Mistakes Made About Christ and Christmas

by MJSmith

     In the July 2015 issue of The Individual Christian Scientist there was an article called “The Dominant Power.”  In it were some mistakes made about Christ and Christmas.  I feel that this mistake should be pointed out since in the new issue of the periodical no mention was given about the mistakes that were made.  The following is on page 5 and it is under the title “No Page Numbers”.  By the way, “she” in the following paragraph is Mary Baker Eddy.

      “As I studied the five different styles of type she had used I found that she had used the first differing typeface on only two illustrations.  The second was used with four pictures; the third with two; and the fourth with one, alone.  The fifth and last typeface accompanied two illustrations.  I believe my Leader was telling me to consider all of the illustrations in a sequence differing from the order in which they are placed in the book. That, too, could very well be her reason for not numbering the pages in Christ and Christmas.”

     What it should have said (in part) is: As I studied the five different styles of type, on the left hand pages along side the illustrations themselves that Mary Baker Eddy used, I found that she had used the first differing typeface on only two illustrations – one and ten.  The second was used with illustrations two, five, six, and nine; the third with illustrations three and four; and the fourth for illustration seven alone underneath the illustration itself; and the fifth type for illustrations seven, eight, and eleven. …

Key to C&C     What the article did not tell you, is that there is the main graphic type for the title of the book found on its title page.  This is the same type used for the illustration titles found underneath the illustrations themselves except for illustration seven.  Next on the title page, underneath the title of the book, is found “A POEM.”  This is in its own type, the same type used for the entire poem throughout the book.  Underneath this is the word “BY” in small type size.  This is also used below for the words “AUTHOR OF”.  These words are smaller in size but they are to explain what is “BY” “Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy” and that she is “AUTHOR OF” “‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,’ AND OTHER WORKS.”  The words “AND OTHER WORKS” are slightly bigger than “BY” and “AND OTHER WORKS” are.  The words “A POEM” and “AND OTHER WORKS” are the same graphic type.  Now here is where it gets interesting, the type used for Mary Baker Eddy’s title-name and the Christian Science Textbook is the same type used for illustrations two, five, six, and nine.  This means that these illustrations actually do depict Mary Baker Eddy, author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures!  So the woman being raised (resurrected) up from the coffin is Mary Baker Eddy (Ill. 2), she is the angel Michael-Truth (Ill. 5), she is the woman healing the man (Ill. 6), and she is the woman standing next to Jesus (Ill. 9).

Second Edition

Second Edition

     The next type found on the title page is used for “Second Edition” and in my copy it reads, “Third Edition, revised.”  This is the same graphic type used underneath illustration seven.  I will leave it up to you as to whether or not you think it may mean something.
     The only other type that differs is found in the poem book’s title above the first verse of the poem.  And in the back of the book is regular type (as with a type writer) with a review of the poem.  All in all, I think there are at least nine different types used in Christ and Christmas.
    Some of this information I have already presented to you in other posts, so I will not go into further detail on it.  But since corrections were not made in the current edition of The Individual Christian Scientist I felt like I should at least make a public notice about the error found in the summer edition.