by MJSmith


            Before we move on to this VISION, let us understand that there are three advents or comings of the one Christ.  One took place in the Fifth Day of Life and appeared as Jesus.  The second one took place in the Sixth Day of Truth and appeared as Mary Baker Eddy.  The third one takes place in the Seventh Day of Love and appears as generic man, the child in “SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME” from Christ and Christmas (which is the focal Illustration for this particular Vision) .  Vision VII is all about this seventh Star-Angel of Love.  And we begin with the hub of Science itself.  It is as if Vision VI, with our sixth Star-Angel of Truth and the Eagle Matrix is opening up the outer circle-crown of twelve Stargates while the final four Stargates are to be opened by the seventh Star-Angel of Love during the Seventh Day of Love.  (This I have done for you in REVELATION – Part 11b.)
            Even though the Lamb of God is Jesus, I feel that the Lamb of God is also Mary Baker Eddy and the girl in SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.  And we will find that the manchild of Revelation 12 is also the Christ, as he is described as being the spiritual idea.  It is the Christ who holds the rod of divine Science.  Today, this rod has been explained as being Aaron’s Rod (seen directly below).  As Aaron’s Rod buds and blooms into ShAaron’s Rose.

Golden CanWh

Part of Sharon's Rose

Part of Sharon’s Rose

Revelation-VII-DaRevelation Cb

First Edition


“Thus olden faith’s pale star [the BIBLE] now blends
            In seven-hued white [with SCIENCE AND HEALTH]!
Life, without birth and without end,
            Emitting light!

            “We have now arrived at the last vision, and we have been prepared for its consummation by the various references to it.  We know that it is to present a marriage scene.  The marriage symbol of oneness and completeness is used to indicate the oneness which the vision portrays.  The Lamb of Vision I is the groom [where Principle reflects Mind].  Is the groom complete without the bride [where Love reflects Principle in Vision IV]?  No, of course not, you reply.  The bride appeared in Vision IV as the Revelation, the Child born of the Woman, corresponding to the Old Testament anticipation of the New Jerusalem, the Comforter, and the New Testament anticipation of the Spirit of Truth and the Fullness of The Christ [of Vision VI where Spirit reflects Truth].    Now that the triumphs of Truth have been accomplished [in Vision VI], the full realization is possible, and the marriage scene is the result.”[1]

First Edition

First Edition

            If Hoyt is correct in her statement and it is true, then the woman God-crowned is not the Bride, but the manchild (born of the mother, the woman God-crowned) is the Bride.  This means that the manchild could be a second feminine representative of the Christ, the Star-Angle of Love, like the girl depicted in SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN, or (as Hoyt points out further on, although she does not identify the book as the Christian Science TEXTBOOK) the manchild is the book (the institution or the Branch-Church Candlestick of Mind) spoken of in Revelation 10 – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, written by its God-crowned mother – Mary Baker Eddy.  In this case I do not see why the Bride cannot be both the TEXTBOOK and Mary Baker Eddy’s successor.  I think that Hoyt is possibly correct in her assumption that the book in the hand of the angel of Revelation 10 is the manchild of Revelation 12.  But what if this is not so?
            Let me write about what Mary Baker Eddy says about the manchild in “The Apocalypse” chapter (S&H 565:9-18; [My interpolations.]).  “Led on by the grossest element of mortal mind, Herod decreed the death of every male child [every man child] in order that the man [child] Jesus, the masculine representative of the spiritual idea, might never hold sway [rule with a rod of iron] and deprive Herod of his crown.  The impersonation of the spiritual idea [the first coming of Christ] had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master [Jesus a man]; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples—imperatively, absolutely, finally—with divine Science.”  Let us stop here for now and review what has been said so far.  She is basically telling us that the manchild is the Christ, the spiritual idea – “for Christ, God’s [spiritual] idea, will eventually rule all nations…with divine Science [the rod given to the manchild in Revelation 12].  So the manchild is not a book in Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation of this particular Verse, but rather the manchild holds the book that is the rod of divine Science.  The rod could also be the writing pen of Mary Baker Eddy.  And I am speaking symbolically here, as Mary Baker Eddy probably used a lot of pencils instead of pens.  What I mean by “writing pen” is Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual inspiration, that which made it possible for her to write down Christian Science.  So thinking upon these lines we now know that the manchild is the “impersonation of the spiritual idea” which can have more than one appearance or coming.  Christ Jesus is the manchild’s first appearance, born of the Virgin Mary-Mother (the woman God-crowned in the Fifth Day of Life, which is Jesus’ mother Mary).  Mary Baker Eddy is the manchild’s second appearance.  She is spiritually reborn of her own Virgin Mind of Mary-Bride (the woman God-crowned in the Sixth Day of Truth, and could also be SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES holding the rod of the Church Manual.  Martha Jones-Smith is the manchild’s third appearance, born of the Virgin Mary-Bride’s Word (the woman God-crowned in the Seventh Day of Love – SCIENCE AND HEALTH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES), she is generic man.
            Mary Baker Eddy continues:  “…This immaculate idea [the Christ], represented first by man [Jesus] and, according to the Revelator, last by woman [Mary and Martha – the foundations or structures of Church as Truth and Love], will baptize with fire [the Holy Ghost]; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth [Michael] and Love [Gabriel], melting and purifying even the gold of human character.  After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie [red dragon] made war upon the spiritual idea [Mary Baker Eddy and her Revelation – SCIENCE AND HEALTH]; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God [as the manchild is] — to be found in its divine Principle.” (S&H 565:188-28; [My interpolations.])
            Does this seem to be confusing?  Can Mary Baker Eddy be both the woman God-crowned and the manchild?  I say, yes.  How could this be?  Well, let us look at it this way, in the Sixth Day of Truth the woman God-crowned is what mankind experiences as a physical woman, known as Mary Baker Eddy, who gave birth to a TEXTBOOK, while the manchild is the birth of Mary Baker Eddy’s own spiritual understanding of her true being.  And she held her rod (her writing pen) of divine Science in her hand and this pen (measuring rod) produced a Church Manual.  On the other hand, in the Fifth Day of Life, Jesus did not need to be both woman and child because the woman known as the Virgin Mary was the God-crowned woman who conceived (spiritually understood) her manchild Jesus to be the one Christ (the spiritual idea, Jesus’ true being, which is totally spiritual, coming from God-Spirit).  Jesus did hold sway, he was destined to rule over all nations with a rod of iron (divine Science).  By the way, God deprived Herod of his crown.
            So is it logical to say that the Lamb-Groom is both Jesus and the BIBLE and that the Lamb-Bride is both Mary Baker Eddy and SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES?  And is it possible that when the two books became Pastor (married) of The First Church of Christ Scientist that a necessity arose for a rod of iron, the Church Manual, to protect this marriage, so that no man would put asunder?  Also, could not the BIBLE be the Lamb-groom of God, the institution of the fifth Branch-Church Candlestick of Soul, as well as, Christ Jesus the fifth Star-Angle of Life?
            If the Lamb-Groom and the Lamb-Bride are the two books then they were married when they became the Pastor of all Christian Science Churches.  (I equate the BIBLE to the Fifth Day of Life because that is when its origins began [not being just the Torah], even though the first printing of the BIBLE did not take place until the Sixth Day of Truth.)
            Originally Mary Baker Eddy was pastor, she “accepted the call, and was ordained in A. D. 1881.” (Church Manual, p. 18)  This was before the original edifice in Boston was built (completed in December 1894).  The well-known dedication for the little edifice was on January 6, 1895.  It is believed that January 6th is a possible birth date of Jesus.  But oddly, mortal minded members neglected to invite their Leader to the dedication!  It was Edward P. Bates who realized this and so on this same date a letter-invitation was written to Mary Baker Eddy to be inscribed upon a scroll of solid gold.  The letter would read:

            “Dear Mother: — During the year 1894 a church edifice was erected at the intersection of Falmouth and Norway Streets, in the city of Boston, by the loving hands of four thousand members.  This edifice is built as a testimonial to Truth, as revealed by divine Love through you to this age.  You are hereby most lovingly invited to visit and formally accept this testimonial on the 20th day of February, 1895, 15 high noon.

“The First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Boston, Mass.
“By Edward P. Bates,
Caroline S. Bates

“To the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy,
Boston, January 6, 1895”[2]

“After the Bates presented their Leader with the scroll she put it on “display in the window of J. C. Derby’s jewelry store on State Street in Concord.”[3]  It was after this that the board of directors took “similar action and belatedly to offer their new temple to the Leader and to invite her to become their permanent pastor.”[4]
            The date of the event was to be February 20, 1895.  “You ask too much when asking me to accept your grand edifice, I have more of earth now, than I desire, and less of heaven; so pardon my refusal of that as a material offering.”[5]  She declined the position, but accepted the position of Pasture Emeritus.  Doris Grekel explains it this way, “‘As a material offering.’  The invitation to accept the church edifice was essential, because it was recognition of her proper place; and her refusal was conditional.  She refused it only as a material offering.  She told Clara Shannon and Calvin Frye that she would reject all earthly honors—and adulation; that she did not forget that the people spread their garments and palm leaves before Jesus as he rode to the temple one week, and that the next week he was crucified on Calvary.  Her Church, the Church of Christ [of Philadelphia], was already hers and it was not a material edifice.  It was and is ‘the church universal and triumphant.’  No one could give it to her and no one could take it away.”[6]
            Yet, what if there was another reason why she really declined the post of Pastor?  Could it be that once more her students were blind to her spiritual footsteps.  She had made it clear that the two books were the new Pastor of “The Mother Church – The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., — and they will continue to preach for this Church and the world.” (Church Manual, p. 58 – Article XIV) yet they still asked her to be Pastor.  She did not need a material organized Church, nor did her followers.  She knew that the books were not only the Pastor of the spiritual Church (Philadelphia), but also the “structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.” (S&H 583:12)  The books are the “institution, which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick.” (S&H 583:14)  Was not January 6, 1895 when our Lamb-Bride, the woman God-crowned, made the wedding announcement of Revelation 19:7-9?
            “On the thirteenth of January [1895, same month we have been talking about] Mrs. Eddy had written to Mr. Johnson [one of the four Board of Directors], ‘I am only wanting time to have a Church Manual written and published to answer all questions.’  The questions and requests that had been numerous before the erection of the Mother Church increased tremendously after that accomplishment.”[7]  Mary Baker Eddy “requested that the church publish a Church Manual, which they had resolved to do at their meeting of May 4 [1895].”[8]  It was on September 11, 1895, that the Christian Science Board of Directors copyrighted the first edition of the Church Manual.  “Mrs. Eddy was not named as the author of the Manual on the title page where the author’s name should appear.  Neither was the Pastor Emeritus included in the list of church officers in the first edition.  A note at the bottom of the Church Officer’s page simply stated:

“NOTE:  The Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, is the author of all the Rules and By-laws embraced in this manual.”[9]

The Books’ Branch-Church Candlestick manchild is the rod of divine Science

            The Church Manual then would have been almost (not quite) nine months in the making after the completion of The First Church edifice (when the marriage of the books took place).  So, if this is what we really should be looking at, is it not possible that the two books being the Lamb-Groom and the Lamb-Bride (Word of God), that the Lamb-Bride really is the woman God-crowned, as well as, the manchild like Hoyt thinks, and that the manchild is the Church Manual because it came nine months later, it was born to rule the BRANCH (the man) with a rod of iron.

The Woman’s manchild is the Christ Star-Angel that holds the rod of divine Science

            There is also the marriage between the two Christ Star-Angels.  The perfect example of this marriage is located near the end of “The Apocalypse” chapter in the Christian Science TEXTBOOK – SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy.  “The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and expresses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated to deific apprehension through spiritual transfiguration.  Yet the word gradually approaches a higher meaning.  This human sense of Deity yields to the divine sense, even as the material sense of personality yields to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite Principle and infinite idea, — as one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.  The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss—to the perfectibility of God’s creation.” (S&H 574:26-577:11).
            Before proceeding with Vision VII, I would like to comment upon the fact that Mary Baker Eddy did not visit the Edifice until April 1, 1895.  Doris Grekel feels that this is when the real dedication and consecration to the Cause of Christian Science took place.  There were a total of eighteen people present at the church that day, this included Mary Baker Eddy.  I find it interesting that both of her journeys into the auditorium began on the South side of the Church; then she stopped at both podiums for the two readers and then would continue up on the right side of the Church.  This means that she saw the Windows in the following order:  (On the South Side for Christianity) Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary Anoints the Head of Jesus, (in the Southern Gallery) St. John on Patmos, the Six Water Pots, Window of the Open Book, (on the West Side of Science) Mary First at the Resurrection, Woman God-crowned, (on the North Side of the Word) Light and Victory (two lamp stands and two palm leaves), Raising of Jairus’ Daughter, the Raising of Lazarus, (and finally in the Northern Gallery) the Wedded Books of the BIBLE and SCIENCE AND HEALTH and the Open Circle.  In 1994 the Board of Directors placed the Church Manual inside the circle.  This is 100 years after the Edifice was built; this is the same year that I gave birth to my Christian Science Branch Church (Laodicea).  It is also the exact same year that the movie Stargate was released.  The Stargate to heaven opened up.  It is no wonder that Daniel Jackson goes so well with the Church of Laodicea!  For both have to do with righteous judgment – Christian Science treatment where the serpent/dragon/Goa’uld is handled.
            Many Christian Scientists, including myself, have complained about the error Boston made with placing the Church Manual inside the Open Stargate Window.  But what if it was meant to happen?  What if God really is behind the placement of the Church Manual in the Window’s Event Horizon?  What if this deed coincides with the birth of my manchild Branch-Church Candlestick so that my manchild automatically had his rod of iron in hand?
            Mary Baker Eddy’s second trip into the auditorium is when she stopped at the podiums to speak.  She recited, at the First Reader’s podium, Psalm 91:14.  “Because he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.”
            Then she moved to the Second Reader’s desk and in a pleading voice said:

“Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah!
Pilgrim through this barren land:
I am weak, but Thou art mighty
Hold me with Thy powerful hand,
Bread of heaven! Bread of heaven!
Feed me till I want no more.” (See THE FOUNDING, by Doris Grekel, page 233.)

“Translator’s note:  As in the very earliest record of creation in the old Scriptures the true spiritual creation was explained (Genesis I-II:3), and then the counterfeit appeared (Genesis II:4-ch. 9), only to be proved unreal, so in these beautiful visions the counterfeits, which appeared and pretended to usurp the genuine Almighty power, have been exposed and the glorious reality of the things of the Spirit have appeared.  An abundance of Love, which is always present and available when poured into the legions of counterfeits annihilates them leaving no trace, not even a remembrance of their brief reign.
            “As our beloved Master taught by parables and examples, that the kingdom of God is within you, so by symbols a glimpse of the true heaven and true earth are given.  The trials and tribulations described have been blessings in disguise, and all the time these counterfeits were appearing, the true teachings of Jesus were present to cause their destruction.  First there were the teachings of Jesus, the Lamb or Groom [as found in the New Testament].  Then the Revelation or fullness of the Christ, the New Jerusalem, or Bride [SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES].  The complete understanding of them both as one Revelation is the marriage.  There are two books also, one, the Scriptures whose seals were removed by the Lamb (Rev. 5:1-8), and the other, the Little Book open, the ‘witness’ to God’s revelation of all good (Rev. 12:1-6).  The marriage of the Bridegroom and the Bride may also be considered as the union or oneness of the two books.  This oneness results in the understanding of the full truth of man’s dominion, just as the marriage does.”[10]
            Below is a window found in the North Gallery of the Boston Edifice.  It depicts the marriage, or union of these two books.  The cross and crown seal could actually be explained as the crown representing the BIBLE (with the outer circle tones of the Word, the Christ, and Christianity) and the X cross (a union of masculine and feminine), symbol for the city foursquare of divine Science, representing the SCIENCE AND HEALTH (as the inner capstone of Science).

Pyramid books

            “In the final vision is the New Jerusalem [artichoke], the final Revelation [Science of Man], and described by qualities as of a Holy City; a completely spiritual creation; illuminated divinely, protected completely, available for all to understand, with deep substantial foundations, tried and proved, measured by God’s rule of perfection, all beautiful in perfection and glorious to behold.”[11]
            I agree but also disagree.  I feel that the New Jerusalem is only a portion of the Holy City.  The Holy City represents the whole Stargate matrix, based upon Window of the Open Book.  This Holy City includes the city foursquare (for the tone of divine Science), the city of our God (for the tone of Christian Science), the New Jerusalem (for the tones of Christian Science and absolute Christian Science), and the shrine celestial (for the tone of Science itself).  These are depicted as the outer ring with its twelve Stargates (divine Science) – a crown of twelve Stargates, the twelve Keystones (Christian Science), the New Jerusalem artichoke sunflower (Christian Science and absolute Christian Science), and the little book open (Science itself with its four sides of North – the Word, East – the Christ, South – Christianity, and West – Science).

Window of the Open Book (the New Jerusalem artichoke is wrapped around the Science and Health)

Window of the Open Book (the New Jerusalem artichoke is wrapped around the Science and Health – the seeds)

            “As these truths are understood and accepted into consciousness, one experiences complete oneness, and becomes a citizen of the Holy City.”[12]
            According to Edyth Armstrong Hoyt VISION VII runs from Chapter 21 – Chapter 22:5.

The Oneness of the Christ, (as presented by Jesus, ‘the Lamb’) and the full Revelation (New Jerusalem), is now established.  In other words – there is but one Christ dominion.  This Vision’s subject is the marriage of the Lamb (the Christ, as presented by Jesus in Vision I) and the New Jerusalem, the Bride (the full revelation as presented in Vision 4).

            Dinah, or Martha Jones-Smith, is the girl seen in “SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”  She holds open the “other book” much like the angel of Revelation 10 descends down with “a little book open.”  They are one and the same book, thus, the girl-manchild is the right foot of the angel.  She is the one who establishes the Holy City Matrix, which is based upon Mary Baker Eddy’s Window of the Open Book (on the South wall of the original Boston Edifice).  She is the one who presents the marriage between the Lamb-Groom, Jesus Christ, and the Lamb-Bride, Mary Baker Eddy, to the World Wide Web.
            We come to the fourth cardinal point of absolute Christian Science—absolute Christian Science itself, or Truth and Love. This is a continuation from Vision VI, because the manchild is born in the Sixth Day of Truth, even though her mission begins when the Seventh Day of Love begins (1996), almost two years after her manchild Branch-Church Candlestick is born within spiritual consciousness.  “The divine idea, or Truth, is forever embosomed in divine Love and inseparable from it.”[13]

1 – Revelation 21:1-2 – In the realization of the new heaven and the new earth, the New Jerusalem artichoke appears as a bride adorned for her husband.

Saint John on the Island of Patmos - receiving his fourth vision of the woman God-crown

Saint John on the Island of Patmos – receiving his Visions

            “In Revelation xxi. 1 we read: —
            “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:  for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

Man’s present possibilities
            “The Revelator had not yet passed the transitional stage in human experience called death, but he already saw a new heaven and a new earth.  Through what sense came this vision of St. John?  Not through the material visual organs for seeing, for optics are inadequate to take in so wonderful a scene.  Were this new heaven and new earth terrestrial or celestial, material or spiritual?  They could not be the former, for the human sense of space is unable to grasp such a view.  The Revelator was on our plane of existence, while yet beholding what the eye cannot see, — that which is invisible to the uninspired thought.  This testimony of Holy Writ sustains the fact in Science, that the heavens and earth to one human consciousness, that consciousness which God bestows, are spiritual, while to another, the unillumined human mind, the vision is material.  This shows unmistakably that what the human mind terms matter and spirit indicates states and stages of consciousness.
Nearness of Deity
            “Accompanying this scientific consciousness was another revelation, even the declaration from heaven, supreme harmony, that God, the divine Principle of harmony, is ever with men, and they are His people.  Thus man was no longer regarded as a miserable sinner, but as the blessed child of God.  Why?  Because St. John’s corporeal sense of the heavens and earth had vanished, and in place of this false sense was the spiritual sense, the subjective state by which he could see the new heaven and new earth, which involve the spiritual idea and consciousness of reality.  This is Scriptural authority for concluding that such a recognition of being is, and has been, possible to men in the present state of existence, — that we can become conscious, here and now, of a cessation of death, sorrow, and pain.  This is indeed a foretaste of absolute Christian Science.  Take heart, dear sufferer, for this reality of being will surely appear sometime and in some way.  There will be no more pain, and all tears will be wiped away.  When you read this, remember Jesus’ words, ‘The kingdom of God is within you.’  This spiritual consciousness is therefore a present possibility.
            “The Revelator also takes in another view, adapted to console the weary pilgrim, journeying ‘uphill all the way.’” (S&H 572:19-574:4)

Verse 1 – “In the eleventh verse of Chapter 20, ‘the earth and the heaven fled away,’ and so John now sees ‘a new heaven and a new earth,’—spiritual ideas.  ‘Heaven’ symbolizes the consciousness of idea, and ‘earth’ symbolizes the demonstration of idea.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘In St. John’s vision, heaven and earth stand for spiritual ideas, and the sea, as a symbol of tempest-tossed human concepts advancing and receding, is represented as having passed away’ (S&H 536:4-8).  (See also S&H 572:19-574:2, 255:1-6, 561:1-4.)”[14]
            Everything is new, for with the new conscious thought of Christian Science the sixteen Stargates are opened to the joy of the full realization of man’s dominion given to him in the Sixth Day of Truth (Genesis 1).  There is no more sea or fear of the unknown, that which has been mentally hidden by error, for there is no more separation between God and man.
            “A new idea of heaven, and a new idea of earth was revealed to me, for the former concept of heaven and earth was passed away, and true harmony, the true condition of completeness (heaven) and true spirituality took the place of the old earth (materialism) and there were no more erroneous conditions at all (no more sea).”[15]
            The bride city appears, she is adorned for her husband (completely protected and equipped in every way for her full activity in Science, and she is now recognized in that capacity (cap – a – city).

Verse 2 – “new Jerusalem”—“New Jerusalem.  Divine Science; the spiritual facts and harmony of the universe; the kingdom of heaven, or reign of harmony.” (S&H 592:18-20)

Verse 2 cont. – “bride”— gives the conceptive sense of “Purity and innocence, conceiving man in the idea of God; a sense of Soul, which has spiritual bliss and enjoys but cannot suffer.” (S&H 582:14-16)
            “How did she become ‘prepared as a bride, adorned for her husband’?  When did she put on her wedding garments, the ‘fine linen, the righteous acts of the saints’?  Examine Rev. 19:7 where the marriage is announced and it says, ‘his wife had made herself ready.’  How had she been made ready?”[16]  The Theme and Subject of VISION IV include the word “establishment.”  “This refers to every proof of the Power of the Revelation to put out the dragon tricks one by one.  In other words, every time a proof is established it is credited as being another garment of fine linen put on by the Bride, the New Jerusalem.  And every time a proof is established it is the righteous acts of the ‘saints’ of ‘Children of Spiritual Victory,’ which have operated to put out the dragon tricks.  Thus, the acts of establishment, or proofs, are the ‘garments’ or ‘fine linen,’ her wedding apparel.”[17]
            “The appearance of the bride brings the realization that the dwelling place of God is with men, not in a tabernacle here or there, but forever present.  It is the coming of the bride that makes this possible of realization.  We are reminded of chapter seven, and the last section of that chapter for, ‘God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.’”[18]

2 – Revelation 21:3-5 – The Tabernacle or dwelling place of God is seen in communion with men, making all things new.

Verse 3 – “the tabernacle of God is with men”—“Church.  The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.” (S&H 583:12-13)

Verse 3 cont. – “‘and he will dwell with them’—Mrs. Eddy, interpreting the twenty-third Psalm, writes, ‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house [the consciousness] of [LOVE] for ever.” (S&H 578:16-18; [Mary Baker Eddy’s interpolations.])
            In verse 3 John hears the great voice out of heaven (Jesus) saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God” because heaven (woman) and earth (man) are one.

Verse 4 – “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes”—Mary Baker Eddy writes in her poem,

“Mourner, it [Truth] calls you, — ‘Come to my bosom,
Love wipes your tears all away.
And will lift the shade of gloom,
And for you make radiant room
Midst the glories of one endless day.’” (Mis 399:1-5; [My interpolation.])

            She also says, “Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love.” (S&H 57:18-19)
            More is said in verse 4, that God will wipe away all the tears from their eyes and there will be no more death.  Nor will there be any more sorrow, crying, no more pain because “the former things are passed away.”  In other words sin, sickness, disease, and death will be handled via Christian Science, all error will be seen as nothing, as part of the Adam dream.

Verse 5 – “Behold, I make all things new.”—“The new idea, conceived and born of Truth and Love, is clad in white garments. …When this new birth takes place, the Christian Science infant is born of the Spirit, born of God, and can cause the mother no more suffering.  By this we know that Truth is here and has fulfilled its perfect work.” (S&H 463:14-15, 16-20)

Verse 5 – “And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.”  Remember the white horseman of Revelation 19 is “True and Faithful.”  Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “No human pen nor tongue taught me the Science contained in this book, Science and Health; and neither tongue nor pen can overthrow it [because this book was written with the second gift, the measuring rod of divine Science].” (S&H 110:17-20).
            God speaks in verse 5:  “Behold, I make all things new.”  What does this mean?  It means that God makes all things as they originally are – as Spirit.  This is not because God has changed the way He creates all things, but because man sees all being made by Spirit instead of as material creation.  Then John (divine Science) is told to “Write:  for these words are true and faithful.”  Who is True and Faithful?  The Word of God who sits upon the pure white horse in VISION VI – TRUTH.  I believe this means that the second coming of Christ is explained during the Seventh Day of Love.

3 – Revelation 21:6-8 – Citizenship in the City is Sonship through the recognition of Oneness and eternal Life.
            “Since John is carrying out this vision in the symbolism of a city and the individual relationship to that city, it is logical that he should present the next step as the basis of citizenship in the city.  ‘He that overcometh shall inherit all things’:  a momentous statement.  ‘And I will be his God and he shall be my son.’  Sonship, therefore, is the standard of citizenship, a sonship based upon the tender relationship which indicates no separation, and the full accord recognized by Paul when he wrote:

“‘For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry, Abba Father.  The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:  And if children, then heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.’”[19]

Verse 6 – “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end”—“The Latin omni, which signifies all, used as an English prefix to the words potence, presence, science, signifies all-power, all-presence, all-science.  Use these words to define God, and nothing is left to consciousness but Love, without beginning and without end, even the forever I AM, and All, than which there is naught else.” (Mess ’02 7:11-16)  I also feel that Alpha could be Mind while Omega could be Love.

Verse 6 cont. – “I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.”—“Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals.  It is the open fount which cries, ‘Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.” (S&H 13:2-4)
            John is told, “It is done.  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” (v. 6)
            The words “It is done” imply that creation is finished, that now is the Seventh Day of Love.  The word “beginning” means the “onlyness.”  God is the onlyness there is and this onlyness is omnipresence (Omega).  There is only one Mind and that Mind is omnipresent Love.  There is no beginning or end to spiritual Life.  The waters of life being given freely is SCIENCE AND HEALTH, the tree of life in the waters of life.

Verse 7 – “He that overcometh shall inherit all things”—“Truth and Love bestow few palms until the consummation of a life-work.” (S&H 48:14-16)
            Those who overcome the myth of life in matter inherit all spiritual things.  God says, “I will be his God and he shall be my son.” (v. 7)

Verse 7 cont. – “and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”—“Above the waves of Jordan, dashing against the receding shore, is heard the Father and Mother’s welcome, saying forever to the baptized of Spirit:  ‘This is my beloved Son.’  What but divine Science can interpret man’s eternal existence, God’s allness, and the scientific indestructibility of the universe?” (Mis 206:5-10)

Verse 8 – All those who malpractice will be burned in the lake of “fire and brimstone, which is the second death.
            Those who mentally malpractice, whether through ignorance or maliciousness, “will suffer consuming, choking torment and all mental anguish brought about by their own false beliefs until they cease from doing them.  This final purification is followed by the realization of eternal Life, which means there is no death, no second death nor any belief in a degree of death.”[20]

4 – Revelation 21:9-21 (with sections a-g) – The New Jerusalem artichoke is recognized and established.  “Having the Glory of God”
            “And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.” (Rev. 21:9)  This angel is the Star-Angle of Love.

Verse 9 – Now comes the seventh angel (with the seven vials) who is Dina, Martha Jones-Smith, Gabriel, Little Red Riding Hood and she will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.
            “”The Revelator also takes in another view, adapted to console the weary pilgrim, journeying ‘uphill all the way.’ (S&H 574:3)

Verse 9 cont. – “‘the bride, the Lamb’s wife’—the Lambs wife ‘presents the unity of male and female’ (S&H 577:5), and the bride symbolizes the wedding of that right idea of manhood and womanhood to its Principle.”[21]
             “One of the angels of His presence said to John, ‘Come hither, and I will show thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.’  And then from the high mountain of spiritualized thought, John visualized the fullness of the Revelation.  Again as he is using the symbolism of the ancient city, he describes the bride in all the details associated with the accouterments of an ancient city.”[22]

Truth versus Error

Truth versus Error

            We are now at the capstone of VISION VII.  It is here where Scripture describes the New Jerusalem and the city foursquare.  Before I get into Hoyt’s and Doorly’s explanations I will quote from the Textbook on verse 9 that is “adapted to console the weary pilgrim, journeying ‘uphill all the way.’” (S&H 574:3-4)
Vials of wrath and consolation
            “This ministry of Truth, this message from divine Love, carried John away in spirit.  It exalted him till he became conscious of the spiritual facts of being and the ‘New Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of heaven,’—the spiritual outpouring of bliss and glory, which he describes as the city which ‘lieth foursquare.’  The beauty of this text is, that the sum total of human misery, represented by the seven angelic vials full of seven plagues, has full compensation in the law of Love.  Not this, — that the very message, or swift-winged thought, which poured forth hatred and torment, brought also the experience which at last lifted the seer to behold the great city, the four equal sides of which were heaven-bestowed and heaven-bestowing.
Spiritual wedlock
            “Think of this, dear reader, for it will lift the sackcloth from your eyes, and you will behold the soft-winged dove [divine Science] descending upon you.  The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.  Then thought gently whispers:  ‘Come hither!  Arise from your false consciousness into the true sense of Love, and behold the Lamb’s wife, — Love wedded to its own spiritual idea [the Christ Truth].’  Then cometh the marriage feast, for this revelation will destroy forever the physical plagues imposed by material sense.” (S&H 574:10-575:6; [My interpolations.])  (Also see S&H 575:7-576:7.)
            “And there came to me a messenger from His presence, one of the angels with the seven bowls full of Love, which is a plague to materialism, and he talked with me, saying, ‘Come, lift up your thought and I will show you the Bride, the New Jerusalem, complete spiritual dominion, called the Comforter [Christian Science], the Spirit of Truth, the full understanding of the Christ.  All these names that I have used at various times are all the same, meaning the Lamb’s wife.”[23]
            Is not Mary Baker Eddy, the woman who gave us Christian Science the Comforter, in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, is she not the Bride – the feminine representative of the Christ?

MBE Unity

Divine Science — divine Principle, Love
Verse 10 – John is carried away to a high mountain and is shown “that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.”  From here on in (Verses 10-27) is the description of the city foursquare, “in terms of divine Science and absolute Christian Science.”[24]
            Could this mountain be the understanding of the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth?  I had to be shown the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth before I was able to see the Unity Matrix (the Holy City or the Stargate).  “And this message aroused me to spiritual alertness and inspiration and showed me the great city, the Holy Jerusalem.  This consciousness of the true heaven came to me from God.”[25]
            “This sacred city, described in the Apocalypse (xxi. 16) as one that ‘lieth foursquare’ and cometh ‘down from God, out of heaven,’ represents the light and glory of divine Science.” (S&H 575:7-10)  “Divine Science is Principle’s perfect and infinite interpretation of itself.”[26]

Verse 10 – “‘descending out of heaven from God’—the purely subjective sense of reality.”[27]

4a (v. 11) – “Having the glory of God:  and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal [for it is a Window Matrix];” [My interpolation.]

Verse 11 – The city (the bride) expresses the perfection and illumination of the glory of God, perfect reflection in illumination.
            “Having the glory of God”—“divine Science.”[28]

Verse 11 cont. – “‘her light was like unto a stone most precious’—the very highest sense of the four-dimensional calculus, by which Principle interprets itself in divine Science as one Life (the Word), one Truth (Christ), one Love (Christianity), and one divine Principle, Love (divine Science).”[29]  “The four sides of our city are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science” (S&H 575:17-19 [to semi-colon)”  This describes the city foursquare (in part).

Verse 11 cont. – “‘even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal’—in Chapter 4, verse 3, the jasper was opaque, but now, in the light of divine Science, it has become ‘clear as crystal.’”[30]  Of course, when something is mental and is “clear as crystal” it means that it is comprehended mentally, but why could not this description symbolize Window of the Open Book as well?  “Having the glory of God:  and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;” for it is a Rose Window Matrix.
            “First, we have the qualities of illumination.  The light associated with the New Jerusalem is clear as crystal, like the jasper so precious and perfect.  The glory of this light illumines everything.”[31]
            Mary Baker Eddy’s consciousness reflecting divine Mind has the glory of God:  her light is like the Christ stone which is most precious.  “Jasper – spiritual illumination, Rev. 4:3 (Courage, Wisdom)”[32]

4b – The Word in divine Science – Life – “And had a wall great and high,” (Verse 12)
Verse 12 (in part) – She is completely protected with a wall—“‘and had a wall great and high’—here we see the Word in divine Science, — Life, the one Being.  The Word is Principle’s idea of itself.  The wall is here a symbol of the Word, which compasses but never limits.”[33]  “Divine Science alone can compass the heights and depths of being and reveal the infinite.” (S&H 292:4-6)
            Mary Baker Eddy also writes of “the compass of infinite Life,” she says, “The infinite can neither go forth from, return to, nor remain for a moment within limits.” (Hea 4:6 and 2-3)  It is also possible, to use a pun, that we can apply the term Compass Rose here since we are speaking about the four directions (North, East, South, and West).
            “The unveiled spiritual signification of the Word so enlarges our sense of God that it makes both sense and Soul, man and Life, immaterial, though still individual.  It removes all limits from divine power.” (No 12:24-27)

Window of the Open Book City

4c – The Christ is divine Science—Truth, the one Son of God
Verses 12 (in part)-13 – Admission to the city is by the dominion of spiritual victory.
            Verse 12 with [My interpolations.] continues with, “…and had twelve [Star]gates, and at the [Star]gates twelve [Star]angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel”:  Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, (Dan is replaced by) Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph/Ephraim, Benjamin.
            “On the east [for the Christ side] three [Star]gates [for S&H chapters:  2 – for the Madonna and Child Keystone, 6 – for the Oil Lamp Keystone, and 10 – for the Palmleaves of Salvation Keystone]; on the north [for the Word side] three [Star]gates [for S&H chapters:  1 – for the Open Bible Keystone, 5 – for the Woman God-crowned Keystone, and 9 – for the Lord and Lamb Keystone]; on the south [for the side of Christianity] three [Star]gates [for S&H chapters:  3 – for the Southern Cross of Calvary Keystone, 7 – for the Pomegranates Keystone, and 11 – for the Sheaf of Harvested Wheat Keystone]; and on the west [for the side of divine Science] three [Star]gates [for S&H chapters:  4 – for the Golden Shores of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony Keystone, 8 – for the Concord Grapevine Keystone, and 12 – for the Big Dipper Keystone].” (Verse 13; [My interpolations.])  The gates, or twelve Stargates are the twelve seven-pointed stars on the outer circle of Window of the Open Book.  These twelve Star-Angels are the messages found within the first twelve chapters belonging to “the little book open.”
            “Christ is Principle’s ideal of itself.”[34]
            Mary Baker Eddy describes the twelve Stargates from these two Verses as follows:  “Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; eastward, to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient [the Daystar – Venus], who followed it to the manger of Jesus [Daystar – the Sun]; southward, to the genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies, — the Cross of Calvary [of which Acrux is part of], which binds human society into solemn union; westward, to the grand realization of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony [Sea of Tranquility on the moon].” (S&H 575:26-576:2; [My interpolations.])
            These four Stargates are the four Major Stars in Window of the Open Book.  Our beginning place is with the North Star that shines outside the Open Bible Keystone for the Word as the Word.  Then we move counterclockwise over to the Daystar of Madonna (Venus, our Daystar by night) and Child (Sun, our Daystar by day) Keystone for the Word as the Christ.  Then downward to the third Major Stargate of Acrux which is outside the Cross of Calvary Keystone for the Word as Christianity, and finally to the fourth Major Stargate of the moon for the Golden Shores of Love and the Peaceful Sea of Harmony Keystone for the Word as Science.
            “Through discernment of the spiritual opposite of materiality, even the way through Christ, Truth, man will reopen with the key of divine Science the gates of Paradise which human beliefs have closed.” (S&H 171:4-7)
            (See also S&H 242:9-10 and 315:32-316:2.)

4d – Christianity in divine Science—Love
“And the wall of the city had twelve foundations [Keystones], and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb [spiritual idea]. (Verse 14)

Here we can match up these twelve foundation Keystones not only with the first twelve chapters of the TEXTBOOK, but also with the twelve Minor Prophets in the OLD TESTAMENT and the twelve Minor Epistles in the NEW TESTAMENT.

Chapter 1 – “Prayer” – HoseaRomans (the Word as the Word)
Chapter 2 – “Atonement and Eucharist” – ObadiahI Corinthians (the Word as the Christ)
Chapter 3 – “Marriage” – NahumII Corinthians (the Word as Christianity)
Chapter 4 – “Christian Science versus Spiritualism” – HaggaiGalatians (the Word as Science)
Chapter 5 – “Animal Magnetism Unmasked” – JoelEphesians (the Christ as the Word)
Chapter 6 – “Science, Theology, Medicine” – JonahPhilippians (the Christ as the Christ)
Chapter 7 – “Physiology” – HabakkukColossians (the Christ as Christianity)
Chapter 8 – “Footsteps of Truth” – ZechariahI Thessalonians (the Christ as Science)
Chapter 9 – “Creation” – AmosII Thessalonians (Christianity as the Word)
Chapter 10 – “Science of Being” – MicahI & II Timothy & Titus (Christianity as the Christ)
Chapter 11 – “Some Objections Answered” – ZephaniahPhilemon (Christianity as Christianity)
Chapter 12 – “Christian Science Practice” – MalachiHebrews (Christianity as Science)

Verse 14 – The city is established by teachings of the twelve epistles, they are the foundations, the Keys’-tones.
            “John gives us an illustration of Christianity in divine Science, — Love, the divine One.  Christianity is Principle’s infinite reflection of itself.”[35]

Verse 14 cont. – “‘twelve foundations’—foundations of demonstration.”[36]
            “Christianity will never be based on a divine Principle and so found to be unerring, until its absolute Science is reached.  When this is accomplished, neither pride, prejudice, bigotry, nor envy can wash away its foundation, for it is built upon the rock, Christ.” (S&H 483:32-484:5)
            “The infinite relationship of Christianity unites all mankind in one compound idea, man.  When Christ becomes one compound idea, man, in Christianity, then there is infinite reflection, and that infinite reflection of God is true demonstration.”[37]
            Doorly says, “divine Science, the perfect and infinite interpretation of the one Being, the word is God’s idea of Himself as the one Life; Christ is God’s own ideal as the one Truth; and Christianity is God’s reflection of Himself as the one Love.  We have seen the oneness of Being reflecting on itself.  Now we have to use that vision, and this is what John proceeds to show.  The oneness of Being is known in its fullness only to God, and so it must be translated to the point of infinite idea, the truth about you and me and everything.  So now we go through the twelve gates into the ‘city of our God,’—absolute Christian Science, — with its four cardinal points, and at once there is the introduction of divine computation or measuring.”[38]
            Here we have the twelve Keystones, or twelve Keys’ Tones of the Compass Rose Window.  “And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.”  The twelve Keystones are founded upon “the teachings of Jesus as given to you through your teachings of the twelve apostles.”[39]
            “Unless Jesus’ twelve apostles are consciously working from the standpoint of the Principle to which the Christ-idea is ascended – unless Christendom’s twelve foundations are understood to be in heaven, in Principle – Christianity cannot begin its great world mission of restoring humanity to heaven, to Principle.” (From Genesis to Revelation, by W. Gordon Brown, p. 307)

NOTE:  I realize that the twelve apostles are different from the twelve epistles – but I feel like it is important that I showed you how the twelve epistles fit in with the Unity Matrix.

            “In the light, we see the walls, indicative of complete protection.  The Revelation is completely protected.”[40]  Many members of organized religion turn these walls of protection into four walls of limitation.  When we get to the city of our God, or the city of God, the four walls of limitation are nullified.
            “And had a wall great and high,” means the bride city is well protected because she is completely guarded by spiritual qualities.  Mary Baker Eddy knew that she was Spirit not matter and this understanding gave her great protection.  Her twelve Stargates were avenues of entrance, symbolized by the twelve tribes of Israel.  “Admission to the city is by recognition of the spiritual qualities they represent, which are” the twelve Keys’ Tones for the divine infinite calculus.  The following list gives to us the twelve tribes of Israel in their divine infinite calculus order.

Revelation V. II Jacob's Sons

            “Twelve [Star]gates admit [spiritual man] to the city.”[44]  These are the twelve Stars of the woman’s crown (Rev. 12), the twelve nations of Israel (reunited).  “And the names of the gates are the names of the Children of Israel.  Do you recall that in the description of the tabernacle of Moses, we were told there were three tribes on either side of the tabernacle?  Notice here that there are three gates on each side of the four walls of the city.  In the original tabernacle there was but one entrance.  Now the opportunity to enter in has been multiplied, and the admission is by the recognition of the children of Israel,[45] or the spiritual Children as translated in chapter seven, the children of a spiritual experience of victory.  All who strive to victory, then, may enter in.”[46]
            “I have grouped the gates in four sets of threes to call to your remembrance the manner in which the children of Israel were camped outside the tent of meeting.[47]  While the tent of meeting had only one entrance, the New Jerusalem has twelve [Star]gates through which all may enter.  There are many entrances – many different ways of entering in, always through spiritual qualities.”[48]

“Translator’s note:  Here is another point to remember; the twelve gates with the names of the twelve tribes written on them, and the twelve foundations with the names of the twelve apostles on them, show the connection between the Old Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus.”[49]

(To be continued…)

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