by MJSmith


To remind you of what we are showing you I will provide the diagram for section 4 of this particular Vision.

Revelation Cb

4e – LIFE – Verses 15-17 – The city is foursquare by the standard of spiritual man (Son of Man), this is the standard of measurement.

“And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.  And the city lieth four square, and the length is as large as the breadth:  and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs.  The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.  And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.”

Verse 15 – “the golden reed”—this divine (gold) reed (rod) is divine Science.  It is the gift spoken of in Vision III, and it is what the manchild holds in Vision IV.

Verse 15 cont. – “This measuring introduces the sense of absolute Christian Science.”[1]
            Doorly asks for you to see S&H 577:12-19, however, this section of Text belongs to the city of our God (for Christian Science) not to the city foursquare (for divine Science).

Verse 16 – The city lies foursquare, it is twelve thousand furlongs.  “The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.”  It is a cube, and a cube has six sides.  Yet a number that is cubed is multiplied by itself three times, example 2 x 2 x 2 = 8.  So, in Window of the Open Book you have three squares for the outer Stargate cycle.  Each square is made up of four chords connecting four Stars or Stargates.  Example:  The four Major Stars, when connected by four chords, form a square shape (its squared-cycle).  Thus, there is also a square for the Christ squared-cycle and a square for Christianity’s squared-cycle.  This means that the outer circle has three squared-cycles, thus it is cubed.

Window of the Open Book City
            “Taken in its allegorical sense, the description of the city as foursquare has a profound meaning.” (S&H 575:16-17)  “In mathematics, for example, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division have ‘a profound meaning’ because you can’t use mathematics without them.  Just so, the divine infinite calculus is of vital importance in Science, because it shows the divine order of operation.  Remember that Mrs. Eddy speaks of the ‘city of the Spirit,’—of infinite divine order.”[2]

Verse 16 cont. – “‘twelve thousand furlongs’—a symbol of true manhood and demonstration.”[3]  (A furlong is 220 yards.)
            Mary Baker Eddy joins the tone of Christian Science with the tone of divine Science when she describes the four Major Stargates in conjunction with the Keystones’ squared-cycle with the Word, the Bride as…
The city foursquare
            “This sacred city, described in the Apocalypse (xxi. 16) as one that ‘lieth foursquare’ and cometh ‘down from God, out of heaven, ‘ represents the light and glory of divine Science.  The builder and maker of this New Jerusalem is God, as we read in the book of Hebrews; and it is ‘a city which hath foundations.’  The description is metaphoric.  Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.  Did not Jesus illustrate the truths he taught by the mustard-seed and the prodigal?” (S&H 575:7-16)
            I interrupt this paragraph in order to drive home a point.  I have known Christian Scientists that have been critical of my “symbolism” in interpreting the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH.  My Leader’s words speak to me and tell me that I am correct upon this topic, and I have not listened to those Christian Scientists.  But what is she trying to bring home here?  Is she not making it clear that we need to especially understand the symbols to this Holy City in Revelation?  Why would this be so important to her and for us to do?  Because, as I have laid it out in many of my writings, we must understand the infinite divine calculus and the Scientific system found in the Unity Matrix.  It is not by accident that Window of the Open Book was symbolized as it was in the little Edifice!  Is it possible that she is telling us that learning the symbolic structure of the Holy City may seem like a very small thing, a mustard-seed, but it is our (the prodigal son’s) way home, to heaven, harmony?
            Mary Baker Eddy continues:  “Taken in its allegorical sense, the description of the city as foursquare has a profound meaning.  The four sides of our city are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science [not Christian Science or absolute Christian Science or Science itself]; ‘and the [Star]gates of it shall not be shut at all by day:  for there shall be no night there.’  This city is wholly spiritual, as its four sides indicate.
The royally divine [Star]gates
            “As the Psalmist saith, ‘Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.’  It is indeed a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and square.  Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation;…” (S&H 575:16-27; [My interpolations.])

The North Star and its Open Bible

“…eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who followed it to the manger of Jesus;…” (S&H 27-29)

The Day Star and the Madonna and Child

“…southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, — the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society into solemn union;…” (S&H 575:29-32)

Acrux and the Southern Cross of Calvary

“…westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony.” (S&H 575:32-576:2)

The Moon and its Golden Shore of Love

Revelation’s pure zenith
            “This heavenly city, lighted by the Sun of Righteousness, — this New Jerusalem [artichoke sunflower], this infinite All, which to us seems hidden in the mist of remoteness—reached St. John’s vision while yet he tabernacled with mortals.” (S&H 576:3; [My interpolation.])

Center Hub of Window of the Open Book

            “The plumbline for the standard of Revelation is symbolized by the golden reed, or standard of measurement.  We are told the city ‘lieth foursquare,’ in other words, the acme of perfection, by standard ‘according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel.’  A moment or two of thinking will bring the realization that the only angel who is also a man (in the whole book we have been studying), is the one who appeared to John in chapter one.  Therefore this must refer to that one, or Spiritual Man.  Spiritual Man, therefore, is the standard of measurement for this city, or the plumbline of values.”[4]  This man is the Holy Grail, a.k.a., a Vitruvian Man.

Vitruvian D

            Hoyt’s explanation of verses 15-17:  “And Jesus, who was talking with me had a standard of measurement that was beautiful, adaptable, indestructible and enduring (a golden reed), to measure the Holy City, New Jerusalem, by its spiritual qualities (gates) and its protection (walls [that are foursquare]).  [I was given a plumbline in a Vision dream in 2013.  The plumbline belonged to Michael (Truth) and his Lamb-Bride.]
            “Because four is a symbol of perfection to the Greeks and a symbol of completeness to Hebrew writers, I say that the City was Four Square, spiritually perfect as was the four-sided Tent of Meeting, with its length, breadth, and height equal.  It was a symbol of God’s presence, while in the New Jerusalem God Himself is always present, as you are soon to know.”[5]
            Let us not just ignore what the number four has meant to us so far.  Let us understand that “he measured the city” as being “twelve thousand furlongs.”    The number 3,000 times 4 is of importance to the Rose Window Matrix, as well as, the number 1,000 x 12.  For in the first number (we ignore all zeros) we have three squared-cycles for the Word, the Christ, and Christianity (the twelve foundation stones) and with the second number we have divine Science with the symbol of the twelve Stargates.  If the length, breadth, and height are equal then we get the idea of a cube, or the perfect square that has six (Truth) sides to it.  In other words, the Holy City is Man.  He/She is surrounded by Truth on all sides.  The number six is the number for the Man, who is called BRANCH.  This man is the man described in Genesis 1 for the Sixth Day of Truth.  He/She has dominion over the earth, and in 1969, generic man has dominion over the moon.

Word in absolute Christian Science — Life, Truth, and Love

Verse 17 – “‘And he measured the wall thereof’—Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘Allness is the measure of the infinite, and nothing less can express God’ (S&H 336:23-24).  God is All, but his allness is expressed as man.”[6]

Verse 17 cont. – It is 144 cubits (12 x 12 = 144), “the measure of a man”—“Divine and unerring Mind measures man, until the three measures he accomplished, and he arrives at fulness of stature; for “the Lord God omnipotent reigneth”’ (Mis. 172:12-15).  (See also S&H 502:24-503:5 and 515:16-24.)”[7]
            Again, with verse 17, we get the measuring of the wall being 144 cubits (12 x 12), the mass or gross of the 144,000 – that is “according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.” (v. 17)
            Hoyt has this measurement on page 209, as being a group of that number seven again (however, she does not use the seven synonymous terms in her book).

            Mind – completely protected and ready for action,
            Spirit – possessing purified intelligence, strength and illuminated vision,
            Soul – with reflected purified understanding,
            Principle – and the expression of all power;
            Life – equipped with the angels of His presence:  Wisdom [Mind], Light [Spirit (as in radiance)], Beauty [Soul], [Spiritual] Power [Principle], Life, Truth, and Love;
            Truth – possessing the declaration of Truth, directing and protecting;
            Love – and his intelligence shone with the realization of complete enlightened dominion.

            “How wonderful it is to know that the City, expressing complete spiritual dominion, is measured by the standard of perfection of spiritual man, – ‘the Mind man,’ ‘the real man.’”[8]

4f – TRUTH – Christ in absolute Christian Science — Truth, Life, and Love

“And the building of the wall of it was of jasper:  and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.  And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones.  The first foundation was jasper; the second sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald; the fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst.  And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several [distinct] gate was of one pearl:…” (Verses 18-21; [My interpolation.])

            In part 9a I provided you with the outer circle matrix for the twelve Stargates, and now I will present you with the capstone matrix for the four sides of the city.  First we have the chapter number and title (from SCIENCE AND HEALTH), then the Major Prophet, then the Major Epistle, and finally the tone.

THE CAPSTONE OF SCIENCE’S FOUR SIDES (“Chapter from SCIENCE AND HEALTH” – Major Prophets – General Epistle infinite divine calculus tone)


  1. “Teaching Christian Science” – Ezekiel – James Science as the Word


  1. “Recapitulation” – Jeremiah – I & II Peter Science as the Christ

                                    KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES

  1. “Genesis” – Isaiah – I, II, & III John Science as Christianity


  1. “The Apocalypse” – Daniel – Jude Science as Science

Verses 18-21 – The decorations of the Holy City are complete and of the qualities of jewels, expressing perfection, with no barriers to spiritualized thought and communion with God.

Verse 18 – “The building of the wall of it was of jasper:  and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.”  Doorly tells us that the “building” is “the substance of form.  (See also S&H 468:18-21.)”[9] and the “pure gold, like unto clear glass”—is “perfect reflection.  (See also S&H 94:1-6, 504:11-14.)”[10]
            “Atonement is the exemplification of man’s unity with God, whereby man reflects divine Truth, Life, and Love.” (S&H 18:1-3)
            “Divine Truth, Life, and Love gave Jesus authority over sin, sickness, and death.  His mission was to reveal the Science of celestial being, to prove what God is and what he does for man.” (S&H 26:14-18)
            “With verse eighteen of chapter twenty-one, we begin to read of jewels, ‘garnished with all manner of precious stones.’  The list of precious stones is a duplicate of the list of the twelve stones on the breastplate of the High Priest.  Apocalyptic literature makes great use of jewels to express perfection.  There is another connotation here which is full of meaning.  Now, that which formerly was the privilege of the High Priest alone, becomes here the daily privilege of all who belong in the city.  The jeweled breastplate was associated with the entrance into the Holy of Holies.  In connection with the realization of the New Jerusalem, or the fullness of the Revelation, there is perfect communion, the whole city is a sanctuary (verse 22), there are no barriers to complete spiritual fellowship and communion.”[11]

Christianity in absolute Christian Science — Life and Love

Verses 19 & 20 – “the foundations”—“Let us rid ourselves of the belief that man is separated from God, and obey only the divine Principle, Life and Love.  Here is the great point of departure for all true spiritual growth” (S&H 91:5-8.)  (See also S&H 138:14-22, 133:24-28.)
            “The twelve stones correspond to the twelve signs of the Zodiac, which the Hebrews derived from the Chaldeans and used as symbols.  It is interesting, however, that here they correspond to them in an inverted order, and none of the Commentaries can understand why this should be so.  But in Christianity we very often find the sequence inverted.  Thought proceeds from the sense of Life, Truth, and Love to the fact that every idea is identified with Principle; it sees that Spirit diversifies, classifies, and individualizes the ideas of Life, Truth, and Love, that Soul identifies them, and that Mind shows them all to be in and of one infinite divine Principle.”[12]
            Edyth Armstrong Hoyt explains the stones as the twelve precious stones to the High Priest’s breastplate.  “Apocalyptic literature makes great use of jewels to express perfection.  There is another connotation here which is full of meaning.  Now, that which formerly was the privilege of the High Priest alone, becomes here the daily privilege of all who belong in the city.  The jeweled breastplate was associated with the entrance into the Holy of Holies.  In connection with the realization of the New Jerusalem, or the fullness of the Revelation, there is perfect communion, the whole city is a sanctuary (verse 22), there are no barriers to complete spiritual fellowship and communion.”[13]
            Hoyt explains that, “John uses different jewels in some instances in his description of the Holy City than were used in the breastplate of the high priest of Moses’ time.  Some authorities claim such jewels as John names were not known in the days of Moses or were of such hardness as not to be possible to be carved with the names of the tribes as were the jewels of the breastplate.  Others claim new names were attributed to the same stones.  See also Isa. 54:11-13 in which precious stones are used as symbols of spiritual qualities.  John probably saw the spiritual symbolism of the jewels used as the foundations of the Holy City as:  (From Funk and Wagnalls)

“Jasper – spiritual illumination, Rev. 4:3 (Courage, Wisdom)
“Sapphire – constancy, truth and virtue
“Chalcedony – Truth (Dispels melancholy)
“Emerald – immortality
“Sardonyx – Love and harmony (Conjugal happiness)
“Sardius – spiritual illumination, Rev. 4:3 (Wisdom)
“Chrysolite – gladness (Gladdens the heart)
“Beryl – everlasting life (Everlasting youth)
“Topaz – Love and happiness (Friendship, happiness)
“Chrysoprasus – eternal Life
“Jacinth – modesty
“Amethyst – deep and pure love”[14]

            For sure the list above is not the same list of birthstones in use today!  What is interesting is that the breastplate presents the stones in a Network Matrix (square) while the zodiac birthstones present the stones in a Unity Matrix (circle).  If Doorly is right and the stones follow an inverted (I prefer to use the words, that they “run in counterclockwise order”) pattern, to me this would explain that John was nullifying the mortal science of astrology (its clockwise order) with the divine infinite calculus.
            Hoyt writes on verse 19:  “The basis of protection (wall) for spiritual consciousness (city) is the realization of the spiritual qualities that are like precious stones and priceless jewels.  These jewels symbolize the qualities expressed by the twelve apostles whose teachings were the foundations of the city.”[15]  In the Rose Window these foundations would be the Keystones.
            The following list of jewels and qualities that Hoyt provides on page 209 provide us with the three squared-cycles of the Unity Matrix (the Rose Window Matrix).[16]

Revelation twelve stones“Translator’s note (as seen directly above):  The jewels in the breastplate of the high priest were always given in a fixed order, but John reverses the jewels of the Holy City in order that we should turn completely away from the idea of material jewels and the corrupting association of the jewels of the breastplate with the signs of the Zodiac and the ideas held by the nations about the city of the gods.  He now beheld such spiritual grandeur and glorious understanding of the New Jerusalem that it could only be described in the glowing symbolism of the highest sense of perfection and glory.”[18]
            Or was it for another reason?  Did not John see the symbols of the breastplate’s twelve stones in its circular matrix format instead of in its Network (square) Matrix format?  And the reason why the stones would run opposite from the breastplate is because the Unity City Matrix goes counterclockwise in its order instead of in a clockwise order.  This counterclockwise order is the opposite of the astrological motion; it is the way of the Eddy.

Verse 21 in part – “And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was one pearl”—each pearl is one of the twelve Stargates.  These twelve Stargates (belonging of the twelve nations of Israel) nullify the zodiac constellations (animal magnetism) of astrology.
             “And the twelve gates were twelve pearls [twelve Stargates]; every several [distinct, notably decorated] gate was of one pearl [one Stargate]”.  “The twelve pearls of the twelve gates, symbolize the complete true church.[19]  All who enter the city must enter through these spiritual qualities and therefore will be forever protected, sustained, refreshed, sheltered, directed, guided, supplied, and comforted, (Rev. 7:15-17).”[20]
            A pearl is not exactly a stone or a gem.  It is something hard that is made over time that begins with one grain of sand.  Layers of nacre are formed over the irritation (sand) causing an abnormal growth within the shell of some mollusks.  Pearls are considered to be quite valuable.  They vary in color from white, some are pinkish, and some are grey to black.  Not all pearls are perfect spheres.  However, certain stars have been described as being pearls, so I feel that pearls are used here to represent the Stargates of the Holy City.

4g – LOVE – (Verse 21 continued)
            Verse 21 ends with:  “and the street of the city was pure gold, as if it were transparent glass.”  Glass, like with a Rose Window?
            “Possibly, this does not mean just one street, unless the meaning of the singular includes all.  The Way of the city is expressive of all that pure gold includes.  It is the way of perfection.
            “You have realized that this description of the city parallels the description of Spiritual Man found in chapter one.  As John described that one in terms associated with the every day man, with hair, eyes, feet, etc., so he has described the city with walls, foundations, adornments, etc.  In both instances, the complete picture is one of perfection and dominion. ”[21]  It is possible that the reason why there is mention of “the street” being single could mean that there is only the one Way, which is the divine (gold) Way.
            “And now we shall return to John’s own realizations as he saw the city thus portrayed for him.
            “The prophet Isaiah has told you of a highway that shall be called the way of holiness (Isaiah 35:8).  The street [the layout or spread of Window of the Open Book which is SCIENCE AND HEALTH] of this City is pure gold [is divine], ‘as it were transparent glass,’ symbolizing that the Revelation is a highway [a highway would be a way of living that is the highest spiritual consciousness, that which is divine] whereby we realize purified perfection and reflection.  All are included in the one pure and perfect reflection, which is the way of Holiness [wholeness].  (This completes the description of the Bride, New Jerusalem, the Holy City, the spiritual consciousness of the Revelation of Vision IV [, and the Rose Window]).”[22]

Verse 21 cont. (in part) – The highways symbolize shining light and purity.  The Way originally meant that Christians followed Jesus’ Way, followed his teachings.  Today there is the highway of Christian Science to follow, thanks to Mary Baker Eddy.  These two models are the masculine representative of Christ and the feminine representative of Christ, and they are united in Christian Science.

Verses 22-27 – absolute Christian Science — Truth and Love – show us the divine idea, man and woman, inseparable from Mother-God
5 – Revelation 21:22 – The Temple (point of communion or contact) of the City is in the recognition of God and His Christ.
            “Truth and Love show us the divine idea, man and woman, inseparable from the Mother which Mrs. Eddy defines as ‘God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love’ (S&H 592:15-17).”[23]
            “And I saw no temple therein:  for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.” (Revelation 21:22)
            Mary Baker Eddy, for Revelation 21:22, gives us the paragraph heading of “The shrine celestial.
            “There was no temple, — that is, no material structure in which to worship God, for He must be worshipped in spirit and in love.  The word temple also means body.  The Revelator was familiar with Jesus’ use of this word, as when Jesus spoke of his material body as the temple to be temporarily rebuilt (John ii. 21).  What further indication need we of the real man’s incorporeality than this, that John saw heaven and earth with ‘no temple [body] therein’?  This kingdom of God ‘is within you,’ — is within reach of man’s consciousness here, and the spiritual idea reveals it.  In divine Science, man possesses this recognition of harmony consciously in proportion to his understanding of God.” (S&H 576:12; [Mary Baker Eddy’s interpolation.])

Verse 22 – “‘no temple’—no material body, no ‘material superstructure’ (S&H 595:9).  Mrs. Eddy says that ‘our true temple is no human fabrication, but the superstructure of Truth, reared on the foundation of Love, and pinnacles in Life…Our surety is in our confidence that we are indeed dwellers in Truth and Love, man’s eternal mansion’ (Pul. 2:28-3:1, 3:11-12).”[24]

Verse 22 cont. – “‘the Lamb’ — “Lamb of God.  The spiritual idea of Love.” (S&H 590:9).  (See S&H 576:8-577:27.)
            Now we come to the true marriage or union.
Divine sense of Deity
            “The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and expresses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated to deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration.  Yet the word gradually approaches a higher meaning.  This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, — as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.  The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss—to the perfectibility of Gods creation.” (S&H 576:26-577:11)

First Edition

First Edition

            I use the symbol of a plus sign for the city of our God, because of the description given to it, like that of a compass Rose Window! (Pun intended.)
The city of our God
            “This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary nor limit, but its four cardinal points are:  first, the Word of Life, Truth, and Love; second, the Christ, the spiritual idea of God; third, Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ-idea in Christian history; fourth, Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar.  This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved must walk in this light.  Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth,…or maketh a lie.’
            “The writer’s present feeble sense of Christian Science closes with St. John’s Revelation as recorded by the great apostle, for his vision is the acme of this Science as the Bible reveals it.
            “In the following Psalm one word shows, though faintly, the light which Christian Science throws on the Scriptures by substituting for the corporeal sense, the incorporeal or spiritual sense of Deity {which in the paragraph for S&H 576:26 is recorded as being LORD Jehovah}: —

                                                            PSALM XXIII

            “[DIVINE LOVE] is my shepherd; I shall not want.
            “[LOVE] maketh me to lie down in green pastures:  [LOVE] leadeth me beside the still waters.
            “[LOVE] restoreth my soul [spiritual sense]:  [LOVE] leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
            “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:  for [LOVE] is with me; [LOVE’S] rod and [LOVE’S] staff they comfort me.
            “[LOVE] prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:  [LOVE] anointeth my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
            “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [LOVE] for ever.”
(S&H 577:12-578:18; [Mary Baker Eddy’s interpolations.]  {My interpolation.}  Because WordPress does not do certain graphics the words LOVE seem to be all capitalized.  However, SCIENCE AND HEALTH the first letters of the sentences are regular sized capital letters while the rest of the letters are in small caps.)

            “The temple is the point of communion or contact.  The whole city is the sanctuary; there is perfect communion.”[25]  “In the old temple you had your atonement or point of communion with God once a year.  In the New Jerusalem there is no temple, for God and His Christ fill the city and you are always in communion with the infinite One.”[26]  There is to be no materially organized Church for each Christian Scientist is his own BRANCH.

6 – Revelation 21:23-27 – The City is ever illuminated by the glory of God, and open to all who win through to spiritual victory.

Verse 23 – “‘No need of the sun, neither of the moon’—no need of symbols.  Someone said to me this morning, ‘I feel now that I am right in the midst of it all.  I no longer feel outside of it.’  That is because she knows now that it is coming to her from Principle.”[27]  “This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.  All who are saved must walk in this light.” (S&H 577:19-22)
            “This is an especially important point.  Men of all nations shall walk in the light of this city, ever lighted and open to all.  No class distinctions, no race bounds, gates on all sides, a new set of values established.  This is an individual experience, this realization of completeness and oneness with infinite being.”[28]
            In the Holy City, the manifestation of divine presence, there is no light from material sources (sun or moon).  Now, the sun is symbolic of an original source of light, like God, while the moon is symbolic of a reflected source of light, like man.  I feel that this means that it is time to give up these two symbols and come to the recognition that “Principle [God] and its idea [man] is one, and this one is God, omnipotent, omniscient, and omni-present Being, and His reflection is man and the universe.  Omni is adopted from the Latin adjective signifying all.  Hence God combines all-power or potency, all-science or true knowledge, all-presence.  The varied manifestations of Christian Science indicate Mind, never matter, and have one Principle.” (S&H 465:17-466:6; [My interpolations.])
            “The spiritual consciousness of us all is lightened with the glory of God and His Christ, the Lamb.”[29]

Verse 24 – “the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it”—“Truth and Love enlighten the understanding, in whose ‘light shall we see light;’ and this illumination is reflected spiritually by all who walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense.” (S&H 510:9-12)

Verse 24 cont. – “the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it”—“Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.  Its gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which ‘defileth, …or maketh a lie.’” (S&H 577:22-27)
            Verse 24 tells us that the nations that are saved will walk in the light of spiritual illumination.  “There is now complete universal recognition in the heavenly city that those dwelling in materialism and their leaders have laid down their glory and honor.  Now all those who discern spiritually, move in the spiritual illumination of His divine presence.”[30]

Verse 25 – “‘the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day’—that day is the perfect seventh day, which, you remember, embodies the tones of Love as Truth, and Love as Love.”[31]

“No snare, no fowler, pestilence or pain;
No night drops down upon the troubled breast,
When heaven’s aftersmile earth’s tear-drops gain,
And mother finds her home and heavenly rest.” (Mis 389:22-25)

            “In proportion as the womanhood in you (which you reflect from God) becomes conscious of the form of true manhood, the true Christ-idea, so that it is satisfied and fulfilled—in that proportion do you realize the truth of what John saw here.
            “You and I have to find all of this within ourselves.  The fact that Moses, the prophets, Jesus, and Mrs. Eddy saw for themselves the true facts of being is something to rejoice over, but it is no good to us unless we too both see and use them.  If we want to find ourselves in the ‘city of our God’ in absolute Christian Science, we have to see that ‘Beloved, now are we the sons of God,’ and prove that individually for ourselves.  We may see how beautiful it is, but if it is detached and objective to us, it won’t be of any real value to us.”[32]
            The Stargates will never be shut, because they have been explained.  All may enter through these Stargates for there is no darkness (all spiritually understand) the divine infinite calculus system of Science.  SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy, is an OPEN BOOK – ALWAYS (just as it is depicted in Window of the Open Book).  Universal glory and honor are brought into the sixteen chapters.

Verse 26 – “And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.”  Who or what is “they”?  I think that “they” are the chapters of the Christian Science Textbook.  And these chapters bring the glory and honor of the twelve nations (really thirteen nations) into the Holy City, for they are the Mother-Matrix of the city itself.

Verse 27 – “This is Scriptural authority for concluding that such a recognition of being is, and has been, possible to men in this present state of existence, — that we can become conscious, here and now, of a cessation of death, sorrow, and pain.  This is indeed a foretaste of absolute Christian Science.” (S&H 573:23-28)
            “Now let me give you an illustration.  A man I knew suddenly developed a clot, and his wife telephoned me to ask for help, and she said that he wasn’t expected to recover.  I was staying with a well-known surgeon at the time, and he said that if I healed that man it would prove to him that Christian Science was true, because otherwise the heart would stop in twenty-four hours and nothing could save the man.  Well, the clot dissolved and the man was healed.  That was ‘indeed a foretaste of absolute Christian Science.’”[33]
            Nothing unclean can enter the city, conscious thought, because Science establishes our true identity.  There can be no more dragon lies about the Revelator or the Revelation.  Only those whose spiritual identities have been established through reading the Lamb’s book of life (SCIENCE AND HEALTH) can enter the city.
            This is where Doorly believes that the Seventh Vision begins (Chapter 22:1-9).  Yet we have already been working with Vision VII this whole time.  Edyth Armstrong Hoyt has Vision VII ending with Revelation 22:5.  I feel that Hoyt is correct, that Doorly is off.  Doorly explains his view with, “John begins the seventh vision by illustrating the four orders in Christian Science, just as Jesus did in the Sermon on the Mount.  He is bringing his revelation of the Christ right down to the flesh.  However, as you can see, Hoyt has the seventh (the final) section of Vision 7 as Revelation 22:1-5 and I will follow her lead on this, yet I will provide the tones that Doorly provides for us.

7 – Revelation 22:1-5 – The activity or business of the City ‘expresses’ perpetual fruitage (demonstration of Christian Science), healing, and dominion.  There is no night here.  MIND – The pure river of water of life.
The Word — Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love

Verse 1 – John “presents the divine fact about the creative sense, — the truth which lies behind the human creative sense of male and female.

            “‘And he shewed me’—Mind shows.
            “‘a pure river of water of life’—the order of Spirit.
            “‘clear as crystal’—the definiteness of Soul.
            “‘proceeding out of the throne of God’—from Principle.
            “‘and of the Lamb’—Life, Truth, and Love [for three Christ advents?] in absolute Christian Science.
            “See also S&H 547:23-548:2, 508:14-16; No. v:8-13; Mis. 206:32-207:6; Pul. 3:15-25.”[34]

            “Finally we have arrived at the passage which contrasts the false types of commerce and trade associated with the Babylonish woman of chapter eighteen.  We read of the pure river of the water of life, and the tree of life, ‘in the midst of the street and on either side of the river,’ and the ‘twelve manner of fruits’ (a complete symbol), and fruit ‘every month.’  No time without fruitage.  Fruitage is ever present, ever operative.  And what is the fruitage?  What does it do?  What kind of business activity is found in connection with this city?
            “‘And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.’”[35]
            The fruit from the tree of life is easy to explain.  First off, the Christian Science Textbook is the tree of life and its leaves (pages) are for the healing of the twelve nations (the Children of Israel).  The last chapter in this Textbook is “Fruitage” which is composed of (originally) 84 testimonies of healing (for the healing of the nations).[36]  If you multiply our often-used number of 7 times 12 (for the twelve months of the year = every month of fruitage) you get the number 84.  Mary Baker Eddy is telling us that fruitage is demonstration that takes place just from reading this tree of Life-Science Book.  Remember Window of the Open Book, how the center hub of activity is SCIENCE AND HEALTH itself!  As John puts the tree in the center of the Holy City just as Mary Baker Eddy had her child placed in the center of the Rose Window.
            John is shown a pure river of water of life, the true teachings of Science which are clear as crystal that flows from the throne of God (Principle) and of the (Christ) Lamb.

            RIVER.  Channel of thought.
            “When smooth and unobstructed [with Adam thinking], it typifies the course of Truth; but muddy [as Adam is], foaming, and dashing, it is a type of error.” (S&H 593:14-17; [My interpolations.])

            On the other hand, Augusta E. Stetson wrote that she feels that the roots of the tree of life is Mary Baker Eddy’s Boston edifice while the BRANCH of the tree of life is her First Church of Christ Scientist in New York City (which today is nothing more than an apartment building – for shame).  Or rather, that Mary Baker Eddy (her teacher) is the root and that she (the student) is the BRANCH.  Stetson explains that the church materialists (organizers) wanted to tear down the original Edifice in order to build a bigger church.  Mary Baker Eddy would not allow it.  Why?  Because the edifice was her [Mary’s] spiritual demonstration, and I think it is also because the Edifice is a memorial to Mary Baker Eddy, that it speaks of our Leader as being the woman God-crowned.  Also, all the symbols in this church are of great importance in explaining to us the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth and Window of the Open Book is important in explaining to us the Unity Matrix.  Stetson writes:  “In symbol, The Mother Church building in Boston, the original edifice demonstrated by Mrs. Eddy, represents the root of Christian Science, and First Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City, the fruit of my spiritual labor, is the branch; but rood and branch are one, mutually dependent upon each other, and supporting each other; and the root and branch together, as the tree of Life, whose ‘leaves…were for the healing of the nations’ [Revelation 22:2] constitute the ‘memorial of Christian Science,’ in which Mrs. Eddy united me with her, calling it ‘our memorial.'” (Sermons Which Spiritually Interpret the Scriptures and Other Writings on Christian Science; by Augusta E. Stetson, p. 991; [My interpolation.])  In regards to Stetson’s Branch’s cornerstone Mary Baker Eddy wrote to her, “I leave my name with thine in unity and love.”  Stetson states that Mary Baker Eddy “once more emphasized the essential unity of root and branch, together constituting ‘our memorial of Christian Science.'” (ibid, p. 995)  “Root and branch together form the ‘memorial,’ which is typified by the obelisk with its pyramid capstone, crowning First Church of Christ, Scientist, New York city, symbolizing spiritual man in the image and likeness of Life, Love, and Truth, Spirit, God–The Church Triumphant.” (ibid)
            If Augusta Stetson is correct upon this topic then this may explain why the Church is failing.  The vast majority of Christian Scientist think that Augusta Stetson was handled by animal magnetism and they think the worst of her.  If she really is Mary Baker Eddy’s “apostle to the world” then Christian Scientists had better change their opinion about Augusta Emma Stetson!

The Christ – divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, and Mind

Verse 2 – “‘In the midst’—Principle.
            “‘the street of it’—the way of Life.
            “‘the tree of life’—Mrs. Eddy says that this ‘stands for the idea of Truth’ (S&H 526:18).
            “‘which bare’—the motherhood of Love.
            “‘twelve manner of fruits’—the identity of Soul, which gives gender, or kind.
            “‘yielded her fruit every month’—the divine order and fruit of Spirit.
            “‘the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations’—Mind heals.
            “‘Twelve manner of fruits’ is the divine fact behind what are called ‘periods’ in the female, and which are associated with conception.  Many women have proved that it is quite unnecessary in Christian Science to have ‘periods,’ and that to stop having them does not prevent conception.  ‘Twelve manner of fruits’ is the demonstration of true manhood and womanhood.
            “See also S&H 332:9-15 (from ‘Christ’), 583:10-11, 325:7-9; Ezek. 47:12.”[37]
            I have never heard about women conceiving without having their periods.  I have no doubt that it is possible.  My cousin had an IUD (I think that is what they are called) in her when her daughter was asked for a baby sister.  My cousin told her daughter that she should pray to God for one.  So her daughter prayed to God.  She told her mom, “God told me that I will have a baby sister.”
            My cousin went to her doctor and he told her that she was pregnant, even though she had the birth control device inside her body.  The doctor removed the device.
            I do not feel that men and women should have sex at all.  It is not God’s Way.  Why would God need men and women to have sex to create life?  Why does God need man to create?  Why would God, who is the creator, place that responsibility upon man?  And why, when the women had given up the belief of the period would they continue in the belief of having children? (Read the last paragraph of “Marriage” in S&H.)  Mary Baker Eddy taught that women should not have children.  Augusta Stetson also taught her students that having children through sex was not the way of Christian Science.
            “In the midst of the street” (v. 2) could mean “in the interior of the book.”  It continues “…and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life.”  Thus we see that the book itself of Science itself is the tree of life that grows from the water of life.  The healing power given to man, by eating the fruit (the little book open) from the tree of life enables man to heal the nations through the universal recognition of the Truth.

Christianity — Love, Truth Life, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Principle

Verses 3, 4 – “‘And there shall be no more curse [opposite of Love]:  but the throne of God and the Lamb [Truth] shall be in it’—the sense of salvation [Soul], ‘Life, Truth, and Love understood and demonstrated as supreme over all; sin [opposite of Love], sickness [opposite of Truth], and death [opposite of Life] destroyed’ (S&H 593:20-22; [My interpolations.]).  (See also S&H 557:16-18.)”[38]
            “‘and his servants shall serve him’—the reflection of Spirit.
            “‘and they shall see his face’—the identity of Soul.
            “‘and his name shall be in their foreheads’—true identity will be found in Mind, in spiritual thinking.
            “When we understand Christianity, we shall see that every idea reflects Life, Truth, and Love through Spirit, that every idea is identified with Principle through Soul, and that all ideas are the ideas of Principle and are therefore included in Mind.  (See also I John 3:2; I Cor. 13:12; S&H 588:9-15, 271:1-5.)”[39]
            Verse 3 tells us that there will be no more Adam curse or blood curse (as pronounced upon mortal man in Genesis 3).  There is no more mortal mind, no curse of Adam or the woman as found in the Old Testament, but there will only be the dominion of God and Christ (the Lamb), generic man, spoken of in Genesis 1’s Sixth Day of Truth.  The Children of Israel will recognize God’s omnipotence.
            “And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.” (v. 4)
            Just as Jacob sees God face to face when he comes to realize the Truth about man (his brother Esau), so all mankind will see God face to face.  We will understand that the face of a man (Christianity) reflects God’s spiritual nature.  This gives man complete dominion and protection within his conscious thought (their foreheads).
            Today there seems to be a war being waged by extreme Islamic terrorists against the giaour (infidels).  They are out to kill all Christians.  This war literally began with Abraham’s two sons, when Ishmael grew hatred in his heart toward his half-brother Isaac.  What is the answer to this situation?  Does not the answer lie in all Christians doing what Jacob did with Esau?  We must see the children of Abraham as brothers; see them with the face of God.  We all are supposed to believe in God, follow the same God, yet we seem to have very different ideas about this one God!  Is this really even possible if we all reflect one Mind?  The answer does not lie in getting rid of guns, rifles, bombs, etc.  The answer is mental, and resides with righteous judgment (Christian Science treatment) and the divine Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This means that we cannot just simply feel love in our hearts and think kindly of the Muslims, this helps, but it is not what really will do what needs to be done.  We need to understand that man (all men and women) is the image and likeness of God, we must also know that there is no animal magnetism to mesmerize a man into being a terrorist.  We must actually handle the serpent, step upon its head (mortal mind).  We step upon its head by understanding there is no intelligence in matter.  Man cannot fear or be mesmerized, hypnotized, or beguiled by the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism (terrorism).  Nor can man be orchestrated (manipulated by mortal mind) into being afraid or terrorized or tricked and fooled into thinking certain governmental programs need to be initiated, or perhaps getting rid of Article II in the Constitution, out of fear alone.  Do not be fooled, it is really socialism, which is communism, that drives those who shout, “Get rid of the Second Amendment!”

Science – Life and Soul, Truth and Spirit, Love and Mind, and Principle

Verse 5 – “‘And there shall be no night there’—an indication of Life and Soul, the numerals of infinity.”[40]
            “The numerals of infinity, called seven days, can never be reckoned according to the calendar of time.” (S&H 520:10-11)
            “The numerals of infinity, — of Life, — are eternally identified through Soul, and they constitute what Mrs. Eddy calls ‘one endless day’ (Mis 399:5), in which there is never any night.”[41]

Verse 5 cont. – “‘and they need no candle, neither light of the sun’—an indication of Truth and Spirit, the divine infinite calculus.  The light of Truth, the ideal of Truth, is forever reflected in the calculus of Spirit, and the calculus of Spirit is forever demonstrated as the light of Truth.  (See also Rev. 18:1, where the angel symbolizes Truth and Spirit.)”[42]

Verse 5 cont. – “‘for the Lord God giveth them light’—a symbolization of Love and Mind, the forth dimension.”[43]
            “This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.” (S&H 577:19-21)  This is Mother (Love) Hood (Mind).

Verse 5 cont. – “‘and they shall reign for ever and ever’—an indication of Principle, omni-action.
            “John writes elsewhere, ‘This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.’  (See also Mis. 252:17-18; Zech. 14:6-9; II Cor. 4:6; S&H 504:23-26, 504:31-505:1, 584:3-8.)”[44]
            Verse 5 tells us that in this type of conscious thought there is no night (darkness or fear).  There is no need for artificial light (artificial intelligence) provided by a candle or a sun because God supplies all light – spiritual illumination and enlightenment.  “All will dwell in this eternal realization forever and ever as the knowledge [Science] of the New Jerusalem [artichoke sunflower teaching, a divine calculus of ideas] becomes a daily practical realization”[45] within your thought and in mine (our foreheads).
            This is where Vision VII actually ends (according to Hoyt), and where we have the concluding Epilogue with its Seven Last Statements.  This will be written about in part 10.  For what happens, as Doorly explains it, is that John “summarizes his conclusions as to the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.”


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