by MJSmith

There is a theory that a long, long time ago our solar system had two suns.  One of these suns somehow broke away and is now invisible to us (we no longer recognize it).  Is this why the second coming of Christ is practically unknown in today’s modern society?

      I put it to you that Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy are the brightest Stars mankind has ever experienced because, during their God-crowned missions, they were the physical and Divine coincidence.  They were Stars clothed in dark matter.  They shined in total darkness – the material world.  Yes, they were the human and Divine coincidence, if they had not been they could not have shined in the dark matter of mortality.  It is because they were the human and Divine coincidence that the First Degree (the unreal depraved physical) had no sway or persuasion over them, at least on a permanent basis.  Perhaps dark matter had a temporary hold upon them but they were able to demonstrate the Light of their spiritual Being where the being (First Degree of dark matter) is being (Second Degree of the human) Being (Third Degree of the Divine)!
     When they did overcome this dark matter Jesus resurrected from the tomb and Mary Baker Patterson resurrected from the coffin – or rectangular bed – when Christ Jesus said to her, “Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.” (Mark 5:41)  And when we have these two suns in perigee (see them united as One Twin Sun) the Light is beyond any corporeal sun.  For their Light is the Christ.

Twin suns