by MJSmith



LOVE continued
Revelation 12:13-17
Verse 13 – The red dragon persecutes “the woman which brought forth the man child.”
            “Error always tries to persecute that in you which has brought forth the ‘man child,’—the idea of Science.
            “The next trick of the dragon-thought appears to be the persecution of the Truth [persecution of the Truth about the woman], which is the revelation of full understanding.  In this case the Woman is given two wings of a great eagle [Science] to lift her up in protection to her place where she is nourished for ‘a time and times and half a time,’ (the Greek word, ‘xairos’ meaning a short while – as long as it is necessary).  We already know that the flying eagle is all-activity [Science].  A very peculiar and interesting statement is made in this section.”[1]
            The second point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place overcomes the red dragon’s second trick of persecution.  “Mrs. Eddy regarded portions of Revelation (that is, Chapter 12) as pointing to her as the one who fulfilled prophecy by giving the full and final revelation of Truth; her work thus being complementary to that of Christ Jesus.”  Notice that Revelation 12:13 does not say that the red dragon persecutes the Revelation itself but rather it persecutes the woman!  Do Christian Scientists think that the red dragon’s persecution of Mary Baker Eddy ended in 1907 with the Next Friend’s Suit?  If so, they had best think again!  The persecution goes on, for today you cannot find Mrs. Eddy’s Place in your local Reading Rooms.  Nor can The Mother Church locate the typed report (having 57 pages) that this pamphlet was based upon.  At least that is what they claim.

            Who are the woman’s seed if not the congregation of Christ Scientist?  Yet her remnant is the seed (the Christ Scientist) that understands and accepts their Leader’s place in Bible prophecy.

            Revelation xii.13.  And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

            “The march of mind and of honest investigation will bring the hour when the people will chain, with fetters of some sort, the growing occultism [that which is hidden] of this period.  The present apathy as to the tendency of certain active yet unseen mental agencies will finally be shocked into another extreme mortal mood, — into human indignation; for one extreme follows another.” (S&H 569:29-570:7; [My interpolation.])
            So the red dragon attempts a second trick – he persecutes the woman God-crowned – Mary Baker Eddy.  The persecution of Mary Baker Eddy takes place when evil says that Mary Baker Eddy is not Christ Jesus’ complement.

Revelation eagle 2c (Vision 6)

Verse 14 – The “two wings of a great eagle” symbolize “Life [seen above as green], Truth [indigo], Love [violet], and Soul [yellow], Spirit [orange], Mind [red].  The eagle typifies Science, and you remember that in the Science order, symbolized by the candlestick in Exodus, Principle is in the center [seen above as the white head], with Life [on the Inner Branch for the Word], Truth [on the Middle Branch for the Christ], and Love [on the Outer Branch for Christianity] on one hand and Soul [on the Inner Branch for the Word], Spirit [on the Middle Branch for the Christ], and Mind [on the Outer Branch for Christianity] on the other.  So those are the two wings which in Science lift up the womanhood in each one of us.”[2]
            In verse 14 the woman is given the all-activity of God’s power.  She has the power of Science, the fourth living creature.  She is lifted up into her place (her seat, her throne, her highchair) of Bible prophecy for as long as necessary – “time, and times and half a time.”  This phrase is another way of saying 42 months or 3.5 years.

“O gentle presence, peace and joy and power;
            O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour,
Thou Love that guards the nestling’s faltering flight!
            Keep thou my child on upward wing to-night…

“Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing;
            In that sweet secret of the narrow way.
Seeking and finding, with the angels sin:
            ‘Lo, I am with you always,’—watch and pray.” (Mis 389:6-9, 18-21)

            “The ‘two wings’ may also be interpreted as the Bible and ‘Science and Health,’ or the male and female of God’s creating, or understanding and demonstration, but here they seem to signify Life, Truth, Love and Soul, Spirit, Mind.  (See also Mis. 267:18-21, 354:26-29; Isaiah 40:31; Exodus 19:4; Man. 19:1-6.)  The Eagle Candlestick Matrix, seen above, depicts the Science order for the seven synonymous terms, not the layout for Vision VI, which is seen below.

Revelation eagle 2 (Vision 6)

            “The ‘wilderness’ of verse 14 is ‘the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence’ (S&H 597:17-19).  ‘A time, and times, and a half a time’ symbolize the understanding of divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love.” (TWJD; p. 212)
            Revelation 12:15, 16 –  “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood, after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.  And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.”
            “We read, ‘The serpent cast out of his mouth…a river that he might cause her (the Woman) to be carried away [taken from conscious thought of her followers].  And the earth helped the Woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river.’  Throughout Visions I, II and III, the earth, or materialism, has always been negative.  But now the Revelation has been given and received and everything negative begins to be completely reversed.  You will find this true as we go on through Visions V, VI and VII.  In other words, the Revelation [of Christian Science] changes everything!  Thus, in our third point, we recognize that it is the all-activity of the Revelation which completely overcomes persecution, for persecution is just another trick out of the dragon bag, the trick which tries to ‘make war with her seed.’”[3]
            A mouth is used to speak words, so the flood of the dragon is its words against Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, while the earth’s mouth is the mouth of the earth, those who use the Word of God to help the women (they recognize who she really is and stand up for her against error).

Verses 15 & 16 – “Of verses 15 and 16, Mrs. Eddy writes, in part, ‘What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea?  He can neither drown your voice [the earth’s mouth] with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night [the red dragon’s flood].  In this age the earth will help the woman; the spiritual idea will be understood.  Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks.  The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave’ (S&H 570:18-24; [My interpolations.]).  The ‘water’ which the serpent cast out of his mouth symbolizes material theories, which attempt to dilute divine revelation.  [Doorly is only partially right about this.  The attack, via material theories, is upon the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE TEXTBOOK, but the flood goes out to DROWN (kill) the woman God-crowned as the second coming of Christ!]  (See also S&H 570:14-18, 570:26-572:2.)”[4]
            This red dragon tries to kill the woman that is Mary Baker Eddy by making her out to be a material little old gray-haired lady, but when we understand her as spiritual idea we are helping her.  And the divine Revelation is SCIENCE AND HEALTH itself.
            In verse 15 the red dragon tries another trick of persecution when it attempts to counterfeit true teachings (the water, river) and sweep away the Revelation that is Christian Science.  This trick is nullified with the third point in Mrs. Eddy’s Place.  “As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mrs. Eddy) revealed God’s motherhood; she represents in this age the spiritual idea of God [“Lamb of God” is defined by Mary Baker Eddy as “The spiritual idea of Love [God]” (S&H 590:9)] typified by the woman in the Apocalypse.  (See Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 565:13-22.)”  When we accept that Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual teachings are true Revelation, because she is the second coming of Christ, then the dragon’s propaganda teachings cannot carry away this Revelation with a flood of erroneous ideas.
Receptive hearts
            “Millions of unprejudiced minds—simple seekers for Truth, weary wanderers, athirst in the desert—are waiting and watching for rest and drink.  Give them a cup of cold water in Christ’s name, and never fear the consequences.  What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea [the woman Mary Baker Eddy]?  He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night.  In this age the earth will help the woman; the spiritual idea will be understood [it will be understood that Mary Baker Eddy revealed God’s motherhood].  Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks.  The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave.
Hidden ways of iniquity
            “When God heals the sick or the sinning, they should know the great benefit which Mind has wrought.  They should also know the great delusion of mortal mind, when it makes them sick or sinful.  Many are willing to open the eyes of the people to the power of good resident in divine Mind, but they are not so willing to point out the evil in human thought, and expose evil’s hidden mental ways of accomplishing iniquity.  [Many members of The First Church are unwilling to point out that the Boston hierarchy is incorrect when they claim that Mary Baker Eddy is just a little old lady who reached the top of the mountain before all others, hence she was given God’s Revelation of Science; when they claim that Mary Baker Eddy is not the second coming of Christ; when they claim that she died on December 3, 1910 because they want to be in control of the Church.  These members are afraid because they fear excommunication.]
Christly warning
            “Why this backwardness, since exposure is necessary to ensure the avoidance of the evil?  Because people like you better when you tell them their virtues than when you tell them their vices.  It requires the spirit of our blessed Master to tell a man his faults, and so risk human displeasure for the sake of doing right and benefiting our race.  Who is telling mankind of the foe in ambush?  Is the informer one who sees the foe?  If so, listen and be wise.  Escape from evil, and designate those as unfaithful stewards who have seen the danger and yet have given no warning.
The armor of divinity
            “Through trope and metaphor, the Revelator, immortal scribe of Spirit and of a true idealism, furnishes the mirror in which mortals may see their own image.  In significant figures he depicts the thoughts which he beholds in mortal mind.  Thus he rebukes the conceit of sin, and foreshadows its doom.  With his spiritual strength, he has opened wide the gates of glory, and illumined the night of paganism with the sublime grandeur of divine Science, outshining sin, sorcery, lust, and hypocrisy.  He takes away mitre and sceptre.  He enthrones pure and undefiled religion, and lifts on high only those who have washed their robes white in obedience and suffering.
Native nothingness of sin
            “Thus we see, in both the first and last books of the Bible, — in Genesis and in the Apocalypse, — that sin is to be Christianly and scientifically reduced to its native nothingness.  ‘Love one another’ (I John, iii. 23), is the most simple and profound counsel of the inspired writer.  In Science we are children of God; but whatever is of material sense, or mortal, belongs not to His children, for materiality is the inverted image of spirituality.
Fulfilment of the Law
            “Love fulfils the law of Christian Science, and nothing short of this divine Principle, understood and demonstrated, can ever furnish the vision of the Apocalypse, open the seven seals of error with Truth, or uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness, and death.  Under the supremacy of Spirit, it will be seen and acknowledged that matter must disappear.” (S&H 570:8-572:18; [My interpolations.])
            Is the red dragon’s trick to make the woman’s followers believe that they are afraid to present the Textbook to the world?  Would there be fear if these followers viewed Mary Baker Eddy the same way that they view Christ Jesus?
            As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mary Baker Eddy) exemplified God’s motherhood; she represents in this age the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse. (Based upon the Third Point in Mrs. Eddy’s Place.)  Because Mary Baker Eddy had copyright on her writings (until they ran out) they were basically untouchable (even though the printing of S&H in 1915 was mutilated and published with many mistakes).  How could the red dragon pollute the waters if the books were copyrighted?  The red dragon would attack the Revelator (Mary Baker Eddy).  Error attacked the woman with its floodwaters of propaganda against her and this cast suspicion upon her writings.  And yes, there were subtle changes in the Textbook.  One example was the footnote by Mary Baker Eddy that was deleted.  This footnote was at the end of “Preface”.  “Note. — The author takes no patients, and declines medical consultation.” (S&H p. xii)
            Other changes were made in “Fruitage” with deletion of two testimonies, addition of one testimony, and moving the last testimony to another place.  The red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism was able to make these changes because, the testimonies were not written by Mary Baker Eddy (they were not her writings, as far as error was concerned).  Another change was the immediate removal of Mary Baker Eddy’s own Trademark – her portrait and signature at the front of the book.

S&H Trademark

            Another way to cast doubt upon her work was through editorials in the Christian Science periodicals.  These periodicals would begin to contain false teachings on Christian Science and this is exactly what happened.  The Christian Science Monitor (newspaper) would have a communist editor.  New Age philosophy began to creep into the periodicals.  And for the Bible Lessons, The Quarterly, would begin to quote other Bibles besides the King James Bible.  Mary Baker Eddy approved ONLY the King James Bible in use of Christian Science studies.  The hierarchy of The First Church would take up the place of God’s motherhood with their taking over on December 3, 1910, through ecclesiastic despotism, as The Mother Church via their interpretation of God’s By-Laws in the Church Manual.
            How did the Board of Directors get charge over the periodicals?  It was through the Great Litigation of 1921.  Mary Baker Eddy set up separate Trustees for the Publishing Society.  The Board of Directors wanted control over the printed Word, so they went to court.  They lost the first battle, so they made an appeal.  Then they turned the Field against the Trustees, where no financial support came in to them.  The Board won their appeal.  And that is how it has been ever since.
            To finish up this tone we have verse 17 – the red dragon lie, full of resentment, further resolved to find other tricks to attempt the destruction of the Revelator and her Revelation and persecute those who keep God’s commandments and believe Jesus’ teachings and the woman’s teachings.  The dragon stood upon the shifting sands of the sea, an un-solid foundation – a very precarious position, ready to call up other evils out of hidden erroneous conditions.  It is the remnant of her (Mary Baker Eddy’s) seed (not his [Jesus] seed) that the red dragon goes to make war upon.  Why?  Because it is the woman’s seed – loyal Christian Scientists – who accept Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, who accept her as the woman God-crowned, and who accept her as the second coming of Christ!  Remnant means “a usually small part.”[5]  So it is the small percentage of Christian Scientists who accept the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy.  Hoyt has a footnote about verses 16 and 17 on the bottom of page 179.  “Translator’s note:  In the authorized King James version of the Bible, this phrase ‘and I stood upon the sand of the sea,’ is considered the first part of the next verse (Ch. 13:1) as though it were John standing, but it is the dragon standing upon the sand of the sea.  See Fenton, F.:  New Testament in modern English, and Moulton, R. G.:  Modern Reader’s Bible.”  Something else came to me in regard to “the shifting sands”.  Could this be a reference to something which is or someone who is SHIFTY?

Verse 17 – “absolute Science knows no warfare, and no ‘remnant’ to be saved.”[6]  This is true in absolute Science, but in Christian Science there is warfare.  The remnant seed are the loyal followers of Mary Baker Eddy who accept, understand, and explain Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy and know her to be the second coming of the one Christ.  “The ‘commandments of God’ and ‘the testimony of Jesus Christ’ very clearly indicate the Word and the Christ.”[7]
            Doorly tells us not to “limit this wonderful story of the twelfth chapter to a particular historical occasion, such as the birth of Jesus [the first coming of Christ] or the discovery of Christian Science by Mrs. Eddy [the second coming of Christ], but see it as the operation of infinite Science, forever going on.  Each one of us is the woman who brings forth the Christ-idea as Science [the third coming of Christ as generic man], and so every detail of this story is of vital importance to all of us.”[8]
            The woman God-crowned would be the Virgin Mary, Mary Baker Eddy (Michael), and Gabriel, Dinah, Little Red Riding Hood, or Martha Jones-Smith (generic man).  For, even though I am writing these words, as Dinah, Little Red Riding Hood, or Martha Jones-Smith (generic man) you, as the reader of these words, are generic man too.
            John is beginning to see the importance of Jesus’ life mission, so he is able to lift “his whole sense of things out of religion into some realization of what constitutes divine Science, — out of what has been called Christianity into Science.  That is also what is happening before our eyes to-day:  religion is being lifted into Science.  It is becoming more and more obvious that religion as blind faith, emotionalism, or mysticism has had its day.  The world has had its fill of religious sentiment, gush, blind faith, and emotion.  Mind you, real religion has served its purpose, and it has done a good job, but there is no getting away from the fact that the scientific age in which we live demands that Truth be acknowledged as Science.  The intelligent man of to-day will pay very little attention to religion unless it offers him something which he can understand and prove for himself.”[9]
            To review, “Life, which analyzes, has given us the sense that ‘man is not material; he is spiritual’; Truth, which uncovers, has given us the sense of man as God’s idea; and now Love is showing us how that man is mothered and how he reflects the divine motherhood.  The womanhood of man is now appearing.  As soon as womanhood appears, it at once begins to annihilate error, and that is what we shall be seeing.  Then, at the point of Soul, in the fifth vision, that annihilation is fulfilled.”[10]

4 – CHRISTIANITY REFLECTING THE CHRIST (Spirit, Life, Truth)–reality

Revelation 13:1-10
            The patience and faith of the saints in their application of the Revelation overcomes domination and malpractice (the beast with names of blasphemy) – a trick of the red dragon.  LIFE in and of SPIRIT uncovers the belief of life in matter.

Verse 1 – “And I stood upon the sand of the sea”—“The talent and genius of the centuries have wrongly reckoned.  They have not based upon revelation their arguments and conclusions as to the source and resources of being, — its combinations, phenomena, and outcome, — but have built instead upon the sand of human reason.” (Un 9:12-16)

Verse 1 cont. – “‘a beast’—the belief of life in matter, which we know to-day as material medica.  Materia medica teaches that there is life in matter, and it also teaches that there is death in matter.  If you believe in life in matter, you have to accept death in matter.  The answer to that is Life in and of Spirit.  (See also S&H 158:1-4, 535:5-6, 143:10-17.)”[11]

Verse 1 cont. – “‘out of the sea’—Mrs. Eddy speaks of the ‘sea of error’ (S&H 569:18), and she says that the sea is a symbol of ‘elementary latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms’ (S&H 559:5-6).  (See also S&H 536:1-8.)”[12]
            What Doorly does not mention, about Verse 1, is that this beast has seven heads and ten horns, and on each horn is a crown, and upon each head is the name of blasphemy – that which breaks God’s Law.  The red dragon also has seven heads and ten horns, so this beast is rooted to the red dragon.
            When we go beyond the twelfth chapter to battle error (into the thirteenth chapter) then we are fighting error with error instead of fighting error with Truth.  Since Revelation is prophecy, it is telling us about what happens when the woman’s followers are disobedient to her and most importantly, disobedient to God’s Laws (By-Laws).  They become blasphemers.
            “No longer able to strike openly, the dragon-thought delegates authority to two other types of destructive thought.  In this section we read again of the beast who appeared in chapter 11.  We know that his claims are but lies for he takes all of his authority from the same old dragon thought.  The Greek word is THERION, meaning wild beasts or bestiality.  (This beast must never be confused with the four ‘beasts’ of Revelation 4 whom we have translated as ‘living creatures’ from the Greek word ZOON).  And this last beast comes up out of the shifting sand of the sea (hidden erroneous conditions)!
            “This beast in Vision IV also has ten horns and seven heads, supposed to be a reference to the reigning Roman emperor, for the crowns are on the horns this time.  You can see the reason why later Roman emperors, becoming Christians, hushed the Apocalypses because they found out what emperors were called in apocalyptic literature.
            “We also read that this beast has upon his heads names of blasphemy.”[13]  Remember that blasphemy is breaking of the Law, yet Jesus was called blasphemer and he did not break God’s Law.  The people called “him a blasphemer because he was not teaching and operating according to the rules and regulations which they had set down, for they had made a rule that no one could name the name of God except the High Priest.  Today if a lawyer is not operating according to the rules laid down by the Bar Association he is called non-ethical, or a malpractitioner.  Just so, if a physician is not following the rules laid down by the Medical Association, he is called a malpractitioner.  This gives you our modern counterpart of blasphemy.”[14]  It is also a fact that, if The First Church of Christ Scientist’s Board of Directors break By-Laws in the Church Manual they are blasphemers and are malpractitioners of God’s Laws.  In Christian Science, however, there is another meaning to those who malpractice.  Someone who uses the process of mental malpractice is someone who uses animal magnetism on other people.  Anyone, and this includes peoples of governments or other churches, who try to mentally manipulate anyone through mesmerism, or hypnotism, is a malpractitioner and is a blasphemer.  It has been reported that today’s hierarchy of The First Church order certain members to mental malpractice on other Christian Scientists who are viewed as enemies of the Church.
            John sees (he prophecies) bestiality (lust) coming out of the hidden erroneous conditions of the false systems of ecclesiastical despotism and the disobedience to the Ten Commandments.  The names of blasphemy are upon the red dragon’s beast’s seven heads (with ten horns).  This beast gets its power from the dragon lie.  In Christian Science malpractice belongs to the serpent of animal magnetism [Dan].  This is mental malpractice, the opposite of Christian Science practice [Daniel].  Malpractice basically means the breaking of the law; in the case of mental malpractice one breaks the Law of righteous judgment [Daniel].  This beast also symbolizes domination.  The Mother Church dominates the Branch Churches whether the Branch Churches want to admit it or not!  They began to dominate them with the illegal 89th edition of the Church Manual.

Verse 2 – “Here the leopard, the bear, and the lion symbolize the belief of life, substance, and intelligence in matter.  The leopard cannot ‘change his spots’ (the counterfeit of eternal Life), the bear has great strength (the counterfeit of the strength of spiritual substance), and the lion is courageous (the counterfeit of the moral courage of intelligence).
            “See also S&H 169:29-6, 563:1-14, 293:32-5, 274:17-22.”[15]
            Revelation tells us that the red dragon gives this beast “his power, and his seat, and great authority.”  The seat is the position or place within the Church, the spiritually wicked in high places.  It can also be the high seat of government too.
            This beast is like “a leopard, expressing the slinking, confusing qualities of this animal, for even the leopard has spots!  He also has ‘feet like a bear,’ in other words, powerful, clawing qualities.  Then we read, ‘his mouth has the mouth of a lion,’ crunching, cruel.”[16]   This could be true, or perhaps it means that the beast pretends to voice the Word of God, as the Lion is the first living creature – for the Word.  “But do not be alarmed.  ‘The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and his authority.’  He is just another phase of the dragon thought, of the resistance to the Revelation, another trick out of the bag of the dragon.”[17]
            To nullify this beast of dominion and malpractice we turn to the fourth point in Mrs. Eddy’s Place.  “Mrs. Eddy [our Forever Leader] considered herself to be the ‘God-appointed’ and ‘God-anointed’ messenger to this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind; she is so closely related to Christian Science that a true sense of her is essential to the understanding of Christian Science; in other words, the revelator cannot be separated from the revelation.”  [My interpolation.]  Notice the statement says “messenger,” as in angelic messenger.  Boy, how The Mother Church hierarchy and its members have either forgotten this POINT, or they just deny it altogether!
            This bestiality is sly, destructive and cruel.  Verse 2 tells us that the dragon gives the beast power through his seat of successorship, and great authority.  What does this mean?  It means that a board of five directors pretends to have the power of successorship of Mary Baker Eddy.  Yet, these five directors know full well that they are not, nor ever have been, nor never will be Mary Baker Eddy’s successors.  To me, the Fourth Point in Mrs. Eddy’s Place makes this perfectly clear.
            The beast has no right to Mary Baker Eddy’s highchair, just as the priests had no right to Moses’ highchair.

Verse 3 – “‘his deadly wound was healed’—the belief in the drugging system, established by materia medica, will pass away.  (See S&H 441:20-24; Mis. 8:1-7; S&H 155:3-6, 151:31:5.)”[18]  I hope that Doorly is correct about this, as I want the established drugging system of material medica to die!  Yet, it could mean something else.  It could mean that the deadly wound took place when the Board of Directors lost their suit during the Great Litigation.  The deadly wound was healed when they appealed and won their case.
            In verse 3 John prophecies (sees) one of the beast’s heads as if it was “wounded unto death” yet this wound is healed, and the whole world wondered after the beast of domination of five Directors (with their addition “and Branch Churches” to the Church Manual) and malpractice (breaking the By-Laws of the Church Manual).

Verse 4 – “They” must be the congregation of Christ Scientist, for they worship the red dragon and the beast.
            Doorly thinks that this beast is material medica, and the following list is what he asks you to look up and read:  “See Mis. 3:25-28; S&H 169:18-25, 186:28-12, 528:15-18, 528:28-529:12.”[19]

Verse 5 – “‘blasphemies’—mental healing on a material basis.”[20]  He asks you to (See Mis. 3:29-30.)”[21]  I will quote from the entire paragraph:  “Because God is supreme and omnipotent, materia medica, hygiene, and animal magnetism are impotent; and their only supposed efficacy is in apparently deluding reason, denying revelation, and dethroning Deity.  The tendency of mental healing is to uplift mankind; but this method perverted is ‘Satan let loose.’  Hence the deep demand for the Science of psychology to meet sin, and uncover it; thus to annihilate hallucination.”   As I have mentioned earlier, blasphemy is the breaking of God’s Law.  If this beast does have to do with medicine, then what Law has been broken?  It would have to be the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  The god that is being put before God would be material medica.

Verse 5 cont. – “‘power was given unto him to continue forty and two months’—until Principle is understood and demonstrated as Life, Truth, and Love.”[22]
            Doorly skims over Verses 6-9.  These Verses go on about the beast and those who have worshiped him, for their “names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (V. 8).  “If any man have an ear, let him hear” (V. 9).
            This beast uses its mouth to quote from the Church Manual and to interpret God’s Laws the way it sees fit.  The beast breaks the book’s By-Laws and its estoppel clauses.
            To break God’s Laws is blasphemy against God (verse 6).  The beast blasphemies the seven names of God – Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  The beast blasphemies God’s tabernacle and them that live in harmony and peace.
            All the Christian Scientists who like having harmony in matter (healthy material bodies) are afraid of excommunication from the Church, and they worship the red dragon lie of Romanism.  The worshipers in the Field ask, “What can equal the beast’s brute force or who can oppose it?”
            And domination and malpractice claims the power of animal magnetism to make war with the saints, the woman’s remnant, to overcome them and to exercise power over all mankind, the twelve nations.
            All who are mortal minded thinkers of the earth will worship this beast of domination and malpractice.  These are the people whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life (the tree of life).  Those who have never founded their spiritual understanding upon the woman God-crowned fail to spiritually understand the leaves (pages) belonging to the tree of life.
            “Verses 9 and 10 establish the kind of thinking which will overcome this bestial thought of domination and malpractice.  ‘If any man hath an ear let him hear.’  This is a call to alertness.  ‘If any man leadeth into captivity, into captivity he goeth.’  In other words, the kind of thinking such as domination and malpractice which would deliberately destroy and take captive the positive, freer thought, really destroys itself.
            “Likewise, the statement ‘if any man shall kill with the sword, with the sword must he be killed,’ means the kind of thinking which deliberately going out to kill, brings upon itself its own self-destruction!  In the last statement of verse 10 we find our answer.  It is the application of the true understanding of patience and faith associated with the Revelation that overcomes domination and malpractice.”[23]
            All materialism destroys itself.  The very evil which is expressed is the evil that destroys itself.  What overcomes and always will overcome domination and malpractice is the patience and faith of the saints, that is, obeying the commandments of God, obeying the By-Laws of God, following the faith of Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy and establishing the works of faith.  (This is the third establishment of Revelation.)

Verse 10 – “Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”
            “In God’s hour, the powers of earth and hell are proven powerless.  The reeling ranks of material medica, with poisons [medicines], nostrums [potions having no proof that they cure], and knives [surgery procedures], are impotent when at war with the omnipotent!  Like Elisha, look up, and behold:  ‘They that be with us, are more than they that be with them.’” (Mis 134:19-24; [My interpolations.])


Revelation 13:11-18
            The wisdom and understanding of the Revelation overcome hypocrisy, manipulation, counterfeits – (the prophet of the beast) another trick of the red dragon thought.  TRUTH in and of  SPIRIT uncovers the belief of truth in matter.

Verse 11 – “‘another beast coming up out of the earth’—the belief of truth in matter, false theology.”[24]  This is the beast that Mary Baker Eddy, as the second coming of Christ (the sixth Star-Angle) contends with (second woe).

Verse 11 cont. – “‘two horns’—the belief in Spirit and matter, good and evil, heaven and hell.  False theology maintains that you cannot have good without evil.  According to its theories, most of us are bound for hell, but the truth is that every one of us is bound for the Mind of Christ, and that is our inescapable destiny.  (See also S&H 119:1-16, viii:9-12; Mis. 13:14-17, 362:10-14.)”[25]
            There is now a second beast, this one comes up out of the earth.  It has two horns like a lamb.  This is not a real lamb then, because lambs are baby sheep and only grown up sheep have horns.  So this beast is an imposter, an anti-Christ, a false successor.  I admit that Revelation 5:6 says of the Christ Lamb, that it has seven horns and seven eyes.  This is symbolic meaning that the Christ Lamb has seven powers (horns) of Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love; and this Christ Lamb discerns (with seven eyes) the seven synonymous terms for God.  I think it is possible then, that this beast’s two horns represents the idea behind dualism.  Also, this beast speaks just like its creator – the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism.  This beast symbolizes hypocrisy, manipulation, counterfeit, and deception coming out of organized church, as well as, organized material body.  This is the fifth trick of the red dragon – a false prophet.  Yet Point 5 of Mrs. Eddy’s Place reads:  “This recognition [made in Point 4] of Mary Baker Eddy’s true status enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by ‘the dragon’ (malicious animal magnetism); she was touchingly grateful to those who saw her as the woman of prophecy [she is a prophet] and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her in her mission.” [My interpolations.]
             Many “church members” have made it clear that we are to listen to Boston on the point of Mary Baker Eddy’s place today (not from 1943), that she is and never has been the second coming of Christ and that she is not the woman God-crowned.  This type of mentality in the Field (the earth) is the second beast.  Hoyt brings up an interesting point in regards to this second beast, the red dragon’s fifth trick.  “This time it appears as another beast, a prophet of the first beast [has the same mind set].  A prophet is one who stands in place of another, so this second beast represents the first one and demands the worship of his image.  This is supposed to be an allusion to the common practice of Roman emperors who established temples in all the great cities of their kingdom where the duty of the priests was to demand the worship of the image of the emperor as a god.  This, of course, was the reason for the persecution which John of Patmos was experiencing.”[26]  So, how does this apply to the Christian Science Field?  Let us say that the Roman emperors are today’s Board of Directors and the priests that are to demand the worship of the image of the Board of Directors are those in charge of many Branch Churches.  Throughout the years many Branch Church members have been afraid to do anything, carry out any plans, without first checking it out with Boston, to get their opinion upon what they want to do!  Many Branch Church members will snitch to Boston if any “unauthorized literature” or any “unapproved letters” are sent out to the Branch Churches.  Many Church Clerks will just throw the letters away without even reading them.  And many times they do this because they are following Boston’s orders.  This is domination and malpractice.  The Branch Churches are to be self-governed, just as the States of America are to be self-governed.  They are not to be controlled by a Mother Church hierarchy because they are not supposed to follow the ways of Roman Catholicism!
            “As this second beast comes up out of the earth, we read that he had two horns like a lamb but that he spake like a dragon.  We immediately think of little Red Ridinghood and the wolf impersonating the grandmother.”[27]  The hypocrisy in Boston impersonates our great Grand Mother – Mary Baker Glover Eddy!  “It was his voice [the wolf’s voice] which betrayed him.  [The wolf had a deep voice – the vocalization of extremism whether it be on the left or on the right.]  In this case [with the beast] it is both his speech and his horns.  Pretending to be a lamb [the spiritual idea that Mary Baker Eddy is], he has horns!  You have never seen a lamb with horns, so we immediately know that this is a counterfeit.  The fact that he ‘speaks as a dragon’ indicates that this is just another trick [trick number 5] out of the dragon’s bag.”[28]  Of course, horns are symbols of power, so this beast claims to have power, but if that power was not given to it by God then it has no power.  Love is power.
            This beast exercises (discharges an official function) all the power of the first beast that was before him.  It claims power but in reality has no real power.  Yet the power it professes to have comes from the fact that it has pulled the lamb’s wool over the Field’s eyes (falsely influences the Field), and so the Field gives the beast the power it has.  It causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast (the board of directors), whose deadly wound was healed.  Again I speak about this wound that was healed.  What was it and when did it happen?  It was during the Great Litigation when the publishing trustees went to court against the board of directors.  The trustees won their first fight in court, but lost in the long run.  Part of the reason they lost was because the Field (the second beast) sided with the board of directors (the first beast)!

Verse 12 – Of course, it can also be that this second beast (theology) makes man worship the first beast (medicine).  “The ancient Christians were healers.  Why has this element of Christianity been lost?  Because our systems of religion are governed more or less by our systems of medicine.” (S&H 146:2-5)  (See also S&H 140:16-22, 131:12-18; Mis 366:16-23; Peo 4:23-5:9)  If the first beast is medicine, then the wound that is healed is the blow that medicine took in the first fifty years of Christian Science Healing, when people turned away from medicine to Christian Science.  We must ask then, if this is correct, when was the wound healed?  It would have been when Christian Science began to decline, when the Branch Churches began to close down, when the number of practitioners began to decline.  We must ask what would cause this decline to take place?  The answer must be that the Church stopped speaking the Truth about its Leader Mary Baker Eddy.
            On June 6, 2016 The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts held their annual meeting.  It was all about Churches healing their communities and the world, yet, not one time did they refer to Mary Baker Eddy as their Leader.  They said she is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, but left out that she is the Leader of Christian Science.  They also referred to her as their Pastor Emeritus.  A pastor is a spiritual overseer.  Mary Baker Eddy has never stopped being our spiritual overseer.  Emeritus is someone who is “retired from professional life but permitted to hold the rank of his last office as an honorary title.”[29]  Our Pastor Emeritus holds the rank of Principle.  There was not one time they mentioned the fact that Mary Baker Eddy is the woman God-crowned, or that she is the second coming of Christ.  Why not?
            They did have a message that I felt was important to the twentieth anniversary of the seventh seal being opened, and that is that they brought out that Church was not a locality or a building.  But they still have yet to realize or spiritually understand that the “little book open” is the Church, the institute that Mary Baker Eddy refers to in her definition of Church in her “Glossary.”  They are beginning to understand that the church building is not the “structure of Truth and Love.”  Yet, do they understand the structure or system of Science, which is arranged in a definite pattern that is spiritually organized, when they have excommunicated John W. Doorly and his students and their works?
            The First Church members mean well, and are good hearted, but is this enough to cast out the red dragon?

Verse 13 – “‘he maketh fire come down from heaven [lighting?] on the earth in the sight of men’—the so-called law of penalty, which theology inculcates belief in.  (See also Luke 9:54-56.)”[30]
            And this beast does “great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.”  It was Elijah that made fire come down out of heaven.  “Elijah is taken by a whirlwind [an Eddy] into heaven:  The positive or dominant element of the I am (Elijah) must be taken by the Lord into a state of peace and harmony (heaven); the fiery or destructive tendency of Elijah must be blotted out by the mildness and sweet-tempered obedience of Elisha.
            “Elijah, with Elisha, went from Gilgal when he was to be taken up into heaven (II Kings 2:1).  One meaning of Gilgal is rolling away; it signifies the total denial of sense bondage.  Denial of sense bondage must be followed by positive affirmations of Truth, accompanied by obedience and the quiet resolution to go forward in spiritual development (symbolized by Elisha).  This results in the permanent establishment of higher states of consciousness—as man demonstrates more of his inherent powers.”[31]

Verse 14 – “‘miracles’—theology trades on superstition and ignorance.  (See S&H 83:12-20 and Mis. 104:10-12).”[32]

Verse 15 – “the image of the beast”—“Sin is the image of the beast to be effaced by the sweat of agony.” (S&H 327:13-14)  (See also S&H 430:29, 431:2-4, 431:8-12, 433:27-30, 439:6-11 – these quotes have to do with materia medica and scholastic theology.)

Verse 16 – “he causeth all…to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.”  “The mark of ignorance is on its forehead, for it neither understands nor can be understood.” (S&H 555:9-11)
            The false prophet would deceive materialistic minded men by trying to get them to worship bestiality and its false thinking and practices.  The false prophet, hypocrisy, claims to have power to kill all those who would not accept bestiality and its false thinking and practices.  This would be the malpractice of mental murder.
            And the prophet of the beast tries to counterfeit the mark of protection given the spiritual children (Mary Baker Eddy’s portrait and signature, God’s Trademark of protection) by another mark (the Cross and Crown trademark seal of error) upon those who are small and great, rich and poor, free and bond.
            “We read that he tried to put a mark on the right hand.  With your right hand you usually operate, or work.  A mark on the right hand would be an attempt to hinder free activity [Scientific thought].
            “It is well to note that the Latin word for hand in MANU [so close to MANUAL!].  From this we have manipulo, to handle, to manipulate.  Thus, this false prophet stands for the counterfeit of the Revelation and for manipulation.  He is indeed false in every sense.”[33]
            We could even go further with this analogy.  It was Mary Baker Eddy’s right hand, her signature, which was needed to approve just about everything in the Church Manual!  Her signature was needed for every approval spoken of in the Manual, this means that the estoppel clauses in the Manual stop the Movement of material organization from moving (continuing) because getting Mary Baker Eddy’s signature was no longer possible after December 3, 1910.

Verse 17 – “‘the name of the beast’—hypocrisy.”[34]  Could this brand of hypocrisy be the practice of “authorized literature”?
            “If, as is indisputably true, ‘God is Spirit,’ and Spirit is our Father and Mother, and that which it includes is all that is real and eternal, when evil seems to predominate and divine light to be obscured, free moral agency is lost; and the Revelator’s vision, that ‘no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name,’ is imminent.”  (Mis 113:4-10)
            “Christian Science may be sold in the shambles.  Many are bidding for it, — but are not willing to pay the price.  Error is vending itself on trust, well knowing the willingness of mortals to buy error at par value.  The Revelator beheld the opening of this silent mental seal, and heard the great Red Dragon whispering that ‘no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Mis 269:25-32)

Verse 18 – “‘the number of the beast…is the number of man’—the personalized sense of man, the false sense of the sixth day of manhood.”[35]  “There was never a religion or philosophy lost to the centuries except by sinking its divine Principle in personality.  May all Christian Scientists ponder this fact, and give their talents and loving hearts free scope only in the right direction!” (My. 117:22-27)
            “If calling God ‘divine Principle,’ meaning divine Love, more frequently than Person, we merit the epithet ‘godless,’ we naturally conclude that he breaks faith with his creed, or has no possible conception of ours, who believes that three persons are defined strictly by the word Person, or as One; for if Person is God, and he believes three persons constitute the Godhead, does not Person here lose the nature of one God, lose monotheism, and become less coherent than the Christian Scientist’s sense of Person as one divine infinite triune Principle, named in the Bible Life, Truth, Love?—for each of these possesses the nature of all, and God omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. … Person is defined differently by theology, which reckons three as one and the infinite in a finite form, and Christian Science, which reckons one as one and this one infinite. … Scholastic theology makes God manlike; Christian Science makes man Godlike.  The trinity of the Godhead in Christian Science being Life, Truth, Love, constitutes the individuality of the infinite Person or divine intelligence called God.” (Mess ’01, 4:28-5:10, 6:5-8 [from ‘Person”], 7:3-7.)  This does not mean, however, that the one Christ, which is infinitely expressed, cannot come as three different humans during three different Days.  These three humans are not God, but they are the manifestation of God.  Would not the true idea behind the number 666 be Jesus (man), Mary Baker Eddy (woman), and Martha Jones-Smith (woman)?  But the beast’s number of 666 would be turning Jesus into God, denial of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy, and the unawareness of the existence of Martha Jones-Smith (generic man)?
            Again, the name of the beast is 666.  I think that this number could also mean “sex, sex, sex.”  There are three different sexes mentioned in Genesis, the first is where Adam is created out of material elements, the second is where the woman is supposed to be cloned or created out of Adam’s rib, and the third is when Eve has physical sex with Adam and conceives Cain (a material creation born of sin).  But it is also interesting that there are 600 main pages to SCIENCE AND HEALTH, and there are 66 books in the BIBLE – if this is what the number symbolizes then the beast’s number of 666 goes against all the Holy Scriptures written in both books.
            Yet, wisdom is present.  Let those who spiritually understand count the number of the beast, 666, which pretends to be Truth, Truth, Truth (the number of a man, who was created during the Sixth Day of Truth), but negatively stands for sex, sex, and sex which continues the movement of material organization.
            Hoyt tells us that this 666 never makes it to 7.  Hoyt does not tell us that 6 is for Truth or that 7 is for Love, only that 666 “approaches 7 three times and never makes it.”[36]  She goes on to say, “…it is evident that the incomplete character of this number indicates that this kind of thinking can continue only until the wisdom and understanding of the Revelation is put into operation.”[37]
            It is unclear whether Hoyt did not fully understand Mary Baker Eddy’s synonymous names for God or if she chose to ignore them because she was working in an educational position that she felt would have disapproved of any Christian Science teachings.  Or maybe she was well aware of the Board’s position on copyright material in the Church and their “authorized literature” stance?  The devil, red dragon, pretends to voice Truth, Truth, Truth but speaks only lies, lies, lies – or – error, error, error.  But Mary Baker Eddy tells us in Christ and Christmas that Truth reverses error in her tenth illustration of TRUTH versus ERROR.  The adulterers in the church-mansion of this illustration are committing error.

First Edition

First Edition

            The adult-erers do not even see the divine messenger knocking on the door of the same mansion depicted in Illustration 4 – CHRISTMAS EVE.  Only the Child-couple sees the Stranger.
            Doorly writes about Revelation 13, “we have seen how Life in and of Spirit uncovers the belief of life in matter, and how Truth in and of Spirit uncovers the belief of truth in matter.  That is what Christianity reflecting the Christ shows us.”[38]  We now move into the next tone.

6CHRISTIANITY REFLECTING CHRISTIANITY – Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love – divine reflection throughout all space – Revelation 14:1-5

            The children of spiritual victory with the Lamb, magnifying God and expressing the power of the revelation overcome fornication, sensualism, adulteration of Truth (the Babylon-mortal mind) (See Romans 8:7).
            We now “come to an illustration of Christianity in its own aspect—divine reflection throughout all space (Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love).
            Chapter 14 begins this new tone.  Verse one has John looking to see a Lamb that “stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred and forty and four thousand [144,000 = 12 x 12,000], having his Father’s name written in their foreheads [within their conscious thought].”  [My interpolations.]
            Hoyt says that this is the first realization of the true nature of the Holy City.[39]

Verse 1 – “a Lamb”—“Lamb of God.  The spiritual idea of Love; self-immolation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.” (S&H 590:9-10)

Verse 1 cont. – “mount Sion”—“Zion.  Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength.” (S&H 599:6-7)  Negatively she defines it as:  “Emptiness; unfaithfulness; desolation.” (S&H 599:7-8)
            Mount Sion or Zion represents the Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth that was given to me by God in 1999.

Major Pyramid Matrix of Truth 1

Verse 1 cont. – “‘an hundred forty and four thousand’—the true sense of demonstration and of manhood.  The twelve sons of Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve apostles, all gave a sense of true manhood and demonstration, because true manhood is demonstration.”[40]  Remember that 12 x 12 = 144.
            Now that we have come to the Sixth tone it is important to remember that the spiritual children (the 144,000 having his name of seven synonymous terms) are Christian Scientists of the Sixth Day of Truth.  “Note that the spiritual children, applying the power of the Revelation [Christian Science], are operating in the second section.  It is also the same victorious ones, (now under the Lamb representing the Christ), who are standing on Mount Sion.  They it is who overcome the phase of resistance to the Revelation which is to be presented in the sixth section.”[41]

Verse 2 – “‘many waters’—infinite identity.”[42]

Verse 2 cont. – “‘the voice of harpers harping with their harps’—Mrs. Eddy says that ‘demonstration and spiritual understanding are God’s immortal keynotes’ (S&H 355:27-29).”[43]  Keynote means:  “fundamental central fact or idea.”[44]
            In verse 2 John hears a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and this voice is a great thunder meaning that John is alert and awake and he hears “the voice of harpers harping with their harps” the tones of the divine infinite calculus.

Verse 3 – “a new song”

“Give us not only angels’ songs,
            But Science vast, to which belongs
The tongue of angels
            And the song of songs.” (My 354:21-24)

Verse 3 cont. – “‘no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand’—only the spiritual, real man can know ‘Science vast.’”[45]  Does this song not refer to (heaven’s hymn) the system of Science?

“No blight, no broken wing, no moan,
            Truth’s fane can dim;
Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone,
            In heaven’s hymn.” (Christ and Christmas)

Verse 3 cont. – “‘redeemed from the earth”—“This Science of God and man is the holy Ghost, which reveals and sustains the unbroken and eternal harmony of both God and the universe.  It is the kingdom of heaven, the ever-present reign of harmony, already with us.  Hence the need that human consciousness should become divine in the coincidence of God and man, in contradistinction to the false consciousness of both good and evil, God and devil, — of man separated from his Maker.  This is the precious redemption of soul, as mortal sense, through Christ’s immortal sense of Truth, which presents Truth’s spiritual idea, man and woman.” (Un 52:4-14)
            “The song of Christian Science is, ‘Work—work—work—watch and pray.’” (Mess ‘00 2:7-8)
            These spiritual children sing a new song of gratitude before God (Principle).  Never before has any group of people understood the seven notes (names) of God like Christian Scientists do.  They are in the presence of the divine infinite calculus and the twenty-four elders, the spiritual interpreters of authority “Recapitulation.”  This song is for all spiritual children or the Children of Israel.

Verse 4 – “‘not defiled with women’—not defiled with false womanhood, with the subtlety of the female, as exemplified by Eve, for instance.  Generic man is free of the belief that man is an incomplete being, that he needs something besides his consciousness of the manhood and womanhood of God to satisfy him.  The neuter state of thought is that exalted sense of spiritual selfhood which recognizes God’s man as both male and female.  As that sense of things comes to you in human experience, it makes you more affectionate on a higher basis, and you begin to find in yourself the strength, the creative ability, and the intelligence of the man, and the purity, the grace, the loveliness, the conceptive faculty, and the selflessness of the woman.  (See also My. 268:29-5; S&H 64:17-25: Mis. 165:29-166:2.)”[46]
            Verse 4 tells us that these children were not defiled with women as they are pure in thought (virgins).  They have given up sex, sex, and more sex.  Spiritual victory has nothing to do with sex, rather it expresses loyalty to the Christ.  Unfortunately, many Christian Scientists still believe in getting married and having children through sex.  I was slow to wake up to this misleading mortal minded belief so deeply entrenched in world cultures, but I finally did wake up and fully understand the lie behind sex.  Sex is not important to me, nor do I ever feel the need to have sexual intercourse.  Augusta Stetson was married before she came into Christian Scientist.  She never did have any children, and she taught her students that they should not have sex.  Yet Augusta was excommunicated from the Church.
            The real spiritual children follow the Lamb; they go where the Christ leads them.  They were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits (first evidences) unto God and to the Lamb.
            These virgins speak only the Christ-Truth and are without fault (blemish).
            Again, I bring up the 2016 Annual Meeting, as at the end there was a quote.  I do not know what the woman was reading from, but I liked it so I will give it to you.  I call it:  “Prayer for the Wise Virgin”.
            “May mercy and Truth go before you, may the lamp of your Life continually be full of oil and you be wedded to the spiritual idea Christ.  Then will you heal and teach and preach on the ascending scale of everlasting Life and Love.”
            The angel of Science comes to John.  This angel has the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, to every nation, to all kindred, and every tongue, and all people via the Internet.
            This Mind angel said, “Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come:  and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” (Verse 7)  These waters are the true teachings, the spiritual teachings found in the BIBLE and written in SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.
            Then the Spirit angel says, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”  In other words, mortal mind, human-will, which poisoned the thinking of all mankind, thus adulterating true teachings, is fallen.  “The phrase ‘Babylon the great’ was used centuries before the Apocalypse of John was written.  The prophets of the Old Testament used it as a symbol of a certain type of thinking which, in the days of the prophets, appeared to be the thinking of the city of Babylon, as they knew it.”[47]
            In Isaiah 14:12-14 [My interpolations.] we read:  “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning [star – which would mean son of the sun]!  how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the [thirteen] nations!
            “For thou hast said in thine heart, ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars [Star-Angels] of God:  I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north [the Word]:
            “‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.’”
            “This is indicative of the type of thinking of Babylon.  As the Greeks named their sun god Apollo, the Babylons named their sun god Lucifer.  [The Greek god Apollo, Mary Baker Eddy tells us, was a god of medicine.]  In the old Babylonian tradition Lucifer is pictured as suffering from an exaggerated case of human ego [sort of how he is portrayed in the TV show Lucifer].  He thought he was even above ‘the Most High.’  Isaiah plainly shows that this kind of thinking destroys itself.  In the New Testament Paul names this same kind of thinking as carnal mind.  Thus this whole section presents the realization that the victorious ones, applying the Revelation [of Christian Science], and recognizing their God in adoration and magnification, can overcome carnal mind, Babylon (or just another trick out of the dragon’s bag).”[48]
            The final and sixth point of Mrs. Eddy’s Place reads:  “This same recognition [of Mary Baker Eddy’s true status] is equally vital to our movement [the Cause], for demonstration is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of our Leader’s own view of herself and of her mission marks a great step forward; wisely utilized, this evidence will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader’s relation to Scriptural prophecy.”  [My interpolations.]  She is the true Morning Star (Venus being clothed with the sun), the woman God-crowned.

Verse 5 – “And in their mouth was found no guile:  for they are without fault before the throne of God.”
            “The more I understand true humanhood, the more I see it to be sinless — as ignorant of sin as is the perfect Maker.” (Un 49:8-9)  (See also S&H 533:12-14; My 6:6-9 and 210:13-17.)

CHRISTIANITY REFLECTING SCIENCE – omnipresence (Life, Truth, Love).  Revelation 14:6-11

            Here we see the Christianity sequence of Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, — the same sequence with which this vision began in Chapter 12.

Verses 6 & 7 – At this point John gives us “the tone of Principle, forever interpreting its own idea.”[49]  “The divine Principle of the universe must interpret the universe.  God is the divine Principle of all that represents Him and of all that really exists.  Christian Science, as demonstrated by Jesus, alone reveals the natural, divine Principle of Science.” (S&H 272:28-32)  “The angel with the ‘everlasting gospel’ typifies the ‘chain of scientific being’ (S&H 271:2).  (See also My. 128:19-22; S&H 340:20-29, 141:27-3; My. 266:29-6; Mis. 383:8-15.)
            “In connection with verse 7, see S&H 240:10-11, 340:4-14, 291:28-31.”[50]

Verse 8 – “has the tone of Mind, dispelling the mist of material knowledge.”[51]  “Babel.  Self-destroying error; a kingdom divided against itself, which cannot stand; material knowledge.  The higher false knowledge builds on the basis of evidence obtained from the five corporeal senses, the more confusion ensues, and the more certain is the downfall of its structure.” (S&H 581:17)  (See also Mis 56:16-18, 61:6-10, S&H 598:17-18.)
            We now come to verses 9-11.  They are like a postlude to this sixth section of VISION IV.

            These following Verses “express a great hope of unlimited opportunity to correct wrong thinking and reap the benefits thereby.  The whole section is a contrast between the effects of the adulterated or mixed poison wine of the cup of carnal mind and the pure unmixed unadulterated wine or true teachings of the Love of God.  (Remember that in code literature the ‘wrath of God’ is an allusion to the alibi of disobedient man, trying to attribute the effects of his own wrong thinking to his concept of an anthropomorphic Deity, whereas the New Testament teaches that Deity is Love, Truth, Spirit).”[52]
            ”Then the third angel says, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark on his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:  And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever:  and they have no rest day nor night, they who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” (Verses 9-11)

Verses 9-11 – The third angel (Soul) comes rebuking false identity.  In Verse 9 “the beast symbolizes the belief of life in matter, material medica; ‘his image’ symbolizes sin; and ‘his mark’ symbolizes ignorance.”[53]

Interlude – Revelation 14:12, 13

Verse 12 – “Here is the patience of the saints:  here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”

SPIRIT – blesses

Verse 13 – “…Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth.  Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.”  “Those who ‘die in the Lord’ are those who die to the things of the flesh.  (See also Mis. 124:32-16.)”[54]
            The counterfeit of true protection is the belief that material ceremonies save us; that Jesus is God and we worship the man instead of the Christ-Mind.  Hoyt writes this section in the following words:  “‘If any man has come under the influence of the poisoned adulterated false teachings of domination and malpractice (beast), and has been influenced by these counterfeit teachings, (false Prophet), he also shall have an opportunity to partake of the true teachings of the Love of God which are prepared unmixed and unadulterated in His cup.’  This experience of freeing the poisoned thought from the effects of false teachings is one fraught with tormenting suggestions and suffering, just as freeing the body from the effects of poisoned wine brings on a period of suffering and torment.  But though the one thus poisoned experiences suffering in the process of consuming the dross of false teachings and false thinking, John indicates that the process of cleansing goes on in the presence of the holy angels, and the Christ Love, both constantly ministering until the process of purification is complete.
            “They, however, who continue to be under the influence of domination and manipulation, continue in a torment they do not understand and ‘have no rest day or night.’”[55]
            “Thus the fifth realization of the establishment of the Revelation is that the protected ones, the spiritual children or right ideas, possessing the full understanding of The Christ, overcome bestiality and carnal mind and its adulterations of the Truth.”[56]

Date:  March 5, 2016
            The following words came to me on this Saturday morning.  “The power that was once given to the priests must now be given unto the farmer.”  This simply means that the power (of the one Mind) that the Church hierarchy was in communion with must be given to the field of workers, the congregation.  This is like how the high priest is no longer the only one capable of going into the Most Holy of Holies, or being one with God.  The individual is now allowed to be at one with God without any medium or interference by the Church.

            If we are dealing with medicine in this Fourth Vision, then we must begin to understand that the ploy to have medical insurance (coverage) for everyone (as with socialized medicine, or something called Obama Care) is an erroneous proposition.  If Christian Science were to be practiced there would be no need for materia medica or for medical insurance.  When the Individual (man undivided from God) demonstrates Christian Science, then every man, woman, and child (and every pet) is covered under the practice of Christian Science.  Then we will go even further, in seeing that there is no need for maintenance agreements, auto insurance, home insurance, or life insurance.

7Revelation 14:14-20

SPIRIT, LIFE, TRUTH, and LOVE – Revelation 14:14-20

            Harvest, “Fruitage”, and the life giving qualities of the results of the fruitage of the Revelation through tribulations, completely submerge and seep away all phases of false selfhood, lust, war, greed, and death (the resistance to the Christ – the four horsemen of Vision II).

Verse 14 – “Spirit duly feeds and clothes every object, as it appears in the line of spiritual creation, thus tenderly expressing the fatherhood and motherhood of God.  Spirit names and blesses all.” (S&H 507:3-7)

Verse 14 cont. – “‘the Son of man’—“Jesus called himself ‘the Son of man,’ but not the son of Joseph.  As woman is but a species of the genera, he was literally the Son of Man.  Jesus was the highest human concept of the perfect man.  He was inseparable from Christ, the Messiah—the divine idea of God outside the flesh.  This enabled Jesus to demonstrate his control over matter.” (S&H 482:16-23)

Verse 14 cont. – “‘a sharp sickle’—the order of Spirit.  (See also Ret. 85:13-16.)”[57]
            “The last or seventh step in the unfoldment of Vision IV logically has to do with the harvest [endtime] and fruitage of the application of the Revelation.  In this seventh section it will be somewhat surprising to meet our old antagonists, the four horsemen of Vision II, as the resistant thought.”[58]
            John looks and sees a white cloud, and on this cloud sits one like the Son of man (a divine messenger), who is a divine messenger, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.  This spiritual man has complete and purified dominion and is ready to prove the harvest of the Revelation message of Science.  This divine messenger is the third coming of Christ.  This Son of man is generic man, the man who is given dominion (a gold crown) in the Sixth Day of Truth.

Verses 15 & 16 – “John gives the sense of Life, of the appearing of true individuality in the eternal ‘now.’  Life’s sickle is that which reaps the harvest.”[59]  There is no time, “your fields are already white for the harvest, and gather the harvest by mental, not material processes.  The labourers are few in this vineyard of Mind-sowing and reaping; but let them apply to the waiting grain the curving sickle of Mind’s eternal circle, and bind it with bands of Soul.” (Un 12:1-6)

Verse 15 specifically – Mary Baker Eddy defines “Temple,” in parts, as “the idea of Life, substance, and intelligence.” (S&H 595:7-8)
            And another angel, a message from God, came to him telling him to separate the tares from the wheat, for the harvest of those dwelling in materialism is ready.  What is the separation really about?  It is the one who comes to explain the lies about the woman, and to separate these lies from the woman’s true teachings about her own self.
            And this divine messenger thrust in his sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped.  God’s Word is placed in rows; it now has a matrix order to it.

Verse 17 – “illustrates Truth, revealing the form of true consciousness.  Here we have the sense of ‘Temple’ as ‘the superstructure of Truth’ (S&H 595:8), and Truth’s sickle is always sharp, always ready.  ‘Semper paratus is Truth’s motto’ (S&H 458:14).  (See also Mis. 204:12-15, 2-15:7-12.)”[60]
            Then another angel came out of the temple that is in heaven (spiritual completeness and spiritual communion), he also has a sharp sickle.  “The sickle stands for the harvest of the application of the power of the Revelation.”[61]  While another comes out from the altar (gratitude and purification), which had power over fire:  and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, “Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.”  The fruitage of Scientific demonstration begins.

Verses 18-20 – “symbolize Love, which alone treads the ‘winepress.’  The ‘altar’ is the sense of ‘Temple’ as ‘the shrine of Love’ (S&H 595:8-9), and Love’s sickle is that which gathers the harvest.  (See also 269:17-29.)”[62]

Verse 18 – “‘power over fire’—Love annihilates fear.  (See S&H 586:13-14.)”[63]

Verse 18 cont. – “‘the vine of the earth’—the belief of life, substance, and intelligence in matter, the opposite of Life, Truth, and Love.  (See also Mis. 151:6-12.)”[64]
            And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.  Scientific demonstration is the evidence of the loving discipline (wrath) of God.

Verse 20 – “‘the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress’—the attempt to meet error with error, the belief in tilling the soil of mortal belief, results in what is called agony.  It is ‘without the city,’ for in the ‘city’ there is no treading of the ‘winepress.’  This is something which we shall all have to face.  (See also Un. 58:5-20; S&H 54:10-17, 21-26.)”[65]

Verse 20 cont. – “‘a thousand and six hundred furlongs’—this measurement symbolizes the ‘city foursquare.’”[66]
            The winepress is trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.  Hoyt defines verse 20 with:  “For the results and proofs of spiritual fruitage (the wine) often come through tribulation and suffering and are indeed a mighty stream similar to the flowing stream of grape juice from the winepress, and are powerful enough to completely submerge even lust, war, greed, and death, all of which are phases of false selfhood, just as the horses of Vision II are swept away when the water of the stream is above their bridles.  Let us accept the proofs of fruitage and press on.”[67]
            I am not saying that she is incorrect, but what if this verse means something else symbolically?  A furlong is 220 yards long, about 1/8 of a mile.  The key here, however, is that the space is 1,600 furlongs.  Is this a measurement for the outside of the city?  This measurement would be 352,000 yards.  The word tread (trodden) can be part of a wheel or tire that makes contact with the road and rail.  Is it not possible then, that verse 20 is speaking about the divine infinite calculus (16) and the Unity Matrix (the Wheel)?  The horse bridle directs the horse (which has four legs), just as the divine infinite calculus directs the man with the four living creatures.
            Verse 20 is the end of Vision IV.  “The sixth and last step of the establishment of the Revelation is seen to be the proofs of the inspiration and grace of the Revelation, (the proofs are the essence of fruitage).  These proofs completely sweep away all phases of false thinking.  The Revelation and Establishment of the Fullness of The Christ is thus the key or climax vision.”[68]

            The final paragraph of Mrs. Eddy’s Place reads:  “As we record these important facts, we remind Christian Scientists of our Leader’s words (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 308),  ‘The Scriptures and Christian Science reveal “the way,” and personal revelators will take their proper place in history, but will not be deified.’

                                                “The Christian Science
                                                            “Board of Directors”

            This ends VISION IV, and as I have presented Revelation to you. This is the capstone Vision, the most important Vision of the Seven, because it is a prophecy of Mary Baker Eddy.  Our recognition of her Place in Bible prophecy, and the acceptance of her Place in Bible prophecy as the second coming of Christ, as the angel with the little book open, and as the woman God-crowned is of most importance and now Vision IV should stick out in your thoughts.  I shall continue on with Vision V in Part 7 with the tones of Soul reflecting Life.

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