by MJSmith

            A Christian Scientist and I had been speaking about the Presidential candidates and I told her I liked B. Sanders but I did not like socialism because it leads to communism.  I think I also gave her the equation of socialism = communism.  She wrote back to tell me that socialism was not communism.  It seemed as if she felt that socialism was not a bad thing, that it was a good thing, and that it had merits, as she listed past Presidents who used socialistic programs.  (Just because a President uses something does not make it good or even a necessity.)  I did not plan on writing all that I did back to her, but after I received something in the mail on that very same day discussing the same topic, which was written in 1945, I felt that I had to share parts of it with her.  (What I told her was wrong but it was also right.  To find out how this is can be – read the next paragraph.)

            Since writing the above paragraph and what is below (which I have now updated and see my P.S. at the end) I have learned that Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary was wrong, thus, I too was wrong in stating that socialism leads to communism.  And that equation I wrote is completely correct, socialism does equal communism!!!  They are one and the same thing, set up and run by the big banker families, the Insiders.  These Insiders have infiltrated our government, been those President’s closest confidants, waged and financed all our wars (while at the same time financed our enemies).  Are you ready for this?  They have not done all of this in order to bring about peace on earth (like they claim), they have done it in order to be dictators over the world.  You guessed it, they are the one world order guys.  And one of these guys (Perhaps there have been more since him?) was editor of The Christian Science Monitor.


            Capitalism, socialism and communism, even atheism, all end with “ism.”  Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary says of “ism” that it is “a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory.”[1]  One example of this would be “doctrine: theory: cult (Buddhism)”.[2]  Of course, many Christians think that Christian Science is a cult, even though it is not an “ism”.  I accept this idea of Christian Science being a cult in one way only – that Christian Science is based upon the wheel – Ezekiel’s Wheel of the infinite divine calculus, the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.  On the material realm of thought perhaps capitalism, socialism, or communism are not all that good or that bad (only thinking makes it so?).  Yet, it seems as if the first colony of the United States of America failed when it was set up (at first) to operate with a communal system (basically, communism).  It failed because certain people were lazy and willing to let others do all the work.  Yet they would eat the food that the others had planted (the Word), watered (the Christ), weeded (Christianity), and harvested (Science).  And because of this there was a shortage of food, so the new rule was made that they all had to work (they all had to utilize the divine infinite calculus).  If they did not work they did not get any food.  After this everything took off and became successful.  Yet, this willingness for everyone to do their part in the work was not yet called “capitalism”.
            What I got in the mail was the 1945 Address of Mildred L. LeBlond, C.S.B. San Francisco, California (iii).  In the following quotes my interpolations are in brackets.  I begin on page 3:
            “It is from the standpoint that ‘Spirit diversifies, classifies, and individualizes all thoughts, which are as eternal as the Mind conceiving them,’[3] that I wish the various subjects of this year’s Association Address to you.
            “We are not human beings living in a material world endeavoring to know God, but infinite and divine consciousness including the world.  We already are what the world seems to be attaining.
            “To illustrate the importance of interpreting all things from the standpoint of Mind, God, I am going to give the definitions of some everyday subjects and topics of conversation from the standpoint of Principle, Mind, God.  As I do this, mentally contrast them with some of the statements you have no doubt heard expressed by those considered to be experts in their field, but whose reasoning is based on finite mortal mind.  [This would include today’s politicians and the Insiders (a.k.a., Progressives).]
            Capitalism is defined in Science as Mind, the only head or capital, and every man is a capitalist because God is his Mind.  [Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines ‘ist’ as “one that”.  Could it then be said that Christian Scientists have the “ist” in their names because we are the ones that demonstrate capitalism – the one Mind?  And I can make a joke out of it by saying that the Christian Scientist understands the one that is God because Mary Baker Eddy capitalized the seven synonymous terms for God!  Perhaps this is the true meaning behind the word capitalism?  Perhaps this is capitalism’s spiritual interpretation?
            Of course, there is also the communist and socialist – the “ones that” want one world order.  They want the opposite of God, thus they are anti-Christ.]
            Labor is the activity of that intelligence, so every man is a laborer.
            The Fourth Dimension is that mental capacity which sees through the three dimensional belief, for there is no outside to infinity.  Mind conscious of itself knows only itself without limitation of time or space.  Every healing is that of a three dimensional belief.
            Government is defined by Science as the law of God.  ‘In the spiritual Genesis of creation [Genesis 1-2:3] all law was vested in the lawgiver, who was a law to Himself.  In divine Science, God is One and All; and, governing Himself, He governs the universe.’[4]
            Peace is defined as ‘the promise and reward of rightness.’[5]  It is Principle, Oneness.
            “So long as Christian Scientists allow the worldly wise to define and interpret things for them, darkness prevails for the world.  For as it says in Genesis,
            “‘And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.’[6]  ‘Divine Science, the Word of God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, “God is All-in-all,” and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe.’[7]

            I now skip over to page 12 on the topic of animal magnetism.  “This country [U.S.A.] is the one in which animal magnetism [the red dragon (dragging on) of ecclesiastical despotism] was uncovered [unmasked] as nothing.  [Personal sense is the face (the mask) that animal magnetism hides behind.]
            “There is great significance in the historical fact that Mrs. Eddy was unable to have Science and Health printed until she put in the chapter ‘Animal Magnetism Unmasked.’  We are told she was adverse to doing this.  Mrs. Eddy[8] had given her book without this chapter to the printer.  She had even given the money for the printing, but still, he did not proceed.[9]
            “Finally, Mrs. Eddy decided to include the chapter and set out to visit the printer with it to inform him thus.  At the junction where she was to change trains she met the printer, who had started on his way to tell her that he was ready to go ahead with the work.
            “As Christian Scientists we accept the inspirational nature of Mrs. Eddy’s work and that it was revelation.[10]  This experience of Mrs. Eddy’s is no casual happening.  It is to be regarded as a given direction in our work, as well as it was for hers.  We must understand what animal magnetism [anti-Christ] claims to be.
            “The term animal magnetism is the name for the belief in the sum total of evil.  The term implies that a mental state is produced by animal magnetism.  Inasmuch as God is the only Mind and reflects all that exists, animal magnetism is not Mind, person, place nor thing.  Understanding this is important in the demonstration of the Science of existence – seeing that evil is not Mind, person, place or thing, but a belief in an animal mentality operating as persons [personal sense], place or thing.
            “This supposed operation of evil presented to the thought of an individual as erroneous person, place or thing must be understood as hypnotic belief and not fact.  If one believes what seems to be present is evil, he becomes part of the dream or unreality, and therefore, he cannot heal it.
            “Experiences teach that any belief in evil yields more quickly and effectively when understood as animal magnetism than it does when simply designated as evil or error.
            “It is important, then, to see at this time, that which seems to be operating within our Movement – the necessary disciplining of two teachers – is to be handled in this way, as animal magnetism.”  While this is true, must we not know who is being handled by animal magnetism?  Is it the Board of Directors or is it the teachers?  The answer must be, whoever sides with the red dragon of ecclesiastical despotism.
            “During the 1920’s two young American Christian Scientists had been chosen to be Rhodes scholars.  They were Erwin D. Canham, who would later become editor of The Christian Science Monitor, and Clayton Bion Craig, who would later be on the Board of Directors of The Mother Church [10/6/48 – 4/30/72].  It is known that Erwin Canham was included in some of the activities at Cliveden [the estate of Lord and Lady Astor; Lady Astor gave Philip Kerr a copy of SCIENCE AND HEALTH, Kerr was editor of The Round Table.  The Round Table (which by 1915 existed in seven countries – America’s group would be named the Council on Foreign Relations – a front for J. P. Morgan and Company) and Cecil Rhodes (of the scholars, lived 1853-1902) were Insiders.]  He and Clayton Bion Craig were to become lifelong friends.” (CHRISTIAN SCIENCE After 1910, by Andrew W. Hartsook, p. 60; [My interpolations.])
            So as you can see, the Insiders were infiltrating Christian Science as early as the 1920’s.  And three years after this Address was given one of them was a Board member!  WARNING!!!  Bill Clinton is a Rhodes scholar!!!  And you think that his wife is not in on it?  Think again, think about all of those socialistic programs she is so much in love with.  What are communists best known for?  Their ability to lie, that’s why they make such great politicians.].
            I believe LeBlond is speaking of the teachers Margaret Laird and John W. Doorly.  As she puts it, Doorly was being “disciplined” because he was teaching the actual system of Science laid out in the Christian Science Textbook.  The Board of Directors would excommunicate him in 1946 and his teachings would become taboo to the Field (the congregation) and his books would be classified as “unauthorized literature” by the Church.  I now wonder if Doorly’s excommunication was not somehow rooted to the Insiders?
            Margaret Laird, of Evanstan, Illinois, was being “disciplined” as “she had been heard speaking disparagingly of the Bible.”[11]  She replied on January 16th to the Board of Directors:  “It seems incredible that an earnest student of Christian Science for more than forty years, a person of exemplary character, a listed practitioner for twenty-five years with many accredited healings, a teacher of Christian Science who teaches what she has been taught and knows that teaching since she had it twice, a deep student of our Leader’s writings as anyone who knows me well can attest, should be constantly put on the defensive because of unconfirmed gossip.”[12]
            “On June 6th, more charges were enumerated and she was told that she should cancel her class for that year.  She protested saying that thirty people had enrolled and all of their plans would be disrupted.  On June 8th, she was ordered to cancel the class, and on August 22nd she was formally suspended as a teacher.”[13]
            Also in that year, Arthur Corey resigned from The Mother Church and a local Branch so that he could “devote himself to writing and to the practice.”[14]  His book that he published that September was titled Christian Science Class Instruction.  It was after this that a New York publisher backed out on their agreement of distribution of the book because he “feared backlash from The Mother Church.”[15]  Yet a place in California did publish his book.  “Arthur Corey’s book was especially objectionable in Boston and in the Christian Science field because it put in print for the first time the full course of class instruction in Christian Science.
            “For years this had been considered a very confidential and secret teaching which should be available only to church members.  A book would make it available to anyone.  The Mother Church went into action along with the Committees on Publication in every state.  Some teachers, practitioners, and other members wrote letters and made telephone calls to discourage newspapers, magazines, and bookstores from advertising, reviewing or handling the book.  One person even called a local hotel where Mr. Corey had once stayed and threatened a boycott.  Threats of legal action were made by letter and telephone, but nothing ever came of them.  Even people like Margaret Laird, who had her own problems with Boston, wrote to Arthur Corey admonishing him for his unauthorized action.
            “Mr. Corey was not affected by the reaction and proceeded to release the book.  In the foreword he wrote:  ‘Consternation will greet the publication of this book in many quarters, for Christian Science Class Instruction has come to be one of the most closely guarded secrets of this age.  In fact it has become so sacrosanct that whenever a pupil discloses even a part of what has been said in his Class, he is branded with the scarlet letter of “disloyalty” and the flames of religious intolerance are fanned against him…The First Teacher of Christian Science [Mary Baker Eddy] never pledged her pupils to secrecy.  Nor is that all.  She often took into her classes people who had never heard of her doctrine previous to her invitation to join one of her study groups…In her famous Class of 1898, she included two newspaper representatives – Allan H. Robinson and George H. Moses – to give the public an unbiased account of the event.’[16]  Mr. Corey included a list of some twenty-eight teachers from whose classes he had acquired notes for the preparation of his book.  Because he had resigned from the church organization, he was beyond the Directors’ control.  Despite the most exhaustive efforts of the Board to suppress it, the book went forward.  By 1952 it had gone through fourteen editions.  In addition Corey began conducting classes all over the country.”[17]  These accounts speak of the actions The Mother Church (Board of Directors) and Field took at this time, which is the action of the red dragon (dragging on) of ecclesiastical despotism (animal magnetism) and the attempt of this material organization to impede the woman’s remnant seed’s spiritual progress!

            To continue with LeBlond:  “This condition, and any other which brings discredit to the Christian Science Movement, must be so treated and understood by the Christian Scientist as his individual work or responsibility.  By doing our work scientifically, these things will cease.”  These are her words, but I disagree with her, for it was the “Christian Science Movement” that needs to be treated by doing our work scientifically.  If we do, then the Church Manual, with its estoppel clauses, will finally be obeyed!  Another reason why I disagree with her is because Doorly and his students presented, to the Field of Christian Science, the explanation of the system of Science laid out in our Textbook.  To me this was not animal magnetism, but rather it was spiritual progress in further understanding Revelation or revelation.  (I prefer Revelation because it is about God’s Science being revealed.)  To me if there was any animal magnetism involved it was on the side of the Board of Directors because they wanted to limit (and continue to limit) the spiritual progress of the Field.  Ever since 1910, they want all control over Christian Science just like Insiders want all control over the globe.  World affairs reflect Church affairs.  Can there be any wonder why Christian Science is so unknown to most of the world today?  An American soldier once heard a Russian conversation where they said that they had to destroy Christian Science.  They did not say they had to destroy America, it was Christian Science that was the enemy.  We must ask ourselves, “Why?”  The answer is – because Christian Science is the one true Science and it is what destroys socialism/communism/anti-Christ activity.  And what better way to destroy it than to infiltrate it with Insiders?  In part what do these Insiders do?  They lie about Mary Baker Eddy and her place in Bible prophecy!

            Genesis 3:15:  “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman [who eventually is Mary Baker Eddy], and between thy seed [ecclesiastical despotic thoughts] and her seed [the woman’s remnant seed = Christian Scientists]; it shall bruise thy head [disable mortal mind, crush mortal minded thoughts], and thou shalt bruise his heel [impede the spiritual idea’s spiritual progress].”  [My interpolations.]  (Below is the third illustration of Christ and Christmas “Seeking and Finding”.  By the way, both words “seeking” and “finding” have to do with revelation or revealing (uncovering), what is revealed or uncovered?  The Truth of Science is revealed and uncovered, simultaneously, when this is done the red dragon serpent is unmasked.)

First Edition

First Edition

            Revelation 12:15-17 – “And the serpent [red dragon] cast out of his mouth water as a flood [propaganda speech] after the woman [Mary Baker Eddy], that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood [cause her to die].  And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth [the earth-angel spoke the Truth about Mary Baker Eddy], and swallowed up the flood [of the red dragon’s propaganda which has been spoken about the woman that is Mary Baker Eddy, the woman who is God-crowned] which the dragon cast out of his mouth [which the dragon spoke falsely about the woman, for it is lies of propaganda about her and Christian Science].  And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed [impede their spiritual progression through excommunication, making their spiritual teachings taboo, and flooding the Field with false propaganda about the remnant seed], which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”  [My interpolations.]

            “‘The maximum of good is the infinite God and His idea, the All-in-all.  Evil is a suppositional lie.’[18]  The maximum of good understood as Mind-idea is requisite to heal the belief in animal magnetism.  Where?  As consciousness, your consciousness, the maximum of good, Mind-idea, one indivisible Being.  This conscious all-inclusive, infinite goodness knows nothing unlike itself.  In this way, and this way only, is The Christian Science Movement[19] and all its activities are held intact.” (LeBlond Association)

            On page 14 is a section called BEING IS INDIVIDUAL (Preamble).  “This year, I should again like to emphasize the importance of realizing individual, indivisible God-Being.  God does not exist anywhere but as your consciousness.  God is expressed as man, or as Mrs. Eddy states it, ‘Man is the expression of God’s Being.’[20]  Therefore, all that God is is right where you are.
            “There are many references in our textbook and other writings of Mrs. Eddy’s stating that God governs the universe.  How does God govern the universe:  Just as God does not exist anywhere but as consciousness, so the universe does not exist anywhere but as consciousness.  What you know of the universe is the only universe you have.  You include it, you have dominion over it, you govern it.
            “The God-government of the universe, therefore, is not afar off, but right where you are.  It is individual demonstration.”
            There is more to this but I would like to move on to page 18 where she speaks of the individual and writes, “It is apparent today on all sides that the governments of nations are showing themselves according to their basic ideologies, either for or against the freedom of the individual.  [Is this because this was taking place in the Christian Science Church at that time too?  Was not what was going on with Doorly and his students, what they did to Bliss Knapp over his book Destiny of The Mother Church, were these not fights over “the freedom of the individual” Christian Scientist?  Yes, yes these events were just that!  And because the individual was excommunicated the world swallowed the red dragon’s flood of false types of governments known as monarchy, imperialism, socialism, fascism and communism.]
            “Monarchy, imperialism, socialism, fascism or communism [all of which are sponsored by the Insiders] are all anti-Christ.  If anyone is startled at this statement, let him ask himself, are any of these forms of government based on the understanding of the Christ, the divine Mind, which reveals man as ‘the full representation of Mind?’[21]  Do they ask for ‘fuller acknowledgment of the rights of man as the Son of God?[22]  The answer is NO, because in all of these beliefs of government the state is recognized as greater than the individual.  They do not recognize ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ as the divine and inalienable right of the individual [even though they pretend to].”  I could say that socialism believes that some men lack this and that and so they need this and that in order to help them, socialism does not ask for a full acknowledgement of the rights of man as the Son of God (they only say they have rights as mortal men or mortal women).  But in giving certain men or women these rights they are robbing from Paul – the middle class – to pay Peter (the poor class, immigrants – whether legal or illegal).  The other day I heard a woman make a statement about the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee.  She said that the Republicans had a nominee for fatherhood (the right side?) and that the Democrats had a nominee for motherhood (the left side?).  Yet, her statement was speaking in material terms only – false fatherhood and false motherhood.  There is no union between the two parties because they see everything in material terms instead of as spiritual oneness.  They have separated the two triangles (the feminine cup and the masculine blade) of the Star of David.  And the woman Presidential nominee lies about the red six-pointed star being the Star of David.  It was red because it symbolized the Republican party, and she knows this (or maybe she just does not recall it?).  By the way, the Rothschild family, who are Jewish, are Insiders.

Star of David
            “They are, therefore, anti-Christ because they are anti-individual.[23]  In fact, these fallacious forms of government are not government at all, but are the disguises in which the anti-Christ would attempt to operate.  [The red dragon has worked overtime at separating Mary Baker Eddy, the Revelator, from the Revelation that is Christian Science.]
            “Christian Scientists today are the ones by whom the true meaning of Constitutional government shall be revealed, protected, and expanded.  [Are we doing our jobs?]  Christian Scientists cannot tolerate monarchy, imperialism, socialism, fascism, communism or collectivism [this is one that Hillary Clinton practices] because they are contrary to their teachings.  The Christian Scientist today must heal the world’s belief in these myriad forms of government which make the individual subservient to the state.”  But Christian Scientists have not done this, and this is made clear when a communist became head editor of The Christian Science Monitor and when this newspaper promotes material one world government (collectivism).  When Hillary Clinton has everyone saying that they are with her – this is collectivism.  When Donald Trump says that he is going to work for us – this is individualism.  “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country.” (President J. Kennedy (also an Insider), in certain ways a real Democrat and in other ways not so much.  He was probably assassinated because he finally decided, at a certain point, that he would not do the Insider’s bidding.)  LeBlond tells us:  “We must do this [do for your country – heal world belief in the myriad forms of government which make the individual subservient to the state] so that Mrs. Eddy’s statement shall be realized,
            “‘The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples – imperatively, absolutely, finally – with divine Science.’[24]
            “Just as Mrs. Eddy built scientific Christianity on the basis of the teachings and works of Jesus and his disciples, so must we maintain and sustain this full revelation of divine Science by keeping for the world for all time the understanding of scientific Godly government.
            “The only effective work in demonstrating this Godly government is that of the individual.  Nothing can take place without that first impetus.  After all, if the individual has accepted the one Mind as his consciousness, what is he waiting for?  Is not Mind sufficient unto all things?  Each one of us as we demonstrate the Science of existence at times feels unutterably alone.  ‘The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and with the reality of things.’[25]  This is as it should be, for there is Principle involved in working as One.  [Alone means “all + one” or “all one”.]
            “Because Mind is not one of many minds, it cannot be conscious of collectivity.  God is not a collectivist.  He only knows the Allness and Oneness of His own Being.  The collectivist belief is error.  It would not make any difference who stated that the collectivist idea of government is right, these [those?] who understand Mind in Christian Science would never believe it.  God, whom we have found to be our Mind, must be Himself.
            “That is why Mrs. Eddy speaks of the voice of the people under the providence of God as rectifying all wrong.  Also we remember that she said,
            “‘I do not find my authority for Christian Science in history, but in revelation.  If there had never existed such a person as the Galilean Prophet, it would make no difference to me.  I should still know that God’s spiritual ideal is the only real man in His image and likeness.’[26]
            “As one better understands Mind, and allows his daily life to express that divinity, there is a freedom of thought for which no price could be taken in recompense.  We learn to challenge, with this Christ within-ness, what we hear, what we are told, what we see.  Does it express Mind?  If it does not, do not accept it; no power can compel one to accept it.
            “When you are tempted, therefore, to think that it does not matter if compulsory laws of service and health are passed as long as Christian Scientists are exempted from them [which I am not so sure today that we are], or that Christian Science will go on no matter what the government does, remember that Jesus was crucified by the Roman law and that nineteen centuries elapsed before the Truth again appeared [a second coming of Christ as Mary Baker Eddy took place giving us the comforter – Christian Science].  Compulsory health and service laws are but steps toward the elimination or crucifixion of religious freedom.  One crucifixion was enough.
            “‘The time for thinkers has come.  Truth, independent of doctrines and time-honored systems, knocks at the portal of humanity.’[27]  [See the tenth illustration in Christ and Christmas below.]

First Edition

First Edition

            “Are you standing ‘independent of doctrines and time-honored systems’ by whatever name they are called?  Are you being the Truth in the midst of seeming chaos and realizing the power of your own Being?
            “Christian Scientists are the only ones who know God as Principle and whose religion is Principle.  I am convinced of the greatness of our purpose.  I am convinced that we must be and stand for what we be.  If we do not, the Truth of religion, science and government will not be maintained.  Just as the work of Jesus and Mrs. Eddy as individuals is felt in the uttermost bounds of the universe, so I believe we shall develop the idea of true Constitutional government and have it felt in the uttermost bounds of the universe.  This is the demand of our time.
            “The God-government of the universe, therefore, is not afar off, but right where you are.  It is God-being, individually demonstrated in all codes – social, civil, criminal, political and religious.”
            In 1898 Mary Baker Eddy wrote on the following topic (which LeBlond spoke of in 1945), which today covers Obama Care!

            “What is health?  How is it demonstrated?  Webster defines health as sound in body, mind and soul.  This meaning of the word health is as we understand it in Christian Science – Mind or Soul is the health of the body.”
            Health also means “whole or wholeness.”  In other words, true health is the compound idea that man is.  Also, the Greek word for salvation means “science of health.”
            Mary Baker Eddy says, “A scientific mental method is more sanitary than the use of drugs, and such a mental method produces permanent health.”[28]  “Health, then, is a state of Mind, or Soul.  Scientific knowing is health.
            “The title of Mrs. Eddy’s book Science and Health indicates this.  Ever since the textbook was published, doctors have been becoming more and more mental in their treatment of disease.  Again, divine Science must interpret health and health law and keep on interpreting and defining it until the world agrees with divine Science and reflects it.
            “There is a statement of Mrs. Eddy’s from a Journal [of 1898], ‘And may God forever keep our country from aggressive class legislation whether in the form of a medical bill or [religious] bull.’  After hearing that, surely no one here could believe that the compulsory health measures are right or in accord with the teachings of Christian Science.
            “The current compulsory Health Insurance legislation, both state and federal, is antagonistic to Christian Science, and the field must be alert as to the seriousness of this encroachment on individual and religious freedom.  For Christian Scientists, healing, health, is his religion, church and Science.
            “Compulsory health insurance was first enacted in Germany in 1883.  It is but another form of mesmerism and needs to be handled as such.  Following Germany’s example, other nations began to adopt various forms of health insurance programs.”  I have to wonder if this is why so many Christian Scientists do not receive healings as they are supposed to?
            “Two general systems were developed.  The most common was the compulsory system as adopted in Austria in 1884, Norway in 1909, Great Britain in 1911, and Russia in 1912.  The other type was governmental subsidy of existing voluntary systems as exemplified by Sweden in 1891 and France in 1898.  Latest information indicates that approximately twenty governmental health insurance systems are in operation throughout the world.  Only Soviet Russia, since the reorganization of its public assistance program in 1922, has completely socialized medicine.  [Today this is not true, there are way more countries with socialized medicine (Senator Sanders mentions this point all the time.  And he wants it here too.)]   Under this arrangement, full medical care is provided at government expense to all the people, and the persons who render the service are on the public payroll.
            “In the United States, we had no compulsory health insurance legislation until Rhode Island in 1942 provided cash sickness benefits under its Unemployment Insurance law.  It is interesting to note that the operation of this law indicates a serious danger of insolvency.  The Governor in his report to the Legislature recently stated that ‘the demands upon the Cash Sickness Fund have mounted until we are now paying out benefits in excess of receipts.’  A significant result of the Rhode Island program is that companies in the state writing health and accident insurance have discontinued operations.  The inducement to malingering and fraud, resulting from conditions where it may be more profitable to loaf than to work, is understood to have influenced this withdrawal of commercial enterprise [socialism = communism!].
            “I am sure you are all familiar with the attempts to legislate compulsory health insurance in California.  Inasmuch as this state is the largest single field of Christian Science in the world, it is imperative that no such legislation ever be enacted.
            “On a national basis, the Wagner-Murry-Dingall Bill has been reintroduced:  but as yet, no action in Congress has been taken.  In the ensuing year, however, there possibly will be attempts to enact this type of national legislation in conjunction with the Social Security Act [socialism/communism].
            “Exemptions for Christian Scientists in these various health laws are not enough.  We are leaders, not followers.  The work of Christian Scientists is not only individual but universal as well.  Being is One, therefore it is indivisible.  Either a compulsory law is right or it is wrong.  There is nothing compulsory in the following statement found in our textbook, ‘God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason and conscience.’[29]  Anything made compulsory attempts to infringe this freedom, and this is the sole reason why we oppose compulsory measures.  Under the guise of goodness, planned economy of whatever nature steals away self-government.  Mrs. Eddy classifies self-government as an inalienable right.  It is, therefore, incapable of being surrendered.  Why?  Because self-government scientifically understood is God-government.
            “We must realize that health cannot be legislated or brought into being by legislation.  It is a state of Mind, and we must remain free to develop it as Mind and as our own law concerning it.  As Mrs. Eddy says,
            “‘No crown nor sceptre nor rulers rampant can quench the vital heritage of freedom – man’s right to adopt a religion, to employ a physician, to live or to die according to the dictates of his own rational conscience and enlightened understanding.’[30]

            Now LeBlond moves onto the topic of “CAPITALISM”.
            “As has already been stated, Christian Science defines that which exists; so capitalism can be no exception.  What is capitalism?  The term receives a good deal of attention these days, and most of it is not favorable.  Because this term describes the economic system which has made this country foremost in the world.  I would like to discuss with you the metaphysical basis of this system and the spiritual reason for the success of our economic system and the necessity for preserving it.
            “The world generally thinks of capitalism in terms of money or possessions.  Socialism and communism think of it as monopoly, the privileged class and rule by minority – all of which is a material misconception of capitalism. An authoritative description of capitalism is given in the Encyclopedia Britannica.  I shall quote from this source and then discuss the metaphysical points involved.
            “‘This term came into general use during the second half of the 19th century, as a word chiefly signifying the world-wide modern system of organizing production and trade by private enterprise, free to seek profits and fortune by employing for wages the mass of human labor.’
            “It is interesting to note that the use of the term capitalism came into being in the latter part of the 19th century.  We have already seen that Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science accelerated invention and industry because it was revealed for all mankind that God is the Mind of man.  We are not surprised that capitalism is recognized as coming into being at the same time as Christian Science.  [It is also a fact that this is around the same time as communism got its jump-start.  But communism is a thief, the anti-Christ.]
            Continuing… ‘Capital may be most briefly described as wealth used in producing more wealth, and capitalism is the system directing this process.  Capital is more nearly a universal force than any other…yet known.  It operates and extends amidst all races, colors and sects.’
            “Now, wealth is not merely money, as it is commonly thought.  Wealth is well-being and affluence, which means ‘flowing abundantly.’  Capital, wealth, is far more than is understood as private or individual possession.  It is the underlying reality of all things, God, Mind-idea.  This capital is divine substance.  This capital is as eternal as Mind-idea.  It is the center and circumference of Being individually understood.  Can this be outmoded?  Is Life lived in any other way?
            “Capital is defined in the dictionary as ‘head or chief.’  In Christian Science we interpret and see that capital or wealth is Mind-idea, God, intelligence.  We know that God is our Mind; we know, therefore, that we express the Mind that is God, the capital that is God.  Every man is a capitalist because God is his Mind.  Every man is wealthy because he is the abundant out-pouring or flowing of Mind.  His own Mind is his own source of supply.  No one works up to becoming wealthy or a capitalist; he is at that point now and works out from wealth or capital because – again – God is the Mind of man, and Mind understood thus is wealth and capital.  [Mary Baker Eddy’s material capital or wealth was the outer manifestation of her subjective capital or wealth, for she demonstrated only one Mind.  I could also make the point that Mary Baker Eddy is STILL the HEAD of the Christian Science Cause – and if Christian Scientists deny her as their HEAD LEADER then would not our country’s capitalism become attacked by socialistic programs and communistic propaganda so long as our LEADER is denied her place in Bible prophecy?]
            “Thus we see that when defined by Christian Science, or Principle, the term capitalism indicates far more than what appears on the surface.  As Mrs. Eddy says, ‘Christian Science reveals incontrovertibly that Mind is All-in-all, that the only realities are the divine Mind and idea.’[31]
            “To give the metaphysical definition of the Encyclopedia’s statement that ‘capital is wealth producing more wealth’ we find that capital is Mind infinitely aware of its own ideas, its own perfection – Mind infinitely revealing the never-ending source of its own Being.
            “It makes no difference what the abuses of capitalism [crony capitalism?] seem to have been, they do not warrant the attempted destruction of this system, for destroyed it cannot be.  Whatever is fundamentally true must be fought out on this line, not another line.
            “Socialism and communism – the two so-called systems of thought particularly adverse to the principle of capitalism – are revealed as densely material systems, because they do not accept God as the Mind of man and, thus, relegate life to a material basis in which things are limited, scarce, divided, unfair, and imperfect.  Life is and must be a matter of Principle and not human opinions.
            “A young man in the US Army, who participated in four invasions, wrote his family that there would have been fewer casualties in each of these experiences if each man had acted and carried out his individual activity instead of letting someone else do it for him [communism].  Even here the priceless possession of individual initiative is seen, for what looked like a bad enough situation would have been less bad if the capital or intelligence of the individual were operating as it should according to Principle.
            “Next in the Encyclopedia’s article on capitalism, is the following:
            ‘It (capitalism) stimulates originality of ideas, ingenuity of method, boldness of attempt; qualities that the routine of public administration tends to fetter, stifle.  The capitalist in this way shares the spirit of the adventure, to whom the pursuit of the personal idea is the breath of his being, and of the artist for whom freedom of individual expression is the vital condition of creativeness.  Capitalism swarms with imaginative action.  Every day, thousands of heads in business, relying on their own perception and courage, are making decisions and taking risks from which any public official or committee would shrink.  Fresh initiative and invention never can be the characteristics of governmental departments.
            “‘Again, the swift use of time is part of the essence of success in private enterprise.  Public officials and offices have to wait until “opinion is ripe.”  For these reasons capitalism gives to economic life a vigor of impulse and creative fertility which no method yet suggested seems likely to supply in anything like the same degree.
            “‘Many a great undertaking employing thousands of workers has sprung from the idea of a single mind or from the intrepid judgment of a single character finding beforehand amongst other men little support or none.
            “And finally, the Encyclopedia concludes in answering the question:  How far does it (capitalism) serve the greatest good of the greatest number?
            “‘In America, however, where what we might call the new or reformed capitalism is in operation on the largest scale, high wages are accepted and welcomed as a vital principle or creative capacity in a way that Europe is only just beginning to comprehend.  But what is the inference?  Obviously that capitalism everywhere can follow where America leads – that capitalism as a system is by way of becoming a more willing and vigorous instrument for the greatest good of the greatest number than original Socialism could imagine.  In America, individual abilities find the freest scope, the promptest recognition and the amplest reward.
            “To have initiative is therefore to be capitalistic, because it is Mind-idea.  Mind being omnipresent, initiative is omnipresent.  I always go back to Mrs. Eddy’s outstanding example of the establishment of The Christian Science Movement for inspiration and assurance of what is possible to anyone who understands what it is to be truly ingenious.  To know God as Mind, our Mind, is to know a well of enterprise within oneself springing into life, and the better we know Mind, the better the enterprise.
            “So, capital is ideas, whether these ideas are manifested as money or products or investment.  I believe we have all had the experience of seeing that a certain thing was right to do, but the money with which to do it was not at hand.  By maintaining that what was a right idea included what was necessary for its accomplishment, we have started forward and have accomplished the thing we perceived.  This proves that Mind-idea, intelligence, is capital.  After all, the word money comes from the word ‘mind’ meaning ‘to think.’ (WebsterNo one earns money, he thinks it.  This is why it is capital.
            “Such men as C.E. Schwab, T.A. Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and Wm. Jeffers made their success as a result of affluent ideas and not because of money, although money followed as the result of ideas.
            “Christian Science must define another topic, that of capital and labor.  In the economic world, capital and labor are understood as two things, most of the time at war with each other.  So long as this duality of capital and labor is taught, true economy cannot be demonstrated.  Believing that one man is a capitalist and not a laborer and another a laborer and not a capitalist is incorrect.
            “The Christian Scientist must define this subject metaphysically.  Jesus said, ‘I and my Father are one,’[32] and ‘I am the root and offspring of David.[33]  He put an end to duality.  He revealed the ‘I or Ego’ as one.  How would it be possible to have I, Ego, consciousness as capitalist, and another called I, Ego, as laborer?
            “The question, then, of capital and labor resolves itself for the Christian Scientist – into the one I, or Ego, both capital and labor.  How can consciousness be divided when it is one and all, with nothing outside itself with which to contend?  Believing otherwise is a state of ignorance needing correction.
            “Because we speak the ‘new tongue,’ it becomes our duty to teach the world, through our practice of Christian Science, what reality is.  The world must eventually agree with us, accept our definitions, for they are the Truth.  We know that as we understand capital and labor as one Being, the difference between capital and labor in the economic world will disappear because it is the Truth of being appearing as us.  We know that as we understand that capitalism is the activity of the divine fact that God is the capital or Mind of man, the economic world will begin to acknowledge it.
            “Mrs. Eddy makes this wonderful statement, ‘The vox populi [popular sentiment; voice of the people[34]], through the providence of God will redress [heal[35]] wrongs.’[36]  The voice of the people in absolute understanding is God uttering Himself, and the more clearly we understand what God is, the more clearly will the people redress wrongs.
            “Because we speak, the Science of Existence is being revealed, covering every phase of living.  Life to us, then, is ever interesting and vital, important and actual.  Are you doing this?  Have you accepted the challenge?  Are you defining, proving the truth of Christian Science in the social, civil, political, as well as religious codes?

            “What is lasting peace?  Divine Science alone can define true peace.  The Greek word from which the word peace comes means “one, to set one again.’  The understanding of one infinite Being, then, is the basis of true peace.
            “As one ponders the infinity and omnipotence of this divinity understood, he takes fresh hope in the accomplishment of a lasting peace.  The Mind which you are is the substance of the peace of men and nations.”  Our Leader says, “One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations.[37]  “Peace is already here because Mind is here, because you are here.  Let us, therefore, unfold our understanding of what is not peace.
            “The right is peace; Truth is peace; justice is peace; Principle is peace.  When Jesus said, ‘My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.[38]  It was from the standpoint of his demonstrated oneness with God, Mind, that he knew and gave this peace.  It was from that oneness wherein all is good and good is all.  His was the peace and security which is secured within oneself because of conscious Oneness as Mind-idea.
            “In the demonstration of peace, the difficulty seems to be the ability to retain that oneness.  That is why peace has come to have a soft meaning, a sort of acquiescence, and it is why words such as appease, pacify, conciliate, placate, mollify, and expediency are associated with it.  None of these are peace.
            “Today, much of the world does not want peace on the basis of Principle – that is, understanding Being as One.  When we attempt to bring that peace to them, they resist it.  At that point we are going to either let our peace – oneness of Being – return unto us and wait until they do accept it, or mistakenly, we may attempt to meet them where they are and appease, placate, concede.  When, and if, we do, what is gained?  Nothing, and there is no peace.  Truth peace is oneness of Being.
            “Jesus admonished his disciples thus when he sent them out to heal,
            “‘And unto whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, enquire who in it is worthy:  and abide till ye go thence.  And when ye come into an house, salute it.  And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it, but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you.  And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.[39]
            “The foundation for peace was given to us by Jesus, and it takes a Christian Scientist to build on it.  Jesus also showed what to do when presented with the belief of opposition.  To ‘shake off the dust of your feet’ is to shed as unreal the opposing sense.  To ‘depart out of that house or city’ is never to yield what is essential to the true basis of peace.
            “Because this way of understanding peace seems not generally accepted, peace is thought to be arrived at by appeasement, concession, pacification.  This is also why peace is given a false, soft meaning instead of one of basic Principle, vitality and intrinsic law.  It is simple and truly inspirational to know and accept within ourselves what true peace is.  But to keep that scientific peace universally seems difficult.  World thinking seems to become so beclouded with the belief in opposition to true peace that all that is heard is appease, concede, placate, pacify.  We must, then, let our peace return unto us ‘and depart from that house.’  We may walk with them to Emmaus, but we never leave the housetop.  We must never leave the true understanding of peace, which is Oneness – one infinite Being.  This Oneness must be kept intact within ourselves so that we are lifted up, or to say it more scientifically, that we are self-conscious Oneness.  As we do this, all men and nations are drawn to us.
            “This statement of the Master, ‘I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me,’[40] indicates the action of Principle.  Principle bringing all men unto it, but never going down to them.  The going down to them brings the appeasing, the placating, the mollifying.  While the Christ ‘comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error,’[41] it is never less than the Christ.
            “Again, this is described by Jesus when he said, ‘Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.’[42]  Jesus did not say he opened the door; he made no concession to the unwillingness of thought to accept him.  It is as if he had said, ‘Here I stand, when you take me in, I will come.’  [We ourselves must be willing to open the Stargate.]
            “This is peace; ‘the peace of God, which passeth all understanding,’[43] and it prevents wars.  The belief in war can never be overcome by legislation or force, forcing nations to do this or that, it can only be done by understanding true peace.
            “So far in this discussion, we have stated what true peace is.  We have seen it as Principle, as immovable Principle.  We have seen how Jesus described it in his statements to his disciples and in the record by John in Revelation.  But next, we must understand that peace cannot be – unless we be it.  As Christian Scientists we understand Principle, and are the only people who do; therefore, it is our work more than all others to demonstrate a lasting peace.  ‘Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.’[44]  [“Children.  The spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love.” (S&H 582:28-29)  This first portion of Mary Baker Eddy’s definition on “children” is about the “children of God, while the second portion of her definition is about the children of mortal minded personas who are “opposed to the Science of being” (S&H 583:4).]  We cannot appease, concede, mollify or pacify [the children of mortal minded personas].
            “Do you believe that if through the years the principle of mathematics had conceded here a little and there a little to the errors of miscalculation, or had attempted to find another basis for agreement which did not seem so radical to the mistake, that it would be principle or even in existence today?  And so it is with the Principle of Christian Science, which is the basis of true peace.  Mrs. Eddy says, ‘The Principle of Christian Science demonstrates peace.’[45]

At the 2016 Democratic convention people in the audience were heard chanting, “No more war!”  Republicans do not want war either, but they believe that they must destroy evil through war (they see no other option).  If those who are really serious about there being no more war, and those who falsely believe that there is no other choice but to make war, would comprehend that Principle is peace and demonstrate this Principle (peace) then there would be no need for any more wars.  This line of thinking would also heal groups like Black Lives Matter.  Let these words spoken seventy-one years ago to a Christian Science Association be listened to today!

P.S. – I have just received a book written in the 1970’s.  It goes into more depth about international bankers (international happens to mean communistic) and how these men are after power over the people through socialism of the world.  Today it seems as if they have just about accomplished their task.  Socialism/communism, the book tells us, is not about distribution of wealth (which supposedly brings about world peace) – but rather taking away everyone’s freedom except for those at the top with all the money.  And these bankers, the Insiders, use people, like Carl Marx, to do their handy work.  Carl Marx actually paraphrased, or perhaps he plagiarized, his Communist Manifesto from a work that was written by another man seventy years before Marx’s work was published.  But “We the people” do not have to let it happen.  After reading this book I will write more about the topic on a new post.  I feel that this topic is important and must be discussed.


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