by MJSmith

            “And upon her head a crown of twelve stars” Rev. 12:1.

            They [the Twelve Tribes] are the lamps in the spiritual heavens of the age,” S&H 562:18.

Woman God-crown Win

            The following excerpts are from Chapter 5 “Crowned with Twelve Stars” of AS IT IS, by Alice Orgain (beginning on page 203 and ending on page 273).  In this chapter she explains the difference between astrology’s zodiac wheel and the wheel (or cult) of Christianity’s Twelve Stargates.  I will make certain corrections to typing mistakes, or misspelled words, and the use of italics for books where appropriate.  All of her capitalized words are in small caps in her book, but I am forced to use regular caps for the Post.  I will use all capital letters for BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, unless they are direct quotes found in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.  [All interpolations in this type of brackets belong to Alice Orgain.]  {All interpolations in this type of brackets belong to me.}

“THE symbol ‘Twelve Stars’ is thus made the key to the Science of Life {a circle or wheel}.  More basic in point of time than even the Biblical spiritual evolution in the human consciousness as starting from Adam, the twelve constellations of STARS were regarded as forming man—Universal Man—each constellation corresponding to a different part of his body.  Doubtless, the old Almanac picture of man surrounded by the twelve constellations is a clear memory with us all, as we were confronted several years ago with patent medicine Almanacs on every hand containing this mysterious symbolism.  Was not this the material counterfeit of universal spiritual man spoken of by St. Paul in Ephesians 4:16:  ‘From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love’?
            “Mrs. Eddy says in the first edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, p. 265:  ‘Prof. Agassiz argues, “man springs from races.”  Mr. Darwin has it, he comes up through all the lower grades of being, and must be a monkey before he can be a man.  Mr. Darwin is right with regard to mortal man or matter, but should have made a distinction between these and the immortal, whose basis is Spirit.’  (Mrs. Eddy says somewhat the equivalent in our present edition, S&H 547:15-22 and 543:18-21.)  Does not this show that the BIBLE is but the history of spiritual evolution in the human consciousness, of which Mrs. Eddy says:  ‘Spiritual evolution alone is worthy of the exercise of divine power,’ S&H 135:9-10?  Again, SCIENCE AND HEALTH says on p. 267, ‘…. the forever Father must have had children prior to Adam.’  And, if so, there must have been the counterfeit matter-belief, as Mrs. Eddy says:  ‘…. every creation or idea of Spirit has its counterfeit in some matter belief.  Every material belief hints the existence of spiritual reality, and if mortals are instructed in spiritual things, it will be seen that material belief, in all its manifestations, REVERSED, will be found the type and representative of verities priceless, eternal, and just at hand,’ Mis 60:27-61:3.  Mrs. Eddy said in her message to the World’s Parliament of Religions, as recorded in Vol. II, p. 1422: ‘The Revelator had not passed the transitional stage in human experience called death, but he already saw in prophetic vision woman “crowned with twelve stars,” types of the twelve tribes of Israel, and the spiritual enlightenment of primal religion.’
            “So the signs of the Zodiac COUNTERFEIT the real man in his twelvefold characteristics and activities, and the reading of the TRUE stars (the science of the Twelve Tribes—stars on woman’s crown) is without doubt the ‘Astrology’ that Mrs. Eddy says ‘is well in its place, but this place is secondary [to their Principle],’  Mis 334:5-6.  She says these stars—Tribes—‘SHOW THE WORKINGS of the spiritual idea,’ S&H 562:18, as previously quoted.
            “The Zodiac and its claims of influence are said to be far older than even Egyptian or Chaldean civilization—which would far antedate the BIBLE account of creation {in Genesis 1-2:3}.  Egypt had twelve gods in the time of Moses and before, each representing one of the Astrological signs.” (p. 203-205)
            I would like to interrupt here for a second to explain that Moses borrowed a lot of church (or temple) symbols from the Egyptian culture, he would have known them quite well as he grew up in the King’s House and was well educated.  He interpreted these methods for spiritual learning (via symbols) and patterned many things after the Egyptian religions.  The Tribes of Israel are divided up, by Moses in the book of Numbers, into thirteen family groups with twelve tribes on the outer circle (zodiac wheel) and the Tribe of Levi (divided into four groups) was placed around the four sides of the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting placed in the inner circle.  Moses did this in order to translate the material zodiac science back to God as the infinite divine calculus of Science.  Ezekiel’s wheel, in the first chapter of Ezekiel, is designed for this same purpose, as well as, the Throne of God at the beginning of Revelation and the Holy City at the end of Revelation.
            “…So, Moses had a wonderful background for his prophecy in the first chapter of Genesis, in the Twelve Tribes of Israel as REVERSING the claims of influence of Egypt’s twelve gods.  He wrote Genesis’ first chapter several hundred years after Jacob had his twelve sons (the Twelve Tribes), which Mrs. Eddy says on p. 561 or SCIENCE AND HEALTH are symbolized by the twelve stars on woman’s crown, Rev 12:1.  The April Journal of 1895, in describing the twelve stars around the Director’s Window {Window of the Open Book} in The Mother Church, says:  ‘This window in encircled with twelve stars, four of which are larger than their fellows {I call these the four Major Stargates}, as hereafter explained; these stars symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel, and the twelve tribes of Israel stand in type for the whole human race.  The four large stars stand in symbol for the city described in Rev. 21:16:  “And the city lieth foursquare,” etc.’  April Journal, 1895, p. 5 (The Journals of January, February, March, April and May of 1895 contain marvelous descriptions of The (little) Mother Church, and its windows, which are far more elaborately described in these Journals than in Joseph Armstrong’s The Mother Church).” (p. 205)
            What Alice Orgain did not comprehend when she wrote this book (copyrighted in 1929) was that Window of the Open Book presents the Stargate Matrix of SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRITPURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  Because of this she does not provide exact information throughout her chapter.  And I feel that she did not understand that in order to spiritually interpret the zodiac (which runs in a clockwise order) one must have the Twelve Tribes moving in a counterclockwise order.
            “The following outline is given for the purpose of showing the absolute need of understanding the true stars (the Twelve Tribes, S&H 562), in order to offset the false claims of influence which are appallingly prevalent in the human consciousness when we realize the extent to which we unthinkingly accept them by not understandingly rejecting them.
            “In the Farmer’s Almanac the weather (which most of us accept unthinkingly) is most minutely prognosticated day by day for a year in advance, on the sole basis of false star-reading or the Astrological positions of the sun, moon and stars.
            “Every seed is planted, cultivated and harvested on the basis of Astrological position of the stars.  If this is not realized; the purchase of a Farmer’s Almanac will be a revelation that should appall anyone.  Every day of the week is named for an Astrological ‘God,’ and its particular influence claimed to preside over it.  Just so each day is put under its limitation of sorrow, sickness and death by the failure to see the real idea of stars.  True, Mrs. Eddy says:  ‘The planets have no more power over man than over his Maker,’ S&H 102—and this is what we must know; however, as ‘Evil is destroyed by the sense of good,’ S&H 311:13, in knowing the truth, we destroy the lie.  ‘A lie takes its pattern from Truth, by reversing Truth.  So evil and all its forms are inverted good,’ Un 53:1.  A true sense of the Twelve Tribes of Israel as stars in woman’s crown will handle these twelve ‘influences,’ as they are the true stars that ‘sang together’ in basic being before evil made war upon them, S&H 565:23-28.  Thus the looking out from the stars upon the universe, S&H 125:28-29, interprets and demonstrates ‘universal harmony,’ Rud 1:1-4.  ‘The spiritual fact, repeated in the action of man and the whole universe, is harmonious and is the ideal of Truth,’ S&H 207:28-29.  Mrs. Eddy recognizes this claim of influence when she speaks of the key of divine Science making it unnecessary for man ‘to consult almanacs for the probabilities either of his life [as against the claims of Astrology] or of the weather,’ S&H 171:5-11—Divine Science, Woman, embracing the Twelve Tribes.

zodiac-tribes-azodiac-tribes-b            {Below I have added the appropriate Tarot cards that go with specific zodiac signs.}

            “‘Astrology’ viewed from its counterfeit sense claim that there are only twelve different kinds of people, born in the twelve different influences; counterfeiting the ‘Tree of Life’ in Rev. 22, ‘bearing twelve manner of fruits.’  Astrology’s horoscope divides man into twelve houses {at some point in history there were thirteen houses}, each and everyone of which bears close counterfeit analogy to the Truth, as shown by comparing the following with its numerically corresponding Tribe, as true star:


            “1.  House of Life.  Represented by the ram {Aries}, counterfeiting ‘the Lamb of God’ (or male sheep) who gave Life to the world.  ‘I am come that they might have {life} Life and that they might have it more abundantly’ (Jesus).  (Reuben, Jacob’s first son, types LIFE.)


            “2.  House of Riches—Taurus the bull.  {I have Taurus as being the second Major Stargate, the Christ as the Word, in my Stargate Matrix.  Taurus is the second living creature, which is described as being an ox (by Ezekiel) or bull (by St. John).}  ‘In the figurative transmission from the divine thought to the human, diligence, promptness and perseverance are likened to “the cattle upon a thousand hills.”  They carry the baggage of stern resolve, and keep pace with highest purpose,’ S&H 514:14-18.  We all will admit that these qualities are the only road to heavenly riches and their correlative human abundance.  Compare Simeon (Jacob’s second son).


            “3.  House of Brothers.  The Gemini or Twins, counterfeits the union of law and Love, the underlying, as well as overlying Principle—Love.  This is ‘the stars’’ most dual influence, as it is the endeavor to unite heaven and earth.  {Gemini seems to relate to Esau and Jacob, as well as with, Leah and Rachel.}  (Compare with Levi, Jacob’s third son.)  {What we see in the card above are a couple that represent Adam and the Woman (most commonly called Eve).  The two trees represent Law (with the serpent [as the Letter of the Law the serpent symbolizes divine wisdom] coiled around it [as material law the serpent represents animal magnetism and electricity]) and Love (with the divine flames of fire, or the Word of God).  The Woman looks only to divine Mind symbolized by the angel.}


            “4.  House of Parents.  Sign of Cancer, the Crab.  The breast or Motherhood of being.  This was the claimed sign of Mrs. {Mary Baker} Eddy’s birth when all the world of nature is mothering its young.  (Compare Judah, Jacob’s fourth son, Jesus’ tribe, herewith.)  {Notice that the Tarot card for this Constellation happens to be an angel (Michael) and that this angel is like the angel described in Revelation 10.  Also notice that there is  a square on the angel’s chest with a pyramid inside.  This represents the city foursquare.  This card also has a similar path to what we see in THE WAY (below).}

The Way

The Way


            “5.  House of Children—Leo (Lion) {I have Leo as being the first Major Stargate, the Word as the Word, in my Stargate Matrix.  Leo represents the first living creature spoken of by John in Revelation.}, the Heart {a vital organ of the material body}.  This meaning is too obvious.  It takes ‘courage’ to have children (perpetuating ‘two-ness’) and the ‘heart’ is the function most nearly involved in the penalty therefore.  Heart—S&H 587:23-24.  (Compare Dan, Jacob’s fifth son.)  {I feel that the woman depicted in this Tarot card represents Mary Baker Eddy, for she has mastered the Word of God. I also disagree with her, it does not take courage to have children it only takes sex (lust).  Why cannot the “House of Children” really be God’s House that is filled with the children of Israel?}


            “6.  House of Health—Virgo (woman) the bowels.  Woman has certainly unfolded health, and its secret in ‘the bowels of mercies,’ Col. 3:12—Love!  {Virgo is used in symbol for the fourth horseman of Revelation 6 – the ashen (chlorine or Clorox) horseman represents death (material birth).  It is the opposite of Science.}  (Compare Naphtali, Jacob’s sixth son.  Noting {the} sixth picture in Christ and Christmas.)

Christian Science Healing

Christian Science Healing (with the man and white mantle)


            “7.  House of Marriage.  Scales—Balance {Libra}.  This sign is said to be the balance between heaven and earth, or the upper heavenly parts of the body, with the lower parts {pay attention to this point – the lower parts, as above we seem to have the bowels of women and below the bowels of men} which execute heaven’s commands.  {Libra is used in symbol for the third horseman of Revelation 6 – the black horseman represents unfair trade, black market, etc.  It is the opposite of Christianity or brotherly love.}  (Compare Gad, Jacob’s seventh son.)


            “8.  House of Death.  {In my Stargate Matrix I have Scorpio, the flying eagle, as being the fourth Major Stargate, for Science as the Word.  I believe that at one time Scorpio and Libra were united as one, and this was when they would have represented an eagle.  The flying eagle represents omni-activity.  If this is so then to complete the twelve zodiac constellations, Ophiuchus “the serpent handler” would have been part of the belt.  Negatively Scorpio is used in symbol for the second horseman of Revelation 6 – the red horseman is the anti-Christ.}  The scorpion or the secret parts—lust brings death.  ‘In the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die,’ Gen 2:27.  (Compare Asher, Jacob’s eighth son, noting remarks on the danger of this step.)
            {Before continuing with the next few houses, notice how the body parts follow a downward order – thigh, knee, legs, and feet.  Directly above with Scorpio we are dealing with lust – the private reproductive organs.  God’s Science annihilates lust or sex.}


            “9.  House of Religion.  The archer or the thigh.  The BIBLE characters took an oath {makes a covenant} by putting their hand on the thigh {more specifically, the penis}; for instance, Abraham’s servant in Gen 24:9; again Jacob’s thigh was out of joint in his struggle with the angel.  The Jews will not eat the thigh of an animal even today, as it is sacred to religious symbolism.  {Sagittarius, the Archer, is used in symbol for the first horseman of Revelation 6 – the off-white horseman of war (false motherhood).  The Word of God (the Bride) nullifies the false Archer.  In my Archer Cloud Dream the Archer is a cloud, representing a divine messenger.  The Archer’s arms are posed as if shooting a bow and arrow, however, there are no weapons in his hands.  My Archer Cloud (divine messenger) represents the Arch Covenant between Noah and God.  It is also a fact that Egyptian archers rode in chariots. Notice on this  card that there is a square on the archer’s chest, yet there is no triangle inside this square.  This could be because the House of Religion limits the city foursquare with its four walls instead of allowing freedom of thought.}   (Compare Issachar, ninth son of Jacob.)


            “10.  House of Dignities—the Goat {Capricorn} or the knee.  ‘Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess,’ Paul.  Sin (Goat, Lev 16:20-22; Matt 25:33) and mortal belief bowing before man’s maker.  (Compare Zebulun, tenth son of Jacob.)  {Notice the similarities between THE LOVERS card and THE DEVIL card.  This woman and man could  be free, but they choose not to be.  It is possible that the big devil represents the red dragon and the man and woman represent the two beasts of the red dragon.}


            “11.  House of Friendship.  The Waterman {Aquarius} or the legs.  {Aquarius, the third Major Star, is the third living creature that has the face of a man (the identity of Mind) and represents Christianity.}  Friendship can be watered, nourished, only in Mind.  Water is a symbol of Mind, S&H 507:3.  (Compare Joseph, eleventh son of Jacob.)  {Notice the similarities between TEMPERANCE and THE STAR.  Both cards represent the angel of Revelation 10.  It is interesting that Aquarius is the only constellation that is a man, yet here we have a woman.  Is not it possible then that the Cancer (TEMPERANCE angel) is Mary Baker Eddy’s manhood, or generic man, while Aquarius (THE STAR) is Mary Baker Eddy’s womanhood, also generic man, or the Waterman, the one who spiritually understands the elements of Mind (water)?  Below is the Boston Edifice’s window of the angle of Revelation 10.}

Window in the Original Edifice of Boston

Window in the Original Edifice of Boston



            “12.  House of Enemies—Pisces or crossed fish.  The feet.  Nothing is at enmity with understanding, and everything is against the theorist who does not stand on something.  ‘The spiritual idea has given the understanding a foothold in Christian Science,’ S&H 534:30-535:1.  The twelfth son is the final union of heaven {woman} and earth {man}.  Redeemed earth alone furnishes a foothold—never the clouds, nor theory.  (Compare Benjamin, twelfth son of Jacob.)”  (p. 205-209)
            Alice Orgain says that the moon represents man while the sun represents woman, yet the woman God-crowned is clothed with the sun and she has her feet upon the moon (she has dominion over the moon).  The woman God-crowned has dominion over her own manhood.
            “The Journals contain many Astrological notes of signs in the heavens:  for instance on p. 17 of the April number of 1895 is the following statement:  ‘Paris, March 3rd—The year 1895 [The Mother Church was dedicated Jan. 6, 1895] will be a remarkable one, both from the Astronomical and religious point of view.  On Good Friday next (April 12th) the heavenly bodies which gravitate round the sun will be in exactly the same position they occupied in the firmament the day Christ {Jesus} died on the cross.  It will be the first time such a thing has occurred since that great day, 1,862[1] years ago…..At 4:20 in the morning, Paris time (about 11:20 P.M. on April 11th, New York time), the moon will pass before Virginis (Spica) and hide that constellation for over an hour [Moon and man, have the same derivation].’  ‘Virginis, or Spica, is a star of the first magnitude, situated in the constellation of Virgo (a virgin).’ April Journal, 1895, p. 17.” (p. 209)
            Virgo is the only female constellation.  THE HERMIT “who is seeking Truth on the mountaintop is a Virgo character.  Perhaps he is not only seeking Truth for himself but also helping those below find it, as he holds his lantern aloft.” (A Complete Guide to the Tarot; by Eden Gray, p. 222)  THE HERMIT holds a lantern with a STAR inside.  This STAR has six points of light; it is the Star of David, or rather the Key of David.
            “Again in the May Journal, 1895, p. 54, under the title of ‘A Celestial Cross’ is a description of the following strange phenomenon:  ‘While the atmosphere was clear and the stars visible, it was of such a character that the moon’s rays formed a perfect cross, with the moon as a center.  The cross was of a silvery shade, and was very pronounced in its formation.  It was witnessed by many people with varied feelings of awe and wonder…..The hour when it was the plainest was about midnight, just as Good Friday [1895] was being ushered in in this longitude’ (Boston Globe).
            “Again in August Journal, 1895, p. 217 (Vol. 13, No. 5), is the following;  ‘A most beautiful sight was witnessed here June 25th, the conjunction of Venus {the morning star} and the moon.  The moon was exactly beneath Venus, and overhead part of the constellation, Leo (the Lion {the Word}], formed a beautiful crown of stars.  The sight reminded me of Rev. 12:1.’  {The woman God-crowned, who is the Morning Star, stands upon the moon.}
            “Again, in the April Journal, 1896, Vol. 14, was the following;  ‘The Unique December, 1895.  Probably not many are aware that this December was different from any other since the beginning of the Christian era.  December, 1895, enjoyed the unique privilege of having two full moons, which is a phenomenon that has not occurred in any December in 1896 years (Jesus birth {Jesus was not born in December.}).  The co-incidence of the last event of this time, happening in the same year as the birth of Christ, was not widely noted by many as significant.  The occurrence was a purely astronomical one (New York World).’  {I have doubts that whoever wrote this article did correct calculations.  For one, Jesus was not born in 1 b.c., but probably born in the year of 4 b.c.  Also, there was no year of zero.}
            The Journal, Vol. 7, No. 12, March, 1890, p. 579.  ‘Astronomy’:  ‘The following is a clipping from the “National Israelite,” the organ of the liberal Jews of this country, and I send it as being very significant to Christian Scientists:  “It is maintained in the Talmud (Baba Bathra 16) that a gem hung from the neck of Father Abraham, and that any sick person looking upon it was cured instantly.  That was more wonderful than the faith cures; more wonderful even than the miraculous cures recorded in the Gospels.  In the same section of the Talmud, p. 16, it was reported that there was so much astrology or astronomy in the heart of Abraham that all the Kings of the East and West approached his door.  This explains the nature of the wonderful gem, — it was Science.  Josephus, Antiquities 1, VII, 2, tells the same story about Abraham; he taught the Egyptians arithmetic and the Science or Astronomy.  This solves the mystery, not of faith-cure, but of Abraham’s miraculous gem.”’
            “So Mrs. Eddy permitted these symbols to be made significant in connection with The Mother Church dedication in 1895.  The BIBLE speaks of the stars fighting against Sisera in their courses, Judges 5:20; ‘Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion’—Job.  Pleiades was a cluster of seven stars called the seven sisters, one of which was ashamed of herself because she married a mortal.  {She was probably ashamed of herself because she knew better than to get married to a mortal.}  Astrologists claim that Jacob read the ‘Horoscope’ of his sons, Gen. 49; as he truly did, but it was the spiritual sense of stars—the twelve stars on Woman’s Crown, Rev. 12:1.” (p. 209-211)
            I would also like to mention that the twelfth keystone window, of Window of the Open Book, could actually be the Pleiades constellation, even though I think it looks more like the Big Dipper constellation.  Perhaps it is supposed to be both?  I believe that what I call the Big Dipper Keystone represents seven sister star-angels that have lived throughout the Seven Days.  I think they are:  the woman (most commonly called Eve), Noah’s own Womanhood, Sarah, Queen Esther, the Virgin Mary, Mary Baker Eddy, and Virgo, the generic man.  If you look at the Keystone closely you will see that the seven stars (each with seven points) are really seven flowers – to be exact they are Star of Bethlehem Flowers (even though there are seven (instead of six) petals or points to each Star-Flower).

The Big Dipper Keystone

Star of Bethlehem Flower

Star of Bethlehem Flower

            “Mrs. Eddy says:  ‘Astrology is well in its place, but this place is secondary,’ Mis 334:5-6.  Again, ‘The astronomer will no longer look up to the stars, — he will look out from them upon the universe,’ S&H 125:28-29.  Again, in speaking of the twelve stars on Woman’s Crown, S&H 562;11-21, Mrs. Eddy says, lines 15-21:  ‘These are the lamps in the spiritual heavens of the age [an age being 100 years and this statement being made in the nineteenth century, shows it was “Mother’s” work and not ours] which show the workings of the spiritual idea.’” (p. 211)
            I would like to point out that an age in astrology lasts way longer than 100 years.  I am not saying that Orgain is speaking about an astrological age.  But if she is then she is incorrect in the number.  According to astrology Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission, as well as Jesus’ God-crowned mission, took place during the Age of Pieces (the two fish that form an x shape, the symbol for the Christ).  It is possible that we now live in the Age of Aquarius, but nobody is really sure when this Age begins, which seems odd considering all the precision we have with computer programs today.

Center Hub of Window of the Open Book

            “The astronomical illustration on p. 13 of Miscellany:  ‘The Church at Jerusalem, like a sun in the center of its system {this is the New Jerusalem artichoke seen in the center of Window of the Open Book.}, had other Churches, like so many planets, revolving around it {like Branch Churches}.  It was strictly a MOTHER and a ruling Church.  According to his description the Church of Jerusalem seems to prefigure The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist.’  Motherhood standing for the sun (“clothed in the sun,’ Rev. 12:10  ‘and the moon [standing on the moon, S&H 269:22-25; 534:30-535:1], under her feet, and upon her head [intelligence] a crown of twelve stars’—the Extension or ‘crown,’ My 6, representing the entire Tribes as individually expressed in the Branch activities.  BUT when the sun, or ruling order withdraws itself, as is promised in the city foursquare:  ‘The city had no need of the sun [symbol of Motherhood] or the moon [symbol of Fatherhood] to shine in it; for the glory of God did lighten it and the Lamb [human consciousness wedded to Love] is the light thereof,’ Rev. 21:23.
            “This whole illustration contains the spiritual values intended to be expressed by the Stars.  The Stars will never become one until spiritually, rather than mentally, controlled.  The symbols of the sun and the moon and stars could not go beyond ‘intelligence.’  They were ‘created’ in the BIBLE, mentalized, or ‘intelligently’ interpreted, in our Church government, but must spiritually go on ‘to Truth’—the last step in the ideal man, S&H 517:8-9.  Had Mrs. Eddy’s ‘founding’ not reached this possibility, her revelation would have been in vain.
            “Under the title, ‘Something In a Name,’ My p. 353, Mrs. Eddy says:  ‘I have given the name to all the Christian Science periodicals.  The first was The Christian Science Journal, designed to put on record the divine Science of Truth,’ etc.
            “The following will show how these Journals presented the true record of these tribes or stars.  To begin with, whether by intent to reverse or otherwise, the Journal was started in the first Astrological sign (Life), April, 1883:  ‘The Tree of Life, which yielded her fruit EVERY MONTH, and the leaves {pages} of the tree, were for the healing of the nations.’” (p. 211-213)
            Now, I would like to point out that the last chapter in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURE is this Tree of Life also.  Why?  Because originally Mary Baker Eddy place in “Fruitage” a total of eighty-four testimonial healings by people who had relied solely upon the Word of God found in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  And twelve (for the twelve manners of fruit) times seven days equals eighty-four.  What I mean is that there are seven groups of twelve (months or twelve sons), and these seven groups (I believe) are based upon the seven synonymous terms for God.
            “In considering each volume of The Journal, which covers a period of a year, or whole unit of twelve months (‘The son of a year,’ S&H 594), it has been found to bring out one of the Twelve Tribes.  Miscellaneous Writings is the gathering up of the twelve baskets full after the feast.  Mr. Edward P. Bates in The Journal of March, 1897, p. 586, in expressing his appreciation of Miscellaneous Writings, says:  ‘There are twelve chapters, — One for EVERY TRIBE (or phase of belief)…. I further observe that this book contains a large portion of your writings for FOURTEEN years.  This number is significant when I recall what has transpired during those years, also a remarkable prophecy and its fulfillment, in just fourteen years, and its meaning in Christian Science.’  Jacob worked for Rachel (Love) just fourteen years, Gen. 29.  Also Genesis 14:5, the demonstration of true Church starts in ‘the fourteenth‘ year.  On p. 575 of the above last named Journal is a ‘Notice’ ‘enjoining’ all Teachers in the United States and Canada not to teach a class for a whole year (at that time two or three classes were allowed a year—at one time, four; and, again, every month at first), stating that Miscellaneous Writings was calculated to prepare the minds of all true thinkers to understand the Christian Science Text-Book more correctly than a student could.  ‘…. If a member of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, shall fail to obey this injunction, it will render him liable to lose his membership in this Church’—signed by Mrs. Eddy.
            “The object of all of the above is to show the imperative necessity of a right apprehension of the twelve stars upon which The Mother Church was founded in its second Organization {Benjamin} and under which Mrs. Eddy left us, and from which we have seemed to retrograde from lack of vision of what she did and intended.  She was a ‘Star Reader’ in the truest sense, for this was the task assigned to her in Motherhood, for did she not have to understand her ‘crown,’ Rev. 12:1—‘crowned with twelve stars,’ before she could unfold the Universal Child which it typed—as evidenced by SCIENCE AND HEALTH 562:11, and April, 1895, Journal; which latter explains the Directors’ window {Window of the Open Book} as encircled by these twelve stars ‘which stand in type for the whole human race.’
            “The statement in the May Journal of 1895, p. 87:  ‘April first, 1895, closed the TWELFTH volume of the Journal, which was established by our Leader in 1883 {the year after Venus’ second transit of the sun}.  This was the day she visited The Mother Church.  A happy coincidence,’ shows the underlying significance attached to this event.  The Mother Church was dedicated Jan. 6, 1895, about three months before Mrs. Eddy visited it, although she lived but a short distance therefrom.  The incidents of this visit are recorded in May, 1895, Journal under the title of ‘The Mother’s Visit’; and in the same Journal, in the portion entitled the ‘Editor’s Table,’ was the above unmistakably comprehensive comment on the coincidence of her visit and the closing of the TWELFTH volume of the Journal.  That her delay in seeing the Church was a matter of concern and comment is evidenced by the following statement:  ‘The children both large and small have been asking, — How long could she refrain from seeing that which was so near (in the higher sense as well as in distance) and dear to her heart?’ and then the article ‘ The Mother’s Visit’ goes on to state that shortly after noon, TWELVE o’clock (the time that Jesus on the cross gave his Mother to John as Universal Mother), she ‘quietly and unannounced entered the Church, going directly to the MOTHER’S ROOM and later to the auditorium.  She passed the night in MOTHER’S ROOM.’
            “While this hint of the coincidence of the closing of the TWELFTH volume of the Journal and Mother’s visit to the Church (which “was erected as a testimonial of her students” to her, May 1895 Journal), in no sense led the Note-taker to discover the following coincidence of each year’s Journal with its corresponding tribe and star (but rather Mrs. Eddy’s statement in Miscellany 353:  ‘Something in a Name’ in which she gives us the object of the Journal), still it was entirely confirmatory to find it after the completion of the quest!
            “As Mrs. Eddy first revealed, and then founded (demonstrated) with us her revelation, she had revealed the Motherhood of God in her third volume, 1881-2 (but a few copies of this edition were published until 1882), so her next step in 1883 was to unfold the tribes in the ‘Glossary’ (as we had no ‘Glossary’ until 1883), thence to start the demonstration with the field and the world of the Twelve Tribes and stars—first tribes in Glossary, then stars in Woman’s crown in the sixteenth edition in 1886, at which time the Journal was in the last issue of the third volume—‘Levi’—and ready to start the unfoldment of ‘Judah’ in the fourth volume.
            “The sixteenth edition {of S&H} (Woman bringing forth the man child), was announced for sale in the twelfth (last) issue of the third volume {of the Journal}.” (p. 213-215)
            Remember, the second transit of Venus (the morning star) across the sun was in December 1882, Mary Baker Eddy had already accepted her life mission as the woman God-crowned (who is clothed with the sun).  Thus, it makes perfect sense that her first manchild – SCIENCE AND HEALTH was born (published) in 1875, ten months after the first transit of Venus while her second manchild – The Journal was born in 1883.
            “So from the time Mrs. Eddy started the Journal, it kept in immediate response to her revisions of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  The Journal was called at first a FAMILY Paper, as indeed it was—‘the universal family held in the gospel of Love,’ S&H 577:3-4, and unfolded the Universal Church.
            “It might be well to study here Genesis 29 from verse 20 to 35, inclusive, Genesis 30:1-25, and Genesis 35:16-19, in order to see the redemption of the tribes in the ‘descending’ city foursquare.” (p. 216)
            I feel that Jacob’s ladder – or Jacob’s Pyramid – symbolizes the “ascending” unfoldment and that my Stargate Matrix, Unity Matrix, Window of the Open Book Matrix, or Sharon’s Rose Matrix symbolize the “descending” city foursquare which spiritually translates the zodiac of astrology.

Window of the Open Book City

            “The following is the tribe by tribe unfoldment of the Journal as an ‘INDEPENDENT FAMILY Paper’ (its original name):

The North Star and its Open Bible

            “Vol. I—Reuben, which means, ‘Behold a son {a month,[2] or rather a tone of the divine infinite calculus wheel}.’  Leah said at his birth:  ‘Now therefore my husband will love me,’ Gen. 29:32.
            “Mrs. Eddy was the sole editor of the first volume, which contained six issues, reminding us of the completeness of the first son, as described in ‘The Twelve Tribes.’  So many of her own articles were written for this volume, as she had no support but gathered her ‘tid-bits,’ other than her writings, largely from the universe—poems, trite sayings, articles with a moral, etc.  There never was and never will be but one son—the infinite idea—that embraces all else.  Reuben’s sin, Gen. 49:4, was the lie that ‘takes its pattern from Truth by reversing Truth,’ Un 53:1-2.  {The Zodiac constellations, on the astrological chart-wheel, move in clockwise order, however, all of my circle matrices move in counter-clockwise order.  Thus, Truth reverses error’s lies proclaiming to be Truth.}  Reuben put into matter ‘Principle and its idea is one,’ S&H 465, but as ‘by reversal errors serve as waymarks to the one Mind,’ S&H 267, Reuben was in type the one and only son, hence, Mrs. Eddy edited these Journals. (p. 216-217)

The Day Star and the Madonna and Child

            “Vol. II—Simeon, ‘Hearing.’  Leah said:  ‘Because the Lord hath heard….he hath given me this son also,’ Gen. 29:33.  A woman, Mrs. Emma Hopkins, responded and edited the next issues of Vol. II.  Gradually the Field ‘heard’ and began to contribute.

Acrux and the Southern Cross of Calvary

            “Vol. III—Levi, ‘Ecclesiastical despotism,’ S&H p. 590:  ‘Now this time will my husband [Theology] be joined unto me.’  This volume was begun by the article ‘Veritas Odium Parit,’ p. 245 of Miscellaneous Writings, and was a defense against the pulpit and press.  The volume contained Sermonettes, Answers to Questions and wrestling with Pulpit—a fair representation of ‘Levi,’ and an endeavor to unite the old Theology with the New Spirit—trying to ‘join unto’ us the Christian support.
            “Mrs. Eddy suggests the need for the National Christian Scientists’ Association in Vol. III, No. 10; and in Vol. III, No. 11, Thirteen call it forth.  In Vol. III, No. 12, at the time of its first regular meeting, the sixteenth edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH was announced, giving ‘Genesis’ and ‘The Apocalypse’ for the first time, the latter going only so far as Woman bringing forth the MAN CHILD.

The Moon and its Golden Shore of Love

            “Vol. VI—Judah:  ‘Now will I praise the Lord,’ Gen. 29:35.  This volume starts with ‘The New Birth’ (reprinted from Vol. I, No. 4, Mis 15), and is most inspirational throughout.  Two articles on ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ are most helpful and inspiring, — one speaking of SCIENCE AND HEALTH as ‘Jacob’s Ladder.’  The whole volume seems to present much illumination without human order.  So much so that in the next volume, No. 5, under the title of ‘Growls and Congratulations,’ someone speaks of this feature and rejoices that there is a promise of more system {Science} and human order.  It seems to rise above the human and to say with Leah, ‘Now, will I praise the Lord.’  ‘The New Birth,’ by Mrs. Eddy, with which it starts, as previously noted characterizes the entire volume.

The Woman God-crown Keystone

            “Vol. V—Dan ‘animal magnetism,’ Science and Health:  ‘God hath judged me,’  Gen. 30:6.” (p. 217-218)
            What the meaning of Dan as “animal magnetism” means is that there is false judgment (judgment made by mortal mind), while the name of Daniel is closer to Truth, in that it is righteous judgment.  Orgain continues:  “The new Editor, a former minister, opened a Department on ‘Animal Magnetism,’[3] which is the first time the subject has been handled in the Journal.  There are three articles in the first issue (April) in this department.  {The}May issue contains the article by Mrs. Eddy on ‘Ways That Are Vain,’ May, 1887.  This is when all were struggling against the Dragon[4] as prophesied when ‘Mother’ was bringing forth the man child in demonstration; her revelation of the man child having been announced in the last issue of the third volume, the sixteenth edition of SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  The sharply outstanding feature of the fifth volume is the Department on ‘Animal Magnetism,’—particularly unfolding what it is, and how it operates.

The Oil Lamp Keystone

            “Vol. VI—Naphtali:  ‘With great wrestlings have I wrestled with my sister, and I have prevailed’, Gen. 30:8.  The same editor remained in office and the regular Department on ‘Animal Magnetism’ was continued during this volume, in which it seems that the Field grappled with the subject more intelligently.  They seemed to ‘prevail,’ as the subject was dropped, as a characterizing point, in the next volume, the seventh.  The department on Animal Magnetism was entirely abolished.  This, Naphtali (the sixth) volume contained the wonderful articles: ‘Put Up Thy Sword,’ Miscellaneous Writings, 214 (March, 1889); ‘Thy Will Be Done,’ Miscellaneous Writings, 208 (March, 1889); ‘The Christmas Sermon,’ Miscellaneous Writings, 161 (February, 1889).  These seemed as though the wrestling had ‘prevailed,’ and they are marvelously inspiring.

The Pomegranates Keystone

            “Vol. VII—Gad, ‘A troop cometh,’ Gen. 30:11; S&H 586:21:  ‘Science; spiritual being understood; haste toward harmony.’  At this time, October, 1889, Mrs. Eddy dissolved College and Church and this volume contains articles looking toward a more spiritual form of Church.  ‘Organization Dissolved’ would characterize this entire volume.  Seven is the last seal of error to be broken before rest from man’s labor ceases, and this is wonderfully symbolized in this entire volume—‘former things passing away.’  The article on ‘The Way,’ Mis 355, December 1889 Journal, which suggests how ‘ORGANIZATION DISSOLVED’ characterizes this entire volume; ‘Judge Not,’ Mis 290, September, 1889, is in this volume; also ‘Fallibility of Human Concepts,’ Mis 351; and Wedlock, under title of ‘Conjugal Rights,’ Mis 285, June 1889.

The Concord Grapevine Keystone

            “Vol. VIII—Asher:   ‘Happy am I, for the DAUGHTERS will call me blessed,’ Gen. 30:13.  S&H 581: 15-16:  ‘Hope and faith; spiritual compensation,’ etc.  ‘Behold, I make all things new‘ would characterize this volume.  As the former volume stood for ‘dissolution,’ this volume stands for ‘resolution’ on a higher plane, as all of the dissolved associations were resolved into higher forms.  The Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association dissolved in Gad, January 1890, into a ‘voluntary Assembly of Christians,’ Journal, June 1890; the National Christian Scientists’ Association dissolved, repealing its Constitution and By-Laws and resolved itself into a ‘UNIVERSAL ASSEMBLY.’  The beautiful article on ‘Love Your Enemies’ was the first article in this Vol. VIII, April 1890, p. 8, of Miscellaneous Writings, and would characterize this volume (as the first article always does); ‘Extract From a Christmas Letter,’ Mis 159, Feb. 1890 Journal.  The articles in this entire volume are most spiritual and inspirational.

The Lord and Lamb Keystone

            “Vol. IX—Issachar: ‘God hath given me my hire.’  ‘Issachar is a strong ass couching down between TWO burdens,’ Gen. 49:14.  It was the claimed two-ness of man and woman that put the burden of ‘self-will’ and ‘lust,’ etc., on Issachar, S&H 589:1-3.  He is a type of the TWO WITNESSES as two instead of one!  The city foursquare as revealed by Mrs. Eddy, uniting man and Woman, came in this volume, thus ‘by reversal errors serve as waymarks to the one Mind,’ S&H 267:24.  Also Retrospection and Introspection, gave us a history of the dissolution of the First Church, saying on p. 58:  ‘This spiritually organized Church of Christ (Scientist) in Boston, still goes on,’ etc. (as we now have it, Ret p. 44:29-45:4), and adding that the Church might yet find it wisdom to reorganize a second time for the purpose of completing its history, etc.  The ‘two in one‘ (man merged into Woman as described in ‘Evolutionary Comparisons’) of man and woman in the city foursquare characterizes this volume; the square (manhood) of the circle—not a circle in a square, but the circle of love squared, Woman (the Bride) embracing man, Jeremiah 31:22.  The articles are all in this illumined vein.

Palmleaves of Salvation Keystone

            “Vol. X—Zebulun:  ‘Now will my husband dwell with me,’ Leah, Gen. 30:20.  ‘Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be for an haven of ships,’ Gen. 49:13.  The ‘dwelling’ was prepared during the unfolding of this volume; that is, the second organization took place in September, 1892, — during this volume—and Church building was agitated and planned during the whole year.  Such articles as ‘Pond and Purpose,’ Mis 203, were unfolded, Vol. X, No. 5.  This volume began with ‘The Transfiguration.’  The first article always characterizing the volume, as before noted.

The Sheaf of Wheat Keystone

            “Vol. XI—Joseph, Rachel’s first son, meaning ‘Increase {extension}’:  ‘The Lord shall add to me another son,’ Gen. 30:24.  This is characterized by the World’s Religious Congress at the World’s Fair in Chicago {meaning two branch rivers} into which Mrs. Eddy merged the Universal Assembly, …Nov. 1893, Journal, Vol. XI, No. 7.  The Universal spirit was manifested, and characterized this volume of Journals.  Also the marvelous book Christ and Christmas appeared in Dec., {2,} 1893, and was much commented upon.  {This means that the Illustrated Poem was born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer.}  This volume contained the wonderful articles ‘Christ and Christmas,’ Mis 371; ‘Deification of Personality,’ Mis 307; and a splendid article by Judge Hanna, Jan. Journal, 1894, which defines the mission of Christ and Christmas and of which Mrs. Eddy says in the same issue:  ‘Judge Hanna’s editorial in this Journal gives no uncertain echo of the Spirit and mission of Christ and Christmas.’
            “This volume of the Journal (Joseph) starts with an article on ‘Resurrection,’ and is rich with spiritual blessings, feeding the World at the Chicago Religious World Congress with Thirteen Addresses (twelve besides Mrs. Eddy’s), and gathering up ‘twelve baskets full’ for the field by publishing the twelve addresses, exclusive of Mrs. Eddy’s, during the succeeding months, one by one. …” (p. 218-222)
            I would like to explain that the twelve articles are like the twelve Stars that cycle around WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK.  And Mary Baker Eddy’s article would be placed in the center of the Window (as she is the thirteenth Star-Angel, THE MAIN STAR-ANGEL}, where the Little Book Open (which is SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES) is located.  To continue with Orgain’s paragraph:  “There was no publishing of Mrs. Eddy’s address in the Journals, as ‘twelve’ only could be given to Church, and her address being the Thirteenth was given only to our Nation and the World in ‘The Worlds Parliament of Religions, Vol. II, pp. 1419-1423, and to the ‘World’s Religious Congress’ directly, as subsequently described in ‘Evolutionary Organization.’
            “The foundation of the Mother Church was laid in November and December—that which ‘proceeds from divine Principle,’ S&H 583:13.

The Big Dipper Keystone

            “Vol. XII—Benjamin (‘Son of the right hand’).  ‘A spiritual type; that which COMFORTS, consoles and SUPPORTS,’ S&H 582.  This volume unfolds the building of the superstructure of The Mother Church, with its many triumphs, as well as its dedication, Jan. 1895.  ‘The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon [comforts] and proceeds from [supports] divine Principle,’ S&H 583:12-13.  The consolation being the spiritual expression as the outcome of these two quantities—foundation and superstructure.  Joseph, foundation, becomes one with Benjamin, superstructure, in Church.  Again repeating as a fitting climax:  In the May, 1895, Journal, p. 87, the following item is made:  ‘April first, 1895, closed the twelfth volume of the Journal, which was established by our Leader in 1883.  This was the day she visited The Mother Church.  A happy coincidence.’  This Journal (May, 1895) contains an account of this visit in the first article.
            “These Journals unfolded the Twelve Tribes, and Mother’s work was finished.  The Massachusetts Metaphysical College Association, as ‘parent Association’ adjourned sine die in June, 1895.
            “In 1895 the Journals of January, February, March, April and May, Vols. XII and XIII, contain wonderful picture{s} of the windows in The Little Mother Church {Edifice} and their explanations.  The April, 1895, Journal explains the Director’s Window {WINDOW OF THE OPEN BOOK}, stating that the twelve stars surrounding this window stand for the Twelve Tribes, ‘and the Twelve Tribes stand in type for the whole human race.’
            “There are twelve hours in a day—‘Are there not twelve hours in the day?’, John 11:9.  Also see definition of day in the Glossary of Science and Health.  There are twelve inches in a foot—‘foot’ types ‘understanding,’ S&H 558:16.  There are twelve months in a year—a month being the ‘Son of a Year,’ S&H 594.  (Moon and man, have the same derivation.)  Jacob and twelve sons, after seeing heaven and earth one, Gen. 28:11-13.  Jesus had twelve disciples.  Elijah (who is the prophecy of Christian Science—and is ‘the basis of immortality’ see Elias, which was the Greek for Elijah—S&H 585:9, 10) as his last labored act built an altar of twelve stones and poured twelve barrels of water thereon, I Kings 18.  Elisha was driving twelve yoke of oxen when Elijah called him to take Elijah’s place, ‘and he was with the twelfth,’ I Kings 19:19-21, showing his fitness to show the world how to reach twelve rather than demanding that they see it initially.  Elijah’s mission was one of fire {the Word} and barrenness to the human consciousness, while Elisha’s was one of water {Science}, as will be seen by the history of the acts of these prophets—‘Elisha poured water on the hands of Elijah,’ II Kings 3:11, epitomizes the difference in their ministrations.  There were twelve oxen holding up the {laver} sea in Solomon’s Temple, (I Kings 7:25, typing the character of Elisha’s work as before described) ‘three looking toward the north {the Word}; and three looking toward the west {Science}; and three looking toward the south {Christianity}; and three looking toward the east {the Christ}’—labor (oxen) only looks ‘toward’ the four sides of the City which must be gained by vision; but it upholds the medium of reaching it—water of purification.  (The man, bearing the pitcher of water, had his upper room furnished and prepared, but he did not get into the room with the Master.  It takes more than water!)  Jesus was twelve years old when he combated Pharisaical creed and dogma.  Mrs. Eddy was twelve years old when she did the same; and she permits us in the Manual, 35:1, the same privilege at the age of twelve.  Jairus’ daughter was twelve years old when she was raised from the dead; and the Woman with issue of blood (sex, rather than quality, distinction) was healed after twelve years of this false sense of Woman and while Jesus was on his way to raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead, (Matt. 9; Mark 5; Luke 8—note that one of these healings is made the immediate sequence of the other in all three of the gospels that record it—which is seldom, if ever, the case before).  Astrology claims twelve constellations of stars upon which it predicates its entire claim of ‘influence’ over all things.  The Woman, Rev. 12:1, was crowned with twelve stars, or constellations to meet and defeat these counterfeit claims of ‘influence.’  There are twelve {Star}- gates to the city foursquare, above each of which is the angel of one of the Twelve Tribes.  The City has twelve foundations, corresponding to the twelve apostles of the Lamb, Rev. 21:14.  The measure of the city was the square of twelve —144 cubits ‘according to the measure of a man.’  A gross in human measure is 144, the square of twelve.  144 thousand—the square of twelve—stood with the Lamb on mount Zion {“superstructure” S&H}, Rev. 14:1.  The ‘Tree of Life,’ Rev. 22:2, bore twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month—twelve times a year.  The Christian Science Journal typing it, putting on record ‘the Divine Science of Truth’ ‘yielded her fruit every month,’ bearing twelve manner of fruits in its twelve years of unfoldment previous to The Mother Church erection.  There were twelve years from the time of the unfolding of the First Church in 1879, to the unfolding of the ‘spiritually organized’ (Church, Ret, p. 58, 1891) in 1891, the city foursquare; there were twelve years between ‘The Mother Church’ and the ‘Extension’ (first services held in The Mother Church, Dec. 30, 1894, and Extension in 1906—My 55:31; 70:5; 72:29).  ‘The multitudes passed through the twelve entrances beneath a series of arches in the several facades,’ My 78.  The ‘loving cup’ from the Executive Members of The Mother Church was crowned with twelve pearls, My 347.  The Massachusetts Metaphysical College had twelve meetings a year, and its By-Laws denominated it the ‘parent Association’.  The General Teachers’ Association of 1903-1908, which stood by the building of the ‘Extension’ was based on twelve Executive Members.  The (little) Mother Church was founded on twelve members after each of whose names a star appeared in the Manuals from the 1st to the 10th editions—so, undoubtedly, it was founded on twelve stars, Manual 17.” (p. 222-226)
            These twelve members were:  Mary F. Eastaman, her husband Joseph S. Eastaman*, Flavia S. Knapp, her husband Ira O. Knapp*, Julia S. Bartlett, William B. Johnson*, Mary W. Monroe, Ebenezer J. Foster-Eddy (Benni), Ellen S. Clarke, Janet T. Colman, Eldora O. Gragg, and Stephen A. Chase*.  (The four men with * by their names were the four Directors, they were the four Major Stars.)
            “In music, the Chromatic Scale (Color Ladder) gives us twelve tones by raising five to the seven-toned diatonic scale.  In music, there is a circle of twelve major and twelve minor scales, each having seven tones, containing the seven basic tones plus five sharpened or raised tones, making a complete scale of twelve tones.  (Note the similarity of relationship to seven and twelve in Association and Church, as unfolded in ‘Evolutionary Organization.’)  The Chromatic Scale (Color Ladder) is the melodic scale—Song of the Stars.  As Life is music, as Mrs. Eddy presents so beautifully, Mis 116, under the title of ‘Obedience,’ these values are significant.  Jesus speaks of twelve thrones in the regeneration, Matt. 19:28.
            “Mrs. Eddy realized her twelve stars in Motherhood were complete when after unfolding twelve volumes of the Journals, she visited The Mother Church—the very day the twelfth volume closed as the editor commented; and immediately after the close of the twelfth volume of the Sentinel (in the first issue of Vol. 13), she gave us Miscellany 241 and 242—‘Christian Science is absolute‘; and left us just exactly three months thereafter, wearing her crown of understood (by us, as evidenced by the Extension ‘Crown’—My 6:19) Motherhood!  We must now wed the idea she has revealed in the wedding of the symbol of the ‘cross’ (little Mother Church) and ‘Crown’ (Extension) My 6:17-19.
            “Even in the Astrological belief about the stars, after the seventh ‘influence’—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn—the next, Uranus, is heaven the husband of earth; and Neptune, which with Uranus, takes care of the spiritual affairs of Life.  ‘A lie takes its pattern from Truth by reversing Truth; so evil and all its forms are inverted good,’ Un 53:1-3.  Thus eight and nine are claimed to be spiritual influences.
            “The Journal typed the unfolding of the Twelve Tribes or twelve constellations in Mother’s Crown as typed by The Mother Church {Extension}.  The Sentinel (the child of The Journal—as stated in the first Sentinel—the ‘Weekly’) typed the overcoming of the seven planetary influences (the Weekly—seven days) that prevent the right unfoldment of these true constellations or star values.” (p. 226-227)
            I really am not sure that she is correct in thinking that seven influences, being the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, really have anything to do with the Sentinel.  But I do find it interesting, as to what she says about it (next).
            “Astrology claims the influence of each day of the week according to the planet for which the day is named—certain days resting under a pronounced curse as to all its transactions, and others likewise under a claimed ‘blessing.’  For instance, Sunday is named for the sun, and is claimed to be conducive to spiritual unfoldment, light-heartedness, etc.  Monday is named for the moon and is claimed to be conducive to restlessness, changeableness, discontent, etc.  {Mary Baker Eddy was born on a Monday.}  Tuesday is named for Mars (Twi’s Day—another name for Mars), and is claimed to be conducive to ambition, courage, resolution, force, activity, etc.  This is the day that both transits took place on during the 21st century (June 8, 2004 and June 5, 2012).  Wednesday (Woden’s {Oden, the father Norse god[5]} Day—another name for Mercury) is claimed to be conducive to brilliancy, fluency of speech, clear perception, nimbleness and dexterity of execution.  This is the day that both transits took place on during the 19th century (December 9, 1874 and December 6, 1882).  Thursday (Thor’s Day {son of Oden, a Norse god}—corresponding to Jupiter) is claimed to be conducive to correct judgment, honesty, justice, benevolence, generosity, etc.  Friday, (Frigga’s Day {another Norse god}—another name for Venus {the morning star}) is claimed to be conducive to art, music, dress, love affairs or the feminine side of life, etc.  This is the day that both transits took place on during the 18th century (June 5, 1761 and June 4, 1769).  Saturday (Saturn’s Day) is put under an evil influence—Saturn suggesting Satan—conducive to deceitfulness, barrenness, weariness, melancholia, mistrust, etc.  (This immediately above information in regard to the claim about the days is the only information used in these Notes not gained from Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary and the Farmer’s Almanac for Planting and Reaping).
            “Is it not appalling that these claims of influence rest upon our seven days of joyous unfolding of God’s love?  Did not our Sentinel, with its seven days of joy gathering, type the handling of these influences against good, which it is our work to do?
            “So when the sun and moon (which Astrology terms masculine and feminine) withdrew themselves in the plan of astronomical order, as unfolded on p. 13 of Miscellany and previously quoted (the sun and moon typing the two formations of Mother Church as Father-Mother), and periodicals that had unfolded these principles at the same time were withdrawn by fiat of Mrs. Eddy, did it not show that it was because the revolving ‘planets’ (Branches, My 13:11) were ready to shine by the inherent reflection of God’s love, as in Rev. 21:23?  Then and only then could ‘the NATIONS of them which are saved walk in the light of it,’ etc. Rev. 21:24.
            “These are [indeed] the stars in the crown of rejoicing’! S&H 562:16. (p. 227-229)

            This ends her chapter.
            What she fails to comprehend is the fact that the “seven days” of the Weekly would represent the seven synonymous terms for God.  Being that there are (on average) four weeks per month, we would have a full representation of the divine infinite calculus.  For example:


[1] I added a comma in the number so that it would not be confused as being the year.

[2] It is a fact that The Journal was published once every month.

[3] I think it is wrong to capitalize “animal magnetism” because it has nothing to do with God in anyway; it is based upon error.  However, it can be capitalized when used in the title of something.

[4] Likewise, I never capitalize dragon.

[5] Norse means “north” – so the Norse gods point to the Word of God.