in Thirteen, not Twelve in Church.” (p. 543)

[11] Mary Baker Eddy never got the chance to possess her son George Glover.

[12] I am not exactly sure how this is so, unless the article was referring to the tops of the windows?  And the shapes are not exactly circular like grapes are.  Perhaps the article is speaking of the electrical light, which is not seen in this photo.

[13] This is what the text really says.  I wonder if it is a type-o or if she is speaking of the estoppel clauses in the Church Manual?

[14] “There is a descended dove (with outspread wings) prostrate on the ground in front of the healing.” (p. 550)

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