STAR WARS Prejudiced?

by MJSmith

     I believe it was on December 14, 2015 that a black woman college instructor was on a cable news channel stating that Star Wars was prejudiced. I assume she meant that the show was prejudiced against blacks. I am sure that Billy Dee Williams does not feel that way! Chewbacca may feel that way, after all, we all remember how Han Solo and, sometimes, Princess Leia would say mean things to him (insult him), but he did not seem to mind. I am sure that Kenny Baker and all actors who played Ewoks do not think that Star Wars was prejudiced against them. So what was this woman getting at? How does she think that Star Wars is prejudiced?

     It comes down to the Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader character. The story tells us that Anakin Skywalker (a white dude) was strong in the ways of the Force. He was Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi’s good apprentice, yet certain things transpired that helped turn this young lad to the dark side of the Force (he became evil;  In God’s reality there is not dark side of the Force.)  Here is a clue that we must recognize in this particular character – Skywalker (one who walks in heaven) practiced the light (white) side of the Force while Vader practiced the dark (black) side of the Force. So it makes complete since that Darth Vader’s outer shell would be black instead of white. The fact that James Earl Jones did Darth Vader’s voice had nothing to do with the fact that he is black, rather it had to do with the fact that he has a very polished and trained speaking voice! And I wonder if this woman has seen the movie Conan the Barbarian where James Earl Jones plays a very evil mesmerist?  Is she mad about this movie too?
    This woman is upset because when Anakin Skywalker is a “good guy” he is white, yet once he turned evil he wears black armor and has the voice of a black man. White and black are very old symbolic colors for good and evil. This was symbolized in Westerns where the good guys wore white hats and the villains wore black hats. Then there is that whole yin and yang thing going on in one of the eastern religions where yin and yang symbolize male and female. So was Anakin male and Vader female? Should we get upset with the fact that George Lucas turned a man into a woman and the woman was evil? No, nobody has even suspected such a thing (until now). She should be happy that a black man was employed to do the speaking voice of Darth Vader, but she is not, she sees it as an attack on black people. I am sure that David Prowse (a white actor) would see it as an attack upon his own self because his voice was erased! David was the man inside the black Darth Vader costume. He was chosen to play Vader, not because of the color of his skin, but because of his height.
     So, she says, the whole time that Vader was “evil” he spoke with James Earl Jones’ voice but once he turned good again Luke took off his helmet and he was white. What did she want Anakin to be?  I know she did not expect him to be James Earl Jones underneath the mask wearing white pancake.  When Vader is finally unmasked we do not get to see David’s face.  So if anyone has a gripe about Darth Vader, I would say it should be David Prowse!
     I am not so sure that the news channel she was speaking on even took her very seriously because while she was speaking about how evil Darth Vader was placed in black armor they had a picture behind her of evil soldiers – the Storm Troopers – who were all in white armor. Did George Lucas place the Storm Troopers in white armor because they represented white Nazi German soldiers? Maybe! Who knows but George Lucas.
     So, let me explain to this college instructor what Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader really represent.  The idea for Anakin and Darth comes from the Bible, the story Jesus told us about the prodigal son.  Anakin leaves his father-figure (Obi-Wan Kenobi) for the citizen (Palpatine). Emperor Palpatine is sort of like the old emperor Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. Not the good man Pope, but the ecclesiastical despotic type of Popes who use to rule both Church and State.  The Pope (meaning papa or father – a pretense that the Pope is God because the Roman Catholic Church turned Jesus into God) is a false successor of Christ Jesus. The Pope had no right to declare himself as the Christ successor but somewhere in the continuation of the church organization the Pope decided that he was Christ Jesus’ successor. This was accomplished when the Church turned Jesus into God. Jesus never said that he was God, he always referred to himself as the Son of God.
     To return to the prodigal son, the son aligns himself with the citizen, however, he finds that he is not treated very well by this citizen.  The emperor always has Vader doing his dirty work.  This Emperor turns against Vader in the end, as he wants Luke to be his new Sith Lord. Sith basically means – looking back to the past mistakes one has made and dwelling upon them (It’s a trap!).
     Vader’s plans are different from the Emperor’s plan.  He wants to take over the Emperor’s position and have Luke rule by his side as his Sith Lord.  But Luke plans on saving his father by helping him return to the light side of the Force (hence the title of the film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi).  Emperor Palpatine, in truth, represents the serpent, the red dragon (dragging on) of animal magnetism through ecclesiastical despotism.  He used lies and mesmerism (hypnotism) to turn Skywalker to the dark side.  He used a weapon to promote this turn, that weapon is called fear, fear of death to be specific. Anakin was afraid of losing his womanhood. He had already lost his mother and he feared that he would lose his wife when she gave birth to their child (he never knew there were twins until much later). But the vision of the future that Anakin saw, which frightened him so much, was the direct result of him turning to the dark side of the Force! If he had handled his fear of the situation the vision would never have happened. The Emperor also used anger and hate to manipulate Anakin to the dark side. The anger that Anakin felt was aimed at his Master – Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi council. Palpatine also uses anger, hate, and fear to try and manipulate Luke to the dark side.  Anger, hate, and fear are the opposite of divine Love.
     Eventually the prodigal son realizes that he only needs to return to his father’s spiritual house (consciousness) to be saved. It is through Anakin’s own Christhood (his son, Luke “bringer of light”) that he throws the red dragon into the pit (see Revelation). Anakin returns to his one true Father – the way of Science (the knowledge and understanding of God). For this is the way of the Jedi Knight. The mask of animal magnetism is removed and Anakin looks upon his own Christhood which is Luke. Anakin appears to die to finite sense, but he is transfigured into his real spiritual being. Darth Vader’s shell (material body) is purified through baptism by fire (the Holy Ghost).
     In the original movie (Return of the Jedi) the transfigured Anakin is the same man seen underneath Vader’s mask, but in the newest version, put out after episodes 1-3 were finished, transfigured Anakin is the young man. This is interesting because young man symbolizes the spiritual idea, that which is original or new. It is also interesting that it is only Luke who sees three spiritual beings (Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda) in the Ewok camp. Luke sees that Anakin has returned home to his Father (because he is now spiritual).  Obi-Wan Kenobi was Anakin’s Master (in the movie he is a symbol for the Christ Master-Teacher).  Likewise, both Obi-Wan and Yoda are Luke’s Christ Master-Teachers.
     In my earlier interpretation of Star Wars (episodes 4-6) Luke represented Christ Jesus and Leia (another “hope”) represented Mary Baker Eddy, while Anakin was the prodigal son (the Christian). Vader is the anti-Christ, that which fights our recognition and acceptance of our own Christhood.
     The Christians who followed Jesus got off track due to ecclesiastical despotism within material organized church, and so a second Jedi teacher (of Science) was needed to help Christianity awake from the false believe that Jesus is God and can have material men called Popes as his successor. Jesus taught God’s Science but it was left to a woman to write down this Scientific System and present it in a little book open (see Revelation 10).
    It is only because Adam (corporeal man made up of dust “nothingness”), after being put into a deep sleep (hypnotized) and who never woke up, ate fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that mortals believe evil to be as real as good. The word good means God. So what does evil mean. It must mean “not God”.  Evil, spelled backwards turns out to be live. So evil is the belief in the opposite of living, it is the belief in death. The forbidden fruit, it was written, would cause man to die. Yet, the fruit from the tree of life-Science gives the young man eternal spiritual life. It is up to us to decide when we will stop eating the forbidden fruit and decide to digest the fruit from the tree of life-Science whose leafs (pages of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy) are for the healing of the nations.
     Is there prejudice in Star Wars? I do not think so. But, to the college instructor there is because she chooses to see it there. She chooses to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

     The day after I wrote the above I received the following in the mail (on December 16, 2015). It came to me in a Christmas card, from an aunt. I feel that this message fits in with what I have written (above) on Star Wars.  My interpolations will be in brackets.

     “We are either acknowledging God, Mind [the light side of the Force], the beloved I am presence in all our ways [the many things we do throughout our day] or we are consenting to or unconsciously accepting the personal [sense], pervading beliefs of the human creations of the world [corn husks fed to us by the citizen of animal magnetism]. Jesus warned us about having two masters [a Jedi Master (of Science)] or a sith master [emperor anti-Christ]. There is only one Mind. This is my Mind and the Mind of my fellow man. Mind expresses itself [as spiritual idea, the real man]. Mind then is the functioning presence of the Christ Mind. There is no other mind to tempt me – through suggestions. [There is] no other mind to harm me – suggestions accepted which is malpractice. [There is] no other mind to control me – [no mind that has been] hypnotized, [or] mesmerized by the suggestion. [Anger and hatred feed fear.] Fear [often appears to us as terrorism] is giving reality to evil or to the claim of suggestion. Do not take the human into consideration. Be obedient to Principle. There are not [many] minds, there are not two masters.”

     What is the belief in many minds? Where does this belief come from? It comes from the belief than man is created through sex (by men and women copulating electrically). The belief in many minds comes from the false teaching that man is not created by God after Adam was created. Anakin Skywalker believed that he was a material man born of a mortal woman, even though (like Jesus) he had no material father. Anakin did not want to leave his mother but he did. Because he did not return to his home planet in time to save his material organized mother he became angry and hateful. He turned that anger and hate upon Obi-Wan and the Jedi Council.
     Anakin believed (through false suggestion) that his mother died (because she was born into matter). He did not handle the lie, or the fear, so it continued with him and carried over to his bride. He would do anything to learn how to keep his wife from death’s door even if he had to turn to error (evil) to gain such knowledge (eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil).
     Of course, Anakin did not have the true teachings of Christian Science to help him understand the nothingness called birth and death (illusions) because George Lucas did not have that understanding when writing the story. I am pretty sure that George Lucas never studied Christian Science. George Lucas was more into writing mythological type stories. It is my own interpretation that the Jedi Knights are symbols in the movies for God’s Science. They fall short (way short) of actually being Christian Scientists.
     Am I going to go see the new Star Wars movie that comes out on December 18, 2015? No, I will wait until it comes out on DVD before I see it. I am not that excited to see it. I am sure that it will be a good movie, but I can wait.