Submission Is Not LOVE

by MJSmith

There were a lot of celebrities at this year’s Democratic Convention.  They sang a song from the 1960’s and after thinking about it I no longer like its message.  The words go, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.  It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.  What the world needs now is love, sweet love, no not just for some, but for everyone.  Lord, we don’t need another mountain….”  After this I sort of forget the worthless words.

What this song should really be saying is, “What the world has now is Love, sweet Love.  It’s the only thing that the world has an abundance of.  What the world has now is Love, sweet Love, no not just for some, but for everyone.  Lord, our Love is higher than all mountains…”  Well, you get the idea!  But do the Democrats?  Do they comprehend that the reason why they believe they need love (material love is never true love either) is because they believe in lack.  They believe that people lack money, medicine, medical insurance coverage, food, this or that.  They believe that the government can meet all the people’s needs where these lacks seem to exist.  Yet, God as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love meets all needs – with God there is no lack.  God, Principle, is our provider, not material governments (whether these governments follow the methods of capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, or any other ism out there).

Perhaps those singing the song do not really comprehend what Love (or even love) is?  How can you Love, or love, if you believe there is social injustice?  Does not the belief that there is social injustice go against what the United States of America’s Constitution tells us is the Truth, that all men are (Principle’s ideal is) created (by God, Mind, the only creator there is) equal (balanced = masculine and feminine as “two individual natures in one” S&H 577:6-7)?  If our world would begin to understand these words as I have explained them to you then there would be no belief that there is a war against women or that there is racial bigotry.  And let me get this straight, it is not up to the collective to change its thinking, it is up to the individual to repent (change his thinking).  No one can or should try to control anyone but their own self.

Where does the belief that submission is love come from?  It comes from the material creation story (the second creation story) found in the book of Genesis (in the BIBLE).  The woman, that the second creation story tells us about, is supposed to be created from Adam’s rib.  This simply means that the woman is the man’s (Adam’s) divine nature (Arch of the Covenant).  Adam is placed in a deep sleep (a hypnotic trance) and he never wakes up!  This means that it is only in his belief that the woman (his divinity) is now outside of himself (separated from him).  It is only belief that tells him he has lost Love, and in order to reunite with his divine nature (womanhood) he must engage in corporeal sexual intercourse (misnamed love).

It is only a hypnotic suggestion that his divine spiritual nature must now submit to his masculine material superiority!  Is this not what Islamism is really all about?  It is a belief that man’s divine spiritual nature is weak and offensive, and this divine spiritual nature must bow down to mortal minded man.

It is only hypnotic suggestion that it is Adam’s divine nature that forced him into eating a forbidden fruit (physical knowledge that good – pleasure in matter – and evil – pain in matter – are reality).  It is only hypnotic suggestion that makes him believe that he is naked (clothed in matter-flesh).  And it is male ego that looks to blame God and womanhood for all his physical problems that he believes are outside himself (in the objective material world).  It is because of the blame-game that Adam plays (Adam is also the serpent, in Revelation he is referred to as the red dragon) that he is cursed (spiritual man can never be cursed, so Adam is not the same man created in the first chapter of Genesis).  Adam is excommunicated from what he thinks is paradise (heaven).  But the Garden of Eden never was heaven, just like the Islamic terrorists never get to heaven (spiritual harmony) by committing acts of murder via Sharia law.

Mr. Khizr Khan, who has been in the media as of late, spoke the truth when he proclaims that there is no such thing as Sharia law.  How is he telling the truth?  Well, he is correct in his statement in the following way, Sharia law is not real Law, it is not God’s Law (or even Allah’s Law) because it is not based upon Principle.  Sharia law is material law, therefore, it is impotent.  Any law that has to do with the murder of innocent people, because they are called “infidels” by Islam, is not Principle (God’s Law).  By the way, I have heard that Islam means “submission”.  God’s Law is founded upon Love.  When Sharia law kills homosexuals, Christians, people of other faiths, even Muslims who disagree with Islamic terrorist ways, and kill women or make them slaves and rape them, well this type of law is based upon hate – thus it has nothing to do with God, or even Allah.  Those who strap bombs on to their bodies to commit suicide while taking out (murdering) innocent people think they are going straight to heaven.  Boy, are they surprised after they blow themselves up!  Because they will see that they did not kill anyone at all, not even themselves.  They fail to understand that death is an illusion, just as Christ Jesus proved it to be illusion.  Neither are they going to get those virgins they were promised!  Because there is no marriage or sex in heaven!

The goal of ISIS (or ISIL or DAHS) is to kill Christians and anyone else in the world who will not “submit” to Islamic beliefs.  Remember that Adam’s wife is supposed to submit to him?  Well, the allegory of Adam is the opposite of God’s true creation written in Genesis 1-2:3.  In the first creation story, the spiritual creation story, female is last on the list of creation – this means that womanhood is the HIGHEST IDEA!  Womanhood does not submit to manhood.  Even though a lot of Christian religions teach the lie that the wife must submit to her husband.  It is okay for the wife to submit, if and only if, that husband is the Christ Mind (not Adam mind).

Recently Mr. Khizr Khan has said that Allah is making Mr. Donald Trump make mistakes.  If this is so, then Mr. Khizr Khan’s Allah is no God.  Why do I say this?  Because God, the one true God, is incapable of committing such mental malpractice against His-Her image and likeness (man).  To cause someone to make mistakes is not the way of God, who is perfect and sees and knows only perfection in His-Her creation.  Divine Mind (God) knows only Truth about His-Her creation.  If Mr. Donald Trump is making mistakes it is because Mr. Donald Trump is depending upon Adam’s material organism of a brain to make his decisions with.  If Mr. Donald Trump is making mistakes it is because Mr. Donald Trump is depending upon material persona (mortal ego) to guide him.  The mistakes that Mr. Khizr Khan sees Mr. Donald Trump making have nothing to do with God!  And if Mr. Khizr Khan is seeing Mr. Donald Trump make mistakes then Mr. Khizr Khan is seeing with Adam mind and not divine Mind, the Christ Mind.