by MJSmith


Vitruvian Man TreeThe First THE WAY – Inner Branch for the WORD – divine Science
No. 11 – Da’at, Higher Understanding, Spiritual Discernment
            This Sephirah sphere is often not depicted in the tree of life diagrams.  I feel that this is because it is invisible to mortal sense, but it does exist.  Of all the Illustrations found in Christ and Christmas, the first THE WAY (seen below) is almost forgotten (unseen).  Above we have the Vitruvian Man and his mouth (symbolic of the spoken Word of God) is located in the Sephirah sphere of Da’at.  In this Illustration we see a man, a generic man or a Christ man.  This man is the Lamb (groom), the masculine representative for the Christ.  Eden Gray does not make mention of this Sephiroth sphere.  On this level, for the Word, it is Christ Jesus (the First Coming of Christ) who unites Mary Baker Eddy as Mother (the Second Coming of Christ) and Dinah, or Martha Jones-Smith as Daughter (Third Coming of Christ).  Thus, in CHRISTMAS MORN we see both Mother and Daughter as one NOBEL WOMAN or one type of MOTHER HOOD.

Second Edition

Second Edition

“No blight, no broken wing, no moan,
            Truth’s fane can dim;
Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone,
            In heaven’s hymn.” (Christ and Christmas)

            The Word of God shows us THE WAY (the path of Christianity via divine Science).  The above Illustration shows a crowned (with flowers) cross and a man above the cross.  This man is possibly Jesus Christ, however, I feel more like he represents generic man (because to me he does not really look like the other Illustrations where Jesus is depicted in Christ and Christmas).  But since Jesus is also generic man, just as Mary Baker Eddy is, I am, and you are, the man can also be Jesus.  Above the man Jesus is a descending dove (divine Science).  There is no olive branch in its beak.  Yet in the second illustration of THE WAY the descending dove does have an olive branch in its beak.  The dove seen above does not have a branch in its beak because the red dragon’s waters (flood) are not abated (nullified) from off the face (surface) of the ground (Adam consciousness) yet.
            Below is my illustration for the Vitruvian Man – resembling the angel of Revelation 10.  But, because his-her feet are also upon the moon, he-she is also the woman God-crowned.  I placed him-her in a Stargate matrix.

Vitruvian D


            “And to the [Star] angel [the highest thought] of the [Third Branch] church in Pergamos [subjective and objective consciousness expressing sensuality] write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges”. (Rev. 2:12; [My interpolations.])    Spiritual man recognizes that the declaration of Truth, the affirmation of Truth and the denial of error in his mental treatments, protects man’s true identity and directs man in the ways of Truth.
            Israel, with its twelve tribes (sons of Jacob), is the church.  It is taken into material organization (Egypt) and then must be led out of material organization.
            Spiritual man abides by the spiritual teachings of Divine Law laid down by Moses (Israel’s Leading Star-Angel).  Moses forms the Wheel or Unity Matrix with thirteen tribes of Israel (twelve tribes[1] on the outer rim and Levi in the center surrounding the hub of the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting on all four sides).  What is interesting in this concept, which I just recently found out, is that not only does the thirteen explain the Wheel or Stargate Matrix, but it also explains the Star of David, which is made up of two triangles being united as one.

CUP AND BLADEStar of David            In a You Tube video “Isotropic Vector Matrix – Nassim Haramein” Haramein explains how tetrahedrons form the two triangles (rather pyramids) combined as one have a center consisting of twelve vectors pointing outward and one vector, a singularity, in the middle curving into itself to infinity.  I am not sure what he means by “curving unto itself to infinity” but I do find it all very interesting.  As seen in the picture below, the center is not unlike the Stargate Matrix (based upon Window of the Open Book).  Also of importance is that a number of spokes to a wheel must be twelve (no less) in order for the wheel to maintain its equilibrium and perfect stillness.  And in his explanations the number twenty-four also came up.  (I recommend you watch the video rather than have me explain it poorly to  you.)
Isotropic Vector Matrix

Window of the Open Book (Science and Health)

Window of the Open Book (Science and Health)

No. 3 – Binah, Understanding, the Throne
“Binah is negative, and thus able to receive the positive flow from Chokmah.  She is the great Mother of the universe, but she is also at the top of the Pillar of Severity, for the embodied spirit sees death on the horizon as soon as it is born.  The idea of experiencing sorrow and death is implicit in the descent of life into form.  The seed planted in the earth dies that it may multiply, so Binah is death for the Chokmah force and truly belongs on the Pillar of Severity.” (CGT, pages 197 & 198)  One could say that Mary Baker Patterson died in 1866, that is the material concept she had of herself as a mortal woman died at that time, yet the spiritual seed of her true identity was born to her when she was healed (made whole).
            In SEEKING AND FINDING we have a woman, a generic woman or a Christ woman.  This woman (our Grand Mother Mary Baker Eddy) is the Lamb’s bride, the feminine representative for the Christ.  (Notice the swirls above the serpent, they too are serpents – hidden error.)

First Edition

First Edition

“What the Beloved [Son of David = Jesus] knew and taught,
            Science repeats [via Mary Baker Eddy],
Through understanding, dearly sought [seeking],
            With fierce heart-beats;” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolations.])

Revelation 2:12-17

The third message of SOUL [Moses] to Pergamos [TRUTH] – SEEKING AND FINDING
            The Third CHRIST (head) STAR-ANGEL message to the Third BRANCH-CHURCH (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION III (SOUL’S STAR-ANGEL) with the tone of TRUTH (the seven trumpets) uncovering error.
            The word “seek” means “to try to discover.”  Discover means “to uncover” and “to reveal”.  Revelation and reveal are connected.  Mary Baker Eddy says of herself that she is the Discoverer of Christian Science, so she is the seeker depicted in SEEKING AND FINDING; she is the revelator of Christian Science.  This is the illustration that the panel window, at the head of the Edifice in Mother’s Room of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, was based upon.  Yet many Christian Scientists try to deny that the woman in the center panel window is Mary Baker Eddy.  Why?  The red dragon told them that to proclaim Mary Baker Eddy as the woman is idolatry!  “Why, that woman in the window is just a type of woman!” they say erroneously.
            The word “find” also has to do with discovery, however, this discovery comes through study.  Mary Baker Eddy studied her open BIBLE before she discovered Christian Science.  Yet, one definition of “find” is quite interesting:  “to perceive (oneself) to be in a certain place or condition”.  Did not Mary Baker Eddy perceive herself to have a certain place in Bible prophecy?  Did she not find that her condition was God’s spiritual ideal?  I believe the answer to both questions to be, “Yes.”  However, this discovery about her “place” was dim during 1874-1875.  I feel that this is why the pyramid of light coming from Moses’ Star is more like a shaft of light.  The full recognition of her place had not as yet dawned within her Asian Church Body of Truth.  I call the window – “T ‘IS THE SAME HAND THAT WROTE THE PAGE.”  Notice in the window that there is no longer a serpent behind the woman and that Mary Baker Eddy is actually writing on paper, while in SEEKING AND FINDING she is reading the BIBLE.
Bay Window B
            Pergamum—strongly united; closely knit; touch texture; elevated; height; citadel; burg; parchment; skin.[2]  This is the name of the city where the Branch-Church of Pergamos is located.  “The intellectual consciousness in man (strongly united, closely knit, tough texture, elevated, height, citadel); Pergamum is intelligence.”[3]
            This Church is symbolized as the serpent behind Mary Baker Eddy in SEEKING AND FINDING.  This red dragon, in Vision IV, has water coming out of its mouth to kill the woman (our Forever Leader).  This water comes from its mouth, so, the water from the red dragon’s mouth is false teachings about Mary Baker Eddy (the Discoverer) and Christian Science (the Revelation).

Verse 12 – John is to write to the angel, Moses, of the church of Pergamos.  Moses means, “drawing out; drawer out; drawing forth; extracting, i.e., from the water; water-saved.” (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)  Moses was drawn out of the waters (the river of thought) of Scientific reasoning and spiritual teachings.
            In Revelation the water and waters often represent spiritual teachings (the Word).  What is it that we need to draw out from God’s spiritual teachings?  Is it not the discovery Mary Baker Eddy made through her studies of the BIBLE, especially what she found in Revelation?  Some Christian Scientists are planning on producing a new movie about Mary Baker Eddy (providing they raise the money they think they need to produce it).  It is called, The Healer.  Of course, they did not name it The Discoverer.  Too bad!  These Christian Scientists believe that it is healing that attracts people to Christian Science, or gets them interested in it.  While this may be partially true, an acceptance of Mary Baker Eddy as the second coming of Christ and a clear understanding of Mary Baker Eddy’s place in Bible prophecy is of much more importance to today’s world than the healing factor is.

Verse 12 cont. – “These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges;” This sword is the sword of Truth.

Verse 13 – “I know what you are doing and that you live surrounded by the false teachings (Satan’s seat) of emperor worship with its immoral practices:  yet you adhered to my teachings and did not deny your faith in me even during those days when Antipas was martyred by the priests of Aescalapius and by the emperor worshippers.” (Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos, by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt, p. 145)

Verse 13 cont. – “‘Satan’s seat’—see John 8:44.”[4]  I disagree with Hoyt.  I feel like Satan’s seat is the seat of succession within the church.  Would not emperor worship be the worship of the Catholic Pope at the Vatican and the worship of five Board of Directors in Boston?  Satan’s seat of succession (Moses’ high chair during the Day of Soul, Jesus’ high chair during the Day of Life (by Pope), and Mary Baker Eddy’s high chair during the Day of Truth) is false successorship.  This seat of Satan is supposed to have power, but in reality, Satan, the red dragon (dragging on) of ecclesiastical despotism is powerless.  In the first edition of Christ and Christmas you could see hidden serpents above the visible serpent behind the woman in SEEKING AND FINDING.  It is after the foursquare seat she is sitting on.  The candlestick on the table is a symbol for Pergamos.  However, as you can see in the Illustration, human intellectualism (Pergamos) is not the light of importance or what Mary Baker Eddy is utilizing.  What is shedding true Light upon the Scriptures is the seven-pointed Star-Angel of divine Science.  The first transit of Venus (the Morning Star) across the sun during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission was on December 9, 1874.  SCIENCE AND HEALTH was published in October of 1875.
            In my opinion the following is only correct about mortal mind belief, it is not spiritual Truth.  The definition of Pergamum, from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, explains the third Church in the following paragraph.  “‘I know where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s throne is’ (Rev. 2:13).  Satan is the adverse consciousness and Satan’s throne, the place where the Adversary locates himself, takes his seat, is in the front brain.  Adverse reason and thought begin there, in the sense reasoning of man.  The Adversary, or Satan, is the adverse mind, or self mind, that which thinks and acts independently of God mind.”[5]  The artist (James F. Gilman) of the Illustration shows Mary’s left hand (womanhood?) touching her forehead, the front brain.  Is this why the serpent could not rule over Mary Baker Eddy?  When she was a child her father called upon a hypnotist to put little Mary to sleep.  He was unable to put her under his spell.

Verse 14 – “Balaam taught Balak how to corrupt the people whom God would not allow him to curse, and how to defile their standard.  ‘The city of Pergamos was devoted to a sensual worship [counterfeit of Soul].  There AEsculapius, the god of medicine, acquired fame; and a serpent was the emblem of Aesculapius’—the serpent is still the emblem of the medical profession; many prescriptions have the serpent on them.”[6]  Moses also had a serpent staff that he put up.  When a serpent would bite the people of Israel they looked at the serpent staff and were healed.  Why would this serpent staff have healed the people of poison?  Was it not because Moses had the spiritual understanding that God was the only power?  He knew that the serpent staff had no real power to heal.  Moses had handled the serpent on the mountain; his staff was the serpent, they were one and the same!  Remember Mary Baker Eddy ends “The Apocalypse” chapter with Psalms 23 where LOVE’S rod and LOVE’S staff comfort us.  What is this rod and staff?  They are the affirmation of Truth and the denial of error.  This is the type of healing employed in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING.  The rod guides, directs, and corrects with the affirmation of Truth.  It is a measuring reed; later on it is used to measure the city foursquare.  The staff supports the Christ head, the one true Leader’s “Footsteps of Truth” while bringing down, stepping upon the head of, the serpent (error) through the denial of its existence.  When Moses faced his fear (the false evidence appearing to be real) and picked up the serpent by its tail (which is a very dangerous thing to do with a poisonous snake) it turned back into his staff.  Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that the serpent staff is a representation of the DNA ladder.  Years ago I made the following sketch, as I call DNA – the devil’s naughty allegations.

            Continuing on with the same quote by Mary Baker Eddy, “Its medical practice included charms and incantations.  The Revelator refers to the church in this city as dwelling ‘where Satan’s seat is.’  The Pergamene church consisted of the school of Balaam and AEsculapius, idolatry and medicine” (Mess. ’00. 13:17-23).  People may think that idolatry is bowing down to carved statues, but idolatry is really bowing down to personal sense and the testimony of the five material senses.  How many people idolize their politicians or their movie stars and actors because they think they are special or because they think they have the power to do something for or give to the people (like free college, free food, or free medicine)?  God, Spirit, is our only source of supply.
            Doorly mentions the two thieves by Jesus’ side while being crucified.  “I said that my sense of it was that they represented material medica and false theology, both of which teach men that life is in matter.  I thought afterwards of how it is recorded in Luke that one of those thieves awoke to his error, and that Jesus said to him, ‘To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.’  Mrs. Eddy says in her allegory of a mental case on trial, ‘We further recommend that Materia Medica adopt Christian Science’ (S&H 441:20-21), and she would never have said that unless she saw that there was some chance of it happening.  And so the two ‘thieves’ which have made men believe that man is material and not spiritual, are the school of AEsculapius, or medicine, and the school of the false prophet, or false theology, and it seems that it will be medicine which will awaken first to truth.”[7]  I think it should be “Truth.”
            “Idols (Rev. 2:14) are false beliefs about God.  To sacrifice to idols is to give our substance to building up false beliefs.  To eat food that has been sacrificed to idols is to appropriate the seeming substance of these false ideas.  To commit fornication is to mix our thoughts with error.”[8]

Verse 15 – Again the Nicolaitans are mentioned.  They are the spiritualists or adulterers (having mixed thoughts, who commit adultery).  “Don’t budge from your position that there is only the infinite One, and that that infinite One is Spirit.  As you think from that position, you can analyze, uncover, and annihilate error, and you will see the operation of Spirit in human experience, but that operation is never in matter, but always in spite of it.”[9]

Verse 16 – “the sword of my mouth”— that sword is Truth, which decapitates error.  Remember that the Branch for this Church happens to be the WORD.  In this verse the church is once more instructed to repent, to change its’ thinking.
            “The ‘sword of my mouth’ is the word of Truth.  The word of Truth sets the law into action, and thus makes war against the Nicolaitans—mixed thoughts.”[10]

Verse 17 – speaks of the “hidden manna” (Da’at?) being given to those who hear.  Doorly explains this hidden manna as “spiritual Truth, which is hidden to material sense.”[11]
            “The ‘hidden manna’ is the inner substance, that which comes down out of heaven.  We eat of it by affirmation.  We affirm that we are fed by the one living substance, and so forth.”[12]
            While this is true, could the hidden manna also be found to be almost hidden in SEEKING AND FINDING?  The hidden manna is the time on the Grandmother’s Clock.  It reads 12:05 and points to Revelation 12:1-5 which is all about the woman God-crowned.  Our hidden manna is that Mary Baker Eddy, during the Sixth Day of Truth, is the woman God-crowned!  I also feel that this clock coincides with the woman God-crowned Keystone in Window of the Open Book.  The time on the clock is located in the same slice of Keystone Pie.  Is not this the manna that Mary Baker Eddy spoke about hiding in the Textbook?

Grandmother Clock

The Woman God-crown Keystone

Verse 17 cont. – “‘a white stone’—our individual sense of the Christ-idea.”[13]  This stone has to do with identity (Soul).  Doorly quotes Kiddle.  “A white stone in itself was precious to the ancient mind as a propitious charm and as a sign of admission to feasts.  But it was to be inscribed like an amulet with a new name unknown to any except him who receives it.  If this is held to be the new name of the individual Christian, granted on his inheritance of his heavenly reward where all things are made new (xxi. 5), John is here giving full expression to an idea rare in Revelation, that the Christian will take his place among the heavenly hosts as a separate individual, not merely a nameless sharer in a general felicity.”[14]
            “To the Jewish people it was the race which counted.  Israel was chosen of God, and the individual meant very little.  It is just that kind of belief which supports organization even to-day.  If we want to join the true church, we must identify ourselves individually with the Mind of Christ, because that is the only church we can ever join.  At the time Revelation was written, it was quite a new idea that people were to be saved individually.”[15]
            Again Doorly quotes Kiddle:  “But it is perhaps more probably that the new name was intended to be that of Jesus…(iii. 12, xix. 12), the name kept secret till the end from all but the conquerors (cf. xiv. 3:  only the martyrs can learn the ‘new song’).  The believer who possessed such a talisman—or rather, the power it symbolized—could not fail to be secure, protected as was by the Name above all names.”[16]  I might agree with Kiddle if he had said “that the new name was intended to be that of Christ.”  On the other hand, the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary thinks that this white stone was a reference to Peter (faith).  I do not think of Peter as being faith, but rather, the divine reckoning of the infinite divine calculus, which Mary Baker Eddy placed her Church upon.  Remember her true Church is the institution (her TEXTBOOK).  Even so, symbolically and quite literally the little Edifice of Boston was placed upon a Rock foundation, while the Extension was not.  (I do not think that most people know this, I know I was unaware of this fact until about a year ago.)
            “The ‘new name’ is the individual’s concept of himself.  His concept of God and of himself is a little different from that of any other person’s.  No other knows it, for it is peculiar to the individual.  It would mean nothing to any one else.  It is changing daily, as the individual’s concept of God and of himself changes.”[17]
            “The star of Bethlehem is the star of Boston, high in the zenith of Truth’s domain, that looked down on the long night of human beliefs, to pierce the darkness and melt into dawn.” (Mis 320:23)  Mary Baker Eddy is the star of Boston and this is exactly what seems to be expressed in SEEKING AND FINDING.  Notice that she has an aura around her head.
            “The star of Bethlehem is the light of all ages; is the light of Love, to-day christening religion undefiled, divine Science; giving to it a new name, and the white stone in token of purity and permanence. “(Mis 320:27)  Mary Baker Eddy is telling us here that the white stone is purity (Spirit) and permanence.
            “In Truth, the Christ comes to us as the compound idea man, in which every least idea of manhood individually reflects infinite Life, Truth, and Love.”[18]  The three Christ comings (of the one Christ) came during the Day of Life as Jesus, the day of Truth as Mary Baker Eddy, and the Day of Love as Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith (generic man).  These three Christ advents are depicted in Mother’s Room as the three window panels.

Bay Window

            “And unto the [Star] angel [the highest thought] of the church in Sardis [subjective and objective consciousness expressing unfaithfulness and lack of alertness] write; these things saith he that hath the seven spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works and hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.” (Rev. 3:1)  Spiritual man is equipped with the angels of His presence (the seven synonymous terms for God).
            Spiritual man, the Christ ideal, is eternal.  Christ Jesus is the living paternal pattern of Christ Science.

No. 2—Chokmah, Wisdom, the Crown of Creation
“Here we find the virile force that gives impulse to manifestation.  The first three Sephiroth are called by Kabalists the Three Supernals, and it is here that sex has its roots, for it is cosmic and spiritual.  It is between Chokmah, Primordial maleness, and Binah, the primordial femaleness, that the web of life is woven.  Chokmah is the great stimulator of the universe, the positive male force.” (CGT, p. 197)  Sex is a material notion, it has nothing (in reality) to do with God’s creation.  God does not create man through the action of male and female sexual intercourse.  It is material minded theories, belonging to material man, that teaches sex is spiritual.
            In CHRISTMAS MORN we have two angelic women (united as one).  They are both Mother and Daughter (MOTHER HOOD, two SENTINELS), the feminine representatives for Christ Science.

First Edition

First Edition

“Yet wherefore signalize the birth
            Of him ne’er born?
What can rehearse the glorious worth
            Of his high morn [high dawn of spiritual enlightenment]?” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolation.])

Revelation 3:1-6

The fifth message of LIFE [Christ Jesus] to Sardis [SOUL] – CHRISTMAS MORN
            The fifth STAR-Angel CHRIST (head) message to the fifth BRANCH-CHRUCH (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION V (LIFE-Angel) with the tone of SOUL.  The seven vials of LOVE, shows how SOUL destroys the tares (husks of material seed) and fulfills the annihilation of error.
            The two angels of CHRISTMAS MORN fly through the sky and they are wingless.  On top of their heads are two flames of enlightenment, or possibly the two flames represent two Branch-Churches.  One of the Angels holds a closed book (SCIENCE AND HEALTH).  Many Christian Scientists think that these two angels are the two witnessed of Revelation 11 – in other words, they are Mary Baker Eddy and Christ Jesus.  I have a problem in accepting this because neither angel has a beard.  All depictions of Jesus, found elsewhere in Christ and Christmas, depict Jesus with a beard.  So I feel that both angels are two female angels.  I also feel that they represent Michael (Truth, for Mary Baker Eddy) and Gabriel (Love, for Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith).  These are the two angels who take care of the red dragon’s angels (false messages).  What light there is in the Illustration comes from the sunrise, the light shines upwards, sort of like an inverted pyramid.  And this light comes from the Daystar commonly called Sun (a symbol for Jesus, the Son of God).  The landscape is of New England, not the Middle East.  So this Illustration depicts the Western Hemisphere, the land of Science.
            In the Gospel of John, which presents the tone of Science (the flying eagle), two women are friends with Jesus; they are named Mary and Martha.  I do not think that this Mary is Mary Magdalene (“high tower”) because both sisters are from the town Bethany (“place of crossings”[19] such as two rivers, or perhaps, as depicted in CHRISTMAS MORN, a river and a road).  Mary Magdalene was supposed to be named after the town she was from.
            Sardisprecious stone; carnelian; sardonyx [“Love and harmony”[20]]; sard; prince of joy.”[21]  Sardis is the capital city of the country Lydia, and a woman named Lydia sold purple (for power).  I assume she sold purple clothes, but the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary does not really explain what was purple, perhaps she sold purple stones.  Are we as Sardis “exercising power and dominion over all our thoughts?  Theoretically we may be, but really are we?  The natural man is reputed to have great power—he goes out and kills the animals—but when he gives up to his emotions, passions, appetites, and sense desires he is not exercising spiritual power over the beasts of the field—his own animal propensities.  Nor has he perfect dominion over the fishes of the sea, birds of the air, and creeping things—the primal elements of life.”[22]  I use the color purple to symbolize Love; so if when we express Love is this not what gives us our power or dominion as spoken of in Genesis’ Sixth Day (chapter 1)?  Is not Love what Jesus reflected?  “Not having…spiritual affection, the physician lacks faith in the divine Mind and has not that recognition of infinite Love which alone confers the healing power.” (S&H 366:16-31)  Vision V has the Seven Bowls of Wrath in it, and God’s Wrath is really God’s Love.  God’s Love appears to the mortal as wrath because God’s Love destroys all erroneous thinking and conditions.
            “JESUS.  The highest human corporeal concept of the divine idea, rebuking and destroying error and bringing to light man’s immortality.” (S&H 589:16)
            Jesus whose help Jehovah is; deliverance; safety; salvation; Savior; Deliverer; helper; prosperer; deliverance through Jehovah.”[23]  It is interesting that the names Jesus, Joshua, and Science of Health all mean salvation.

Verse 1 – John is to write to the angel of the church of Sardis.  I have Jesus as being this angel, but I have asked myself why Jesus would have John write to Jesus?  So it is possible that this angel is actually the Virgin Mary.
            Mary Baker Eddy called the Star of Bethlehem (Life) the Star of Boston (Truth).  Mary Baker Eddy is the Star of Boston, who I speak of during the sixth message.  The Virgin Mary and Mary Baker Eddy are similar in that the Virgin Mary conceived and gave life to God’s son Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy conceived and gave life to God’s Word, the little book open called SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES.  This book gives remembrance to the real Christ Jesus and his God-crowned mission.  Many Christians believe that the woman God-crowned in Revelation 12 is the Virgin Mary; some Christians believe that she is Mary Magdalene.  I am not apposed to this way of thinking, however, if this woman is generic man (like many Christian Scientists believe), then she can be represented throughout the Seven Days as the Seven Star-Angels – Enoch, Noah (the self-proclaimed goddess Semiramis is Noah’s counterfeit), Moses, Esther, the Virgin Mary/Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy/Science and Health, and Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith/manchild.  These seven Star-Flower-Angels are depicted in the Big Dipper Keystone window.

The Big Dipper Keystone

Verse 1 cont. – “These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.”  John Doorly reminds us that the seven Spirits of God are the Seven Days of creation (revelation).  “With the seven stars they are frequently used as a symbol of identification.  The days of creation and the numerals characterize, or identify, the synonymous terms for God [even though the Seven Days (Star-Flower-Angels) are the Christ Head Leaders while the Seven Numerals (Candlestick Churches) are the Christ Body Followers].  Mrs. Eddy says, speaking of Paul and Jesus, ‘Philosophy never has produced, nor can it reproduce, these stars of the first magnitude—fixed stars in the heavens of Soul’ (Mis. 360:11-14).”[24]
            What does it mean by these fixed stars in the heavens of Soul (which I see as the seven Star-Flowers) being “of the first magnitude”?
            It means that these seven Star-Flowers are the brightest, they outshine all the rest of the stars.  They are special!  And they are fixed stars in the heavens of Soul, meaning that their identity is fixed, nobody can take their place – ever!  Nobody can take their place because God fixed their God-crowned missions.  God chose these chosen Seven.  Jesus was chosen, just as Mary Baker Eddy was chosen.  It is a theory by some Christian Scientists that Mary Baker Eddy was nothing special (not a bright Star-Flower-Angel), that she was not chosen by God to be the discoverer of Christian Science.  In their way of thinking she was the discoverer because she got to the top of the hill before anybody else did.  They believe that anyone else could have discovered Christian Science.  She was just at the right spot at the right time, that’s all, she is nothing special.  Quite the contrary is true!

Verse 2 – “Be watchful”— Be a sentinel.  Once more, when we come to Mary Baker Eddy, she did not place one woman on the cover of her Sentinel.  She placed two women sentinels on the cover!  She had a reason for doing this.  Do you believe this?

Sentinel Blind B
            “It is imperative to watch.  Mrs. Eddy writes:  ‘The Scriptures say, ‘They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace’ (Jeremiah 6:14), thus taking the name of God in vain.  Ignorance of self is the most stubborn belief to overcome, for apathy, dishonesty, sin, follow in its train.  One should watch to know what his errors are; and if this watching destroys his peace in error, should one watch against such a result?  He should not’ (My. 233:15-24).”[25]  In CHRISTMAS MORN the two angels have a train.  Seen within this train are faces of the remnant seed, those who are unwilling to hurt the daughter, Mary Baker Eddy.  In the upcoming CHRISTMAS EVE there is a material toy train on a branch of the Christmas tree.

Verse 3 – This Church is also asked to repent (change its thinking).  If this church does not watch then the Son of man will come on them as a thief, and the members will not know the hour of Christ’s coming (they will deny the Second Coming of Christ).

Verse 4, 5 – There are still some of this Church who have not soiled their white (spiritual purity) garments, and they are worthy.  Those who overcome are clothed in white raiment and their name will not be blotted out from the book of life.
            “You remember that Mrs. Eddy says of the children of Israel, ‘If these children should go astray, and forget that Life is God, good, and that good is not in elements which are not spiritual, — thus losing the divine power which heals the sick and sinning, — they were to be brought back through great tribulation, to be renamed in Christian Science and led to deny material sense, or mind in matter, even as the gospel teaches’ (S&H 309:17-23).  Naming is always the activity of Soul.  Soul confers true identity upon each one of us.  (See also S&H 571:22-2.)”[26]

            “And unto the angel [the highest thought] of the church of Thyatira [subjective and objective consciousness expressing malpractice and domination] write: These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass”. (Rev. 2:18; [My interpolations.])  Spiritual man recognizing and possessing purified understanding, and illuminated, purified, vision is based upon Principle.
            Spiritual man bases himself upon Principle; he does not mentally malpractice against the Children of Israel, or attempt to dominate others through material means or methods of Church [prophets] or State [kings].

The second THE WAY is Science
The Star of divine Science
            Before I continue on with Kether, I would like to explain that the giant Christmas Tree (a counterfeit of the Tree of Life that we have been working with) has no head or crown.  It is decapitated by the edge of the Illustration.  Yet, the second Illustration for THE WAY does have the crown, however, the tip of the crown is also decapitated by the edge of the drawing (done on purpose).  Yet, if we look at the ray of light, it is formed above the crown (like the three previously mentioned arches of light on the Kabalah Tree of Life – see REVELATION – Part 2a).  The ray of light comes from the Star of divine Science (although we do not see it we know this to be so).  This Star is the Morning Star of Venus – the woman God-crowned.

No. 1—Kether, the Crown
            “This first Sephirah symbolizes the hitherto unmanifest at the point where it can become knowable to us.  In Kether, there is still no form, only pure Being or Life in a state of inertia; but latent within it there are both male and female potentialities [the masculine and feminine representatives of Christ].  As Pure Being it stands behind manifestation and projects it.  Here the pairs of opposites have not yet declared themselves, as they do in Chokmah and Binah; in Tiphareth they have finally arrived at perfect equilibrium.” (CGT, p. 197; [My interpolation.])
            “The Lamb’s wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality reflects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being [like seen below as Adam (the Pillar of Mercy) and Eve (the Pillar of Severity)].  In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no impediment to eternal bliss, — to the perfectibility of God’s creation.” (S&H 577:4-11)

            “And unto the [Star] angel [the highest thought] of the [Fourth Branch] church of Thyatira [subjective and objective consciousness expressing malpractice and domination] write: These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass”. (Rev. 2:18)  Spiritual man recognizing and possessing purified understanding, and illuminated, purified, vision is based upon Principle.
            Spiritual man bases himself upon Principle; he does not mentally malpractice (hate) against the Children of Israel, or attempt to dominate others through material means or methods of Church (prophets) or State (kings).

First Edidtion

First Edidtion

“Thus Christ, eternal and divine,
            To celebrate
As Truth demands, – this living Vine
            Ye demonstrate.

“For heaven’s Christus, earthly Eves,
            By Adam bid,
Make merriment on Christmas eves,
            O’er babe and crib.” (Christ and Christmas)

Revelation 2:18-29

The fourth message of PRINCIPLE [Queen Esther] to Thyatira [LOVE] – CHRISTMAS EVE
            The Fourth STAR-ANGEL CHRIST (head) message to the Fourth BRANCH-CHURCH (body) of CHRIST correlates with VISION IV (PRINCIPLE-angel) with the tone of LOVE.  It is about the woman God-crowned (the Bride), the red dragon and its two beasts (ecclesiastical despotism), and the angel with the everlasting gospel.
            CHRISTMAS EVE depicts the false image of the woman God-crowned.  She is not a woman head of some material organization (one who gave birth to a corporeal child).  The true woman’s mission is not to have children through corporeal sex, but through spiritual understanding.  The mother of all mortals, Eve, makes “merriment on Christmas Eves, o’er babe and crib.” (Christ and Christmas)  Eve is on the left side of the Illustration, by the Christmas tree.  There is a doll (personal sense) in her left hand.  There is an interesting shape in back of her, a basket hanging from one of the tree limbs.  The Easter basket is used to hold eggs, and eggs are symbols of fertilization and material birth.  Easter eggs go back to the legend of Semiramis, the counterfeit of the God-crowned woman during the Second Day of Spirit.  Her husband was Nimrod, builder of the tower of Babylon (confusion).

The Way

The Way

“No blight, no broken wing, no moan,
            Truth’s fane can dim;
Eternal swells Christ’s music-tone [7 synonymous terms for God + 4 living creatures + 4 levels of Science],
            In heaven’s hymn.” (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolation.])
            A shaft of light shines down upon three symbols that stand for the Three Degrees.  The black cross is for The First Degree, the crowned (with flowers) cross is for The Second Degree, and the crown is for The Third Degree.  The crown also seems to match up to the Sephirah of Kether (the Crown).  Now the dove of divine Science is descending with the olive branch of peace because the red dragon’s waters have been abated from the face of the earth.  The flood has been nullified, and has been translated into the river of Science (depicted in CHRISTMAS MORN).
Verse 18 – John is to write to the angel, Queen Esther, of the church of Thyatira.
            Esther means “star; the planet Venus; happiness; good fortune.”  (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)  The planet Venus is called the morning star and the evening star.  Esther is the “morning star” of divine Science that was promised by Jesus.  Venus, the planet, transited the sun twice during Mary Baker Eddy’s God-crowned mission (1874 and 1882).    In its linear progression CHRISTMAS EVE is the first Illustration that has no Star in it.  There is light, but the light is electrical, the light of this church group comes from animal magnetism not divine Science.  And the light fixture (of four lights) hanging down from the ceiling counterfeits the divine infinite calculus.
            Thyatiraburning incense; rushing headlong; inspired; frantic; aromatic wood; perfume.“[27]  Lydia, the woman who was the seller of purple, was of this city.  I have the Altar of Incense as being the symbol for Love (in the Inner Court of the Holy Tabernacle).  It is in the Seventh Day of Love that the Morning Star (Venus) is explained to the world as being the woman God-crowned.  Venus is also the name for the goddess of love.  The book of Esther presents the seven synonymous terms in the order of Christianity, but it is circular in its structure, like a clock.  It follows a circular order leading with Principle, then ascending to Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love.  Then it begins to descend from Love to Truth, Life, Spirit, Soul, Mind and finally back to Principle.  In a Vision dream I had many years ago I was given the term “the Star of Esther” which I saw as a jewel, a precious stone.  Thinking about it today, could not this precious Christ stone actually be the woman God-crowned spoken of in Revelations’ fourth Vision (which also follows the tone of Christianity)?

The Morning Star

The Morning Star

Verse 18 cont. – describes the one speaking this time as “the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass” — this sort of describes the angel of Revelation 10 whose face is as the sun and feet are pillars of fire.  This angel descends with “a little book open”.  This angel is much like the girl sitting on the foursquare chair in “SUFFER [PERMIT] THE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME.” in that they both have the book open.  Illustration 7 is the only Illustration where Mary Baker Eddy’s book is an open book.  This is of importance!  Remember in CHRISTMAS MORN that there are two angels – Mary and Martha, or Michael (Truth) and Gabriel (Love).  (This is all unannounced during John Doorly’s mission in the 1940s and 50s.)  It is the Seventh Star-Angel of Love that will nullify the activities depicted in CHRISTMAS EVE.  In CHRISTMAS EVE there is no music (Christ’s music-tone, heaven’s hymn) being played on the piano because the material organized church excommunicated John Doorly and his teachings.  It is the High Priestess of Love that will play the piano.

Verse 18 cont. – “This verse gives the sense that Love chastens.”[28]

Verse 19 – “‘the last’ symbolizes understanding, and ‘the first’ symbolizes faith.  Love fulfils all things.”[29]
            “‘Thy last works are more than the first’ means that the expression and demonstration, or outer working out, of the ideal, is greater in this Thyatira phase of thought, or shows up greater, than the inner ideal itself.”[30]
            If we think of the WORD order of the seven days, we have as the last day – Love and as the first day – Mind.  This gives to us true MOTHER HOOD which stamps out false womanhood and false motherhood (Jezebel).


Verse 20 – “Jezebel symbolizes false womanhood and motherhood.  Mrs. Eddy writes:  ‘Love is priestess at the altar of Truth.  Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters of mortal mind, and form the perfect concept’ (S&H 454:21-13).  The concept which Jezebel formed was Baal, and she fostered the worship of Baal.  (See also S&H 538:30-7, noting marginal heading.”[31]  Martha Jones-Smith has actually met Baal in person.  Well, symbolically anyway!)  Baal happens to mean “Lord.”  So Baal is the counterfeit of our spiritual Lord.  Jezebel is the same type used later on in Revelation with the Babylonian harlot.  “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” (Rev. 17:5)  This makes me think again of Satan’s seat of power being the front of the head (from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary).
            To explain Eve’s conception of Cain, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “This account is given, not of immortal man, but of mortal man, and of sin which is temporal.  As both mortal man and sin have a beginning, they must consequently have an end, while the sinless, real man is eternal.  Eve’s declaration, ‘I have gotten a man from the Lord,’ supposes God to be the author of sin and sin’s progeny.  This false sense of existence is fratricidal [Fratricide refers to someone who kills their own brother or sister.].  In the words of Jesus, it (evil, devil) is ‘a murderer from the beginning.’  Error begins by reckoning life as separate from Spirit, thus sapping the foundations of immortality, as if life and immortality were something which matter can both give and take away.” (S&H 538:26-539:7, the marginal heading reads:  “Erroneous conception”.  [My interpolations.])
            Jezebel is a counterfeit prophetess.  She tries to teach and to seduce Christ’s servants to commit fornication (sexual intercourse), and to eat things sacrificed unto idols (false gods of personal sense).  I think that Jezebel and the Babylonian harlot are today’s Mother Churches (Roman and Christian Science).  Remember, the true Christian Scientist (as dictated in Revelation 10) is to eat the little book open.  It has to be open, not closed, when mentally digested.

Verse 21 – Jezebel (a SMother Church) refuses to repent (change her thinking).  “One must store only true, spiritual thoughts and desires, and put away sense thoughts.”[32]  Mary Baker Eddy writes, “No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific proof that God, good, is supreme.  Though clouds are round about Him, the divine justice and judgment are enthroned.  Love is especially near in times of hate, and never so near as when one can be just amid lawlessness, and render good for evil.
            “I thunder His law to the sinner, and sharply lighten on the cloud of the intoxicated senses.  I cannot help loathing the phenomena of drunkenness produced by animality.  I rebuke it wherever I see it.  The vision of the Revelator is before me.  The wines of fornication, envy, and hatred are the distilled spirits of evil, and are the signs of these times; but I am not dismayed, and my peace returns unto me. (Mis 277:32-278:4)

Verse 23 – “‘I will kill her children’—destroy the fruit of false motherhood.”[33]  “‘Her children’ are the errors, sicknesses, pains, and the thousand and one inharmonies and discords that come about because of our zealous desire to do things apart from wisdom (rushing headlong).  Thus we eat the very [matter] substance of our [material] body, and weaknesses result.  We must see that all our zeal is spiritual and is used wisely, to build up the spiritual nature only.  In this way we can overcome and put away sense thoughts, desires, and activities.”[34]

Verse 23 cont. – “I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts:  and I will give unto every one of you according to your works” — “Divine Love, as unconscious as incapable of error, pursues the evil that hideth itself, strips off its disguises, and — behold the result:  evil, uncovered, is self-destroyed” (Mis 209:32-210:3).

Verse 24 – “Nothing knows ‘the depths of Satan,’ nothing drags evil out of its hole and annihilates it, like Love.”[35]

Verse 25 – Hold fast to that which you already have until Christ comes.

Verse 26 – “power over the nations”—that gives a sense of the universality [Christianity] of Love.  (See also S&H 565:13-18.)”[36]  These “nations” are the twelve (sometimes thirteen) nations of Israel.  This is the wheel, the Hebrew cult.

Verse 27 – “‘rod of iron—Christ, Truth.”[37]  Yet, Mary Baker Eddy describes the rod of iron, given to the manchild in Revelation 12, as “divine Science” (see S&H 565:17-18).  Christ’s ruling rod is divine Science.  Doorly says, “Love includes Truth, and that ‘rod of iron’ is a measuring rod which cannot be changed.  It is Christ, Truth, the calculus of divine ideas.”

Verse 28 – “And I will give him [he that overcomes sex] the morning star.”  [My interpolation.]  “‘The morning star’ is the ideal that is given to us [generic man], the Christ ideal, and we must attain it, make it ours.”[38]
            “The ‘morning star,’ or divine Science, is the keynote of Mrs. Eddy’s poem Christ and Christmas.  Mrs. Eddy writes:  ‘The star of Bethlehem is the light of all ages; is the light of Love, to-day christening religion undefiled, divine Science’ (Mis. 320:27-29).”[39]  This being said is not the Star-Angel of divine Science, which is also a Star-Flower (see picture below), the Christ manchild (depicted as a girl) who holds the rod of divine Science (the open book)?

Bay Window

            The two window panels, on both sides of Mary Baker Eddy in Mother’s Room of the Boston Edifice, represent Life (STAR OF BETHLEHEM) and Love (“SUFFER THE CHILDREN…”).  All three windows are backwards when viewed outside Mother’s Room (Mary Baker Eddy’s conscious thought).  It is important that all three windows have the Star of Bethlehem depicted in them.  The Stars in the three window panels of Mother’s Room are actually Star-Flowers and these three Star-Flowers represent the Morning Star (Venus).  They are exactly like the seven Star-Flowers seen in The Big Dipper Keystone from Window of the Open Book.
            Christ and Christmas ends with the following Verse from Revelation:  “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations [of Israel]:
            “And I will give him the MORNING STAR — Christ Jesus.”  (Christ and Christmas; [My interpolation.])

A Summary of the Seven Messages

The Big Dipper Keystone
            “Now that we have considered these seven messages, we can appreciate the fact that they are really one perfect message, unfolded in the Christ sequence [as well as, the Word sequence].  That message is sevenfold, and its object throughout is twofold—to give a blessing and to uncover error.  It gives both a blessing and uncovers error because Christ is not only the divine ideal, but also the ‘divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error’ (S&H 583:10-11).”[40]

1 – Ephesus (the First Branch-Church Candlestick or the tone of Principle) – The blessing emphasizes the works; understanding without demonstration is dead.  The uncovering that the Star-Angel of Mind (Enoch) points out (sheds light upon) is that the church’s error was to leave Science (their “first love”) where there was no demonstration (fruitage).
            Where is this Branch-Church headed without the Light of divine Science, their lone, brave Star-Angel, their Star of Boston?  Without the recognition and acceptance of their Forever Leader as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, they are shrouded in darkness.

2 – Smyrna (the Second Branch-Church Candlestick for the tone of Life) – The blessing is the sense of true riches, the multiplication and exaltation of Life, those who gain these riches are not harmed by “the second death” which leads to the true nature of God as Life and we gain joy – CHRIST HEALING (our wholeness).  The uncovering that the Star-Angel of Spirit (Noah) points out is that the church error is the breaking of God’s Law (blasphemy) and hypocrisy.  (Later on these false traits, which spring up from Nimrod and his Queen Semiramis, relates to the red dragon’s two beasts.)

3 – Pergamos (the Third Branch-Church Candlestick for the tone of Truth) – The blessing is the hidden manna (Truth) and the white stone with a new spiritual identity (Soul).  The uncovering that the Star-Angel of Soul (Moses) points out is that Truth is a standard that uncovers the errors of material medica and false theology, for both false systems of mortal physical science teach men that life is material.  Ancient Egypt had many books on medicine and medical procedures.  Moses actually patterned the Holy Tabernacle Tent of Meeting after the Egyptian Temples.  But he translated the idol-gods by replacing them with the Ark of the Covenant and placing it in the Most Holy of Holies.  SEEKING AND FINDING God’s Christ Truth (hidden manna) reveals the powerlessness of material medica and false theology.

4 – Thyatira (the Fourth Branch-Church Candlestick for the tone of Love) – The blessing is “power over the nations.”  They are to be ruled with a “rod of iron” that is “divine Science.”  The uncovering that the Star-Angel of Principle (Queen Esther) points out is the danger of false womanhood (illustrated in CHRISTMAS EVE) and motherhood (Jezebel).  The woman God-crowned (clothed with the sun, Spirit,) is true womanhood and true Mother Hood.
            The trunk of the Christmas tree is not a “rod of iron” and the missing Star-Angel that is missing in CHRISTMAS EVE is Queen Esther, our Morning Star.

5 – Sardis (the Fifth Branch-Church Candlestick for the tone of Soul) – The blessing is to know our divine identity or true name.  The uncovering that the Star-Angel of Life (Christ Jesus) points out is “the error of not watching.  Watching is essential in order that Soul may burn the tares and gather the wheat into the barn.”[41]
            The two angels, our two Sentinel Women for the Sentinel, are perfect examples of the watching attitude that every Christian Scientist must have.  Jesus loved Mary and Martha, the two sisters of Bethany, and lifted up their dead sense of brotherhood.  This prepared THE WAY for the Sixth Branch-Church Candlestick.

6 – Philadelphia (the Sixth Branch-Church Candlestick for the tone of Spirit) – The blessing is that there is no error to point out.  This blessing will keep this church from the hour of temptation and no man can take away the God-crown consciousness.  The reason why there is no error is because the Star-Angel of Truth (Mary Baker Eddy) has given Philadelphia the “key of David.”  “There is no condemnation.  Spirit sets before us ‘an open door’ – the Stargate Matrix – and shows us the ‘city of my God;’ Spirit always demonstrates divine order.”
            One thing that needs to be mentioned is that Philadelphia, after its Leader is no longer physically around to guide it, falls into the trap of material organized religion and becomes Laodicea.

7 – Laodicea (the Seventh Branch-Church Candlestick for the tone of Mind, which means that this is The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts) – The blessing is that Mind is enthroned, for Mind is All, and it clothes all ideas in the Christ Mind (the hood).  The uncovering that the Star-Angel of Love (Dinah or Martha Jones-Smith, generic man) points out the church’s lukewarmness.
            What is this Seventh Branch-Church’s real problem?  Verse 17 basically says, “You say that you are rich in matter (increased with goods), and do not need anything else but matter.  And yet you fail to understand that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked (without God).”  Laodicea is basically the church mentality illustrated in CHRISTMAS EVE and TRUTH versus ERROR.
            There is another thing I really like that Hoyt has on page 39 of her book, a quick diagram of the seven churches negative problems, the pyramid shape goes downward instead of upward, forming a type of valley, this type of negativity leads man into the shadow of the valley of death.

Revelation A churchesAscending and Descending in the Realm of Science
            “After the seven messages, John develops his theme with seven visions…”[42] which follow the Christ sequence.  First John “showed that the basis of everything is the four orders of the infinite One, and he went on to indicate the development of thought through the days of creation to the ‘numerals of infinity’ and so to an understanding of the synonymous terms for God, and thus to a subjective sense of the numerals.”[43]  In our own experience, the divine orders of the seven synonyms begin to unfold, and we grasp hold of how “these terms combine infinitely in a calculus of the ‘incorporeal [the Word], divine [the Christ], supreme [Christianity], infinite [Science].’”[44]  At this point “we touch the hem of absolute Christian Science, and so we enter that state of consciousness where we are concerned solely with the demonstration of absolute spiritual values, and where the four divine orders of the synonymous terms become four cardinal points, which guide thought.  The first of these is the Word of Life, Truth, and Love, which illustrates this essential nature of being from the standpoint of the divine fatherhood, or Life; the second is the Christ as Truth, Life, and Love, the essential nature of God from the standpoint of divine sonship, or Truth; the third is Christianity as Life and Love, which presents the fatherhood and motherhood of God and the male and female of God’s creating, generic man; and the fourth is Christian Science (remember that this is all in absolute Christian Science) as Truth and Love, the Son of God forever embosomed in the womanhood and motherhood of Love.  Remember that this motherhood includes both father hood and sonship, and in fact the definition of ‘Mother’ is the highest in Mrs. Eddy’s Glossary.  She defines the word as ‘God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love’ (S&H 592:16-17).
            “As through those four cardinal points [of the divine infinite calculus, for “the city of our God”] we combine Life, Truth, and Love in the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science, we rise to the ‘city foursquare,’ which is the highest symbol of all, depicting the allness and oneness of God.  The four cardinal points [belonging to Christian Science with the “city of our God”] then become the four equal sides of the city [foursquare].  At the north, the Word of God appears as one Life; at the east, Christ appears as one Truth; at the south, Christianity appears as one divine Love; and at the west, divine Science appears as one divine Principle, Love.  And so we arrive at the point where all we are conscious of is the oneness and infinitude of the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science.  We see that Being is one.  At that point we look out from God, we begin truly to reflect God; we have risen to an understanding of the infinite One, and we can begin to interpret the infinite One.
            “So first we begin to use the values of Life, Truth, and Love as the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  So, from the ‘city foursquare,’ we go through those [twelve Star]gates which are always open, and which lead us into the ‘city of our God,’ the city of absolute Christian Science, where once again we combine absolute spiritual values, so that we have the four cardinal points.  Then, as we think in terms of those four cardinal points, we begin to use and demonstrate them in the realm of Christian Science.  And so once more we work with the four divine orders, — Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love; divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, and Mind; Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love; Life and Soul, Truth and Spirit, Love and Mind, and Principle.  Then we begin to use the numerals of thought as they combine in those four orders, and then as we apply those numerals more and more to materiality and to mortal thought, they become the days of creation operating in human experience at the point of understanding to analyze, uncover, and annihilate error.
            “What John shows us in Revelation, systematically and scientifically, in the most perfect order, is the way up to the ‘city foursquare,’ and then the way to use that vision of the infinite One subjectively, how to apply it to the human problem, so that Christ may be not only the divine ideal which will lead us into the ‘city foursquare,’ but also the ‘divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.’  So John brings us to the point of ‘practical, operative Christian Science’ (Mis. 207:5-6), which is both objectively subjective and subjectively objective.  And how we all need to come to that point!”[45]
            What is Revelation trying to tell us?  Well, the seven Churches (really the One Church) represent Christianity as a whole, yet the seven stars of the seven candlesticks (churches) represent the idea of the Christ Prophets, the Christ-Link during the Seven Days of Genesis 1-2:3 with Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.  So, you have Christianity (Mind and Love) bound (not free) because they have many things against them.  Then you have the seven Christ Star-Angels that must be free (understood).  In VISION I you free the book that is bound with seven seals.  These seven seals bind up the Word of God (which must be free).  These seven seals are broken by the Christ Lamb, the spiritual idea.
            Vision 1 (Mind) with the throne of God, the sealed book and the Lamb of God begins with chapter 4 and goes up to chapter 5:10.  But first, let me present to you the seven candlesticks.  What you see is based upon page 40 of STUDIES IN THE APOCALYPSE OF JOHN OF PATMOS, which is based on the lecture series by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt.  The following is a Key Sheet to all seven Visions.  (Note:  On the bottom of this diagram are the same words as found in the last two footnotes.)

            Summary of the Theme and Subject of all the Visions – the steps by which man finds and establishes the “Fullness of the Christ” – “The New Jerusalem” in his experience.

The Body of the Revelation – Chapters 4-22:5

The main part of the Apocalypse comprises seven visions.
Each vision is in seven parts.
The Subject in each case is the factual information given in each vision.
The Theme is the result of the translation of the seven parts of each vision.
(P) is a protecting introduction which, John gives in connection with Visions II, III, V, and VI.

Revelation Bab

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