by MJSmith

Chapter X

            Once more, I would like to quote from Alice Orgain’s book AS IT IS.  {All of my interpolations will be in this type of brackets.}   [All of Orgain’s interpolations will be in these brackets.]  I will capitalize the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  I will make some grammatical corrections and change spelling mistakes.  I do not agree with everything that Alice Orgain writes on symbolism and Christian Science, and especially when it comes to America’s early 20th century government, but I wish to present it to you as she has, along side my comments.  I also have come to the conclusion that she is not a very great writer, in that she does not know how to get to the point, she seems to get sidetracked (a lot), so I do not think she gets her point across very well at times.  Either she is a bad writer as I think she is or I am just stupid and do not exactly comprehend what she is trying to say.  I really use to think it was me, but after all these years of study and reading her books, I have come to the conclusion that she just is not a great writer.  If you all tend to disagree with me on this point, let me know.  No hurt feelings.
            She gives many references in her book that are not given in her text.  Hopefully you have all the books that you need to look up these statements.  I have not added them to my posts unless I thought it necessary.
            I have included pictures that I have to try and help you understand what she is speaking about.  I do not have many pictures of the Extension, but you can see pictures of the Extension in the book Building of The Mother Church, by Joseph Armstrong and Margaret Williamson, published by the Christian Science Publishing Society, available on line or at Christian Science Reading Rooms.  I could not find pictures of some of the things that Orgain was speaking about in Building of The Mother Church.  I have a few pictures (not good color) of the Concord Branch.  Someone who is a member of the Branch sent me the copies I have about ten years ago.
            Orgain placed the order of the three tabernacles (churches) in a different order from the order in which they were built.  She chose to place them in her order as following a quote by Mary Baker Eddy:  “The ideal man corresponds to creation, to intelligence, and to Truth.” (S&H 517:8-9)  Her order is:  the original Edifice,  the Extension, and the Concord Branch (time wise, Concord was finished being built before the Extension).  She also correlates these three church tabernacles with the experience three disciples had on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, when they also saw Moses and Elias.  “Let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, one for Moses, and one for Elias.” (Matt. 17:4)
            I would like to put these Three Tabernacles in a different order altogether, in order to follow the order of the United Paramount Network, with the symbols of the circle, the triangle, and the square.  So I will begin with the Extension (in Boston) in Part 1, move on to the original Boston Edifice (because its triangular shape embraces the circular Extension, which Alice Orgain totally ignores or is unaware of) in Part 2, and then finally to the Concord Branch Church (square/network shape) in Part 3.


                                 THE UNITY MATRIX (1906) – ASSEMBLY
                                                “THE EXTENSION
                        “The Second Tabernacle—“intelligence,” (S&H 517:9)

extension-a            {Together, the two churches equal “Assembly.”  This picture depicts the two as one church structure as the descending triangle of Womanhood.}

            “The following is the general trend of the impersonal symbolism of the Extension, illustrating the wilderness (purified human consciousness, as typed by the Lamb—purified of all fleshly or carnal desire that claims to wed it to mortality) rejoicing and blossoming ‘as the rose,’ Isa. 35:1-2.  ‘It shall blossom abundantly’—the Extension is conspicuously abundant in flowers and particularly prodigal in roses, the windows and the huge arches being studded overhead with roses and flowers in many designs—the roses being everywhere most favored for decorative symbolism {roses are also used heavily, as symbol, in the original Edifice}.  ‘And rejoice with joy and singing‘—this joy and singing is symbolized by the two windows, one on either side of the St. Paul entrance to the Extension—really the front entrance with reference to being nearly opposite to the rear of the Church—each covered with a music book under which is a laurel wreath and two olive branches with two crossed horns of joy beneath—all tied to a descending olive branch with a profuse bunch of live leaves and berries at the lowest point.  {Notice in the second Illustration for THE WAY, directly below, that the dove is descending with a detached olive branch in its beak.  This is because the crowned-Extension was finished after the First Branch Church of Concord (a detached Branch as Mary Baker Eddy’s gift to the Field) was built before the Extension.  This symbolized the fact that all Branch churches are completely detached from The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.  And that Mary Baker Eddy had closed “Mother’s Room”, given up the title of Mother and taken on her designation as the Bride Leader.}

The Way

The Way

“…The entire foundation seemed to be a descending olive branch (throughout the entire church this order is preserved of presenting the olive branch foundations of the windows, as descending olive branches); beneath all of which is a blank inscription bordered with conventional leaves.  The staff, lines and notes on this songbook are so plainly visible from the outside that they can be thus copied.  This same symbol appears as both borders of one of the two symbolic windows alternatingly recurring in the rounding ten windows on the sides of the auditorium, five in each of the two divisions.  ‘The glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it’—Lebanon means ‘white,’ and the entire church edifice bears out this symbolism—‘Everywhere within the building where conditions permit it white marble was used,’ My 69:12-15—no colors appearing anywhere, as it is lighted from heaven in eight—Asher {Jacob’s eighth son}—with no divided rays.  These were left in seven when the star loses its points as in {the} Christ and Christmas verse to {the} seventh picture {“SUFFER [PERMIT] THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”}[1]  ‘The excellency of Carmel’—which means ‘fruitful place,’ evidenced by conspicuous festoons of fruit of many descriptions—grapes, pears, quinces, oranges, apple, pineapples, etc., over the windows on the street level, on the exterior, and over the exterior of the doors, as well as carved in many fashions in the auditorium, and in the borders of the windows—the church abounding and overflowing in horns of plenty or cornucopias of fruit.  Carmel also means ‘circumcised Lamb,’ which is quite interesting to contemplate in connection with its being synonymous with great fruitfulness—the purified human consciousness typed by the Lamb is fruitful only in the wilderness.  The Extension is symbolic of the marriage of the Bride (Word) and the Lamb.  ‘And Sharon’—Sharon is a very rich plain noted for its roses, to which Mrs. Eddy alludes in Christ and Christmas in the verse which correlates the sixth picture CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING,

C&C-C.S. Heal (B)

“…turning man from the so-called pleasures of sense as typed by the ‘Eve’ wife {I disagree that the woman in the background is an ‘Eve’ wife.} and pointing him to heavenly joys which make the desert ‘to bud and blossom as the rose,’ ‘For Sharon’s rose must bud and bloom in human heart’—the purified Lamb, wilderness Mis 81:22-30.  The prodigality of the rose decorations suggests immediately the chapter from which this quotation is being made.  ‘They shall see the glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God’—the Bride, the Word, S&H 575:1-6; 576:10-11, correlated by 577:4-11, making the Lord God Almighty the Bride; John 1:1, stating that God is ‘the Word’; and My 125:26, stating that ‘the Word’ is the Bride.” (p. 503-505)
            Before I continue on with the next paragraph I would like to make comment on some topics in this paragraph.  First off, to me fruit is symbolic of Christian Science healing being demonstrated.  Is not the Christian Science Church supposed to be the most fruitful place on earth, which is constituted of the thirteen Nations of Israel?
            I do not know that she is wrong about Sharon’s Rose, however, I do not think she fully understood the significance of what Sharon’s Rose really is.  Today it has been revealed that Sharon’s Rose Matrix is a circular matrix based upon the circular order of the illustrations found in Christ and Christmas.

Part of Sharon's Rose

Part of Sharon’s Rose

            This circular (Unity) matrix corresponds to WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK that is in the original Boston Edifice’s southern (Christianity) wall.  It is a ROSE window.

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

Window of the Open Book (on the southern wall of The First Church of Christ Scientist)

            Is not the “plain” of Sharon symbolically like that of a plain (or pane) of glass?  Is it not until WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK and SHARON’S ROSE MATRIX are married (one, united) and understood in their oneness that Sharon’s rose is capable of budding and blossoming in human heart?  This is the final step in opening up the city foursquare (with its twelve Stargates and four inner Side-gates of Science – the Open Book itself – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES).
            “This Extension is further characterized by the 54th chapter of Isaiah, verses 1-5, 10-15 and 17, which was read at the Annual Meeting the day after the dedication in connection with Rev. 19:1, 6-9—the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb (the first occasion when only members of The Mother Church were present, the previous services at the dedication on the day before being open to even non-Scientists).” (p. 505)
            This means that only Christian Scientists (symbolic of the five wise virgins) were allowed into this service at the Annual Meeting.
            “The above named 54th chapter of Isaiah (particularly the portions cited) describes in minutia the entire symbolism of the Extension, being addressed to the barren—‘wilderness’; ‘Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear [unfruitful in material sense]; break forth into singing thou that didst not travail with child; for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife’ (married to sense testimony until redeemed in {the} city foursquare, which was the Branch unfoldment).  Mrs. Eddy had not yet redeemed the five physical senses by adding the word ‘Unnecessary’ to line 3, and ‘erroneously’ and ‘misdirected’ to S&H 274:17-18; as the dedication of the Extension was in 1906, and the latter changes were not made until 1907 about the same time of the year.  The fruits of the Spirit from heaven must fill the place of barrenness before the true nature of their identities on earth could be sensed, the wilderness being the previous necessary position of the wilderness-child—the ‘man child,’ which was ‘caught up unto God and to His throne,’ Rev. 12, as typed by The (little) Mother Church, cross, My 6:18; after Motherhood in the wilderness (seven stars) is finished.  Thence Mother arose to Bride, or the other five stars, wedding seven (her son) in her crown, Extension, My 6:18, of twelve stars, but the place is the wilderness seven, wedded to the heavenly five.  The marriage was in heaven (Mind) before the descent of the city as Bride to earth typed by the Branch.  The step between was the redemption of the five physical senses {the unwise virgins} in 1907, a year before the separation of the Extension from the Branch in 1908; but a year after the dedication of the Extension, when Mrs. Eddy demanded that Christian Scientists should be a law unto themselves,’ S&H 442:30-32, and simultaneously abolished all communion of the Extension with the Branches {thus, the Branches were now detached}, the purpose for which the latter was erected, as previously described.  Everything having a descending tendency, however, as previously described in the position of the olive branch—Asher in eight is ready to descend.  {In the diagram below, I feel that it is most likely that Asher is the bird sitting on top of the cross because Mary Baker Eddy defines Asher as “Jacob’s son” while she does not define Judah as such, so to me Judah is a higher idea than Asher.  But, if Asher is the bird above Judah, the fact that Asher is slightly below Gad (Love) would depict that Asher is indeed descending, even though Asher appears to be flying upward.}

            “Continuing with the references from Isa. 54, as cited in My p. 39, in report of the Annual Meeting, from the first verse of which the above paragraph is deduced—the second verse demands that ‘the place of thy tent’ be enlarged (to accommodate the multitudes mentioned at the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb)[2]… ‘and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitation: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes‘ (using the symbolism of Moses’ tabernacle in the wilderness), which was certainly done in the large tabernacle of the Extension as a precedent to enlarging our thought to a more commensurate sense of universal Love—the ‘Lord of Hosts,’ ‘the God of the whole earth,’ whom we are to wed in the Extension, Verse 3, ‘For thou shalt break forth on the right hand [sheep side, Matt. 25:33] {Church side?} and on the left [goat side, Matt. 25:33] {Temple side?}; and thy seed, shall inherit the Gentiles [not the Extension, but its seed, the Branch] and make the desolate cities to be inhabited….For thy Maker is thine husband’ (in BIBLE sense, but wife in SCIENCE AND HEALTH sense; just as Mary saw the Angel Gabriel as a Woman, Love, S&H 567:1-3, 6-8 {and, I think, the woman seen in TRUTH versus ERROR in Christ and Christmas (seen below)}).  So the Branch has its especial work as ‘seed’ to inherit the Gentiles, but not until it had abode in the Extension sense, the joy of the wilderness to spiritual sense, thus correcting the barrenness thereof with a true sense of fruit and plenty from above—not from beneath, and the senses were redeemed in SCIENCE AND HEALTH for the purpose of further than heavenly work.  We are all happy in the Word, but we must learn to wed the ‘Word to all human thought and action,’ My 153:27-28, in the manner described in the dedicatory sermon of the Concord Branch My 160:5-8:  ‘To live so as to keep the human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science.’  The first reference about the wedding of the Word was given to the Concord Church (in its little Hall in a message April 19, 1899, and the latter to the Concord Branch in 1904).
            “The wilderness child had previously in The (little) Mother Church demonstration of seven denied itself until its wilderness was complete, which is a most dangerous abiding place, as Jesus illustrated in the statement:  ‘When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.  Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.  Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself [the ascent of seven is always subject to reversal by its unredeemed surroundings], and they enter in and dwell there:  and the last state of that man is worse than the first,’ Matt. 12:43-45.  This is the wilderness state that simply feeds on the Word, as something outside of itself which is taking care of it, with no wedding thought and action,’ My 153, as typed by the Extension in a collective manner, each church but one tribe dependent upon the other eleven for its completeness.  The ‘Gentiles’ could never be inherited, Isa. 54:3, in this state of unfoldment, as ‘inherit’ means some indwelling right, and this could never be until the full twelve values (as represented by the collective idea in the Extension as the Twelve Tribes) were accepted by each individual unit or Branch of Church.  Thus we were subsequently separated thereto and therefore by the dissolution of communion with the Extension in 1908; and the By-Laws in the Manual and the revelation in SCIENCE AND HEALTH tended more and more to completed collective activity.  Only as the Twelve Tribes are seen in one as Branch, will the claims of matter be reversed and the counterfeited idea redeemed, Mis 60:23-61:10.  God’s will must ‘be done in earth [by Branch] as it is in heaven’—Mind ‘intelligence.’
            “Returning to Isa, 54, the next verses in the references read at the dedicatory Annual Meeting were 10-15; ‘For the mountains {nations} shall depart, and the hills be removed [The Word, leveled to demonstration, thus becoming one with human action]; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed…. I will make thy windows of agates [the windows of the Extension are all made of agate—Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines agate as “variegated chalcedony, having its colors arranged in stripes or bands, or blended in clouds”—the latter actually describes the Extension windows in their undecorated centers], and thy gates of carbuncles [the pew benches and doors are of a rich red Santo Domingan mahogany, as nearly the dark, rich red of carbuncles as could be had], and all thy borders of pleasant [not precious] stones.’  There is nothing that could be more lavish of spiritual foundational truths (“Rock [stone], spiritual foundation, Truth,” S&H 593) than the ‘borders’ of the agate centers of the Extension’s windows.  The three large and most distinctive (of the purpose of the Extension) were between the two front entrances to the Extension, and in the rear of the Auditorium when viewed from the Reader’s Desks, but the front of the Church from entrance on St. Paul Street.  At the top of each of these windows in very deep border-effect is an open book—the Bride (Word), My 125:26—with a Grecian burning lamp immediately above it—the lamp is exactly of the style in the Director’s window in The (little) Mother Church, typing human ‘intelligence,’ the second step in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9. {There was also a Grecian lamp kept burning in Mother’s Room.}

The Oil Lamp Keystone

“{The oil lamp depicted in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK represents the tone of the Christ as the Christ.  The Grecian Oil Lamp found in Mother’s Room was supposed to be kept lit day and night (no longer the case, I assume this ended when Mary Baker Eddy closed up Mother’s Room).  This was symbolic of the vestal virgins (symbolic of chastity) who kept the lamp lit for the Roman goddess Vesta.  Mary Baker Eddy was aware of this practice.  Are not the five wise virgins the qualities that Mary Baker Eddy defined as “Oil.  Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration”? (S&H 592:25)}  Between this lamp and the book {in the Extension} are sprays of palm branches, olive leaves and berries filling in, in stiff cornucopia shape, tied with ribbon—symbolic of accomplied wedding.  It might be interesting to note that while Mrs. Eddy had dropped the capital ‘I’ in intelligence in ‘the ideal man,’ when she dropped the title of Mother in 1903, and when at the same time preparations were being made for the building of the Extension (as the Church had pledged en masse the amount to build it in 1902), she had not yet detached ‘intelligence’ from Truth.  There were, therefore, but two steps in the ideal man, S&H 517:8-9, when The (little) Mother Church was built in 1894, and when the Extension was finished in 1906—‘The ideal man corresponds to creation, to Intelligence [capital “I”] and Truth.’  Thus the human consciousness had but one step in Motherhood, ‘creation’; when the Extension was started (1903) and even completed in 1906 this reference read—‘The ideal man corresponds to creation, to intelligence [little “i”] and Truth.’  Human intelligence was wedded to Truth when the Extension was started—human intelligence, wilderness, wedded to the Word, Bride, Truth, since Truth cannot be separated from Life and Love, which are the qualities to which the ideal Woman corresponds.  Also ‘Life and Love’ (Father and Mother, S&H 569:1-3) were wedded in ‘the ideal woman,’ S&H 517:9-10, when the Extension was built.  In 1907 (just one year after the dedication of the Extension), Mrs. Eddy made her last change in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9, giving him three distinct steps, by detaching human ‘intelligence’ from Truth; and also two for Woman, detaching Life and Love and making two steps for Woman—‘to Life and to Love,’ thus parting the two arms of Father (Life) and Mother (Love), to distinguish the ascending and descending ideas.  Simultaneously therewith (in {the} same edition) the eleven other most important changes were made as before noted—the most important of which in the light of Branch steps beyond Extension being the redemption of the five physical senses, S&H 274; ‘Principle and its idea is one,’ S&H 465; ‘Thy kingdom is come,’ S&H 16; ‘Woman is generic man,’ S&H 461; ‘A spiritual idea has not a single element of error and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive,’ S&H 463.  Thus was separated the finished whole to its specific proportions for the specific light of each Branch.  Previously, in the wedded idea in the Extension, the Branch must abide in the visible vine for a sense of its completeness, human ‘intelligence’ being then wedded to Truth, and Life to Love, in Mrs. Eddy’s statement of the three tabernacles in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9.  In detaching the human intelligence from Truth, and Life from Love in 1907, a year after the Extension was dedicated, another step was passed in ‘the ideal man’ in its Three Tabernacle forms—Mother; Extension (Universal Child); the Branch, the city foursquare descending from God out of heaven as Bride embosoming the Lamb (square) to dwell with men, Rev. 21:2-3.  Thus we approached Truth directly from above in the Branch, —‘a Branch shall grow out of his roots,’ Isa. 11:1, past the stem, visible Mother Church, with its rod as a specific corrective—the Branch must become consonant with the Extension, the wedding of Mother and Child—Bride and Lamb—expressing the two in one.  This is shown in Christ and Christmas’ tenth illustration as the Bride (Word, evidenced by the scroll in her hand) having descended (evidenced by the descending rays behind).  She is knocking at the detached Branch, which Branch, as previously noted, was given us in 1898 just after the Concord Branch was given its Hall.” (p. 505-512)

            Seen below is the second illustration for TRUTH versus ERROR.  It was given to us the same time that the dove descended with the detached branch in THE WAY.

Second version of Truth versus Error

Second version of Truth versus Error

            “Returning to the direct subject in hand—the three windows in the Extension with the Open Book and Grecian burning lamp—the wedding of the human intelligence to Truth (as the then statement of ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9), hanging from this union of the Lamp and the Open Book are clusters of luscious looking grapes on each side of the Book—the whole exquisitely colored—the lamp a light lavender with golden flame, shedding a beautiful tinted glow on the book, and both blending into the detached branches, tied with ribbon in wedding fashion, with a large blank inset of glass below, as if inviting an earthly name, but finding the name still written in heaven only.  Thus the only possible rejoicing then was that its names were ‘written in heaven’—a Christian rejoicing only.” (p. 512)
            It seems possible that the “open book” is SCIENCE AND HEALTH giving remembrance to Mary Baker Eddy, and the oil lamp pointing us back to Mother’s Room, our Mother Mary Baker Eddy.  Is this symbol not telling us that those of the Concord (Grapevine) Church are to keep the lamp’s light lit so that it shines upon the “little book open” (Rev. 10), that we are to remember Mary Baker Eddy is the true light of our age?  I think so.
            “A most interesting additional feature of these three front Open Book windows was the border on either side of same—the major feature of which is a scroll crossed with a quill pen, rolled in fashion as the scroll in the Woman’s hand knocking at the door of the Branch in the tenth picture of Christ and Christmas.  The whole border with many symbols attached to the same stem terminating in a wreath of victory—the entire border suggesting a descending order.  Does not this suggest the many messages to Branches that superseded this marriage of the Bride, Word, and the Lamb, purified human ‘intelligence’—the Lamp—given us after the dedication of the Extension?  Jesus being ‘the highest human corporeal concept of the divine idea,’ S&H 589, and ‘intelligence’ in ‘the ideal man,’ S7H 517:8-9, being the highest human step therein, is it not inevitable that the Lamp typifies the Jesus consciousness (‘I am the light of the world’—Jesus) Woman’s man child, S&H 565:6-13, wedded to the Bride, Word, as in Christ and Christmas picture nine {CHRISTIAN UNITY}—the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb, Rev. 19:1, 6-10, read in the Annual Meeting at the dedication of the Extension.” (p. 512-513)
            Does not the Lamp actually typify the Christ consciousness that both Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy manifested on earth?  There must be a reason why Mary Baker Eddy had the forever burning oil lamp in Mother’s Room!  It was to point to herself as being of the same “intelligence” that Jesus manifested!

                                                SHIELDS OF DEFENSE
            “The Christian need of defense is shown in the Extension on the Falmouth {the Word as Science} Street side, where there are six {Truth} arches {Arch of the Covenant} separated by two windows, three openings in each arch, behind each of which arch are two double doors entering the foyer or halls leading thereto.  On each side of these two doors in the first arch, in line with the top panel of each door (the doors having three panels each—six in each double door) there are shields, each of a different shape and surrounded by a different leaf or flower (showing the varying character of the defense presented by the idea portrayed thereon) and on each of these shields a different subject.    On the first, a seven pointed star in appearance as though the sun were shining behind it[3] (as it always is, the star with its seven points being only the seven divided rays to the human consciousness of the same one light) {This seven pointed star having the appearance of the sun shining behind it is divine Science – Venus – the woman God-crowned.}; on the second shield, on the other side of the same door, a bundle of wheat tightly bound at the bottom and tied, with a peculiar little sprout in the middle, as though the center (Benjamin? {I think Joseph}) were sprouting.  On the first side of the next double door in the same arch, going from the Publishing House towards The (little) Mother Church, is a lamp on the first shield; and on the next shield, an open book in a circle.  {Again, we have the light of the lamp being shed upon the author of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  And the open book in a circle points us back to Window of the Open Book, a Rose Window.}  In the next arch of three openings, behind which are two double doors in design the same as in the first arch, there are four additional shields, each of a different shape and border, as in the first arch.  On the first shield is a garlanded Lamb, and on the next shield is an anchor (typing purified human consciousness rising above the human and casting its “anchor of hope beyond the veil of matter, etc.” S&H 40:32-41:1—in Issachar, the ninth son of Jacob, which is the first step beyond eight (descension), meaning ‘hope,….spiritual compensation,’ S&H 581, which is the spiritual import of this Extension, filled with its symbols.  The first shield in the second door in the second arch is a dove {spiritual idea} with an olive branch {of peace} in its beak, with fourteen rays of light (not surrounding it, but all descending)—this is the message of fourteen in the empty circle window of The (little) Mother Church {Edifice} falling in benediction on the wedding of the cross and the crown on the other side of the second and last door containing the last shield with a cross and crown on it—the cross, The (little) Mother Church, My 6:17-18, and the crown, the Extension, My 6:17-18.  {In part 3 you will find out that these later symbols are located in the First Church of Concord.}  Thus there are eight shields of defense of idea protecting this church; hence, it must be protected by its union with The (little) Mother Church, Asher in the universal idea, Rev. 19:1, 6, being the marriage of the Bride and the Lamb, same chapter, vs. 7-9, in nine—Issachar, the ninth son of Jacob.  It was the coming together of earth (Leah) and heaven (Rachel) for the first time, Rachel approaching Leah, Gen. 30:14-15.  This is evidenced by nine large, flowers with eight-petals found overhead in each of these arches of the shields; and in {the} ninth picture of Christ and Christianity; the Extension being the union of eight, Asher (The [little] Mother Church) and {nine} Issachar (the Extension).
            “Returning to the interior of the Extension on two sides of the church Auditorium, is a semi-circle of windows (each of the windows next described alternating) five on each side, containing the same agate glass windows with borders first of urns (suggestive of fragrances?) with a sheet of music, staff and notes separately and distinctly visible with a horn of joy beneath on each side of the windows as borders, and a rose border above previously mentioned.  The next five alternate windows (each alternate with the music windows just described) being the same in center of agate, with a boarder on each side of a descending olive branch, to which various symbols were appended or tied, starting with a blank for inscription at top, then a wreath, below which, a bow of ribbon with a round bunch of conventional grapes beneath; and just under the grapes tied with ribbon bands to the common stem were two closed and reversed books—one on one side of the branch or stem and the other on the other side tied together (undoubtedly the wedding of the two witnesses—the two olive trees, Zech. 4 and Rev. 11:4).  Just below them on the same branch a thick cluster of olive leaves and olive berries; the border at top being eight large flowers with five-petals and border at bottom an inscription blank—left blank!  This shows clearly that there is nothing left us of the Mother’s work, but joy and singing, flowers and fruit.
            “The last change in line with ‘the spiritual idea’ in 1907, was added to ‘Christian Science Practice’—salvation[4] a gift and not a labor, S&H 442:25-29—the first promise ever given in Christian Science.  Thus we as Branches do not have to do the work all over again, as the work is done, and we Branches have all been made Benjamins (or the regenerated Child) by our loyal association together in the crown of Motherhood in the Extension in which Mrs. Eddy has placed herself as the Benjamin idea in the sense of building her Concord Branch before the Extension was completed.  {Hence, Mary Baker Eddy set up the positive Assembly as the Bride, the feminine cup instead of the masculine blade.}  Was not this the upward sprout in the bundle of wheat?  It was the weight of this Branch with its descending tendency that broke the sheaf band, Chedorlaomer, Gen. 14:4, of the collected (as separated from the World) idea to a larger expansion than even one Church edifice, to descend to the World as the city foursquare.  As the 12th chapter of Revelation (the [little] Mother Church) could not do the work of the Extension, the 19th chapter of Revelation; so the Extension as 19th chapter, could not do the work of the 21st chapter, the Branch—and even then the Branch looks forward to the 22nd chapter of Revelation when the spiritual ‘Thirteen’ (Nations—definite idea) and ‘Fourteen’ (universe) unites it with the whole world, ‘the seed’ inheriting the Gentiles, Isa. 54:3.  {Could it also be said, with all these symbols of detached Branch, that the Extension itself, as The First Church of Christ Scientist, would have to become a Branch Church and give up the belief that is is in charge of all Branches via manipulation of the 88th Church Manual with the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual?}
            “Just as the Extension put Mother behind it {I am sure that this was Mary Baker Eddy’s intent, but I do not think it happened because of the disobedient students and pupils of Christian Science.}, darkening beyond a ray of light the highest demonstrated to-human-consciousness point of the BIBLE (Jesus’ resurrection) and our then highest concept of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, the God-crowned Woman (which remained thus darkened, with Mrs. Eddy’s knowledge, for the four years before she left us, and since until about four years ago when the Directors decided to illumine what Mrs. Eddy had allowed to be dark) {I think she is speaking about the window seen below.}; so the Concord Branch puts even the forever closed doors between its self and Mother, and Mother behind; whereas, The (little) Mother Church and the Extension {to be a Branch Church} have direct communication, although they could never be one any more than a cross and crown could be one (which is Mrs. Eddy’s characterization of distinction, My 6:18-19)—that is one, in the sense of taking the place of the other.” (p. 513-516)
Woman God-crown Win
            “The order of building was The (little) Mother Church {our Paramount Matrix}, the Concord Branch {our Network Matrix}, then the Extension {our Unity Matrix}.  The order has been changed in this presentation of these three tabernacles.  The Concord Branch was built while the Extension was being arranged for, the former being dedicated the day after the Extension’s cornerstone was laid—the cornerstone of both Extension and the Concord Church being laid on Mrs. Eddy’s birthday, with her approval, as previously noted.” (p. 517)
            It is important to know the order of these three churches.  The original Edifice completed in December 1894, the Concord Branch (1904), and the Extension (1906).
            “The Extension could not be higher in unfoldment than the Branch as the former unfolds the 19th chapter of Revelation and the latter the 21st chapter.  It was higher than the ‘branches’ growing out of the stem of Motherhood in The (little) Mother Church and Extension, which branches Mrs. Eddy describes as planets revolving around the sun of Motherhood in My 13:8-15.  This was written May 30, 1903, before the laying of the cornerstone of the Extension or even the cornerstone of the Concord Branch—but the Branch as Benjamin—the child of regeneration coming down from God out of heaven was another sense of Branch.  Mrs. Eddy’s subsequent light for the Branch churches (in 1906) when she gave us {in the Church Manual} Sec. 6, p. 72:19-24 takes precedence over anything she said before, as well as her illuminations in 1908 when she dissolved communion between the branches and Mother Church, thereby detaching the branches to grow from the roots of spiritual Motherhood.  Just as a florist replants cuttings in the realm of plant and tree life, to grow from the same source as the mother, vine or tree; so the Concord Branch, as the gift which sprang directly from the consciousness that revealed the Bride, Word, was planted (fused) into Mother’s Crown, embracing the other Tribes—all becoming Benjamin.  Thus the Extension embracing completed idea, did its work quickly blossoming ‘into spiritual beauty, communion universal and divine,’ My 141:28-29.  The branches before the building of the Extension were as Mother’s children revolving around ‘Mother,’ My 13, but after the wedding of Mother and collective Child, as prophesied in Rev. 19:7-9, read at the Annual Meeting (at time of dedication) the remaining work was from the point of heaven, Rev. 21, and thus the ‘wilderness Mother’ became the heavenly Bride—Word.” (p. 517-518)
            So, while Mary Baker Eddy was with us we had the feminine cup, but after her departure the men took over The First Church (Mother’s Church) and the Branch Churches with their illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.  Thus, Assembly stopped being presented to the world as the Bride-City and it became the masculine blade (pyramid of man embracing womanhood’s crown) and so it became a false Assembly, run by the mentality of an Admiral Beasley (a Field of peas, with its peanut gallery, instead of a Field of self-thinking beans)!  You know, all legumes are considered beans, but not all beans are legumes!  The Roman Empire had families named after legumes.  (I recently heard this on a TV show, but I do not remember what show it was!)
            “The entire trend of this Extension with its seven stairways (ascending Tribes), seven galleries, ‘eight bronze chains, each suspending seventy-two lamps’ in circles as bunches of grapes (thus described in Mother’s Room in Concord Branch) My 69 (which symbolism has been recently effaced by the removal of these fixtures and by their replacement by an amber sun burst in the top of the dome), eight large outer double doors and twelve exits, My 68-69, is illustrated by the coming together of pictures eight {TREATING THE SICK is a rectangle} and nine {CHRISTIAN UNITY is a circle} of Christ and Christmas.  Picture eight (Asher) in which Mrs. Eddy speaks as a crown,[5] Christ and Christmas typing the wilderness, ‘Christ’s silent healing heaven heard CROWNS the pale [wilderness—fading out of material sense] brow’ Poem; and picture nine (Issachar—union of Leah and Rachel) the union or wedding of the Bride and the Lamb—Mother and son—‘Mind, mother, man,’ Poem, Christ and Christmas.  This fading out of all symbols in the eighth picture in Christ and Christmas, typing the purified human consciousness (the Lamb) without which there could be no union with heaven that the ninth picture in Christ and Christmas illustrates—wilderness mother and wilderness son, Rev. 12, uniting.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘Christian Science eschews divine rights in human beings,’ My 303:13-14, —each and every Cain (which means ‘possession’) in sense must yield to the Lamb consciousness of Abel (“self-offering” S&H 579:8-9) typed by his offering of the Lamb.
            “The interior bears witness only to the union of eight and nine, where they are blended and combined in unmistakable language; whereas the exterior containing the eight progressive symbols are all divided, hence they rest on their shields of defense, while there are shields within, they seem to be defended by the surrounding idea.  The interior is one continuous garland and wreath {symbols of a crown}—circles, and circles, but no squares.  {However, the whole Extension is a continuation of the original Edifice’s shape of the triangle.}  There are eight stars (each with eight points) in the vestibule leading out of the auditorium,[6] at the bottom of four descending olive branches;[7] but the most decided impression is given by the inscription blanks in many borders, and below all the windows in the glass border—writing the name of the whole idea in heaven not on earth.” (p. 518-519)  Notice that there are eight stars seen in the card titled as THE STAR.  But in truth, there are really nine stars, the woman depicted is actually THE STAR spoken of in the title.


            “A twelve-petaled medallion above the organ and twelve round pillars in the foyer and the twelve exits mentioned in My 69 remind us of the next inevitable step—thus the twelve were gathered together in the message of eight—Asher, ‘spiritual compensation,’ S&H 581, and nine, Issachar (the union of Leah, mother of Judah, Jesus; and Rachel, mother of Benjamin), laurel wreaths everywhere attesting triumph and victory, music, flowers, fruit, joy, abundance to overflowing, Asher—‘spiritual compensation,’ S&H 581, being embraced in the entire Extension.  {Why could not the twelve “exits” be the twelve Stargates of the Bride-City?  Also wreaths are ancient symbols of CROWNS.}  The Concord Branch as subsequently described shows the further advance of idea by starting with a large rose window {there is also a Rose Window in the Extension with twelve petals, above the Reader’s podium} with cross and crown in the center, surrounded by eight petals to be embraced in turn by a medallion of twelve petals, which is in turn separated by twelve large white pillars—typing the Twelve Tribes which show the workings of the spiritual idea, S&H 562.


“Thus Motherhood started with the seven-pointed star, Rev. 12, thence to eight, and then to the Extension in nine, Rev. 19:7-9; thence to Branch in twelve with ten-petaled medallions in its church windows, but only eight in the Mother’s Room and Reading Room, also a large eight-pointed star as the only symbolism in the latter.  {To me the eight points in a star symbolizes the union of the city foursquare and city of our God as the Holy City.}

First Edition

First Edition

“Note that SCIENCE AND HEALTH is closed in {the} eighth picture in Christ and Christmas, and the scroll superseded it—the Word, Bride, from above, the spiritual consciousness that comes from above.  Church begins in eight as our Quarterlies {use to} show on the left-hand side with its eight rays from beneath, fed by twelve from above on the right-hand side.  {Alice Orgain has a pretty positive attitude about TREATING THE SICK.  I am not so sure it is such a positive thing that SCIENCE AND HEALTH is a closed book!  Other things bother me about this picture, one being that the woman is sitting in a rocking chair, a chair that goes back and forth like a pendulum and never gets anywhere.  The chair so resembles the rocking chair that Old Theology is sitting in (the previous Illustration – “SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.” – which actually has the little book open) and the old woman sits in in the fourth Illustration – CHRISTMAS EVE.}
            “‘Motherhood’ in bringing forth the man child in the wilderness, Rev. 12, was finished when Mrs. Eddy evolved the seventh volume of the Journals (Gad, the seventh son of Jacob), and dissolved her first formation of Church founded on Jesus, Manual p. 17, and S&H 565:6-13, in 1889, which latter had been formed in 1879.  Mrs. Eddy had tired to form a Church in eight in 1875 to express her heavenly vision in eight (Asher, the eighth son of Jacob being the first step in Womanhood, ‘Church’), but failed because it was not founded on ‘Association’ manhood, Gad, in seven, which latter was not organized until a year later.  In other words, her heavenly vision as brought in the little book {open}, Rev. 10, by the man-Angel {Michael}, was practical to her but must be founded in the human consciousness of her students.” (p. 519-521)

Notice the places of feet (on the water and the earth) in the above TAROT Card for THE STAR and the angel of Revelation 10 seen below.

Window in the Original Edifice of Boston

Window in the Original Edifice of Boston

Cross                           Crown
7 – Gad                       8 – Asher
Association                 first step in Womanhood
manhood                     is Church, must be founded
                                    on “Association” (7)

            “…Her man child born in the wilderness was not revealed until 1886 in the 16th edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, — in ‘The Apocalypse’ {chapter} in idea, and in ‘Genesis’ in letter presentation (“Genesis” and “The Apocalypse” being added to SCIENCE AND HEALTH for the first time—the latter not being taken in revelation beyond woman bringing forth the “man-child” in Rev. 12).  As Mrs. Eddy’s revelation (Woman) always preceded her founding (man)—Woman’s right being ‘To point to heaven and lead the way,’ Mis 389:4.  Thus the revelation of her ‘man child’ came three years before she dissolved her first formation in 1889, when her ‘man child’ was ‘caught up unto God and to His throne,’ in the sense of rising into Womanhood to unite with the next unfoldment in eight, Mother Church.  There were five other stars (than the seven of manhood which he typed, Rev. 1:20) in Woman’s crown—‘upon her head a crown of twelve stars.’  Thence man (Gad) wedded Woman (Asher) in heaven and made the first step of descent in nine—Issachar.  Seven (cross) and eight (crown) wedding in heaven, — starting descent in nine, gathering its stars as it descended to the point of twelve.” (p. 521)
            This would only be the case, where nine begins descending, if seven and eight are on the same level (the capstone level).  There is another way to look at this.  Think of the face of a clock, star (or angel) number 1 being placed right before the position of the number 6 (at the bottom of the clock).  Then, star 2 right before #7, star 3 right before #8, star 4 right before #9, star 5 right before #10, star 6 right before #11, star 7 right before #12, star 8 right before #1, star 9 right before #2, star 10 right before #3, star 11 right before #4, and star 12 right before #5.  Would this not explain the seven ascending Star-Angels held in the Son of Man’s hand and five descending Star-Angels in the Woman’s crown?  Would this not explain the Grandfather clock’s positioning of the two hands depicting the time of 5:05?  The face of the Grandfather clock’s hands not only points us to Revelation 5:1-5, but it also shows us where the five descending stars of Womanhood belong.

First Edition

First Edition

            “The (little) Mother Church was completed at the conclusion of the twelfth volume of the Journals {The Journal}, and Mrs. Eddy’s first visit (or recognition thereof) was on the day the twelfth volume expired.[8] …This Church was built as a memorial to her motherhood by her students…and the dedicatory references from the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH, Rev. 12:10-12, sound the note of triumph rather than further struggle in bringing forth the ‘man child’; although the persecutions of the woman from without would of necessity be as long as she is separated from her child (he having been ‘caught up unto God and to His throne’ gone on to eight).  For the duality of Mother and child—two-ness always engenders animal magnetism, hence the dragon’s persecutions from without, Rev. 12:13-16, which constituted the remainder of the dedicatory Lesson—Sermon, Pulpit and Press pp. 12-15. (p. 521-522)

                        Two Venus Transits Across the Sun during…
…Mary Baker Eddy’s and       Martha Jones-Smith’s God-crowned missions
Motherhood                                                   Mother Hood (the manifestation of
                                                                divine Principle-Love as divine Mind)
1874 (angle) –1882 (woman)                       2004 (angle) –2012 (woman)

            “In 1897, when the Concord Branch was formed; Miscellaneous Writings presented the spiritual history of Motherhood; Christ and Christmas picturing the next step (in the tenth picture—the ninth being Mother and man child united); and the Sentinel in 1898 (Sen meaning “see”):  all were given us.  The dual activity of Mother and Child approaching the same point became more and more manifest, until in 1903, when Mrs. Eddy dropped the title of Mother and started the second church edifice in Concord (the first being a remodeled Hall, Journal Jan. 1898, and My 145), also setting plans in motion with a view to illustrating the union of Mother and Child as Bride and Lamb, demanded in Rev. 19:7-9, and pictured in the ninth illustration of Christ and Christmas.  The preparatory work and the construction of the Extension covered three years from the time of dropping the title of ‘Mother’ by Mrs. Eddy—her statement of her reason for dropping the title of Mother certainly seems to ‘hide’ the leaven in this measure of meal as it was prophesied Woman would do, Matt. 13:33.
            “After the wedding of Mother and Child, as illustrated by the union of The (little) Mother Church edifice and the Extension, at the point of their altars—the marriage of the Bride, Womanhood in twelve, and the Lamb, the purified human consciousness or wilderness child took place.  The wilderness being human ‘intelligence’ of the heavenly vision, the second step in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8-9—wilderness—‘the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence,’ S&H 597:16-19.  The wilderness is the only place where the human consciousness weds the Word, the Bride.  The experience of the children of Israel under the leading of Moses showed this, and Mrs. Eddy started with us at the same point of experience as Moses did with the twelve Tribes of Israel, S&H 226:25-227:2.  The promises of the BIBLE largely centered around the wilderness.  The next and last step must be taken in fulfillment of the BIBLE prophecy in order that SCIENCE AND HEALTH may demonstrably correlate the BIBLE—the united consciousness of Bride and Lamb must descend as Bride, ‘Word,’ My 125:26, to the world through the channel of Branch, the city foursquare, Rev. 21.  No two of these prophecies, Rev. 12, 19, 21, could be fulfilled in the same tabernacle, nor even one while the previous one was active in idea (thus Mother yielded to Extension, and Extension to Branch), as each tabernacle must portray a separate ‘measure of meal’ in which Woman hides her ‘leaven.’  {Earth*Star Voyager – Mother (Science), Vanguard Explorer – Branch (Medicine),[9] Assembly – Extension Crown (Theology)}  The walls of the city foursquare show the limits even of Branch although not walls of defense, as its gates are never shut, Rev. 21:25.  The Concord Branch is an ensample to all branches, embracing a Mother’s Room but closing the doors on ‘Motherhood,’ and wedding the Reading Room as channel for impersonal ‘Bride, Word,’ My 125:26.  This step awaits our taking, and the revealed truth behind it presses harder and harder.  As we do not see its spiritual import, the material claims of counterfeits are seeming to have their ‘gala day,’ inasmuch as truths can never be evaded nor silenced by resistance.  Until this step in Branch as impersonal Bride, Word (“the Lord God Almighty,” S&H 576:10-11, being correlated by the Lamb’s wife, S&H 577:4-11—“the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple [church] of it,” Rev. 21:22) is taken, we have not a full message for the world where even the Bride (the last step in Church, as city foursquare, its walls indicating Church limitation) must yield to ‘Love [symbols disappearing with Church] wedded to its own spiritual idea,’ S&H 575, ‘finding its idea everywhere and in everything,’ and thus redeeming it wedding it to its basic fact—‘Principle and its idea is one,’ S&H 465.  ‘Church’ cannot melt into universe until its complete structure prophesied in the BIBLE by symbols, Rev. 10, 12, 19, 21, yields to idea.  To take the incomplete idea to the human consciousness would be fruitful of only hopeless struggle and even vice, as the spiritual demand must be met, else its counterfeits in the many perversions of marriage will present themselves in the name of rejected Truth {Are these many perversions of marriage today seen as marriage between two men or two women?}.  The measurable realization of the allness of God and the omnipresence of Love will measurably heal the sick (as it did with the primitive prophets, S&H 483:19-21; 144:30-145:7, but the revealed letter must be gained, else the Lamb will forever be fleeing from the disguised wolf {spiritual wickedness in high places}.  Abel, ‘watchfulness, self-offering,’ S&H 579, typed by the lamb which he offered, could not maintain his position as against Cain (“possession”), the latter of whom claimed matter, material concept.  The devil claimed to possess all things, ‘All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me,’ Matt. 4:9.  Erroneous belief asserts a claim to all things until the superior claim of spiritual idea is realized in the name of united heaven and earth—‘the coincidence of the divine with the human,’ Mis 100:19-25; S&H 561:16; Un 52:7-9; My 265:20-24.  {It is possible that the human and divine coincidence is symbolized by the Star-Flowers depicted in Mother’s Room (of the original Edifice) and the Big Dipper Keystone in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.}  This {human and divine coincidence} is symbolized by the city foursquare—heaven, Woman, embracing earth, man—but ‘the stellar universe is no more celestial than our earth,’ S&H 509.
            “The remedy for Abel is found in the Extension, as it is the wedding of the Abel (Lamb) thought to the Word, thus providing a protection against Cain.  But the next step—Zebulun—must be taken, which is illustrated in the tenth picture in Christ and Christmas.  The fulfillment of the ‘Tenth Commandment’—‘Thou shalt not covet’—could never be until a sense of the allness of God is realized which leaves no ‘Cains’ {today’s Islam extreme terrorists} in consciousness from which to flee or from which to protect ourselves, our walls being Salvation and our gates Praise—as in My 364:9-18.
            “Mrs. Eddy’s last revelations, after the Extension was dedicated were thus given to the Branch in twelve—the city foursquare (the square being in ten, the next step) the Branch, with its Word, as Bride, coming directly down from God out of heaven.  Did not the scroll crossed with the quill below the Lamp and the Open Book in the three front windows of the Extension, and also the scroll in the hand of the Woman in the tenth picture in Christ and Christmas point to a revelation beyond the Extension?  Christ and Christmas in its eighth picture closed the book, and in its ninth picture unites ‘Christian’ (Jesus—man) and ‘Science’ (Woman, Mary Baker Eddy).  Then the scroll in the tenth picture comes directly down from heaven in such changes as in SCIENCE AND HEALTH when dropping the eighth synonym in {the} definition of God, S&H 465, to man—eight keeping good entirely in heaven, — nine, wedding in spiritual idea as in the Extension, S&H 442:25-29, 30-32; 200:25-29.  SCIENCE AND HEALTH 103:15-17, then took the place of ‘the fight to crush Science,’ as it was at the time of the dedication of the Extension and even until after Branches were separated from communion with {the} Extension.  SCIENCE AND HEALTH 265:20-22 took the place of a negative statement…SCIENCE AND HEALTH 99:13-17; My 364:9-18 and My 241 and 242, Instruction by Mrs. Eddy: — each and all were added after the dedication of the Extension, as well as the last change in ‘the ideal man,’ giving it a third step, demanding a third tabernacle; redemption of the five physical senses, S&H 274; Woman is generic man, S&H 561; ‘Thy kingdom is come,’ S&H 16; inviting materia medica to adopt Christian Science S&H 441; change on S&H 463 as previously noted, etc.; each and all were added after the dedication of the Extension—Were these changes not another scroll?” (p. 522-526)



earthstarvoyagerThe first drawing is a birds eye view of what the original Edifice joined with the Extension looks like.  Directly above is my drawing of Earth*Star Voyager – next to Duncan Regehr’s hands is a computer rendering of what Assembly looks like.  Earth*Star Voyager is the smaller part of the structure toward the front.

            This ends the section on the Extension – Assembly in AS IT IS.  In the Disney TV movie Earth*Star Voyager, the idea of Assembly was incorrect.  It was the idea of a forced marriage between the chosen children aboard Earth*Star Voyager and a chosen Association (bigger Church or Ship construction) of adulterers.  Assembly was built by drones of human-artificial intelligence, like SJ-381 seen in the middle on the right side of the drawing.  Admiral Beasley wanted Earth*Star Voyager under his control (directorship).  These chosen people were to make a new colony on a new (unpolluted) planet called Demeter (named after a goddess).
            But those on board Earth*Star Voyager did not want to join up with Admiral Beasley.  They wanted their freedom, and they achieved this freedom by using the convergence of the twin suns (the union of Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy), along with a rail gun (the divine infinite calculus).  What is interesting is that the Admiral was played by Peter Donat.  And the names of our two captains on Earth*Star Voyager happen to be Jacob Dryden Brown and Jonathan Hayes.  So we have the three names of Peter, James (Jacob), and John – our three disciples that accompany Jesus to the top of the Mount of Transfiguration.  Coincidence?


[1] I am not sure what she means by the star loosing its points because the depicted star still has seven points in the Illustration.

[2] God gave me a word for this stretching forth of the tent – Tentus.

[3] To me this depicts Venus traversing the sun, or the woman God-crowned clothed with the sun.

[4] The word salvation means Science of Health.  Is not SCIENCE AND HEALTH a gift?

[5] “For, of course, Mother in seven was self-crowned in eight Asher, as Motherhood could not go beyond seven.  Yet her room—‘Mother’s Room’—was lifted above the Auditorium of The (little) Mother Church—lighted by the seven-pointed star; also the vestibule so lighted.

[6] To me the symbol of an eight-pointed star is that of the Holy City (with the unity of the ‘+’ and the ‘x’).

[7] The four detached branches being possibly a symbol of the divine infinite calculus.

[8] Mary Baker Eddy never went to the Extension.

[9] The mission of the Vanguard Explorer was sent out into space first, it was built first, and this resembles the fact that the Christian Science Branch churches existed before The First Church (original Edifice) of Christ Scientist was built.