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First Edition

First Edition

“In tender mercy, Spirit sped
            A loyal ray
To rouse the living, wake the dead,
            And point the Way —

“The Christ-idea, God anoints —
            Of Truth and Life;
The Way in Science He appoints,
            That stills all strife.” (Christ and Christmas)

SECOND VISION:  LIFE reflecting SPIRIT (Chapters 6:1-8:1).  Opening of the seven seals [of error].
LIFE Second Branch-Church Candlestick and SPIRIT Second Star-Angel (Noah)
Protective Introduction:  Revelation 5:11-14 – Infinite recognition that the Lamb of VISION I is worthy to receive and express the seven attributes of Deity, namely – power, riches, wisdom, might, honor, glory, and blessing.
            The following is a note that comes before Vision II in Hoyt’s book (on p. 155):  You will find that the protective introductions precede each of the visions which deal with the uncovering of a wrong condition of thought and the method of its self-destruction.  You will be interested to note that John never names a condition to be destroyed until he shows by a protective introduction that the Truth which destroys the wrong condition is already established.  These protective introductions are to be found before the second, third, fifth, and sixth visions.  In the protective introduction to the second vision, the protection comes from the infinite recognition that the Lamb, at-one with the One [Principle (God) and its idea (Lamb) is one], is found worthy to express all the attributes of Deity.  And so, the protective introduction to Vision II follows:
            In the Protective Declaration of VISION II (Rev. 5:11-14) there are many angels (God’s thoughts passing to man) ‘round about the throne (10,000 x 10,000 and thousands of thousands [see Psalms 139:17, 18]).  This is an expression of an infinite number.  They sing a great song expressing the absolute recognition that the spiritual idea (the Lamb) is worthy to receive and express the seven attributes of dominion.
            A second declaration is universal recognition that the One on the throne is at-one* with the Lamb – “Principle [God] and its idea [Lamb] is one.” (S&H 465:17)
            The elders who express dominion, always bow down to Principle, they are subordinate to Principle.

“*The term ‘at-one’ is used to indicate oneness.  The New Century Dictionary indicates that the word ‘atone’ is from the two words ‘at one’ and means ‘to bring into unity or concord—the act of agreement.’”[2]  To me the word “atonement” means – at one mental consciousness.

            The purpose of VISION II is to show the establishment of true spiritual thinking or true spiritual selfhood and all false erroneous material thinking is silenced. Before the seventh seal is broken the sealing of the servants takes place.  This sealing establishes the servant’s name, their character, and their identity as the ones who have won spiritual victory.  This gives them protection against animal magnetism.
            These servants are the Children of Israel, or today’s modern day Christian Scientists.  Symbolically they are marked on their foreheads, or rather within their conscious thought – they reflect the Christ-Mind giving them complete protection.
            Children of Israel.  The representatives of Soul, not corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having wrestled with error, sin, and sense, are governed by divine Science; some of the ideas of God beheld as men, casting out error and healing the sick; Christ’s offspring.” (S&H 583:5)
            John uses the idea behind the four horsemen in Zechariah, but his adaptation differs to fulfill his own purpose.  “Horses were always associated with Egypt [material organization] and with dependence upon material help, because Egypt had the horses of ancient days.  John’s use of the four horses of Zechariah varies from Zechariah’s color scheme for the horses.  John is telling us that in the presence of the establishment of right thinking, as portrayed by the living creatures (and what we found them to mean in Vision I), the wrong type of thinking, the horsemen (and what they stand for), cannot operate.”[3]
            Vision II is concerned with the establishment of the qualities of true selfhood – the Christ offspring.  Simultaneously every forward step in spiritual understanding is gained by silencing false types of thinking.  Taking this into count, is it possible that the seven seals on the closed book are more like seven skins of error, the seven skins of Adam-mind?  These seven skins of error would be – mortal mind, matter, material ego, ecclesiastical despotism, death, error, and hate.  The Christ-Lamb removes the first four skins via the divine infinite calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.
            Every time the four living creatures say, “Come forth,” John beholds an erroneous type of mortal mind appearing under the guise of a horseman on a horse.  These seals or covers typify the erroneous thinking which has obscured (hidden) the clear spiritual understanding of the Scriptures.

Chapter 5, Verse 11 – “‘ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands’—that multiplied sense of ‘ten’ is the fulfilment of the Commandments, which illustrate the application of the seven days of creation to the human problem through analysis, uncovering, and annihilation.”[4]

Chapter 5, Verse 12 -14—“See Daniel 7:13, 14 [which speaks about the Son of man coming in the clouds – a divine messenger].”[5]  This Son of man, then, must be the angel of Revelation 10 who is clothed with a cloud.  This Son of man is Jesus Christ (fifth seal) and Mary Baker Eddy (sixth seal), as well as, Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith (seventh seal).  Then these seven seals are stripped away by the seven Star-Angels during the Seven Days.
            “The symbol of the opening of the seven seals is a really wonderful symbol.  In her textbook Mrs. Eddy illustrates perfectly the opening of the first six seals in what she calls ‘the scientific statement of being’ (S&H 468:8), which elucidates that opening in detail, but she doesn’t include in it the opening of the seventh seal, about which all John says is that ‘there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.’  When we take this scientific statement of being in its details, you will see how clearly it explains the opening of the first six seals through a sense of the first six days of creation.”[6]  Is this the reason why Genesis 1 only has the Six Days in it, and the Seventh Day is placed at the beginning of Genesis 2?  The Scientific Statement of Being starts out with. “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter.  All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all.’  This is “the operation of the light of Mind (“no life…in matter”), the order of Spirit (“no…truth…in matter”), the identity of Soul (“no…intelligence…in matter”), and the demonstration of Principle (“no…substance in matter”), and that is what is symbolized by the four horsemen at the opening of the first four seals.”[7]  John W. Doorly continues in explaining the divine infinite calculus, “The four beasts that open the first four seals are symbols of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  The next portion of ‘the scientific statement of being,’ which illustrates the opening of the fifth seal and has the tone of Life, reads:  ‘Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error.  Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.’  Jesus in the fifth Scriptural period of Life opened that seal when he fulfilled the days of creation, and his two names for God were Spirit and Truth.  Finally, the sixth section, which illustrates the opening of the sixth seal, is ‘Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.  Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual’ (S&H 468:9-15).  (See also My 111:26-32 and Ret 93:17-3.)”[8]
            Doorly tells us that opening the seals is a process that we have to constantly use.  “For instance, in handling the claims of evil, you consider the nature of God as Mind, and you know that it is cause, creator, origin, ‘Let there be light,’ intelligence, law, power, action, wisdom, and so on.  Then with that you turn and rend mentally and spiritually the false sense of creator and power, the lack of wisdom, the false sense of Mind, all that is unlike Mind.  Then you consider Spirit, and you know that Spirit is the infinite substance, the divine order, infinite good, that which always has fruit, birth, development, and then you mentally and spiritually tear to bits the false sense of substance, the belief of no fruit or no development, the belief of evil, the belief of the flesh.  As you use your understanding of all the synonymous terms in this way, — and if you are a real Christian Scientist you must do so daily, specifically and intelligently, — you are opening the seals.”[9]  While this is true, we must understand that it is the Christ that opens the seals (our own inner Christ Hood).  And Mary Baker Eddy, the Sixth Angel of Truth (Michael), opened these seals.  I feel like I can say this because, Jesus did not give us the seven synonymous terms for God – Mary Baker Eddy did this.
            Now, we come to Dinah’s, or Martha’s, God-crowned mission, with the opening of the Seventh Seal – This seal corresponds to the Sabbath of Love, “the six days are to find out the nothingness of matter; the seventh is the day of rest, when it is found that evil is naught and good is all” (Mis 279:18-21).  “When you are working up towards a realization of the seventh day, you use the six days ‘to find out the nothingness of matter,’ but when you reach that seventh day, even in a small degree, from that moment you begin to see the extermination of matter.  You don’t argue with it any longer, but you prove that it is nothing.”[10]
            Mary Baker Eddy writes, “It is often asked why Christian Science was revealed to me as one intelligence, analyzing, uncovering, and annihilating the false testimony of the physical senses.”  The reason why Christian Science was revealed to Mary Baker Eddy as one intelligence, analyzing, uncovering, and annihilating the false testimony of the physical senses” is because she is the second coming of Christ (chosen by God) to come during the Sixth Day of Truth.
            “There are the three degrees; first of all you see that mortality is the physical [First Degree], and then that analysis of the physical uncovers the moral [Second Degree], and finally [in the Third Degree] you see that the spiritual involves the annihilation of everything unlike itself, so that matter disappears.  Mrs. Eddy goes on, ‘Why was this conviction necessary to the right apprehension of the invincible and infinite energies of Truth and Love, as contrasted with the foibles and fables of finite mind and material existence’ (Ret. 30:1-16).  As you prove error’s nothingness through the three degrees of analysis, uncovering, and annihilation, you will see the appearing of the Christ as better health, better consciousness, better relationships, a purer sense of all things, but that is not because of matter, but in spite of it—it is because matter is disappearing.
            “When you understand the seventh day, you begin to handle error with power as just nothingness.  In that annihilating process error sometimes chemicalizes; it gets stirred up, and so it seems to create evil.”[11]  “In Isaiah we read:  ‘I make peace, and create evil.  I the Lord do all these things;’ but the prophet referred to divine law as stirring up the belief in evil to its utmost, when bringing it to the surface and reducing it to its common denominator, nothingness.  The muddy river-bed must be stirred in order to purify the stream.  In moral chemicalization, when the symptoms of evil, illusion, are aggravated, we may think in our ignorance that the Lord hath wrought an evil; but we ought to know that God’s law uncovers so-called sin and its effects, only that Truth may annihilate all sense of evil and all power to sin.” (S&H 540:5-16)  “If the annihilation of error is done on a spiritual basis, if it takes place as it should take place, normally and naturally, just as you destroy 2+2=5 with the truth of 2+2=4, then that is the ‘second death,’ and if you are spiritually-minded it has no power upon you.  ‘A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.’  The belief of life in matter is the ‘first’ death, and the dying of matter is the ‘second death,’ and if you work on a spiritual basis, the chemicalization of error as it is destroyed doesn’t touch you, because you see that it is no part of you.”[12]

LIFE reflecting SPIRIT as MIND utilizing the WORD – there is no life (mortal mind) seal or veil
            Chapter 6:1 the second Vision begins.  The Lamb opens the first seal.  One of the first beasts (the Lion/Word) says to John, “Come and see.”
The WORD as the Lion (Leo translated back to God) as the presence of All-Power nullifies the off-white horseman, the Archer (Sagittarius) of lust for power.  Revelation 6:1, 2
            “The opening of the first seal has the tone of Mind, of conquering.  It shows that there is ‘no life…in matter.’”[13]

Verse 1 – “‘one of the four beasts’—the Word of God.  This first beast, or living creature, is the Lion.  Although I have no proof of this, I feel (because of a vision dream I had) that the four horsemen are the four constellations of Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo.  These four horsemen constellations represent a division, or non-unity, between Christianity (Aquarius) and Science (Scorpio).
            Verse 2 speaks about the white horseman.  This color of white is off-white, like that of a maggot, it is not the same white spoken of in Revelation 19.  So the two white horsemen are not the same horsemen at all.[14]  This off-white horseman is a symbol of Sagittarius, the archer (a Greek Centaur), for he sits on the horse with “a bow”.  Sagittarius, a centaur, “represented passionate lust, or lustful passion.  And that is the reason why this first horseman is translated as lust.  He comes forth conquering and to conquer.  Lustful thinking is always arrogant and sure of itself, but, how true it is that:  In the presence of All-Power (Lion Quality) lust has no power to operate.”[15]

Verse 2 – “ ‘a white horse’—that gives the positive sense of the light of Mind.”[16]  Actually, Doorly is incorrect here because he does not understand that the Greek word used for “white” is more like a maggot color of white, or off-white.  So, this white horse gives a negative sense that belongs to mortal mind.  Doorly uses a quote by Mary Baker Eddy to explain his comment:  “Truth is won through Science or suffering” (Mis 362:27).    Again, he is wrong when he says, “the white horse and its rider seem to illustrate the scientific way,” to correct him, this white horseman of Sagittarius illustrates a suffering way, that which permits error via mortal mind beliefs.  He says, “the red horse, the black horse, and the pale horse and their riders at the opening of the second, third, and fourth seals rather indicate the way of suffering.”[17]  So why would the white horse and its rider represent Science instead of suffering?  The answer is that it would not, but the white horseman of Revelation 19 does represent Science.  His next comment means that most commentaries do not understand the difference in the two Greek words used for white (one in chapter 6 and one in chapter 19).  “Most of the Commentaries agree that the first horse gives a different sense from the second, third, and fourth.”[18]

Verse 2 cont. – “‘a bow’—the seven days of creation.”[19]  This too is incorrect.  The bow is not the bow that the angel of Revelation 10 has upon her head; this bow is the type that shoots arrows (that doth wound the dove).  This is because John used the symbol for Sagittarius to represent the off-white horseman.  Perhaps John Doorly did not understand the astrological symbols that St. John utilized in Revelation?
            Hoyt continues with the verse:  “and a crown was given unto him”.  Yet (in the constellation of Sagittarius) this crown is not upon his head, rather it is below a horse hoof.  I think this symbolizes that the white horseman’s crown represents mortal mind.  Material lust (sex) tries to conquer man, but it is impotent “in the presence of omnipotence, the All-Power of God’s presence (the lion [for the Word]).”[20]
            In my Archer Cloud dream, from the 1990’s, I was shown that the Archer, even though I saw it as a cloud in daylight, represented the Sagittarius constellation in the sky, and the crown (in the Vision dream) was not upon the Archer’s head.  However, because the Archer was actually a cloud means that it also represented Sagittarius nullified by Leo, and so the Archer Cloud, being translated back to God, represented a divine messenger, the Archer of Revelation 19.

Verse 2 cont. – “‘a crown’—the ‘crown of life,’ which symbolizes the reward for conquering the belief of life in matter through the might of Mind.”[21]  Since Doorly has been totally wrong about this horseman, I will agree with Edyth Armstrong Hoyt in saying that the off-white horseman represents lust (sex).  Lust, or sexual intercourse, professes to have the crown of life, but there “is no life in matter”!  How did Doorly miss this?  I mean, come on, it is as clear as could be when you understand what the white horseman really represents.  Doorly is the one who tells us that this section of Vision II is about there being “no life in matter”!
            “The opening of each of these seals typifies the corresponding thousand-year period of Bible history.  The first thousand-year period is the record of how the seven days of creation analyze that false sense, we must have the white light [given to us in Revelation 19 as the true white horseman] of the seven days of creation, the full positive sense.  The nature of God as Mind, or creator, the white light, is that which analyzes the Adam story.”[22]  At this point Doorly quotes the Stanza for Illustration VII of Christ and Christmas.  The title of this picture is “SUFFER [PERMIT] THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME [CHRIST].”  (This title is not actually given to the Illustration in the book, so where do I get this title?  There is a painted window in Mother’s Room based upon Illustration 7, and it is titled “SUFFER THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.”  All other Illustrations have actual titles in the book.  This is the only Illustration that has no given title in the book.  Mary Baker Eddy placed a quote from Jesus underneath the seventh Illustration.)

First Edition

First Edition

“Thus olden faith’s pale star now blends
            In seven-hued white!
Life, without birth and without end [because there is no lust in Love],
            Emitting light!” (Christ and Christmas).

            “That light is the light of Mind.”[23]
            The above seventh Illustration is for the Seventh Vision in Revelation with the Holy City.

            The following hymn, written by Mary Baker Eddy, speaks of this light.  However, she also hints at the fact that she understands her place as God’s divine Christ messenger. Love, Motherhood, is the one whose finger (that writes the book) traced (Mary Baker Eddy’s “Leading Footsteps”) aloud (voices), the Arch Covenant made between God and Noah – a bow of promise on the cloud (an Archer Cloud?).

“Through God, who gave the word of might
            Which swelled creation’s lay:
‘Let there be light, and there was light,’
            What chased the clouds away?
‘T was Love whose finger traced aloud
            A bow of promise on the cloud” (Mis 388:1-6)

            “See also S&H 503:20-21 (to first semi-colon); Peo. 3:14-19; S&H 531:29-32, 393:8-10 (to first period).

            Noah represents the Star-Angle for this Vision.  And it is his Arch Covenant of the “bow in a cloud” that is fulfilled by the true white horseman, the true Archer or divine messenger.
            “The whole tone in this vision of Life is analysis.  When we come to Truth and the sounding of the trumpets, then the tone is uncovering.  In the vision symbolizing Love, we begin to, see true motherhood and womanhood, which always annihilates error, and then that annihilation is fulfilled in Soul by the vials, which destroy the tares.
            “And so this opening of the first seal shows how the Word of God proves, through the sevenfold light of Mind, that there is no life in matter, and that was illustrated in the first thousand-year period of the Bible.  The Adam myth was used to prove that there is no life in matter [our first Angel-Star Enoch].”[24]

LIFE reflecting SPIRIT as SPIRIT utilizing the CHRIST – there is no truth or real matter seal or veil
            The second horse of verse 4 is red.  In the BIBLE, the color red points to matter or mortal mind – the opposite of Spirit.  Adam is made of the red clay.  Later on in Revelation 12 there is the red dragon.  This red dragon is the serpent from the Garden of Eden, so the serpent was a red serpent, or what I would call a copperhead snake (because copper is a conductor of electricity).  Adam and the serpent are at-one.  Adam was mortal brain (thought) while the serpent was the mortal nervous system coiled around the spinal column of Adam’s back conducting electric signals to the brain.  Today red is the color of communism and red is the color of oxygenated blood.
            This red horseman symbolizes war and discord between the flesh (matter life) and the Spirit.  The real war that this red horseman wages is the red dragon’s war against the woman God-crowned, for she shows man how to battle this Goliath of flesh.  However, in the presence of All-Intelligence (omni-intelligence) it cannot operate.  False thinking cannot make any headway.

The CHRIST as the Calf (Taurus translated back to God) as the presence of All-Intelligence nullifies the red horseman (Scorpio) of war and destruction.  Revelation 6:3, 4
Verse 3 – The opening of the second seal has the tone of Spirit, of separation, of divine warfare.  Remember that the second thousand-year period was illustrated by the story of Noah and the flood, symbolizing separation from the beliefs of the [red] carnal mind.”[25]  This tone shows that there is “no truth…in matter.”

Verse 3 cont. – “‘the second beast’—the Christ, or divine infinite calculus of Spirit… remember that the first beast was ‘like a lion,’ which gives the sense of conquering, and that the second beast was ‘like a calf,’ and the calf was used as a symbol of the Christ, of purity and sacrifice.”[26]  Let me go further in stating that John, like Ezekiel, was translating the zodiac back to God.  This is why the lion, or Leo, represents the Word and the calf (ox), or Taurus, represents the Christ.

Verse 4 – “‘horse that was red’—Mrs. Eddy says, ‘The word Adam is from the Hebrew adamah, signifying the red color of the ground, dust, nothingness‘ (S&H 338:12-13).  The red horse symbolizes the belief of [Lucifer in] the flesh.”[27]

Verse 4 cont. – “and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another” means sex is the power that brings about conception of a material embryo, and this power brings about death not life.  The word “sex” means “to cut” it is, however, the opposite outcome of Spirit (which separates).  The constellation of Scorpio relates to sexual function, material life.  The Christ (Taurus) nullifies the idea that man must copulate.  When we spiritually understand that there is no truth to the belief that life exists in matter there will be no more sexual intercourse between man and woman, or man and man, or woman and woman.

Verse 4 cont. – “‘a great sword’—Mrs. Eddy writes, ‘Mortals try in vain to slay Truth with the steel or the stake, but error falls only before the sword of Spirit’ (S&H 37:6-8).
            “In the second thousand-year period of the Bible record came the story of Noah and the ark, and the ark was ‘the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter’ (S&H 581:9-10).”[28]  What was it that forced God to flood the earth?  One reason was due to the fact that the angels were having sex with the women of the earth.  What this really means is that mortals committed adultery; they mixed Spirit (the angels) with matter (the women of the earth).
            “So the second horse is typical of the flesh, the Adam sense of things, and the second beast, the Christ, comes to prove that there is no truth in it, no Spirit in it.  The calculus of Spirit proves that there is ‘no … truth … in matter.”[29]
            “Mrs. Eddy saw the rarest essence of all that you and I are seeing to-day; she sensed perfectly the touch and the tone of Science.  With her the symbols were secondary, and the spiritual ideas were primary; when spiritual ideas are primary, symbols are always exact.  It seems to me that Mrs. Eddy wrote her textbook from a wholly subjective point of view.  I believe that what she wrote was a revelation to her, whereas you and I are learning it through an educational process.”[30]

LIFE reflecting SPIRIT as SOUL utilizing CHRISTIANITY – there is no material ego (intelligent) seal or veil
            Next the Christ (the presence of the Omniscience of God, this All-Mind is the total of mankind as the Christ body of Christianity) opens the third seal.  This nullifies the black horseman (Libra) who has the scales that are unjust and unbalanced. The scales present a picture of greed, covetousness, inflation, and false business – practices that are all associated with false weights and measures and dishonest practices.  The black (black absorbs) horseman represents the black market, unfair trade.  Moses, our third Star-Angel, lived in Egypt.  The Egyptians believed that the Nile River was a source of life, the black soil symbolized material life.  Moses, who was drawn from the Nile River grew up in the King’s household.  Moses was exposed to the black market of Egypt – the unfair trade and manner in which the Israelite nations were treated by the Egyptian King.  Moses had to leave this King’s house (consciousness) and flee into the wilderness where he would find the true Christ-King consciousness – as the face of a man – I am that I am.
            Verse 6 reads:  “And I heard a voice in the midst [Principle] of the four beasts [the divine infinite calculus] say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”  In the presence of All-Mind unfair business cannot operate.  When man is based upon God’s omniscience that operates via the divine infinite calculus the Golden Rule is obeyed.

CHRISTIANITY as the face of a man (Aquarius translated back to God) as the presence of All-Mind (generic man) nullifies the black horseman (Libra) of greed and covetousness.  Revelation 6:5, 6
            The opening of the third seal has the tone of Soul.  “Soul-sense always involves the wilderness experience, where ‘a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence’ (S&H 597:17-19).  The opening of the third seal exemplifies ‘There is no … intelligence … in matter.’”[31]

Verse 5 – “the third beast”—symbolizes Christianity, which says, “Come and see.”  “Webster defines ‘intelligence,’ in part, as ‘Capacity for knowledge and understanding…the ability to apprehend the inter-relationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide actions towards a desired goal.’  That gives a very good sense of Christianity, because in Christianity you recognize the infinite inter-relationships of God’s ideas, all reflecting each other, and so thought is guided back to the one ‘desired goal,’ which is Principle.  (See also S&H 466:23-31, 469:7-9, 508:5-7, 282:18-20, 91:32-2, 310:14-17.)”[32]

Verse 5 cont. – “a black horse”—Mary Baker Eddy writes, “God cannot be obscured, [Soul makes definite] and this renders error a palpable falsity, yea, nothingness; on the basis that black is not a color because it absorbs all the rays of light.” (Mis 333:6-9; [Doorly’s interpolation.])  “We admit black is not a color, because it reflects no light.  So evil should be denied identity or power, because it has none of the divine hues.” (S&H 479:27-29)  This horse gives us a clear illustration of false identity.

Verse 5 cont. – “a pair of balances” points us to the constellation of Libra.  In my vision dream Duncan Regehr (a Libra) was the black horseman, even his horse – Toranado – from Zorro was in the dream.  Of course, Zorro was a good black horseman, but the Spanish military saw Zorro as an evil black horseman.  The scales of Libra are the opposite of the scales of Soul that always weighs and balances.  (See S&H 40:8-10 and Mis 280:3-12 [to first period].)

Verse 6 – gives us the tone of Christianity, fair business trade.  Scales that were unequal in their weights were used to cheat the customer.  Doorly says that the “penny” is “a symbol of identity.”[33]  The Golden Rule tells us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Verse 6 cont. – “ see thou hurt not the oil [the five wise virgins – “Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration” (S&H 592:25)] and the wine [“Inspiration; understanding.” (S&H 598:17 only)]’— Let Soul destroy the tares and gather the wheat into the barn.
            “The third thousand years of Bible history included the wilderness experience [with Moses] of the Israelites, in which Soul was destroying the tares; it was weighing and analyzing sin and material sense, and guiding thought from sense to Soul.  To the Israelites that third thousand-year period was certainly ‘black;’ it involved the whole experience of Egypt [material organization] and the journey through the wilderness.”[34]

            To recap, “we have seen that there is no life in matter—Mind conquers it; that there is no truth in matter—Spirit shows that there is truth only in Spirit; and that there is no intelligence in matter—Soul proves that in matter there is no true identity, and therefore no interrelationship, no return to the one original source or Principle [for we never left home].”[35]  There can be no identity theft nor any desire to steal someone’s identity!

LIFE reflecting SPIRIT as PRINCIPLE utilizing SCIENCE – no substantiating of material ecclesiastical despotism
            The fourth seal is opened in verse 7.  The fourth beast that nullifies death is Science, the flying eagle.  Later on in Vision IV the woman God-crowned is given the wings of an eagle and she is placed in the wilderness for her own protection.  Verse 8 presents the pale (Virgo) horse of “Death, and Hell followed with him.  And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”  War has a sword – greed that results in famine.  Death and lust, “the beasts of bestiality [therion] of corrupt thinking continue their own self-destruction as a kindled fire continues to burn itself out after having once been started.”[36]
            Because death has no activity of its own and is only a belief or an illusion it can only destroy itself.  In the presence of the all-activity or omni-action of Science (the flying eagle) death (death includes material birth) has no activity.  It is the flying eagle that carries the woman, Mary Baker Eddy, into the wilderness in Revelation 12, in order to protect her from the red dragging on of material ecclesiastical despotism.  Our forth Star-Angel of Principle is Queen Esther.  Queen Esther is an early type for the woman God-crowned, our Morning Star-Angel.
            The reason why I assign Virgo to this horseman is because it is an ashen horse.  The vision dream I mentioned had Chloris (meaning pale) Leachman in it. “The original Greek word [for ashen] is CHLOROS, pronounced chloroth.  This word is familiar to us in modern adaptation in such trade words as ‘clorox.’  Clorox is a bleaching agent.  It bleaches to the whiteness of a sepulchre!  No wonder this thought of sepulchre whiteness is used with the horse which death rides, (Death, and everything associated with death) as the words ‘Death and hell’ or ‘Hades’ imply.
            “In this section we also have a Greek word THERION, which is properly translated ‘wild beasts,’ or bestiality [“the beasts of the world”].  It is the kind of thing associated with the belief in death by violent means.  It has nothing to do with Zoon.”[37]

Revelation eagle 2 (Vision 6)

SCIENCE as the flying eagle (Libra and Scorpio united is translated back to God) as the presence of All-Activity (of Science) nullifies the ashen horseman (Virgo) of death and everything associated with death (hell).  Revelation 6:7, 8
            The opening of the fourth seal has the tone of Principle, the demonstration of spiritual power.  It illustrates the fact that there is ‘no … substance in matter.’  Webster defines ‘substance,’ in part, as ‘The abiding part of any existence, in distinction to that which is accidental to it; that which constitutes anything what it is; the real essence or nature of a thing’—surely that is the principle of a thing.  (See Mis 361:3-8, 26-28; S&H 351;27-352:4, 319:7-9.)”[38]
            “In Christian Science, substance is understood to be Spirit, while the opponents of Christian Science believe substance to be matter.  They think of matter as something and almost the only thing, and of the things which pertain to Spirit as next to nothing, or as very far removed from daily experience.  Christian Science takes exactly the opposite view.” (S&H 349:31-350:5)

Verse 7 – “the fourth beast”—is Science, Scorpio translated back to God, for it is re-united with Libra (Christianity – as “equilibrium, legality, justice, harmony, communication” [Symbolism A Comprehensive Dictionary, by Steven Olderr, p. 80]) by the serpent handler Ophiucus.

Verse 8 – “a pale horse”— “Pale, sinful sense, at work to lift itself on crumbling thrones of justice by pulling down its benefactors, will tumble from this scheme into the bottomless abyss of self-damnation, there to relinquish its league with evil.  Wide yawns the gap between this course and Christian Science.” (My 200:21-26)
            “The fourth thousand-year period of Bible history constituted the prophetic age, which gave birth to the exposition of the divine system in the first chapter of Genesis.  That chapter expresses the substance of what we have to demonstrate, and it proves that there is no substance in matter.  In that fourth period Jerusalem, the Temple, and everything of the nature of material substance was wiped out, and the Hebrews were taken into captivity, but it was in captivity that the first chapter of Genesis was written.”[39]
            It was not until this captivity ended that the story of Esther even takes place.  The Star of Esther was not able to shine until the system of Science had been germinating within the Hebrew’s collective consciousness.  (By the way her husband’s name means “lion, king[40] and he was king of Persia “a horseman, pure”.[41])

Verse 8 cont. – “‘the fourth part of the earth’—a symbol of personal sense, personal domination, personal aggrandizement, all counterfeits of Principle.”[42]
            Again, Doorly goes over the four horsemen as the ones who analyze error, but this is incorrect, it must be the four beasts that analyze error.  So I will rewrite what he has said:  We have seen the power of Mind as the Word analyzing the belief of life in matter; the power of Spirit as the Christ, analyzing the belief of truth in matter; the power of Soul as Christianity, analyzing the belief of intelligence in matter; and now we see the demonstration of the spiritual power of Principle as Science analyzing the belief that there is substance in matter.  That belief is “Pale, sinful sense,” and it is Principle which analyzes it and brings it to the surface to be destroyed.


(To be continued…)

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