AS IT IS “Teaching must always be by symbols.”

by MJSmith


            Chapter 8, from Alice Orgain’s book AS IT IS, is about symbols, something that I really like!  However, I am not sure I always agree with this author upon the topic of symbols, or what they mean.  And I find that she has a low understanding of symbology.  {Any interpolations I make will be in this type of bracket.}  I will make changes to any spelling mistakes I find, and add italics where necessary, etc.

            Orgain begins her chapter, on page 688, with the following quotes by Mary Baker Eddy:


“Our highest sense of infinite good in this mortal sphere is but the sign and symbol, not the substance of good.”  Unity of Good 61:17-18.

“The ideal man corresponds to creation, to intelligence, and to Truth.” (S&H 517:8-9)

            She begins her text with:  “The thread of SYMBOL…runs pronouncedly through all of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation and founding in correlative conformity with the BIBLE’S presentation of the ‘materials’ for the assembling of ‘Universal Man’—it is as if his various parts are numbered and must fit into place after the fashion of Solomon’s Temple, for whom David gathered the associated values—the sound of ‘hammer nor axe’ never being heard on the ground of their final assemblage.  These symbols of the BIBLE all point to spiritual values in their assembling of the true Temple (or tabernacle)—‘An house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens,’ II Corinthians 5:1.  ‘Not for that we would be UNCLOTHED, but CLOTHED UPON, that mortality might be swallowed up of Life,’ 4th verse.  The symbols are to the end that we will not be ‘unclothed’ in working out the spiritual ends of human life in its journey to the goal of being ‘conformed to the image of his Son,’ Romans 8:29, but if they (the symbols) are cherished as an end, they become Moses’ veil before our faces, so that we cannot steadfastly look to the end of that which ‘IS ABOLISHED’! II Corinthians 3:13.
            “To live so as to keep human consciousness [filled with its symbols, of father, mother, children, home, friends, church, etc., etc.] in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science,’ Miscellany 160:5-8; also Miscellaneous Wrightings100:19-25, bears this out, and the pure symbol is the Angel going before us to keep us in the way and to bring us ‘into the place which I have prepared,’ Exodus 23:20-30.  It is the Angel that brings us ‘in unto the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites’—verse 23—(the entire scope of error that claim our Promised Land after it has been originally given to Shem and Abraham as types of spiritual consciousness) to redeem the land to us and dissipate the false claim of Ham’s son, Canaan, S&H 582:24-27.  Just as they redeemed their literal heritage from the false claim about it, so must we redeem our symbols to spiritual realities, by bringing them to the ‘ideal’ through the pattern of the true idea, S&H 442:22-25; 517:8-10.  The ‘ideal’ being the human consciousness of idea through symbol.
            “This is what makes ‘the ideal man’ and ‘the ideal woman’ such a pivotal point in the human consciousness.  Idea is abstract (to the human consciousness) while the ‘ideal’ is the highest human perception of the ‘idea.’  The human consciousness can understand man, woman, father, mother, friend, home, etc., and this is its life-line to reach ‘Life, represented by Father; Truth represented by the Son; and Love, represented by the Mother,’ S&H 569:1-3, and man as corresponding ‘to Truth,’ and Woman corresponding ‘to Life and to Love,’ as the reflection of Father-Mother; heaven corresponding to ‘home,’ etc., etc.  The human consciousness and concepts cannot be discarded or risen above, they must be redeemed as in SCIENCE AND HEALTH 573:5-12.  There is no other place for demonstration than in the human consciousness—God is all right and so is man as his idea, but the witness (symbol) must be silenced—first turned to the government of the idea it counterfeits, and then dissipated.
            “So the symbols of Church that Mrs. Eddy permitted us to build, according to the pattern shown her ‘in the Mount’ of Vision of the true ‘spiritually organized Church’, Retrospection and Introspection 44:29-45:4, must be recognized for their value and then dissolved into idea.  Even as the symbols of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ which must be broken ‘in pieces,’ Jeremiah 51:22, when understood!  ‘After this material form of cohesion and fellowship [Church] has accomplished its end, continued organization retards spiritual growth, and should be LAID OFF, — even as the corporeal organization…is finally laid off, in order to gain spiritual freedom and supremacy,’ Ret 45:8-13 and 47:1; Mis 91:4; 144:32; 358:30.
            “So it is with all symbols from Church down, and Mrs. Eddy clearly indicates in the quotation immediately above, which is written of ‘Church,’ that we must remove even this symbol from our consciousness before we can hope to translate its human correlative—the body of man.  Jesus used Temple and body as correlatives, S&H 576:10-23, and how could we redeem the lesser until the greater overshadowing thought is redeemed?  Could we redeem our sense of man until we redeem our sense of God?  Was not this the fault of the ages, trying to redeem man with a faulty sense of Church and God?  So we must suffer bodily for the limitations and shortcomings of our Church! as ‘Christians’ have done before us and are doing today.  What an inconsistency to hold to the symbol of Church, and discard as of no value in our work the symbols of man, woman, father, mother, etc., of which the symbol of Church is the composite aggregation, ‘as we rise the symbols disappear’ both specifically and collectively!
            “The following shows how closely Mrs. Eddy correlated the specific symbols of the BIBLE with her larger thought values, before she dissolved them:  SEVEN stars in Jesus’ right hand; SEVEN Churches; SEVEN sons of Jacob; SEVEN days of creation; SEVEN SEALS (the latter explaining Naaman’s SEVEN dips in Jordan, II Kings 5:14; and “the child sneezed seven times,” II Kings 4:35), etc., were correlated in SEVEN as the numerical origin, and permanent quorum of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College; Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association; The National Christian Scientists’ Association and the First Church of Christ, Scientist—although in her Life of Mary Baker Eddy, Sibyl Wilbur mentions at one time a membership of two hundred in First Church before it was dissolved in 1889—the quorum was SEVEN.  The National Christian Scientists’ Association—although beginning in a Call of THIRTEEN individuals, and ending in THIRTEEN addresses to the Congress of the World’s Religion at the Chicago World’s Fair expounding the doctrines of Christian Science, which Association was made up of many hundreds—the quorum was SEVEN; there were SEVEN years of the Journal before the dissolving of these institutions took place, etc.” (p. 688-691)
            What she does not mention is that seven corresponds to the seven synonymous terms for God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  I feel she does not mention this because she wrote her book before John W. Doorly began to put forth his matrix structure of Science in his teaching.  I feel that this is also why she does not mention the numbers fifteen and sixteen in her book.  She goes to the number fourteen and then stops there.
            “So, too, for the BIBLE symbols of the TWELVE TRIBES, TWELVE stones gathered out of the midst of Jordan and erected as a symbol of their unity’s building the Temple; Elijah’s altar of TWELVE stones and TWELVE barrels of water as the expression of ‘the basis of immorality,’ S&H 585:12; Elisha’s TWELVE yoke of oxen {representing the twelve tribes of Israel}, when he was called to build on the altar of TWELVE which Elijah had fashioned, Elijah having shown his unreadiness to go beyond SEVEN, the last rung in the ladder of ‘ascending’ angels, in his destruction of the prophets of Baal; Elisha’s TWELVE oxen, showing that he had ‘worked’ (“and he with the TWELFTH”) up to his anointing; Jesus TWELVE disciples; Jesus TWELVE thrones in the REGENERATION—Matthew 19-28; TWELVE baskets of food gathered up after feeding the multitude with SEVEN quantities—five loaves and two fished; TWELVE STARS on Woman’s Crown; TWELVE TRIBES as the gates of the city, and TWELVE foundations of the TWELVE apostles of the Lamb; the measure of the city being 144 cubits, the square of TWELVE:  Mrs. Eddy unfolded the following correlatives in her founding or symbolic work:
            “Her second voluntary organization of Church was founded on TWELVE former members of the Church whose quorum was always SEVEN, — she placing a star by each of their names thereafter in the Manual; the first Boston Church was formed TWELVE years before the unfolding of the city foursquare, the ‘spiritually organized’ Church, the latter being the ‘capsheaf’ of the entire unfolding of the symbols of the evolutionary Church of the BIBLE, redeeming its every tribe as a gate of the city; Mrs. Eddy visited The Mother Church for the first time at the expiration of the TWELFTH volume of The Journal, the very day the volume was closed, as the Editor of The Journal called to our particular attention; the Journals were published every month, and the Massachusetts Metaphysical College as ‘parent Association’ met every month—both typing Motherhood—‘yielding her fruit every month’—TWELVE times a year and ‘bearing TWELVE manner of fruits’—Revelation 22:2 {What she does not say is that the month is also symbolic of the Son.  Speaking about John 1:12-13, Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 180:25-28 in Miscellaneous Writings:  “Here, the apostle assures us that man has power to become the son of God.  In the Hebrew text, the word ‘son’ is defined variously; a month is called the son of a year.  This term, as applied to man, is used in both a material and a spiritual sense.  The Scriptures speak of Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of man; but Jesus said to call no man father; ‘for one is your Father,’ even God.”  This makes is clear, also, as to why the twelve constellations of the zodiac (one per month) were spiritually translated back to God via the twelve sons (Stargates) of Israel (Jacob’s divine nature, or his true Womanhood – a God-crowned woman).}; the Extension was built TWELVE years after The (little) Mother Church; it (the Extension) was founded on The General Teachers’ Association of TWELVE Executive members, only SEVEN of which could be Teachers, showing that teaching ends in SEVEN (“The main topics for discussion are UNITY OF ACTION, strict conformity with The Mother Church By-Laws, etc.,” Manual 41st edition, p. 87)[1] the Sentinel, which registered Branch activities and Associations, immediately upon the close of its TWELFTH volume tells us that ‘Christian Science IS ABSOLUTE,’ MY 241, 242.  Mrs. Eddy’s article was undoubtedly written at the time of the expiration of the TWELFTH volume.  The Cross and Crown had been taken off of it immediately, after the building of the Extension, showing the Work of the Sentinel was finished when the Extension was built (after eight years from the time the Sentinel was first published), and that the succeeding four years to 1910, when she said ‘Christian Science is absolute’ was its opportunity (which it embraced) to rise into oneness with Mother in TWELVE.  {It was in 1906 that Mary Baker Eddy placed the two women Sentinels on the cover of the Sentinel.}  Miscellany 43:4-44:13[2] shows how the Extension had symbolized the TWELVE stones set up by the TWELVE Tribes from the midst of Jordan, Joshua 4, over which we had crossed at that time.
            “The ‘Motherhood’ unfoldment belonging to the work of ‘The Mother Church’ in ‘the NINETEENTH Century,’ S&H 559:31-560:2, had been seen by US to be finished when Mrs. Eddy closed The (little) Mother Church and we went to commune in the big Extension.  Mrs. Eddy had seen this when she dropped the title of ‘Mother’ in 1903 when she allowed us to build this Church, and she accepted as finished our work in the Extension when she dissolved the Communion Service in 1908, My 140-141, just two years after its dedication, and simultaneously with giving us the ‘Celestial Crown,’ June Journal, 1908, — and a ‘glorified Jesus {instead of a crucified Jesus},’ S&H 200:25-29.  Jesus, or ‘the highest human corporeal concept of the divine idea,’ S&H 589:16-18, the work of both Churches and both periodicals, The Journal and Sentinel—were finished.  The Journal finished Motherhood in the TWELFTH volume; and the Sentinel Universal Son in the TWELFTH volume.  The Sentinel, the Child of The Journal (according to The Weekly—or first name of the Sentinel—first issue’s “Salutatory”) the Crown of Mother JournalThe Journal having been called her Child in a most pointed way in Journal, Vol. 8, No. 4, July, 1890, p. 168.
            Der Herold der Christian Science went out to the world to proclaim the ‘UNIVERSAL activity and availability of Truth’ when the title of ‘Mother’ was dropped; five directors appointed instead of four; capital ‘I’ in ‘intelligence’ and in ‘the ideal man,’ S&H 517:8, dropped to small ‘i’; obstetrics abolished in College; S&H 68:27-69:31 added to SCIENCE AND HEALTH; BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH reordained to preach for this Church AND THE WORLD, instead of ‘so long as the Church is satisfied with this Pastor’ (with no mention of  “the World”), as formerly—Revelation’s 22nd chapter being beyond Church.
            The Monitor had no work to do, as it was all done, when it came.  It came after {the} ‘cross and crown’ had been finished in Church and {the “cross and crown” seal had been} removed from the Sentinel!  {At the same time the two women are placed upon the cover of the Sentinel.}  The Communion Services had been abolished in June before The Monitor came at Thanksgiving Season, in 1908, the symbol of the feast and plenty of the season—‘the butter and honey’ of Immanuel!  (See Isaiah 7:14-15.)” (p. 691-695)
            I wholeheartedly believe that one reason why Mary Baker Eddy started up her newspaper is because she was so maligned by yellow journalism found in other newspapers (not all).  Joseph Pulitzer himself, was partially behind these types of attacks, and had connections with the 1907 Next Friends Suit – which was an outright attack on Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.  It was definitely an early sign of the methods used by today’s Progressives working in the “mainstream media”!
            “In the first Monitor, the first editorial appears with the following just before ‘Something In a Name,’ My 353, ‘The gentleman, Mr. Frank Bell, has caught my thunder; therefore, he will not object to the lightning which accompanies it.’  The expression to which she refers as her ‘thunder’ is a letter from a Mr. Frank Bell, addressed to her when The Monitor was prospective—Nov. 2, 1908—and from which the following is quoted:
            “‘As a Newspaper man I thank you for THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR in prospect, and I feel sure that such will be the sentiment of hundreds of newspaper workers all over the land when THE MONITOR in fact shall have demonstrated the feasibility of clean journalism.[3]
            “‘A definition of “monitor” is, “One who advises,” and I foresee that when this CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR shall have proved that there is such a thing as newspaper success along non-sensational lines, there will follow a widespread readjustment of news policies, for which I am sure none will be more truly thankful than an army of honest, conscientious toilers in the ranks of newspaperdom.’
            “This shows the purpose of The Monitor—to ‘advise’ others to do likewise!  To leave The Christian Science Monitor to shape ‘mass’ and centralize decisions and thought would be another channel for the ‘Mothering” that has passed away with Mrs. Eddy’s prophetic going (Rev. 12:14—the “half a time” of all motherhood).  The idea has been sent forth, and as Mr. Bell suggests (which suggestion Mrs. Eddy called “Her thunder” for which she supplies the “lightning” of idea in giving us The Monitor’s intent and mission) for the purpose of advising others to do likewise, and not to monopolize the idea.  Ideas are diffusive when unbound by form.  The delay in getting The Monitor has thwarted the PURPOSE for which it was largely sent forth, Mis 7:17-24, as comparatively few Scientists depend entirely upon it for news.  Has it not served to advise us that we cannot do without this idea more widely diffused?  An idea cannot be effaced!” (p. 695-696)
            So, we must ask ourselves this question, since The Christian Science Monitor is still in existence today why is there such a problem with fake news, false news stories, and yellow journalism?  It is because The Christian Science Monitor, now given a title of being an International newspaper (international means communist), was taken over by the one world order people, using communism (socialism – same thing).  These “men” or Insiders ruined The Christian Science Monitor.  We must ask ourselves why The Christian Science Monitor no longer ADVISES the news media groups upon Christian Science?  It is because they are too busy advising the world about the United Nations, progressive programs, etcetera.  The publishers are no longer on the side of God; they are on the side of the anti-Christ.
            “Thus ended the symbols of Motherhood—‘cross and crown’ both laid aside in Church and literature.
            The Monitor (the word comes from the same derivative as ‘moon’ and ‘man’) as Generic Man ‘spreading undivided the Truth that operates unspent,’ My 353—the expression of Womanhood, which symbolizes ‘generic man,’ S&H 561:22.  In all the editions of SCIENCE AND HEALTH up to the 2nd edition of 1907, Mrs. Eddy says in this reference—‘The woman in the Apocalypse is the Vignette, etc.,’ S&H 561:22, now:  ‘The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, etc.’  So this is the object of The Monitor—the Vignette, to ‘spread’ and fade in form into the surrounding scenes of World activities, carrying its generic idea into everything, rather than battling against the activities it is designed to translate through redemption to idea.” (p. 696)
            At this point, I sort of disagree with her in one respect.  The word “vignette” points us to Mary Baker Eddy’s portrait that she placed in front of her books (which have been deleted by the board of directors).  Her “vignette” portrait means, quite literally, that she is the woman God-crowned she spoke of!  The “vignette” was Mary Baker Eddy’s Trademark (as seen directly below).

            Was not the purpose then, of her daily newspaper, to place in remembrance the woman God-crowned, Mary Baker Eddy, to be treated with respect by the media outlets?  Today the media is out of control in their efforts to malign and broadcast hatred for our elected President.  They use fake news, yellow journalism, and any form of propaganda they can to try and thwart the efforts of a non-communist President.  President Trump use to be a Democrat, however, I think he woke up to the dangers within his own party and realized that they are out to destroy the United States of America – out to destroy its constitution in anyway that they can – and out to destroy the freedoms of the individual.  His purpose is to make America great again.  Perhaps this can only be accomplished when the citizens of the United States of America wake up and understand what the motto “Trust in God” really means?  The Liberal/Socialist/Progressives do not like it when President Trump says, “American’s first!”  Is this the right idea we need?  Perhaps President Trump needs to think about this a little more.  For example, a New York City man said, it should be, “Humanity first!”  This of course is a globalist type of viewpoint on the topic.  I say, this man is wrong in his thinking just as much as President Donald Trump is wrong on the topic.  It should not be “American’s first” or “humanity first”.  It should be, “Divinity first!”  When we, as humans, begin to put God before our material needs and wants, only then can America be great.  The United States of America (Manasseh) is where the restoration of the Lost Israel takes place.  This does not just mean that the Ten Lost Tribes are found; it means that the Ten Lost Tribes are united once more with Judah’s tribes, and this union takes place in a new country in the West, the cardinal point for Christian Science.  It is through Christian Science that this restoration takes place.
            “…’To SPREAD undivided,’ My 353, suggests infinity; SPREAD being the process of Vignette; its type is given in Mis 100:19-25.  This is ‘the spiritual monitor UNDERSTOOD’!   {“The spiritual monitor understood is coincidence of the divine with the human, the acme of Christian Science.” (Mis 100:19-22)  Mary Baker Eddy is speaking of the human and divine coincidence – she is the “acme [the highest point or the highest ideal] of Christian Science.”  She is the spiritual monitor, and she (her human and divine coincidence), as this spiritual monitor, must be understood as the second coming of Christ!  She is our Christ advisor.  This idea is what must spread, but the opposite has taken place, and it has been hidden by the Church hierarchy and the Field.}  That Mrs. Eddy never made it possible to continue its picture as Vignette beyond her passing (as has been done in violation of our Manual) we will understand only in the proportion to our understanding Womanhood as idea and not physique!  And idea brought to expression is never lost, BUT the human form will seem to becloud it, if it is allowed to continue!” (p. 696-697)
            Why does she speak of “her passing” as if it was something that had to be done?  Yes, I agree, we must not look to Mary Baker Eddy as a person, or to her persona; however, we must spiritually understand and accept her PLACE IN BIBLE PROPHECY!!!  If we do not, we are lost, or we are inside a foggy cloud, mystified.
            “Was not this ability to translate a symbol into its antecedent idea, the Womanhood that John unfolded, as a consequent and complement of his manhood, he having been given the name by Jesus (together with his brother James) of Boanerges, son of thunder, on account of his fiery earnestness, Mark 3:17.  It was he who suggested calling fire down from heaven on the heads of the Samaritans who refused to receive Jesus, showing Elijah’s quality, who represented Fatherhood, Luke 9:54-56, but John’s translation of the symbols with which the other gospels deal is wonderfully clear, particularly the symbol ‘woman’!  Woman is called ‘Daughter’ by the other gospels, rather Jesus called Woman ‘Daughter’ out of Judea, showing how he (Jesus) kept to symbol, and in so many instances he deliberately used certain symbols of the gospel, saying at the time ‘that the prophecies might be fulfilled’!  A notable instance is Matthew 21:2-7, in fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9.  Jesus tried to rise above the literal prophecies (or symbols), but found that they must be fulfilled to leave a life-line in the human consciousness—Matthew 26:52-54, showed this so clearly.  John, the beloved disciple, on the way to the vision of generic man—Womanhood—in Revelation, recognized the symbol of specific ‘woman’ throughout his gospel, calling Woman by no other name, for he recorded only the work of Jesus in Judea where Jesus called Woman ‘Woman’ and not ‘Daughter,’ as he did in the other gospels (“A name better than of sons and of DAUGHTERS” Isaiah 56:5), the one exception being Luke 13, where he tells the Woman in Perea[4] that she IS released—‘Woman, thou ART loosed from thine infirmity’—because it was the healing immediately before he raised Lazarus from the dead, which was his last, and immediately after the wonderful discourse in John 10, where he put the ‘I’ before the Fatherhood of God, verse 30, and realized that ‘Principle and its idea is one,’ S&H 465, as Mrs. Eddy explains so wonderfully, S&H 361:13-18.  {Is it possible that the reason why Jesus used the word “woman” in John instead of “daughter” because St. John’s Gospel is in the tone of Science, and the tone of Science is about the woman God-crowned?}  This marvelous discourse was Jesus’ rejection declaration of Womanhood, ‘All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them,’ Verse 8.[5]  Is not this perhaps Mrs. Eddy’s intent in the fifth picture {CHRISTMAS MORN} in Christ and Christmas where she pictures the twelve sheep with no Shepherd?  The Glossary in Christ and Christmas for this was taken from John 8, before he rose to the height of the Shepherd in John 10.  The picture in the true circle (9th {CHRISTIAN UNITY}) in Christ and Christmas has John 10 for a basis.  ‘There shall be one fold and one Shepherd.’
            “The woman bowed together with infirmity, in Luke 13, being the only instance where Jesus called a woman ‘Woman,’ outside of John’s Gospel, was healed immediately after this marvelous discourse in John 10 wherein he released ‘woman,’ the discourse being in October and the Woman’s healing in November.  So Jesus first released Womanhood in Galilee, John 2 {verse 4? Where he says to his mother, “Woman what have I to do with thee?  mine hour is not yet come.”  But after this he changes the water into wine (“spiritual inspiration” of the Word).}; then in Samaria, John 4 {the woman of Samaria at the well – giving her spiritual teachings of the Christ}; then in Judea, John 8 {The adulterous, but not the male adulterer, is going to be stoned by a group of people representing Christianity.  In verse 10 Jesus says, “Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?”}; and then released her universally {Science tone} beyond Jordan.  He said, ‘Woman thou ART loosed from thine infirmity.’  Woman had to be released before man could be; and so his next ‘healing’ step was to raise Lazarus from the dead in February.  The discourse recorded in John 10 was given in the SEVENTH Jewish month (October)—the top rung of the ladder in ascent as previously recorded (corresponding numerically to Gad; the Woman was declared to be free in the eighth Jewish month (November, corresponding numerically to Asher—‘spiritual compensation,’ S&H 581—“A hind let loose”—Genesis 49:21, Jacob’s blessing); Lazarus was raised from the dead in the eleventh Jewish month which (corresponded to Joseph), which was his last healing and as far as he was able to reveal his vision.  He arose from the dead himself in the first Jewish month, April, which was the thirteenth call for himself, but he could reveal nothing but a quickening thereafter of the disciples on the way to Emmaus, yet revealed no further letter, except in prophecy to St. John on the Isle of Patmos.
            “(The above and others in these Notes statements of time, place and circumstance other than in the BIBLE itself is taken from Pelouber’s Bible Dictionary—the immediate facts, pp. 777-778.) ” (p. 697-699)
            I would like to mention that the two sisters, Mary and Martha of Bethany, are of utmost importance symbolically in St. John.  I know that they represent the Sixth (Truth) and Seventh (Love) Days when Christian Science is discovered as Truth and explained through Love.
            “All things are CREATED ‘BY Jesus Christ,’ said Paul.  The BIBLE CREATES all symbols for their translation in ‘to intelligence’ (divine reason in Church), thence ‘to Truth’ (in the Universe), which latter is one with Love or embraced in Love, Abraham’s FOURTEEN, Genesis 14.
            “For the purpose of showing the necessity for silencing of the symbol (“creation”) through intelligent use on the ways to ‘Truth’—the three steps being the correspondence of the ideal man, S&H 517:8—‘To creation, to intelligence, and to Truth,’ John’s method in the intelligent use of symbols—particularly of ‘Woman’—is cited in a concise way in the following synopsis of his gospel.

                                                JOHN’S GOSPEL
            St. John 1:1-5:  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”
            So, let us take a look at these first five verses.  In the beginning, in the onlyness of God, was the Word – the Bride, or Bride-City – that is one with God and is God (Spirit – the Holy Ghost).
            Holy Ghost.  Divine Science; the development of eternal Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 588:7)
            The Word is also symbolized by the element called fire, again bringing to mind the Holy Ghost that Christ Jesus baptizes with.  All things that God makes (creates) are Spirit, not matter, and because without God (divine Mind) nothing can be made, then matter cannot be made or created.  In him (Christ Jesus) is Life expressed or manifested; and the Life (which is God) was the Light (Christ) of men.  And the Christ shined in material darkness (non-understanding and chaos); and this non-understanding belonging to mortal mind does not comprehend the Christ at all.
            “Chapter 1 (John)—John, the disciple, was the only gospel writer who translated symbol into idea {because he expresses the tone of Science}.  For example, he starts his narrative of Jesus’ teachings by baptizing Jesus apparently in John the Baptist’s mentality, as typed by the River Jordan,[6] as no mention is made of any other baptism in the first chapter of John, in which the River Jordan is not mentioned.  For, of course, the consciousness of John the Baptist and the River Jordan are the same, as Jordan means the ‘descender,’ “flowing river of judgment.’[7]   It rises in a large spring in Dan (animal magnetism, S&H 583) and flows into the Dead Sea, and although it is but 65 miles from the Sea of Galilee (which is a part of it) to the Dead Sea, it winds until its course is 200 miles, showing what a serpent it is.  {I would like to say that the name Daniel means “judgment” and I take Daniel to mean righteous judgment, as given in Christian Science, while Dan, as animal magnetism would be false judging or false judgment via the five material senses about material conditions, etc.}  Almost everything of any moment in the BIBLE was done with reference to the River Jordan, which must be crossed before the Promised Land could be reached.  Naaman was forced to dip in it seven times, Elijah ascended on the other side than {instead of “than” I think she should have written “of”} the Promised Land, Reuben and Gad refused to go over it for their inheritances; Manasseh had portions on BOTH sides, as the five daughters of Manasseh were the first women to establish woman’s rights {five wise virgins typifying the United States of America?  One of the daughters was named Noah.}, as there were no sons, Numbers 26:33, 27:1-11—so, of course, they had possessions on both sides, as ‘a woman shall compass a man,’ Jeremiah 31:22, and his inheritance.  So John’s gospel implies the metaphysical process of John the Baptist’s thought, as the latter’s ‘repentance for the remission of sins’ was typed by the River Jordan in which he baptized.” (p. 699-700)
            Yet, the name of this river also means:  “the descender; the descending one”.[8]  St. John 1:32-33 reads:  “And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him [Jesus].  And I knew him not:  but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him [Jesus], the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost [fire].”  So the descending one is “the Spirit” or the Holy Ghost of divine Science (which is symbolized as a dove).  The one Spirit (for there is only one Spirit), of divine Science, descends after Jesus is baptized by water (water being the symbolic element of Science used throughout St. John’s Gospel).  We must realize that the real meaning of the river of thought must be the consciousness of divine Science, where as animal magnetism is the opposite of divine Science, or anti-Science.  Also, Womanhood always descends from heaven!  Nowhere in the New Testament does it have Jesus (manhood) descending from heaven.  So in this first chapter we have Jesus being united with his Womanhood, or his Bride (the Word of God).  He will have to demonstrate this unity in the upcoming marriage.
            “Chapter 2 (John)—Jesus’ baptism by a Levite {the third son of Jacob defined as ecclesiastical despotism}, forced on him the problem of uniting the human and the divine {the man and the Woman coincidence}.  So Jesus went forthwith (“And the third day {Soul},” John 2) to the marriage of Cana of Galilee.  (In the other three gospels this takes the place in the wilderness.  Is not this the only wilderness—the claim of divided male and female in quality?) where he turns the water (of manhood {she says, but I say of Science}) into wine (of Spirit {“Inspiration; understanding.” (S&H 598:17) – spiritual understanding = the Third Degree}).  {Another name I would like to call this wine that Jesus makes is – fire-water!  In other words, Jesus turning the water, the spiritual teachings of divine Science, into wine means that those who partook of this wine  (“Inspiration, understanding” S&H 598:17) gained spiritual understanding or comprehension of divine Science!  At least, this is how I interpret it.}  John’s intelligent use of symbols, recorded Jesus as responding to his Mother’s call for wine, as the call of true Womanhood—‘wine the inspiration of Love,’ S&H 35:27-28.  Although his words, ‘Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour has not yet come’ (declaring the demand precipitate) showed he realized that he must meet the demands of his baptism into manhood (water) before he could turn it into wine, as he symbolized by filling the waterpots full to the brim before turning the water into wine.  He never saw his mother again as ‘mother,’ as he had lifted her above ‘mother’ into Woman!
            “At the foot of the cross, John 19, the next time he saw her {the Virgin Mary}, he called her ‘Woman’ again, and gave John to her as son and her to John as mother, although there was no relationship between them, showing the universality of Motherhood as Woman, corresponding ‘to Life [Fatherhood—S&H 569:1] and to Love [Motherhood—S&H 569:3].’” (p. 700-701)
            I can see how the symbol for water could represent manhood (as she puts it) and that this hu-man (water) is turned into, or more accurately married to or united with the wine (Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost) – thus representing the human (water) and divine (wine) coincidence.  But is it also likely that this union (coincidence) is not possible without the spiritual teachings of divine Science being representative of the water itself?  Another interesting thing is spoken of in St. John 19:34:  “But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.”  Of course, this is given to us in explanation (verses 35-36):  “For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken.  And again another scripture saith, They shall look on him whom they pierced.”  Yet, I find it interesting that we have both blood and water mentioned, in verse 34, by John (only).  There must be a symbolic meaning for it, not just a physical cause behind the blood turning into water.  Would that symbology have anything to do with Jesus once more seeing the Virgin Mary (his own Motherhood)?  I think the symbolic meaning is about material marriage, where the man and woman are separated when one of them dies.  Upon his death, Jesus gave his own Motherhood over to John (divine Science).  The physical or mortal man has no coincidence with the human or the divine.
            “Jesus’ trip to Galilee, {in} John 2, was the only one outside of Judea that John records, as Judea is Jesus’ tribal work as {the} tribe of Judah.
            “Chapter 3 (John)—He could tell Nicodemus he must ‘be born again’ as he (Jesus) had been, as recorded in {the} previous chapter, when he saw his mother as Woman, and both himself and her as the child of Father-Mother God—(both male AND female).
            “Chapter 4 (John)—He calls the Samaritan woman ‘Woman’ and it turned her water of purification {spiritual teaching of Science}, which she thought she needed, into the wine of love {“Inspiration, understanding”}, and she was able to see the Christ a year and a half before Peter declared him in Caesarea Phillipi.
            “Galilee, Samaria and Judea lay longitudinally one below the other, with Jordan as a direct eastern boundary {east, the cardinal point of the Christ}, so that every time Jesus went from Galilee into Judea, he must pass through Samaria.  Samaria was considered synonymous with adultery, as the ten tribes of Israel, whose capitol was Samaria; were taken captives by the Assyrians and the Assyrians sent into Samaria to populate it to make it a buffer state between Judea and Assyria.  The wild beasts multiplied and destroyed so many of them, do to the scarcity of population, that the captured Israelites begged the Assyrians to send Israelite priests into Samaria to teach them the mosaic law for their protection, which they did.  And while they would read the blessings from Mt. Gerizim and the curses from Mt. Ebal, they practiced idolatry as well; and so Samaria was made up to renegade Jews (from {the} kingdom of Judah) escaping across the border, and Assyrians.  {This sounds like Samaria became a sanctuary city.  The United States of America should learn a lesson from this BIBLE account!}  That was why the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans.  Jesus was forced to meet this adultery between Galilee (Womanhood) and Judea (Manhood) typified by Samaria, typed by the adulterous Samaritan woman (who left her waterpots at the call of ‘Woman,’ John 4:21, 28), before he entered upon his mission in Judea.” (p. 701-702)

            There are two women depicted in this window.  The woman in the background is holding a water pot.  I believe her to be Martha of Bethany.
            Adultery does not necessarily mean sex between a woman and a married man or a man and a married woman; it can also mean that the spiritual teachings (the waters) have been polluted by false teachings (watered down wine).  For instance, Christian Science has been infiltrated with false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy, and these false teachings have been placed within the periodicals, and in biographies (even those approved by Boston) about Mary Baker Eddy!  They even adulterated the 88th Church Manual with the 89th Church Manual.  And they have adulterated SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, and Prose Works.  Even mainstream Christianity has adulterated the spiritual teachings of the BIBLE because the old men see through a dark lens.
            “Chapter 5 (John)—Thence Jesus healed the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda {“house of mercy; house of benignity; house of loving-kindness; house of healing.[9]}, with a claim suggestive of false womanhood and false manhood—‘Behold thou art made whole:  sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.’  {I like the last definition the best, as it means the consciousness (house) of healing.  This healing takes place in the water (pool) of Science.  The five physical senses (what the five pools negatively symbolize) are the opposite of Life.}
            “Chapter 6 (John)—Thence, he fed the multitude in the wilderness, after commanding the men to sit down, spiritual supply being in revelation—Womanhood.  There were twelve full baskets left.  When reason is silenced in obedience to revelation, the power of twelve is revealed.  When the Twelve Tribes were together in the wilderness, they were all fed by daily manna {bread of Truth} and drank the same spiritual drink, I. Corinthians 10:4—with no other effort than to obey, thereby humbling reason before revelation.[10]
            “Chapter 8 (John)—Woman taken in adultery, lifts up herself when he {Jesus} lifts the condemnation of man from her (“hath no man condemned thee?”  She said, “No man, Lord.”  And Jesus said unto her “Neither do I condemn thee:  go, and sin no more”); and Jesus lifts up himself to the ‘Woman,’ having stooped down on the ground with her until she could see Womanhood and lift up herself on foundation of true manhood.  She responds to the call of ‘Woman,’ verse 10, after the false sense of man withdraws—9th verse.  Then he {Jesus} defines the devil, and puts himself {as the Christ} before human symbol of Fatherhood, Abraham—‘Before Abraham was, I {the Christ} am.’  Whereupon the Jews sought to stone him.
            “Chapter 9 (John)—Heals the man ‘born blind from [because of] his Mother’s womb.’  After the impure sense of woman is risen above, the humanly pure sense of woman must be met.  In other words, human birth must be met before human death.
            “Chapter 10 (John)—Gives the wonderful discourse where he {Jesus} rose to his Womanhood and expressed the limitation of manhood separated from Womanhood:  ‘All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers’ (4th verse).  Limitation of vision, no matter how good it is as far as it goes, robs us at the point of the limitation.  In this chapter, he puts the ‘I’ {as Christ Jesus – the divine (Womanhood) and human (manhood) coincidence} before the “Father’ when he says:  ‘I and my Father are one.’  Motherhood (Love {the Holy Ghost}) is larger than Fatherhood (Life) as Life is the activity of Love (“Life is the spontaneity of Love”—My 185), embraced therein.  (Compare the definition of Father with Mother in the “Glossary”.)  Again, they tried to stone him and he was forced to go over Jordan to the place where John first baptized him.  In other words, what is there in this water baptism that forever puts out the baptism of fire of the Holy Ghost?  John the Baptist said:  ‘I indeed baptize you with water…but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost’ and with fire {the Word of God}, Matthew 3:11.
            {“Fire. …affliction {suffering} purifying and elevating man.”  (S&H 586:13)  So it is the fact that we permit (suffer) error (mortal mind) within our conscious thought that causes our afflictions in the material realm.  And it is our disdain to these afflictions that will eventually turn us toward the Word of God which will purify our thinking and motivate us, or elevate us, upward (toward Spirit).}
            “Chapter 11 (John)—Unfolds the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  Jesus wept because there was no vision of Woman in Martha’s {thought} or Mary’s thought.  He does not call them ‘Martha’ or ‘Mary’ nor ‘Woman’—he just wept.” (p. 702-704)
            I think she sort of downplays the importance of Mary and Martha!  First off, they are of the town of Bethany “house of figs; house of afflictions; house of distress; house of depression”.[11]  This being said, is not Bethany a symbol of the fire (the Word of God) – Holy Ghost – that is spoken of in St. John?  Also, it is Mary (in John 11:2) who “anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair”.  This fact, which is spoken of in more detail in chapter 12, is important to acknowledge.  I believe that the family of Bethany is symbolic in that Lazarus really represents Jesus’ first coming as the Christ in the Fifth Day of Life, and that Mary represents the second coming of the Christ in the Sixth Day of Truth while Martha represents the third coming of Christ in the Seventh Day of Love.  Mary Baker Eddy spoke of three Christ advents and she applied the following names to them:  Jesus, Mary, and Martha.
            Jesus could have gone and healed Lazarus while he was sick, before he died to material sense, but he knew that he had to symbolize his own resurrection from the dead, not too far off.  So he procrastinated his journey to Bethany.  Jesus said (verse 14-15), “Lazarus is dead.  {They believed that Lazarus was dead, Jesus knew better, or else he could have never resurrected the man.}  And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, to the intent ye may believe; nevertheless let us go unto him.”  He wanted them to accept that Life is and that death is not (no thing).  It is Martha who first goes out and speaks to Jesus.  “Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.  But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.” (Verses 21-22)
            “Thy brother shall rise again.” (Verse 23)  To me this is an odd thing to say.  Why did Jesus use the word, “again”?  I feel that it is because he was speaking about himself being her brother.  After Lazarus, her brother rises, he as her spiritual brother will rise.  However, perhaps Jesus just meant, that as Lazarus rose up every morning after being asleep, he would rise again out of sleep (death).
            Martha says, “I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” (Verse 24)
            “I am the resurrection, and the life:  he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live; And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.  Believest thou this?” (Verses 25-26)
            “Yea, Lord:  I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.” (Verse 27)  After this Mary speaks to him and Martha comments upon the material lie, the corpse stinks after four days of death.  Jesus replies with, “Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?”

            I believe that Mary and Martha are depicted in the above window as the two women next to Jesus.  Martha is the woman with the water pitcher, the same woman seen in the WOMAN OF SAMARIA window (?).
            After Lazarus was raised from the dead priests and Pharisees set their sites on Jesus and also plan on killing Lazarus off.  St. John never mentions that they kill Lazarus.
            “Chapter 12 (John)—Mary {of Bethany, not Mary Magdalene} anointed Jesus’ feet with ointment and wiped them with the hair of her head.  She did not see beyond manhood {Orgain’s opinion}, — she of whom Jesus had the right to expect most, as it was she that sat at HIS feet in the house when Martha served.  ‘The right to sit at Jesus’ feet’ being the step below ‘To form the bud for bursting bloom…“To point to heaven and lead the way,”’ Mis 388-389—‘Woman Rights,’ woman at man’s feet rather than head (“To form the bud for bursting bloom”—in man’s thought—Mis 389:4) prepares him for burial, as she cut off the symbol of Womanhood, Life, S&H 517:10, to him, John 12:7.  Of course, she did not interfere with Jesus’ individual demonstration, but left no symbol of Womanhood in the human consciousness to attest the truth of his Womanhood.” (p. 704)
            Again I disagree with her interpretation.  “To form the bud for bursting bloom” means something different to me.  It means that the bud of Sharon’s Rose, the poem called Christ and Christmas, must bud and bloom in human heart, that it must be explained to mankind as a Unity Matrix structure in correlation with WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  I, Martha of Bethany, am the first to do so.
            Even though the woman in the window of RAISING OF LAZARUS, whom I think is Mary of Bethany, is not standing up, she is equal to Jesus’ feet of understanding!  Yet, there is a woman who is equal with Jesus’ conscious thought, she is seen upon the grave of Lazarus.  Surely, this must mean something!  But let us now take a closer look at chapter 12.  In verse 3 Mary takes a pound of spikenard and anoints Jesus’ feet (spiritual understanding).  She wipes them with her hair (a symbol of “spiritual power”[12]).  Because she wipes the “Christ” oil off with her hair, it becomes wet with oil.  Wet hair is a symbol of Venus, the morning star.  Yet, it is Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son of ecclesiastical despotism, that objects to her actions.  To me, it is Judas who denies Jesus’ Womanhood, not Mary of Bethany, because Mary of Bethany is Jesus’ Womanhood.  Also, I feel that the five definitions that Mary Baker Eddy gives to “oil” in her “Glossary” happen to be the five wise virgins.
            In verse 9 many Jewish people came to see Jesus, but also to see Lazarus, who Jesus had raised from the dead.  Verses 10-11 tell us:  “But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.”
            “The Greeks then reached Jesus through Phillip and Andrew (“What mean these wounds in your hands?…Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends”—his disciples—Zechariah 13:6) and he accepts his crucifixion, as the only possible proof to the Greek thought.
            {On page 707 she speaks more on John 12, where the hour comes that the Son of man is to be glorified.  “His disciples in twelve could not see a demonstration in thirteen—or spiritually devoid of symbolism, and the Greek knew nothing of the symbol.  The manner in which they interpreted the one fact—God spoke, John 12:28-29, showed their three planes of thought:  The people (the Greeks) ‘said that it thundered’; others (the disciples) that ‘an angel spake to him’ (an angel is the Christian’s ‘experience’ leading the lower to something higher, usually affrighting him at first); but Jesus heard the words of the Father.  This grades every experience in Life, the Father always speaks and we hear from these three grades of concept.  The Father always says:  ‘I have both glorified it and will glorify it again,’ basing every promise on our ability to see the past, Ecclesiastes 3:15, in God’s Love, for life is an unbroken chain of evolutionary progress, as the entire verse 15 shows.” (p. 707)}
            “Chapter 19 (John)—26th verse, he again calls his mother ‘Woman’ and leaves her as ‘Woman’ and not ‘mother’—except as Universal Motherhood, John’s Mother—everyone’s Mother.  ‘The ideal woman corresponds to Life [Father S&H 569:1-2] and to Love [Mother, S&H 569:2-3].’
            “Chapter 20 (John)—Jesus called Mary {Magdalene – “high tower”} ‘Woman’ and she did not respond, as ‘Woman’ seemed to ‘garden’ her thought (“she, supposing him to be the gardener”).  When he called her ‘Mary’ (a tear, “repentance”) she responded quickly; thus, to the world John the Baptist’s ‘repentance for remission of sins’ triumphed, and for the next two thousand years the world was baptized in tears of repentance {via mainstream Christianity}; until the call of ‘Mary’ reached Mary Baker[13]—‘Retrospection and Introspection’, p. 8—at the age of eight, audibly; and, thereafter, spiritually, Ret 13-14, and Pul 35.” (p. 704-705)
            Young Mary Baker heard her Mother-God’s voice call her over and over and over.  She began to ignore the call of her name, as she had previously gone to her mother Abigail Baker to ask her why she had called for her.  Her mother denied calling her name.  But when her cousin heard Mother-God call out Mary’s name, she asked Mary why she did not go to her mother in response.  So the two of them went to Abigail and she told them she had not called for Mary.  But the cousin insisted that she heard Mary’s name be called.  It was then that Abigail realized what was going on and she told Mary about Samuel and how God had called for him to respond.  She said when you hear the voice again you should answer as Samuel did.  To a little eight-year-old girl this probably was a very frightening thing and when the call came again she was afraid to answer.  She cried bitterly afterwards regretting that she had not answered God’s call.  But when she heard her name called again she responded, “Speak, Lord, for they servant heareth.”  After this she never heard her name called again.
            What happened after her reply is as follows.  She was on a bed at the time, and she was lifted up in the air and then she gently floated back down onto the bed.  This happened a total of three times.  One might ask, what would be the purpose of God lifting her up three times?  I believe that it was to prove to Mary that God was in control, that God was the only true reality, and that matter forces where impotent compared to Principle.  Was this not the same Principle behind Jesus’ act of walking upon the water?  Another explanation for the three times could be to prove to Mary that God is Mind, Spirit, and Soul.
            Now, I find it interesting that the Mary that has been in discussion for most of John’s Gospel happens to be Mary of Bethany (the Word, the Holy Ghost), but at the crucifixion we have (19:25) Jesus’ mother (who is not called Mary here, but that is her name, and she represents the tone of the Christ) and aunt, Mary the wife of Cleophas (“glorious father; renowned father; father of praise[14] Cleophas was a follower of Jesus, thus this Mary represents the tone of Christianity), and Mary Magdalene, the high tower (elevated consciousness), representing the tone of Science.  And so, this higher elevated consciousness of Mary is what first witnesses Jesus after his resurrection.  Could it be that Mary Magdalene’s consciousness is higher because Jesus cast out seven devils (or demons) from her?  So she no longer was bogged down by mortal minded counter beliefs in opposition to Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.
            I am leaving out part of Alice Orgain’s next section, as it is basically a review, which simply confuses me, as she adds a section to it that I cannot figure out where that section even came from!  So if it confuses me I cannot explain it properly to you.  So I pick up on the bottom of page 707.
            “…John does not record the immaculate conception (“Before Abraham was, I am,” John 8), transfiguration, nor ascension.  They must have all seemed natural to him (‘God is natural good,’ S&H 119).” (p. 707)
            Is it not more likely that the reason why John does not mention the immaculate conception, the transfiguration, and the ascension, is because the book of St. John is in the tone of Science?  In W. Gordon Brown’s book FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION, p. 296-297, he writes:  “The Century Bible makes the following helpful and instructive comment regarding the four Gospels.  It says:  ‘If the first Gospel represents Jesus in relation to the Jewish past, the second to the Roman present, the third to the Greek future:  the fourth may be said to depict him in his relations to the universe, in that eternity in which past, present, and future are alike included.  In keeping with this is its frequent use of the word kosmos…’ (“The Gospel of St. John Introduction” p. 25).”  Further on in the paragraph he writes about John’s writings:  “Whether in the fourth Gospel, his three Epistles, or the book of Revelation with its preview of Christian Science, the keynote of the writings of John is always Science, in which letter and spirit, science and religion, are inseparable and complementary.
            “Stated technically, the impulsion at work in the Gospel of John is the Science of divine Principle Love in divine Science, appearing as the Science of Truth and Love in absolute Christian Science, unfolding through the order of Soul and Life, Spirit and Truth, Mind and Love, and Principle in Christian Science, within the framework of Science as the Word, Science as the Christ, Science as Christianity, and Science as Science.”  These are the four sides of our Capstone of Science – the four sides of the “little book open.”
            “…Jesus left the foundation of Church with Peter in the feeding of him lambs and sheep (highest point of ascent), but the resurrection, with Mary Magdalene {who, already being at the highest point of the watch tower, must descend}.  So he was ready for the fourth Woman {Principle}, S&H 534:5-7—‘man-Angel,’ Rev. 10;

First Edition

“…thence to the fifth Woman {Life}, mother bringing forth man child, Rev. 12, thence to sixth Woman {Truth}, the Bride—city foursquare, the male and female of God’s sixth DAY creation.
            “No one can escape the orderly acceptance of these symbols.  John knew the true value of Woman, as a symbol, no matter what sense testimony might have said about her; hence, his ability to define Love in the abstract.  Life, Truth and Love cannot be comprehended in the abstract by humanity until their symbols of Father, Mother and Son, male and female, are redeemed in the human consciousness, and it is done through three human steps:  first, as ‘creation’; second as ‘intelligence’; last as ‘Truth,’ S&H 517:8.  We must accept the symbol—‘Creation’—from the BIBLE (“Who created all things by Jesus Christ”—Ephesians 3:9); thence see its intelligent value in the human relationships of life in Church (formulated good); thence its infinite value in the universe as ‘Truth.’  ‘None may pick the lock nor enter by some other door,’ S&H 99:12.  John had the ‘Key’ and always saw the door respond to its demand:  ‘And a door was opened in heaven,’ Revelation 4:1, as a response to his previously ordered steps!” (p. 707-708)
            Thus, ends Chapter XIII.
            I have to say, that Alice Orgain does not completely comprehend symbols.  For her time she did pretty good, but she is miles behind what exists today.  Over and over again she fails to mention the importance behind the seven points of light on the stars used by Mary Baker Eddy (symbolically) in the churches and in Christ and Christmas.  The seven pointed stars are symbolic of the morning star (Venus).  She fails to comprehend the real importance behind WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK and its matrix structure consisting of the following numbers:  4 Major Stars (for the Word’s Squared-Cycle), 8 Minor Stars (for the Christ’s Squared-Cycle and Christianity’s Squared-Cycle), 12 Angelic Stargates (and if there are twelve Angelic Stargates, there must be twelve Candlestick Churches) for the twelve tribes of Israel or the twelve nations of Jacob (7 of which have to do with the seven candlesticks[15] of Christ Jesus’ churches and 5 of which have to do with the five candlesticks of Mary Baker Eddy’s churches), and 16 for the total amount of sides for the four Squared-Cycles, the last Squared-Cycle being the Capstone of Science, the four sides of the “little book open” itself, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy.
            Alice Orgain was willing to go all the way to the number fourteen, but she did not see the purpose of fifteen (seven synonymous terms for God plus the divine infinite calculus of the four beasts plus the four levels of Science) or sixteen (4 x 4 = 16).  She came before John W. Doorly and his students explained the Network Matrix (16) for the divine infinite calculus, and they came before me, who has explained WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK, or the Unity Matrix.  Perhaps some Christian Scientists think that this window was explained by Joseph Armstrong in his book Building of The Mother Church, but it is not so.  I have explained it like no other Christian Scientist.  I am not boasting just giving a statement of fact.
            Alice Orgain did not understand the matrix layout of the BIBLE.  Thanks to Doorly and his students those who are willing to read their works upon the topic now understand the matrix layout of the BIBLE.  Yet, the Boston hierarchy still does not want the Field to read these works of Science.
            When I read books like AS IT IS I tend to get somewhat frustrated because to me the writers do not understand symbolism, they do not explain themselves in a way that I feel they should, or to make it clear as to what they mean.  One way that Alice Orgain misunderstands symbolism is her take on the number fourteen.  Sure, she is right in that it is symbolic of the universe, or the world, however, she is naive when she thinks that just because there is the number 14 in the title of “The Fourteen Points,” that global-communist “Colonel” House wrote while being Woodrow Wilson’s puppet master, her thinking that this number 14 is a good symbol, well she is just flat out incorrect about it.  Just because the number fourteen was used in its title does not mean that House wrote something good (of God)!  In fact, the opposite is true.  Nor did Orgain comprehend the dangers of the League of Nations, progressivism, etc., whereas Augusta E. Stetson did comprehend these dangers.
            I feel that the real reason why John has Jesus using the word “woman” instead of “daughter” or “mother” is because this particular Gospel is not only telling us the story of Christ Jesus, but it is also prophecy, as is the book of Revelation, about Mary Baker Eddy and Martha Jones-Smith, the second and third coming of Christ as the feminine representatives of Christ, the two sisters of Bethany (Mary and Martha being synonymous in meaning).  As I said earlier, I feel that Lazarus “whom God helps[16] (even though a different name from Jesus) represented, or typified, Jesus as the first coming of Christ.  John’s Gospel is the only one that mentions the raising of Lazarus (which is told on the southern side of Science as Christianity, the tone of Mind and Love).  We must ask ourselves why this is.  To me, it is very clear, that the reason is because Jesus is whom God helps resurrect.  I believe that John wrote code prophecy about the three advents of Christ for the three days of Life (Fifth Day), Truth (Sixth Day), and Love (Seventh Day).
            Perhaps there is another explanation as to why John writes in the tone of Science?  “…At the passover, this beloved disciple {John}, the author of Revelation, the forecaster of Christian Science, leans on Jesus’ bosom and lies on his breast, John prefigures the womanhood of God which reveals Christian Science to the world.”[17]
            Also, on page 303, Brown writes, “…Peter questions Jesus regarding the mission of the beloved John.  Jesus replies:  ‘If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?’  Spiritually recognized, John is the universal, unseen Science of Jesus’ own mission {the first coming of Christ}.  It is John, therefore, who receives Revelation on the island of Patmos, and whose spiritual potential tarries in world consciousness to prepare mankind for the second advent.
            “As we come to the Acts of the Apostles, and the spiritual leaven, which is John, starts to ferment the whole of human thought, the second phase of the Christ-mission {the second coming of Christ} can be said to have already begun.”
            This being said, if there is a first coming of Christ (as Christianity via Christ Jesus) and a second coming of Christ (as Christian Science via Mary Baker Eddy), then why is there not a third coming of Christ (as divine Science via Martha Jones-Smith) – that John knew about and spoke about as Lazarus, Mary, and Martha of Bethany?  It is a fact that Mary Baker Eddy spoke of three advents of Christ, and she gave them the names of Jesus, Mary, and Martha.


[1] “She excommunicated the branches, My 140, immediately after the TWELFTH Communion Service.” (AS IT IS; p. 693)

[2] At the end of this Annual Meeting, 1906, message to The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Jesus’ is quoted:  “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.”  This means something to me, in that I recently saw the silent movie The Greatest Story Ever Told.  At the end of the movie, after Jesus’ resurrection and after he shows himself to the disciples, they show Jesus in large form standing over a modern day city – the early 20th century.  This very quote is used.  Was not Cecil B. DeMill telling us that this was the endtime?  As Jesus’ words are “even unto the end of the world” – the endtime.  The significance being that the second coming of Christ had occurred.

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