The Twelve Tribes – Part 2

by MJSmith

The Oil Lamp Keystone

            “NAPHTALI, Jacob’s sixth son {Truth}, was again Rachel’s child by Bilhah her maid.  This time she wrestles and prevails over law (“My sister”), which is the meaning of Naphtali (wrestling).  {Jacob does not wrestle with the law until after Joseph is born.}  Love must wrestle from under law and embrace it.  Naphtali in Moses’ song must possess the west {Science} and the south {Christianity}.  The south (Christianity), in the city foursquare, is human suffering {permitting error}, ‘with its Southern Cross {of Calvary} in the skies {Levi},’ S&H 575, but the west is the ‘Golden shore of love and the peaceful sea of harmony {Judah},’ S&H 575:32-576:2.  Naphtali must rise out of wrestling (south) and go on to Love (west), Gen. 49:21, Jacob’s blessing—‘a hind let loose’ (I have wrestled with my sister and have prevailed—released [let loose]—my son).  This wrestling out from under law to the light of Love opens a door that can never be shut (Love “goes no more out,” Rev. 3:7-13) and it corresponds to the sixth Church—Philadelphia {Brotherly Love; Spirit}, Rev. 3:6-13.  ‘I have set before thee an open door {a Stargate}, and no man can shut it.’ Verses 11, 12 give promise for ‘overcoming.’” (p. 131-132)
            When Levi permits the error of sexual intercourse it leads to spiritualism (Judah).  But Judah, being rightfully interpreted, is the Word (the Bride) of Science.  This tone shows man that Christian Science reverses spiritualism.  It is through the woman’s leaven that Science, Theology, and Medicine are raised up to the point where the Christ consciousness reflects its own Christhood (its own virginity).  The five wise virgins had oil in their lamps so they were allowed to go into the wedding of the bridegroom Lamb and the Lamb’s bride.
            Orgain says that Naphtali’s struggle “corresponds to Rev. 6:12-17, the opening of the sixth seal and the struggle up {via the woman’s leavened bread} to true manhood {the Christ consciousness} and Womanhood {Christhood} above the animal sense, — the animal, and the male and female being the three steps {“Science, Theology, Medicine”} in the sixth day.  The sun, moon and stars are darkened and the earth quakes.  Mental values are all shaken up and changed, as the material sense of animal and man and woman, Gen. 1:24-27, are successively challenged by spiritual values.  ‘Isms’ and ‘ologies’ are forced to yield to their nothingness; Rev. 3:10 warns the Church of Philadelphia of this struggle.

            “(The sixth Astrological sign is Virgo or the bowels—the House of Health.  ‘Bowels of mercies,’ Col. 3:12, are needed as mercy is demanded by the challenge of more spiritual conceptions.  Virgo, is the ‘virgin’ constellation.  The truth that health comes through a woman, in the proportion that the ‘bowels of mercies’ are quickened in the human consciousness after the struggle with false theological and medical laws, ‘isms’ and ‘ologies,’ seems to be counterfeited in this material claim about the stars, putting the ‘idea’ into matter and losing its value {this is spiritualism}.  The truth is thus counterfeited that health comes through woman after she has risen above human law and embraced it.)” (p. 132-133)
            “In the year 1866, I {Mary Baker Eddy} discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science.  God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing.
            “This apodictical Principle points to the revelation of Immanuel, ‘God with us,’—the sovereign ever-presence, delivering the children of men from every ill ‘that flesh is heir to.’  Through Christian Science, religion and medicine are inspired with a diviner nature and essence; fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God.” (S&H 107:1-14)
            Aquarius (Levi/Christianity) is the only man constellation while Virgo (Benjamin/Science) is the only female constellation.  So they must go hand in hand, so to speak, be seen as one instead of two – as described by Mary Baker Eddy in “The Apocalypse” chapter on pages 576:26-577:11.  Naphtali, as Aries (the Christ Ram), represents this divine union.

The Pomegranates Keystone

            “GAD was Jacob’s seventh {Love} son (this is Leah’s {fifth (Life)} child {but her handmaid’s first (Mind) child} by her {Leah’s} bond-maid Zilpah {“bitterness” (Mary and Martha also mean bitterness); Virgo, or the Virgin Mary makes way for the Son of God to be born as Jesus in the Fifth Day of Life and the Virgin Martha makes way for the Son of God to be born as generic man in the Seventh Day of Love})—Leah could use any accepted form of law in her ascent, as she types law, yet Rachel cannot rest under law, but law must rest under her.  Gad means a ‘troop.’  ‘Behold a troop cometh,’ said Leah.  The universal idea of man is dawning as the result of Rachel’s triumph over law {physical law}.  Mrs. Eddy calls Gad:  ‘Science, spiritual being understood; haste towards harmony,’ S&H 586:21-22.  As presented in {the} next chapter under ‘Gad,’ in a corresponding period of unfoldment in Science, Mrs. Eddy dissolved organization, which had never gone beyond seven, the quorum of her then-Church — The First Church, Massachusetts Metaphysical College, Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association, National Christian Scientists’ Association, had never reached beyond SEVEN as a quorum, and a quorum denotes basic organization.  Jacob’s blessing, Gen. 49:19, ‘A troop shall overcome him:  but he shall overcome at the last,’ seems to prefigure the experience of the first form of our church organization (form seemed to almost ‘overcome’ Spirit, but Spirit triumphed—Ret pp. 43-45).  See Deut. 33:20-21, Moses’ Song, for his blessing of Gad.
            “The tribe Gad corresponds to the seventh Church {Laodicea; Mind} and the last of Jesus’ seven Stars—the church of the Laodiceans or ‘JUST people,’ who are warned, Rev. 3:14-22, against self-righteousness, who need ‘eye salve’ to see.  Jesus stands at the door and knocks, as this is the perfect man child.
            “This Church opens the seventh seal, through the Lamb, and reveals, first silence—Rev. 8:1 (was not this what Mrs. Eddy felt necessary when she dissolved the Church at a period corresponding to the ‘Gad’?)—then rest—‘Beholding the infinite tasks of Truth, we pause—wait on God.  Then we push onward until boundless thought walks enraptured, and conception unconfined is winged[1] to reach the divine glory,’ S&H 323:9-12.  This ‘silence’ corresponds to man’s rest before God’s activity in the seventh day of consciousness in Gen. 2:2; for ‘God rests in action,’ Mrs. Eddy says in correlation of Gen. 2:2, S&H 519:25.  Thence the trumpeters go forth and the remaining activity is from heaven—the descending angels.
            “(The Astrological sign for Gad is {Libra} the balance—the scales—between heaven and earth—The House of Marriage {the House of God is the House of Marriage, when “Principle and its idea is one.”}.  How closely the counterfeit ‘bites at the heal’ of the true idea!)” (p. 133-134)
            Yet, in my Stargate Matrix Gad is placed in the tone for the Christ as Christianity where we find the Pomegranates (it has been thought that the Pomegranates were representations of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil; however, in the Tarot [Rider deck] pomegranates are used in the HIGH PRIESTESS and THE EMPRESS cards, both cards represent the woman God-crowned [Rev. 12]) Keystone in WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK. This tone corresponds to the seventh chapter “Physiology”.  “Physiology is one of the apples from ‘the tree of knowledge.’  Evil declared that eating this fruit would open man’s eyes and make him as a god.  Instead of so doing, it closed the eyes of mortals to man’s God-given dominion over the earth.” (S&H 165:1)

            The seventh Church (Mind) must listen to its seventh angel (Love) and dissolve The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.  Physical organization of Church must be let go of, otherwise, Christian Scientists can never let go of their physical material bodies; they will continue to physically die.  It is a fact that there are no marriage ceremonies performed in any Christian Science church!  Mary Baker Eddy set it up this way on purpose.  She was trying to enlighten her followers, telling them, “Hey, if you can’t get married to the opposite sex in our Church then what makes you think that you are supposed to get married at all?”  The fact is, men and women are supposed to give up getting married and give up copulation.

The Concord Grapevine Keystone

            “ASHER was Jacob’s eighth son {Leah’s sixth son (Truth) and Zilpah’s second son (Spirit)}.  ‘Happy am I, for the DAUGHTERS will call me blessed,’ was Leah’s rejoicing, Gen. 30:13.” (p. 134)

The Big Dipper Keystone
            Who are the “daughters”?  I think that they are the seven Star-Flower-Angels that follow the Word order through the Seven Days that are seen in the Big Dipper Keystone (which is directly above the Concord Grapevine Keystone).  They would be Mind (the woman most commonly called “Eve”), Spirit (Noah’s womanhood), Soul (Sarah), Principle (Queen Esther), Life (the Virgin Mary), Truth (Mary Baker Eddy), and Love (Martha/Dinah/generic man).  “As Leah got a glimpse of universal man in ‘Gad,’ so in Asher, she reached the vision of Womanhood.  The children, Gad and Asher, are both by Zilpah (‘contempt of the mouth’ or channel {river}[2]).  The channel must be scrupulously and carefully regarded until law (ascension) is fulfilled and embraced.  Individual unfoldment must be limited to lawful relationship, but after the ‘two-ness’ of relationship is overcome in Dan, and Love makes a bulwark of law and sees its divine origin, thereby ‘wrestling’ (Naphtali) until personal sense is overcome; then, and not until then, the spiritual heritage opens before man as ‘a troop,’ freedom from the bonds of the law in universal spiritual Love {Dinah}.  The ascent to the male and female of God’s creating in the sixth Tribe, sixth Church, sixth seal and sixth day, must be made in the ‘straight and narrow way’ of law; even Love (Rachel) awaiting the fulfilment of its demands before Love is ‘fruitful’ in objectified consciousness, for ‘divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation, or object,’ S&H 304:10-11.  Mrs. Eddy says on p. 73 of Miscellaneous Writings, ‘Law is never material:  it is always mental and moral and a commandment to the wise.  The foolish disobey moral law, and are punished.  Human wisdom therefore can get no further than to say, He knoweth that we have need of experience.  Belief fufills the conditions of a belief, and these conditions destroy the belief [that we have need of experience], etc.’  Note that the work of Leah (law) helped Rachel (Love); likewise Rachel’s vision helped Leah; and we now have a glimpse of Asher, as Woman embracing GAD, universal man (as each ascending step carries the one before with it), in whom (as Gad, seventh son) all specific work in the organization is dissolved in 1889.  Mrs. Eddy says of Asher in the ‘Glossary,’ S&H p. 581:  ‘Hope and faith {two qualities belonging to the Second Degree (S&H 115)}; SPIRITUAL COMPENSATION, etc.’  Jacob’s blessing of him in Gen. 49:  ‘Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties.’  Moses’ Song of Asher in Deut. 33:  ‘Let him dip his foot in oil. …There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun {rectitude; righteousness; justice; upright; the brilliant one; tranquility; harmony; happiness; blessedness[3]}, who rideth upon the HEAVEN in thy help, and in his excellency on the sky.  The eternal God is the refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms’—of previous unfoldment, Deut. 33:24-27.  In the genealogy of Asher is reckoned one daughter (the sons alone are reckoned in other Tribes, Gen. 46; this daughter is Serah—‘The morning star {she must be “the brilliant one”}.’  (Note also in this chapter that Dan had but one son, Hushim, which means ‘hasting’—the human will separated from God.)” (p. 134-136)
            In the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary it defines Serah as:  “poured forth; diffused; spread out; extension; redundance; abundance; excess.  Meta.  While Serah bespeaks a rich, broad, extensive phase of soul quality {like Joseph does}, there is also a strong suggestion of waste of substance, lack of conservation (poured forth, diffused, excess).”
            It is interesting if the one daughter of Asher, Serah, does actually mean: “The morning star” (Venus).  (I do not know where Orgain got her definition for this name.)  This means that Serah, as this star, could be the woman’s first Star-Church, as the previous seven Star-Churches belonged to the Son of man (Jesus).  Could it be then, that this Star-Church points us to the Keystone window depicting Mary Baker Eddy’s Concord Branch(vine) Church?  Libra, the black horseman, coincides with Asher’s position in the Stargate.
            “This tribe being the eighth, — there is no star in Jesus’ hand for it, as Jesus has but ‘seven stars in his right hand,’ which he says are the angels of the Churches, Rev. 1:20.  So there is no church of ascension in Rev. 3, for Asher, as the BIBLE is limited to seven inasmuch as it is the ascending thought; and, consequently, no seal of error to open, and no material concept to handle of Genesis 1 {should be Genesis 2}.  The sacrifice under the Mosaic law never went beyond SEVEN, for instance II Chron. 29:21; Num. 23:1, etc.  {Yet the woman’s “Footsteps of Truth” go beyond seven.}  In the unfoldment of this tribe Asher, the EIGHTH son (evidenced by the Mother’s evolution of the Tribes…Mrs. Eddy resolves (she dissolves in Gad and resolves in Asher) all the activities which have been dissolved in Gad into universal and voluntary assemblies {associations}, taking the National Christian Scientists’ Association from under all By-Laws; having the Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association By-Laws revised in 1889 instead of repealing them, making it a ‘parent Association’ with life-membership, but a voluntary Assembly of Christians….so, Asher is Universal Assembly.
            “(This Tribe is counterfeited in Astrological lore by the ‘Scorpion,’ or House of Death.  {Remember, “Christian Science versus [reverses] Spiritualism” in Scorpio.}  ‘Asher’ is the stage demanding great watchfulness lest we use the liberty gained thereby for ‘an occasion to the flesh,’ as Paul expresses it.  ‘The law is our schoolmaster [teaching us Life’s Principle] to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith, etc.,’ Gal. 3.  ‘I through the law am dead to the law,’ Gal. 2:19.  Those of us that have reached this point of unfoldment through rising on the SEVEN ascending rungs of Jacob’s Ladder (remembering the ladder {ramp or pyramid} was set up on the earth, Gen. 28:11-12, and not let down from heaven) are in no danger of being blinded by the glorious light of the descending angels {belonging to the Woman}, the first of which we have seen in Asher, for UNDERNEATH Asher ‘are the everlasting arms’ (Deut. 33:27—“Moses’ Son’ of Asher) to hold up the work of Principle gone before.  But those that have tried to climb the hill of Science by some other road {other than the Woman’s “Footsteps of Truth”},’ S&H 326:7, or ‘pick the lock [or] enter by some other door,’ S&H 99, will find that ‘Christian Science’ as revealed in the SEVEN former steps must be embraced.  ‘Elias:  Prophecy…Christian Science’ is the prophecy of divine Science, S&H 585:9-14; ‘Elias [Christian Science] truly shall FIRST come and restore all things’ in Principle.  The light of the descending angels, to the unprepared, will but produce the plagues of the angels whose ‘vials were full of wrath,’ Rev. 21:9; S&H 574—wrath of the resistance of the flesh to the prayers of all saints, Rev. 8:3.  So the ‘scorpion’ sting of false love is to the flesh that claims false love.  Mrs. Eddy says:  ‘Christian Science may absorb the attention of sage and philosopher but the Christian alone can fathom it,’ S&H 556.  Thus the COUNTERFEIT claim for eight presents Asher’s danger, for ‘danger’ there is at every step until the whole journey is completed and the Twelve Tribes redeemed—as has been done, and we have been offered salvation as a ‘gift’ in ‘Christian Science,’ S&H 442:25-29, if we but understand how to accept it.  Jesus shows this danger in a separate warning to each of the seven Churches, Rev. 2, 3; the ‘generative’ ascending steps could not escape the ‘overcoming’—we are children of ‘regeneration’—JESUS’ ‘second coming,’ Ret 70:20-23; Matt. 19:28-30.” (p. 136-138)
            The Concord Branch was Mary Baker Eddy’s “gift” to the Field.  I feel that this Branch Church is depicted as TRUTH versus ERROR (in Christ and Christmas).

C&C-C.S. TvE (A)

A mother’s responsibility
            “A mother is the strongest educator, either for or against crime.  Her thoughts form the embryo of another mortal mind, and unconsciously mould it, either after a model odious to herself or through divine influence, ‘according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount.’  Hence the importance of Christian Science, from which we learn of the one Mind and of the availability of good as the remedy for every woe.” (S&H 235:12)
            What is the “pattern showed to thee in [not on] the mount”?  Is it not the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth (a.k.a., Jacob’s pyramid) – where we have the woman’s “Footsteps of Truth”?

Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth 2

            From here Alice Orgain brings in the story of the MANDRAKES.  Now, all Harry Potter fans think of mandrakes as screaming plants!  But this is not what they are in the story of Reuben, the first son.
            “Here intervenes a most significant incident.  Reuben, the first son, goes into the {Christian Science} field in WHEAT HARVEST days {the end time} to find mandrakes for his mother, Leah, — for the unfoldment of THE CHILD must go on to completeness, and it is most natural that Reuben—the first Tribe, first Church {The First Church}—should feel it, as to it was promised the whole ‘Tree of Life,’ Rev. 2:7, bearing its full twelve manner of fruits, Rev. 22:2.
            Mandrakes, Gen. 30:14, were not vegetables but fruit, ‘fruit of the ground,’ Gen. 4:3 and S&H 541:9-11.  They are small red apples, and are called ‘the devil’s apples’ by the Orientals and Arabs (Shem—‘reproof of sensualism,’ S&H p. 594—being an Arab) because it is claimed for them that they produce ‘voluptuousness or passion.’  Did not this type the apple that the devil offered Eve from the tree ‘growing out of the ground,’ Gen. 2:9; Gen. 3:3, 8?  {I do not know if it matters if is she is right about mandrakes, or again where she got her information on them, but my dictionary says that they are Mediterranean herbs “of the nightshade family with ovate leaves, whitish or purple flowers, and a large forked root traditionally credited with human attributes” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary).}  Mrs. Eddy said this original sin was ‘sexuality and self-abuse,’ S&H 127:3-8, of the 3rd ed., Vol. II, ‘Creation’:  ‘The garden was a term used to signify the body in the first records of mythology, sexuality and self-abuse the forbidden knowledge.’  Was not this the false union of the Churches of man and woman, and would not woman be forced to redeem this union?  So Rachel (spiritual sense) says, ‘Give me thy son’s mandrakes,’ just as Elijah said of the fruit of the false union (‘mistress’ of the house, who said, “Art thou come unto me to call my sin to remembrance and slay my son”—fruit?)’  ‘Give ME thy son.’  David, when struggling over a similar sin with Bathsheba, cried ‘Shall I give the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?’  ‘Fruit of the body’ and ‘fruit of the womb’ occurs all through the BIBLE, notably:  Deut. 28:4, 11, 18; Psalm 127:3; Isa. 13:18, etc.  So was not the tree sensuality and its fruit—‘Sensual and mortal beliefs (children),’ S&H 583?  The allegory of material creation begins with ‘fruit’ and ends with ‘fruit,’ Rev. 22:2.  So what could solve the problem but the redemption of ‘fruit’ from body—‘Creation’—to ‘intelligence,’ the second step in man—thence ‘to Truth’? (S&H 517:8-9).
            “There are three mottoes for churches, My 214, to correspond to the three steps in man—The first being ‘Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need‘—here Divine Love (Rachel) meets humanity’s (Leah) need in proportion as Leah gives her mandrakes (fruit) to Mind, Spirit.  Just what Jacob did in his regeneration, as evidenced by the definition Mrs. Eddy gave on p. 589, where sensualism was changed to ‘inspiration.’
            “When Cain (meaning “possession”) offered the ‘fruit of his body’—toil, labor, a portion of his possession claimed by self-righteousness, personal responsibility, etc., — God did not condemn it, as is evidenced by Gen. 4:7:  ‘If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted?  And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door.  And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.’  The first sin of Cain was not his offering, but his failure to recognize the limitation of his offering.  Fruit as matter was no offering, but as redeemed through Mind or Spirit it is ‘resurrection,’ S&H 509:1-7, which is as far as the first Church (man), Leah, can go without union with the second Church (Woman), Rachel.  ‘Give me thy son’s mandrakes,’ is equivalent to, let ‘Divine Love’ meet your ‘human need’.  Mrs. Eddy meets it by translating fruit into idea, as in S&H 508:9-509:8, and—‘vegetables are found, according to divine Science, to be the creations of erroneous thought,’ S&H 543:22-23.  Then earth (Leah) and Rachel (heaven) are never parted.  Abel—‘Watchfulness [watching God]; self offering,’ S&H 597—offered himself to God, as typed by the ‘firstlings of the flock,’ S&H 540:31-541:13; and this is what Rachel, as ‘ewe,’ ‘sheep,’ invites Leah to do with her mandrakes, — or her desire for conception.
            “Mrs. Eddy says in {the} 3rd edition, Vol. II, p. 120:  ‘…. and this earth and heaven are now and forever the male and female of Spirit, alias the Elohim, or sons and daughters of God.’  This is the edition where all creation was put into Motherhood.  Thus we have found ‘Mother-earth’ (as it has always been called) is one with Mother-heaven.  So Leah gave her son’s (Reuben—life, strength, power, courage, the redeemed definition of Reuben in Gen. 49 and Moses’ Son, Deut. 33) mandrakes to Rachel; thus Cain (which means ‘possession,’ as typed by Leah, trying to possess her husband and his love) makes his offering ‘acceptable’; humanity with its false claim of love yielding to the divine and we have—ISSACHAR.” (p. 138-141)
            Before I move on to the ninth son, let me show you a different (from Part 1) diagram of what I think Jacob’s ladder would look like (numbers as his sons only).


             From this you can see that we have the Minor Pyramid Matrix of Principle on the bottom (1-4 and 9-12).  The four sons that go beyond the Minor Pyramid into the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth are born of the two handmaids of (5 and 6) Rachel and (7 and 8) Leah).  We have now completed our second cycle around the Unity Matrix, we now begin the third cycle for the tone of Christianity.

The Lord and Lamb Keystone

            “ISSACHAR was Jacob’s ninth son, {and Leah’s actual fifth son (Life) but if counting the handmaid’s two sons it Issachar would be her seventh son (Love)} which means ‘Hire’; ‘God hath given me my hire,’ Leah said, at his birth, Gen. 30:18.  Leah got the reward (“hire”) for her labors only as she yielded to Love.  Moses’ Song tells Issachar to rejoice in his tents.  His blessing is so interwoven with Zebulun’s (the next son in this song) that it must be extracted by the identifying nature of each tribe.  ‘They shall offer the sacrifices of righteousness,’ pertains to Issachar, as Leah here yields her personal labor to Rachel’s demand and ‘sits down’ before Rachel.” (p. 141)

Christian Unity

Christian Unity

            “This is portrayed by the two in the circle in Christ and Christmas {CHRISTIAN UNITY}.  Jesus (of the tribe of Judah, Leah’s fourth son) having previously demonstrated Joseph, thus yields to Rachel’s Benjamin (Mrs. {Mary Baker} Eddy).  Jesus was a type of Joseph to which his tribe had demonstrated, as evidenced by the name Joseph, his foster-father, who was of the tribe of Judah and his mother’s husband afterwards, though not his father.  His mother was Joseph’s cousin and also of the tribe of Judah.  This tribe (Judah) was destined to demonstrate the immaculate conception, for Judah was the fourth son conceived when Leah ‘praised the Lord,’ turning entirely away from man {to Principle}.  As unfolded under the tribe of Judah, this son bore the misconceptions of the whole BIBLE:  ‘Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross,’ Col. 2:14; also, ‘He is our peace who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us (closing the Adam dream of two-ness, Issachar)…. for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace,’ Eph. 2:14-15.
            “Mrs. Eddy says, ‘He [Jesus] suffered, to show mortals the awful price paid by sin, and how to AVOID paying it,’ No 35:13-15.  So he brings the atonement of Leah in Issachar to union with Love—Rachel—for himself, even if not able to reveal it to others, John 16:12—at least he ‘gave up the ghost’ in the ninth (Issachar) hour, although he called his disciples in the tenth hour—John 1:39—(Zebulun).  (p. 141-142)
            I am not so sure she would be right about this if she placed the twelve tribes on the Stargate Matrix Wheel as I have placed them.
            “Hence he was forced to sit down in the ninth picture in Christ and Christmas—‘Motherhood’—Mind, mother man’—Poem.  Of course, ‘Jesus fully and finally demonstrated divine Science’ for himself, as Mrs. Eddy says, S&H p. 45, but the black robe on his lap in CHRISTIAN UNITY is his inability to impart it, due to limitation of ‘the highest human corporeal concept,’ S&H 589:16, channel.  However, after two thousand years of struggle in Dan (water animals and birds—fifth day—five thousand years since Adam—of creation) as well as in Naphtali (the struggle to demonstrate on ‘dry land,’ ‘absolute formations instituted in Mind,’ S&H 507:2—sixth day of creation—mortal thought is better prepared to yield its limitations.  So we have the second appearing of Jesus in his femininity:  ‘And unto them that look for him, shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation,’ Heb. 9:28.” (p. 142)
            Let me rephrase that last sentence:  “And unto them that look for him {Jesus}, shall he appear during the second coming of Christ without sin {Christ Jesus will be recognized as Spirit, a non-material being} throughout salvation which is the little book open:  SCIENCE AND HEALTH.”
            To continue with and finish her paragraph:  “(Without ‘The likeness of sinful flesh,’ Romans 8:3).  ‘The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the SPIRITUAL advent of the ADVANCING idea of God, as in Christian Science,’ Ret 70:20-22.
            “Note the far greater light over the head of the woman {Mary Baker Eddy} than the man {Jesus} in the ninth picture in Christ and Christmas in the circle {Unity Matrix}; however, the woman’s outer robe is drab {Mary Baker Eddy’s mantle is not drab, it is grey representing the Second Degree (S&H 115), while her dress is white representing the Third Degree (S&H 116) – this symbolizes her human and divine coincidence.} so long as they seem TWO—‘the two witnesses,’ which Mrs. Eddy defines on pp. 346 and 347 of Miscellany as ‘Christ Jesus and Christian Science.’  {Mary Baker Eddy had to say “Christian Science” because the world fought the Truth about her place in Bible prophecy.}
            “Could anyone doubt the identity of this picture to ‘Christ Jesus and Christian Science’ when the identity of one (Jesus) is unmistakable (and, in fact, Mrs. Eddy says so in her articles on Christ and Christmas in ‘Deification of Personality,’ Mis 307-310, and also the article ‘Christ and Christmas,’ Mis 317-376) and the woman’s scroll is named {titled} ‘Christian Science’?  {The woman in the Illustration is just as much identifiable as Mary Baker Eddy as the man is to Jesus!  I do not understand why so many Christian Scientists are so afraid, or perhaps unwilling, to identify Mary Baker Eddy aright?  As in her following sentence:}  Woman being idea has no personal identity.  {If this is so then why did Mary Baker Eddy tell us that we would find her elsewhere than just in her writings?  Also, in “The Apocalypse” chapter when she is speaking about the woman God-crowned being God’s messenger (that we must have a true estimate of), she says, “The botanist must know the genus and species of a plant in order to classify it correctly.  As it is with things, so it is with persons.” (S&H 560:19-21)}  The blackness of his robe across his lap, and the drabness of her outer draperies are in harmony with Mrs. Eddy’s statement that ‘the manhood and womanhood of God’ can only be revealed ‘in a DEGREE’ through the witnesses while they are TWO, My 347.   Revelation’s 11th chapter shows that they can witness together only in sackcloth {hum, book covers?}; however, as one has sat down before the other, the approach to truth is nearer.  Issachar is the two witnesses—Leah {Jesus as the Lamb?} and Rachel {Mary Baker Eddy as the ewe, or the Lamb’s wife?} approaching oneness; hence, Jacob’s curse, Gen. 49:14:  ‘Issachar is….couching down between TWO burdens.  And he saw that rest was good and the land that it was pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear, and became a servant unto tribute.’  This is the dangerous stage in Science, when we see the demands of the two women—Leah and Rachel—and do not take a decided position in either—but ‘love’ {Gabriel} one time and ‘war’ {Michael} the other.  Love always condemns warfare, and warfare utterly defeats Love.  If we are not watchful, it will seem easier to meet the demands of labor and ‘bow our shoulder to bear’ the ‘suffer it to be so now’ at every turn.  Jesus never said ‘Suffer it to be so now’ but one time, and that was when he was baptized of John in Jordan and took on the consciousness of Levi, which gave him the struggle between life and death—mortality and immortality.  Then he was driven into a wilderness from which he never wholly emerged until he rose above the false sense of ‘Levi…. mortal man,’ S&H 590:12, in the ‘resurrection’ and finished Levi’s work—third day of creation.  {Is this why the black mantle is laying across Jesus’ lap in CHRISTIAN UNITY?  Is this black mantle representing Levi?}  Our cause seems to be largely in this state, couching between the two burdens of The First Church of Christ, Scientist {this should be written as “the first church called Church of Christ, Scientist”}, founded on Jesus, as given on p. 17 or our Manual (Leah) which was dissolved in 1889, Ret 43-45; and Rachel, the second formation on twelve (stars) members of First Church carried to the Second Church; which latter Church was a purely voluntary organization founded on ‘Christ, healing and saving the world,’ Manual 19.  The latter formation was under no human law.  It is generally assumed that the ‘{Great} Litigation {suit}’ put it under law in order to be able to go forward without Manual authority and also our Church was put back under this dissolved First Church in 1928, (thirteen years after Mrs. Eddy left us—see Quarterly inside of first cover, which quoted this First Church as our present formation—to REPEAT, instead of COMPLETE our Church history as Mrs. Eddy demanded in Retrospection and Introspection of 1891, p. 58).  Are we not bowed between TWO burdens, and ‘working out our salvation’ all over again when Mrs. Eddy said (in 1908) that in ‘Christian Science’ it was a gift, S&H 442:25-29?
            “Since the stars in Jesus’ right hand (SEVEN) ended in Gad, this tribe, Issachar, the ninth son, is above Church under-law-formation (which had to end in SEVEN, as it DID) and must, with Asher, find its star in the descending idea.  The five star points on our present ‘Celestial crown’ (instead of human coronet, as formerly, see Journal June, 1908, article, ‘Cross and Crown’) are the five remaining stars which are found nowhere but in Woman’s Crown.  Note that each of them are seven pointed {each star has seven points of light}, showing individual (manly) demonstration of each point.  These five stars in Christian Science (the seal on all our books {now used as Boston’s illegal trademark}) added to the seven in Jesus’ right hand make the full twelve on Woman’s Crown.  There is no labor for this Tribe to do if it will see its privilege, for there is no Church to overcome, as in Rev. 3 and 4; no seal to open of material concept of the real.  Genesis first chapter did not prophesy beyond seven {should be six, as the seventh day was in Genesis 2:1-3}.  Seven is the limitation of manhood.  Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Issachar, S&H 589:1-3, is unredeemed; but in the city foursquare, this Tribe is a pearly gate of one solid pearl, Rev. 21:12, hence, redeemed!” (p. 142-145)
            For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.  And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. — Paul.“ (S&H 255)
            I will leave it up to you to decide if Orgain is right or wrong about the number seven.  What she fails to understand is that the Seven Days (Gen. 1-2:3) represent the Word order for the seven synonymous terms for God.  Thus the seven points of light in each Star (I think) represent God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.
            “(The counterfeit Astrological sign for this tribe is {Sagittarius,} the Archer, or thigh, or House of Religion, the thigh being very sacred to the Jews as indicating a religious rite.  Abraham had his servant put his hand on his thigh {it was actually his penis, symbol of a rod} and swear that he would faithfully perform Abraham’s commission.  Jacob’s thigh was out of joint in his struggle.  So—‘Every material belief hints the existence of spiritual reality,’ Mis 60).” (p. 145)
            Actually, I have Issachar under the sign of Gemini, the twins.  To me, in discussing the two witnesses Gemini seems to be a better symbol.  Also we have the Lord and Lamb Keystone (two witnesses?) for the tone of Christianity as the Word.  “Creation” is also the chapter for this tone.  However, the appropriate Illustration from Christ and Christmas is SEEKING AND FINDING where we have Mary Baker Eddy reading the only open BIBLE seen throughout the book.
            “Eternal Truth is changing the universe.  As mortals drop off their mental swaddling-clothes, thought expands into expression.  ‘Let there be light,’ is the perpetual demand of Truth and Love, changing chaos into order and discord into the music of the spheres.  The mythical human theories of creation, anciently classified as the higher criticism, sprang from cultured scholars in Rome and in Greece, but they afforded no foundation for accurate views of creation by the divine Mind.
            “Mortal man has made a covenant with his eyes to belittle Deity with human conceptions.  In league with material sense, mortals take limited views of things.  That God is corporeal or material, no man should affirm.” (S&H 255:1-15)

Palmleaves of Salvation Keystone

            “ZEBULUN (meaning ‘dwelling, habitation’)—the {actual six son (Truth) of Leah and the} tenth son of Jacob, is a most promising tribe.  ‘Now will my husband dwell with me,’ Leah said, Gen. 30:20; ‘Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will DWELL with them,’ Rev. 21:3.  Jacob’s blessing of Zebulun was:  ‘Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be for an haven of ships,’ Gen. 49:13; Moses’ song, ‘Rejoice, Zebulun in thy GOING OUT; and Issachar in thy tents.  [Moses unites Zebulun and Issachar.]  They shall call people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness; for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas and of treasure hid in the sand,’ Deut. 33.  Mrs. Eddy does not give us Zebulun in the ‘Glossary’.
            “The significance of ten (Zebulun) in the human consciousness will be seen from the following:
            “Noah was the tenth in descent from Adam, and Noah means ‘rest.’  {Leah’s actual seventh child is her only daughter and Dinah would symbolize the Seventh Day of Love, the Sabbath.}  His was the first ‘saving’ thought.  Enoch ascended but was unable to show anyone else the way, while Noah objectified an Ark of safety for eight people and all the animals, birds, etc.—at least, seven clean and two of each unclean species of animals and birds.  He was forced to save the clean and unclean as well, as his thought could not translate nor redeem—not having gone beyond ten.  The city foursquare in twelve redeems.  Noah could save bodily but not spiritually.  Abraham found that the city could be saved by ten, showing ten must be the ‘saving,’ although not redeeming, activity of the city, Gen. 18:26-32, — the squared human consciousness.” (p. 145-146)

Christmas Eve (colorized by me)

Christmas Eve (colorized by me)

            In the fourth Illustration of Christ and Christmas, CHRISTMAS EVE, there is the woman sitting in the wheelchair.  Each wheel has ten spokes instead of twelve.  I believe that the meaning behind the limited spokes found in the wheels of the wheelchair is what Alice Orgain speaks about in the previous paragraph in regards to ten.  I would also like to speak about symbols regarding the woman in front of the Christmas tree.  I call her Eve.  I never could tell what was in her right hand, I thought perhaps it was a white dove.  But recently after viewing the newest edition of the book I could tell that she was holding a soldier doll.  So in her left hand (female symbol) she has the female doll and in her right hand (male symbol) she holds the male soldier doll.  Is it a soldier doll in order to symbolize the war between the sexes?  Also the basket in back of Eve, probably being used by the man in shadow to hold decorations in, I thought was hanging from the tree, but it is actually just setting upon the floor.
            “It took ten revelations of light, which seemed plagues, to the Egyptians, to deliver the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage.
            “There were ten Commandments, corresponding to the ten tribes under the law.  The two sons of Rachel were never under law.  They never amounted to much among the tribes, because law had to be fulfilled collectively in ten—Ten Commandments—before Love could come to expression.  They are the two commandments, Matt. 22:36-40, upon which hang all the law and the prophets—first the love of God, as unfolded and manifested by Jesus (which Joseph prefigured)—‘As Elias presented the idea of the Fatherhood of God which Jesus afterwards manifested so the Revelator completed this figure with woman {Mary Baker Eddy, the woman God-crowned}, typifying the spiritual idea of God’s Motherhood,’ S&H 562:4-7; second, the love of man as revealed by Mrs. Eddy.  These two tribes, Joseph and Benjamin came to expression in Jesus and Mrs. Eddy; therefore, there is nothing to again cause wandering from the ‘Promised Land.’  The division and wandering the first time was due to the ‘fullness of time’ not yet being manifest for Love’s (immortality’s) unfoldment.  The law was not then fulfilled.
            “The {red} dragon had ten horns, with which he claimed to break the Ten Commandments.  The harp was an instrument of ten strings, Psalm 33:2, 92:3, 144:9.
            Ten tribes of Israel were led off by Jeroboam, an Ephraimite (of the Tribe of Joseph).  Elijah and Elisha were both prophets of Israel (the Ten that went away {the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel}) and not of Judah; Elias (Elijah) ‘. …the basis of immortality,’ S&H 585:12.
            “The Levites (priests and prospective priests) were given a tenth part.  Tithes were a tenth part or the full measure of human obligation of God, the squared human; the remaining two {Pisces – the Christian fish in the symbol of the X} are God’s spiritual gift to man—the spiritual idea.
            “Jesus likened the kingdom of heaven to ten virgins {yet only five virgins were wise and invited into the wedding feast}, and to ten talents, Matt. 25; ten lepers were cleansed, Luke 17:12.
            “Jesus, while born in Bethlehem of Judea, was conceived and brought up in Nazareth, of Galilee.  Galilee being composed of four of the tribes’ territories.  Nazareth was in what was formerly Zebulun, the tenth tribe.
            “Zebulun as the tenth tribe is the fulfillment of the ten commandments, and naturally the point of union between the human and the divine.  The ‘coincidence of the divine with the human,’ S&H 561:16.  The Woman standing on the square in Christ and Christmas is in the tenth picture {TRUTH versus ERROR}, and the tenth bird is the white bird {the dove} bringing the olive branch of peace to the others (in the last picture {THE WAY}).  Ten is the human square upon which the city rests—where God ‘dwells’ with men, Rev. 21:3.  The Tenth Commandment, ‘Thou shalt not covet’ (desire) silences the aspiration of the human consciousness; hence the tenth bird in the {second version of the} last picture of Christ and Christmas brings the olive branch of peace to the human consciousness.  Noah’s dove, which brought the first olive branch, typed the peace of ten, as Noah was tenth in descent from Adam.” (p. 146-148)
            I do not know if some of Orgain’s reasoning holds up when the same ten birds are seen in the first version of the Illustration for THE WAY, and the dove in it has no olive branch of peace in its beak.
            Noah was also placed in the time period for the Second Day of Spirit in the BIBLE’S Old Testament.  It was during his 500th year (Fifth Day of Life) when he had his triplet son-hood manifested.  Thus, these three sons, or Three Degrees, must be Scientifically Translated before they can be realized, by Noah, as his one Son, or rather Noah’s Christ consciousness (Jesus was born in the Fifth Day of Life in the New Testament.)  It was not until Noah’s Sixth Day of Truth that the rain came, the earth was flooded, and the ark finally rested upon the capstone of the mountain (the Pyramid Matrix of Truth).  It was months after the rains had subsided that Noah and his Christ Son were witness to the “bow in the cloud” a token of the Arch Covenant between God and the earth (you [Noah] and every living creature of all flesh).  This same symbology is used in Revelation 10 with the angel who has the bow upon his head and is clothed with a cloud – signifying God’s divine messenger (angel).

Angel Rev. 10 Win
            The word nimbus is reference to a cloud; however, if you look up the word in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary you will see that it also means a halo or a radiant light or glory, a circle (an arch), around the head of a divinity, saint, or sovereign.  It is also defined as “luminous vapor, cloud, or atmosphere about a god or goddess when on earth.” (WNCD)  In the BIBLE, someone ascending or descending in a cloud is symbolic of a divine messenger.  It is not clear that the Arch Covenant between God and the earth (as well as Noah) represents a divine messenger (angle)?  And this angel is the woman Mary Baker Eddy, for she has the “little book open” spoken of in Revelation 10.  It is written that the angel depicted in the window (as seen above) is a feminine figure (however, the angel above does not resemble Mary Baker Eddy in anyway).  To me this angel looks masculine around the neck and shoulders area; so why could not this angel represent Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood – Michael?  Going back to the Keystone window (the Palmleaves of Salvation), it seems appropriate that this section accompanies this Keystone.  For the little book open is first named SCIENCE AND HEALTH while the world salvation means “Science of health”.  Could not the palm leaves represent the pages of the little book open?
            Thus, even though Noah’s story takes place in the tone of Spirit (the Second Day) it is a prophecy of the two Christ comings of Christ Jesus in the Fifth Day of Life, and even more specifically, Mary Baker Eddy in the Sixth Day of Truth.  Another Noah mentioned in the BIBLE happens to be a female.
            “(The tenth counterfeit Astrological sign is Capricornus the Goat—‘the knees.’  ‘Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, etc.’  The goat is always a type of sin, and was made to bear sins of the people in the rite of the ‘scape-goat.’  The knees of sin are bowed collectively in ten to divine Love, — again, the counterfeit bites at the heels of reality—hints the fact!)” (p. 148)
            This counterfeit must be nullified by Zebulun’s rightful place upon the Wheel – that of Christianity as the Christ, with the tenth chapter “Science of Being” which brings forth true salvation.  “In Smith’s Bible Dictionary it is said, ‘The spiritual interpretation of Scripture must rest upon both the literal and moral {see SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATION OF MORTAL MIND S&H 115:26};’ and in the learned article on Noah in the same work, the familiar text, Genesis vi. 3, ‘And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh,’ is quoted as follows, from the original Hebrew:  ‘And Jehovah said, My spirit shall not forever rule [or be humbled] in men, seeing that they are [or, in their error they are] but flesh {Ham}.’  Here the original text declares plainly the spiritual fact of being, even man’s eternal and harmonious existence as image, idea {see SCIENTIFIC TRANSLATION OF IMMORTAL MIND S&H 115:17}, instead of matter (however transcendental such a thought appears), and avers that this fact is not forever to be humbled by the belief that man is flesh and matter, for according to that error man is mortal.” (S&H 320:8-23)
            Before I continue on with Joseph, we need to discuss Leah’s actual seventh child.  This seventh child is her only daughter and Jacob’s only daughter.  Her name is Dinah “vindicated”.  Vindicate is defined as:  “1 obs:  to set free:  DELIVER   2 :  AVENGE  3 a:  EXONERATE, ABSOLVE  b (1): CONFIRM, SUBSTANTIATE  (2) : to provide justification or defense for:  JUSTIFY  c :  to protect from attack or encroachment:  DEFEND  4 : to maintain a right to” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)
            It seems as if Simeon and Levi chose the second definition – to avenge the prince who raped their sister (as well as all the prince’s people).  Yet, there are such better definitions for the sister of the twelve sons of Israel.  Is it not God’s Daughter, Mary Baker Eddy, who has set free all of mankind with her Discovery of Christian Science?  Is it not Mary Baker Eddy who has exonerated, absolved, confirmed, substantiated, and provided justification and defense for Jesus?  Has she not been the sister who has protected Jesus from attack and encroachment and maintained her right to do so?  Likewise, should we not, as her followers, exonerate her and absolve her when she is lied about and maligned; and confirm her and substantiate her as the second coming of (the one) Christ and that she fulfills BIBLE prophecy?  Are we not the ones who are to provide justification and defense for Mary Baker Eddy when the red dragon tries to drown her with its flood of propaganda and false innuendos?  Are we not the ones whose duty it is to protect her from attack and encroachment?  And as Christian Scientists we must maintain the right to do just this!

Center Hub of Window of the Open Book
            Where is Dinah’s place in the Window of the Open Book Matrix?  I place her in the direct center where the “little book open” is located, in the hub of the wheel.  Why?  It is because the Revelator and the Revelation cannot be separated.  Dinah is Joseph’s Womanhood.  They cannot be separated; the Letter of the Law (Dinah) and the Spirit of the Law (Joseph) must be united.
            While Alice Orgain feels that Jesus relates to the eleventh son – Joseph, and Mary Baker Eddy relates to the twelfth son – Benjamin, I tend to see it differently.  I think that Joseph correlates more to Mary Baker Eddy.  Why?  It is because Joseph, as the last section of Genesis, represents the fourth section of the Science tone.  Abraham represented the Word tone, Isaac represented the Christ tone, Jacob represented the Christianity tone, and Joseph represents the Science tone.
            Not only that, but I feel that Dinah represents Joseph’s Womanhood because Joseph is given a coat of many colors.  These types of coats are given to virgin females.  I am not saying that Joseph was a woman, but that his Womanhood was of most importance.  Was not this woven coat of many colors symbolic of the web of Science?  I think so.


[1] “Downward wing.” (p. 134)

[2] I do not know where she got this definition for Zilpah.  The definition found in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary is quite different.

[3] Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, p. 345